Friend Zone (2019) Movie Script

- Drafeir -
Dad, are you driving to Chonburi?
Straight there.
Buy me some crab too.
Give me the money.
Fast and wait to eat tomorrow.
When I'm back,
we'll feast.
Thank you, dearly daughter.
Good morning.
So damn nervous!
Will anyone see us?
Don't worry.
I've been parking here.
I haven't seen anyone pass by.
You scared me!
What the heck?
There might be cameras.
He's here. Go.
Can't you tail him closer?
Your dad won't disappear.
Chonburi is straight ahead.
Sit back. You're blocking my view.
If I catch him, what should I say?
Don't go telling people off just yet.
It might be about work for real.
You know he has a family, but still mess with him.
Or should
I tell her off coldly.
Let's go ask him.
Hold it, Palm.
Hold on, I was joking!
Dad, Gink has a question for you!
Damn you!
Daddy! / Palm!
Gink's got a question.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Iron dick.
Why is he turning left?
Follow him!
Is he flying to Chonburi?
How do we know where he's flying to?
I've checked the flight schedule.
Morning flights
are only to Chiangmai.
His factory doesn't have a branch there.
He might have some business there.
Let it go.
Lend me some money.
I'll pay you later.
Is it too much?
Taking first class?
It includes yours too.
I'm going in.
Not yet!
Calm down.
He's probably talking business.
Who knows who's in there.
Let's go downstairs.
Gink. Don't climb out.
It's too high.
I can't hear a thing.
The wall's too thick.
They say you can hear better at the outlet.
Do you hear anything?
It's really thick.
Let's go.
We'll be in trouble if someone comes in.
Let me listen.
I said there's nothing. Why do you insist?
If there's nothing, then move.
Is it really that bad?
Let's go.
Where are you going?
Ladies and gentlemen
we're descending into Suvarnabhumi Airport.
I think I'll tell my mum.
And they'll probably divorce.
When my parents divorced...
I cried for a week.
But believe me.
It'll get better.
It might even be better than being together.
You know
my dad's really busy with work.
But he still finds time to send me every morning.
Because he doesn't want Mum to get tired.
I've always thought he loves me and Mum so much.
Now, I'm not sure if he really loves us.
I don't know who loves you or not.
But I love you, Gink.
It's okay.
Be with me for now.
Can I ask you something?
I won't ask again.
When you said you love me
what kind of love?
Answer first.
I really love you, Gink.
You're my only friend who I can truly talk to.
Being friends means...
Not worrying about each other.
Not being possessive.
Not fighting.
Not indulging every whim.
The best part is...
friends don't break up.
Don't cheer me up with quotes from Facebook.
Let me gather my thoughts.
Excuse me, please sit down.
Watch out!
I'm sorry.
Good job! Try again.
Good job! Try again.
Why are you copying me?
Why are you copying me?
Sally sold seashells at the seashore.
Sally sold seashells at the seashore.
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck.
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck.
Who can repeat that?
Damn you.
So mean.
You're the mean one.
Stopped talking to me and have Piyachart sit next to me.
His feet stink.
I don't get what he says.
Miss your nagging.
I'll move back tomorrow.
Wait. What are you going to use me for?
I'm seeing Luis.
What did he do to get you to give in?
Got a boy, now keeping secrets from your friend.
Being friends is good enough, huh?
All right.
I gotta go.
Yeah. Bye.
Let's go.
New chords.
"Being friends is good enough."
When I heard this sentence
I don't know why it burns.
That was a tell-tale sign
that I was jealous.
But I was the one who told her to be friends.
Which one?
Over there.
The one singing on stage.
So what?
Overall she's so charming
Don't be shy. It's the truth
She's really charming.
Can you get any cuter? I want to be next to you
I understand you.
Mine is also here.
And she's dancing with her boyfriend right now.
We've been best friends for ages.
she's clueless.
Like the movie Dear Dakanda?
Not really!
The main guy
When Dakanda turns him down
he mans up
goes to the beach
and gets a new girlfriend.
But I don't have the balls!
When I was turned down,
I didn't even dare to leave.
I understand.
Thank you.
Mine's also the same.
She can't forget her ex.
And said to wait as her friend.
Just like a dog
who can love only one owner.
It's all right, bro.
I understand.
Thanks a lot.
