Friends: Mononokeshima no Naki (2011) Movie Script

I've got no choice.
Could that be...
Monster Island?
Naki of Monster Island
It really does exist.
It really exists!
It really does!
What were they talking about?
It was so easy to get to Monster Island!
It's been close all along!
What are you doing?
Why did you follow me here?!
You've also come to pick mushrooms,
You fool!
This isn't a place to come for fun.
I came to help Mom!
Fool, don't cry.
Alright, alright, I understand.
Listen, you have to keep quiet.
Be a good boy.
Do you understand, Kotake?
The rumor is true!
So many huge,
broad mushrooms!
Oh, aren't these 'Swallowtail' mushrooms?
We can make a huge profit
selling these, Kotake!
We'll easily make enough money
to pay for Mom's medicine!
You have to help gather!
Wow, those adults sure are cowards.
They won't even pass through Middlerock
because it's against the law.
It's like having Treasure Island right next to us!
They say monsters will appear?
Well then, let them appear!
Let's run for it!
You really chased them off, Naki!
It's not good, Gunjo.
He managed to get away.
Did something happen?
Takeichi broke the law.
What on earth?!
He said he was going to gather mushrooms.
You're here!
What's wrong?
What happened?
Mom, I'm sorry.
I wanted to get money...
beyond Middlerock...
I went to Monster Island.
How could you?!
Because I was worried about you.
Your strange cough never stops,
just like with Dad before he died...
That's why I...
Where's Kotake?
What happened to Kotake?!
Speak up and answer!
I heard the rumor that there were lots
of rare mushrooms growing...
Then monsters appeared!
I desperately...
tried to escape...
You left him behind?!
I'll go and rescue Kotake!
Please let me go!
Do you want to get killed?
You'll also be eaten by monsters!
I can see...
the rage of the monsters!
Their rage is seething out
from beyond Middlerock.
Cursing your son who has violated the ban,
rage is swirling around it!
It's unfortunate,
but you will have to give up on Kotake.
They've probably eaten him already.
Who would've thought Monster Island really does exist on the far side of Middlerock...
Will this pass by without any problems?
I don't know.
If, however, the legend is true,
the monsters were chased there back in the days of my great, great grandparents.
That will soon have been 200 years ago.
That was a long time ago.
In that case, could they have forgotten about the war and all that?
That's exactly the problem!
It's said that monsters live 10 times longer than we do.
The ones that lost the war and were chased to that island
are probably still alive...
Their rage has grown and grown without a doubt...
It's impossible to believe that they won't do anything.
If... the monsters get carried away by their rage and attack us...
Monsters are creatures that multiply with raging force.
I'm afraid their number...
has grown to over one thousand.
One thousand!
We have to hurry up and perform the ceremony to calm their rage!
Line up. Line up properly. Hey!
Is... everyone here?
Number yourself!
It's coming! It's coming!
That's your name, you know.
That's so true.
Enough already.
Anyway, we know everyone's
here without counting.
Now then.
The other one got away, huh.
It's been 200 years since the last battle.
That's quite a long time for humans.
This is the first time that a human has broken the law and come here.
If they know there are only a few monsters here,
all of us may be massacred at any time.
It stinks!
It stinks!
It stinks more and more!
How stupid.
What did you say?!
You're talking nonsense, as I said.
That other one got swept up in a whirlpool and died without a doubt.
Even so, you gather everyone together and go on about being worried.
It's idiotic.
It means that we can no longer say that we're secure anymore.
Actually, rumors say that the monsters who ran away to Phantom Mountain
have recently been wiped out by humans.
It's also been a long time since we heard anything from Ayakashi Valley.
Now, now, now...
In that respect, we're here, so...
It won't matter how many of those humans come here. We can handle them fine.
Right, Naki?
Hey, Naki!
Even though he let him escape...
Who do you think is to blame for this?!
That's right! Naki is always like that, right?
I'm being bullied by others saying "bitter melon", you know.
You think so as well too, right, Mikke?
Huh? What's going on? Eh?!
Did you say something, you stupid vegetable?
It was nothing. Please let go of me.
Yes! Whoa!
Naki, just sit down.
Don't mind me!
You guys too,
you're all so noisy about it!
So, what'll we do about this brat?
He's seen this place.
We can't let him get away alive.
Want me to let instantly go of him from here?
Calm down!
What's wrong with all of you?
Move for a bit.
I'm getting squeezed!
He's our hostage.
