Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988) Movie Script

(Man) 'There's a legend
round here.
'A killer buried but not dead.
'A curse on Crystal Lake,
a death curse.
'Jason Voorhees' curse.
'They say he died as a boy
but he keeps coming back.
'Few have seen him and lived.
'Some have even tried to stop him.
No one can.'
Jason's alive.
He's even more powerful now.
Jason belongs in hell.
I'm going to see he gets there.
Jason, come on! Come and get me!
It's me you want, remember?
'People forget...
he's down there... waiting.'
(Man) Give me that. I'll sell
this place and get the hell out.
(Woman) Tina!
(Man) Leave her out of this.
(Man) Join the party.
(Woman) Don't drink any more.
(Man) Don't tell me what to do!
(Man) Tina!
Tina, come inside, honey.
Wait! Tina!
- Tina, don't! Please, come back.
- You hit Mom again.
Tina! Tina...
I hate you! Go away!
Please, baby, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to.
Go away! I hate you!
I wish you were dead!
(Mom) Oh, my God!
(Mom) No!
No, Daddy! No!
Tina, honey, are you all right?
I'm fine.
I don't think
this is such a good idea.
Honey, this is really hard on all
of us. Will you just give it a try?
It doesn't seem to be
so hard on Dr. Crews.
He really wants to help you.
I'd hate to see you go back to hospital.
(Tina) I guess you're right.
(# Soft Rock)
- There he is.
- Bad news Crews.
(Mom) Tina!
- Hi, Dr. Crews.
- Hi.
Did we keep you waiting?
No. I really like it up here.
It's beautiful.
- Did you have a good trip?
- It was a very nice drive.
- Tina, how are you?
- Hi.
#... I can't look back... #
There goes the neighborhood.
(Girl) Nice outfit.
Looks like her mom dressed her.
(2nd girl) Melissa!
So this is where it all started.
Well, well, well.
Dr. Crews, you really think
we're doing the right thing, don't you?
We did all we could at the hospital,
she hasn't made enough progress.
I know it's tough on both of you
to come back here but trust me.
- We'll do the best we can.
- You'll help her.
- So, what do you think of Nick?
- Gee, I hadn't noticed.
- Let me help.
- That's all right.
- No, really.
- No. It's no problem.
- I'm sorry.
- Thanks. You've been a great help(!)
I don't know what I would have done
without you.
(Girls giggling)
Great, asshole.
Do we really have to do this now?
Tina, we're late already.
Sit down, please.
- Why am I seeing things?
- I don't know, Tina.
Why do you think
you're seeing things?
- Is that really necessary?
- What, the camera?
I just want to keep track of
our progress.
Now, er...
Let's get back to work, all right?
Tina, look at me. See this matchbook?
I'm going to set it
on the desk here.
I want you to concentrate,
to think about your feelings
and focus them in on the matchbook.
Maybe we can get it to move.
(Starts recording equipment)
- You're not trying, Tina.
- Yes, I am.
Think about it moving
and make it move.
I can't! I don't know how it happens.
Sometimes it does, sometimes not.
And you're lying to me.
You're lying because it happens
when your emotions are at their peak.
You're holding back.
Concentrate. Concentrate, Tina.
Well, well. What did you do?
- What went through your mind?
- I was thinking about you.
Look, I don't know how this
will help me.
Your psychokinetic ability is
a projection of your sense of guilt.
Speak English! You're more interested
in this telekinetic stuff than me.
No! I'm here to help you overcome
your guilt over your father's death.
- That's all.
- That's bullshit!
I rest my case.
(# Rock music)
#... I got the kinda looks
the cops don't trust
# I'm driving down the street
They point at me... #
- Kate.
- Yes?
If this is my uncle's house,
why are we sleeping in the van?
Who says we're sleeping?
#... feel like I'm ready for the world
Nothing's ever gonna get to... #
- Are you all right?
- (Sobbing) Mama, I miss him so much.
I know. I miss him, too.
(Dad) 'Please, baby.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.'
- Tina!
- I hate you! I wish you were dead!
I wish you were dead! No, Daddy. No!
I'm sorry, Daddy.
I'm so sorry.
I wish I could bring you back.
Dr. Crews, it's Tina!
Sweetheart, are you all right?
- (Crews) Tina, what happened?
- Where is he?
I saw him but I can't describe him.
