Friday Night Sext Scandal (2024) Movie Script

[whistle blowing]
- Cover 2.
- Cover 2.
[all] Ready! Break!
Shawn, do not
screw this up for me.
- Yeah.
- [man 1] Orlando strong.
[man 1] Orlando strong!
Orlando strong!
Wrong motto.
- Left side.
- Easy.
Cover left! Cover left!
Left deep, deep, go!
No, it's Oklahoma!
Go Okkie!
Go Okkie!
Go Okkie! Okkie!
- Okkie!
- Okkie, Okkie!
Let's go!
Right off, boy.
That's it!
- Nice job.
- Let's go.
Two hundred pound male, signs
of smoke inhalation, weak pulse.
I'm getting him out now!
[panting and grunting]
- Charging the line!
- [woman 1] Charged!
- Nice.
- [clapping]
- Shawn?
- Yeah.
Let's talk.
[man 1] Hey, not a bad day, man,
not a bad day.
[man 2] Thanks guys.
So... why do you wanna be
on this team?
[laughs] To compete, sir.
I've-I've wanted
to play for Westmorland
since I was throwing peewee.
I mean, I-I need to get better,
but any time I'm on that field,
I just, I feel like my best.
Well said. I've been watching
you this season.
You have an eye for ball
and attention
for detail
and that gives you an edge.
Well, I-I watch a lot of film
of pro games
and I study their plays.
And that's exactly
the kind of discipline
that makes you
a strong fit for the team.
- You feel ready for this season?
- Yes, sir.
Good, because you're gonna be
starting next week.
Oh, I...
[Shawn] I don't know
what to say.
Thank you, coach, thank you!
You keep honing those instincts
and don't let me down.
Yes, sir, I won't.
Thanks, coach.
[Woodley] Yo, Martins.
You went against my call
out there.
Uh, I know, uh...
I just, I saw what was
happening, and I had to act.
Hm. Well, look now that you're
we got to figure out
clear signals.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course.
I-I'm pumped
to get a closer look at
all of you guys work.
Hey, there's big blowout
at Jenkins place tonight.
[Woodley] His parents are
out of town.
Pre-gamer at my place.
I-I gotta a couple things
but, yeah, yeah, I'll be there.
[Woodley] Only if you can
make time in your
oh-so-busy schedule,
that'd be great.
And no JVs'.
Don't bring any.
Cool, yeah, yeah, cool.
Dismissed, Martins.
What are you doing?
["I'm in it" playing]
Hey, Shawn?
[Lucinda] Shawn?
Um, some would say
that's child abuse.
Oh please. It's the only way to
get your attention.
Are those for me?
- You're so sweet.
- Get out of here!
And wash those grubby hands.
Cara and Lauren are coming over
here for Fat Friday.
But Cara's cooking, right?
Rude. But, yes.
- How was practice?
- Three tackles for a loss.
- Not bad.
- It's better than not bad!
I'd like to see you take on
a 175 pound bag of meat.
Been there, done that.
- Oh, gross.
- For work!
God, get your mind
out of the gutter.
["I'm in it" playing]
That was so good.
Can we do Fat Friday
every night?
You know, you may be bigger
than both my ex-husbands,
but you eat
like a three year old.
- Aww, thanks, Cara.
- Mom?
What? Shawn's fine with it!
I used to change
this boy's diapers.
- Ew.
- Ew, I didn't need to know that.
Oh, look at them fuss!
Shall we pull out
their bath photos?
- Mom!
- [Lucinda] What?
I'm glad you came by the salon.
I don't know how you are playing
football with all that hair
in your face.
Well, I like it like that, so...
It barely fit under your helmet.
Oh, has someone been
watching me practice?
Uh, it's hard to avoid
when the band faces the field.
- [Lucinda] Oh.
- Hey, hey, hey!
Okay. Okay, hey, enough.
I think it's time for
a Thorn and Rose?
- [Lucinda] Yes!
- Mom, no. That's so forced.
- Please. We're too old for that.
- It's called sharing, sweetie.
Watch your tongue. I am not old.
- Um, I'll go first.
- Okay.
Okay, so, um, my thorn
would be losing my top score
in Halo, because that sucks.
- Oh, God, who am I raising?
- [Cara laughs]
But my rose...
is making first string.
- What? What?
- [Cara] Oh, what?
You're looking at
Westmoreland's newest starter.
And you waited
this long to tell me?
As somebody that doesn't speak
football, I need a translator.
Uh, translation,
Shawn is a big shot.
- [Cara] Oh.
- What it actually means...
is that I'll get to
start the game,
which means more competitive
play, more attention
at practice,
and I'll get better faster.
- I'm so proud of you.
- If I don't mess things up.
- So...
- You won't.
- Cheers.
- Way to go, sweetie.
- Cheers.
- [clinking]
I was, uh, also invited
to a seniors party tonight.
- [Cara] A seniors party.
- Ew.
- What?
- No.
I'm sorry, what was that?
You want to come?
Uh, how do you know
I'm not already coming?
Okay, so who's the big shot now?
Hey, no roughhousing
at the table! Hey!
[Lucinda] Stop.
- He started it.
- It was her.
Shut up.
[Lauren] He's hitting hard.
- I know.
- You're ridiculous.
You guys are terrible.
- Hey.
- Oh, this is good.
Yo, Martin's the new
starting man.
- There he is.
- Hey, JV.
You want to show up
to my house, empty-handed?
- Oh, I, I didn't.
- I'm kidding. Relax, man. Relax.
Tyler, here's your bottle.
Open wide, Martin.
Don't stop drinking until
Mason here calls the plays.
All right. Well, let's go.
Blue 55.
Or a hook and ladder.
No, no, no, a Quick Wide.
Good one.
No puking on the carpet, JV.
Hey, come on, man.
You did all right.
You did good, man.
You're all right.
Come here. Come here.
Have a seat.
Captain's meeting, fellas.
Beat it.
- I don't know.
- It's like half a bottle.
Boys. Martins, how are you
with targets?
[Shawn] Yeah. I'm-I'm decent.
Well, let's see how you handle
this one.
It's time to hunt.
- Ooh.
- Hunting time.
What's wrong?
Do you know that girl?
No. Yeah. I-I do.
[Shawn] Doesn't she
go to our school?
Yeah, man. They all do.
[Shawn] This is
the Westmoreland page.
[Woodley] That's right, man.
A 100 percent local.
