Friday Night Plan (2023) Movie Script

How much of the world's noise
Can this crazy heart take?
This crazy heart that yearns
To play its own beat, for its own sake
How much of the world's noise
Can this crazy heart take?
It bursts with restless energy
To play its own beat, for its own sake
Feel free to turn away
If you must grow up on the way!
It's okay to indulge a little
Make some excuses today!
Have no worries, lay back, and chill
Make some excuses today!
It's okay to indulge a little
Make some excuses today!
Sid, are you combining
hydrogen and oxygen to make water?
Hurry up, bro! I have to pee!
No, Manish. We can't change that now.
Tell Mr. Goel we have it under control.
These things happen before
finalizing a deal.
And we'll work it out with their team
before the video call.
We'll take them through all the points.
I know.
Their company is being acquired,
it is bound to be stressful.
Tell them that I'm there to handle
Mr. Paulson's team.
We will lock it today.
Okay, I'll see you in a few hours.
This is not okay, Ma.
I'm so sorry, Siddharth.
The Pune deal meeting is today
and things keep coming up
at the last minute.
No, sorry! Not that. I mean
I'm not taking Adi with me, Ma.
Why? What's the big deal?
- Let him come and watch your match.
- He doesn't want to watch the match.
He just wants to impress the cool dudes
on the football team.
And Ma, I'm telling you,
they are a bad influence.
- You should actually support me on this.
- He just wants to come and cheer you on.
Ma, Adi doesn't wake up at 6:30 a.m.,
that's when he goes to sleep.
The school bus horn
wakes him up every day.
You think he'll wake up early
for my match?
And what will he cheer for?
I sit on the bench the entire match.
He knows that too.
Ma, how weird will it be if the brother
of a benchwarmer
comes to watch his match?
Why do you stress out
over such little things?
I know you're tense
because of college applications.
It's the last few days of school.
Don't worry about others,
you should be enjoying this time!
I'm totally fine, Ma! You should be
worried about Adi and his antics!
Sid, the meeting might go on
until late tonight.
I may have to stay overnight in Pune.
So will you two be all right
without me for one day?
You won't get into a fight
or anything like that?
It hurts, Sid! It hurts! Please!
Cheater! Why are you
such a liar? Chokeslam!
No, no! No chokeslam!
No, nothing of the sort will happen, Ma.
I am 18 now
and I understand my responsibilities.
- Ma, good morning!
- Good morning, my dear!
All set, Adi?
Yes, Ma. As always.
Okay, Ma. I'll take Adi with me.
But I want to take the car.
I've even got my license now, so
I'm really sorry, dear, but no car.
You're not used to it
and I'm also not around.
I'm just
I'm just not comfortable with it yet.
I'll be back tomorrow morning,
and then, on the weekend,
we'll all go out.
- Okay?
- Yes.
And you drive, I promise!
But while I'm away,
no touching the car.
Bye, Ma.
Okay, dear. You have a little fun. Okay?
And good luck!
And you, Adi. You behave yourself.
Listen to your older brother!
Okay then, back to work.
Bro, I know why your mood is off.
But don't worry,
I won't cause any trouble.
I'm your brother.
Why would I embarrass you?
Pass, pass!
Pass to me pass to me!
Not there, man!
Two minutes. I'll be right back.
Man, we could've finished a game by now.
Want me to play in his place?
He could be a while.
Half an hour, two hours
Expect the unexpected.
- Okay, come.
- Come on then.
One, two, three start!
So you mean Siddy is shitting?
And he takes this long every day?
- Shitty Siddy!
- Shitty Siddy!
- Shitty Siddy!
- Shitty Siddy!
Why are you even coming
this early in the morning, Adi?
Dude, it's the last match of the year
and against Global School!
Our pride is on the line,
it's worth showing some support.
Of course, my team is sure to lose without
your Best Supporting Actor performance.
Look, the girls from your senior batch
will also come to watch the match.
I'll hit it off with one of them
and she'll take me to the prom next week.
And if I go to the prom despite
being a junior,
my next two years are set! School A-list!
Wow! You are truly enlightened, Adi!
If only you applied such a strategy
to your studies.
You're talking as if
you haven't thought about prom at all.
No Adi, I have better things
to think about.
Of course, like grades, exams,
and college applications.
After all, on his deathbed,
a man only thinks about
how many marks he scored
on his physics test.
Speaking of which, how many marks
did you get in your last physics exam?
But seriously, you're telling me that
just a couple of weeks from graduation,
you have zero interest in going
to the last prom of your school life?
Come on, bro.
There must be someone you want to go with.
No problem. I can guess.
Natasha Sabharwal?
It's not rocket science.
Nat is the most popular girl in school.
Half the guys in my class
have a crush on her too.
So, it was the easiest guess.
But don't stress,
there's still a week to go.
And Nat seems pretty chill,
you should totally ask her out.
But act fast
because just like 11 nations' police
are running behind Don,
studs, geeks, bodybuilders,
and class monitors
are all chasing Nat.
Go, ISM!
Dude, at least let the match begin.
It's called a build-up.
It's about setting the vibe, you know?
You won't get it, Nits.
Anyway, I thought you weren't coming
for the match.
Yes, but I had no choice.
My parents are out of town
so I had to come with my sister.
And for any school event, she has to be
the most enthusiastic supporter.
One, two, three, four!
Who are we here for?
Five, six, seven, eight!
Who do we appreciate?
Sid, Gautam, and Parth, on the bench.
Own Goal, you're playing today.
But please remember
which goal to score in.
- Yes, sir.
- Come on, huddle in!
Global School has defeated ISM
for the past three years.
But not today, boys.
Today, we play at home.
Today, we are the favorites.
Today, we have
So remember, we must win at all costs.
We cannot lose!
Because at stake today is
Your pride!
Your honor!
And my job too. Okay?
So no matter what, always remember
Stay united, play as a team, and
pass to Kabir.
When in doubt, pass to Kabir.
You get the ball, pass to Kabir.
- Don't think, just
- Pass to Kabir!
That's it, that's it!
Hands in, guys! Hands in!
One, two, three
No problem, boys! No problem!
Keep moving, keep moving!
What are you doing, Kabir?
It's okay. Come on!
It's okay!
- It's okay, Kabir, come on!
