Friends Family & Lovers (2019) Movie Script

I've missed you
so much. Did you miss me?
Lactose intolerant.
Booty, booty, booty, booty,
booty, right there. Right there.
Uh, strawberry.
Who is this? And what took you so long?
Tenets? It's still in the
money. What's the deal.
Man. I need to go get my
money and buy me out, man.
Kenneth. Hey gay man. This time. It wasn't
my fault. Why are you? The only one?
I went to.
Jail. So.
Danny tease your faults.
What happened this time, man?
Man, look so check it out,
man. I'm in the club, man.
I walked cool. Okay.
Now I see this female on the dance
floor looking good. So I'm like, ah,
let me go handle my business.
Next thing I
know he whiling out sun
don't give a.
Was that one of your old girls? Oh man.
Security grabbed me. Next thing I
know the cops came and I'm here.
Who are those guys?
It was probably one of his
girls. Your dusty wits. I told.
You about messing with
those wretched chicks.
Josh like your baby mama Kesha, always
getting you caught up in her messiness.
So now you're going to give me
relationship advice, huh? I guarantee you,
you was just over there.
Swimming in wet dreams.
Whatever your I'm your mind.
no, grandma
come to this land.
I'd come here for freedom.
I'm bringing with me, my blood, sweat
and tears. I bring with me home.
I bring with me all of my angels
for the most of all I bring with me.
My God can be free.
I look in the theater of my mind
and I see myself wealthy and
divine. You see money, money
falling in my hand. And
I keep my samples 30 and strong.
As long as I've done, this
will always have a breath.
Hey. What's up, man?
What are you doing here? So Ali,
y'all not supposed to be
out to two o'clock today.
I know prince asked me to come
and work her morning shift.
She said she was running late.
What does this say here? Manager.
Does princess have one of these?
No, but she got a big old booty.
And plus man, it's Friday. You know,
she can meet the colder in one day.
And we need those sales
to stride. But next.
Time, check with me first.
Okay. Hi Dean, man. I got you.
Nice shirt too. Hi.
Laura. Jackie trying to get me a
bi-level jacket in the summertime.
Well, yeah, you want to be the hottest
dude on the block? Don't you pop?
The lid is good though. Right?
If I buy the jacket, you'll
run me your number. Right?
But are you trying to get me in
trouble or water? Cause I mean,
normally my boss doesn't like me to
date customers, but check it out.
You buy a pair of these
designer jeans and a bracelet.
Cause you gotta be, you know, put together
to have everything match and then,
uh, we can figure it out.
What was she trying to have you spin it?
I thought y'all was ballers though.
Cause like you came in here
and you said you was ballers.
If you can't afford a pair
of jeans and a bracelet,
then you definitely cannot
afford all. You got that,
then let's do it. Come on.
Apple. One of these
bracelets on there too.
Come on. That's my man. That's my
future's wife right there, man.
We're going to meet so cereals
bread. If you want to start to
think I can handle that. So
let me tell you something.
You've been working here since high school,
but you just make your manager, man.
What's that 20,000 a year, man.
They're gonna spend more than that
on my ribs and my sound system alone.
You still got the same beat of my school.
Wasn't it like a hole in the floor. We
gotta stop the color crippling song.
Oh, Hey. Hey. We're in immersion
man. I know he heard it.
I ain't never worry about a. Leave by
the check trying to get to the money.
I ain't never worry about a.
Hang on the next getting branch.
When did you get back in town this
morning? I would've called you bro,
but you know how Jacqueline is
when I take them long trips.
Let's just say I had a
lot of catching up to do.
Hey James, are you there?
So I saw you on the cover of F style
last month he was looking fine. Hmm.
Thank you. Thank you. How
you been doing princess?
So you've been keeping that body tight.
You know it's title over five.
So actually I got a copy of the magazine
in the back. Can I get an autograph?
Oh, I got you something. Hey,
can I get a little song too?
Anyway, let me see your phone.
I'll put my number in and maybe
you could help me with my demo.
You'll demo. When did you start singing?
I'll see you later, James. Hey,
you better not let Jacqueline
find that number. Well,
you'll be sleeping in your beds again.
I got this man. Look, she never checks.
Anyway. I just store it on
one of my business contacts.
I know she told her as long as I
keep her laced and Gucci and Prada,
she don't ask no questions.
Let me close up and let's go and
get something to eat on you dog.
Hi man.
Yeah. Okay. I'm on my way. Bla Dee,
I gotta get out of here, man.
I got some business to take care of. What
are you doing tomorrow? Nothing. Okay,
cool. I'm gonna stop back. I want
you to check out some tracks.
I've been working on what with doing
for us straight up. Yeah. J a dog. Ah.
She wanted to work with your boy too.
Well. Yeah, I'll tell you about it later.
All right then I ain't doing
nothing tomorrow either.
I probably just roll with y'all
all of a sudden you look, boy,
kids are supposed to be seen, not hurt.
He's just playing with UJ. Let him be.
Whatever dog I'm. I'll let
you tomorrow stay up high.
Maybe old fake Drake. I need a one day.
These white girls can get it because
running around here with them.
Cardi B booty, man. I know, right?
Hey, I'm going to get your
neighbor dog. Oh boy. Don't waste.
The time king died so we
can get the booty from every
female of every race. Why discriminate?
I'm pretty sure that wasn't quite as
intentions besides I'm not that type.
What? White professional arts leads.
So what are we going to do tonight? Dog?
Not to go to stay inside
and play online checks,
man. You are the loneliest
drives, dude. I know you sure you,
my cousin was time. Come on. Hey bro.
It's hot out. You know the
freaks is going to be out today.
I'm saying let's get a couple bottles
and go to the lakefront. I can't.
I have to be up early for church.
Now you killing me with this church stuff
because D church ain't going to help
nobody. You starting act like grandma,
man, with all these revival chunks.
If it wasn't for church or
grandma, you would be dead by now.
Yeah. Yeah. You worried
about that because Hey,
you know what I remember, man,
I remember grandma would wake me up in
the middle of the night Bible in one hand
oil and the other rubbing my forehead,
talking about you can't have
him saying who's him suit.
I remember how she used to walk
around the house. Casting out demons.
Holy ghost Jesus. She loved us.