Hey, I slammed
that one last week.
[Tyler] Whatever,
I've filled that.
[Mason] No, you haven't, bro.
[Tyler] Have too.
- Woodley, go to her page.
- Guys, look.
Focus, okay?
We're here
for tonight's targets.
Do these, do these girls
know about this?
Slap this guy back down
to the practice squad.
- This boy's not ready.
- Come on. Look.
You know, Shawnee,
I'm kind of letting you in
on something special here.
You know what I mean?
So don't go blabbing your hole
to everybody at school.
It'd be fantastic, if you
keep this between us
and the other hunters,
all right?
The other hunters?
Yeah, man.
Guys from the other schools.
[Mason] Show him
the St. Francis page, man.
[boys laughing]
Girls in kilts, dude.
Hey, check it out.
Fresh targets just dropped.
[Woodley] Hey, these girls are
gonna be at the party tonight,
so first we review,
then we hunt.
What do you mean, hunt?
The name of the game is
nudes, all right?
Now, you can acquire them
by any means necessary.
And you post them on site
if you want access to
everyone else's stock.
So it's like a porn library.
No, man.
Dude, this is so much more.
Look, this, this is personal,
all right?
I mean, you can do trades,
sometimes there's bounties
for specific chicks,
whatever you want.
I mean, I myself,
I like a lady in uniform.
- He does. He does.
- Yes, he is. Yes, he is.
Everybody's flavor is welcome.
So then any guy can
just log on and comment?
Martin, do you think
we're idiots, man?
- No. No. I just...
- Yeah, you just thought?
No, you're not thinking, man.
Look, this is exclusive, okay?
You have to have a link
to enter the site.
But let me tell you this.
Depending how you test tonight,
maybe I'll share
the link with you. All right?
Shawn, man, don't be soft,
all right?
[Woodley] Look, I wouldn't have
brought you down here if I
didn't think you'd hack it.
I'll tell you what.
Lay low tonight. Okay?
- And follow Mason.
- That's what I do, man.
- Got it?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
All right.
That's what am I talking about.
What did I tell you? I told you.
That's what I'm talking about.
All right, fellas.
- Let's hunt.
- Whoo.
["Money" by Spark Houston
Keep up with the pace
None of this is grace...
[indistinct lyrics]
Yo, yo, yo,
target at 2:00 by the stove.
You don't go out much?
Give the man a chance.
Give the man a chance.
Yo, Martin, just come here, man.
Watch this.
Oh, no. My bad.
[Tyler] He don't stand a chance.
[Woodley] You meet
the ladies yet?
[Shawn] Actually, no.
Brooklyn. Brooklyn, come here.
Stepping out of hell
- Shawn, do you know Brooklyn?
- No.
No, no, but-but I-I've
seen your moves
when I'm warming the bench.
My moves?
Yeah, like your cheerleader,
flippy in the air things.
- Oh, those moves.
- Yeah.
- Ah, do you want a beer?
- No.
Right, right.
Uh, too many carbs.
Are you, are you saying
I should watch my weight?
No, no, no. Should I watch mine?
You're very strange.
Seriously though, I've
seen you during practice
- and you're really something.
- Thank you.
I could see why you're
the cheer captain.
Hot girl, cool beer.
I have hit that ass.
Highly recommended.
Let's go. Everybody, listen up!
Hey, ladies, pay attention
for a second, all right?
Shawnee here is our new
starter, okay, ladies?
Do me a favor, keep an eye
on him for me, okay?
The man is going to
light up our season!
Very interesting.
Maybe I should be
watching your moves.
Don't you go
swallowing his heart.
- I didn't mean it like that.
- Yes, you do.
- Wait, you two know each other?
- Yeah.
Three years of gymnastics camp.
Lauren was all great, no pep.
You had enough
pep for all of us.
Have fun!
So, you wanted to see my moves?
- Cheers to the Vikings!
- [everyone cheering]
Line it up, let's go!
Looking good.
That hickey is a nice touch.
I tried to cover it. I-I
thought you couldn't see it.
Um, yeah, if you're blind.
Can I assume that's the
craftsmanship of Brooklyn?
A gentleman
doesn't kiss and tell.
Oh, come on, it's me.
Really, I just love what
she's done with your neck.
Oh, my God. [chuckles]
Okay, fine. It was Brooklyn.
Football player and cheerleader.
I appreciate
your dedication to the cliche.
Whatever, we've been
texting all weekend
and she's actually super funny.
So, it's her wit
that's the attraction.
Okay, so she's also really hot.
Isn't she, like,
too mature for you?
She's dated every
popular guy in my grade.
So, you're saying
she's slumming it?
No, I...
- Hey, don't be jealous, Lauren.
- Oh, shut up!
I can't help it
if the older ladies want me.
It's my young blood.
[Lauren] Ew, gross.
Just promise you won't go
all Woodley Jones on me.
What does that mean?
Those guys can be
really intense.
Just... be careful.
Nah, they're my boys.
They got me.
Hey, if you say so.
I made you a new
playlist for your warm-ups.
Are you ready to lose your mind?
Woo-hoo! I was born ready! Yee!
Are you there God?
It's me Mary
I once was lost but then
you found me
I feel so good when
I'm on my knees
Oh my God
I speak the sound of you
Whispering to me
Please tell me everything
Always listen to me
Every day you take me higher
with your love
I need you to wash away
my sin
I will walk the path
to let you go
Dear God
Please tell me why
I've got the needs only you
can satisfy
I need you to wash away
my sin
I will walk the path
to let you in
I'm yours that's okay
[chuckles] I thought,
I thought you were
going to Cara's tonight.
Someone wants me
out of the house.
No, no, no, it's just, uh...
But, wait, you are going, right?
Why? Is Brooklyn coming by?
You certainly avoided
me at the homecoming game.
That's because we're not like a
thing-thing yet.
Oh, a thing-thing.
Okay, so if she was
coming over, is that okay?
- Yeah, of course!
- Good.
- Because she's here.
- Oh, okay, right.
Don't say anything
weird, please.
- It's me, come on.
- Thank you.
Hi, Brooklyn. I'm Lucinda.
Ready to party?
- Oh.
- [laughs]
She's joking.
Lucinda was just getting ready
- to hang with her friends.
- Oh. What if I wanna stay here?
That's not an option.
Okay. Don't do anything
I wouldn't do!
Okay, thanks, Mom. Thanks.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Are you two always like that?