- It will go in next time, bro.
Jay, pass the ball to Kabir!
Keep moving!
Shit man! Not now
- Sid!
- Yes, sir.
It's time to break your virginity.
You'll have to play instead of Own Goal.
Take it easy, no stress.
But please, don't mess it up.
You know what to do, right?
Yes, sir, dribble past the defenders
and score a goal.
- What the... Sid!
- Sir, relax. I'm joking.
- Pass to Kabir, I know.
- Yes, pass to Kabir. Good, good
Let's go, boys.
Hey! Get it
Run! Here!
Ask for the ball, Sid!
Now, now, now! Give it!
Jay, go, go, go! Move, pass to Kabir!
Hey, Sid!
Not him!
Pass, Sid! Pass!
Pass! Pass!
Yes! Yes!
Oh, yes! Oh, yes!
Crazy game, bro! Crazy!
What a fucking game, man!
Did you see the GS guys at the end?
No, because we don't have time for losers!
Hey, Kabir, you can finally ask Nat
to the prom now.
I'd thought I'd win the match
for the school and then ask her.
But that Shitty Siddy scored the goal.
Yes, bro!
But Shitty turned so smoothly
before the goal, no?
Otherwise, that guy is so uptight, dude.
It was like watching
my granddad do the ballet!
I thought the only goal he knows is like
becoming an accountant or something.
Yes, what a weird guy.
He didn't even wait to celebrate
after the match.
Must've run away to his hidey-hole.
Bathtub was telling me he goes
to the library after class every day.
I'm telling you, if not an accountant,
he'll definitely become a librarian.
But bro, you have to ask Nat to the prom.
Look, in the Euro 2016 finals,
some rando called
- Eddie?
- Edward.
- Edward.
- He scored the winning goal.
But who lifted the trophy?
Ronaldo, bro. He's the star.
Factos, man.
Okay. I'll ask her if I get the chance.
- Of course you'll get the chance, man.
- Really, bro.
We just won a fucking crazy game!
You guys know what this calls for?
Yes, baby!
Are you sure?
100%, man.
Or else what will the juniors think?
And you know what?
Today is Friday as well!
- Yes, boy!
- Tonight is the perfect night for a
- Friday Night Plan!
- Friday Night Plan!
Let's go, man!
I've got a DJ console and CO2 guns.
Turk, can you hook us up with some booze?
I can hook you up
with anything and anyone, man.
Naughty boy!
Tell me, what do you need?
Great goal today, bro.
What a win, right?
So you, tonight, Friday Night Plan.
What do you think?
You know
Instead of watching you guys
behave drunk and immature,
I'd rather go to my hidey-hole
and decide whether to become
an accountant or a librarian.
Jay, by the way
Eder scored the winning goal in 2016
and without him,
Ronaldo would never have
lifted the trophy.
And this is disgusting.
Think about the environment sometimes
or are you too cool for the Earth also?
Hey, what a goal! Nice one!
Nice goal, Sid!
He was so good, no?
Nice goal.
Kudos, Sid!
And then he did this crazy triple stepover
and was clean through!
Just like Neymar.
And the whole crowd was like, "Whoa"!
And it wasn't an easy shot!
It was like in FIFA, where you have
to press R1, or it won't go in.
But my bro, he did it just like that.
What a goal.
Control, Adi.
Or your brother will be winning
the Premier League by tomorrow.
Why not? Inter-school league today,
Premier League tomorrow.
And you guys should've seen the coach!
He was next level!
He was taking laps, he was dancing
"My life was so low
Then I said YOLO
I used to feel FOMO
But now that's no more
I'm happy being solo
Cause I ain't no hoe"
That will suffice, Ms. Khurana!
May I say that was rather Egregious.
The assignment was for you
to recite poetry
that expresses your experiences
in the year gone by
in the English language!
If it isn't our knight in shining armor!
You showed those
Global School hooligans, all right!
Please come in, Mr. Menon.
Ms. Sabharwal, if I may adjure you
to intone your piece.
"'Leave me alone, ' I tell the world
But wonder why I'm lonely
'I'm grown up, ' I tell my mom
But still ask her for money
'Let me drive, ' I tell my dad
But honks and traffic scare me
'Shut the hell up, ' I tell my sister
But still want her to confide in me
'I've figured it out, ' I tell my teachers
But seek a hand to guide me
'I have a plan, ' I tell them all
But wish someone would help me
'It will be okay, ' I tell myself
But I don't even trust me
'Leave me alone, ' I tell the world
Then wonder why I'm lonely"
Bravo, bravo!
Thank you, sir.
The rumors are everywhere
It's too much, man.
Guess what?
Friday Night Plan.
Whoever eats the least has the smallest.
Three, two, one, go!
Let's go, come on!
Yes, Bathtub, come on! Hurry up!
Oh, my God! You're real! I love you!
Do I know you?
Oh, my God, he spoke to me!
I told you,
it's worth showing some support.
You're all over
the school's WhatsApp groups! Nice!
I've been in this school for eight years
and nobody noticed.
I scored a goal today and everyone
is looking at me like I'm Hardik Pandya.
Not Hardik, Dhoni.
You won the school World Cup, no?
Come on, eat faster!
Can you believe Kabir and his idiots
called me to the FNP?
As if I would go party with them.
- Friday Night Plan?
- Yes.
- Tonight?
- Yes!
Dude, I don't think you realize
what's happening.
You have to go to this party.
Not "should go," not "might go,"
you have to go!
Bro, there was a time
when school just meant
studying, homework, and
More studying.
Very strict rules,
like that old film Mohabbatein.
But then some cool seniors decided that
if we study from Monday to Friday,
then Friday night onwards, non-stop party.
That was the birth of Friday Night Plan.
The school's coolest tradition,
where heritage, pride, and discipline
are replaced by wild music,
insane games, and epic adventures.
It is the most legendary party of all...
I mean, that's what I've heard.
- Juniors aren't allowed in, so
- Right.
The point is you're famous now,
at least for today.
That's why you got the FNP invite.
Make the most of it, bro!
Party with all the seniors.
It will be a vibe, and
it's the best chance
to ask Nat to the prom.
I'll think about it.
- Dude!
- Sorry! Sorry!
You're metal.
How come you're reading this book?
