Friday The 13th Part III (1982) Movie Script

My God. Please help me!
Oh, God!
Jason. It's all done, Jason.
You've done your job well,
and Mommy is pleased.
That's a good boy.
Now, come to Mommy. Come on.
Come on.
Mommy has a reward for you.
Jason, Mother is talking to you.
Jason, Mother is talking to you.
Come on.
That's my boy. Come.
Kneel down.
That's a boy.
Kneel down.
That's my good boy.
That's a good boy.
Good Jason.
Come on. Let's go. Ginny?
Come on.
Goddamn it, Harold! I spent all day
yesterday washing your clothes.
Look what you're doing!
I work very hard
trying to keep up with you
and all your sloppy habits.
I get no help from you.
- The community of Crystal Lake
- Jerk!
was shocked today with reports
of a grisly mass murder.
Eight corpses have been discovered
in what is being called
the most brutal and heinous crime
in local history.
"A police spokesman told ""Eye On News"""
that they've been combing the area
since before dawn
and are afraid that their gruesome
discovery is just the beginning.
Police Chief Scott Fitzsimmons
had no comment about the murders
when reached this morning.
Detectives at the scene however,were baffled
by the brutality of the killings.
Bodies were found strewn
over the four-square-mile camp ground
in the remote lake region.
Ginny Field miraculously survived
repeated attacks
by the axe-wielding killer
, and was
taken to a local hospital today.
- My God!
- She is in a serious condition,
with multiple stab wounds.
The names of the eight victims
are being withheld
until notification of next of kin.
Reports of cannibalism
are unconfirmed.
What are you doing out there?
The person responsible for the horror
remains at large.
Harold, I swear...
Jesus Christ, Harold!
Just take what's yours
and leave the rest for me.
Very considerate.
You could've at least
finished the job.
Do I have to do
everything around here?
OK, boys, soup's on.
What's the matter, Lionel?
Aren't you hungry? It's good.
Here. Here, look. I'm eating.
Very good.
Dayfly eggs?
C'mon. If Edna catches you in here,
she'll make a fur coat of you.
C'mon, I'll take you home.
Didn't I feed you enough for supper?
The doctor said
you have to lose weight, didn't he?
I'm trying to help you, but you
keep sneaking food behind my back.
What am I gonna do with you?
And put that filthy animal
back where it belongs. Come on.
Hey, hey, hey! What are you
so nervous about? Come on.
Who would do something like this?
What's the matter? What happened?
It's all that crap
you've been stuffing yourself with!
"It's ""Easy Money"" time,
the show where everybody wins!"
Where's that other needle?
Thank you, Johnny,
and good evening.
"It's ""Easy Money"", Charlie Lincoln,
and I'm here to give away money."
I've got a pocketful of money
burning a hole in my pocket...
14 straight weeks in a row.
That's not the end.
It's the white house on the left.
- Shelly, come and meet your date.
- Bring her to me!
Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.
Sex, sex, sex. You guys
are getting boring, you know that?
What would a weekend in the country
be without sex?
- Cool it, Andy.
- I didn't mean it that way.
I want you
to have a good time this weekend.
What happened to me at the lake
happened a long time ago.
I'm fine, OK? Just forget about me.
Forget that we've been friends...
Goddamn it, Shelly! Why do you
always have to be such an asshole?
I beg your pardon.
I'm not an asshole. I'm an actor.
Same thing.
Look, Shelly, you're my roommate
and I like you. Most of the time.
But you've gotta quit
doing those things.
Now, I got you a date, didn't I?
- Yeah.
- So don't embarrass me.
Just relax. Be yourself.
Would you be yourself,
if you looked like this?
- Yes?
- Hi, Mrs. Sanchez. I'm Chris.
We've come to pick up Vera.
She is not going!
- What are they saying?
- I don't know. I flunked Spanish.
Hi, everybody.
What are you looking at?
Is everything alright?
Just your basic
old-fashioned mother problems.
So, which one's my date?
You're Shelly?
Hey, the van's on fire!
Is that all you two are gonna do
this weekend? Smoke dope?
Why not, man?
Is there a law against it?
There are better things to do.
- Like what?
- I can't think of anything.
Hey, Chrissy?
How much further to the lake?
We'd be there if some people didn't
need the bathroom every five minutes.
That's what happens
when you're pregnant.
Sure, why not?
Let's share the wealth with those
less fortunate up front here!
What have you got in there?
My whole world.
In that little thing?
Stick around. You'll see.
It's the cops!
- Oh, my God!
- They're catching us.
- What are we gonna do?
- Destroy the evidence! Hurry!
- No way, man.
- Let's go, Chuck! Come on!
- They're gaining.
- Throw it out!
- They'll see it.
- Get rid of it. Eat it.
- We're going to jail!
- I'm driving.
- Breakfast?