- [laughs]
It gets much sillier.
- [laughs]
- Bye!
Everyday's a good day
to be me
Always do the right thing,
Spike Lee
They know me I'm certified
I keep it G
I'm just getting started,
ain't no way to stop me
It's good day to get it
[Shawn] Oh.
Oh, my God. That, that, uh...
That was, um...
That was, uh...
Uh, oh, how was it for you?
- Oh, my God!
- Was it good?
Do you want a coach's report?
VIP top score.
Do you want to hang for a bit?
Like in bed?
No, oh...
[camera shutter clicking]
- Wait, let me see that.
- What?
- No. Absolutely not.
- What?
- Absolutely not.
- It was so hot.
If you want something hot,
I will send you something hot.
Yeah, but for your eyes only,
[woman 1] Are you girls ready?
[woman 2] Oh, God.
[woman 1] Come on, girls,
you gotta put them up.
[man 1] Let's go drive it.
All right, let's go!
["SEiiZURE" by BABii playing]
[phone vibrates]
I dreamt of how disposable
You made me feel
when we were one
And when I was
made to steal
I stole away
the sides of you
You you
It's like a vision
Before a seizure
When will I see her
Feed my fear
Four-three, cover two.
- Ready.
- Ready.
Ready, break.
[man 1] Let's go, boys, come on.
Come on, line up. Come on.
Mango! Mango!
Orlando weak. Orlando weak.
Set! Go!
Okay, let's go! Let's go!
Right there, right there,
right there, let's go!
Hit him. Yes.
[players grunting]
[Coach] Good job. Good job.
- [groaning]
- Come on. Come on, dude.
- I've got it. I've got it.
- Hey, you good, man?
- Martin, what's going on?
- [groaning]
[all] What's going on?
What's going on?
Give me those guards. Okay.
Breathe, breathe, breathe,
settle down, breathe.
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
Okay, hold still...
Okay, I'll go get nurse.
I'll get nurse, okay?
It's gonna be okay.
Your ACL will heal.
You don't know that.
Shawn, you're young.
You're gonna be better
next season.
[voice breaking] What if it's
never the same?
No crying. This is what we're
gonna do, okay?
You're gonna do your rehab
exercises, you're gonna do
your homework, you're gonna get
on with your school year.
Don't waste time
feeling sorry for yourself.
This happens to
people all the time.
I'm just afraid I'm gonna be
useless now.
- Well, prove that you're not.
- How?
Just ask yourself.
What would Terrell Suggs do?
Hmm? Hmm?
How'd you get so handsome?
You're gonna be okay.
There you are.
Sweet fit
for your first day back.
Brooklyn's gonna lose her mind.
Yeah, if she remembers who I am.
It hasn't been that long.
I can't believe your mom
let me drive her car.
How do I do this
again with my...
Can we just go?
Not until...
[upbeat song playing on radio]
Come on.
[turns radio off]
So, are we just gonna
drive to school in silence
or can we actually
talk about it?
I'm-I'm nothing if I can't play.
That's not true.
You're so much more.
Besides, you can always
join the band.
- I know you want to!
- Just drive.
- Drive.
- [chuckles]
[upbeat music playing on radio]
Seat belt. Thank you.
[man 1] Here we go.
- [man 2] Come on, guys. Come on.
- Get better, man.
- Thinking about you, dude.
- [man 2] Come on, first drill.
- Hey, hey.
- [man 2] Let's go.
[indistinct yelling]
[man 1] Come on, gentlemen,
pass along.
[man 3] Back on! Back on!
[man 1] Around the banks. Around
the banks. Let's go. Let's go.
[indistinct shouts]
[man 2] I want high energy.
[man 3] Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
[indistinct chatter]
- Hey.
- Hi.
Sorry I didn't text you back.
I had this cheer thing
and stuff got busy.
It's not a problem.
How's your knee?
Well people open doors
for me now
so it's kind of like
I'm a prince.
How long you have
to wear that thing?
About a month or so.
It's an ACL tear so, I'm waiting
to get in for surgery.
- Oh, that sucks.
- Yeah.
No point feeling sorry
for myself.
But it happens to people
all the time.
Hey, can I, can I give
you a ride home?
- Uh...
- Here, let me help you.
- No, I-I got it. I got it.
- It's okay, Shawn.
Shawn, you're clearly
I can at least help you.
I don't need your help
- Weak.
- [laughing]
You know what, I, um, I forgot
I actually have to
do something right now, so...
Look, if you're ending things
just say it.
Okay. Um, well, I do think maybe
we should take a break.
- Okay.
- Just keep things really casual.
I thought we already were that.
Yeah, no, we were. I...
I still think you're great.
I'll see you later.
- [man 1] I think, I think...
- [Woodley] Yeah, there it is.
- [Woodley] Yo, Martins.
- [man 2] There he is. Yo!
Hop in, man.
Uh... That's all right,
I-I have a ride.
- I insist.
- [man 3] You have a ride, huh?
Okay, yeah, just let me
send a text.
Yeah, bro, Martins.
Mason get in the back, man.
[man 2] I promise you,
Brooklyn dumped him, man.
I saw him at the lockers.
Come in, Shawn bro.
- Take your time.
- Can I put these back there?
- Sure thing. Anything you need.
- Thank you.
So, Shawn, man, how are things
going with Brooklyn?
[boys laughing]
- Um, they are fine.
- [man 2] Uh-huh.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
You got that on lock?
- Yeah.
- That's good.
That's real good.
Happy to hear.
Come on come on come on
Come on come on come on
Don't you hate that?
[door opens]
Oh, good,
you're doing your rehab.
Yeah, you think I wouldn't be?
- That's not what I said.
- Kind of is.
- How's it feeling?
- [winces] Like crap.
Yeah, well, you just
got to keep it up,
so you're ready for your
Yeah, I know that.
What's with the attitude?
What's with the babying?
What happened?
- Nothing.
- Something happened...
Mom, I'm busy!
I can see that, but I know you
and I can tell
when something's wrong.
[sighs] Put the groceries away
when you're done.
Damn it!
Screw it.
- Yeah, yeah. All right.
- I got it. There you go.
- Yeah, bro.
- Yo, watch it. Oh...
[Mason] Oh, yo, you got 'em
good, bro.
- Hey, guys.
- Yo.
Yo, Martin, what's up, man?
Did you hear, Jenkins got tapped
as your replacement?
Yeah, he's a good player.