It should be like Deshawn God doesn't
care about the money you bring in.
All that matters is the
love you give up. You sir.
Hello Kenneth.
So tell me how does a poser
like you get named Chicago
hottest producer. Is that hate
out here in your voice? Hey,
ain't nobody hating homie.
I just can't understand how somebody from
the burbs know so much about the hood.
So I see you did remark,
I guess you didn't know that real
hood dudes carried, huh? Nah.
It's not that I just figured you wouldn't
have had the time since you were busy
in the county jail dropping
the soap. Well Jay,
tell us about working with Jay Hart.
Yeah, man. So let me get an eight.
She wanted to get what you did see?
Why are you always on my case? Kenny,
do I intimidate? You intimidate me, man.
I can't stand you what's
so uppity, you thick,
grimy as hell. Your tracks are terrible.
And the only reason why you treating Dee
like that is because he ain't gonna man
up and put you in your place.
It was not like that. No. What?
I get it now I get it. I can understand
why you would be jealous of me.
I mean, here I am. Chicago's
number one, super producer.
Here you are a low level. Dope boy.
And it's looking like your time is almost
up. Are you threatening? No, no, no.
Stop. Stop, stop. Stop. Just sit
down. Sit down dead. Come on.
I don't know.
All right. Excuse me. Hello?
Hi. I'm I'm kinda lost. Can
one of you help me? Yes,
I can help him. Whatever
it is. You're looking for.
Susan, my driver. Isn't very good
with directions or English. Okay.
What's the address? It's 2, 3, 4 forest.
Hey, ain't that? The Johnson
across the street. Yeah.
Mr. Johnson. He's an
army buddy of my dad's.
Talking about crazy yellow side cots.
Doesn't put all past to body alarm.
Mr. Johnson.
No. Mr. Johnson moved out
two months ago. I see you.
Don't check up on your old neighbors.
Well, I can check up on you neighbor, bro.
You don't even stay around
here with so thirsty.
You look familiar. Don't
I know you from somewhere.
Well, if you can read,
you probably saw me featured on
the cover of lifestyle magazine.
Oh yeah. That's it. You don't look
hardcore gangster to me though.
I guess you can read. Well,
I guess I'll be seeing you at the black
parties or something. My neighbor.
I think she liked you. Cause man, please.
She ain't nothing but another group
chicken to make him look, give me a week.
I have a tattoo on my name
on it that watch once again,
Haiti now, you know well she
was spilling cuss, not discern,
you know, a woman like that
is too much for your party.
I mean you can lend us some sugar
or something. Yeah. Yeah. Right.
She's out of my league.
Grimy is hail. Whatever, man.
Hey look the ride with me up
north man. I got to hear a point.
You little girl scout. Don't
send me hair cut appointment.
No I don't do walk-ins
boss has made the point.
Oh, come your momma's baby.
No. And I'm sorry ma'am I didn't
mean to disturb you.
You didn't stirred me sugar.
Is that an air conditioner?
Yes ma'am it is. Show is strong.
I wish I had a strong grandson. Like you.
Take care of it right now.
This show is hot. I wish I had
money for an air conditioner.
I don't know how I'm
going to take this heat.
There you go. This should help with the
air conditioner and the delivery cost.
Oh, thank you so much problem. No problem.
It's going to do great things for you in
your life. You just watch watches. See?
My grandmother used to tell
me the same thing. So look,
I'm gonna come back and make
sure they installed it right.
And then you'll be good to go. Okay? Okay.
Thank you. Bless you. God bless you.
You gotta stop coming to these clubs.
I'm talking about it's this new
club down on Ontario called light
blue man.
So you're a fan.
Well, uh, let's see. I'll come
back and make you a fan of the JB.
Fan club. I don't think
my husband and like that.
So don't tell him have
a good day, Mr. Banner.
Man, a better man. A
better dude. It's only.
For one super producer
where you want to know
what I'm thinking about.
Doormats. Yeah, babe.
Do you remember last week at the big
momma shopping for those pink shower
curtains? She's always talking
about. So when I was checking out,
I saw they had a sale on
personalized doormat, Tiana.
What's so special about doormats. Cool.
When you love to come home to see
the Harrison's and our doorstep.
Homo with the mayor stuff again.
See, I thought we were good on that.
Okay. We good? I just, I don't want
our son growing up without a father.
I ain't going nowhere.
I know that. It's just,
I need more from you than just
being my man or my baby daddy.
I want your last name, Kenny.
You know that only comes with marriage.
I'm not the myriad type of dude.
And if you're not okay with
that, then that's on you.
Honey. I am in love with you. Don't you
realize I would do anything for you.
Now I'm asking for one thing and that's
for us to do things the right way.
What is this? What.
Is the right way? What
is the right way to, you.
Know, I was raised in church. My parents
hate the fact you got me pregnant.
Didn't marry me. Do you even
know what big mama calls you?
The boy that I'm shacking up with?
How do you think that makes me feel
in my heart? I noticed
is not right. You can,
when we have sex, I
feel so bad afterwards.
So this life ain't good enough for
you, huh? I'm never saying that.
All I'm saying is we would have so much
more if we just did things. God's way.
Look at Chrissy and Josh. All
right, listen Christmas. Every,
since they got married, they
built a house from the ground up.
He got a promotion at work.
She had started home business.
You know what? Ever since you started
hanging with your college friends,
you've been acting all.
Josh and Chris, Chris and Josh, are you
trying to impress them with something.
Bougie? Bougie can. So,
because I want to do things the right
way and I want us to be a real family.
I'm trying to impress somebody.
You never had a problem with this before.
You know what? I ain't
trying to find the. Shut up,
shut up and help me on.
Oh man. I told him about messing
with him. It's the whole.
Man. He gassed up over this dude. Six
just moved in across the street from,
I told me when I had to get his weight up.
If you want to mess with these
young bops out here, man,
she got them going like that already.
Shorted him. Ain't going like that.
She going to be more than just a three
piece dinner. You feel, man? You know,
I go, man, man, what they want,
bro? I keep telling them that.
I just don't think he ready to
compete with the big boy here. Boy.
Gonna need some help. Tell me about it.
Freaking Kesha, Kesha.
Ah, I ain't got to tell him
to play these games with you.