- No way! We're pregnant.
Faster! Eat faster!
- Why don't you help us?
- Oh, I guess I'm just not hungry.
You're always hungry, Shelly.
Come on, eat!
- I'm allergic.
- I gotta pull over.
- Oh, man!
- Oh, no!
Charlie 63 is unable to handle...
Help the ambulance.
I'll get the crowd.
OK, guys, show's over.
Move it back over here, alright?
Kiddo, don't let
your imagination run away with you.
- Chris, stop the van! Stop!
- What is it?
- What are you doing?
- You almost ran over him!
I was daydreaming. I didn't see him.
Hey, he looks
just like my grandfather!
I must be in heaven!
Don't touch him.
You don't know where he's been.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- Sleeping in the road?
You are, indeed, all of you,
kind and generous young people.
Look upon what His grace
has brought unto me!
- What is that?
- I found this today.
- There were other parts of the body.
- That's an eyeball!
And He said that He wanted me
to have this. This!
He wanted me to warn you!
Look upon this omen
and go back from whence ye came!
I have warned thee!
I... have warned thee.
Check it out! Whoo-hoo!
Why don't we take our bags
into the house first?
Chris, come on down.
You go ahead. I'll take my bags
in the house and look around.
Is someone here?
Is it my imagination
or did it just get cold in here?
Did I do something wrong? Did I?
No. It's just being here again.
I know it's only two years but
I feel like I've been away for ever.
Doesn't look like
anything's changed, though.
Even the paintings are still crooked.
Well, you've certainly changed.
Don't you even say hello any more?
I'm sorry.
- Hello, Rick. How are you?
- Well, that's a start.
Could you slow down, please?
There's a whole weekend ahead.
Let me get to know you again.
Get to know this place again.
OK. But there's only
so many cold showers I can take.
Come outside
and help me with the bags.
Oh, God!
You know, Chris, I think you've
gained weight since last summer.
I have not!
You creep! Put me down.
You get the ones inside,
I'll get the ones off the top.
Wasn't this door closed
a few minutes ago?
- What did you say?
- Nothing.
That's my bag. I'll take it.
Shelly, why aren't you
at the lake with everybody else?
Oh, they said
they were going skinny-dipping.
I'm not skinny enough.
This was my bedroom.
It's yours for the weekend.
Chris? I don't mean to be picky
or anything, but where's the bed?
It's right here.
- What's this?
- It's your bed.
- A hammock?
- You might like it.
Why not?
Where's the bed?
Chris, I don't understand...
why you guys have so much hay.
You don't have any horses.
Never did.
It's my father's idea.
Every year, he plans to buy a horse.
Every year, he buys all this hay
but no horse. You figure it out.
You realize, of course...
that I gave up an opportunity
to spend the weekend
with Mary Jo Conrad for this.
You actually gave up the chance
to be with the Mary Jo Conrad
for little old me?
That's right.
Boy, are you dumb!
Chris, I realize
I'm just a dumb country boy
and my feelings don't matter.
But this is the sweat of a worker
on my forehead, not of a lover.
Now, I believe...
...that there is a time
and a place for everything.
And now's the time, and now's
the place, if you know what I mean.
So what I think we should do
is set aside three hours a day
to fulfill our needs.
One in the morning...
and two at night.
If you agree, I agree.
Were you talking to me?
- Is anyone in here?
- What's going on?
You check down here.
I'll check the upstairs.
Is anybody in there?
Don't look at him.
Let's get out of here.
- We heard screaming.
- Oh, my God!
What happened to him?
- Don't touch him, Andy!
- Don't move him!
You creep! Get up!
I guess I fooled you, huh?
- You jerk!
- Chris, he doesn't know any better.
It was a joke!
- Chris.
- It was just a joke!
- I didn't mean to...
- You never mean to.
I gotta get outta here.
I'm going to the store.
- Can I use your car?
- Sure.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
Let me go with you!
I gotta get out of here, too!
Chris. Chris, wait up.
What's wrong?
It's that creep Shelly.
What a sick sense of humor.
That's just his way
of getting attention.
He doesn't know what happened.
I know it, Deb.
But from the minute we got here,
I've been seeing and hearing things.
It's probably just my imagination.
I shouldn't have come back here
so soon.
Don't let it get to you.
Relax. Enjoy the weekend.
Nothing's going to happen
when we're all here together.
Hey, how are things with Rick going?
But he just doesn't understand.
That'll be $18.50.
We don't accept no food stamps.
I need some money.
Excuse me,
but I believe that's my wallet.
Make a wish.
Can I buy you guys a beer
or something?
I'll take that now.
Is this your rubber?
Didn't your momma teach you manners?
If you want something, you ask.
- Nice!
- Please, be cool!
May I please have the wallet?
"You mean, ""May I please
have the wallet, ma'am?"""
May I please have the wallet, ma'am?