My friend
is not ready for a relationship.
And wants to graduate first.
Graduated yet?
Just applied for a second masters.
And plans to do a PhD too.
I've found my buddies!
We've fallen hard for them.
But they just want to be friends.
And we give in!
To the friend zone!
1 year.
3 years.
5 years.
10 years!
Wait a sec.
A decade?
You've been waiting for 10 years?
It's not really waiting.
I'm sorry.
Sorry for what?
Never mind.
Let's just say, I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
If you're gonna disappear like this,
then just get lost!
Hold on, Pang.
Is this how you talk with your classmate?
Just go be with her!
Let's finally be over and done with.
I'm gonna tell you something.
Someone like you
will never find true love.
Damn it!
Doesn't all those years mean anything?
Of course.
What then?
Good memories at Savanna Park.
Our picture was here.
And they did it right here!
This isn't my blankie.
Are you really my friend?
I'm not sleeping with you.
How am I supposed to know?
Go sit down.
I'll clear it myself.
And Gink will get through it
She'll have a change of heart
And Luis will fade away
Even if that table's still there
even if it hasn't gone anywhere
I'll throw it out for you
Thank you.
Gink, you know.
Men are nice to us in the beginning.
Being by our side. Taking care of us.
But in the end, they will be unfaithful.
You can't trust men!
Trust me.
I've seen a lot.
I've been through it all.
Don't bother with love.
My friend is just your manager.
Does she have to join your spinster club too?
Damn you, Palm.
You're the one who sang
"Loneliness are opposite poles
Young people should find love", right?
I didn't sing that line.
I was just the chorus then.
Gink, turn the song on.
I'm ready.
I'm feeling it.
I agree with you.
I don't want to be in love again.
Are you really done with love?
I was just trying to side with Parn.
Actually, I still believe there is a good guy out there for me.
Sneaky bastard.
She's flirting like that
it's time to seal the deal.
She didn't mean me.
Cool, huh?
Too cool.
Let me have my moment!
I've moved in with him.
Coz youre his manager,
and it'll make the commute easier, right?
No. I wanna hook-up whenever, okay?
Good. Don't bring too much stuff.
No, I'm not going to sing.
I don't know any of your friends here.
Just one duet.
No. Take Palm, then.
Isn't the host his friend?
But this is your fav song.
Which one?
Come on.
Just go.
I'll film you.
You just wanna film the singer.
She's my friend. Want her number?
Don't give it to him.
He's got too many he can't remember their names.
But I can remember their faces.
My idol.
Oops. / Take that.
Don't copy him. Okay?
I know.
Roger that, Goong-Gink.
I won't.
Goong-Gink, just one duet.
My friend's waiting.
Stop it with the Goong-Gink!
Fill it up.
I'll be back.
Just one duet.
I'll fill it to the rim.
Refill again?
It's the 2nd time I've seen you here.
Are these two mugs for you?
The other one is my friend's.
Same here.
Wonder why they don't do it themselves?
That's a good question.
My friend is dancing with her boyfriend.
You're a good friend.
Maybe too good?
Being nice is painful.
You're really hurt. Look at your face.
Don't tell me
you're also a good friend.
We've got much to talk about.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
For a friend?
They're both mine.
Such a heavy drinker.
I suppose.
I was first.
If you don't love me, then don't be nice to me
If you don't love me, then don't care for me
If there isn't any love, then don't do anything
Because my heart is weak
If you don't love me, then don't call to check up on me
Because the sound of your voice is painful
Can you please stop?
If there isn't any love just let me go
Can you please stop?
If there isn't any love just let me go
Stay still.
Don't move yet.
Are you hurt?
Does it hurt a lot?
I'm okay.
You'll be dancing again in no time.
Only one person is allowed.
Go enjoy your beer.
Don't worry about me.
I'll keep you posted.
I know there's a thin line between friend and boyfriend.
It's very uncomfortable
having to be in this friend zone.
It's like we're close
but the reality is
freakin' far.
I understand you.
They talk with us on the phone for hours.
But talk about other guys.
Say they feel comfortable with us.
But when they go on trips
they go with their boyfriends.
Tell us they love us every day.
Say they miss us every night.
But they never choose us!
The friend zone's just another kind of jail!
How can you tolerate it for 10 years?
Right. I couldn't!