Taking into consideration of the unlikely event that
the humans once again may come and attack us,
it's best to keep the kid around as a hostage.
you'll look after him.
You started this whole thing.
As you are aware,
humans become vicious beasts after only 10 or 20 years.
You're the only one that can deal with that if it happens.
Don't be kidding me!
Why do I have to look after a human?!
You say that even after knowing what the humans did to me?!
That is an order.
Get off this island if you don't want to listen!
The heck with you!
Hey, Naki!
Out of my way, move!
Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!
He went...
What a troublesome guy.
Hey, you'll get a stomachache if you nibble too much on me.
This is troublesome.
I know the Elder said that someone has to look after him...
What in the world are we going to do with this kid?
Of course, Naki should do it.
Who is going to take him to Naki's place?
Ah, how about you? You live next door anyway.
No way, no way, no way...!
I can't!
I'm just bitter melon, so...
How about you, Kameppi?
I can't.
Aaah... I can't do it either...
If you're going to do it...
Besides, you were also involved in this!
That's right, things to do with Naki involve you, Gunjo.
No way, me?
Is it my fault?!
I understand.
I get it.
As expected from Gunjo!
You're not asking me to do something this troublesome...
without giving something in return, right?
So, everyone, what do you think of my new house?
Charming, isn't it?
Geez, shut up! We're here for something important, you know.
What did you say?!
Wh-What was that?!
What happened?
When did you take their side?!
Just calm down and listen...
As if I can calm down, you idiot!
For you out of all people to bring this brat with you!
What's the meaning of this, huh?!
Just listen up!
What do you think I got in exchange?
All the rights of the Hump Rock mushrooms!
How about that!
So what, you simpleton?!
That's only for your benefit!
I'll split it with you.
You can have 40 percent of the total,
and I'll... take enough with 60 percent.
What? I can have 40 percent?
Don't be joking me! My share is lower than that of yours!
In any case, just keep the kid for now.
After we've gathered the mushrooms,
we'll put him in a boat and send it off.
How's that sound?
And until that happens?
Good luck with him until then!
Now what, you got a complaint?
Quit glaring! You mischievous brat!
What's that? Your name?
Who cares.
Kotake! Kotake, Kotake, Kota...
Kotake! Kotake, Kotake, Kotake.
I beg of them to have a merciful heart,
and their rage be calmed.
Do you hear that?
How dreadful!
It's the enraged voices of the monsters!
Water! Water! Water!
I wonder if he really is capable of managing him...
That's not good, you know?!
Gunjo is such a guy!
Stop, stop, Stop!
I won't stop!
What the heck happened?
This little brat set me on fire!
You shouldn't lose your cool; that's something a kid would do.
A beast's kid is a beast!
Hold it in. Grow up, Naki!
Remember the Hump Rock mushrooms!
Besides, if you look after him, the others on the island will say,
"Hey, that Naki is a really great guy after all.", you know.
Do you understand?
Of course you do.
You want to get along well with everyone too, right?
Gunjo... You're...
It's hot!
How dreadful!
The monsters have become even more enraged!
Don't tell me with that energy he will...
He'll come this way? He'll come this way? He's coming!
It's the worst pattern! It's the most worst pattern!
He's coming across!
It was so hot!
My house...
Let's go throw him into the sea!
What were you saying about the Hump Rock, huh?
And the others on the island?
Forget that!
I won't be at peace until I throw him into the sea!
What's so funny?! Huh?!
Shut up!
You're going to cry?
You're going to cry when you fell yourself?
Be quiet!
Shut up!
Idiot, do something about it!
I don't know how! Then you throw him away!
You're the one that made him cry!
Keep it down!
Naki, bellow, bellow.
Your bellowing makes him laugh!
What's with this guy?
Naki, bellow again. If you don't he'll start crying again.
I'm worn out.
You try to do something.
I'll show you something amazing.
I can make myself disappear!
How's that, eh?
OK, since it comes down to it, I'll use 'that'.
Where is it?
Well... Um...
Stop that. What are you doing?!
I found it! Here, here!
A transforming mushroom!
Give it back!
Give it back!
No way! Come take it!
Chow time!
Don't be so stingy!
I'm just taking this one.
Y-You ate it?
You ate it? You actually ate it!
It's taking effect!
I gobble down kids that cry!
Naki, do you remember when we first came to this island?
You kept on crying for your mother, 'Mommy, Mommy.'
That's why we call you 'crybaby' Naki.
