Friend Request (2016) Movie Script

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Everyone please.
It's my unfortunate responsibility
to share with you some terrible news.
It seems that over the weekend
your fellow student, Marina Mills,
committed suicide.
Is it true that she filmed it on her web-cam?
One of your classmates died,
and all you care about is whether you can see it?
There was a video uploaded to the university
website this morning.
Some of you were crafty enough
to grab it before we could take it down.
I urge you not to watch it.
Anyone caught sharing it
will be suspended - period.
No discussion.
Are any of you friends with Marina?
Or have any info that could shed light
on this tragedy,
If so, see me after class.
Liv, this video is so cute!
- So not scary.
- Right.
That was so good.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey. - Hello...
Someone didn't come home last night!
Yeah, again.
- So are you like monogamous now?
- Liv, it's not a dirty word. Jesus!
I know, I'm just jealous...
for being dumped.
You were not dumped.
You knew him for one day.
It was an amazing day!
So you're in a relationship?
Here we go...
No, it's super cool. Really.
I just...
love all these precious updates
about you and Dr. Surfboard.
- Good for you.
- Oh shut up!
Another argument why internet addiction disorder
doesn't belong in the DSM
is that it's frequently
symptomatic of other disorders:
depression, anxiety, trauma.
Often it's an escape from things
we don't want to deal with.
From our everyday lives
to things far, far worse.
But the most common disorder might just be
that we have too much time on our hands.
Play it cool.
Wait a few days.
He already knows I'm not cool.
I think we might have an excellent
example of internet addiction disorder
right here in class.
Besides from Miss Woodson and Miss Matheson...
Does anyone else here experience symptoms?
- I love it!
- I like that.
- And this is good.
- I really like that filter.
I can show you how to do it.
- Look at Kobe.
- Jesus. When's he going to get over you?
- He's such a creeper.
- He is not a creeper!
- Who is that?
- That girl in my class.
Zero friends sounds like super-weird.
Maybe she just started her profile or something.
Is she like 12 years old?
She's really talented.
I like it.
- You like it when she rips her hair out during class?
- Come on.
I literally saw her pull an eyelash out today.
It's a condition called trichotillomania.
You would know about it if you
cracked open a textbook once in a while.
- Owned!
- Oh well, whatever...
- I'm actually changing majors next year.
- And the year after that?
- Ow! Two-fer!
- Whatever!
What are you cooking? Seafood curry?
My dad was a psychiatrist,
so I guess I want to follow in his footsteps.
That's nice.
Are you doing it for credit,
or do you really just want to do it?
I'm not sure.
I just transferred.
- I don't know anyone yet.
- Well, now you know me.
Are you in the dorms?
My friends and I just got an apartment.
It's amazing...
But we're definitely not getting any work done.
- Too many friends.
- Exactly.
I'll see you around campus.
Bye Laura.
- I thought med students had homework.
- You're one to talk.
Well I'm studying - Internet Addiction Disorder.
- And you're your own case study.
- Exactly.
What's the deal with this girl?
I don't know. I think she's lonely.
Is she your friend
or your first mental patient?
She'll be my second mental patient.
She's going through every post
I've ever made in my life.
Wow! She's crazy.
- Look what she just sent me.
- I want to see.
It looks like you guys are going
to live happily ever after together.
Oh my God!
- Who is this person?
- I don't know.
Scroll down. I want to see her time-line.
No wonder this girl's giving you nightmares!
Close this.
Oh my God.
Laura, this girl isn't right.
Why are you hanging out with her?
I was just trying to be nice.
I can't believe you invited her to your birthday!
No, I did not invite her. She invited herself.
- What was I supposed to say?
- How about something like "Fuck no!"
Yeah, that sounds about right to me.
- Well you can't say that to someone.
- Yes you can.
It goes like this:
- Hey Laura, can I come to your birthday?
- Fuck no!
There you go.
Laura, finally! Happy Birthday.
You look so pretty!
Thanks, Marina.
- Did you get my messages?
- Yes, how could I miss them?
Are you mad at me? Did I do something wrong?
No, I'm not mad at you, I'm just...
I'll see you in class tomorrow, OK?
But what about tonight?
Aren't you celebrating with your friends?
Uh... It's just Tyler and I tonight.
We're going out to dinner. So...
It's just the two of us.
But you barely know her.
It's just tonight it's you and your friends.
I know, I just feel icky lying about it.
Well, you don't look very icky to me.
Go on.
