Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter (1984) Movie Script

I don't want to scare anyone,
but I'm going to give it
to you straight about Jason.
His body was never recovered
from the lake after he drowned.
The old-timers
say he's still out there.
- Camp Crystal Lake is jinxed.
- It's got a death curse.
Some folks claim they've even
seen him, right in this area.
who is that?
Oh, hi! what are you doing
out in this mist?
The girl who survived that night at
Camp Blood that Friday the 13th...
...she claims she saw him.
The boy... is he dead, too?
we didn't find any boy.
Then he's still there.
She disappeared two months later.
Legend has it that Jason
saw his mother beheaded that night.
And he took his revenge.
A revenge he'll continue to seek if
anyone enters his wilderness again.
Jason was my son.
And today is his birthday.
That's a good boy.
- Good.
- Good Jason.
Jason's out there.
You can't be alive!
Got another coming in, Larry.
Get your ass there.
where are they?
where do you need it?
we've got ten in the barn.
what's wrong with 'em?
He's dead. Yeah, they're all dead.
You can pull it up over there.
All dead. Some emergency.
Put her over there.
This is the guy that's been leaving
the wet stuff?
This time
he got seven kids and three bikers.
This time they got him.
Belt him.
what's the matter with you?
He's dead.
OK, boys and girls, let's get going!
Dr. Wilby to OR2,
Here, sign it.
- This your last?
- No, got one more over there.
- Real cute girl.
- was.
She still is. All you gotta do
is go over there...
Nice talk. Real nice talk.
I get the top copy.
Take care, Axel.
- I'm free, doll.
- A bargain at twice the price.
- what's the matter?
- I have a headache, Axel.
- For you, I always have a headache.
- Oh, I can fix that.
Meet me in the cold room.
I'm closing up for the night.
what do you say? OK?
Axel, I am not going to fake
any more orgasms for you.
You got the curse?
If I do... you're it.
Oh, Axel.
God! Axel!
I'm so glad you could come.
You are the Super Bowl of self-abuse!
I just came to watch the news.
Another chapter in a story
most Crystal Lake residents
had prayed was over.
A trail of mangled bodies
has led authorities to conclude...
I really came to watch the news.
We're still awaiting positive
identification of the body.
But, yes, the man responsible
for the murders in Wessex County
this past week
is in the Wessex County
Medical Center morgue.
That's you
they're talking about, pal.
I don't believe you, Axel.
Then... shut... my... mouth.
Jesus Christmas!
Holy Jesus! Goddamn!
Holy Jesus jumping Christmas shit!
You wanna get that sucker
in the icebox!
I must be nuts! I really...
- Good night.
- where are you going?
I'll tell you where I'm going,
I'm going crazy!
Hi, girls. Thanks for waiting.
Oh, no!
Get lost, Axel, I'm busy.
I've had enough of you for one night.
Read my lips. Leave me alone!
- I talked to Dad.
- How is he?
He said he was lonely.
Asked me to come out and see him.
Did he tell you to take a number?
No, but he asked about you.
Did he? Actually, you really should
get out there and see him.
Yeah, I know.
I bet he could stand a visit.
- what do you think?
- I think you're getting horny.
Tommy, turn that down!
Mom, I got 98,000.
How many robots is that?
why don't you kill a few more
up in your room?
I can't.
I need a bypass patch cord.
Maybe you can get one in town.
Trish'll drive you.
Honey, get a haircut.
- That's a nice mask.
- Do I have to get a haircut?
You're getting terrific
at making those.
Thanks. I just customized it.
- where's Gordon?
- He went out.
Someone left the front door open.
we're in the country.
what happens if a psycho wanders in?
He'd probably challenge him
to a game of Zaxxon.
- Hear any more about next door?
- It's been rented by some kids.
- Great.
- How many?
- Six.
- It'll be nice to have some company.
Country Boy. Country boy.
Sitting in the grass.
Along came a prarie dog
and crawled right up his ask me no more questions.
You broke up with BJ Betty?