That name didn't suit you at all, Naki.
Don't talk about that!
There was actually a time when you cried like a baby, just like this kid.
These days though, you're the sissy.
Shut up!
Admit that I'm sensible.
Back then, I cried enough for a lifetime.
So, I'll never cry again.
Besides, you promised me.
If I didn't cry for 200 years, you'd stop saying 'crybaby' Naki.
Did I really?
Don't play games with me!
That's the promise that you made.
Did I really say that?
I've been holding back for sooooo long.
In just a bit, it will have been 200 years.
Don't try to say you've forgotten.
Alright, alright, alright...
You've been handed something really troublesome.
Mom, hurry...
You too have to escape now!
I won't leave without my Mommy.
Your Mommy is dead!
Give up on her!
You're lying!
You're lying!
Let's run together...
I'll be alright, you run away!
Now then, you quickly go back to your village in this boat.
Listen, it's high tide here at the moment.
If you go to Middlerock Cave,
you'll naturally drift back to your village with the current.
If the boat does stop on the way,
use these to keep moving.
You can do that, right?
Listen, go back to your village in this boat!
Come on!
Go home already!
Go home already!
Oh, that's right...
You love this kind of thing.
You know, I really hate you.
I don't even want to look at your kind.
Lousy little human.
Now go!
Just disappear!
Oh, Gunjo.
Sorry about yesterday.
Look at this,
I rebuilt my place in just one night!
Wow! That's amazing!
That's an unique design you have.
What happened?
Why is this boat shaped?!
How come?!
Oh, taking a morning walk?
Naki, where did you go to?
You shouldn't leave the kid alone, you know.
Don't come back again!
I'm sleeping and he's taking my time already.
What game are you two playing?
For crying out loud. I can't let my guard down with him!
you returned again?
In that case,
I have no choice but to teach you a special trick I was saving.
Because that old guy is scary when he gets mad!
Enough! Mischievous brat! Gunjo!
You called?
He really likes this!
Idiot, how many hundreds of years have you been doing that for?!
You've been laughing at this for just as many years, too.
I can't be doing this, now isn't the time to be laughing!
One way or another, we've got to send this kid back.
No matter how many times you chase him away, he keeps coming back.
Maybe this kid took a liking to you?
Quit joking!
He's a human!
He's like a wild animal!
He may turn into a beast any moment!
Listen closely now.
If you come back this time, I will gobble you up!
I told you before,
I hate those creatures called humans!
L-Looking at me like that won't help!
Don't come back ever again!
See you!
Did he go back?
I scared him a bit, and he headed back with tears in his eyes.
He really is just a kid.
Think he'll be okay?
I wonder if he'll get home safely...
The sea currents go through there.
In any case, he'll get to the village.
The wind is getting stronger...
You're pretty brave to try and eat this kid!
Let's go, Gunjo!
I'm great with a bat!
It's because I can throw good, idiot!
Kotake, boys shouldn't cry.
It's sure tough looking after this kid!
Hold on tight!
Having fun, Kotake?
One, two, three, four, and five!
Well, aren't they delicious?
Those are 'Little Monk' mushrooms,
they're rare, and really hard to find.
when autumn comes, we'll be able to
eat heaps of these mushrooms!
You know why?
This year we have all the rights of the Hump Rock...
Idiot! You'll burn yourself!
Don't eat just those ones!
I'm saving those!
Now, now, he's just doing what all kids do.
Why are you taking them all for yourself?!
They're mine! Give them back!
I have this one too!
Y-Y-You took that!
It's a 'Heavenly Maiden' mushroom!
I know that!
No way...
N-No way...
Why you...! Gunjo!
If tasty things like this are left alone, and aren't eaten, they might spoil!
Tasty things should be eaten!
In that case, I'll eat it!
I don't think so!
Kotake, stop!
You're a good boy, so give that here quickly, OK?
He ate it!
The brat really ate it!
That's called a 'Heavenly Maiden', a phantom mushroom!
Spit it out!
That's too special for a kid like you!
Spit it out! Come on! Come!
H-H-H-He swallowed it...
The Heavenly Maiden mushroom...
I've been treasuring that 'Heavenly Maiden' for years...
Tasty, no?
You know,
'Heavenly Maiden' mushrooms
are very rarely found.
I'll find one!
For how many years do you think I treasured that one?!
I'm going to eat one right in front of Kotake!
Don't be so mad that your face turns red.
I was born like this!
Born like this!
Look, Naki!