You said "him". Are you saying
a man came out of the lake?
I know what you're thinking but this
has nothing to do with my father.
don't run away from it. Your guilt
over your father is a powerful thing.
- But it wasn't my father.
- You manufacture hallucinations...
It wasn't a hallucination.
- Yes, it was.
- No.
Piece of shit.
- When did you last put oil in it?
- Yesterday.
- Let's just camp here.
- But we're almost there.
- Jane, woods is woods. I'm beat.
- Michael!
What? We'll have to go back
to the car in the morning anyway.
- Nick can take us.
- What would he be doing out here?
- He's already here.
- What are you talking about?
This is a surprise party
for your birthday.
Everybody's waiting for us
to show up. I got this great cabin.
No way!
Never mind, the whole thing's ruined.
Happy birthday.
(Knocking at door)
- Hi.
- Hi.
I washed this for you.
- Hi. I'm Nick.
- Amanda Shepard. Nice meeting you.
- Have you been having fun up here?
- We got together to throw my cousin
a surprise birthday party.
- I came to invite your daughter.
- I don't know.
Well, you can always spend
the evening with me and Dr. Crews.
- Let's go. Bye.
- Bye. Have a good time.
Where did she go? Who's that boy?
Relax, she's going
to visit the kids next door.
I thought we agreed, no distractions.
I'd hate to send her to the hospital.
She needs a chance to be normal.
Isn't that what it's all about?
Yes. Of course it is.
- This is some birthday.
- It's gonna be great. Promise.
- Hey, be back in two shakes.
- Just hurry.
- Michael, get a move on.
- Christ! It's cold out here!
Great party. Oh, shit.
- Nick, help me out!
- Got it.
- I need an objective opinion.
- Is anybody making the popcorn?
What do you think of "Starlacon"?
"30,000 years into the future,
the entire galaxy is populated
"by highly evolved protozoa."
Good, huh?
"Only one human being and
his woman exist amongst the stars."
- You met our resident writer, Eddie.
- Yeah. Ice cream and cake, huh?
Eddie's a little out there
but everybody else here,
perfectly normal.
(Footsteps, slow breathing)
He goes, "Let me see your ID."
I go, "I left it at home,"
he goes, "Go and get it."
So I go, "OK," and I go.
(Boy) Put something under that drink.
You'll ruin the table.
- Outrageous.
- You like him? Me, too.
What is this? Will you look at this?
This place already looks like
closing time at the stock exchange.
- Russ, we'll clean it up.
- Chill out, Brooks Brothers.
They're eating my uncle's food.
We're supposed to bring our own food.
He's gonna shit.
Everybody, this is Tina.
She's from next door.
- (All) Hi!
- Hi.
- (Glass smashing)
- Oh, shit!
- What was that?
- Nick, help me.
- Tina...
- (Russ) These people are such slobs!
There's a guy I'd love to give
a surprise party for. I'm Melissa.
- I'm Tina from next door.
- I know.
- Who's that scuzzball dopehead?
- The birthday boy's best friend.
Those are so pretty.
Absolutely gorgeous.
What a stupid place to put a lamp.
They're real.
On my last birthday, my Daddy goes,
"You're the perfect daughter."
He gives me these and says,
"To the best little girl in the world."
(Melissa) That's disgusting.
It's all over me.
- Wait! Come back here.
- (Melissa) Who is that girl?
Nick, let me tell you something
about women.
- Mom!
- Tina? Honey, what is it?
I saw him again.
The man, the thing in the lake.
He was killing a boy
with a metal spike.
Relax, relax, relax.
What do you mean you saw it?
I didn't actually see it
but I know. I know.
What were you doing
when it happened?
- Why?
- Because these are delusions.
You're creating images
of your father.
He left a large delusion
stuck in our porch.
- Go look if you don't believe me.
- All right, OK.
OK, I will.
- Tina...
- I know I'm right. I'm right.
Tina, Mrs. Shepard.
Tina, where?
But it was here. It was right here,
the large spike that I saw.
What's happening to me?
Help me, please.
Shh, shh, shh.
I'll help you
but you have to help me.
Honey, come on in the house.
Come on, sweetie.
It was there.
I just don't know what's happening.
(Mom) It's OK. It's OK.
- I'm cold.
- Why don't we crawl in the sack?
- Fix the fire.
- There's no wood.