So to speak. would you lighten up
on her? She's alright.
Yeah, I'll say she's alright.
You should have treated her right.
I mean,
that girl wanted to be treated right.
I did. I treated her right.
I treated her right, that's what's
driving me so crazy.
First, she would take my calls,
but she would have something to do.
Then she wouldn't take my calls.
Can you figure that?
what the fuck happened?
Let me put it in the old computer.
- No, I'm serious about this.
- The computer don't lie.
Now, let's see.
It says...
It says you're a dead fuck.
what? A dead fuck?
A lousy lay. You know?
- A dead pecker.
- Don't hold back, Doc!
Give it to me straight.
I did not say it. The computer did.
- There is no computer!
- There's no Betty either.
Then, I'm a dead fuck.
Like I said, the computer don't lie.
God, I'm horny!
- where are we now?
- Lost.
we are lost.
Pretty creepy.
Alright, I think I got it.
Go straight ahead two miles
and hang a right.
- Paul, let's pick her up.
- Sammy, where are we gonna put her?
Honey, you got a sister?
Mom, I thought we were having pizza.
I thought so, too, but we've got
a refrigerator full of leftovers.
You're not smiling. Not in the mood
for my tuna salad?
- well...
- I'm not either.
I'm in the mood for a...
I feel like...
- No!
- A Jarvis hug!
- Somebody's at the door.
- No, you don't.
- No, Mom, I heard that, too.
- I'll go.
Gordon! where have you been?
Have you been sneaking around?
Do you have a girlfriend?
Tommy, close the door.
Listen, Gordon, we'll talk later.
- Hey Doug. Hit me with the beer.
- You got it.
- what did I tell you?
- what? You told me you were horny.
No, I've come to realize
a guy can have a good time
without having to have
girls all about.
That's a sin, you dead fuck.
I really don't want you
to call me that any more.
Hi. what a handsome mutt you are.
- His name's Gordon. I'm Trish.
- Hi, Trish.
I don't know how you do it.
I don't know how you don't.
I mean,
you do it with everybody.
I do not!
I do it with Paul.
- Really?
- Come on, Sara!
You know how guys are,
they lie about that all the time.
They say that about everybody.
They don't say anything about me.
I mean, I don't have...
- A reputation?
- I didn't say that.
Look, I got my reputation
in the sixth grade.
what does Paul think?
Paul thinks I'm great in bed,
so that's where I keep him.
what are the sleeping arrangements
here, anyway?
we have the bedroom down the hall.
You and Doug can sleep next door.
Yeah. It's OK, they're bunk beds.
Don't worry about it.
I'm gonna go to bed now, Mom.
Good night.
Don't forget, 6 A.M..
Once around the lake.
- Good night.
- Sleep well.
You, too.
when we get to town,
I should call Betty.
I think when we get to town,
I should call Betty.
Jimbo, calling Betty is definitely
a dead-fuck thing to do.
Look, first rule of love, never get
rejected by the same girl twice.
That's useless.
You wanna make a fool of yourself,
always do it with someone new.
I don't know anybody new.
well, sex is a great way to meet 'em.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
- Don't worry about it.
- Hi.
- You girls live around here?
- How far is it to Crystal Point?
- That's where we're going.
- Yeah. It's a long walk.
- we can take it.
- I'll go back to get the car.
- Sara, you want some company?
- This way?
I'll just meet you guys there.
- They're cute.
- Two of 'em. Count 'em, one, two.
- Yes, and two of us.
Come on in!
Oh... no.
we have no suits.
- Gordon, wait up!
- Gordon.
Gordon, wait up! wait a minute!
- Jimmie!
- Come on, Jimmie!
- Turn around.
- Can't I just...
- Turn around!
- Trish, come on in!
No, thanks. I think I'm overdressed.
- Hey, Trish!
- Bye-bye.
Party tonight!
Gordon, we're too young for this.
Some pack of patooties, huh?
Oh, no!
what next?
Can you fix it?
- I need a screwdriver.
