Friends of Eddie Coyle, The (1973) Movie Script

That's fine. Thank you.
May I come in, please?
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
May I help you, sir?
- May I have change for 10?
- Yes. How would you like it?
Ten singles will be fine.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye now.
I can get your pieces
by tomorrow night.
I can get you probably six pieces.
I got more now,
but I promised some of this lot.
I don't know as I like that -
buying from the same lot
as somebody else.
- Makes me nervous.
- Yeah, well, I understand.
You don't understand like I understand.
I got certain responsibilities.
Look. I told you I understand.
- Did you get my name or didn't you?
- I got your name.
- Well, all right.
- All right nothin'.
I wished I had a nickel
for every name I got that was all right.
Look at that.
You know what that is?
Your hand.
I hope you look closer at those guns
than you did at that hand.
- Look at your own goddamn hand.
- Yeah?
- Count your fuckin' knuckles.
- All of 'em?
Count as many as you want.
As many as you got, I got four more.
You know how I got those?
I bought some stuff from a man.
I knew his name.
The stuff was traced.
The guy I bought it for-
he's at MCI Walpole for 15 to 25. Still in there.
But he had some friends.
I got an extra set of knuckles.
They put your hand in a drawer...
then somebody kicks the drawer shut.
Hurt like a bastard.
What makes it hurt worse,
what makes it hurt more...
is knowing what's gonna
happen to you, you know?
There you are.
They just come up to you and say, "Look.
"You made somebody mad.
You made a big mistake...
"and now there's somebody
doing time for it.
"There's nothing personal in it,
you understand, but it just has to be done.
Now get your hand out there. "
You think about not doing it, you know.
When I was a kid in Sunday school,
this nun -
she used to say, "Stick your hand out. "
I stick my hand out - Whap! She'd knock me
across the knuckles with a steel-edge ruler.
So one day I says,
when she told me, "Stick your hand out"...
I says, "No. " She whapped me right across
the face with the ruler. Same thing.
They put your hand in a drawer.
Somebody kicks the drawer shut.
Ever hear bones breaking? Just like a man
snapping a shingle. Hurts like a bastard.
I don't know who you been selling to...
but The Man tells me you got guns
to sell, I need guns.
Oh, look. You can't trace these guns.
I guarantee that.
You better, or neither one of us
will be able to shake hands.
Look. These guns are okay.
They're new.
Test firing's all they've had.
Brand-fuckin'- new.
Air weight, shrouded hammers,
floating firing pins.
I can get you four inches and two inches.
Just tell me what you want.
- How much?
- Eighty.
Eighty? You ever sell guns before?
Look. I'm talking about 30 guns here.
What do you want, a discount?
I could sell 30 pieces tomorrow
without even seeing you.
I can't get my hands on 'em fast enough.
I'll bet if I was to go down the shrine there
and go to confession...
I'd get three Hail Marys, and then
the priest would ask me confidentially...
if I can get him something light
to carry underneath his coat.
People are desperate for guns.
I had a guy ask me seriously the other day...
- could I get him a few machine guns.
- What color was he?
He was a nice guy.
I never been able to understand
a man who wanted to use a machine gun.
You get hooked with it, it's life.
Your best all-around item
is the four-inch Smith.
You can lift it,
she goes where you point it.
- I'll go 50.
- Oh, bullshit.
Look. I'm talking about
Split the difference. Eighteen.
I have to see the stuff.
Sure. Okay.
Lines up the point.
Seen the Scal lately?
Yeah, I see him. I don't see him.
Coyle's been looking for him.
Oh, yeah?
- Say where he's at?
- At home.
Collins almost breaks it up against the-
Kicks off to -
Three, eight, four-
Hello, Eddie?
Yeah, it's me, Artie.
Look, I gotta talk to ya.
Could I meet ya?
You wanna see this through, right?
I'll be here at Dillon's.
It's a good thing you told me
you got a new car.
I wouldn't have figured you for this.
What happened to the 396?
Bills were eating me up.
It went like a bird
with a flame up its ass though.
I can't swing it anymore. I'm gonna have to
get married and settle down.
- I mean, I just can't swing it anymore.
- Come on. You do okay off of me.
Shit. What'd I get off you
in the last six months?
I can't hack around anymore, man.
I mean, if I don't stop this, I'm gonna be
looking at the outside from the inside.
How about you?
You still riding?
Nah. That was before I heard
about making money.
Okay. Come on.
You got the stuff?
Mostly four inches though.
- 480, right?
- How come "right"?
Four inches?
Six months ago you'd moan
if I bring you anything but two inches.
I got a better class of trade now.
What, are you hooked in
with the Mafia or something?
I'll tell you the truth -
I don't know.
There's this heavyset guy, you know.
Looks like a mick.
Says he'll take anything I can deliver.
I never seen such demand
for guns before.
Four inches, six inches, uh, Mags...
You name it.
He just keeps bringing me the bread.
It's okay with me.
You do all right off me.
Come on. I give you 20 apiece for iron.
That costs you nothing.
You do all right.
You do better.
Don't hassle me, man.
Look. I know what you're dumping
the money on. I know, all right.
But as long as you can function,
that's okay with me.
But you get my ass in the gears, man,
and I'm gonna turn the flame up under yours.
Come on. I'll see you next week, all right?
You're not looking too good.
I'm looking at three to five, it seems like.
What about the appeal?
Lost the appeal.
Lost the motion for reconsideration.
Gotta surrender up there
for execution of sentence in a week or two.
The old lady's gotta go on welfare.
How would you like that? Your wife and kids
have to go on welfare, like niggers.
Dillon, you gotta do something for me.
- I do what I can.
- I stood up.
You're a stand-up guy.
Christ, I wish I never did that job for ya.
I wish it never happened.
But that don't help.
It looked like a pipe.