I've crossed the damn line!
Cross the damn line!
We dont wanna be just friends.
We wanna be hubbies!
Wait, hold on.
You've already crossed the line?
Love never changes
When opportunity knocks
you have to take the risk.
Are you making it up?
It's up to you if you don't.
What did you wish for? I heard my name.
What did you wish for?
Just a sec.
Hello, clutz.
Have you taken off your cast?
I've been puking.
And my period hasn't come.
I might be pregnant.
Where are you?
I'm in Malaysia.
Oops, sorry.
What are you doing there?
Where are you?
Where's Ted?
I came alone.
Can you come see me?
I'm not just down the road.
I don't know what to do next.
Calm down.
I'll call you back.
Palm, now can you tell me?
What did you wish for?
I wish to leave.
Thank you, sir.
It's raining. / It's okay.
Malay' Malay'
Malay' Malay'
Malay' Malay'
I want to see you
Malay' Malay'
Malay' Malay'
Malay' Malay'
Bought a flight
to Kuala Lumpur
You really came!
Just a food baby, you're not preggo.
What damn food baby?
I can't eat anything.
I bought a pregnancy test.
But I'm scared to test.
I've been waiting for you.
Where is it?
Where did it go?
Get it together.
It's in your hand.
gonna do it now.
Have you told Ted yet?
I've only told you.
I can't pee.
Try to squeeze it out.
Man, it won't come out.
I'll help you.
Why are you holding it in?
I'm not. I'm squeezing!
What does it mean?
Not pregnant!
Told ya, food baby.
Why did you puke?
I must
be stressed out.
Did you fight with Ted?
we're working on a jingle for King Power.
It's Palmy's song.
It has to be sung in different languages.
We've got to record singers from different countries.
I hurt my leg, so I couldn't go with him.
He had to fly alone to Laos.
Can you please tell me?
Is this real or am I overthinking?
I'm starting to get anxious
With an unanswered question
Tell me what's in your heart
I wanna know what you're thinking
Or are you planning to lead me on
Do you want to see my tears?
And he went to Vietnam.
I want to tell you
How anxious I am
Before you say anything
I want you to promise me
That you won't let me down
Then the Philippines.
Is our love still as good as before?
Are we still together in our dreams?
Your heart hasn't changed
And our love is still the same
On to Malaysia.
All I want is for you to say it
Tell me that you think it
Tell me. So I am sure
That our love is still the same
Am I right?
The singers
are all young and pretty too.
Ted is such a good guy.
And I trust him.
I'm not being a baby.
Stop bragging.
Get to the point.
Get up. Come closer.
When he's done in Malaysia,
he flew to Indonesia.
I met up with him there.
Why did you go this time?
Well, I missed him.
Stop interrupting.
When I went to Indonesia, guess what happened.
These headphones aren't good.
Could you please get my new ones?
They're in my bag.
He bought new ones again?
How many ears does he have?
It's in the navy-blue box.
This one?
What for?
For love.
I was totally surprised.
He bought us the same watches.
Even though it's not my birthday,
anniversary or any other important day.
I can't stop thinking, it's like
he's guilty of something, and he's covering up.
I checked on a lil' somethin'.
Before saying anything else
I want you to promise me
That you won't let me down
How about you two sing in harmony together?
You should go inside to talk to them.
So, it's clearer.
Good idea.
So smart.
I peeked at his chat.
But there wasn't anything strange.
I went through his wallet.
You know, what I found?
A restaurant receipt from Malaysia.
I thought you found a bra.
You flew here because of a receipt?
Are you a millionaire?
My money, my business.
Read what he ordered!
Those were what he ate.
Keep reading.
Cesar salad.
Chocolate lava.
Strawberry chamomile.
Cesar salad.
Chocolate lava.
Strawberry chamomile.
Who do you think Ted came with?
I think the singer.
She's cuter than me too.
Check this out.
Let me see. Who's cuter than you?
You're right.
Excuse me.
Have you ever seen Joyce Chu coming here?
We're her fans from Thailand.
She comes here quite often.
She also came here last week, right?
One minute.
Did Joyce Chu come here last week?
No, I haven't seen her for a while.
Sure or not?
But she always comes.
Last week you didn't come.
Hey, I'm asking about Joyce Chu.
Not her.
Joyce Chu didn't come.