- We're in a forest!
- Come on, let me heat you up.
Dan, we need wood.
It's gonna be a cold night tonight.
(Imitating The Terminator)
I'll be back.
(Twig snaps)
OK, you big hunk of a man,
come and get me.
What are you doing?
(Muffled screams)
It was great.
Derrick FZ Simms' greatest film.
The Battle Of The Gargantuan
Throngar was a work of genius.
You don't have to
take my word for it.
- Ask Ben. He was there.
- Ben, tell us all about Throngar?
- Throng... what?
- It wasn't Ben. Look at the time.
Gotta get moving,
put something on paper.
Er... some surprise party
that turned out to be.
You know Michael. He probably got
pulled over for drunk driving.
The guy could smell a party
- Now, where's my coffee?
- Where would you like it?
Has anyone seen Nick?
I think he went next door
to see Marilyn Munster.
Your friends must think
I'm a complete joke.
Who cares? They're not my friends.
I just came up for my cousin.
- So, where are you from?
- Where are you from?
We're doing real good here,
aren't we? OK, here goes.
I grew up in Pittsburgh.
I used to hang out with a bad crowd,
then my dad kicked me out.
Now, I go to night school. Your turn.
We came up here all the time
until my dad got killed in the lake.
I don't like it here.
- Is... is this where...
- I think it was my fault.
I know it was my fault.
You're a really nice guy,
trying to get your life together.
You don't want
to mess around with me.
Just listen for just a minute.
I saw my father get killed
when I was a kid
and it really
messed up my head a lot.
So you're OK now, aren't you?
You know that guy in my house?
He's my doctor.
He came out to help me
from the mental hospital.
(Twigs snap)
I er... I saw it.
It's a big pink elephant.
With my luck, you'll probably
turn out to be another delusion.
- Good morning.
- What was that for?
- Nothing.
- Nothing?
Hello, Tina.
We've got tomatoes,
peppers, onions.
Sandra, we'll put them on the grill.
OK, let's see what else.
Garlic, pepper. Well, great.
(Boy) Move it! Steve, come on!
- Bye.
- Did you cut all the tomatoes?
Yeah, they're all done.
It looks great.
What happened with you and Ben?
He blew me off to go out with Eddie.
- What's wrong with Kate?
- (Kate) He lied to me.
Just throw the ball.
Look at this. It's made with latex.
- Have you seen Nick?
- He's around.
She's like that with everybody
except boys. Come on.
Cocktail hour.
Robin, did you see the way
David just looked at me?
Get real. You're not his type.
You need a little touch-up work first.
Colombian express is pulling out.
All aboard.
- Eddie, you want to do me a favor?
- Yeah, sure. Anything.
- I'm gonna do it.
- You don't smoke.
- I do now.
- You can't. Robin!
You and I made a deal. We were gonna
come here and have a good time.
I'm gonna stick to the deal. You in?
Come on.
- So you want to smoke with me?
- Yeah.
- Is Nick here? I wanna talk to him.
- Don't worry. He'll show.
Hey, Tina. Is this the way they wear
jackets in the mental hospital?
(Girl) God!
- (Girl) What happened?
- Tina! Wait, Tina!
What's going on, you guys?
I hate this place. It makes me
do things that I don't want to do.
I'm seeing things.
I could have killed someone. How?
Because when you're very emotional,
you do almost anything.
It just proves my point.
You moved the matchbook,
you broke the pearls.
If you can believe
I did those things,
why not believe
I saw someone get killed?
We do. Your psychokinesis
and delusions are all tied together.
You're not listening to me!
You haven't heard a word I've said!
Mama, please, can we go back?
Where? Look at me!
Back to the hospital?
We're making some progress
because you are here.
- We'll go tomorrow.
- You can't just go.
- It's not working.
- You wanna throw it all away?
Do you want to see your daughter in
hospital for the rest of her life?
Look what you're doing to her!
- Where are you going?
- I want to get out of here.
- Melissa was a bitch.
- Forget Melissa.
Something's wrong here.
I know it and no one believes me.
- What are you talking about?
- Did your cousin ever show up?
- No, he didn't.
- What did... does he look like?
What does it matter?
Can you tell me what he looks like?
Do you have a picture?
Yeah, I do. I think I do.
- It's right here.
- Oh, God.
- What?
- I think he's dead, Nick.