- Laura! Hooray!
- Hi! Happy Birthday!
- Hi, Mom!
- Happy Birthday!
- Very nice.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Happy Birthday!
- Thank you.
I've been trying to get your mom
as drunk as possible.
And so you, beautiful guy,
you need to get drunk with me
so we know your secrets.
And the last reason - no matter what
you'll always find a way
to make me feel better.
Wait, wait, wait.
To my little green bean
who makes me so proud every day.
And who made your father so proud
every single second.
Oh, Mom.
- Get in. I'm coming in this little love boat.
- No, please.
I'm going. I'm going.
This is to us... a wonderful evening.
To the future... to success.
And you shut up, you drunk floozy.
And this is also just to you. Happy Birthday!
- Cheers!
- Thank you,
- Hi, Laura. How are you doing?
- Hey! How are you?
- Good.
- That's good.
I thought we were friends.
Marina, what are you talking about?
I saw you with everyone. Your birthday dinner.
I saw it.
Marina, I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
Can we talk about this later?
I had a present for you,
I worked on it for two weeks.
Two weeks?
You've barley known me for two weeks.
You're a fucking liar just like everyone else!
Why did you accept my friend request?
You didn't have to do that!
- Get the fuck off me!
- Do you have any idea what it's like to be alone?
- Do not leave me alone!
- Get off me you bitch!
Laura, you didn't do anything wrong.
That chick is just damaged.
You weren't there, Tyler.
It's not your fault.
Baby, I'm really sorry. I've got to get
back to cutting up dead people.
She's trying to face chat me.
What do I do?
Don't take the call.
Fine, alright. I'll talk to you later.
Okay. Bye.
Are you okay?
Go to bed.
Please. Everyone, please.
It's my unfortunate responsibility to share
with you some terrible news.
It seems that over the weekend your fellow
student, Marina Mills, committed suicide.
How'd it go?
I just told them she was stalking me
and totally crazy.
Hey, don't beat yourself up about it.
That girl was totally nuts.
- She needed help though.
- Yeah, like serious help.
Not from a sophomore in psych 201.
Look on the bright side. Might be able
to get out of class for the funeral.
No, there's not going to be a funeral,
there's no body.
What do you mean?
Uh... The cops were at my dorm this morning.
And they don't know where she did it.
But it wasn't there.
She hasn't swiped her key card
since last weekend.
But what freaks me out is...
they don't even know who this girl was.
Her contact info, her social security it's all
been deleted from the school database.
They don't even think that Marina Mills
was her real name.
Are you serious?
- That's really weird.
- I can't eat my cheeseburger now.
- Oh my God!
- What's going on?
Why are you watching this?
- Who sent this crap?
- She did.
- She's dead!
- I know!
Again you have 60 minutes.
This is an actual case study.
A challenging one.
Oh my God.
Is that the video?
I thought you said it was in your messages.
You posted it?
No, no. Someone did. I didn't.
And they tagged all my friends.
Laptops away Miss Woodson.
Why would they think I did that.
I would never do that.
- Did you try changing your password?
- Yes, yes, I tried everything.
She's even back in my friends list.
Unfriend that dead bitch!
I can't!
So according to you Miss Woodson,
the video just magically
appeared on your time-line this morning.
Do I have that right?
Why would I do this?
There must be some reason why this girl
burned that picture of you.
Look, Laura. We know that you're a great student,
But multiple students reported you
harassing Marina.
No, she was the one harassing me.
She was obsessed with me.
Laura, no one's saying it's your fault
that Marina took her life.
We're looking into everything. But in
the meantime, if you can't delete that video...
You're going to have to delete your profile.
Hey, one more thing. Any idea where
this girl might have torched herself?
No, you're not listening to me!
I can't delete this video!
I can't even delete my account!
Like I said, this isn't a call center.
OK, but what about the dead girl
I can't unfriend.
Can you do something about that?
- I'm not seeing that account.
- What? I just saw it!
- Is there anyone else I can speak to?
- They'll just tell you the same thing.
What's next?
Kobe, I know you're in there.
I can hear your stupid game.
That was a nice video you posted.
Well that's what I'm here about.
You're her only friend. How special is that?
Shut up,
Christ, someone's still uploading things..
That's intense!
I fucking love it!
Oh, alright. Let's take a little peek
behind the curtain.
- What?
- You have no idea how crazy that is, do you?
Look at that. That is what code
normally looks like.
Not this.
I can't even copy this.