You know that. You told me yourself.
You told me you needed dough.
You got the money up front.
The whole town's buttoned up
on this, uh, grand jury anyway.
I never seen things so quiet.
There's nothing much going on.
You guys must have
taken up circle jerks or somethin'.
They ought to run one of these
grand juries every three weeks or so.
It sure puts you guys in the closet.
Fuck you.
By the end of the week,
Artie Van's gonna be...
selling papers
or shining shoes or somethin'.
- He oughta get unemployment.
- Cut it out.
All right.
That was a cheap shot. I apologize.
But there isn't anything going on.
There's something goin' on.
A bunch of the boys getting together,
watch dirty movies?
To tell you the truth -
I don't know what it is.
People are trying to sort of avoid me.
You know?
Guys telephoning
for guys that aren't there.
Here's 20.
Who's calling up?
Remember Eddie Fingers?
Fella that got his hand busted up.
- Who's he looking for?
- Jimmy Scalise. Do you know him?
Last time I heard he was in Florida,
getting some sun.
- Does he find him?
- I don't know.
- I'm just a messenger boy.
- They give you numbers.
Telephone numbers.
I'm a law-abiding citizen.
I got a liquor license.
Ah, you work for a guy
that's got a liquor license. Ever see him?
You're a convicted felon.
Like I say, I work for a guy
got a liquor license. I forget sometimes.
- Want to forget this?
- I'd just as soon.
You ought to get yourself a car.
I don't drive.
If I could afford a car,
I wouldn't be taking 20 a week from you.
Have a nice day.
Mr. Partridge.
We are going to your bank.
You and I and my friend.
My other friend will stay here
with your wife and children...
to make sure nothing happens to them.
Nothing will happen to them,
and nothing will happen to you...
if you do what I tell you.
If you don't,
at least one of them will be shot.
I understand.
Here's your coat.
We leave by the back door.
Everything will be all right.
- Don't be afraid.
- Okay.
Now, you do what
your mommy tells you.
It'll be all right.
They don't want to hurt us.
- All they want is the money.
- He's right.
We don't get any kicks
from hurting people.
Nobody does anything silly...
nobody gets hurt.
Give him your car keys.
Let's go to the bank, Mr. Partridge.
You sleep late, Mr. Partridge.
I'm sorry to have inconvenienced you.
You're probably a brave man.
Don't try to prove it.
We don't plan to hurt you
or anyone else...
unless you make us,
or somebody fucks up.
Now, sit down on the floor of the car.
I'm going to take off your blindfold,
Mr. Partridge...
and then you get sitting up.
Mr. Partridge...
do you see the man
in that phone booth?
When he gives me the signal, I'll know he's
made contact with our friend at your home.
You will then walk to
the front door of your bank...
ring the bell in the usual way...
go into the bank
and tell your people what's going on.
Then you will open
the back door and let us in.
If that door is not open in exactly
one minute after you've entered the bank...
you know what will happen
to your family...
and we will leave immediately
in a car you've never seen.
- Do you understand?
- Yes, I understand.
Okay. Go ahead.
Back up so we can see the door.
Stay right where you are.
Don't press no buttons.
Calm down. Keep quiet.
No one will get hurt.
Hey. Open the door.
Come on. Come on.
Tell 'em to sit down on the floor
in front of the desk.
Please sit down on the floor.
Tell 'em the rest.
When the time lock on the vault opens...
these men will take
what they came for.
I will leave with them.
We will return to my house.
Keep on.
There is another man
at my house with my family.
They will pick him up and leave.
This man has told me
no one will be hurt if no one interferes.
I have to believe him.
So, everyone, please cooperate...
and don't set off any alarms.
What time does it open?
When the fuck does it open?
- That's it.
- Open it.
When you get it open,
move towards the desk there...
so I can watch you and the rest
of them at the same time.
You and I are going to go out and get in
a car and go. Tell them what to do.
When these men leave...
get up and take your usual places.
Open the doors. Draw the curtains.
Start to do business.
You've got to give these men at least an hour.
For God sakes, give them the time.
Okay. Let's go.
Put your hands on the seat
and get yourself sitting up.
Come on.
I'm going to point you,
and you'll start walking.
You'll hear me get back in the car.
You just keep walkin'.
'Cause I've got the windows down
and the guns on you.
Count to 100 very slowly.
That's when you'll be safe.
Start walkin', Mr. Partridge.
- Bye, Dad.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye.
- Bye-bye.
You say anything
to those kids this mornin'?
About what?
About that trouble up there.
Not at all. Why would I?
Well, I thought they acted
kind of funny toward me this mornin'.
Oh. It's your imagination.
- What do you want for breakfast?
- Nothin'.
I gotta go somewhere today,
see a fella.
Goddamn lawyer of mine.
That harpy's got oatmeal for brains.
If I had time, I'd get somebody
to draw up some papers for me.
You know. Incompetence of counsel.
Wouldn't let me take the stand.
I know a fella who can do that,
but he's in the bucket.
My mother said she'd move in
and take care of the kids, while I work.
What are you talking about, work?
You don't want us
to go on welfare, do you?
Hey, look. Sheila, look. It's gonna be
all right up there in New Hampshire.
The fella I'm seeing today-
he told me he could square it for me.
Then we'll get the hell out of here, okay?
I'm not complaining.
It's morning!
That's a nice machine you got there.
- Anybody I know?
- I don't think so.
Fella out in the western part of the state
was using it to transport moon.
The poor bastard. Paid cash for it,
got hooked on his first trip.
Well, they get away with it sometimes.
- I didn't know that was in your line.
- It isn't.
But, you know, you hear different things.
- People get careless.
- I know.
Like last week I heard you were
coming up for sentencing in New Hampshire.
I thought you might
like to go up there with me for the weekend.