Pack your things.
We're gonna leave in the morning.
When did you first
fall in love with me?
The first time I saw the enormous
size of your beautiful...
Well, this huge bulge in your pants
was calling me.
"Sandra, Sandra, take me now."
- Are you coming?
- What are you doing?
- Come on. You chicken.
- You're crazy.
Can you go for a little swim?
You need a formal invitation?
Party for two, right this way, please.
Russell, come on!
(Screams) Russell! Russell!
King Tut rises from the tomb.
All this trouble and no Michael.
- You know what I like about you?
- What?
You hardly sweat at all.
You want to get high?
#... I'm looking for magic
- # I'm looking for magic
- # In your eyes
# I'm looking for magic... #
So, what do you want to do? Hit me?
Come on, Michael.
Come on, answer the phone.
I love you... Squid Face.
(Music continues, faint)
(Nick) Michael's not shown up yet.
I'm gonna look for him in the woods.
Hi, Nick. Are you still mad at me?
What was that crap
you pulled on Tina?
That chick's crazy.
Besides, all is fair in love and war.
- I don't even like you.
- Like has nothing to do with it.
I know! Star Mummy!
Excuse me. Eddie!
We have got
to get to know each other better.
(Labored breathing)
- Are you joking?
- Why would I do that?
- You really think I'm cute?
- Of course I do.
- Since when?
- I've always thought so.
You've just been too blind to notice.
Dr. Crews?
(Crews) '...the Anderson case in '65.
'The documentation here
is much greater.
'By keeping
Tina's stress levels high,
'I am confident I can induce
huge psychokinetic reactions.'
What do you think you're doing?
you never intended to help her.
Be reasonable. That's why I'm here.
First I find this spike
and then this... this...
- What have you been doing to her?
- I have been trying to help her.
Is this what Tina's talking about?
Have you been hiding it all the time?
You can't understand
this complicated process
that is integral to the treatment.
I can see what you've been doing.
You've turned her
into an emotional wreck.
That's not true. What you saw
was a side effect of her treatment.
You bastard.
You brought her here
so that you could watch her perform.
- It's out of your hands.
- How could you do this to her?
I don't care what you say.
I'm her doctor.
We'll put her back in hospital
and begin psychotropic drug therapy.
Do you really think that
I'd ever let you see her again?
She needs help. She's dangerous
to herself and to all of us.
How can you say that?
She's not dangerous.
She killed her father. We have to
get her back into the hospital.
- No!
- Mrs. Shepard...
I'm going to have to commit her,
even if it is against your wishes.
Tina? Tina, no!
(Horn blaring)
(Engine spluttering)
(# Rock music, faint)
You need a little
touch-up work, my ass.
David, are you out there?
Where are you?
My earring.
(Panicked breathing, footsteps)
I just saw my mom.
I've got to go find her.
What's that?
Tina? Tina!
Oh, my God!
- She's gone! What if she's hurt?
- We didn't pass her on the road.
Tina! Tina!
Wait a minute! Don't go! Don't leave!
- What?
- Your watch.
I'm sorry.
#... the lights are low
# The party's high
# Another evening... #
(Thumping and scraping)
- (Thumping)
- What's that?
- What?
- (Thumping)
- That.
- Shit. I bet it's Michael.
- Oh, what timing.
- God.
- Quick, get a balloon.
- Right. Happy fucking birthday!
- Stop shaking the van, birthday boy.
- Let's surprise him.
- Right.
- On the count of three. You ready?
One, two... three.
Go! Surprise!
- Where is he?
- He's probably out there somewhere.
- Let's get him.
- I'm not going out there.
Come on. The motherfucker's
out there. I'm going to get him.
- Make it fast.
- Be right back.
All right, Michael. Come on.
Where are you, buddy? Huh?
(Blows party horn)
Come on, Michael.
Where are you, buddy? Come on.
#... paperback romance... #
Ben, are you coming back or not?
# Looking for the real thing
She wants the real thing... #
Ben! Where are you?
I'm talking to you.
Stop screwing around!
Eddie. Eddie!
- This isn't gonna work.
- What's the matter?
- I lied.
- About what?
About everything.
You just don't turn me on, really.
Come on, at least I gave you a chance.
You just didn't come through.
Anyway, I was hoping Nick would
come back and find you with me.
- Why did you lie?