[Mason] Guy could run.
He'll come back stronger
and replace you for good.
[Tyler] Shoot 'em. Shoot 'em.
[exhales] You guys see
the new page on HNTD.
Check out Brooklyn's page.
- All right.
- Nah.
[indistinct chatter]
Nice work, Martins.
[Tyler] Wow!
[Mason] Whoo, look at that.
Yeah. These are some
thirsty pics, bro.
[Tyler] Brooklyn must
actually like you, huh?
[Woodley] Yeah. Oooh!
- [Mason laughs]
- [Woodley] Yo, pull out HNTD.
St. Francis just posted
a challenge.
[Shawn] What are we
looking at here?
[Woodley] The targets.
From our marching band. [laughs]
[Tyler] That's a steep ass.
Gonna be a bunch of virgins.
I don't know.
I bet there's some freaks
in the band, bro.
- [Mason] Who knows.
- Okay, here's the hook.
It's us versus North collegiate,
our band girls versus theirs.
Whoever has the most picks wins.
Wins what?
Saint Francis will share
their swim team hunts.
[laughs] Sweet.
- Yee-ha ha. Hey.
- I don't know.
Band girls aren't really my jam.
That's fine guys.
It's Shawn's thing.
- Huh?
- [Tyler] Shawn's thing?
Don't you ride to
school with them,
like, every day?
- I mean, yeah.
- Yeah.
- So you're our in, man.
- Yeah.
[Tyler] Yeah, bro.
[chuckles] I, I guess.
[Woodley] Martins, listen to me.
The training wheels?
They're gone.
- Take 'em off.
- [Woodley] All right.
You're gonna take the lead on
this one. Unless...
you don't think you got
what it takes.
[scoffs] O-of course, yeah.
Ah, he's got it. He's got it.
My man Martins, what did I say?
He always delivers.
His knee may be busted
but the rest of him works...
just fine.
It's working good.
[all laughing]
He's out of control, this guy.
[Tyler] Legend.
[Woodley] No, man.
Undefeated on the field,
in life...
- [whistles] On HNTD.
- On HNTD.
[Woodley laughs] Come on, man.
We're undefeated everywhere.
[Lucinda] We've always
reconnected by joking around
but lately he's just been
so sulky.
Oh, well, you're his mom.
It's kind of his birth right.
I think that girl
broke up with him.
- Oh, poor Shawn.
- Yeah. Did Lauren say
- anything about it?
- No, not to me
What's the point of our kids
being friends
if we can't siphon off
information from both sides?
[laughs] Tell me about it.
When they were tiny,
we had that con down pat.
It's the only way I ever found
Shawn's third grade report card.
Oh, yeah. Remember?
He hid at my house. So sneaky.
Oh, that was basically
his home in those days.
God, you watched him for
so many of my overnights.
- Yeah.
- I'd offer my firstborn
in repayment,
but he's a moody piece of work.
Hey, get over it.
They're teenagers.
They will grow out of it.
That's why we drink.
- Mm-hmm.
- [laughs]
Yeah, but Lauren actually
opens up to you about her stuff.
Yeah, she's also iced me
out many, many times.
- Just keep at it with him.
- I will.
But when he doesn't talk to me,
I end up feeling so stupid.
And then I go into
a shame spiral,
and I wonder if things
would be different
if his dad was around, you know,
to talk to him about...
sex, porn, stuff with girls.
I-I'm in over my head.
Hey, hey, Luz,
this is not a failure.
This is normal.
You're doing the best you can,
and Shawn, he's a great kid.
You did good.
You are an amazing
single mom, and...
If I was hanging off a cliff,
I'd want you holding the rope.
- Does that work out?
- [laughs]
Because I know
that you'd go over
before you ever let me fall.
You're that committed
to the people you love.
- Thank you.
- Anytime.
Now, let me deal
with these split ends,
because, wow, it's like you
go through fire for a living.
So, we're on route
to a call today,
and I keep hearing this strange
noise behind the fire truck...
- Can I grab that salsa?
- Yeah.
Turns out our pump operator
didn't secure the hose,
and we dragged it,
like, half a block.
So, now the crew's
nicknamed him the Streaker.
Because he drove down
main street with his hose out.
[all laughing]
Hey, what if I joined band?
- [Lucinda] What?
- What?
- Are you serious?
- Yeah.
Um, but you don't play
an instrument.
- I play guitar.
- Oh, okay, so you're mocking me.
No, absolutely not.
I am genuinely interested.
Okay, well, I hate to
break it to you,
but we actually do march,
like, with your knees.
- Be nice.
- Right.
Okay, then what if I
come to your parties?
What kind of parties
are you expecting?
I don't know if I can say
that in front of the moms.
- Ooh.
- Hey, yes, you can. Yes.
Lauren tells me all
about her social life.
- Oh.
- Oh, do I? [laughs]
Well, in that case,
I expect tons of baking
and instrumental renditions
of Taylor Swift.
- [Lucinda] Shawn?
- You really got us figured out.
[Shawn] Oh, come on.
Okay, what's the
angle here, Shawn?
There's no angle.
I'm just, uh...
I wanna do something
that's not sitting on a bench.
Well, that makes a lot of sense,
hon, and I think
it's sweet you wanna join band.
- Yeah.
- You see.
No, please don't encourage him.
I think it's sweet, especially
because he can't play guitar.
- So I think it's sweet.
- Whatever.
You cannot play guitar.
[Cara] That's just
what we're gonna do.
So you see the pic
I posted of the tuba player?
Yeah, the one with the tattoos?
I did. Mind-blown.
Hey, check it out.
I got St. Francis
to refine the
rules of the challenge.
I'm gonna make things a bit
more, uh, interesting.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
Moving to a point-based system.
The harder the chick,
the higher the score.
- Who's ranking?
- All the guys in HNTD
are gonna rank each pic.
Top score next Friday
takes the game.
- Ready to go?
- Uh, yeah. Yeah, one-one sec.
Hey. I'm Woodley.
Uh, I know who you are.
- And you are?
- Lauren.
Lauren. I can't believe
we haven't officially met yet.
How do you two know each other?
Um, neighbors.
Our moms hang out.
That's cute.
- You play the drums?
- Yeah, I do.
Well, listen, on behalf of
the entire football team,
I gotta tell you, thank you
for getting the crowd pumped up
every night like you do.
Between you and me,
I think the band
does a better job
than the cheerleaders.