You're, uh, still interested
in machine guns, I suppose.
Oh, yes, indeed.
I've always had a strong interest
in a machine gun or two.
That's what I said.
I said old Foley's reliable.
Never forgets his old friends.
Just what old friends, for example?
Well, I was thinking, for example, that, uh,
U.S. Attorney up in New Hampshire there.
You thought I might enjoy
a chance to talk to him?
Well, I figure it's worth tryin'.
Well, it's a long way to go.
Still, if I had a strong reason.
Well, I got three kids and a wife at home there.
I just can't do any more time.
You know, the kids are growing up. They go
to school, all the other kids laugh at 'em.
Well, hell, I'm almost 51 years old.
That's your strong reason.
I need one for me.
What are they holding over you?
About five years?
My lawyer figures about two.
Oh, you'd do well to get out with two.
You had about 200 cases
of Canadian Club on that truck...
the way I remember it,
and none of it belonged to you.
I keep telling you it was a mistake.
Well, you made that mistake before.
Look. There I am, minding my own business,
getting along the best I could.
A man calls me up, knows I'm out of work,
asked me if I'd drive a truck for him.
I didn't know that man from Burlington
from Adam.
Yeah, I can see how that would happen.
A man like you, lives in Quincy, Mass...
must get a lot of calls to drive a semi
from Burlington to Portland.
I'm surprised the jury didn't believe you.
Ah, that dopey lawyer of mine
wouldn't let me take the stand.
Anyway, I was wondering if maybe
there wasn't some way we could handle it.
Like me saying hello to somebody?
Well, I was thinking a little stronger than that.
I was thinking in terms of, uh...
maybe you talking to the prosecutor up there
and having them drop a word to the judge...
how I been helping my uncle
like a bastard.
Well, I would,
but then again, you haven't been.
What? I gave you a couple of calls.
Yeah. You give me some real stuff too.
You tell me about a guy that's gonna get hit.
Fifteen minutes later, he gets hit.
You tell me about some guys and a job...
but you don't tell me till they're
coming out the door with the money.
That's not helping Uncle, Eddie.
You gotta put your whole soul into it.
Hell, the way I hear it, you're maybe mixed up
in something that's going on.
- Like what?
- Oh, well.
I wouldn't want to confront a man
with something I heard.
You know me better than that.
Well, uh...
suppose we was
to talk about machine guns?
Just to change the subject?
Well, suppose someone should put you onto
somebody who was selling machine guns.
You wouldn't want him
to go to jail, would ya?
Somebody who was helping you
like that, you wouldn't want him...
to go to jail and embarrass
his kids and all, would ya?
When's it supposed to come off?
How much you interested?
Let me put it this way.
If I was to get my hands on some machine
guns and the fella that was selling 'em...
and whoever's buying 'em...
I wouldn't mind saying to someone else
that somebody was helping Uncle.
Now, you need anything else?
I need a good leavin' alone.
That's what I need.
I don't want nobody following me around.
Okay. We'll do it your way.
You call me when you get something,
if you do.
And if I get somethin',
I'll put it in front of the U.S. Attorney.
If I don't, all bets are off.
Have a nice day.
You remember Eddie Fingers? Eddie Coyle?
The bank robber. The one from Natick.
Nah, that's his sidekick, Artie Van.
Eddie doesn't rob banks.
They branch out.
What about him?
I got this call from Coyle,
so I went out to see him.
What'd he want?
He's coming up for sentencing
in New Hampshire.
Wants some references.
What's he got to trade?
He was offering to peddle me
this guy with machine guns.
That bastard.
He's about this high in the bunch...
but he gets around
more than any man I've ever seen.
One day he's here, the next day he's there.
You'd think he was some fuckin' stray dog.
I just wish I had a line on half
of what he was doin'.
Does he work anywhere?
Ah. He's a night expediter
over at Arliss Trucking.
But you just try to find him there.
He works about as much as Santa Claus.
My friend says Coyle's been
trying to look for, uh, Scalise.
My friend runs a saloon.
And I know he's got an undisclosed interest.
And he knows I know.
A strange guy.
What do you hear about, uh,
Artie Van and Scalise?
Nothing together, no.
I wonder. Uh, you don't suppose
that Artie and, uh, Scalise...
made that withdrawal
from the bank, do you?
It's a thought.
I wonder where Eddie fits in.
Well, he's arming some wiseguys.
He's done it before.
That friend of yours
that runs the saloon -
is that the same saloon we talked about
putting a wire in a few weeks back?
- That's the one.
- Okay. You write it up...
and I'll present it to the attorney.
Maybe we ought to
talk about it some more.
It's not gonna do you
any good in your head.
- You wanted a wiretap. - By the time I get
it written up, it'll all be over with.
Well, that's what you get
when you get to be an expert, kid.
Or, uh, maybe you'd rather
go back to the pussy posse?
Hey! You, man!
Are you selling somethin'?
- That depends.
- Wait a minute.
Are you the guy?
No, I'm a narc.
Don't - Don't hassle me, man.
Are you the guy we're looking for?
It depends.
Depends upon what you're looking to do.
Wait a minute.
I don't know what he is.
He might be a narc. I don't know what he is.
- Ask him to come to the back door.
- Sure, I'll ask him.
Hey, uh, come to the back door.
- Is he comin'?
- No, he ain't doin' nothin'.
- Who the fuck are you?
- Cool it, man. This is Andrea.
I don't give a shit who she is.
Look. I understood there was
gonna be somebody here...
that wanted to do some business.
- How do we know who you are?
- You don't.
- Yeah, you could be a cop.
- I could be J. Edgar Hoover. Now, what the hell do you want?
We understood you could get us
some machine guns.
Hey, look. You - You want to burn
your fuckin' bra, all right...
but what you gonna do
with a machine gun?
We're gonna rob a fuckin' bank.