Look, they're 'firework' mushrooms!
Don't you think he'll like them?
I'm more interested in 'Heavenly Maiden'.
It's a 'Balloon' mushroom.
If you eat that, your body will expand.
I told you not to eat it, didn't I?!
a 'Heavenly Maiden'?!
My goodness!
Damn you,
since you ate mine, you have to give that to me.
You're giving it to me?
Idiot, I was just joking!
I can't take it from a kid.
Tasty, no?
Yeah, they sure are.
Alright, I'll take it.
But, the next time I find a 'Heavenly Maiden,'
I'll definitely give it to you.
That's a promise!
This is...
really tasty!
Dinner's almost ready!
Hey, you look all worn out from playing around earlier.
Hey, If you're going to sleep, do it after eating dinner.
Hey, wake up!
What's wrong, Kotake?!
He has a terrible fever.
He really is a nuisance!
Can't you do something, Gunjo?
He's really messing with us.
He's a real idiot!
That's why I don't like humans.
Even though they're brutes, their body is weak...
How can they be that way?!
If we mix arrowroot, ginger, and have him drink it,
maybe it will help.
Will that make him better?
When you had a fever,
that fixed it in one dose.
He's a human kid!
What works for us, might not work for him!
Anyway, just sit down!
You're getting too worked up.
What's wrong? What is it?
Does it hurt?
Have you been holding back tears until now?
Mommy, huh...
What is it?
You starting to remember your own mother because of this?
Many years ago,
a small Spirit Creature was traveling with migratory birds,
and passed through here, remember?
He told me something back then.
Far to the south,
there was a monster that
really resembled me.
What did you say?!
You'll wake Kotake!
Why didn't you tell me about that?
It must be your mother.
Why don't you go and look for her?
I don't know if it's my mother or not.
Regardless, just in case...
Your mother may still be alive!
In my case, I can't meet her no matter how much I want to, you know!
But you know,
I'd have to travel...
through human territory to get there.
If I did go to only to find out it was someone else...
It'd be really awkward, you know?
What are you afraid of?
I can't believe it!
I'm not afraid.
After a lot of thought, that was my decision.
That is just being afraid!
Well, we should go change the wet cloth to keep his head cool.
it went down!
What did?
His fever?
It dropped, it dropped.
I'm sure he wants to meet his Mommy, too.
You can do it! You can do it!
try to remember this scenery well.
Why do even we have to go to the human village?
I'm not able to do it after all.
I'm at my limit!
I'm going.
Right, I'm going.
Kameppi, go.
This is bad! Hide yourself, Kameppi.
That was risky.
I'm getting sleepy...
Alright, let's regroup and try again.
Say your number, starting from the bottom.
I guess you want to call five.
We'll make Waratako 'four.'
That was loud!
Excuse me.
was just passing by,
and wondered why this village has such tight security.
Two village children broke the rule and went to the
forbidden island, where they were attacked by monsters.
The younger of the two brothers seems to have been devoured.
B-By who?
By the monsters, of course!
By monsters? Lies! Lies!
Monsters don't eat humans!
You're wrong.
It seems they eat their eyeballs while they're still alive!
But, they only eat mushrooms.
I-In any case,
now the monsters know the taste of humans,
so they may come attack us at any time now!
you sure look rather odd.
Can it be that?!
You're actually a gang of monsters?
What are all those bitter gourd bumps on your face?
T-These are...
You're very rude to stare at a person's pimples.
We've been found out. We've been found out!
Didn't you just suddenly become smaller?
T-T-T-That's impossible.
N-N-No, I'm sure y-y-you shrank.
That's ridiculous!
Right, guys?
Of course it is.
- Yeah... Yeah...
Humans can't shrink.
Oh no, he saw through us!
It's not like that you know!
The monsters have come!
They ran towards the sea!
Don't leave me alone!
That went better than expected.
Hey, wait!
What now, are you afraid again?
Of course not!
Why did I even even come here?
I knew it, you're scared.
Shut up!
I'm not afraid.
I just regret that I let you drag me along again.
You're so scared that your face turned all blue.
Yeah, quite muc- I mean, I was born like this!
In any case,
just as we have planned,
I'll disappear and signal you, got it?
OK, let's go over the signals.
This means you should stop.
This means you should go.
Be very careful!
Don't confuse it with stop, okay?
We won't get that wrong.
Wun ge Wong.
Alright, let's go.
Stop, Stop!
People are there.
We should be OK.