Okay. Thanks.
Um, I'm gonna hit up my locker,
but I'll meet you at the car.
You got it.
Dude, she is hiding some hot
goods underneath that band fit.
Dream on, dude.
She's not that type.
That's what makes it
so much more fun.
Martins, that right there,
that's a trophy hunt.
- Nah, man. Definitely not.
- What are you...
Oh, I see what's going on.
Wanna keep your hot friend
all to yourself?
I have news for you, Martins.
I'm putting a target
on that ass.
- Man, don't.
- Look, if you don't wanna hunt
her, someone else will, right?
Come on, pal.
Don't you wanna see
your team go to glory, huh?
Relax. It's just a game, eh?
She'll never know.
[Woodley] Gabby!
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
So, I don't know
what's going on,
but all my friends
are getting action.
Aw, feeling left out?
No, I just think it's funny,
you know, like,
all of a sudden, band girls are
the hot center of attention,
and, like, football bros
are buzzing around.
Yeah, maybe they all
watched "American Pie."
No, Woodley is way too busy
watching himself in the mirror.
Yeah, you're not wrong.
How's it going with those guys?
- Woodley and them?
- Yeah.
It's fine.
But since your knee got
messed up,
they still been cool with you?
Yeah, actually.
Especially Woodley.
I mean, yeah, I'm still
on the sidelines looking in,
but... I get to party
with them after practice,
so at least that's something.
I'd lose my mind watching
the band play without me.
No, please don't.
You're already crazy enough.
Just want to be out there
with them, you know?
Yeah, I get that.
Hey, what if I drive us home?
Won't your,
like, knee freeze up?
- Only one way to find out.
- Okay.
- Don't tell my mom.
- Um...
As long as you don't,
Lucinda would kill me first.
She probably would.
Take my crutch.
Now, you're just milking it
for all it's worth.
When are you introducing me to
these hot band friends of yours?
Oh, my God. Don't make me
hit you with this.
- Oh, no.
- Stop.
[hip-hop music playing]
Hey, Shawn.
- What?
- You hungry?
Uh, no. I microwaved
a burrito earlier.
Okay, then.
What are you working on?
- Huh?
- What is that?
It's, uh, a playlist for Lauren.
Oh, can I listen?
I mean, you wouldn't like it.
It's what you call
headache music.
[laughs] Right.
I guess I can be real ass
about your music, huh?
It's whatever. I mean, I don't
listen to Madonna,
so I guess we're even.
You know you could talk to me
about anything, right?
Yeah. I know.
- I, I gotta finish this, so...
- Yeah. Of course.
Well, let me know if you
change your mind about food.
[dog barking in distance]
And to what do I
owe the pleasure?
- You weren't answering my texts.
- I was in the shower.
You know
I like to go to bed fresh.
- You're weird.
- [Lauren laughs]
Did you see the playlist I sent?
- You made me a mix?
- I did.
- Do you have your phone?
- No.
Uh, here. Look at mine.
Oh, my...
And, uh, don't be
a music snob about it.
There's more top 40
than you're used to,
but it's what I've been
to while doing my rehab
And some of the songs
made me think of you.
That was a very
self-conscious answer.
- Shut up.
- I'm kidding.
I'm sure I'll love it.
- Good.
- I'm gonna go listen to it now.
- Uh...
- Uh...
Sorry. I...
I thought, uh...
- Sorry. No, no, no. I...
- Yeah, uh, yeah, uh...
- It's fine.
- Sorry. No, no, no. I...
- I don't... I-I...
- No, it-t's fine.
- Like I don't, it's okay, but...
- Forget it.
- I-I just, I don't feel...
- It's fine. Forget it. Uh...
Just, uh, forget it.
Shawn, um...
your phone.
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, where are
we going for lunch?
Hey, you guys heading to lunch?
Uh, food sucks today, man.
We're going to the plaza.
Smart. Can I catch a ride?
Car's full.
Hey, Shawnee, listen.
If I don't see the one
I'm hunting soon,
I'm sending Mason
to do your job.
That makes sense, all right.
All right.
Hey, Martins,
enjoy lunch today, man.
- It's gonna be a good one.
- See ya.
[sighs deeply]
[Shawn sighs]
- [knocking on door]
- [Lucinda] Shawn, I'm home.
I'm sleeping.
[Lucinda] Okay, goodnight, then.
[footsteps departing]
[breathes deeply]
[keyboard keys clicking]
[sharply sighs]
[all cheering]
- Trophy hunter!
- [scream]
Chill, chill, chill, chill.
You guys want
the whole school to know?
Martins, I gotta say,
I'm proud of you.
For a second there,
thought you were all talk.
You see, St. Francis sent
our prize, huh?
Swimsuit edition, baby!
[all cheer]
Martin, listen,
there's a party on Friday.
North Collegiate.
Gotta rub it in.
Tell me you're coming.
I, I have my surgery that day.
I'm gonna be messed up
on painkillers.
North is a stoner school.
Those girls will love it.
I mean, Shawn,
this band bitch is fire.
What instrument do you have to
play to get a booty like that?
- Am I right, guys?
- [all exclaiming]
- Are you kidding me.
- Lauren plays the drums.
Right, Shawn?
[Tyler] Oh, I like girls
with a little rhythm, you know.
They can really lay down a beat.
[Tyler pumping]
[all hooting and cheering]
- Yeah!
- That's what I'm talking about.
[indistinct chatter]
[car door opens]
[Lucinda] You okay?
Just a little nauseous.
Well, they said
the anesthesia will be out
of your system by tomorrow.
Come on, show me what you got.
[Shawn groaning]
You got it. You got it.
That's good, good, good, good.
[Shawn breathing heavily]
- Happy?
- Yes.
Now take another step.
You're doing great.
[knocking on door]
- Hey.
- Hey.
Um, my mom said
Shawn's going back today,
but, uh, he never texted
me back about the ride sitch.
Oh, I think he thought
you had band.
Hey, mom, have you seen
my wallet?
It's literally
right in front of you.
Sometimes I feel like
I'm the only one with eyeballs.
Um, since you're here, do you
mind driving both of you?
Sure. Yeah.
[keys clinking]
[Shawn groans]
How'd the surgery go?
It was good.
Sorry I didn't text you back.
My knee is extra stiff
in the morning,
I just... I didn't wanna
hold you up.
Okay, no sweat. Um...
I don't want things
to be weird between us.
