Fridge (1995) Movie Script

Let's do it again!
- Hey, you!
- What?
You don't come from round here, do you?
Fuck off.
All right, Charlie?
Hey, you!
Away back to your fucking hostel,
you jakey [tramp] bastard, you!
You're going to get my toe
up your fanny, son.
Come on then, fucking try it,
you prick!
You'd just better watch yourself, cunt,
or you're going to end up like the
fireman down there. Know what I mean?
What are you staring at?
?? limp dick! Come on then! Try it!
I want you to!
If anyone wants to handle them, we have
the key and we allow them to handle them.
- These are the actual stones, they're not
replicas? - No, these are...
Wee Jonah's in here.
- What?
- Wee Jonah's in here.
He's greeting [crying].
- They've locked a boy in there.
- What?
There's a boy locked in there.
Right, come on, let him out.
Hey you two, fucking let him
out of there.
No! You fucking let him out!
We don't come from here, remember?
That's an evil wee bastard, that.
You'd better let him out.
Fucking leave him. Serves him right
for hanging about with those wee pricks.
- Let him out, he'll suffocate.
- You let him out.
- You're a miserable bastard, y'know that?
- What, I'm a miserable bastard?
Who's the one who's been
greeting all day, eh?
You know fucking why.
Aye, I know.
Do you still love me, eh?
Aye, you're a romantic girl, Alice.
I'll give you that though.
All right, sir?
It's the fire brigade.
Stand well back from the door,
because we're coming in.
Slight technical hitch here sir,
be with you in a minute.
Alice, get over here.
Get up off your arse and get over here!
Put your fingers under there.
When I say "pull", try and
pull it open, all right?
You ready? Right, pull.
Try again. Pull!
Fucking hell! It's jammed solid.
Oh my god!
It's all right.
Wee man, can you hear me?
- What's he saying?
- Nothing.
- Dear god, he's dead!
- He's not dead!
Well how come you can't
hear anything then?
I can hear him greeting,
so he's not dead, all right?
Poor wee darling!
Get him out of there, Rudy,
get him fucking out of there!
What the fuck do you think
I'm trying to do?
Wee man, we're going to have to
phone the fire brigade.
Just just keep calm, all right?
Can you hear me?
You get him to calm down, I'll get
somebody to phone the fire brigade.
It's all right, son.
I know how you feel.
I suffer really bad from claustrophobia.
Lifts, trains...
buses, even shops.
I hate them.
I hate being shut in.
You just sit back and relax, all right?
All right?
They lock their doors but they don't
clean their middens. Manky bastards!
Excuse me! Excuse me, pal!
Can you phone the fire brigade?
There's a boy trapped in there!
Excuse me!
That nearly took my fucking head off!
Rudy, get over here, quick!
See if that had touched me,
I'd have got it put down!
- He says he can't breathe!
- It's all right, it's all right.
It's not fucking all right!
He can't breathe!
Get over there and pull. Pull!
Oh, would somebody help us, please!
- What are you doing?
- I'm trying to get him some air.
- I saw it in a film.
- What film?
I don't know what fucking film.
Fuck sake. What film?
Wee man, get your face up close to it.
Breathe! Get the air. Do you hear me?
- Do you think he's all right?
- I don't know.
Are you all right, son?
He blew in my ear!
He blew in my ear.
- Tell him he's to suck, not blow.
- You're a crude bastard.
I need a drink.
What about the fire brigade?
Did you finish this, bitch?
What have I told you about doing that?
What have I told you?
You fucking whore!
- Don't call me a fucking whore.
- I'll call you anything I want.
I ought to smash this off your jaw,
you greedy cow!
Have you any money? Have you any money?
Have you fuck!
So, fucking prick here's got to
go and mooch money for fucking drink!
- Well, that'll make a fucking change.
- Don't you start that again.
Well it wasn't you who had some creep
stick a bottle up your arse
for a fucking tenner!
I didn't know he was going to hurt you.
I didn't know!
I said I was sorry, all right?
- Where are you going?
- To get some drink!
- What about the fire brigade?
- I'll phone them when I get the drink.
You're all right, son.
I won't give up on you.
I'm not moving till
we've got you out of there.
Are you up and about, then?
What are you doing?
No! You'll kill him! No!
He never did you any harm!
Give that to me.
You fucking give that to me
or I'll kill you, bastard!
Fucking... cunt!
It's me!
Rudy, Rudy...
Are you all right?
Rudy, get the boy out of there.
- Please! Just get him out of there!
- Aye, we'll get him out.
When I say "push", we push, OK?
Oh, look who it is!
You'd better get to fuck, wee man.
Because if we find a corpse in here,
you're going to end up on a murder charge.
What are you talking about?
Your wee pal. He's here where you
and your girlfriend left him.
- Wee Jonah's still in there?
- Aye, he's still in there.
- Fucking hell, we were just carrying on!
- Well this is serious.
You'd better pick up one of these
and give us a hand.
Lighter fuel?
- Where's your Zippo?
- What?
- Was this for me? Was this for me?
- What?
Were you going to torch me?
What the fuck is it with you?
- Rudy!
- Maybe Charlie was right.
Maybe we should kill these cunts
before they kill us!
Rudy, please!
I hope he's dead,
and they lock you up
like the animal you fucking are!
When I say "push", we all push down, OK?
Push! Push!
Oh Jesus, no!
He's dead!
Better get him up the road.
Aye, all right.
We had a report about a boy stuck in a
fridge. Do you know anything about it?
No, don't know anything about it.
Is she all right?
She's all right.
I see you.
Don't think I don't.
Go on, have a last look
before you go to bed with your cocoa
or whatever the fuck it is
you cunts drink.
I hope your milk's turned.
I hope you drink it and fucking puke.
Rudy, my face hurts.
Do you want me to take you
up to the hospital?
Fuck up and go to sleep.