I'll keep watch from over there.
Kotake, this is your village.
Now, you'll have to walk on your own from here.
Kotake, I can't go with you.
I told you that I can't go!
Wait a minute.
What did you say?
Well, get going.
Off you go!
boys shouldn't cry.
Look, Kotake.
Mommy! Mommy!
Mommy. Mommy.
You're still alive?!
Are you really still alive?
You really are Kotake,
Kotake, Kotake!
You're alive...
You're alive!
You know...
mothers are really great.
That's true.
Doesn't that make you want to see your own mother?
Naki? Nachi?
What's that?
What's wrong, Naki?
Shut up!
Wait up!
You who have broken the law.
Cool down your head for a while down here!
Please punish them thoroughly!
The rest of us didn't want to do it, but they forced us.
Go now!
Don't ever go past Middlerock again!
Hmpf! This isn't scary at all!
Right, Naki?
Eh? You're no good in these kinds of things?
Are you afraid?
No, it's not that.
But... you're looking rather pale.
Could it be that you have to...
take a crap?!
Stop messing around in this situation!
Hey, Elder!
We've realized our mistake!
Please forgive us!
Are you drawing a picture?
Ohh! That's a...
Don't shout!
You must have been terrified.
It's OK, look at that fence.
Those awful monsters can't get in anymore.
Be good, be good.
What are you doing?
What did you come here for?
I saw you climbing Monster Rock,
and wondered what you were up to.
Hah, just taking a walk.
A walk?
It seems more like you're sneaking around searching for something.
It's none of your business, so stop bothering me!
You're searching for a 'Heavenly Maiden' mushroom, aren't you?
What are you saying?!
There's no way that 'Heavenly Maidens' could grow in such a sunny spot!
You should forget about Kotake.
Hah, what in the world are you saying?!
Monsters and humans can't get along with each other!
I know that!
Did you forget?
I really hate humans!
I already forgot about Kotake long ago!
Why are you searching for a 'Heavenly Maiden' mushroom then?!
You're planning to take it to Kotake if you find one, aren't you?
I'm not criticizing you.
Just don't do it.
I'm sick of this, shut up!
What are you talking about?!
Complaining and complaining!
What are you to me, huh?
Don't you have better things to do than just nagging me?!
Your mother might still be alive right?
Why aren't you looking out for her?! You coward!
It's your fault.
You're not able to survive on this island yourself.
It's my fault?!
My fault?!
You know, don't you?
No one on this island likes you!
It's only because I stick up for you
that you're able to live on this island at all!
I didn't ask you to!
I said that I didn't ask you to do that!
How can you...
How can you say such a thing?!
I've had enough, I don't care any more.
Just do as you like.
Yeah, I will do as I like!
Well, bye.
So, it's this town.
Yes, sir.
Look at that fence.
These people are scared.
We'll make money off of them.
The samurai have come!
They're tough-looking samurai!
Sorry for making you wait.
Have they arrived?
Hello! Hello!
Is it you?
The one who wrote this letter?
Thank you for coming.
Everyone, listen to me!
These men are famous monster exterminators.
They'll protect our village!
Now that we've arrived
there's nothing to worry...
Gasuke, sir?
Gasuke, sir...
Now that we've arrived,
there's nothing for you to worry about.
You can now feel like you're boarding a huge ship.
they've really built something impressive.
This is a crisis!
The monsters are here!
They're here!
The monsters are coming!
They've come! Those monsters bastards!
I am a monster by the name of Naki.
I have come to know Kotake well.
I am not a monster to be afra-
Go to hell, you monster!
Please don't be afraid!
I'm nothing to be afraid of.
Today I have brought a very special gift with me.
It is called a 'Heavenly Maiden'-
Be careful!
It howled!
Finish him!
It collapsed.
He's running away!
After him!
He's down below, trying to escape to the island!
Hurry up, Hyoma!
Approach from the other side and cut him off!
Attack from both sides!
He casually came here, not even knowing that we're here.
I'll skin him and make myself a new coat!
Where is he hiding?!
Come out! I'll finish him off.
Oh, what, did you let him run away?
Didn't you let him get away while you were goofing off?
Nothing we can do now.
We'll withdraw for today.
I was planning to split his head with this.
That monster will beg for his life.
Like "No, please save me!"
For someone with a big body, he sure was a pity guy.
Gunjo, you came to save me?
Hang in there!
That's why I told you!
Don't do it.
What's so funny?