Me neither.
Yeah, but you've kind of
been avoiding me since
the whole porch incident.
So do you wanna talk about it?
What's there to say?
I don't know. That it was
like, a misunderstanding.
That you're sorry and
we'll get over it.
You turned me down.
- Are you blaming me?
- No, I'm just saying...
I was the one who
put myself out there.
And I was the one who was
completely thrown off guard.
Well, whose fault was that?
- You were giving vibes.
- No, I was not.
Shawn, you're like
my best friend.
We'll get over this, right?
[keys clinking]
[all chattering]
[whistle trilling]
[man 1] All right, let's go!
[band girl 1] So sore, right?
[band girl 2] I don't mind.
- Yeah.
- [man 1] Come on. Come on.
- You know, just because...
- It wasn't right.
Dude, look.
Dude, it's her.
What's goin' on?
What are you guys looking at?
Yeah, I know...
- Why are you watching me?
- We're not.
- [Lauren chuckles]
- Seriously, it's nothing.
[Lauren laughs]
Come on, tell me.
We-we're just fans.
[Lauren] Of my drumming?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- [guys laughing]
- Okay, what's going on?
[Simon] I told you,
it's nothing.
Hey, don't.
Oh, my God.
[indistinct chattering]
[band girl 1] It's so gross.
Run, run, run.
- Girls!
- Fight!
Hey, what's up?
[Shawn sighs]
[Lauren] God!
[indistinct chattering]
[Lauren] I have no idea.
I don't, I don't,
I don't know anything.
- How dare they?
- Are you serious?
What's all the racket, Shawn?
[all clamoring]
I think they know about HNTD.
This is disgusting.
[indistinct chatter]
I know, Car. It's-it's beyond...
[door opens]
Yes, of course.
Whatever you and Lauren need.
Every step of the way
Shawn and I are there.
[Cara] Great.
Could you find me someone?
If anything somebody else, that
we can maybe contact,
if you know anybody...
I have a friend on the force,
I could give him a call.
[Cara] That's great.
[Lucinda] Mm-hmm.
[Cara] I don't know what to do.
Yeah. Be there soon.
- [sighs]
- What, was that Cara?
What-what'd she say?
We're going over to install
security cameras
outside the house.
- [Shawn] Why cameras?
- They think the creep who took
those photos did it from outside
Lauren's window.
I hate that they feel unsafe.
Yeah, me too.
Did you know about this site?
Well, apparently some
of your team did
and I don't want you hanging out
with those boys anymore.
[relief sighs]
I thought that was gonna be
more of a fight. Thank you.
Thank you.
When I find out who did this,
I'm gonna totally lose it.
Let's go be security guards.
[Coach Briggs] I know this
is a big game today
and we wanna give
West Durham their due.
But since recent events
have come to light...
[smacks lips]
I've taken pause.
This team and this program
has always had integrity.
Violence like this...
it goes against
the whole community.
And so, out of respect for
the young women affected...
we've decided that the starters
are gonna sit this one out.
- What?!
- [player 1] That's not fair.
[player 2] Come on, man,
that's not fair. Like how...
It's done!
[Coach Briggs] And it is
the least we can do.
The least we can do.
Until the information
we have is clear.
Coach, please.
Scouts are coming today.
It's been a disappointing day
for all of us.
That's not fair.
[player 1] This sucks, man.
[Coach Briggs]
Second stringers, you're up.
My old man, he's gonna kill me.
- [player] Mine too.
- It'll be okay, man.
Maybe for you, Mason.
Not for me!
[Woodley] If this messes up my
college plans, my life is over!
[door opens]
[door slams shut]
[door closes]
[Cara] Hey, honey, we're back.
[Cara sighs]
What did they say?
They suspended the boy who
showed you the site.
He didn't exactly show me.
I caught him.
- What else?
- Um...
They, uh, adjusted, the players
for their last football game...
And there's talk of pulling
the team from the playoffs.
Okay. And?
[Cara] And that's it for now.
We know this is unacceptable,
and we are livid
with your princi...
No one is really being punished?
- Honey, I'm sorry.
- Why aren't they doing anything?
Apparently there are other
schools involved,
but because the photos
weren't taken on school...
- That shouldn't matter, mom!
- I know, I know, I know.
And I promise this is not
the end of it.
I've called the police,
and we will
make sure that there's an
No, but, mom, it's school that
This is not okay, okay?
They're just leaving us girls
to deal with it while
Woodley Jones
goes to gym class?!
- Is that who you think did this?
- Of course that's who did this!
Him and all his crew
were swarming
the band girls
for the last two weeks.
It doesn't take a detective to
figure that out!
We told the school!
We told them!
- I know, I know, I know.
- [Lauren sobbing]
[Cara] It's not fair. I know.
It's so, so incredibly not fair.
[Lauren sobbing]
Did Shawn say anything about
his team mates?
Anything that could help us
with the investigation?
Not really. Just that
he didn't know about the site.
I'll ask him again then, though.
[Lauren sniffles]
I'm sorry.
[Lauren] It's not fair.
[phone buzz]
[door squeaks open]
[mouse clicks]
[mouse clicks]
[gasps] Oh, no. No.
[keyboard keys clicking]
[Lucinda] Come on.
[clicks lips]
Oh, my God.
[mixer whirring]
Hey, can I, can I steal
a little of that?
[Shawn] Thanks.
I didn't know you had
a shift last night.
I didn't.
I just went to bed early.
Hey, can I take the car today?
I wanna drive in with
Lauren and make sure
she gets set up okay.
[water running]
Yeah. Take the car. Um...
Come straight home
tonight, okay?
- We need to talk.
- Yeah, okay, sure.
[water running]
[water stops]
[car door closes]
It'll be okay.
You know, they say this
kinda thing builds character.
Guys like that don't believe
girls have character.
Since when do you care about
guys like that?
I don't. I just feel
really uncomfortable.
Look, you are so much better...
than any jerk who looked
at that site, trust me.
You out shine them in every way.
And one day in the future,
this will all be behind us.
It'll be okay.
You got this.
[sighs deeply]
[school bell ringing]
Hey. How's Lauren doing?
She's upset.
But she's here.
It's pretty messed up you
let that happen to your friend.
- What do you mean? I...
- Cut the crap.
I know you posted
that photo of me on that site.
You think I wouldn't
recognize the photo? I took it.
Look, you lost your virginity
to me, and...
- That was...