If I was reading Shakespeare's sonnets,
would you ask me the same question?
It's not that. I just meant that it's not
in the tenth-grade syllabus, is it?
Oh, like that.
No, I just borrowed it from the library
for some light reading.
Very light, I must say.
At least you'll never get bored
and your next two years will be set.
Academic A-list!
After all, on his deathbed, a man only
thinks about how many books he has read.
- Adi
- Adi
Siddharth, come.
Good afternoon, ma'am.
So, Mr. Menon, I heard you scored
a wonderful goal this morning.
Ma'am, not you too, please.
No selfies, no fist bumps, no proposals.
I'm still the same guy I was yesterday.
Yes, I can see that.
So, have you made up your mind?
- Actually, I have.
- You have?
I've made up my mind that
I want to look into colleges in Europe.
Siddharth, it has been eight months.
We've discussed every possible college
in India, the US, the UK,
Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia
- But what if there are better colleges...
- Siddharth,
it's time to end this college world tour
and send in the applications,
don't you think?
You're dangerously close to missing
even the late deadlines now.
Let's at least send the applications.
All the other students have done it!
I'm not "other students," ma'am.
I need to get this right.
And I'm sorry for being thorough,
but for me,
this is a very important decision.
It's a huge financial commitment
for my family.
Without full research,
I can't send any applications
and if I need to take a gap year,
I will take a gap year.
We'll discuss colleges in Europe, Africa
Even penguin schools in Antarctica
if you want to.
But for our next meeting, get your mom.
She will help you decide
what's best for your future.
No, she's very busy.
And ma'am, this is my decision.
I can figure this much out on my own.
Mom cooked food. Why do you
want to waste money all the time?
One time, man.
Okay, done. What do you want to have?
Help me with the music?
Can't you just be normal
and say no for once?
You should be happy.
You get to attend a seniors' party.
Why do you think the things that
make you happy will make me happy as well?
Okay, I'm sorry.
I'll handle the music too,
but trust me, you'll have a good time.
Just please try to enjoy it, okay?
Nat Natasha English class blew my mind
I can do this. I can do this.
I can't do this. I can't do this
- Sid!
- Yes? Hi Natasha! Hi.
I didn't see you there.
Because it looked like you were coming
this way and then suddenly turned around.
What? No! I thought I saw someone
I knew, but it was just you.
Not just you, it was you,
and I know you too.
Hey, your English was great today.
What you said in English class
was great today.
Thank you.
So you're coming
to my place tonight, right?
The party is at your place?
My parents are traveling
and Kabir and the boys asked me,
and I couldn't say no.
Last party of school and all, you know.
Yes, totally.
They were telling me too, after the match.
I mean, when we won the match.
- Of course I'll come to the party.
- Awesome!
Damn it.
What's wrong?
Nothing, it's silly. Kabir is coming
to the party with his driver.
I mean, not like "to the party" but
he can't bring his car without his driver.
And I really wanted to go on
a late-night drive tonight,
but it's just not fun
under a driver's supervision.
That will be damn sad and boring.
I If Kabir can't bring his car,
I can bring mine.
I can drive, it's not a big deal,
my license and everything is set.
Really? Are you sure?
Yes, don't worry, I'm not.
I'm not worried, not that I'm not sure.
I'm sure, I'll bring my car.
- Okay, great.
- Okay?
I think the boys are meeting
at JC's before the party.
So I'll ask Kabir to text you the details?
- Okay.
- See you tonight?
See you tonight.
- Bye!
- Bye.
Bro, please!
As your younger brother,
have I ever asked for anything?
Okay, I've asked for a lot of things,
but one last time.
Please let me come with you.
Why are you following me
like a sidekick today?
I let you come to the match,
that's enough.
Look, I'm just saying,
you know I can help you
ask Nat to the prom before the other boys.
And Nits will be there too,
so I won't come anywhere near you.
Otherwise, I'll be all alone at home,
and if Ma finds out
Hey, that's enough. Don't threaten me.
I've promised Ma I'll take care of you so
I'll have to take you along.
- That means I...
- But Adi, promise me.
You won't cause any trouble.
You'll do as I say.
And you'll help me dress for the party.
Yes, I promise!
After tonight, Friday nights
will never be the same again.
Wow! Perfect!
Now all we need is some suspenders
and a time machine
to go to the party in the 1960s.
Bro, you're a bit late.
The football match was in the morning.
No horizontal stripes,
they make you look fat.
And no vertical stripes also,
they make you look taller.
Then girls notice your real height
and get disappointed. So no stripes.
Add at least a little flavor to your life?
Want me to add flavor to your face?
Okay, sorry.
Okay, Sid.
Winning drinking games is the easiest way
to be cool at the party.
Beer pong is simple.
Loop the ball
and land it inside the glass.
Now you try it.
Okay, so I have to loop the ball like that
in the middle
Don't you need a beard to shave?
Dude, it's all about the fragrance.
Girls, they love the aftershave smell.
Simply put on aftershave then.
Bro, it's aftershave.
You can only put it on after you shave.
Bro, during flip cup,
place the cup at the edge of the table.
Keep your fingers light for smooth motion.
Then gently, lovingly, hit the base.
Be nice to it.
It should flip upside-down
and land like Rohit Shetty's cars.
Now try it!
I can't do this.
Focus! This defeatist attitude won't do.
I can't do this!
- Bro
- Bro.
- No, no
- Yes!
- But Ma
- But Nat?
Bro, it feels like
you're driving the car in slow motion.
We've taken the car out
without telling Ma, Adi.
The least we can do is be careful.
No, let it ring. We'll have to lie.
Hi, Ma! We were just talking about you.
What's going on?
What are you two up to?
Nothing much, just playing a racing game.
And Sid is driving really slowly.
Sid didn't answer my call.
How was his match?
He played and they won!
He even scored a goal!
- How?
- I'll tell you about it tomorrow.
Okay, listen. Check the fridge, I've left
Yes, okay. I've got to go, Ma.
Where is this JC's now?
Bro, let's go. Come.
- How do we go upstairs?
- Not upstairs, go outside, please.
- You mean inside? That's inside.
- No, go outside.
No, outside through there.
Outside through where?
- I didn't invite anyone!
- Irony just died!