- You know. Make him jealous.
Rejection. OK.
Fine. I can take it.
I've been rejected by
some of the finest science fiction
magazines in the United States.
- Eddie, where are you going?
- To take a cold shower.
I got a date with a soap-on-a-rope.
- What happened to the lights?
- Who cares?
Come here!
I knew it.
I saw it.
I'm sorry. We've got to keep going.
We've got to get out of here!
- (Grunts) I'm hungry.
- How romantic.
I'm really stoned.
The Neanderthal man,
hunter-gatherer, seeks nourishment.
All right.
It's dark.
- Here.
- Gee, thanks!
- Bye.
- Bye.
What the fuck?
- What are you looking for?
- My father's pistol in his...
Crews knew.
- What did you find?
- I don't know.
- Tina, let's go get the others now!
- No, this is important.
Jason Voorhees.
It was him in the lake.
What are you talking about?
God, that's you.
"Happy birthday Michael,
you lucky son of a bitch,
"many happy returns. Love, Melissa."
(Electrical crackling and humming)
"Personal penis enlarger."
Are you all right? You're sure?
If this Jason guy
is really out there,
I want to get everybody together
so we can get out of here.
- What, Tina? What is it?
- She's in the woods.
- Who?
- My mother. That's where she is.
All right, we'll find her.
But let's get everybody
so we can leave together.
So, change your mind or what?
Are you in here?
(Clattering, door creaks)
David, are you in there?
(Cat screeches)
It's just a cat. Hi, kitty.
Come here, kitty.
Whose kitty are you, huh?
Are you David's kitty?
No, David doesn't have a kitty.
You're cute. What?
You scared, kitty? Don't be scared.
Where are you going?
Please! Please! No!
- I've got to find her!
- Let's get everybody together first.
I can't go with you.
What if she comes back?
- I don't want to leave you alone.
- Then you go.
You go... and I'll stay right here.
- Just hurry back.
- Don't move.
Tina! Tina.
Please answer me!
We're wasting time.
She'll be at the house.
- You saw the car!
- Let's call the police, all right?
Why, damn it? She's out here!
- We're wasting time, all right?
- (Twig snaps)
- What's wrong with you?
- Wait!
- What aren't you telling me?
- I'm going. You find your way back.
You're not just a lousy doctor,
you're a fucking coward!
Give me that key.
Tina knew.
She tried to tell us. She did.
- Oh, God!
- What are you doing?
No! No!
Maddy? Melissa? Anybody!
(Door opens)
- Jesus Christ!
- Where's Tina?
At the psycho ward.
How should I know?
- Eddie's dead.
- What?
He's dead.
Michael's dead, too. I saw them.
- Get real.
- Just don't go over there, Melissa.
Tina! Tina. Shh!
You have to come back with me now.
- What are you doing? Where's mom?
- She's er... at the house. Come on.
- You're lying!
- I'm not.
- I was just there!
- Come back, I mean it!
Blood? What happened?
What did you do?
- We've got to get out of here.
- Where's my mother?
- She's gone. She's gone.
- What?
- Tina. Tina! Don't go in there!
- Mother!
(Power tool being started)
(Motor kicks in)
Mom? Mom!
Mama! Mama...
Kate, is that you?
Kate? Kate!
(Tina sobs)
What the hell...?
My mom.
- He got my mom.
- Who?
I killed him. Jason's dead.
OK, OK, shh.
All right.
- You are nuts!
- Shut up.
I don't believe you.
You people give me the creeps.
- Where do you think you're going?
- Back to bed. You wanna come?
- Look, just stay here with us.
- It's not my style.
- Don't go out there!
- Fuck you. No, fuck you both!
(Tina screams)
Here. Here.
- (Door handle rattling)
- Shit!
Tina, help me!
Tina, what are you doing?
Come on.
Tina, come on! Go!
- Run!
- Run, Tina! Duck!
Are you OK?
Are you OK?
It's all gone.
Everything's gone.
Shh, shh, shh...
It's OK.
Let's get out of here.
No! Tina!
(Police radio, indistinct)
(Policeman) We got it under control
but we may need some backup.
(Fireman) We need about four guys
over here. That should do it.
Nick? Nick!
He's all right.
(Fireman) A little more hose, please.
(Fireman) I got it, I got it.
- Jason. Where's Jason?
- We took care of him.