I can get you five
machine guns by Friday.
M16s. $350 apiece.
You want ammo, it's extra.
How much extra?
$250 for 500 rounds.
That's $2,000.
I make that.
Be here Friday night with the stuff.
Half now. A grand in advance.
Machine guns are a hot item.
I don't like that.
I don't give a good damn
what you like.
Look, I got two problems
selling machine guns to people like you.
The first is selling machine guns.
That's life in this state.
The second is selling to people like you.
You're not honest.
You know where I'm gonna be and what
time, I'm liable to lose my machine guns.
Give him a thousand dollars, Pete.
You show up with no money...
no guns.
And keep this in mind:
I got more than five machine guns...
and the rest are gonna be
pointed at you.
Bastard. Fucking bastard.
Life's hard, lover.
Life's very hard.
Why the hell didn't you wake me up?
Yesterday I got you up, and you
gave me hell for not letting you sleep.
Today I let you sleep, and now you're
giving me hell for not getting you up.
Well, I gotta make some calls.
I know. I know.
"Go upstairs.
I have to make some calls. "
You know, sometimes I think I'm married
to the president or something.
It won't take long.
I just gotta do this.
Call the president.
Call the pope.
Barry, check aisle seven.
You owe me 10 more guns.
I need 'em fast. When do I get 'em?
I don't know.
Look. I got you the first batch when I said,
and I was ahead on the dozen.
- You know, these things take time.
- Time is what I haven't got.
I'm getting pressure. I gotta see The Man
tomorrow night. I need those guns.
I can't get 'em for you by tomorrow night.
Son of a bitch.
I gotta have that stuff fast.
I got a long ride to make tomorrow night.
Maybe you can stop with me when I make it.
No way.
No way, no day, no can do.
Look. I told you. I get quality.
These things take time.
Tomorrow night.
You aren't buyin' a loaf of bread,
you know.
I got a thing set up that works pretty good.
Dependable stuff that's not
gonna get anybody in trouble.
I'm not gonna screw it up just because
your people got hot drawers.
- You'll have to tell 'em that.
- You tell 'em.
Look. The stuff'll come.
What's the big emergency?
Look. One of the first things I learned
is never to ask a man why he's in a hurry.
All you got to know is I told a man
that he could depend on me...
because you told me
I could depend on you.
Now, one of us is gonna have
a big, fat problem.
Another thing I learned.
If anybody's gonna have a problem,
you're gonna be the one.
- You finished?
- No, I am not finished.
Look, I'm gettin' old. You hear?
I spend most of my life
hanging around crummy joints...
with a bunch of punks, drinking their beer,
eating the hash and the hot dogs...
and watching the other people
go off to Florida...
while I'm sweatin' out
how I'm gonna pay the plumber.
I done time when I stood up,
but I can't take no more chances.
Next time, it's gonna be me
going to Florida.
Now you listen.
You're still a kid.
Then you come out, and you go around
and say, "Look, I'm a man.
"You can take what I say,
and it happens.
I go through. "
Well, you're learning
something too, my friend...
and I advise you to learn it right now.
When you say that,
when you get me out there all by myself...
on what you say,
you better be right there in back of me...
because when you say it happens,
it's gonna fuckin' happen.
- If it don't, you got your thing caught in the zipper.
- Now, just -
Now, I don't want any talk from you
and any shit from you.
I want 10 guns.
I want 'em tomorrow night.
I'll be right there with the money.
Same place where we were before.
I'll be there with the money.
You be there with those goddamn guns...
because if you ain't...
I'll be lookin' for ya,
and I'll find ya too.
Because I ain't the only one
that's gonna be lookin' for ya...
and we know how to find people.
All right. Uh -
Look. I have to go to Rhode Island
tonight, and I'm gonna be back late.
Then I gotta see some people
late tomorrow afternoon.
C- Can I meet you someplace early where
I can get free by, let's say, uh, uh, 3:00?
'Cause listen, man. You're coming up
faster than we said, you know...
and - and I got other people to see too.
Tomorrow afternoon's okay?
Look. Have the money, huh?
if I work this fast,
I'm gonna need the money fast.
No sweat. I'll have the money.
No sweat.
You better kick it along, huh?
Listen. I've been on the road
all fuckin' day, one thing or another...
and by the time I get home tonight,
it's gonna be morning.
So just stay off of my ass, huh?
I always wanted to see how much
one of these things could do.
You get the Magnum mill?
No, I got the Hemi.
You can have one too, you know.
Just get me, say, another, uh,
Where the fuck you taking me?
Take a left. You go a hundred yards
or so, there's a clearing.
They're all there.
You gotta go up the hill.
Get out.
No. Go up the hill.
I said get out.
Now you go up there,
and you get your friends and the rifles...
and you come back down here
and we'll do business.
- Here. Not there.
- Why?
Because I think you need the exercise.
'Cause I like the moonlight.
And 'cause I'm not so fuckin' stupid
as to drive this car into the woods...
to find two other guys with machine guns
who know I got money.
This life's hard, man,
but it's harder if you're stupid.
Now go up there, and I'll stay down here,
and I'm gonna be watchin'.
When you get down here,
I'll tell you what to do next. Now move.
I don't know. I can't see.
Plenty cold out here.
Been waiting a long time.
That's it! Far enough!
You two there hand the rifles
to the kid that was with me.
Then stand still.
Now get your ass down here.
Put the rifles in the trunk
and shut it.
Shut the goddamn trunk.
Hold it!
I got a. 45 on ya.
Now, where's the ammo?
Uh, yeah, we couldn't get no ammo.
You can steal the goddamn guns
out of the stores...
but you can't get any bullets?
Look, we'll get it for you.
The kid who was supposed to get it got sick.
He wasn't on duty when it came up.
We're not gonna trust
just anybody, you know.