You all were going around inviting
the whole school.
- This guy called so many
- You all went around calling everyone.
Hey, look! It's Shitty Siddy in the house!
With a plus one.
This is This is my younger brother, Adi.
Bro, don't worry.
Without your goal,
we wouldn't be partying.
You can bring whoever you want, man. Come.
Thank you, Sid.
We wouldn't have won the match
without you and
I missed quite a few chances
so it would've been my fault.
No, that's all good, bro.
But this is quite different
from what I'd imagined.
Bro, this is only the pregame.
So this is like an FNP tradition.
We, boys, make our own plans
and the girls theirs.
Then we all meet up and party.
- Want some beer?
- No.
Did you see anything suspicious
on your way in?
There are a couple of cops downstairs.
Not that, bro. Did you see anything
GS prank-type suspicious?
See, there'll be guys from other schools
at the party as well,
including the GS boys.
Usually, we play pranks
on each other before the party
just to make sure there's no bad blood.
And today,
we've beaten them in the finals.
The GS boys will be out to get us
before the party tonight!
But those GS losers can't catch us.
Right, bro?
Listen, bro.
You're Sid's brother,
so you can hang around.
But don't forget you're a junior
and you have to show
the seniors some respect
even if they are from other schools.
There are ground rules, bro.
No partying or drinking
without your guardian's permission.
We don't want any trouble
if you get out of control.
Got it, bro?
Got it.
- Understand?
- You better do.
Guys, can I just point out
If I didn't get injured,
Sid wouldn't have scored the goal.
What I'm saying is
no more "Own Goal" from now on.
Aayush, your own goal
against Mary's was legendary.
For us, you will always be Own Goal, dude.
Thank you, Kabir.
Don't be sad, dude.
At least we don't call you "Bathtub."
Saahil, how did you get this name?
I heard a rumor
Hey! Control, junior. Watch your mouth.
It's not a rumor, it's true.
He lost his virginity in a bathtub.
Turk, how did you get your name?
Some connection with Trkiye?
No, bro. My dad's name is Taraklal.
I declared myself "Turk"
before these rascals
could call me "Tharak."
And Jay? What does that stand for?
What do you mean, bro?
That's my name. Jay Sheth.
Accept it, dude. Your name is
- Jay Sheth!
- Jay Sheth!
Guys, come on, okay.
I have a birth certificate
that says "Jay Sheth."
- Show us!
- What do you mean, show us?
GS prank.
Boys from Global School had come to me.
They give me respect.
Good respect.
With pink notes.
So I on small fire alarm in private room.
You took a bribe
against your loyal customers?
But I also knowing
where those boys are going.
If you also show me some respect
Do you get what I mean?
You get it.
Those boys are at Khan's.
- Let's go.
- Let's go, boys, come on.
Guys, we have to get back at the GS boys.
We have only one shot, it has to be good.
Any ideas?
Guys, I've got a solid idea.
But we need a car.
We've all got our cars.
Yes, but we can't do anything
in front of our drivers, right?
- Parents will find out.
- Point.
We can't drive either,
we've all been drinking.
We have our car and Sid can drive us too!
- Cool! Sid, you'll drive us in your car?
- Bro, come on.
- Come on, man, let's go.
- Please, man. Please.
Let's do it, man, come on.
- Come on, Sid, man
- Let's do it, man.
- Let's do it.
- Let's do it, man.
For ISM. Please
- Yes! Come on
- Let's go!
- Let's do this, boys.
- Let's go, come on.
You know, guys, now that's
what you call raining on their party.
He's right.
It was great fun.
- Look, there they are!
- Yes!
The world has spread just like wildfire!
Luck is a damp squib
Even after using a dryer!
But we want something electrifying
And mischief is intensifying!
So let's open Pandora's box!
Open Pandora's box!
Let's go!
Open Pandora's box!
Open Pandora's box!
We'll meet at the main road.
Let's get these guys!
Don't let them get away!
Planning is boring, impulse is sweet!
Falling into trouble
We do that on repeat!
But we want something electrifying
And mischief is intensifying!
- So let's open Pandora's box!
- Go!
Open Pandora's box!
Stop, stop, Sid!
- I'm going to get him this time.
- Yes.
Hey, no! Wait, stop! No, hold it!
Stop! Wait!
- No!
- No, wait!
Open Pandora's box!
Get in the car!
Sit in the car! Sit back in the car.
You there, stop!
Hey, stop!
What was that, idiot?
Bro, you can yell at me later.
Let's get out of here first, okay?
Nice. That was close.
But where do we go now, Adi?
The roads here all look the same.
I'll check the map.
- Where?
- That way.
Shit. Bro, hurry.
Take a left!
Bro, stop! Park right here.
Let's leave the car here and run.
Have you lost it?
How can we just leave the car?
Not forever, bro.
We'll come back to get it later.
And how far will we get walking?
We can call Kabir,
he'll pick us up nearby.
Bro, please. There's no time to argue.
How much longer
can we run from the police?
That was freaking epic, man!
The best FNP ever!
It's the best, bro!
What an idea with the eggs, junior!
That was badass AF, bro! Fantastic!
Dude, that first shot! It was incredible!
I can't believe you actually
threw an egg on a cop.
Mad respect, dude! Mad respect! What a G.
What can I say? He got in my way!
- Look at this junior, guys!
- And you! What crazy driving, bro!
- I felt like I was in GTA or something!
- I swear, bro!
So sick, dude! That was so sick!
You brothers have balls, man.
Where were you two until now?
Hey, these Menon men are on!
We were right here,
you guys didn't notice our talents.
But the whole night is up ahead,
keep watching!
That's what's up!
The party is just getting started!
- Party!
- Party!
Come on, OG! Get down, man!
We're already very late.
Don't jam the vibe, bro.
Let's party, let's go!
- I want to have a cinnamon roll, but
- I tripped over my own feet
- No problem, let's go.
- Yes, my child. Let's go.
Come, junior.
Bro, come! We made it.
It's the Friday Night Plan!
I'm not coming, I'm going back.
The police must've left there by now.
Bro, let's handle all that tomorrow.
I'm not doing anything
before retrieving the car.
Ma had told us not to touch it.
Now you want me to abandon it?
What's up, Menon men?
I'm going back to get the car.