I did come.
She didn't come.
Last week she came.
She came.
She came, right?
She didn't come.
She didn't come.
Now, I'm confused who came or not.
It's okay.
I was just asking.
Thank you so much.
I think she came, but they can't remember.
They might have come for dinner and parted after.
Just trust him.
Then why does Ted have to feel guilty?
these dim lights.
These ballads.
With a girl staring into his eyes.
Wouldn't sparks start to fly?
I don't know.
I'm not Ted.
Sorry. Let me get this.
Hello, Goong-Gink?
I'm going back now.
Don't go to sleep just yet.
I'll be home and talk with my honey Goong-Gink all night.
Wait for me.
I'm sorry, Joyce.
My girlfriend is waiting for me. I've gotta go.
But I'm still having a good time.
Can't you stay a bit longer?
No. No. No.
Pretty please?
Let's not.
I already have a girlfriend.
Although she's got a flat rack, they're natural.
I like them.
Is your beard too thin?
Let me fill it in.
Hey, don't play with food.
How come you can?
It's messy.
It's the last step.
Very good.
Do you wanna piggyback?
No. I'll break your back.
Leave me here.
What's your plan?
Actually, I told Ted that
I've got a check-up in Bangkok.
I'll meet up with him later.
Where are you flying to?
Ted's in Cambodia.
Don't get ballsy.
Look at yourself.
Thanks so much.
I don't know where I'd get another best friend like you.
Glad you know it.
Bye. / See you.
Can you grab a taxi for me, please?
Thank you.
What are you doing?
I'm afraid it'll be a long wait.
I'm keeping you company.
Hey! Hold on.
Don't go just yet.
You're really a character.
This was pointless.
let me know you're safe.
Thank you.
No thank you.
Are we still together in our dreams?
Your heart hasn't changed
And our love is still the same
Am I right?
I don't know I think something was off.
Is that correct or?
I think you have such beautiful voice.
Oh, thank you very much. That's very nice of you.
But how about stick with the original melody.
And that would be perfect.
Is the backing track ready?
One moment.
You wanna try one more time?
Tell me. So I am sure
That our love is still the same
Am I right?
It's beautiful!
It's gone.
Can we still record?
I don't think we can.
The backing track is in there.
Sorry, Laura.
When will you be available again?
You don't have to cancel.
Give me 15 minutes.
I want to tell you
How anxious I am
Before you say anything
I want you to promise me
That you won't let me down
Is our love still as good as before?
Are we still together in our dreams?
Your heart hasn't changed
You can yell at me.
My heart can't.
Do you have any extra PJs?
I forgot mine.
3 condoms
Thank you. Have a good one.
Choose the next trip for us.
Can it wait?
I don't want to go anywhere for a while.
I'm sorry.
I've been flying a lot.
I want to rest at home.
You really like staying at home, huh?
When we're in Myanmar, you left early.
You used to fly 6 landings and still go out afterwards.
Let's go.
When do you take leave?
If you don't want to go, then don't.
Do you want me to drop you off?
Let me know the next time you want to join.
Excuse me.
Sorry. Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Where are you?
I'm home.
What's up?
Look down here.
I'm in front of your house!
Think about it.
Ted's alone in Cambodia,
why would he buy condoms?
Just in case.
But he used one!
Have you asked him yet?
He'll come up with excuses.
I think it's probably one of those singers.
I'm gonna go see for myself.
Have you lost your mind?
Are you trying to be Detective Conan?
There's only one truth.
Leave me here.
Don't worry about me.
May I assist you?
Thank you so much.
Without you, I'd be so helpless.
My pleasure.
You're so macho.
Excuse me.
You know
whenever I fly, I always think of you.
I've wanted to see you at work.
You fly on your employee perks, right?
Are there friend perks?
There's only mum tickets.
Maternal mum?
Mum of my child.
It's good to be you.
There's nothing to stress out about.
Says who?
You didn't repay me for the Chiangmai tickets,
I was stressed.
I couldn't go out on any dates.
Why didn't you ask me for it?
You wouldn't even talk to me.
My date had to treat me.
So damn embarrassing.
Gimme your hand.
The other one.
Hong Kong's faster by an hour.
Who asked?
The manager is outside.
They're almost finished.
Ted's video calling in!
What should I do?