All right.
I'm gonna be nice to ya.
I really oughta
keep some of this back...
for you putting me in the ditch
with the ammo, but -
Fuck it.
My problem is, I'm a nice guy.
When you get that stuff, you call me.
You hear?
Yeah, okay, Thanks, huh?
Thanks a lot.
Come on. Let's go.
- Come in, Nancy.
- Vern.
- Stay cool. We're being robbed.
- You're kidding me.
- No.
- They're really here?
- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- Get to work, sweetie.
You too, lover.
Nice piece of ass.
You ripping off some of that?
Oh, just get the hell over there.
I don't care what the hell you're doing.
May I have your attention?
I want to remind you not to attempt
anything courageous or foolish.
It would come to the same thing.
I want you to remember that these men
have someone at my house...
and they say he'll kill my wife
if anything goes wrong.
I believe them.
It's not at all unusual.
I've been held up four times
in 36 years...
and I can tell you
the important thing is not to panic...
and not to try to resist.
That's right. No one will get hurt.
Keep the shades drawn until 9:15.
Then let the people in.
Tell 'em the rest, quick.
If anyone wants a large amount of currency...
tell them the time lock is stuck...
and I've gone to get assistance.
- Is that clear?
- Okay, let's go.
What did you do?
I said, what did you do?
- Nothing. Honest, I -
- You hit the alarm! I told you not to, and you did it!
The rest of you, get in the vault!
Get in the goddamn vault!
Get in the fuckin' vault!
Jesus! For Christ's sake, bingo!
Christ, Artie, what happened?
Ah, somebody got stupid,
and somebody got nervous and shot him.
- Jesus.
- Ah, that's the way it goes.
They'll have everybody there -
the F.B.I., everybody.
Not on that bank. No federal insurance.
S.P. Only. We're okay.
I don't know.
Geez, I don't know.
- When do you have to see The Man?
- In a while.
Make sure it's right.
You guys gonna go again?
Well, we talked about it.
We can make one more move.
Oh, geez, I don't know about that.
You just get the guns.
Next week, I'm goin' south.
Get some caramel candy.
Fuck you.
You know where I'm goin'.
Hey, I tried to tell you,
but you didn't listen.
- Looked like a pipe, Artie.
- You didn't listen.
You wanna set up a hit,
then Dillon's your man.
But he was eight minutes behind
in that truck.
Ah, it's too late now.
Yeah, it looks like it.
Hey, you just get the guns to Scal.
There's this truck.
It bothers me.
I know it sounds funny because I suppose
you would think that what would be worrying me...
would be the guys in the truck...
or maybe some guy I don't even know
watching me pretty close in the bar or something.
But I have seen the truck.
Put two guys in that truck,
they could get the pope.
The only time I see an engine like that
is in a Cadillac.
So you know you aren't gonna run away
'cause that thing's gonna run right away with ya.
In the windshield they got
a crack on the passenger side.
You open it right up,
you stick a deer rifle out there.
Now you're on the Mystic Bridge,
that thing wheels up behind ya...
the windshield's opening up and I ask ya,
what are you gonna do now?
You're gonna make a good Act of Contrition
is what you're gonna do.
I mean, sure, I don't drive.
The only time I'm on that bridge
is coming home from the track on the bus.
Do you see what I'm gettin' at?
I know these guys.
They're serious.
I know them very well.
They got a truck
for guys that drive cars...
and they got something else
for guys that walk, like me.
Okay, okay. Did I ever tell you
we could keep this neat and clean?
- I ever give you that line of horseshit?
- Nah, nah, nah, nah.
You been on the level, I give you that.
Uncle will appreciate
what you've given me.
You see what I mean?
You see the position I'm in?
Have a nice day.
- Where are they?
- In the trunk.
Put the guns in the bag.
Put the bags in the cart.
- Where's the money?
- Right here. You wanna count it?
No time. I gotta be at the Sharon
railroad station at 3:30. Let's get going.
Fine with me.
- What's in the bags?
- Three of 'em are filled with bread.
The others have got, uh, meat, potatoes,
beer, vegetables, shit like that.
- What are you giving me?
- The bread.
A man can always use a little bread
to feed the goddamn pigeons.
Go find yourself some squirrels.
Squirrels love the bread.
You wife make you do the shopping too?
You haven't got too much time,
and I'm in kind of a hurry myself.
I don't have the time
to explain married life to you...
and besides,
if I did, you wouldn't believe me anyway.
So let's just get down to business, huh?
Jesus Christ!
Don't get your bowels in an uproar.
They're for somebody else.
Hurry up. Those look like
fuckin' army guns to me.
Do you wanna see one?
Huh? No way. Just fill up the bags
and put a couple of loaves on top.
Okay, you got nine. 38s here
and one. 357. Good stuff.
Hope you appreciate what I did for ya.
My friend, your name is
in that great golden book in the sky.
I'll be in touch.
Hello. Foley there?
Dave Foley.
No, I don't care to give my name.
Stop fartin' around and get me Foley.
We could take him now.
We could.
We could also do what we're supposed to do, which
is wait and see who comes to pick up the stuff.
Let's go.
Give me that paper.
This is Sauter.
I'm in position.
I can't see Foley from here.
I can.
- Recognize 'em?
- Nah, they look harmless to me.
They're after machine guns, remember?
- Yeah?
- I hate to bother you, man...
but don't we have some kind
of an agreement and all?
Well what?
Well, Christ,
are we gonna do somethin'?
Quit playing games.
What the hell's going on here?
- This some kind of joke?
- No, ma'am.
I plan on sitting here
for about two hours...
and in the meantime if every car that I saw when
I came in here doesn't leave, then I'll know it.
- Around 5:30 I'll know if you're trying to tip me in.
- Oh, look, man!