- Shut up!
You lost your virginity to me
and not that there's anything
wrong with that, but I respected
your privacy and I didn't go
blabbing it to anybody else.
Okay, uh...
Yeah, that's, that's true.
Look, I'm sorry if you're salty
because we ended or whatever,
but this was a pretty spiteful
I didn't think you
were that pathetic.
You didn't tell anyone
it was me, did you?
Wow. [laughs] Wow!
That's the first thing
that pops into your brain?
Oh, my God. I thought at
the very least you'd apologize.
You know what,
you really should tell Lauren.
- Hey, don't...
- Don't touch me!
You're gross.
[knocking on door]
- Hi.
- Hey. Can we talk?
- I need to tell you something.
- You know...
The detective just got here,
- Oh.
- In fact, I'd appreciate
a second set of ears
if you got the time.
The stress of it all, just my
attention's going in and out.
- Oh, of course. Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Happy to help.
- Okay, I'm just...
[Detective Zeke] The good news
is we set up a tip line
for more information, but in
terms of the explicit photos,
we can't remove 'em
from the site.
I don't understand.
[Zeke] The server
holding these pictures
are offshore,
so although the images
were taken here, we're not in
the jurisdiction to remove 'em.
That's so stupid.
[Zeke] Welcome to the law.
It's frustrating, I know.
[Lucinda] I saw cops out
surveying the neighborhood.
- Anything there?
- [Zeke] Not much.
[Zeke] You must live in a
pretty trusting community
because very few people
have cameras.
And the footage we did get
led us nowhere.
[Zeke] Just
dog walkers and cars.
Well, what about the users
on the site?
[Cara] Can't you
at least arrest them?
[Zeke] Individual users
know to employ IP blockers.
The one thing I can tell you
is that the site
had widespread viewing,
especially locally.
Oh, God, I'm gonna be sick.
I don't know how you
feel about silver linings,
but the site's gain in
popularity is what exposed it.
You tell that to
my traumatized daughter.
[Cara] She is afraid to shower.
[Zeke] I'm sorry
we can't do more.
Can you at least do something
then, about the online chatter?
[Zeke] What's the situation?
Mostly anonymous posts blaming,
telling these girls
that it's their fault.
Then we have the sympathizers,
with the football team.
[Zeke] Well, you could bring
Lauren in to file
an online harassment report.
But it's hard to lay charges,
especially when the posts
are anonymous.
So we're just living
in the court of public opinion?
It's awful, I know.
It's an epidemic of...
So you can't do anything else?
[Zeke] Not unless
we get the actual phone
or a computer with the photos.
But if you got those or found
out who took them, then what?
Then the culprit would be
charged with voyeurism,
as well as possession
and distribution
of child pornography.
Child pornography?
Yeah, and depending
on the trial,
they'll likely do time.
This kind of charge carries
a stigma.
[Zeke] It'll stay
on their record for life.
[indistinct chatter]
Leave room for me
in that shower tonight.
I'll make sure
to save it next time.
Screw you!
[all laughing]
[boy 1] Look at her.
Hey, looking good, Lauren.
Watch it, slut.
[distorted laughing]
Hey! Hey! Back off, vultures.
[Lauren sobbing]
It's okay.
- [door closes]
- [Shawn] Hey, mom, I'm home.
Mom, what are you doing
with my hard drive?
- I know what you did.
- I-I-I can explain it.
- I doubt it.
- I was trying to protect her.
I'm sorry,
I-is that your defense?
I-I-if I, if I didn't do it,
t-t-they, they
would have taken the photos
in a worse way, I mean,
you don't understand these guys,
they're, they're,
they're, they're... I was.
- I was trying to help.
- Shawn, that is delusional.
- [Shawn] But...
- It's delusional!
I know. I know. I just...
[Lucinda] Do you realize if the
police catch you with this,
you will serve time for
child pornography.
- What? No, I...
- And you thought your knee
was gonna jeopardize
your future.
[Lucinda] Oh, Shawn, you
will have a criminal record!
Your life will never
be the same!
Oh, God, Oh, my God,
I'm so stupid.
- I'm so stupid!
- [Lucinda] Stop it!
Okay, I can't feel
sorry for you right now.
[Shawn] Oh, mom.
I-I-I can't, mom. I...
[breathing heavily]
Mom, mom, please,
l-listen to me, mom.
We have to destroy this.
[laughs] I don't know.
I mean, this is just as bad.
[Shawn] But th-there are
no other options. What, what...
Please, mom,
I'm really scared right now.
[knocking on door]
[Cara] Coming.
Hey, um, does Lauren
need a ride to school today?
She wasn't answering my texts.
Oh, sweetie, I don't think
she's going in today.
- Uh, is she okay?
- She's upset.
School's doing nothing.
The cops aren't either.
No one really has any answers,
and everything, it's just...
out of our control.
No one will remember this.
Lauren will.
Thanks for stopping by.
I'll tell her that you did.
- Okay.
- Okay.
[door closes]
[indistinct chatter]
You got it.
- All right.
- [man 1] Come on now.
Hey, Martins, man,
your phone busted...
- Piss off, man!
- Hey, don't come for me, pal.
This is on you. Huh?
You can't even keep
your whore in line.
- I said, piss off!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Don't talk to me ever again.
You know you're nothing,
You're done. You hear me?
You're nothing!
You know what, he's right.
You are nothing.
In fact, you're all scum.
Yo. Who's that?
- All right.
- I know where you are.
- I got you.
- [woman 1] You always say that.
I will win this time.
I think you cheat.
- [alarm bleeping]
- [announcer] Attention, 17.
Please respond to
175 Highland Avenue...
[Lucinda] Let's go.
Move! Move! Move!
[announcer] Please
provide updates
on your ETA and status upon...
[Lucinda] Repeat,
what's the address? Over.
175 Highland Avenue.
Repeat, 175 Highland Avenue.
[siren blaring]
[Lucinda] What is it?
[Cara] Thank God it's you.
She-she's in
the upstairs bathroom.
- What's going on?
- She's not answering.
She won't answer.
Lauren. Lauren. Step back.
Lauren, if you're near
the door, move away.
- [slamming]
- [Lucinda grunting]
[crying] Lauren.
Look for the pill bottle.
We need to know what she took.
[Lucinda] Step. Step. Step.
Last step.
[indistinct chatter]
- [Cara] It's okay, baby.
- Come on.
Mom? Mom?