Dude. I don't think that's the best idea.
I don't care what any of you think.
Do whatever you want,
I'm going back to get the car.
Driver, please take him wherever
he tells you to, okay?
Let's go, dude.
Bro, the car got towed.
- Okay?
- I mean, bro, that
That sucks, but everything
is going great here.
This party is amazing, and you've become
even more famous after our prank.
Everyone is asking about you, bro.
And what an idea to come late
Whoever comes to the party latest
is always the coolest.
The situation is out of control here
and you're talking about being cool?
Relax, bro, the car is already gone.
What can we do?
We can't face that riled-up cop.
Come to the party instead,
ask Nat to the prom.
We'll tell Ma about the car tomorrow.
Okay, and what do you think Ma will say?
"No problem, son, you lost the car.
But you didn't miss the party, very good!"
Why are you overreacting, bro?
Yes, she'll yell at us.
We'll hear it out
and then she'll know what to do.
- What's up, man?
- I'm good, how are you?
- I'm great!
- Party's all great!
I kept it to chill in the fridge
this evening.
Be careful,
I've shaken it quite a bit too.
Thank you. Come.
Ask him!
- Guys
- Right in front of you.
Okay, all right!
Wait! Where is Sid?
Shouldn't we wait for him?
No point, he could be a while.
Yes, I mean
- Okay.
- Yes, I mean
All thanks to your injury.
- OG!
- OG!
Oh, my God, wait! Are you okay?
Listen, it's okay. Someone get ice, guys!
Bro, this is one of my favorites.
"Pie-not noeer."
It's Pinot Noir.
From Bordeaux.
In France? Yes?
Green apple, citrus,
and hints of vanilla.
Classic. Cheers.
Cool, bro.
But how does one drink
this fruit salad of yours?
Watch me.
Are you okay?
No, Manish, that won't work.
Mr. Paulson was very clear
it's a deal breaker.
There's another way, if we just
- I'm so sorry, I have to take this call.
- No problem, ma'am.
Hi, Sid! All okay?
Ma! Yes.
I just called because
I missed your call earlier.
Yes, but I spoke to Adi.
And he told me you scored a goal today!
Yes, Ma, thank you.
What are you doing?
Adi has been playing video games
all evening, I've been reading.
You're both okay, right?
Yes, we're okay.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
All right, I'm going to sleep now.
Okay Goodnight.
And tell Adi also not to stay up too late.
Good night, Ma.
Good night, my dear.
Super close.
My turn.
Aim from the left,
the cup is on the right.
And loop it gently,
with your elbow, not your wrist.
I don't think that'll work.
Trust me, it's the best technique.
I'm speaking
with years of basketball experience.
And I've got years of
Winning experience.
Not bad!
Flip cup next?
Yes, I just have to go check something.
We picked up our weapons
and sat in the car
and that's when the action began.
We felt like that bald action hero
- The Rock.
- No, the other one.
ACP Pradyuman.
- No
- Vin Diesel.
Vin Diesel! Exactly!
Just like Vin Diesel, we reached Khan's
and then I took a headshot
with the egg, of course.
It flew through the air and splattered
on the target's face like a slap!
It really hit very hard.
There was an egg all over my head.
But I've heard it's good for your hair
so at least you'll have flowing locks
like Tiger Shroff tomorrow.
But I must say that the real hero
was my brother, Sid.
I mean, he's like
The Rock and Vin Diesel combined.
He drove so well!
Through narrow lanes at full speed
and then a skidding turn at a signal
Even if the GS guys had a Ferrari,
they wouldn't be able to get away.
And then, when I threw an egg
on a cop by mistake
Thank you. Thanks, guys!
But anyway, when I did that
we thought we were done for.
Tonight would be Friday Night Prison
instead of Friday Night Plan.
But my brother took us away so quickly!
He was so fast
even the cop couldn't keep up.
The poor guy must be wondering
what James Bond is doing in Mumbai.
But where is he?
Why can't he tell us everything himself?
He's ensuring that the car is safe, madam.
But as soon as he's here,
he'll be at your service.
And then, when I threw an egg
on a cop by mistake
Sorry, sir.
But who did this?
A chicken.
It was a youngster.
You know my favorite Paan vendor in Fort.
I was getting a Paan for takeaway there.
There, from across the road,
some random kid threw an egg at me
and ran away!
Didn't you catch him then?
He threw it from a moving car.
Luckily there was no traffic.
If there was some biker on the street,
he could've been hit
and there could've been an accident.
And he didn't even stop to say sorry,
just ran away.
What are you saying, sir?
Today's youngsters are all spoilt.
But even I didn't give up.
I chased them in my jeep.
Then I found his car in a corner.
Then you gave it a tight slap?
To whom? The car?
I found just the car, parked.
The kid is missing.
But the kid is young
and the car is expensive.
I've asked for it to be towed.
To our station?
- No, to your house.
- Sorry, sir.
I'll show him when
he comes here to get the car.
These youngsters should know
what the Mumbai Police is made of.
Hey, Sid!
There he is! Okay, I know that look.
We need to talk, Adi.
Not here. Nits's room will be empty.
You are such a liar, you prick.
When did I lie, bro?
You promised me you'll stay out of trouble
and then created a scene
in the middle of the road!
You say one thing and do another.
That's the definition of lying!
Okay, that is right.
But I said that because
you thought I would embarrass you.
But that didn't happen.
If anything,
you are the star of this party, bro!
Fuck this party, Adi!
The police have taken our car away!
All right, that's a problem,
but Ma will sort it out tomorrow.
Why are you making
such a big deal out of this?
Because you always do this.
You try to be cool and fun
and end up causing trouble.
Then Ma and I have to clean up your mess!
And what about what you always do?
Adi, don't flip the subject.
Learn to take some responsibility
for your mistakes.
You behave like you're the only one
with problems in the world.
Pretend to be responsible and look down
upon anyone who has any fun.
Have you ever thought about
what your "fun" does to other people?
Because of your "fun'",
the whole school calls me "Shitty Siddy!"
Because of your "fun",
the police is on our tail today Adi!
You coward,
at least own up to your mistake!
Coward? At least
I don't hide behind my problems.
You're the coward,
afraid to show yourself to the world.