Don't answer it.
I can't.
I want to see who's he with.
Hello, Goong-Gink.
Where are you?
Hold on, Ted.
Where they sell...
dumplings and steamed buns.
Gold shops.
I'm at Chinatown.
Just got my cast off and stopped by to eat.
Dumplings and steamed buns.
Dim sum.
Hargow and beef balls.
Do you want anything else?
Do you have fried taro?
This is steamed dish cart, not fried dish.
The fried dish cart just passed, why didn't you order?
It's the best.
Bring whatever you have.
That hungry? Don't bite him, okay?
Sorry, Ted.
I'm starving.
how's the recording session? Are you done?
I'm done.
The singer is fabulous.
Are you still with her?
Do you wanna talk to her?
This is Gink.
She's my manager also my girlfriend.
Oh, wow. Hello.
You look so pretty.
You're prettier.
She's the one who manages everything
and makes this project happen.
Wow, cool.
Thank you so much for helping out.
Are you tired?
Oh, no.
Working with Teddy is very good and very fun.
Thank you so much, mate.
You're welcome.
See you later.
See you.
Are you going home after dinner?
How about you?
Are you going anywhere else?
I'm going straight to the hotel and sleep.
So exhausted.
Okay. I won't bother you.
Enjoy your dinner.
See ya.
Bye-bye. Miss you.
That singer's here.
Who is he talking to?
She's looking at us.
There's a girl in the car.
Wait for me!
Calm down.
Do you know where to find him?
I'll wait for him at the hotel.
Go. Go. Go.
People have generic faces, huh?
She said that Ted isn't back yet.
Your drinks.
Thank you.
Why did you order so many?
This is yours. This is mine.
The rest are for throwing at him if he brings her here.
Here's your scissors.
Damn! Are you gonna stab him?
It's for cutting off my cast.
I told Ted I took it off. It won't look real.
But you told him you're in Chinatown.
Well, I wanted to surprise him.
Hurry up and cut it.
You've lost it.
Do you realise it?
Why are you so obsessed with him?
You know I don't want to get married.
Yeah, I know.
But I want to marry him ASAP.
You know
every song I listen to makes me think of him.
I was never like this with Luis.
I'm obsessed!
When I heard him talk about our future,
I just wanted to warp to that part.
He said he wants to have 3 kids.
So, he can form a band.
The first born will learn the piano.
The second, the violin.
It's what everyone says before marriage.
But who knows if it'll turn out like that.
Actually, marriage is a good thing.
Mum told me,
if he strays, I can sue both him and the mistress.
You make it like money will get rid of your sorrow.
You just go on being the player you are.
Who said I don't want to get married?
In your case,
marriage will bankrupt you!
Stop being nosy if you want to get married.
You'll divorce.
What do you mean?
I'm not supposed to know what he's done?
I'm sick of this.
You didn't do anything wrong. What are you sick of?
Your foot!
Damn stinky.
That's enough.
Don't you start with me.
We're not getting married.
Go on waiting for your groom.
Where is Ted?
Why isn't he answering?
He said he's coming back to the hotel.
Has it been too long?
Should I report it to the police?
Gone with a girl 2-3 hours.
The police won't take the report.
Go hide.
Palm, I dont dare look.
They're getting out.
Ted, right?
I think he must have been in some kind of accident.
Should I call the police?
At least we'll know what happened.
You should try calling with a different number.
Can you hear me?
Let's go.
the woman in the taxi is Ted's friend.
They might have dinner plans.
Then go their separate ways.
Ted might
be drunk and couldn't get to the hotel.
So, he
went to a hostel near there to crash.
That's why he didn't answer your calls.
had to take a piss.
So, he got up to take a piss,
which was the same time you used my number to call.
What am I doing here?
What am I doing here?!
What am I doing here?!
What am I doing here?!
You're being noisy!
Stop! Stop!
My friend's in danger.
She jumped on the sign.
Look outside.
Look outside!
Go back.
Back your car.
Go back.
Move backward.
Move backward.
Please back up.
Go back. Go back.
Very good.
Hold on.
Hold on tight.
I'm coming.
I'm here to help.
I shouldn't have come!
I shouldn't have found out!
Look at me, Gink.
I'm right here.
I'm here for you.
Good girl.
You're my good girl.
Tell your wife she's not Jackie Chan, okay?