GC? No. I'm picking up my son tomorrow.
Well, okay. Okay. Keisha, Keisha,
what is she born in is Chiesa
she don't need much of a reason.
Oh, so why did you go over there?
She calls and you just go run it.
You know what I told you?
I'm through with that girl.
I'm going to get my son and I'm done.
You need to get a paternity test.
You know she was sleeping with half
the block on the house together.
Tiana. Hi Nana, move for that right now.
How are you going to take care of him?
You already ended up the house
all day long. Me and little Ken.
Barely get to see you as it is.
I don't know. I'll figure it out.
But for right now I got to get
him away from her. Crazy behind
you can bring them over here.
Come here, baby. Come here.
I love you so much. No enough tomorrow.
But he don't need to be living
in that type of environment.
Especially with Keisha. She can barely
even take care of her. Other three kids,
Let me go get my boy.
I'll talk to you later. It's about
to get into our blood go bed.
Well, Jacqueline was out of
town on another photo shoot.
I'm about to take this little group
and. I met at the mall back, Stacey,
my number one fan. So
I'm about to find out,
be careful with bringing
those girls a house.
And I guess I'm a master
player been doing this.
You've just gone in there and worried
that one of them little freaky dreams,
Elisa. I don't have to worry about
super gonorrhea, whatever man.
Around with a superstar. I'll
show you all around this town.
I'll take a rain check on that offer.
I see you are concerned
about your neighbors.
What is this? Are you trying to
get rid of evidence or something?
Yeah, I wouldn't use
battery acid, but I ran out.
Plus the attic was occupied with
all my wheat plants. Yeah. So.
How's everything coming along.
It's coming, but it's nothing like
the apartment I had back in New York.
You lived in New York. Yeah,
but the money was real tight
and jobs were hard to come by.
So here I am.
It is. I used to travel around a lot,
but I moved back here because my grandma
needed support. I thought she retired.
She needed help paying him.
That's so sweet of you. You know,
most men are more interested in
helping themselves than others.
Maybe I'll step out and
be here one day. Well.
She's usually in and out of the hospital
a lot. That's where she's at right now.
I think answer kind.
Of size shoe got applied. Knees, flooded
people kind of got you and brick.
Girl. No can be hard. That's
why I'm staying up. Beautiful.
So what are you doing when you're
not being such a state? I've.
Heard of MDB apparel say big glue.
They store all the malls in Chicago.
I managed to have that and
I also helped James out
with his checks. Matter of fact, you
know that check with Jennifer Hudson.
I I'm working on it. So
right now for real, yes.
And the beats that was on call
most favorite joints, I made it.
I would love to get into music. Seeing.
Dan's act, anything that has to do
with the arts. I love that stuff.
That's what I was doing back in New
York. Trying to break into the business.
No I'm originally from Brazil.
Well, according to the
rest of America I am,
but my mom is Brazilian and
my dad was a soldier station.
There he is born and raised in
Chicago. Mr. Johnson was his godfather.
So why does shy?
I don't know. Mr. Johnson's
letting me stay here. Rent free.
So maybe I'll get a job. I'm
just trying to keep busy.
I'm really just waiting on
destiny to reveal itself to me on.
So then maybe I'll just
check out the sites.
And I'd be happy to show
you around. You know?
I wouldn't want you to get lost
in Chicago is a very big place.
I like that. I like that a lot.
No, you came to us at the right time.
I was really going to drop that box.
Yo, what's going on, baby?
You good? Yeah. I'm Gucci.
Yeah. We just sitting downstairs
right now. You got on that?
Victoria's secret saying I like you crazy.
You going to do what? Oh no girl.
You feeling real exclusive tonight.
Well look just know I
didn't drink two of them.
Red bulls and pop one of
them blue pills right now.
I'm all straight be smoke girl. I got
to get in that belly. You hear me? Yeah.
But yeah, I'll be up there in a
minute. Relax man. Don't rush me man.
I'll be up there in a
minute. Yeah. All right.
Big dog. Come and get me in about
like, uh, about an hour or something
an hour. Mean 10 minutes.
I said you still got jokes.
Funny guy. It's cool, man. Well,
why don't you ask that fine baby.
Mama y'all is man. What
time it is. Here you go.
Hey baby mama,
man. That's what she told me.
Yeah. That is that goofy mark man.
He think it's sweet, man. Don't even
worry about a dope. Let me get, uh,
let me get that heat man. Huh?
It's so about the heat, right? No,
I had to let momma use
it. Mama D yeah, man.
She talking about pastor,
man. He, he being,
he be bogus with the
ties and the offering.
So you know when she get to talking
about pastors and guns, I don't,
I ain't got nothing. I don't want
to hear no more. What you got to do?
I just gave it to her. Yeah. Mama D
crazy, man. You already know, man.
Hey, look, don't even trip, man.
You going to be the highlight buddy
in the minute right now, right now,
what I need you to do
is to roll that bump.
We gonna smoke and get hide in the.
Hurry up.
What are you doing here?
He must have thought I was one of
your jump off of something, huh?
Well, my son had keys. He met
where you bet. Well what about me?
You though.
Stop right there. As soon
as I get my son, I'm out.
I am. When you know
well, you still want me?
You can just walk away from all
of this. I know how to get. Right?
Are you deaf or something?
I don't want you Kesha.
It's too late for that. We
got a son together, man.
And that's all we got and I'm
in the right amount to take him,
to get a paternity test
too. Uh, better yet.
Give me the money because they're
going to tell him that he's yours.
You're sick. You better hope so. Because
if I find out that you lied to me,
Kesha, I'll swell.
Well you going to work? You
going to hit me, hit me.
I go black bro. I'm in jail.
Don't just go get my son.
He ain't here.
So where's yet have my mama's
with the rest of my kids.
Kesha. I don't have time to
play these games with you.
I'm coming to get my son tomorrow.
You got time for me now. And
daddy, you just don't get it.
Do you.
All set a little lame. You
messing with me. Oh yeah.
I know you was at her house when I
called you earlier and you must think I'm
crazy. If you think I'm a, let
my son go with you in that Huck.
What you going to do with that?
It ain't like you trying
to do right by him anyway.
Besides she's a better
mother than you ever be.