You called?
You idiot, laughing will reopen my wounds!
Well, you're doing much better now.
It's just like you said.
You've rescued me again.
I can't do anything without your support.
You're being awfully honest now.
Well, if you hadn't come to rescue me today, I'd be a coat by now.
You acted so recklessly...
As I told you, Naki,
monsters and humans just can't get along.
I just...
really wanted to let Kotake eat that 'Heavenly Maiden' mushroom.
I wanted to see the look of satisfaction on his face one more time.
But, I'll give up on seeing Kotake again.
Oh, yeah, I have to step out for a bit.
I guess you'll be alright on your own for a little while.
Where are you going?
It's just,
it'll be dawn soon.
I want to enjoy watching the sun rise.
Hey, stop joking around...
You have to take a crap.
What are you? A kid?
Quiet down and sleep!
Bulls-eye! You're going to take a crap.
If you talk about nothing but that,
I'll throw you out!
Take a crap! Take a crap!
I've made up my mind!
I'll abandon you.
I'll just go home like this!
Crap, crap, crap, crap...
He's awfully late.
Way too late to just be taking a crap.
Or maybe he just has to deal with a massive crap?
Don't tell me he really went back.
no matter what,
I just cannot forgive humans.
No, I've always felt this way.
Ever since they burned down our village,
I haven't forgiven them, not even once.
Even though we're somehow connected with humans.
What are you going to do?
I don't want to go,
but I've reached my limit...
It has to be done!
Gunjo, what are you doing?!
It's thanks to you that
I've finally realized
what I really wanted to do!
I'll do as I please!
I'm better already!
Look, it doesn't hurt anywhere!
I'll show them what happens when us monsters really become enraged!
I'll teach them a lesson they'll never forget!
You can't do this!
You can't tell me what to do!
Gunjo, don't go!
Come back!
A terrible monster is attacking!
What's this racket so early in the morning?
Hey, look over there!
What's that?
The revenge of the monsters!
Destroy the monster!
Drive away that monster please!
Not yet, after it draws nearer.
Not yet! Not yet!
It's too big to be defeated!
Everyone hurry!
Don't push, don't push!
Settle down, Gunjo!
Out of my way!
I understand how you feel!
But, please hold back!
Look, I'm completely fine now!
Whose side are you on?
Are you not a monster?!
How can I back you when you're going to do such a cruel thing?!
In that case, I'll destroy you first!
Stop it, Gunio!
Out of my way!
I don't want to fight with you!
Shut up!
They tried to kill you!
How can you stand up for them?!
They simply misunderstood us!
You're so easy to fool!
Don fy!
Be quiet!
Go back...
Why can't you understand?
Why can't you understand?!
You intend to become a human?
Shut up!
You traitor!
Are you prepared for your fate?!
I won't let you go there.
You're still able to move?
Persistent wretch!
Is he the one called 'Naki"?
Don't give up, Naki!
I can't believe that a monster... for the sake of humans...
Out of my way!
I won't move!
In that case I'll move you with brute force!
The effect of the mushroom finally wore off?
Go back to the island, Gunjo!
In that case,
you should spend the rest of your life living happily with humans!
Naki, Naki!
There are good monsters out there too.
Mr. Naki! Mr. Naki!
Oh, I'm sorry.
Tasty, no?
This way, this way!
- Okay...
It's a fun morning!
I wanna play again!
I wanna play too!
What's wrong? For everyone to be here...
What is it?
What's troubling you?
What happened to Gunjo?
Huh, who cares?
Gunjo said to give this to you.
Where did that idiot go to?
Where did that idiot go to?!
T-To the back side of this island.
Hey, tell us what's really going on!
"Naki, if you're reading this letter,
it means that my performance went well.
I thought you wouldn't act intensely enough
if you knew it was a performance,
so I had to fool everyone.
If I would've stayed with you, the humans might think that you're an evil monster as well.
Because of that, I decided to go on a journey.
I'm sure it will be a long, long journey.
But, don't worry.
I'm thinking of trying to find my mother.
You'll be okay now.
You've changed after meeting Kotake.
I'm sure you're able to get along well with the monsters on the island and the humans.
Good bye.
I will never forget you.
Wherever we are, I will always be your friend.
From Gunjo."
Gunjo, you're here, right?
Gunjo, have you made yourself invisible?
Show yourself!
Show yourself!
Gunjo, stop fooling around!
I know that you've just made yourself invisible!
Boys shouldn't cry!