Sorry for every trouble causing by my friend.
she's not your wife?
No. No. No.
We're just friends.
Friend zone!
I'm not your friend, fatso!
Don't you ever do that again.
If you fall, you could die.
Let's go home.
I don't want to go home yet.
Are you working tomorrow?
Of course.
I fly in the morning.
I can't take leave either.
I don't want to be alone.
For your safety, please fasten your seat belt while seated
until the airplane's come to a complete stop and the seat belt sign is off.
When opening the overhead bins,
please be careful of any items that may fall on you or other passengers.
You can pick up your baggage at belt 1.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Hope to see you again.
Thank you.
Thank you. Have a fun trip.
Can't you go with me now?
I have another flight and I'll rush back to see you.
Thanks a lot.
Thank you.
Palm, why didn't you tell us your friend was flying?
This is Gink.
Is this your first time to Krabi?
Oh, we're just friends.
Don't forget to eat.
Excuse me.
Just like the ad.
Gink, I'm here.
Have you been here all this time?
Go buy me more beer and freeze it.
I want some beer slushie.
That's enough.
What the hell are you eating?
Fusion food.
Let's go out.
I'm gonna sleep right here.
I'm gonna eat, sleep and repeat.
Go get some fresh air.
It'll help.
Believe me.
I'm always breaking up with girls.
Take a look at me.
This is how all the girls you've dumped look like.
I'm a mortician.
You're such a burden.
Im here to avenge you for your ex's.
Bring it on.
I've never worried over anyone else as much as you.
I'm pretty enough.
Where are you taking me to?
You know how to speak Chinese?
What did you wish for?
I heard my name.
For us to stay together forever.
You only know one sentence.
It's your cheesy pick-up line, right?
How about you?
Don't you know?
If you tell others, it won't come true.
How is it?
Together forever? Has it come true for anyone?
Why did you peek at me?
Did you curse me?
I was wishing for you to stop being a player.
See, I told you.
It won't come true.
Why do you want me to stop?
I feel sorry for the girls who are your victims.
Let's go.
Have you wondered
what if we were an item?
It'd probably be like today.
Well, what do you think?
I'd probably go crazy.
I'd probably check your phone all day.
Other girls probably text you all day.
Who'd dare cheat?
You hangin' off that sign is stuck in my head.
How can a player stop playing?
How many girls are you talking to?
What, how many?
I'm talking to no one right now.
Let me see.
Palm reading?
Are you my girl checking my phone?
Stop for a sec.
Stop the bike first.
Ted's calling.
Look ahead!
Damn it. Sorry.
Are you hurt?
Gink, hop on.
Hold on tight.
You thought I was the monkey?!
There are similarities.
I nearly pissed!
Take me to the toilet right now!
Can't you hold it?
We're almost in the city.
I can't!
Go away! Dumbass monkey!
One day Gink took a piss in the woods
Gink met a lil' monkey
Palm. / What?
What's wrong with your butthole?
Do you have any tissue?
I'll use my panties to wipe.
What the hell!
Are you crazy!
I'll use leaves.
Wait. Stop!
Man, Comme des Garons?
What are you gonna wear?
Just wipe, will you?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Mum, look. Naked dude!
Hello, Ted.
I'm not going back to work yet.
The doc told me not to walk a lot.
Have you done mixing the song?
All right. Send it over, I'll listen to it.
I miss you too.
When are you gonna give your Ted-talk?
Not right now.
When then?
Are you going to keep flying around with me?
The Chinese version.
You like to use Chinese, right?
Is she listening to me?
I used to like this song a lot.
It's fun.
But now I really hate it.
Do you like shitting in the woods?
And jumping onto signs like Jackie Chan
When you fall down, you're a clutz again
I don't want to see you going crazy like this
Like this
Can't you just find a good guy for once?
But if you can't then stay with me
for the time being. Can you?
This is a newer version.
The lyrics are really good.
You like it now?
Hold it.
What a feeling!
Let's go drink in my room.
Take it or leave it.
I'll take it.
Make up your mind.
I bought some snacks.
Come in.
I've always wanted to do this.
Beer spa.
Why don't you...
come and chill together?
Oh shit.
Hold on.
My jeans are stuck.
I thought we were gonna drink beer.
Am I supposed to drink it from the tub?