I let my baby go to the state.
Before I let them go with your bum.
You better kill my lame to watch her back.
You come near my family.
I'm going to kill you with
no, I like it. Rough salt
is seriously wrong with you
me down for me to
quit my thirst. I was thirsty.
What I'm feeling. It's
the truth. Truth, shape and mold.
Cause I'm married to it,
man. I don't want to do it.
Be Fisher, be sacrificial.
I want to talk to y'all about
something. Something very important.
I want to talk to y'all about
. Your
be the person that you think has your
best interests to be your boss at the
I hate to even be your
very own blood rose.
Hey man.
Come here, man.
There was a report of gunshots around
here. Did you know anything about it?
Homey, man, this is the shot,
right? I hit gunshots all the time.
Well watch yourself.
Somebody people out tonight.
Got you later.
Tiana. And these doormats.
Which, which one do you think the red
or the black? I'm thinking a black one.
No, no.
I got up flat out of
town tonight to go to LA
I booked that
F style magazine shoot.
The one I had the test
shot file last weekend.
Congratulations. But then.
Okay. Well clearly some
people think I'm marketable.
You leave me all the time.
Oh my baby. Be missing me.
Hey baby.
That's what happens when you have
a model for a life? I fly here.
I fly there. Besides that
we'll be giving you grief.
When you be on going out of town
and your business trips for two,
three weeks at a time. Yeah.
Because taking a picture,
don't bring in the sort of
income that I bring to the table.
You know what, whatever James,
how about this?
How about I see in junior to my
mom's house while I'm out of town,
that way you could continue to
bring in all that money to me.
How about that?
And while I'm over here being funny,
I see a phone over there blowing up.
I know you better not have
gave y'all number two,
another one that they were groupie
checks. Come on that day. You know,
I wouldn't do nothing like that.
I'm too busy trying to give you
the life. You can only dream up.
I ain't got time to be chasing
no gold duty plus I'm too tired.
I ain't got no energy to be given
his love in a way you keep me drain.
Yeah, I hope that's the truth, James.
I'm not with no more cheating.
I don't know whatever you want to do.
And that's why I created the
paint, the world project.
Now that's what's up. So tell us,
why did you start your own label?
Not, I just got tired of record labels
getting rich off of my hard work.
So I cut out the middleman and
now I'm making my own money.
So are you telling us
it's all about the money.
Now? I wouldn't really say it's all
about the money. It's more about destiny.
You see I've been in this industry a
long time and so I've had the opportunity
to work with a lot of key players.
So when the opportunity presented
itself to me, of course,
I jumped on it and now I'm my own boss.
Now that is what I'm talking
about. When we come back,
we're going to have an amazing
artist for Daryl. Tell us political.
Yo, we got Mike in the misfits
and David's y'all stay tuned.
James man. Okay.
Hey Clive. How are you as banner?
Great. Great. Hey, are you.
Still looking to start that
streaming label in the Midwest?
I think I can help you with that.
Okay. Just give me a little time. I
got some talent I can showcase for you.
If you like it. We can
talk about that label.
Sounds good. Okay. Glad. All right.
Talk to you later.
Let's get this money, baby.
Like everything was going wrong.
Trying so hard to find
Welcome to the you. It's your girl later.
And I'm here with Mr. James banner.
So James' word on the street is
you're looking for some new talent.
How's that going? It's
been brutal. Come on now.
Shy town has some top notch artists.
I mean, don't get me wrong. I've ran
across a lot of talented singers out here,
but see singing is not the only thing
that you need to create a superstar.
I mean, you've got to have the it
factor. You know what I'm saying?
The F factor. I feel you on
that. So Mr. Super producer,
tell us what's next.
Well, I'll be holding tryouts at
the spot on 17th street. So ladies,
if you've got the it factor, come on now.
Let's see if we can create
Chicago's next superstar.
There. You have it.
Folks. Mr. James banner,
looking at turn your average
girl into a superstar.
We'll be right back after we pay these
bills and my salary with this commercial
Hi, my name is candy 28 and
I'm from Wheaton, Illinois.
And I have all your music Mr. Banner.
Hi, I'm Hazel Sanders.
I'm 26 and I can bail it
still today. I will leave
performing be wrapped for you.
Alrighty, here it goes. A B, C, D E F T.
Your mama touching it to
BCG. I could dance to look.
Hi, I'm Sandy Esquire.
I'm 32 and I'm from the
south side of Chicago.
I'm gonna put you in my basement.
Hello? I miss the banner.
Um, I'm such a huge,
huge fan is such an inspiration to me.
I'm really, really excited to be here.
Um, Trina 22 from the
west side of Chicago.
This is my first time doing anything
like this. So I'm a little bit nervous,
but here it goes.
When I'm feeling.
This good
You still haven't carpeted Sean yet?
I'm sure just
got his nose.
You are the one who said he hasn't
had a girl since what? High.
School he's just making up.
For lost time. What's the
highs. You should be happy for
me and David close says,
don't worry about it and you let him
decide he is going to work.
What's your attitude out here
when you come to this event.
But you can go now.
You know what?
None of my food. And if I catch you
upstairs, wandering around again.
What's up. How you doing? What's going
on? I'm just cataloging like a Jay Z.
I'm just trying to set the
mood. So what about this?
High-tech you've been
telling me of now. You know,
if she's any good I'm on my guy
clapped to hear about a fire. Well,
she's upstairs getting ready,
but well worth the wait.
I mean this girl could be the next Alicia
key guy. We'll see about that. Okay.
Well you go ahead and enjoy the view.
I'm going to go talk to the guests.
I see you later.
Okay. This is such a nice house.
Yeah. We used to live in a house
just like this one. Really? Yes. Nah,
but I have to sell it. So I move
in with my grandma. You know?
What the hell have you been, man? I've
called you five times. Feel guilt, man.
Don't want that family dollar wine.
Listen, I needed you here at four.
O'clock not 405, not 430, 4.
O'clock I'm sorry. It's my money.
Trying to get none of that.
My talent is already ready.
All I need you to do is keep.
An eye out on this etiquette and you
don't eat all my food up. Don't worry.
You invited them. So you watch. I got you.
Can I have everyone's
attention please? First of all,
I like to say you guys look amazing today.