Hey, if you're all right,
we'll go where I tell ya...
I'll give you some machine guns,
you give me some money, and that'll be that.
This is a trick.
You think so?
The money, man.
Give us back the money.
Fuck you.
Hey, you made a deal, man.
You wanna back out, back out.
But, uh, no refunds.
Leave it, Pete.
Let's get something to eat.
Maybe they'll come down
back of his car.
- Think quick. Is there anything we can bust 'em
under? - No, not a goddamn thing.
So we got two possibilities.
He's still here.
We can wait and bust him if he tries to leave.
Or we can wait and maybe
bust 'em all if they come back.
Or they come back and go
someplace else and we lose 'em in the traffic.
- What do we do?
- Let me think.
It's your party.
We take him.
United States Treasury.
Move, and you're a fuckin' dead man.
Get out of the car,
and keep your hands in plain sight.
Get out!
Put your hands on top of the car.
You're under arrest
for violation of federal law.
Tell him we got the man
where he was supposed to be...
and we need a warrant
to search the car.
You don't have to answer any questions.
If you answer any questions, your answers
may be used against you in a court of law.
- Do you understand what I have read to you?
- You knew it. You knew it!
Oh, that fuckin' bastard.
That fuckin' bastard!
What fuckin' bastard? Huh?
Oh, no.
I'll take care of that myself.
How'd it come out?
It went fine. Just fine.
He had five M16s, just like you said.
Now, that does it, huh?
- Does what?
- You know.
You said you wanted a reason.
That thing we talked about.
That thing up in New Hampshire there.
You said you needed a reason.
Oh, that.
Well, you gonna go up there with me
and tell 'em what a nice guy I am?
That truck thing - the booze.
Hey, Dave, come on.
Don't jerk my chain, okay?
- Here, sir.
- You know what I'm talking about.
How far you gonna go for me?
I already made the call.
I called the U.S. Attorney up there...
and told him you were instrumental
in bringing about a major arrest.
That's right. That's it.
And he said -
He's pretty mean,
that guy up there.
He said, "Well, that's a start anyway. "
What does that mean?
Well, he asked, "Is he working on
anything else for you?
I'd like it better, "he said," if he was working
on something else for you. "
- Something else?
- You know how it is, Eddie.
I mean, it's one thing to just go
and trade one guy for another one...
but when you got a guy that's joined up
that's gonna keep on sending you more stuff-
- That's shit.
- Look at it his way.
- The man's from a different district.
- Shit. Shit.
His guys grabbed you fair and square...
and you wouldn't plead out on 'em.
You made 'em go through a trial.
You wouldn't play ball.
He wanted me to cop out
on the guys that stole the stuff.
Well, you can't blame him for that,
now, can you?
And you wouldn't tell him. So he convicted you,
and now he's got you in the box.
And somebody from a different district
calls up and says...
"Hey, Coyle did me a favor.
Leave him go. "
It's only natural a man's gonna ask,
"Well, what did he do for me?"
Look, I can't give him that man
he wants up in New Hampshire.
If I did, I'm dead. That's all there is to it.
He can't ask me to walk out
and commit suicide for him.
He's not asking you for anything.
- I gave you the guns.
- It was your idea.
Oh, no. You said it first.
You said you wanted a reason.
I gave you a reason.
And I went through - I made the call.
You just don't like what the call got you.
I can't help that, Eddie.
So, what do you want, goddamn it?
The man up there, he said he'd like it better
if he could go in to the judge and tell him...
that you'd made one good case for Uncle
and you were working on some others.
It'd show you'd rehabilitated yourself.
You're telling me
to turn permanent fink.
Permanent goddamn fink.
You don't have to do
anything you don't want to...
except be in federal district court
in New Hampshire...
for disposition
on a charge of stolen goods.
Whatever else you do
is because you want to.
That ain't right, Dave.
That ain't right. You set me up.
Look, Eddie...
go someplace
and have yourself a glass of beer...
and have a long talk with yourself.
The only one fuckin' Eddie Coyle
is Eddie Coyle.
You wanted a call.
I made the call.
You gave me a grab to make the call.
You want something else,
you gotta start thinking about how to get that.
I can certainly understand a man
that don't wanna rat on his friends...
but you gotta understand
the position I'm in.
All I can give ya is what I tell ya
I can give ya, and I gave you that.
What you do next is entirely up to you.
I should have known better
than to trust a cop.
My own goddamn mother
could have told me that.
Everybody ought to listen to his mother.
I, uh, brought some groceries
for Scalise.
- Is he expecting you?
- Well, he asked me to come up here and all.
I just drove about two hours.
I hope so.
Just a minute.
- Who is it?
- It's me. Coyle.
I brought the groceries.
Hey, Eddie.
Okay, bring it in.
I'd help you,
but I'd freeze my ass off.
That's okay.
Johnny! Hey, Johnny!
Come on in, Eddie.
This is Wanda.
Wanda, meet Eddie.
- Hi, Eddie.
- Hi.
Tell him what you do, honey.
You tell him.
She's a stewardess.
No kidding.
Get the man a beer.
Come on.
- They look pretty good.
- Ought to.
Had to go 80 apiece for 'em.
I got five Smiths, two Lugers...
a. 357 Mag.
You can hold up a bank with that thing
all by yourself.
Hey, this is okay.
I been on ice a couple of times myself,
you know, but, uh, never this nice.
I'm not on ice.
I rent this place from a bulldozer driver.
You know, seasonal work.
The owner understands.
Thinks I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Hey, uh, that's pretty nice in there too.
- Oh, her?
- Yeah.
It's very warm down here.
She don't wear no pants.
Every now and then I just reach down here,
she comes off like she's on electricity.
- Oh, Jesus.
- It's a great life if you don't weaken.
A great life.
Come on in.
That's pretty nice meat you brought.