You know
beer nourishes our hair?
It gets rid of the chemicals.
You're always stylin' your hair.
Turn around.
I'll do it.
Lay back.
Rest on my legs.
Is this okay?
Do you like it?
Are you drunk?
I'm not drunk.
I can't do this.
It's okay.
I understand.
We've always been friends.
Stuff like this takes time.
Let's take it one step at a time.
Why can he do it, but I can't?
Clear things up with him first.
Don't use me to get back at him!
It's too fcked up!
How about when you flirt with me?
You think I don't know?
I want you to feel better.
Is that all?
What about that thing in your pocket?
I'm not sure you see me as a friend anymore.
I really wanna get up.
But you know why I can't?
I've got a hard-on!
Damn you.
If we weren't friends, I'd have my way with you by now.
Stop it.
If I let you, there be no way you'd resist.
Let's stop being friends then!
Is this how you want it?
Come back in!
Come in here!
Don't taunt me!
You're so brainless.
If I were Ted, I'd cheat on you too.
Is this how you want it?
Is it?
Then go for it.
Do it!
You know I love you.
So, you do whatever you want?
I'm sorry for taking it out on you.
Before you do anything, think about it first.
If you don't really feel it, don't act on it, okay?
Who said I dont feel it?
I'll break up with Ted.
If you don't break up, I'll kiss you.
If I do, you have to take me to Europe.
See the Northern Lights. Eat caviar. 5-star hotels.
What a long list.
It can be anywhere...
as long as I'm with you.
After you're done with Ted,
see you at Shwedagon.
Before you say anything
I want you to promise me
That you won't let me down
Is our love still as good as before?
Are we still together in our dreams?
Your heart hasn't changed
And our love is still the same
What's wrong?
You forgot your watch?
Any comments on my singing?
I'll be there one second.
This line here.
And... Here.
You're also long-sighted just like me.
No, I'm not. I'm just mocking you.
Oh! You're so mean.
I know.
Okay and...
The last word.
You have to sing like original.
Oh, I forgot again.
Try it.
Yes. Don't you remember?
I didn't forget.
But I threw it away!
Threw what?
The guilt gift you bought me!
I don't understand.
Who? What?
In Hong Kong, I spied on you.
Who did you get in the taxi with?
Tell me!
A singer?
From Tinder?
I'd better go get my glasses in the car.
Yeah. Yeah. I'll help you go find it.
Calm down, Gink.
I went with Poupe.
Which Poupe?
The girl you sang the duet with.
She flew over for a trip.
So, we went out for dinner.
You told me you'd go back to the hotel but didn't.
Why didn't you answer my calls?
Poupe and I used to like each other during uni.
After we played music together at the wedding
we keep in touch.
when you didn't come with me to record...
Poupe flew out to see me.
At first, we were
gonna just hang out.
But things got out of hand.
Why didn't you tell me
after dinner, you went separate ways.
you're so drunk you stayed at hostel instead.
You didn't answer my calls because you fell asleep.
Or you answered the call when you had to pee.
Can't you make up excuses?
I don't want to wrong you anymore.
I've told you before
I don't like this kind of person.
I won't take it anymore.
I know.
I don't want to let you go.
What's up, Mong Palm?
Mong Gink.
Do they also call girls, 'mong'?
Light the candle.
Make a wish.
Then light the other end and put it down.
Ted didn't cheat on you?
I want to give him another chance.
Damn you.
Being friends is good enough, right?
You want us to be just friends?
Friends, my ass!
Are we really just friends?
You coming here to see me
what did you tell Ted?
Did you tell him that you're here to see me?
Did you even mention my name?
You're very important to me.
If we were a couple and broke up, then what?
Who knows if we'd break up or not?
Do you know the future?
I don't want to risk you.
I shouldn't have asked you to be just friends.
If not, would we have lasted this long?
I really can't stay any longer.
One day if you have a girlfriend
we can be friends again, right?
If you take one more step, I'll kiss you!
5 missed calls
It's the worst breakup I've ever had...
even though we weren't a couple.
You guys don't have to get carried away.
Are you saying...
no matter how long we wait
there's no happy ending for us, right?
If you cross the line...
there's no going back.
How can you handle it?
When the text says read but there's no reply...
I can't sleep.
I can't imagine my life without her.