Thank you very much for
cooperating with the dress code.
You look very good and
you're all white, uh,
like to get this show started though.
We got a real treat for you today.
So as you know, I've been a
music producer since high school,
I've worked with salads, such
as usher, 50 cent J hood,
and always beautiful. At
least the key, but lately.
Stopped drinking the champagne ed.
Ah, lately I've been working with my
own artists. So I got to tell you,
I'm very excited to introduce
to you a hot new young sat out
straight out of Chicago. So you got
to give us some shots down. Look, uh,
this young lady auditioned for me
about three weeks ago and she lit it.
So I know you won't be disappointed. Also.
I like to give a shout out to my
boyfriend. There were over there.
He's got a hot track for you
guys. You're in for a real treat.
So without further ado,
please give a warm welcome for Ms..
Oh wow. I'm sorry. I never made
it on the floor. Hold up.
Hey, how y'all doing? Hi.
It looks like we are experiencing
a little technical difficulties.
I told her do not eat that guacamole
on this heat until y'all messed me up.
So if anybody's gonna use the bathroom,
please not look at the master bathroom.
What the hell was that?
I can't do this. I can't go out
there. I thought I was ready, but I.
You thought you were ready. You
came to the audition to be a singer.
What did you think? This was
a fashion show. Well, went to
Tufts on black news. He just kind of
killing me. I feel like guy wrote me.
Just everything. Okay.
I just, I'm never saying it's
one of this many people before.
Singled that never sang go figure. I
knew I should've picked that white girl.
I gotta be getting pumped.
I'll go out there and warm up the crowd.
That way maybe I could break the ice
and you'll feel more comfortable.
Let me get this straight.
You're saying too.
Boy. Cause she C she kind of seemed
like I Rita Franklin. I sweat.
Over there to make you like,
I don't even know what a
was. When my mama was
trying to do my little hotel for school,
but you want to go outside of Blake.
So she gave her quick fun. Dude.
Just want me, you can do that for
me. That I'll do it for the shot.
Well, whatever. Hey, the shot,
the little neighbor friend better come
through and you gotta get your act
together. Your future depends on.
I got a lot of money right now.
Okay. Can I get everyone's
attention please?
I'm just so embarrassed.
I can't believe happened.
Jasmine's and crowd pleaser.
She's a lifesaver. The thing
about that, it's the dress.
You see, everything will be all
right. I have another young lady here.
She has some amazing
vocals and y'all know me.
I love to give people opportunities.
So with no further ado,
please give a warm
welcome Mrs. Desire. Woo.
Thank you. So tonight I
want to think on that.
I wrote for a very special
person. It's called thesis.
Oh, I love it.
That's it right there. Let me see
all girl. Their interest is killing.
Them and I know just how
I'm gonna do your hair.
So look not at the dresses
picked out, you know,
it's time to plan the
bachelor party, right?
It won't be a bachelorette party
without one strict. No. Oh,
well I have two strippers off
speed down, Mr. Honey and Mr. NA,
What are you talking me now?
You tried to take my man and now
you're trying to take my fun. See?
I'm not happy.
I didn't say Kenneth.
He left and Jamari is, can you sound too?
So with, he wants to see his son.
He has every right to fuchsia.
Besides don't you get five or
six other ones that she with.
See you. Ain't got to worry about that.
Cause I'm going to have both of
them back real. So cause he went,
daddy is done with
playing with little girls.
He always comes home to mama
in case you ain't. Now.
This ring is that we're doing a little
more than displaying house, sweetie.
I got three rings at
home. That don't mean.
Hey, I'll take the mess on my
shop. I don't want that in my shop.
Everybody about to mess
up your little shot,
police call and ask for you.
Kenneth always be like.
We got a baby together.
And so do we Acacia.
To have him as a matter of fact.
And don't you got a man already.
What's his name? We'd had cramps
right now. We'll always.
Be months forever. Hello Kenneth.
Don't won't you?
Why don't you get that through your head?
Tisha ran through the whole
no real mammo. Any woman,
everybody named daddy Don passed around.
Please. Besides Mike Haney.
He don't like community property.
Siano has to handle thoughts like you.
Come on girl. Let's right.
Now that girl is definitely
a frequent and regular.
Sarah. I did not know you had a
voice like that. I didn't know.
You could hold that much.
Yeah. Let me get a picture.
With you real quick from my
Instagram story. Oh yeah,
because you're going to blow up.
I ain't even know. We have
four seasons. Come on, get out.
Wow. Can I get an autograph now?
You can get more than that.
Okay? Okay. A little bit.
You did your thing out there.
I don't know why he didn't. Tell
me about your girl, man. Mr.
. I'm about to make you
the next Beyonce girl, bro.
Yo girl finna be a music videos
and everything. I'm talking tampon,
commercial we've commercials.
You better step your game up.
You agree? Thank you. You
were pretty good too. Thank.
You. And James, I'm sorry. Things didn't
work out. I mean that's never happened.
Oh, it's quite all right, because uh,
I've decided to work with you after all.
So you want to meet me up in my
room? We can uh, work out the detail.
Okay. And maybe you can look up
later. Yes. Show me some foreigners.
Of course. I'll call
you later. Okay? Okay.
Yeah. What about Jacqueline?
Where is she? Ah,
she's out of town in the Caribbean
again doing another photo. Shoot.
She won't be back for another three weeks.
But I'll be careful with that
girl. Not playing with fire.
Listen, man. Let the grown folks worry
about wrong folks. It's all right.
As for you, Ms. Desire,
we only got a couple of weeks
to get ready for class David.
So I'm going to need you for a focus,
meaning less attention on the shine here
and more attention on me in the studio.
I think I can handle that and
Deshaun you wouldn't mind, right?
Right. No problem.
Okay. Okay. Cool. All right.
Well, uh, I'll be in touch.
Keep that body together.
Hey Sean, do me a solid man.
Once you clean up around here, I
gotta go concentrate this contract.
Yeah. Can I have a nice ring to it?
Walter shave went. Hey, who gonna
pay for me for tonight? Huh? Okay.
So now you hear me. Hi.
I'm taking everything else
since it was already free.
Look at me and my mama
gonna eat this for lunch.
Hey, D can I go home early? I don't care.