You sing and dance alone in the shower,
but call anyone who does that
in the open irresponsible.
You are irresponsible!
When will you realize
what the right priorities in life are?
All right, like what?
Grades and college?
So why haven't you sent
a single college application yet, Sid?
Because you don't even know yourself.
How will you know
which college is right for you?
You're afraid to take just one decision
and you're calling me a coward?
Adi, we were talking about something else.
Don't talk crap, you don't know anything
about my problems.
That's exactly what I'm saying, bro!
You used to be fun.
I used to look up to you.
You were the coolest person in the world.
But after Dad, you've just become
so uptight and cynical
Fuck your problems,
I feel like I don't know you at all.
How dare you bring Dad into this?
If you had any concerns for everything
Ma has done for us after Dad's passing,
you wouldn't have left the car
for a party!
Have you thought about how hurt Ma
will be when she learns the truth?
About what she'll go through?
No, Adi, because you only think
about yourself.
Fuck the car, man!
I'll talk to Ma myself tomorrow
and sort everything out, okay?
Why tomorrow? Do it right now. Call her.
In the middle of the night.
Are you crazy? No way.
Why? You aren't afraid
of owning up to your mistakes, right?
So use that phone,
call Ma and tell her the truth.
Hi, Ma.
Sorry, I'm disturbing you at work
but there's a problem here.
No, we're not fighting but
Sid and I took the car out
and the police towed it away.
As you say.
Yes, I'll tell you everything
first thing tomorrow, sure. Okay.
Ma told us to stay put for now.
When she's back from Pune,
we'll talk it out and see what to do.
Why are you staring like that?
She's busy at work, so she said
we'll deal with the problem tomorrow.
She really said that?
Here, ask her yourself. Go on.
I told you everything will be sorted out.
But you had to be a buzzkill.
We had one night to chill
and you had to screw that also up.
Happy now?
Happy? You prick
I'm sorry, I thought
it was okay to come out.
But I can go back in, if you guys want to
You came, finally. All okay with the cops?
Yes. Yes, but how did you
Everyone knows.
In fact, everyone is waiting. Come.
Hey, look! It's Shitty Siddy in the house!
Bathtub, be nice.
Look who finally made it
to the Friday Night Plan.
The man of the moment, Siddharth!
You made it back.
Yes, thank you for the car, man.
You owe me a game of flip cup.
That I do. Let's play now.
Come, let's play.
My team is set, Kabir. And yours?
I should tell you,
I've never played this game before.
Come on, dude.
If you can beat the cops,
surely you can beat us.
Don't worry, it's easy.
Just drink the beer and flip the cup.
- Yes, of course.
- Ready
Three, two, one, go!
That Bordeaux wine
didn't suit me at all, bro!
Jay, come on!
I shouldn't have had so much to drink!
Chug faster! Come on, chug!
Jay, come on, dude!
Bro, I'm trying, I'm really trying!
- Chug!
- Chug!
Come on, Sid, they're catching up!
- OG!
- OG!
Gently, with love
Be nice to it.
Shit, man!
The boy hasn't shown up yet, Naik.
Let it go, sir.
It's just a stain, it will wash off.
The stain is not just
on the uniform, Naik.
All right.
If the kid isn't coming here,
we'll go to him.
Pull up the car's registration.
His mom, dad, brother, grandpa
I want his whole family's details.
Time to catch the goose that laid the egg.
Come on. Hurry up!
I may be wrong
but the view is that way.
I see that every day.
But that is something new.
Look at Jay, he's trying so hard.
And Aayush!
Poor guy is trying to get involved
in the party as if he's going
to get a participation certificate
at the end of it.
I'm sorry
about what happened earlier.
That was not a very nice conversation
to hear and
That's fine.
It was quite friendly compared
to Natasha and my fights.
I mean, are you even siblings
if you don't feel like killing
each other once in a while?
I don't know if it's my place
to say this, but
I know Adi can be a real pain
in the ass sometimes.
But he does mean well.
He just wants to fit in and be liked.
And he wants the same thing for you too.
All day today, he has been hyping you up
like you're some Avenger.
He's literally telling people you're like
Neymar, James Bond, Vin Diesel
I don't even know what else.
It's actually quite annoying.
I yelled at him a bit too much, didn't I?
It's just so hard to get through to him
sometimes, you know what I mean?
Yes, I totally get that.
I mean, I'm stuck with him in class
every day, so I know. I understand.
Thank you.
- Stop!
- Okay.
Felt a kick?
Can I try this too?
Bro, you know I like you, right?
- Yes.
- We're friends now too.
But sorry, man. Rules are rules.
Even after everything we've been through?
Bro, I'd allow you if it was up to me.
But without Sid's permission,
I don't know
Man, why do I need Sid's permission
to do anything?
How do you keep getting
lost again and again?
It's about to start. Let's go?
Yes, let's do it, come.
- Congratulations, ma'am!
- No, Mr. Goel. Congratulations to you!
Congratulations, ma'am.
Now we can all go and get some rest.
- Manish, we finally did it!
- Thank you.
Hi, Adi. Why are you awake so late?
I just I couldn't sleep so
But Adi, what's wrong? What happened?
Ma, I
Have you and Sid had a fight?
No, it's nothing like that
He has been playing video games
all evening.
What else happened today?
Ma, I just
I just called to ask you
You're fine, right?
I mean, in general
Yes, I'm perfectly fine, but
Okay, I've just finished work.
I'm returning immediately.
I'm leaving right now.
No, I mean, there's no need for that.
I mean, it's late,
it's not safe to drive right now.
Yes, but still.
- But
- I'm coming.
- I'll see you both at home.
- Okay.
I'll be home in two or three hours.
Okay, see you soon.
- Shitty Siddy!
- Shitty Siddy!
- Shitty Siddy!
- Shitty Siddy!
Yes, I'm Shitty Siddy.
Before I sing,
apologies to the GS guys for the eggs,
but no apologies for the goal though.
And my sincere apologies for not getting
to know any of you guys earlier.
I know I don't hang out
with everyone that much,
but tonight, I got to do that
and it has been awesome.
I guess that's what
we call Friday Night Plan.
- FNP!
- FNP!
- FNP!
- FNP!
How much of the world's noise
Can this crazy heart take?