That's good. That's real nice.
Hey, that was a 20!
- Are they following us?
- No!
- Good!
- Here. You drive.
The way I feel,
I'd probably get us into an accident.
Next time, I'll know how to handle
a situation like that.
Let's just hope
next time isn't too soon.
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit! is right.
Let's get outta here.
Hold on!
- What're you doing?!
- He went too far this time!
Oh, shit!
- I did it. Did I do it?
- Yes, you did it.
- You were great.
- I was great.
You son of a bitch! You ought to
come back here, you bastard!
You ain't getting away with this!
I'm gonna get you!
- Let's go get some exercise.
- This is all the exercise I need.
That was close.
You better watch out
with that thing.
Come on. I'm warning you, Andy.
I'll break your string!
What happened to them?
What happened to your windshield,
We had a slight misunderstanding
with a motorcycle gang.
But Shelly made 'em see the error
of their ways.
It was nothing.
My poor car!
What did you do to it?
Erm... Yeah, we're real sorry,
you know? But it wasn't our fault.
A few minor repairs,
it'll be good as new.
That's it. I've had it.
It seemed a good idea
to spend some time together,
but this is more
than I bargained for.
Where are you going?
Away from here.
Stay with me.
- Why should I?
- Because I want you to.
You don't play fair, do you? Get in.
- Let's go for a swim.
- I don't know.
Come on. We'll be all alone.
We can do whatever we want.
- Nobody'll see.
- Sounds disgusting! Let's go.
I'll grab a couple of towels.
See you down there.
- Maybe we shouldn't do this, Ali.
- We gotta even the score.
Nobody's gonna get hurt, baby.
- Right!
- Trust me.
- Let me do it.
- I know what I'm doing.
Oh, shit...
Who's up there?
Here, take this in the barn
and start pouring. And find Fox.
What the hell are you doing?
Get off that thing!
This feels good!
Ali is gonna be pissed
he sees you screwing around!
Now, come on. We got shit to do.
What the hell?
Where are you?
Stop screwing around.
You're messing everything up!
You're dead now, woman.
Fox! Loco!
Open the damn door!
What the hell are you guys doing
up there? You hear me talking to you?
When I find you, you bastard,
you're a dead man!
I don't wanna go home. This is fun.
- What are you doing?
- We haven't been in the barn...
We haven't been in the barn.
Let's take a look.
Not now. I'm cold.
C'mon, how about a roll in the hay?
Go play with yourself.
I'm going into the house.
Hey, wait up!
- That better?
- Yeah. Thanks.
You know, I don't think
I could live anywhere else.
The nights are so peaceful
and quiet here.
- It's deceiving.
- What do you mean?
The quiet can fool you.
It fooled me.
Chris, why'd you come back here?
To prove something to myself.
To prove I'm stronger
than I think I am.
What about us?
I'm here with you.
Isn't that enough?
I don't know!
I don't see you for months on end.
When I do, you put this barrier up
between us. How do I break through?
- You give up?
- You out of your mind?
- Do you give up?
- Ha-ha! Never!
I know how to stop this.
Andy? I can think of much better
things you can do with your hands.
You win!
I guess that leaves you and me.
Sort of.
You really are very good at that.
It's nothing.
Vera, you and I have gotten to know
each other a little today.
I like you.
I like you a lot. I was thinking
that maybe, y'know, we could...
I don't think so. I'm going outside
for a few minutes.
When I get back in, we'll talk. OK?
Sure. We'll talk.
- How do we do it?
- First, we take our clothes off.
Then you get on top of me,
or I could get on top of you.
I know how to do it.
How do we do it in a hammock?
Well... I think you can
figure something out.
I'll think of something.
You're right. I should have told you
a long time ago but I couldn't.
You don't have to
if you don't want to.
I want to. I want you to know
what happened so you'll understand.
Everything is so clear in my mind,
as if it were happening right now.
I don't know if you remember,
but when you dropped me off
that night, it was very late.
I knew my parents would be waiting,
but I didn't care.
We had such a good time.
The minute I walked in, my parents
started yelling at me and cursing me.
We had such a big fight.
My mom slapped me.
That was the first time my mother
hit me. I couldn't believe it.
I ran out the door
and into the woods.
I wanted to punish them.
So I decided to hide out all night.
I thought I'd get them so worried,
they'd be sorry for what they did.
It had been raining.
The woods were cold and wet.
But I found a dry spot
under an old oak tree.
I guess I fell asleep.
All I can remember next... being startled out of sleep
by the sound of footsteps.
I was sure it was Dad,
so I sat up and listened for him.
But the footsteps stopped.
Then there was
this cracking noise behind me.
I turned around...
...and standing there
was this hideous-looking man!
He was so grotesque,
he was almost inhuman!
He had a knife!
And he attacked me with it!