I come when I was two weeks. What's
up, man. Can you be yourself? Libby?
Do you think your boy James
is trying to smash Jasmine,
come on, come on.
We talking about the same dude that bring
girls over to his wife's house while
she out of town. That guy
James I'm like brother. Okay.
I think I'm just missing Jasmine.
I've never met a girl before.
She's the first catheter. Since high
school, you gotta be kidding me.
The next you're going to be
telling me that you were hurt.
Big. You ain't happy since it had you.
No, you fool. I'm not a vegan.
That's just been a long time.
Five years. Oh yeah man.
He'll version in my book.
When was the last time you had to go.
Last week? Remember to cross out a
chick? Yeah. She came over to the crib.
We started rapping. And that's
how it happened for you.
Have you tried with Jasmine? I mean,
do you even still know how to do it?
Because you know you, you still that'd be.
I will have you walking here every
weekend until you're 35. Keep talking.
Hey man, I'm just playing. God.
No, I haven't tried anything with
Jasmine yet. I'm waiting on your rights.
Well check your watch every time.
It's the right time. Summer, spring,
fall five o'clock in the
morning Groundhog day Lee.
The first day she came to my house
would have been the right time.
See you don't rush things like that.
When you want to build something real.
Wild animals can just have sex. And I
would have had monkey sex with Hutchins.
I don't even think about
sex when I'm with Jasmine
scammy, not doll. I'm telling you
this girl is something special
when I'm retired. It's like,
I don't think about anybody else. It's
like the only two people in the world.
I knew nothing else. My Tufts
don't care that I am broke.
Well, you better start caring.
Cause she blowing up. Dude.
She not going to be ran on a
bus. I mean think about it.
She want to ride in a hot ride
on sitting on them. Things.
She around all them superstars
and celebrities. And you know,
the big time is going to be hitting
that ain't be got her heels.
You don't think she wanted them girls
to try to use what she got to gives you
one, because if you do, I mean, you
might as well have sex with her now,
before it's too late and you know what?
I can hide in the closet and
record the whole thing. And I mean,
you can have a sex tape late. He was
left with a box and get your son.
He is scared to walk. Now you food.
I'm just saying I could hide to
walk now and worked for Kim K
Sir. She has recovered from surfing needs
to rest. You're going to have to leave
because you've got 10
minutes and that's it.
Promised what happened.
It was Kesha. She was following me. Can't.
Shut up talking crazy.
I left.
I went to the car to puck a little kid.
She came out of nowhere. She's staffed.
Wait in front of Boston
She is not worth you.
Going back to jail over
to say the police investigated,
going to investigate.
I need to tell him,
please cut. Please protect him.
Doesn't know what he's doing
Well, now that we're going
to be working together.
I just want to make sure
we're on the same page. Okay?
So now that you're about to be famous. Oh,
you ain't gonna have no boyfriend.
Right? Why do you say that?
Where do I begin?
I'm going to be doing show network events.
I mean on the road and the studio doesn't
have a lot on your plate and I know
Sean, he's not going
to be ready for all of.
Is that.
Look, all I'm saying is now
that you're about to take over.
You might want to consider
the other options.
I hate to break it to you, but
the sun is just not your tight.
He works a mall job. I mean he barely
makes 25 K a year for Christ's sake.
He still lives in his grandmother's house.
His car alone is an
embarrassment all in itself.
You don't want to be seen
with a guy like that.
Not for the level that you're about to
be on. It's just not a good look for you.
So what type of guy do you
think I should be with a boss?
Someone that can take care of you
financially as well as section
is that Sean wouldn't know what
to do with all that. I didn't,
even if I told him myself, oh really?
What you need is a real man's man.
Somebody like me, it's
just not natural for a boy.
Like the shine to be
with a woman like you.
Okay, I get it. So because
you have money and status,
then I should want to be
with somebody like you.
And because Dishon is just an average guy,
then it's not right for
me to want to be with him.
I don't make the rules,
but I just play the game.
He just got it all figured
out. Don't you it's my job.
You were about to be the next
biggest thing coming out of the shot.
So I think it's time
we turn it up at night.
So tonight it's all about you and me.
But do you have plans?
We'll do a little shopping.
Go to the spa hair, done
nails done. You know,
I like the sound of it. And after that,
who knows what two consenting
adults may get into.
Tell me, you love me. Love me.
I want to hear Craig.
You know how I feel about you?
You're still messing with
that. Goofy. Want to know this?
This right here. This mind you, my baby.
I said Jess,
because I let you hit does not
mean I'm your baby or your girl.
She a lie. You will be.
Kenneth is mommy.
And he's coming back to me now
until then all you is a good
way. Just enjoy the ride.
Why you paying? Okay.
Look, if I catch buddy over
here, I'm stretching them out.
No that whatever boy you're so scary.
I ain't got nobody out.
Open up, man.
Come on and get up.
You want some smoke? Huh?
All right. Bobby girl,
Steven Powell, shorty.
I'll get it together the right way, man.
What you about to do, man? I'm not, no.
Give me something to eat then
I'm decent. You know what?
As a matter of fact,
slammed my uncle Raymond's or give me a
G pain because when I get done with her,
I'll be hungry. Then that thing, man,
that I slide on me about like, oh.
Man, you know you immediate,
man, man, stop, man.
Would you, I'm gonna
give you that one though.
Let me see your hand. Let me see
your hands. I didn't do nothing.
Then I don't have nothing
Told. Y'all get your hobby.
Can I make my phone call.
Please, please.
My girl is in the hospital. I just
need to make a phone call to my cousin.
That's all. Thank you.
D what took you so long, man?
I've been busy.
Man. Tiana. Is that what happened?
Kaisa crazy. Stabbed her in front of my,
she stabbed Teyana in front of my son.
Man. I did. All right, but it don't matter
to you though. Huh? What do you mean?
It doesn't matter to me.
Because we blood with cousins,
with family. Where were you?
I've been spending time with my,
besides I ain't going to mind.
I don't need to hold
your hand. Right? Right.
Well, why you supposedly with your girl?
Tell me why she out there with James.
You don't know what you're talking about.
James is working very hard
to help her grow up. No.
She, Mrs.
Closeup got dropped off earlier this
evening with a bunch of bags that she got
from James.