This crazy heart that yearns
To play its own beat, for its own sake
How much of the world's noise
Can this crazy heart take?
It bursts with restless energy
To play its own beat, for its own sake
Feel free to turn away
If you must grow up on the way!
It's okay to indulge a little
Make some excuses today!
Have no worries, lay back, and chill
Make some excuses today!
It's okay to indulge a little
Make some excuses today!
Your dreams will meet you on your way
Make some excuses today!
If anyone can see my brother, Adi,
please send him here.
He performs this song
much better than I do.
Adi, go.
- I'm not going.
- Go!
I'm not going to go!
Get ready for new adventures
And take part in celebrations anew
Your troubles will feel a buzzkill
When you let happiness take over you
Reach out for your dreams today!
It's okay to indulge a little
Make some excuses today!
Have no worries, lay back, and chill
Make some excuses today!
It's okay to indulge a little
Make some excuses today!
Your dreams will meet you on your way
Make some excuses today!
Revel in the fun
Of living this life
Of the feeling of youth
A little bit!
The whole world will know you then!
The whole world will know you then!
Reach out for your dreams today!
It's okay to indulge a little
Make some excuses today!
Your dreams will meet you on your way
Make some excuses today!
My name is Jay Sheth!
Hey! Are you okay?
Are you okay? That looked brutal.
Yes. Thank you.
I got you.
I'm sorry.
I promised you I'll bring my car,
but I couldn't.
- The police took it away.
- I know. Your brother told me.
But you went back to get it.
That's so sweet!
You know I've always found you to be
this interesting guy.
But I didn't know you were so talented.
What? No, you're amazing!
I've been trying to tell you all day.
Today, you blew my mind
in English class
Your poem!
The way you recited it,
the thoughts behind it
I feel the same way! I felt like
you were talking straight to me.
Okay, thank you, I guess
But it was an extra assignment so
I didn't think about it so deeply.
Nitya is much better at literature
and stuff, so I took her help.
She wrote the poem and I read it out.
But we were in the middle of something
What? Nat, I'm sorry, I can't.
No, please don't get me wrong!
You are the most beautiful girl
I have ever met in my entire life.
And I admire you, I respect you,
and I've had a crush on you
for the longest time.
But I just realized
I don't know you at all.
And you don't know me either.
And that's my fault, but right now
It doesn't feel right, you know?
This has never happened to me before.
Believe me, I can't believe it myself.
If yesterday's Sid found out
what I've done today,
he'd give me one tight slap.
But I'm just really trying to do
the right thing, you know?
I get it.
And I appreciate it.
I'm really sorry.
It's okay.
I don't like you that much also.
Let's go then?
Wasn't that much better
than singing in the shower?
I don't know what you're talking about.
I always rock that song,
even in the shower.
Bro, I need to say something.
Actually, me too.
Me first, please?
Bro, I said a lot of things
in anger today.
You're right.
I've always vented my frustrations
with my issues on you.
And that's not right.
Everything you did today,
apart from the thing with the car
You did right.
Thank you.
And I'm sorry, bro.
No, bro, I'm sorry.
You're absolutely correct.
You are older and your responsibilities
have always been bigger than mine.
And I
After everything Ma does for us
I mean, how could I
I am sorry, bro, for everything.
Ma does whatever she does for us
so that we can enjoy our lives.
At least you know how to do that.
And you taught me today as well,
a little bit.
- I'm sorry, bro.
- No, I am sorry.
- I love you, bro.
- No, I love you.
Adi, we can both be sorry
and say "I love you".
A bit too much now, isn't it?
We've exhausted the year's quota.
Only handshakes from now on.
- Fist bumps.
- Fist bumps.
Let's go in now.
Ma is going to yell at us tomorrow anyway,
you might as well go enjoy the party.
Yes, about that
Adi, what have you done now?
I was talking to Ma on the phone and
I think she figured out something is up.
She has left Pune
and will reach home in 90 minutes.
What do you mean,
she figured out something is up?
Didn't you say Ma said she'll come back
and then we'll handle it?
Actually, I didn't call her then.
I know that look and I deserve it
completely, but please don't yell at me.
- We just hugged
- Why do you lie so much?
Okay, I called the towing station.
They said the car
is at the police station.
If we leave immediately,
we can get the car back from the police
and reach home before Ma.
And who'll talk to that riled-up cop, you?
Sure, if I need to.
I mean, we'll figure
something out together.
No way, I can't trust you.
I'll just talk to Ma and then,
we'll see what happens.
No, bro.
If we tell Ma without solving the problem
She'll be so hurt and disappointed.
We can't let that happen.
Okay, come.
We'll get home before Ma, with the car.
But I have to make one last pit stop.
You wait for me.
Yes! Yes!
- Hi.
- Hi.
Are you busy?
I'm watching drunk teenagers
hit beer cans with a ball.
I wish I were busy.
I have to run, but
Adi and I sorted everything out,
so thank you
for what you said.
There's something
I've been hiding from everyone
and I think only you will understand.
This morning, when I was in front
of the goal during the match,
I knew I had a chance to shoot
but I didn't.
Not because I didn't know
whether to shoot or pass.
Sid! Pass!
- Shoot!
- Pass now!
But because I was afraid.
I was afraid of
how embarrassing it would be
if I missed it in front of everyone.
So I passed at the last second
And the deflection made it a goal.
Anyway, the point is that after today,
I never want to be afraid
of taking a shot.
So Nitya
Will you come to prom with me?
I know we don't know
each other very well, but
I have this feeling that
we will really understand each other.
I'm sorry, I'll have to run now.
Ma is not far, I need to meet the police
and get the car
It's a long story.
- But I will call you tomorrow.
- Yes.
- I will call you, okay?
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Okay, bye.
- OG!
- OG!
- OG!
- OG!
Adi! Let's go!
- OG!
- OG!
Thank you! I'll never forget this party.
- OG!
- OG!
I think you're confused.
You're sure you don't mean Natasha?
- Nitya.
- Nitya.
My brother and my best friend
are going to the prom together
and I'm going to be sitting at home.
Shall we focus on our current problem?
Or we'll both be sitting in jail tonight.
Right. What's the plan?
Let me do the talking.
You're legally a minor anyway.
It's better if I handle this.
An egg hit me on the shoulder.