- Maybe there's one in the trunk.
I need the keys.
Tommy, come on!
Come in, Sara,
let's see what you got.
- No.
- Come on, Sara. Strip and dip.
Sam, I said no.
I'm going to go under
and stay under until you do.
See you later.
God, Sam!
You bitch!
- You like that?
- You bitch!
Turn it on, Trish.
Turn it on!
Hi. Rob Dyer. Sorry about that.
- Hello.
- Hi. what's your problem?
- No problem.
- I mean, with the car.
Oh, the car. It won't start.
well, get in. Give it a crank.
I've tried everything.
It could be the solenoid.
If you had a screwdriver...
Give it a crank.
You need a lift?
I didn't think anyone
lived this deep in the woods.
we do.
what are you hunting for up here?
Bear. Anybody up at the lake today?
You can't be hunting for bear.
How about kids?
Kids, vacationers, people like that?
Yeah. A bunch of kids moved in
yesterday. Right next door to us.
- This is it.
- Thanks for the lift.
would you like to come in
for a minute?
I don't think I can.
You gotta come in. I got something
real neat to show you up in my room.
Hi, Mom!
Tommy, who's your friend?
Mom, this is Rob. Rob, my mother.
- Hello, Mrs...
- Jarvis.
I want to show you something.
would you care to dance?
- To this?
- It's good.
- How come you turned that off?
- Relax, Jimbo. You'll love this.
wanna give Teddy Bear a kiss?
I've got to get another drink.
- Excuse me.
- Hi. You like this stuff?
You like slow dancing?
I could learn to.
Kiss me, you fool.
Maybe we could dance to this one.
Let Teddy Bear show you
how it's done.
Stay near the trail around the lake.
Yeah, I will.
There's only three of you here?
My parents have separated.
Middle-aged crazies.
I kind of hope
they get back together.
Yeah, I hope so, too.
- Looks like another rainy one, huh?
- Yeah.
Listen, if it gets too bad out there,
or if you want to take a shower,
whatever, we're always home.
And if we're not,
Tommy usually leaves the door open.
- Good night.
- Take care.
How are you doing with yours?
Nowhere, huh?
You gotta warm her up.
watch me. Do what I do.
And, Jimbo,
don't be such a dead fuck.
I told you that I didn't like that.
Besides, you've got the hot one.
- Hiya.
- He thinks that's funny.
He thinks that's a funny thing
he's doing.
OK, ready, Tina? Alright, on three.
One! Two! Three!
And the winner is... Tina!
what do I win?
what do you want?
Jimbo, put on another record.
You don't mind, do you?
Actually, I was thinking about
taking a little swim.
It's getting
a bit close in here for me.
- Sam?
- Sara! Let's dance.
I don't wanna dance.
well, let's mind our own business.
Look, I'll talk to Paul.
- I want to talk to you a second.
- Man, I am going to kill him!
- I said I wanted to talk to you.
- Not now, dead fuck.
That's what I wanted
to talk to you about.
Do you believe this guy?
I mean, I had her. She was mine.
You know what I suggest you do,
I think you should run that
through your little computer.
I know you're out there, Paulie.
OK. Screw you, Paulie.
Come on, Paul.
I know you're out there.
Screw you, Paul.
Look, what's the matter?
I can't go through with this.
I'm sorry. I gotta go.
You wanna dance?
I thought you wanted
to be with Ted.
well, I did.
Now I want to be with you.
That makes me feel like a rat.
well, d'you wanna join them?
why don't we just go upstairs?
That's Teddy Bear.
want to give Teddy Bear a kiss?
This is a neat room.
This is... your room.
No, actually it's Paul's room.
You're neat.
- Oh, gosh!
- Sorry.
Hey, you guys! Look what I found.
what is that?
God, what a pig!
Tina? we gotta go.
You go.
Tina, I'm gonna leave without you.
Take an umbrella.
You slut!
I'm going upstairs.
Are you tired?
Do you mind sleeping in
the bottom bunk tonight?
why? You want to sleep on the top?
