Friendship! (2010) Movie Script

"The GDR!"
"The German Democratic Republic!"
"The socialist state of
workers and farmers. "
"We were all the same. We all
had the same apartments. "
"We all looked the same. "
"We all ate the same food. "
"We knew what everyone else knew. "
"Our agents were the most
secret agents in the whole world. "
"We were the world's best drivers. "
"Our accident rate was so low,
that we could drive cardboard cars. "
"Our secretaries played
sports with us. "
"We liked to dance. "
"We liked to march. "
"We were all awfully
fond of the GDR!"
"A country that other countries
could only dream of. "
"I am Tom. The country that others
could only dream of -"
"- and I were always at odds,
ever since the beginning. "
(Alle:) GDR!
Come on!
"I didn't like the dress code. "
"And the GDR didn't like that
I didn't like the dress code. "
"When I was 12, I was a passionate
collector of rare objects. "
"But my country had no appreciation
for my passion. "
"Our class consisted
of 23 students. "
"And my teacher had resolved that
I would never amount to anything. "
"But then Veit joined our class. "
(All:) Friendship!
"Immediately after the death of his
father, he and his mother moved to Berlin. "
"She had him sit next to me. "
"Veit was just my number.
Veit was my 24th. "
Music "Der goldene Reiter"
von Joachim Witt
"Veit was reserved, and
didn't talk about earlier"
"Veit was quite different than myself. "
"Nevertheless, we became
the best of friends. "
"We mostly hung out at my place,
listening to Western German radio -"
"- and making stupid movies. "
Oh shit!
"And the GDR and I were
still at odds. "
"I had a different perception
of freedom. "
"I had a different
perception of life. "
"I had a different perception
of everything. "
"Then came the autumn of 1989."
"Great political upheavals
were in progress. "
"And the whole world was
watching the GDR."
"And David Haselhoff brought
down the Berlin Wall. "
Hasselhoff: "Looking for Freedom".
And what now?
I'm going to San Francisco.
What are you going to
do in San Francisco?
I want to see the Golden Gate Bridge.
I want to see the Golden Gate Bridge.
It's the westernmost point
in the world.
After that, there's only water.
And Asia.
"For 23 years, the westernmost point
I had visited was Wernigerode. "
"All of a sudden, I realized:"
"There's no place in the whole world,
that I would rather see -"
"- than the Golden Gate Bridge,
the westernmost point in the world. "
"The place where I would be
the furthest removed from the DDR." Okay!
I'm coming with.
My father said:
You guys are crazy.
And my mother said:
You can't even speak English.
"Moreover, my father hinted
at his skepticism. "
That's a total load of shit!
"For our entire lives we had lived
in the same country. "
"Now we could finally go,
wherever we wanted. "
"Unfortunately, we didn't have enough
money for 2 tickets to San Francisco. "
"Rather, only for New York. "
"And so, we began our journey. "
"With 55 dollars in the bag,
a pullover, 3 pairs of briefs, -"
"- socks and soap. "
"And our perfect English. "
(All:) Friendship!
Madness, dude! Madness!
Germany, huh?
- You're a Nazi.
- No, no, no.
No Nazi.
We are communists, you know?
Free communists, yes?
Free! Frei!
Yeah, screw the communists!
Ill-conceived, yeah?
Shouldn't we explain instead?
Can you not just shut up?
You sure?
I'm sure!
- Um, sorry, mister officer,
this is, you know -
- we do films...
- Back against the wall!
- Movies, you know? Money, money, money...
- Back against the wall!
Face the wall!
Welcome to America.
Did you see how tall the
buildings are here?
What do they do when the
elevator is out of service?
Take the stairs. It's only
50 floors!
It'd be night before you finished.
Yeah, for you maybe.
Hey, look here!
This guy is skating here!
You're daring, you bird!
Hello! Hello!
How are you, Sir?
Good, fine! Fine, good! Thank you!