Who told you it was a bullet?
Stop crying.
An egg
I'll call you back.
Good work, Naik.
Let's go in?
Let's go.
Welcome, sir!
- Hello, sir.
- Come.
My name is Siddharth Menon.
You have our car.
Let's sit and talk it out. Come.
Yes, tell me.
I'm so sorry, sir.
It happens, man. It happens.
Even I'll give you a couple of tight slaps
across your face.
Then I'll say "sorry". Works for you?
You think you can throw an egg
on a policeman for fun?
- You have some sort of gang?
- No, no
- You'll throw eggs at the police?
- No.
No, sir
It hit you by mistake.
By mistake, really?
Then who were you
actually trying to attack, sir?
Sir, it was among friends
I don't know how
- It was a mistake, sir.
- Okay, it was a mistake.
Why did you run then?
Sir, I got scared when I saw you.
Why? You thought I'd eat you up?
Think of it as an innocent error
and forgive me, please?
Forget it!
"Innocent error"
You have hit me,
a sub-inspector, with an egg.
I'll have to lock you up
for at least one night.
- Naik, tell the constable
- No, no! Sorry, Mr. Naik!
- Go on, go ahead.
- Sir, I'm a student!
- One night in the lock up
- Sir, I won't get admission anywhere!
- How can I let you go so easily?
- Sir, I just
Shut up!
- You don't want to be locked up, right?
- No, sir.
What do you have to do then?
- What do I have to do?
- Respect the police.
Get it?
What are you staring at?
Did you understand me?
- Hey, wiseguy
- Sir! Sorry, sir.
I threw the egg, it's my fault.
Please ignore him, sir.
Keep quiet, I'll handle it!
- It's my fault, let me own up to it
- Hey, you!
- Who are you?
- Sir, I'm Aditya Menon.
I'm 16 years old, I'm his younger brother
and the biggest idiot in this city
because I threw an egg
at an honorable policeman like you.
For that, I'm very sorry, sir.
Now you tell me,
why did you throw an egg at me?
Sir, we were eating
at a nearby restaurant.
Some friends convinced the restaurant
manager to activate the sprinklers
Sprinkler, sir.
What's that?
Shower? Why?
- It was a prank...
- Prank?
- A joke, sir.
- A joke.
Very good. What happened next?
So I was trying to take revenge
by throwing eggs at them.
And I hit you by mistake.
And I hid before you could turn my way.
Wonderful! So nice of you
But sir, I'm not making any excuses.
What I did was very dangerous
and irresponsible
and could've hurt anybody.
I should've stopped right there
to check on you and apologize.
But I wasted your time and energy instead.
You must have many more
important things to do, I'm sure.
Of course, I do.
What do you want now?
Sir, we've come to apologize to you
and do the right thing.
And Mr. Suhas, if it's all right by you,
to get our mom's car back.
Sir, my brother has no hand
in any of this.
He was only driving the car
and caught your attention.
He actually even tried to stop me.
And now he's trying to take
the blame off me in his weird way.
Sir, please punish me if you must.
But please let my brother and the car go.
Sir, you must have also made
some mistake like this in your youth
What do you mean by "in my youth"?
You think I'm old?
- Not at all, sir.
- No, sir. In your teenage.
I mean, your college days.
I know what "teenage" means.
The things I've done in my teenage
Both of you together
won't be able to match it.
What say, Naik?
If they knew the shenanigans
we got up to in our time
They'd piss themselves, sir!
- Coming to point.
- Yes, sir.
Since you guys have done this
for the first time
First time, right?
- Yes, sir
- First and last time, sir.
That's why I'm letting you go.
But if I ever see you again with an egg
Remember this stick.
Get out now.
- Sir, thank you!
- Thank you!
Remove the clamp and give them the car.
You're from a good family.
Do good things and make your mom
feel proud, understood?
Off you go.
And you, lock up!
Yes, sir?
Learn something from your brother.
- Leave now before I change my mind.
- Come on.
All the best!
- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you!
I can't believe you got the car back!
For a second, I thought we were done for.
Yes, when you were trying to bribe him.
But you know,
I just tried to do the right thing.
Like you said
I owned up to my mistakes
and tried to clean up my own mess.
All right, let's go home now.
What, seriously? Bro, I'm not allowed.
I don't even have a license.
Technically, even I'm not allowed
after drinking so much beer.
Drive slowly and safely,
nothing will go wrong.
Anyway, you'll have to drive
when I go to college next year.
So, applications?
I'll send them out.
We'll see what happens after that.
Hurry up now or Ma will reach home.
We'll let go of little old quarrels
You and I together
We don't know where
The roads ahead will take us
But our feet feel like
Running on them forever
Now there's no worries
Breathe in the free air!
Days and nights Are full of joy
When we walk in rhyme
New hopes and dreams
Are full of joy
After a long time
My friend
I'll wait for Ma.
Should I wait with you?
It's better if I talk to her.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Siddharth!
- Ma.
What's going on here?
What have you been up to?
And where is Adi?
Adi is sleeping in the room.
Siddharth, what happened last night?
Tell me honestly.
Yes, Ma, I'll tell you.
Please have a seat.
You boys have never called me
so many times.
I know something is wrong. Tell me!
I'll tell you everything honestly
and in detail.
It will take some time.
And you'll hear some things
you won't like.
But Ma, I promise you
You never have to worry
about Adi and me again.
We'll be okay.
What on earth happened in just one night?
Everything started with yesterday's match.
No, Ma!
Actually, everything started with a girl.
We decided I will talk to Ma
Yes, but you aren't telling her
with the right feel.
Let me tell her in my own way.
Ma, you know how much he exaggerates,
he won't tell you the truth
Exaggerate? I'm just trying
to make the story gripping.
All I'm saying is, let's tell Ma
everything from the start.
One minute.
Both of you tell me together,
but tell me the truth.
The new dawn lifts the fog
And softly caresses us
With warmth
Hidden behind tall trees
It gently allows new dreams
To grow henceforth
That's why we've now
Forgotten all limits!
Days and nights Are full of joy
When we walk in rhyme
New hopes and dreams
Are full of joy
After a long time
Days and nights Are full of joy
When we walk in rhyme
New hopes and dreams
Are full of joy
After a long time
Full of joy!