Oh, it's not like that.
Jasmine is an aspiring artists.
I gems is starting his own record label.
He's even going to sign up to a deal.
He's showcasing her tomorrow at
this spot for some music execs.
The son. You're not listening, man.
What's she got your nose
wide open first and foremost.
Think about it. Who doesn't
know who peanut head James is?
Everybody knows who he is. She act like
she didn't so she could get it to man.
She can still find her way inside
with him. Don't you get it? She got,
you want him off a square and you over
here struggling over some basic chick who.
Does this man, just because I'm
not a drug dealer. Like you,
she doesn't want to be with.
Me. Don't don't do that, man.
You know they recording these phone calls.
I'll talk to you later. I
hope that. All right, bye.
Hello? Hey daddy. What's wrong with you?
Nothing just busy.
Well there's something that's been on my
mind that I want to talk to you about.
Let's go. Jazz. Time is money.
I was just saying tonight, are
you coming to the showcase?
Well, I'll talk to you. Make.
A D uh.
My mom was on the way to pick me
up and you will never bleed this.
She got a boot on her car.
Uh, you mind if I just go to
your girl's showcase with you?
Sure. Cool.
All right. Cool.
We should just real fast.
We got plans tonight, camp.
I got a date tonight with the
MBA baller. Now, you know,
he only wants you for your body.
And that's fine. Cause I only want
him for his money. So a Fairtrade.
Haven't your body. Got you in
enough trouble this week. Aye.
Hey, do you almost ready to go?
I just have to fill up
at the gas station first.
I called, cause I ain't got
no gas money. You got this.
I know
since the day I was born, I never
needed a cook because he kept me safe.
They know me every day.
They tell on me, just hold
on, babe. They won't be alone.
If I can trust them
and know that they love
wait, wait, excuse me.
Do you think God could really use you
think I could really use a sinner like me?
Everybody. Give me your
hands. Give me your hand.
Yeah. You know what? Uh,
let's look at it from.
Here, man. Take off for the
night. The show. Yeah, that's it.
I come in favor of you to move
mountains for this young man.
Keep him safe. Protect them in your name.
Jesus. Amen.
We better get ready to go. We're going
to be late for the show. Hold on.
I want to play something
like that.
I'm glad you liked it.
Maybe that especially
that's the next thing on the album,
James, what are you doing?
You got a few minutes.
This time you start showing me something.
A little taste of what
stuffed lamb we need to go.
I don't like to play games and you
want to both know what you want.
Everything is not always about you.
It is. It is about me. You know why?
Because I'm the one out here making deals
and it's time that you get down on your
knees and baby, just like the rest of.
Your right to shine.
Couldn't possibly handle
a woman like me anyway.
I need a real man above plus
it's about time. I start treating myself.
Now. See, now you're starting to talk.
Don't you ever do that to me again,
father is going to get you.
Juice in the kitchen, my kitchen.
he'll know what he's saying. Hey,
cheap, fast,
Thank God.
There's something we need to talk about.
Was wrong. Everything was going to be.
Okay. Mama, head three kids.
It's not the baby Tiana.
I mean, it's my wife.
Everybody that comes into
my life. I heard them.
You're laid up here because
of me. This and I fell out.
Some goals popped up me today and
this old lady got killed. Okay.
Grandma died because of the stress of my
own troubles. Sometimes tick,
I think this is where it
would be so much better.
If I was the one that was dead.
Ever talk like that.
What about me?
What about your children? What are we
supposed to do? If you're not here?
No more.
Be a man by myself. I know
life has the stuffs and down,
but bad times. Don't last long.
We've come too far to give up now Ken,
and now we have to have another
baby between you and Deshaun.
We'll work things out. You always do.
He's your only cousin. Did you all he got
well, I do you really think
just the customer you'll grow,
shows up that he's not
going to need you anymore.
When we get out of here, I
want to split things for you.
Let's go down to city
hall and get married.
See that ain't gonna make
anything better. Maybe. Maybe not,
but it's definitely a step
in the right direction.
If you going through something,
I want to be right by your side,
going through it with you,
but not as your baby mom
as your wife
on hurry up.
I know what's going to be some ladies
there and I'm trying to do some parking
lot. Walk up.
Definitely not this one. In
order to bag the hottest chick,
you just got to stand
next to the hottest car.
Stupid boy. Right?
Call it what you want. No, you know what?
I remember that one time I was leaning
against this car. Why would the chick cop
come on, man? How long
would it take the pump?
$2. So actually 28 yards.
That's it. That's it.
That's it. That's it.
That's it. That's it.
That's the difference between
us. If you and me came up
excuse me. Get paid.
Hey, do you know where lake in Austin is?
We don't know who you are.
Um, I think so. What.
Are you doing here in Chicago? West side.
Trust me. I know all about the hoods.
I'm hosting a private fashion show
tonight. Welcome to Shai soon.
Excuse me. But if you're
not doing anything later,
I'm free all night after my show
and maybe we can hit the club,
get some drink, whatever you want.
Yeah. Sorry. I have plans
worn out with your girlfriend. That's.
It? Wow. And you're.
Honest about it. I'm
definitely not used to that.
She wants to be a very, very special lady.
She's my dream girl.
He's on his wife. Okay. You
know, but where's your girl at.
All. She's in the back. Getting
ready. Can I see it for a second?
Can you talk to that for, I think
I want to protect my investor.
She's in the back.
I'll be right back. Try not to
get into any trouble. Right? Cool.
I'm just gonna look for some freestyle.
What's up? Hey, what's up man?
Where's Jasmine. Oh, she's
in the back end, right? So.
This is it. Is it about to blow up Jay?
Oh man. I've been wanting to tell you.
You've been loyal to me for
a long time. It's not see.
Where I live brother, as you know.
But I appreciate you. I
want you to know that.
I got you back
And of course you didn't
have any money. I don't buy.
Nothing. Food and drink there.
So you can't be taking people's drinks
said they ain't left it. Find us,
keep us loses. We don't want
to mess around the Contra mono.
I already got my shot for that dog.
Don't even worry about it. Obama cap.
You know why he's not going to be able
to make it. He was feeling a little sick.
So he went on back to the hotel.