Hey, thanks.
What do I owe ya?
All told it comes to, uh...
- Sit down.
- My God. That's a lot of money for some meat.
- The money - What'd you say it was?
- 4,500.
Hey, uh, Jimmy,
you gonna need any more guns?
I could use anything you can get.
We're gonna need at least five Monday,
maybe more to do the job right.
I like to have a couple extras in the car...
so if I gotta use one on the job
I can wipe it off and heave it down the river.
Everything goes right, we'll probably
be dumping the whole eight Monday night.
You know when you're gonna need 'em?
I'll give you a call. You can come and meet me.
When I call you
I'll tell you where I'm gonna be.
You gonna be around?
I got that thing coming up
in New Hampshire, you know.
I hope you're all right.
Me too, Scal.
Me too.
- No tails or anything?
- We were alone all the way from Fall River.
If they're watching us,
they're doing it from an airplane.
- What was it with Dillon?
- He's worried about Coyle.
He thinks maybe Coyle is swapping us
for that thing he's got going in New Hampshire.
- You think so?
- No way. All he knew was we wanted guns.
What could he tell 'em? He don't know
where we've been till we've been there.
- There's no way Coyle could set us up.
- From what I know, Coyle's a stand-up guy.
- You're sure no one tailed you?
- No one.
- This Waylon got any kids?
- Grown up and moved away.
Just him and his wife.
Nice lady.
She'll probably fix you breakfast
while you're waiting for us.
Martha, are you coming?
I'm coming, I'm coming.
Hurry, because I'll be late.
- Two of 'em.
- Big meeting today.
Mom and Dad coming down together.
April fool, motherfuckers.
Drop it.
Let me have another beer.
Uh, straight bourbon.
I, uh - I thought about it,
what we were saying...
and, uh, I'm ready to deal with ya.
It's your decision, Eddie.
It's my decision,
but I don't want no surprises.
I gotta know just how far
you'll go for me.
That depends on how far you go for me.
You know that.
Well, if I give you this,
I can't do no time.
These guys have got friends, you know,
and I wouldn't live to get out.
Well, we can take care of you.
Now, uh, suppose I was to go out west -
Arizona, for instance.
You'd have to fix me up
with a new identity and all that.
You know what I mean.
You do it all the time.
It's been done,
but I can't guarantee it.
All I can promise, in all honesty...
is to carry the ball for you
as best I can...
but you've gotta make it good.
You don't make it
much of a proposition.
It's your proposition, Eddie.
I'm just here to listen.
And so far you haven't told me anything.
Suppose I was to give you those guys
been knockin' off the banks.
- Eddie -
- How far would you go for that?
Last night I would've gone
the distance, Eddie, but that was last night.
I guess you haven't seen the paper.
You're too late, Eddie.
It all happened without you.
I was wondering if you could
handle something for us.
More than likely.
Depends, I suppose, but more than likely.
This is pretty important.
That's why we got in touch with you.
Somebody have a problem?
Jimmy Scal, Artie Valentropo,
Fritzie Webber and Phil Kenney.
They got bagged in a house
up in Milton there.
- Murder one. Hearing this afternoon.
- I warned 'em.
- Who? Warned who?
- Jimmy Scal.
Picked up on something the other day.
This guy, uh - guy we know, me and Scal.
He's up for sentencing.
It's almost a mandatory, you know.
Name of Coyle, isn't it?
I had him driving a truck for me
and a fellow up there in New Hampshire...
and he got hooked,
which is why he's coming up.
I was figurin'
he was thinkin' about dumpin' me.
He wouldn't do that
unless he took out a will.
So he dumped on Jimmy and Artie,
the bastard.
Scal gave his lawyer that name Coyle
to give to The Man.
Eddie Fingers, right?
Do you want him hit?
The Man wants him hit.
I, uh -
I can't do it tonight.
You see, for Christ's sake,
this takes a little while, you know.
I mean, I gotta line things up -
a car and a place and a driver.
The Man says tonight.
When I hit somebody I do it right...
not like some goddamn kid
found his girl fuckin' somebody else.
- But he says tonight.
- He says, he says!
- Five grand in front.
- You'll get it when you do the job.
Want me to make a hit on the cuff?
Look, that's not the way it happens.
The Man knows that,
and I'm beginning to wonder if he sent you.
- Now, look-
- "Now, look" nothing.
I treat a man with respect,
I expect to be treated with a little respect.
The Man knows how I work, what I do.
That's why he wants me.
I done the Polack and Jimmy the Whale.
So he knows what I do.
So he knows with me
it's strictly cash in advance.
No money, no hit.
- No credit cards whatsoever.
- The Man isn't gonna like that.
Look, he came looking for me.
Now, I had some hard things
The Man asked me to do, and I did them.
Nobody got hurt but the guy
that was supposed to get hurt...
and nobody on anything I ever did
ended up on death row...
which is more than I can say
for some I know.
He knows you're good.
Okay. I'll be at my place.
We do this thing, we do it the right way.
All right?
I'll tell him how you feel.
- Thanks, Dillon.
- See ya.
You makin' any money?
Not exactly.
If you were to ask me, I'd have to tell you
I'm not having a very good day.
Why is that?
You heard about what happened
over in Randolph there?
Aw, that was a rough thing.
Yeah, but this is the end of Artie Van,
and Jimmy too, for that matter.
I look at it philosophically.
You win some, you lose some.
They made, what?
A quarter of a mil in a month?
You're gonna get the fuzz mad.
And they killed those two guys, right?
Somebody set them up.
The cops were waitin' for 'em
right there in the house.
Somebody set them up.
I'd like to know who that was.
Yeah, I imagine they would too.
I know Jimmy Scal good.
Oh, hell, you know that.
Hate to see Jimmy take this one.
He's in forever.
Look, I still say
they knew what they were getting into.