This isn't code.
Well... what is it?
I don't know.
Wait. Can you go back?
Stop looking at that girl's profile.
Stop thinking about her.
She killed herself. End of story.
She burned and hung herself
in front of her laptop.
Who does that?
Is this going to be a thing now?
You and Kobe hanging out in his dorm?
- Is that really what you're thinking about right now?
- Yeah.
I'm thinking about us. What's wrong with that?
- He's just a friend. You know that.
- Does he?
It's called cyber-stalking for a reason.
They can't bother you if you're not online.
Yeah, get me some of those chocolate
macadamia crisp things.
No, they're not chocolate potato chips,
they're like... cookies.
or like crackers. Just ask the guy there.
I go there all the time.
The white chubby kid who loves chocolate.
You're not chubby, You're being fussy.
My God!
I'm not being fussy. I'm on my period
and chocolate makes me feel better.
Guys, this isn't funny.
Kobes, come on man!
What the hell?
Okay, so... she's barely talking right now.
We're gonna keep her overnight. Maybe longer.
You can see her if you want.
... I didn't know Gustavo that well.
Was he on something?
I saw the medical report. It was insane.
Please, just leave.
This is all her fault.
She's not herself, Laura.
No, Gus wasn't himself.
He was having nightmares.
So am I.
You're scaring us Is.
What are you talking about?
Laura knows!
She knows.
It doesn't feel real.
Promise me you won't look at
that girl's profile today.
You're driving yourself crazy.
Delete your account!
You want Isabelle to see that?
- Liv you know I can't!
- I don't care how.
Just do it.
Even if it's not you behind these posts, I'm
getting a lot of pressure from the students.
As long as the posts are up
I have no choice...
but to suspend you for the rest of
the semester.
Mom, you don't always have to call me
on FaceTime, you know.
- Why didn't you call me?
- I'm sorry, I didn't want you to worry.
I'm coming to pick you up.
I want you home.
No, look. I'll call you later, I promise.
Look there.
- What the hell...
- She friended him right before he died.
And there's something else.
- Jesus, Kobe, I don't want...
- I don't want you to watch. I want you to listen.
What is that?
I don't know. I think it's wasps.
She's got black wasps all over her profile.
I did some research, and...
some people associated them with evil.
They said they appeared wherever
witches lived.
They like follow them around and protect them.
Who is this girl?
Do you think you can get us into her room?
Come on.
Not much into fashion, was she.
- Do you even know what you're looking for?
- You know, just anything.
Hey, hey. Look at this.
- That's her.
- And who are these two?
Can you find out what school this is?
If it's ever been online, yeah.
Are you the young lady who called?
Marina's friend?
How close did you say you were again?
I was just getting to know her when she...
- I didn't even know her real name.
- Nedifar.
Marina Nedifar.
Do you know what happened to
her parents?
I wouldn't know anything about that.
She came to us as a ward of the state.
Poor girl, she had such a rough go
of things here.
She was always very sensitive,
always alone.
Fleeing into her little fantasy worlds.
And she found some dark corners online.
Things no child should see.
she would just stare at the computer
for hours.
Nothing on the screen at all.
Just her own reflection in the darkness.
The kids became terrified of her.
They said she gave them nightmares.
The two boys in the photo. They were
found dead near Saddle Mills...
with their faces mutilated.
They were swarmed by black wasps.
Tyler, I know you could get in trouble for
this, but please, can you...
can you access your records somehow?
Like a family contact or last address. Anything.
- We don't even know her last name.
- Nedifar.
Marina Nedifar.
Is anybody here?
This isn't real. This isn't real.
This isn't real.
It's not real. No! This isn't happening!
This isn't real.
Miss Woodson?
She rips out her own hair before she
slits her throat.
Now I've been on this job for 25 years,
and that's a first for me.
Is there some shitty new drug we
don't know about?
They never took anything.
What I want to know is where you got
the elevator footage that you posted.
For the last time, I'm not posting any of this.
Well the good news for you is we can't link
your IP-address to any of these videos.
We can't find any address at all,
which doesn't make any sense.
Unless you're familiar with our IT department.
It all has to do with this girl.
You really know a lot of dead people,
Miss Woodson.
I don't think this was a suicide, Laura.
I think it was a ritual.
Um... that... what you're looking at here,
these are black mirrors.
They've been used in the occult for
thousands of years.
And they say if you stare into it,
you can communicate with some other
side. It's called scrying.