How can you do it?
I had to start over...
with new people.
Are you making a wish or cursing me?
Why are you looking at me?
Did you wish for me?
You shouldn't tell anyone about the wish.
It won't come true.
Oh, okay.
Buy 3 get 1 free.
Don't you have high cholesterol?
It's okay.
One strip makes my day.
One strip or one pack!
This pack is for our beef stroganoff.
It's a Russian must-have.
This pack
I'm going to make spaghetti and bacon with dried chilies.
Made with Thai flavours.
The ad came out early, huh?
Are you Jackie Chan or what?
Why are you so mean?
You know I overthink things
It makes my heart jittery
Who will take responsibility?
I want to tell you
How anxious I am
Before you say anything
I want you to promise me
That you won't make me cry
Do you like shitting in the woods?
Are we still together in our dreams?
Your heart hasnt changed
And our love is still the same
All I want is for you to say it
Tell me that you think it
Tell me. So I am sure
That our love is still the same
Am I right?
Why are you smiling?
What are you smiling about?
What are you thinking?
Tell me now.
Not telling?
I admit
even when dating someone new...
I can't help but compare them to her.
So, I stopped talking to them all.
If I had to be friends with her...
that's also unacceptable.
Trust me.
Don't turn around.
Gink, right?
That's enough.
I think you should go your own ways.
I know it's not my place.
you should stop bothering him.
Or pretend you're still friends with him.
You need to understand
he can't be friends with you.
He can't be friends.
I don't want to be his friend either.
What do you want?
I broke up with Ted!
Did he cheat again?
No, he didn't.
I wanna see the Northern Lights with you.
I need to ask you one question.
And I won't ask you again.
You and I
if we can't be friends anymore...
let's get married, okay?
Say again?!
Will you marry me?!
I didn't hear you!
I said
Are you okay?
I told her no marriage license.
In the end, she made me sign it.
I'm so happy for you!
Nothing is impossible.
Your one decade didn't go to waste.
You know
that we have always thought
the longer we wait, the less hope we have.
The longer we're together,
the harder it gets to cut the ties.
My friend's been waiting.
I need to get this to her.
See you around.
Nice talking to you.
Same here.
What did you brag about?
Beer slushie, right?
Had to chill it first.
It's already a slushie. Don't even.
Just giving them a pep talk.
Get your friend to bring it.
Where have you been?
To get your beer.
Your ring?
It must have fallen off when I was dancing.
Calm down, Gink.
It's me, Ju.
What are you looking for?
The wedding ring.
You lost my wedding ring?!
Look at your finger first.
Oh, It's here!
I'll help look.
Honey, help us.
Help us look, please.
Help us look for her wedding ring.
A wedding ring.
Could you please look for it?
Found it!
How'd it get over there?
I dunno.
You proposed to me first.
Let me propose to you.
Get up.
Let me propose first.
Dont joke around. Everyone's looking.
Palm, I said don't fool around.
Be with me forever, okay?
Of course.
Get up.
Are you crazy?
Why can't I be like them?
Go dump him.
I'm giddy.
Giddy for you.
- Drafeir -
Ahh! Super cold!
Goong-Gink. Goong-Gink.
It's like you're playing with a dog.
Damn it!
Oh no!
Just go be with her!
Damn scary!
Is this your first time to Krabi?
Oh, we're just friends.
What did I ask her?
You look so evil.
It's all right, bro.
Dude. Almost kissed me.
No one stopped him.
10 years!
10 years!
Too normal.
10 years!
I don't believe you.
I'll keep doing it.
You wonder if I can be alone or not
I just want to ask just one question
Just tell me I wanna know
Do I have a choice?
Can I choose for you not to leave?
If I don't let you go, will you stay?
I'd choose you to choose me
Not to leave me, would you?
What you asked, what should I say?
When I have no choice at all
You're here to ask like you truly care
Will I be okay when you are gone?
Someone is waiting for you over there
You don't want them to be waiting for long
You wonder if I can be alone or not
I just want to ask just one question
Just tell me I wanna know
Do I have a choice?
Can I choose for you not to leave?
If I don't let you go, will you stay?
I'd choose you to choose me
Not to leave me, would you?
What you asked, what should I say?
When I have no choice at all
Thank you.
You asked is it off key or not?
I gotta say very badly!