Did anybody feel sorry for you?
No. You got a lot of fuckin' nerve
asking me that.
You went through, didn't ya? You didn't
throw somebody else in. You were a big boy.
You gotta have respect for them.
They're big boys too.
Well, I'm all wrapped up now.
Well, you get probably two years...
and you do eight months.
That's a third.
That's no sweat.
It's for you, Dillon.
Don't take it so goddamn serious.
Yeah, I know who this is.
It's a funny thing.
He's in here right now.
Put on a big performance how sorry he is,
how pissed off he is they got set up.
It's almost enough to make me mad.
Enough of that.
You get somebody up here this afternoon
with an envelope.
Or maybe tonight.
You get the envelope here,
I'll see what I can do.
That was a friend of mine. Calls to tell me
he can't go to the Bruins tonight.
So, uh, why don't you forget your troubles
and come to the game with me, huh?
We'll have a little dinner.
I'll take the night off, we'll see a good game.
What do you say?
Sounds good.
So, uh, come back around 6:00 or so.
I'd say stay, but, uh,
the way you're going...
you might not be able to see the game
or anything, you stay.
We'll have a little wine, good steak.
Then we go to the game.
Right. You're right.
Look, I got a few things to do.
I'll catch you back here about 6:00. Okay?
Get that son of a bitch!
Can't understand where that kid is.
That friend I was telling you about,
he gave me both his tickets.
So I invited my wife's nephew.
I can't understand where he is.
He loves hockey, that kid.
- Great game.
- Great game.
- You want some more?
- I'll get it.
Excuse me.
Pardon me.
Get him!
- That's his.
- Where is he?
He's gone for beers.
Jesus Christ, man.
What'd you bring him here for?
Because he's too smart to come out
for any other kind of party.
Because there's 15,000 people here looking
at the Bruins and they don't give a fuck about us.
Now get the fuck out of his seat.
- When you piss, you piss.
- That's beer, goddamn it.
It's hard to carry beer in a crowd like this.
Did you ever try it?
Imagine being a kid like that.
What is he, 24 or somethin'?
Greatest hockey player in the world.
Number four! Bobby Orr!
Jesus, what a future he's got, huh?
That's right! Get 'im!
- Slam 'im!
- Come on!
- Knock 'im out!
- Yeah!
Penalty for high sticking.
Number 11, two minutes,
for high sticking.
Hey, I forgot to tell you,
I got some girls.
Oh, I don't know, man.
It's pretty late.
Come on!
Let's make a night of it.
Hey, I can't, man. I gotta go home.
I gotta get the car back.
Well, where's your car?
South - South End. I, uh -
I was there, and I took
a trolley over to your place.
I ne -
Just never got back for it.
Shit. And, you know, there's, uh,
these girls. They're absolutely all right.
But there's no way.
I mean, they're in Brookline.
Hey, look, I could drive you there in the car
and then go home.
But I can't hang around much,
'cause I got a test tomorrow.
Whatever's fair, you know.
- Hey, Eddie.
- Hmm?
- Eddie.
- Yeah?
- You all right?
- Beautiful.
- You gonna be able to drive?
- Oh, yeah.
No sweat.
Hey, great game, huh?
Where do you want me to go?
Hey, Eddie, you tell him.
Where's your car?
- He's out.
- Go around the Garden.
Head for the expressway going south
in case he wakes up.
I know what's going on.
Good. I'm glad to hear that.
You just drive.
If I was you, I'd drive to Quincy...
pick roads where I could go pretty fast
without making anyone look suspicious...
and come out on Morrissey Boulevard.
I'd look for a blue Galaxy in the parking lot
of the Chalet Swiss bowling alleys.
Somebody said something
about some money.
If I was you,
I'd look hard for that Galaxy.
Drive that Galaxy back to Boston,
you let me off.
If I was you, I'd look in
the glove compartment of that car...
before dropping it off
in the nigger district.
Jesus Christ. Hey, slow down, you stupid shit.
You wanna get arrested or somethin'?
I got nervous.
Jesus Christ, that was loud.
- That's why I used a. 22.
- Yeah? That was loud enough.
I ever let off a. 38 two-incher in here,
you'd go right off the road.
- Is he dead?
- If he's not now, he's never gonna be.
Now slow down and get off this road.
This car looks a lot
like the other one in this light.
That's the idea. Now you're learnin'.
The cops have been looking at that car all night.
Now they see one looks just like it.
Help me stuff him down.
Yeah, they won't search that
for a couple hours.
Hey, lock it.
Keeps the volunteers out.
Not a bad car.
Take the Memorial Drive
to the Mass Avenue Bridge.
I gotta get rid of this gun.
I heard a guy on television the other night,
he was talking about pigeons.
He called them flying rats.
I thought that was pretty good.
What he had in mind, he was gonna give 'em
the flu or something to make them extinct.
Now, uh, there was a guy that got shit on,
probably got shit on again.
Then he got mad.
They ruined his suit or somethin'.
So he's gonna spend the rest of his life getting
even with pigeons 'cause they ruined a $400 suit.
Now, uh, there's no percentage in that...
because there are probably
all of them laying eggs every day...
which generally produce more pigeons...
all, uh, dropping tons and tons of shit
every day, rain or shine.
And this guy in New York,
he's gonna, well -
There just aren't gonna be
any more of them in this world.
Yeah, a man gets desperate.
He does a few things,
he knows it won't work.
Pretty soon he quits, packs it all in,
goes away someplace.
It's the only way there is.
Okay, you gave us Scalise,
and we're grateful.
You can't talk about Coyle,
you can't talk about Coyle. It's all right.
- Thanks.
- Screw.
We've been friends a long time now.
I never asked a friend yet to do somethin'
he really couldn't do, I knew he couldn't do it.
Have a nice day.