But sometimes, these witches,
if they were being hunted, if they didn't
have any other way out...
they would hang and burn themselves in
front of a black mirror,
and become something else.
Call it whatever you want, an evil spirit...
um... a demon.
The point is how they got revenge on people
by possessing them and haunting them
and killing them.
How'd they ever stop it?
It says they had to find the original mirror,
the one they burned themselves in front of
and destroy it.
You mean...
her laptop.
It's her black mirror.
We need to find out where she killed herself.
There has to be something here.
Something that can help us.
I think I'm going home.
I can't handle this.
I'm so sorry for everything.
- Please don't go.
- Sorry.
I can't.
- Paying your respects?
- Disgusting.
You're late.
Why is everyone talking about you.
What have you done to this girl?
I haven't done anything to her. She just...
attached herself to me.
Now everyone thinks that...
Please, baby I want you home.
You're coming home with me.
I can't, I can't! I have to stay and
figure it out.
Figure what out?
...suffered serious injuries. Police have
a suspect in custody. But are not releasing
any information until they complete
their investigation.
Moore's Grove. It's a deserted farm town
about two hours away.
There was a fire there about 20 years
ago at some weird commune.
Marina's mother, Ada Nedifar lived there until
somebody burned the whole place down.
They kept some husk of her body alive...
until Marina was delivered.
She was alone in the womb for months.
Jesus, she was always alone.
Do you think this is where she went
to kill herself?
It's the only lead we have.
What's going on with her profile?
What's that on there?
Leave me a thing.
Something's wrong. Something's wrong.
Stop right here!
Oh my God!
- Olivia...
- Help...
Get out! Get out! Help her!
- Help her!
- Help...
She's stable. She might actually make
it through this.
Even if she does...
Marina's never gonna stop.
Just stay here.
Stay with Liv. Please.
Don't let her be alone.
Where are you going?
Whoa! Someone had a rough day.
What happens if there's still people living
there? What is this place now?
I don't know.
No matter what, I'm finding that laptop
and I'm gonna fucking smash it!
- Kobe?
- Yes?
- Thanks for coming with me.
- Who says I'm doing it for you?
Where the hell are you? The cops are
asking me a million questions.
I... I'm going to Moore's Grove. I'm sorry.
Don't go there alone!
I... I'm not alone. I'm with Kobe.
I'm coming to meet you.
So? Where is she?
I don't know, man. Bad reception.
Alright. Keep trying.
- Charming.
- Yeah.
Shit, there's no service.
What are you so fucking nervous about?
You're going to be fine.
- What are you talking about?
- Well she wants to make you lonely.
If that's true, you're the only
one that's safe.
Hi, sweetheart.
No, no Chinese noodles.
No, no, no. I said NO Chinese.
No Chinese. I said...
No, I mean... Sure, we could have
From the one down the...
Wait, I'll call you back.
Don't shoot. I don't want to die.
Please please...
- Kobe.
- What?
She's not here.
Did you check the basement?
What basement?
What's wrong?
I'm sorry.
She can't make you lonely if
you're dead.
Hey, it's Laura. Leave a message.
What do you mean you don't know where
she is? What happened back there?
Hey dumbfuck I'm talking to you!
What happened?
Listen to me. If you touch her, I'll fucking
kill you. Now where the hell is she?
She's absolutely fine!
We are completely fucked!
She's just peachy.
- Tyler...
- Thank God!
I thought something happened to you.
I just texted you an address.
Laura? I... I can't hear you.
You're breaking up.
Are you sure you don't want me to
take you to a hospital?
Take me to the factory.
- I still think we can beat this.
- Shut up, man.
You have no idea what we're dealing with.
- I do. I saw where we're headed.
- Shut up, Kobe!
- I saw it.
- Shut up!
Are you telling me you're willing to
die for her?
Because we've all been dying for her!
Stay in the car.
Laura, where have you been?
I can't reach you.
Mom, are you okay?
I'm seeing things, Laura.
I keep seeing that girl.
I'm sorry... it's my fault.
What's happening to us?
Listen to me. I'm not going to let
anything happen to you.
I'm going to sort this out, somehow.
I'm going to stop it, somehow.
- Mom! Mom!
- I'll protect you.
I was so worried about you.
Laura, hey.
Laura, look at me.
- My mom, she's...
- Jesus, what happened to you?
What do you want from me?
What else do you want from me?
I just want to be friends, Laura.
Best friends.
Come to me.
Come to me.
Come to me.