New York is a great city and...
Veit! He only means to say hello!
That means hello! Ah!
2 Tickets
San Francisco.
That'll be $320
320 Dollars!
Okay! Here!
We don't have anymore.
That's all.
55 Dollars?!
That's two tickets to
New Jersey.
"New Jersey"? Okay!
Where New Jersey?
New Jersey.
New York. New Jersey.
Sorry, guys.
Shit! New Jersey.
Thank you!
We'll just show our films,
until we have enough.
San Francisco won't
get away from us.
I'm hungry again,
for a hotdog.
I know that, right now, what I
want to eat for the rest of my life.
Isn't that great? Hmm?
You alright?
Yeah, sure!
Look here! Our first
American fan.
Stupid dancers!
They're just standing there.
And we only get one
homeless guy. Man!
What would happen if we showed
them the film we made of our homeland?
No one would be interested
in a documentary.
About our shit homeland?
We just need to find a better
place to show it.
Yeah! In restaurants or something.
Where people don't have anything -
- better to do than watch
the move.
Exactly! Yeah, and better advertising.
"The filmmaker" lives for the
art of making films...
...ging: "go".
It's difficult!
Man! How do you say prison?
What's that?
Back home I wrote down everything
we could possibly need to say.
Anything that we might need.
I'm impressed, Mr. Kleeberg.
Thanks, Mr. Jagoda!
"You have beautiful eyes".
"You have beautiful eyes".
It's possible you could need that.
Oh, look here!
"Your eyes shine like the
stars over X."
Yeah! Where X stands for whatever
state we're in.
"Don't you want to
take off your shirt?"
"I'm a lonely communist,
on the search for love. "
Yeah, I think it's cool.
Here: "I want to fuck
you in the ass. "
I wrote that down?
Show me!
No, you didn't. But you believed
me there for a second.
Woah! Look here! Central Park.
Got some money?
Ah, no - no money, sorry.
But... here! I have crackers.
Hello? Hey dude!
Those are my crackers.
You can't just...
Fine, take the crackers! Shit!
Did you bring more crackers with?
"San Francisco".
Dude! It's so cold!
Give it here!
What's that?
What is that?
It's my stuff. I thought:
Your father was dead.
Yeah. He is.
And from who are the postcards?
Hey, dude! You have
a father.
You can't just tell me,
that he's dead.
I'm your best friend. I'm your best friend!
Leave it alone! You lied to me.
For 10 years. Why didn't
you say anything?
Because I wanted to
forget about him!
Shit! My father left us.
When I was 12. Since then, I
haven't heard anything from him.
But every year, on my birthday he
sends me a postcard from San Francisco.
Every year!
Postmarked on my birthday.
My birthday is in 2.5 weeks.
I need to be there.
I need to see him.
You understand?
I want to wait in front
of the post office, where -
- he sends these from
That's your plan?
Yeah. You've been lying
to me this entire time.
And then have such a shit plan.
I don't have any other.
When were you going to tell me?
When we got to San Francisco?
I don't know.
Man! Forget it!
Tom! I was scared, -
- that you wouldn't
have come otherwise!
It's so damned cold here.
I saw something over there,
that looked warm.
But it's no hotel.
A woman moans with lust.
Man! I just don't know
what to say to you.
I'm sorry.
Could we hitchhike?
We could do that
in 2.5 weeks.
Hey? We can tackle that.
2.5 weeks.
Come with, Tom!
Please! Please, Tom! Yeah?
Yeah. Okay!
Good. I'll come with. Okay?
But not because of you.
But because I want to see the
Golden Gate Bridge.
Oh man! What an ugly car.
Look, there!
Hey! He's stopping.
He's stopping. He's stopping
Hi! You San Francisco?
I'm not going to San Francisco.
Are you foreigners?
That sign! It's not gonna work!
Give me that. Give me that.
Ah okay!
DIRECTION San Francisco!
That's better!
Good luck! You're gonna need it.