I was so hysterical, I don't know
how I was even able to think,
but I kicked the knife
out of his hands and I ran!
He ran after me. He caught me
and pulled me to the ground.
I was kicking and screaming and
yelling, but it didn't do any good!
He dragged me along the ground.
I blacked out.
I don't know what happened
after that, I just don't know!
Chris? It's alright.
You're alright.
When I woke up, I was in my own bed.
My parents have never said
a word about it.
They act as if the whole thing
never happened, but it did.
All I want is to just forget it,
but I can't!
I'll never forget
that horrible face! Never!
What's that?
Damn it, it's that battery.
I charged it yesterday.
It must not have taken.
It may just start anyway.
Let me try.
We're gonna have to walk back.
It's OK.
- OK?
- Yeah.
I know a pretty good short cut.
Heavy shit!
Who's there?
Shelly, if this is
another of your tricks...
Sorry! I didn't mean to scare you.
Between you and Shelly, I'm lucky
I haven't had a heart attack!
What's Butterball up to now?
I don't know.
He just ducked into the barn.
Let's give him
some of his own medicine.
I don't think he's in here.
Let's go back.
Maybe that wasn't him.
- Chili.
- Shh!
I guess he must've left.
Come on, let's get out of here!
I'm not going to let anybody
hurt you.
Gee, thanks.
I feel a lot better now.
That'll teach you a valuable lesson.
A beautiful girl like you should
never go out in the dark alone.
Damn it, Shelly!
Why do you do these stupid things?
- I have to.
- No. You don't have to.
- I just want you to like me.
- I do like you.
But not when you act like a jerk.
Being a jerk
is better than being a nothing.
I never said you were nothing.
You don't have to say it.
I could tell.
You're wrong! Shelly!
Chuck? Chili?
What're you guys doing in there?
Are you guys doing
something I shouldn't see?
Oh, that's great!
Hey, I dropped your wallet.
I'm sorry. I got it.
Who are you?
What're you doing?
Cut that out right now.
That's not funny.
That was the best one yet.
Was it you, me or the hammock?
- I vote for me.
- Hmm? I vote for the hammock.
Where you going?
Taking a shower.
You ought to try it sometime.
- Hey, Debbie. Can you hear me?
- Barely.
I'm gonna go downstairs
and get a brew. You want one?
Oh, Jesus!
- Do you want a beer or not?
- Sure.
- Alright. Be right back.
- OK.
- Andy!
- Yeah?
Are you still out there?
I can't hear you.
Would you quit fooling around?
Cut it out.
Andy? I changed my mind.
I don't want that beer.
Did you hear me about that beer?
Oh, God,
I hate when you don't answer me.
Twenty-five Years with Godzilla.
Where's this coming from?
Great short cut, Rick.
- Come on! Let's move it.
- Always spoiling my fun.
What was that noise?
- What?
- I heard something over there.
Come on, let's get home.
- Did I hear you screaming?
- No.
It's probably Debbie
having an orgasm.
How come you never scream
when we have sex?
Give me something to scream about.
What's the matter?
Nothing. I was just practicing.
Don't do that to me!
Here. Go down the cellar
and check the fuse box.
In the dark? Alone?
Be a man, man.
Nothing to be afraid of, man.
So what if it's dark?
Nothing to be afraid of.
Oh! Jeez!
Oh, God!
Who's there?
Chuck? You back already?
Well, at least you got
the outside lights working.
Nice make-up job.
Stop fooling around, man.
That's better.
What's going on?
Get up!
Shelly! Enough is enough!
Oh, my God!
Andy? Debbie?
Shelly's dead!
He's dead!
Andy! Deb?
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
This wind sure came up.
Seems awfully quiet.
Hard to believe
the Wild Bunch is already in bed.
Who knows, with those guys?
I can't get this door open.
There's something behind it.
- I smell something burning.
- Take this. Let me do it.
No wonder. Some idiot put this chair
there. Something is burning.
Lights aren't working, either.
Real smart! What's going on here?
You tell me. They're your friends.
I'll go to the living room
and check what's going on there.
Andy? Debbie? You guys up there?
Anybody here?
- Everybody's taken off.
- They wouldn't do that.
I don't know what's going on.
I'll go out and take a look around.
Rick, wait, I wanna come with you.
Andy? Is that you?
Is everything alright?
Where's that coming from?
I don't know what game you guys
are playing, but I don't like it.
Debbie? You guys up here?
Hey, come on, you guys.
You're wrecking the house.
Rick! Where are you?
Rick! Help me!
Keys. Keys!
Come on!
What's happening?
Come on! Come on!
You can't be alive.
Motherfucking psycho!
Looks like she's the only one alive.
What was that
about a lady in the lake?
She must've flipped out.
Poor kid's been through hell.
I'll take her.
It's OK. You're gonna be alright.
You're gonna be fine.