But what he did ask her to do was to last
year and the event. So she does well,
you got yourself a.
Deal. Okay, well, let's
get this thing started.
Oh, I need some chocolate
to help me calm a combat.
Hey aren't you dishonest cousin.
Yeah. And.
So what, so is he with you? Nope.
I need to talk to him and RJ
play him like that. Excuse me. When you.
Think, I don't know what you tried to
get through D just to get to James. Yeah.
I saw you get out of his car the
other night. All them bags and.
All the phone numbers.
First of all, you need to come
correct with how he's talking to me.
Secondly, it's not even like that.
Minnis females, just like you. The only
one to mess with dudes for one thing,
everybody know you ain't want to mess
with di like that in the first place.
You don't know anything
about me. I love to Shawn.
He's a great man and he's very good to me.
And I'm a good and faithful woman to him.
So if you think that I'm
out to hurt your cousin,
that shame on you because I'm not going
to mess up what we have for nothing.
Not even my career. Now,
James that's the snaky
needs to be looking out for
Pick up your food. Hey,
Hey dude, dude.
Man, I want to apologize to you
for what I said the other day, man.
Song, ride or snap, man.
I was wrong.
Deshawn. When grandma died,
you was the one I was looking after me.
And I guess when Jasmine
came into the pitcher,
I started to miss man.
But look, it's your life.
I'm happy for you. And I respect that.
Most importantly, man, I let you.
Jump in. Listening to
Is about to perform.
Hey man, it's called you,
but that's Vanessa beat.
So it can not now stop.
Tell us, tell him right now.
I will tell him how you been
sneaking this girl behind his back.
What are you on drugs?
Come on the shine. You know, I
would never do you like that, man?
We like family.
Man. His family. And I'm proud of
you playing them like that. Yeah.
You want me to, sorry. I'll put your
hands on me. I'm calling my lawyer.
It's what are you doing? I told
you to turn was almost up. Hey,
y'all saw that right?
I ain't see nothing. Hold on, hold
on James. You don't have to do that.
You leave.
Man. I ain't going nowhere,
man. Don't want you to tell Dee,
tell him that you threatened
to ruin his girl career.
If he said that you pushed
up on in the studio earlier,
what are you talking about?
Candidates. Come on to shine. You know,
he's been jealous of our
relationship since high school.
Sure. It's true.
James is not your friends earlier.
James tried to proposition me for
sex in exchange for a music deal.
He's not your friend.
Come on. You going to really listen
to some groupie chick you just met.
You're gonna let her feed
you with a bunch of lies.
She's the one that tried
to push up on me, Sean.
I know that you think that James is
your friend, but trust me, he is not.
He only hangs out with you because he's
insecure about his own shortcomings.
So he keeps you around because
you make less money than him.
And it makes them feel good to be
literally you, but trust me, baby,
you are so much better than him
and you don't need him at all.
Hmm. See, that's where you're
wrong. He does need me.
When I'm around, the Shaun
gets a little bit good lights.
He drives the fanciest cars we eat
at the most upscale restaurants.
Hell he needs people that
he'd only read about in.
Magazines. I give them a taste of
what it feels like to be a stop.
And to Sean knows there's nothing wrong
with living in another man shadow.
Especially if his mom.
Deshaun doesn't need to live in
anybody's shadow. She casts his own.
No. What? You're skating on thin ice girls
can't believe you do this to me.
I thought we were brothers, man.
Did you know
me, man? I know you not.
Believe in this mess.
You know me, Joe, right?
I do know you. I chose.
To look in the other direction
because I realized something.
I realized that I did like living in
your shadow because I looked up to you.
But now I know can only
look down at his snake.
Come off. You don't come off.
That was a good line.
Hey, I'm gonna use that.
Let's go, Kenneth, Jasmine.
I know you have to perform. So I'll
come to your house tonight. No.
If my man is leaving,
then I'm leaving too.
I don't care anything
about this record deal.
Especially if it means working under him.
I think I like her. So we out.
Hey, you're nothing without me.
You and Mitch.
And that convict cousin of yours
y'all can get the hell out of there.
My hostel wants told me that
haters are going to hate.
Elevate and motivate you,
but I'm going to do you a
solid and ladies, hands on you.
The one I told you, what.
Would happen if I caught
you cheating on me again?
I hope the sex was worth 2.7
didn't meal, young.
I'm sorry. I'm messing up your big chance.
You did it earlier. Maybe one
of the executives backstage.
And I told them what
was going on with James.
He set up a personal meeting with me
and Clive Davis tomorrow. God is good.
Look, I haven't been totally
honest about things in my life.
I know you don't know.
I must stupidest shine
and you still want to be,
of course it was never about what you had.
I liked you since the first day I met you.
Wait a minute. Pardon me?
You still treat boom. Hey, you
better treat them right by the way.
Trust me.
All right. All right. All right.
I got to tell you something, man.
May I please meet you in the car? Huh?
What's he on his doing
good, babe. He's doing good.
Man. Thanks man.
Next time, you know you be telling me you
have the football team running around.
No, no, no, no, no.
But you know it, men I'm gonna do
things right? This time we going get me.
Tenants. Danny married.
Must have walked off..
You know what, man, when I look
around that days, I check out life.
Dude. There's so much bad
stuff out here in trouble.
It's about time. I get
myself together. You.
Know? I'm glad to hear that.
Yeah. Grandma's in heaven.
Smiling right now. Well.
I tell you, what is she smiling
about this just way to tomorrow.
What's happening tomorrow. Let's
just say it's a church day.
Next thing you'll be
telling me. I gave baptized.
I baptize you in the name of the
father, the son and the holy ghost.
Check it out. It's
on the track because the 808,
they got my back helping me carry
on my baggage. Like I have pack.
I know I'm difficult and I'm
only a nurse. That's real love.
Cause don't too many staples and pennies.
All genetics. That's real blood look,
mommy, mommy. And mommy's
break. When they still around,
my family blew me up.
Irritate him,
but I never lose enough unless somebody
paid it because they might interest
that they wanted
more. I want fly by on me. Bam.
I see me stay on my. Like they was
the normal guy. I still,
I got him like the latest show.
Remember who? Ain't gotta chill
grandma project.
Instead I live with the pain of so many
things that I was just saying promises