Give me a few minutes.
Good night, Teddy Bear.
Good night.
Tommy? I'm going to towel off
and then I'm going to strangle you.
Tommy? Trish?
Anybody home?
where's Tommy?
where's Trish?
As a matter of fact,
where the hell are you?
watch it!
Can we slow down a little?
The party's going to go on all night.
I think I'm gonna lose my lollipop.
Mom, we're home.
- where is she?
- I don't know.
- She's not here.
- Maybe she's still jogging.
She's never gone this long.
And in the rain?
I'm going out on the path.
- Me, too.
- Stay here in case she comes back.
- I'll go!
- Stay here and fix the lights.
- what the hell are you doing here?
- Are you trying to kill me?
Never mind.
Tell me.
Did I... was...
was I?
was I a dead fuck?
- what?
- A dead fuck.
You know what I think?
You know what I really think?
I think you were incredible.
- I want to do it again.
- Yeah.
Don't you move. I'll be right back.
Check it out.
Run this through your computer,
Teddy Bear.
Hey, congratulations, Jimbo.
where's that bottle of wine?
why don't we celebrate?
I think, maybe, I drank it.
I was great!
I was great.
Love, Teddy Bear!
Hey, Ted, where is?
where is that corkscrew?
That fancy corkscrew
for the wine bottle?
Ted! where the hell is the corkscrew?
My sister Sandra
was a really great kid.
But the man that killed her is dead.
No, he's alive.
Jason as a child.
Artist's conception of Jason as
described by a would-be victim.
And then, the murders.
But he's dead.
Jason's body
has disappeared from the morgue.
- It was stolen.
- It was not stolen.
Two people at the hospital
are missing. This is coincidence?
He's alive.
Oh, my God. Tommy's at the house.
Ooh, man.
So, you wanna give
the old teddy bear a kiss?
Sara, I think I'm in heaven.
I think I'm in love.
I'll meet you in the bottom bunk.
Sara? Change your mind?
Get in here. There's plenty of room.
we can sing a duet.
who is it? Paulie?
Paulie, is that you?
Hey, Paulie? whoops,
dropped my bar of soap, old buddy.
Lucky you ain't in here with me,
old pal.
I came to hear you sing.
So sing.
Tommy. Thank God you're OK.
- Tommy.
- what happened?
- Is Mom back?
- No, not yet.
I'm gonna call for help.
Rob, what's going on?
- I'm not getting anything.
- I'll go next door.
- I'm going with you.
- No.
- Tommy, stay here and lock the door.
- Hold the fort.
- He's been here.
- what if he still is here?
Take this. Take it!
I'm going downstairs.
Stay with Gordon.
- No.
- Stay here with Gordon!
Rob, he's here!
- He's here. He's killed all of them.
- OK, come on.
Shit. Give me a hand.
- Gotta get the knife.
- No!
Oh, God, he's killing me!
Run, Trish!
Trish, run!
- Are the doors locked?
- Yes.
Get me a hammer and nails.
- Is he here?
- Yes.
Tommy, hurry!
Help me!
Help me! Let me go!
Put me down!
Tommy, help me push this.
where is he?
what's he doing?
Listen, Tommy, I'm going to get him
out of the house.
when I do, you run like hell,
you hear?
Run like hell, OK?
Oh, my God!
Tommy! No!
Tommy, you were supposed to leave!
Tommy, get the hell outta here!
You son of a bitch.
I'll give you something
to remember us by.
Remember me, Jason?
Don't you remember?
Remember, Jason?
Jason, remember?
The shoulder will need
some surgery.
But we can wait
till she's a better candidate.
You just get a good rest, young lady.
You haven't answered my question.
Neither one of you
is answering my question.
Often during extreme duress, people are
capable of extraordinary behavior.
That's what happened when Tommy
violently attacked the killer.
It was perfectly normal
for him to act to protect himself.
He's going to be just fine.
But right now, what you need is rest.
Can I see my brother now?
Sure, but only for a minute.
I'll send him in.