- Go home and wait for me there.
- [Cara] Luce, where do I go?
[Lucinda] Get in the front.
I'm gonna get in the back.
[Cara] All right.
[door opens]
Is she gonna be okay?
She's in stable condition.
They pumped her stomach.
- This is all my fault.
- Yeah, it is.
[Lucinda] You know, you're
supposed to play football
for discipline, teamwork,
love of the game.
[chuckles] Not to hurt people.
- I know.
- [softly] Yeah.
You know, I tried to model
strength and integrity.
[Lucinda] I know I'm
not perfect, but I tried
to give you
what your dad couldn't.
I just, I wanted you to
grow up to be a good man.
Am I a bad mom?
Am I?
This isn't on you.
[Lucinda] 'Cause you must
have known this was wrong.
[inhales] Yeah, but...
[tearing up]
People liked me more.
Yeah? What people?
Those monsters you call friends?
Lauren is your friend.
She has been there for you
through everything,
and you betray her for them?
[laughs] Those photos...
What kind of a person does that?
- I wanna go to the police.
- No!
- [Lucinda] Absolutely not!
- So, so, so, so, what?
We're just supposed to pretend
like everything's fine?
No, none of this is fine!
You think I would have dumped
that stuff if I thought there
was another way,
but here we are.
So don't make it worse.
So what do you want me to do?
What, what am I supposed to do?
Just stop.
[Lucinda] This isn't something
you could just fix.
This is a lot bigger than that.
[Shawn sighs]
[Lucinda] Look, we're tired.
This has been a very long,
very stressful day,
so we are gonna pause
on this conversation. Okay?
[softly] Okay.
[Lucinda] We'll talk
in the morning.
Promise me...
you will not do
anything until then.
[Lucinda] Promise me, Shawn.
I promise.
Now get to bed.
[Shawn sniffles]
[Shawn breathing shakily]
[car engine starting]
No, Shawn.
Get out of the car.
Get out of the car! Shawn.
[slams] Dammit!
[Lucinda] Shawn!
Can I help you?
- [Lucinda] Hey.
- Can I help you?
Has a boy been by
in the last 20 minutes?
Tall, 16.
[indistinct chatter in the back]
[phone buzz]
[office telephone ringing]
[door closes]
[Shawn] Hey.
Is it okay that I'm here?
How you feeling?
[weakly] Stupid.
It's not your fault.
None of this has been
your fault.
Those pills didn't take
themselves, so...
Uh, hey, um...
- I wanted to say...
- No, you don't.
You don't have to say anything.
[softly] It's okay.
[Lauren sniffles]
[voice breaking]
Lauren, it was me.
What was you?
I took the photos of you.
I posted them.
It was so stupid. I-I just...
[softly] No.
I would... if there was a way
to take it back, I-I-I would.
[Shawn sobbing]
I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.
[Lauren breathing heavily]
- Hey.
- Hey. What's wrong?
- Is, uh, Shawn here?
- Uh, I don't know.
He-he might be in with Lauren.
What-what's going on here?
I'm so sorry.
[Cara] No.
It was you?
Did you know?
I, um...
Not at first, but then, yes.
[Lucinda] And-and I was
gonna tell you.
But, um...
I mean, the charges...
they would have changed his life
and I didn't want him
to get hurt too and I didn't
realize how bad
it was gonna get.
I am so, so sorry, Lauren.
- Don't talk to her.
- We're gonna figure this out.
- Get out!
- [Lucinda] Cara. Please...
You were there alongside me
at all those meetings,
fighting to know who, who, who.
Meanwhile your kid
is the pervert.
I'll-I'll-I'll go to the police.
- I-I-I'll sign a confession.
- Shawn.
I-I just want this
to be right again.
It's not good enough.
Tell me what I can do.
I'll-I'll do anything
to make this better.
Why'd you do it?
I... I don't, I don't know.
[Shawn inhales] At first,
I-I-I thought I needed
to do it to be something,
or so I didn't lose something.
It finally felt like I belonged
and everything just stopped.
I thought I needed to prove
myself, and I-I know that sounds
stupid now, but...
Lauren, you're my best friend.
And I messed this all up
and I'm just really sorry.
You should leave.
[Cara] Go!
[Shawn sniffles]
[Lauren crying]
[Lauren] Wait.
- We won't go to the police.
- Lauren...
[Lauren] No!
I don't want anyone else's
life ruined.
Thank you.
[Lauren] Don't thank me.
This isn't for either of you.
We're not friends.
[Shawn sobbing]
[birds chirping]
Looks like the knee's healing.
Little by little.
It should be good as new
by the, the summer.
- Good.
- So, um...
I was thinking, uh...
maybe I would try out
again next season.
I like you, Shawn.
But I'm very aware
of what went down this year.
Yeah, I know.
The seniors didn't get
their scholarships
or their college picks.
There's repercussions
to our actions.
Woodley and the other seniors
on the team will be facing
very different choices now.
My aim is to build a,
a fresh team, a new culture.
Yeah, that's fair.
It's not that I don't think
you're a talented athlete...
it's just I wonder about
the time you need for yourself.
Let's keep talking.
- Thanks, Coach.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Okay, yeah, at 7:00.
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, uh, thanks for coming.
I assume you all know why we're
here, but just in case,
you're looking for the knitting
group, that is down the hall.
[all chuckles]
This is an advocacy group
to empower
parents and schools to do more
about online safety
and harassment.
I'm sure we'll create
an awful acronym for it.
But, uh...
it's important stuff.
[door opens]
- [clicks lips] Um...
- [door closes]
I came to this issue
from a personal place.
I've struggled
as a mother of a son, knowing
how to help him navigate
the influences out there,
many of which
are out of my control.
These choices our kids make
can destroy lives.
And in my experience,
so can we as parents.
So I feel like I need
more options
and supports
and tools because...
I'm not very good
at this challenge yet.
So this is a beginning
and I'm very...
I'm very grateful you're all
here. [laughs]
Ooh, okay. [laughs]
Um... well, let's get started
with names.
[school bell ringing]
[indistinct chatter]
- Hey.
- Hey.
[car door closes]
How was your day?
Better, actually.
How was yours?
Yeah, it was better.
In the window
I'll put a light
so you can find me
So you can find me
On the roof
I'll build a fire
So you can find me
And they might lay us out
But we'll fight
And when you can't hold on
Look for myself
So you can find me
Follow my sun
Follow my sun