Hey! Wait! Wait! Please!
He hits the car.
You: DIRECTION San Francisco?
I mean, you direction
San Francisco?
Yeah, why not! Get in man!
Yeah!... Thanks!
Yeah!... Okay!
I'm Darryl.
Hi Darryl! I'm Veit.
What's he doing there?
No clue!
"What's he doing?... No clue!"
He uses the apple as a trumpet.
Zack, zack!
Faster! March, march!
Eyes, straight-ahead!
Yeah, um. Eyes, straight-ahead!
Eyes, straight-ahead!
He laughs.
Uh... no, thank you!
No, thank you!
No?... Oh!
One sec.
What's he doing now?
What's that?
What is that?
These cartoons are really good.
Darryl screams.
Tom and Veit scream.
Darryl laughs.
That was urgent.
I almost pissed my pants.
Oh! Hey!
A question, um...
What... that?
That, oh, that's a TV,
show that I do, a cartoon, I draw it.
Awesome, huh?
We do film too!
You make films?
Excommunist filmmaker.
You know what?
There's a bar in my hometown,
where you can show your movie
and make a little money!
You see that? That day you
were really good.
Darryl screams.
Dude, some respect...
for the art.
Shit! No one's watching.
Come on people!
Show a little love!
That is art - that is cinema!
Come on, put your hands together.
Don't worry about these idiots.
They have no taste.
But, I do have a little
parting gift.
A little tasty fruit!
- Thank you.
- No, thank you.
Because you've touched my life.
Oh, yes, this is for you.
Auf Wiedersehen!
Yeah. But... um!
Good luck, man!
Show me!
That really is something.
(Together:) Hi!
Hi! Hi!
So you're not from here, huh?
No - East Germany.
East Germany?
Yes, we are communists, yes!
What's with West Germany?
West Germany? East Germany?
There's a wall?
What wall?
Uh, there's a wall between East
Germany and West Germany.?
Huh, Amber.
There are two Germanies.
Our daddy tells us that,
communists eat little children.
No, only little girls!
You have beautiful eyes!
Your eyes shine like the
stars in the night!
Your eyes shine like the
stars over... Kentucky.
KENTUCKY? Ew, why Kentucky?
Kentucky sucks!
Oh... this is not,
um... Kentucky?
This is Tennessee!
Um, you know what?
Your eyes shine like the
the stars over Tennessee.
But, I only do "it" with protection.
I... only... do... "it"...
with... protection.
Protection? Condoms?
Ah, "Mondos"! Or something?
- What?
- Yeah, "Mondos"!
No, I'm sorry.
No protection, no sex.
Do you think I wanna get AIDS?!
I am from the GDR!
We have no AIDS!
Okay! Um...
Do you do... um... mouth sex?
Ew, gross! Fuck you!
- (Whisper:) Veit!
- Sorry.
What's this here?
She's showing me her cheers.
Ah! Okay!
Do you have a second?
Please just give me a sec!
What's wrong?
Tell me, what do you think of Amber?
Do you like Amber?
What? Of course! Of course!
Of course I like Amber!
Really? Seriously? She really
really likes you too. Really?
Yeah! She even likes you
more than me.
She wanted me to ask if there
was some way we could switch.
Yeah, switch.
Are you really attached to Dorothee?
Of course! I like Dorothee.
But if Amber really wants me,
then... yeah.
Yeah, she does! She does!
Okay then... Okay!
Hey, Tom!
She won't let you.
I don't understand the question.
Amber won't let you do it.
Well yeah! I wasn't going
to say anything. She...
Shit! Do you have any condoms?
Uh? No, I don't have any.
Oh dang! Go!
Put your clothes on! Get out!
Go! Go! Get out!
I thought they weren't
supposed to come back until tomorrow.
Lord, it's good to be home!
Do we jump?
That's what it looks like!
Oh God! Man! Shit!
The backpacks!
Forget them!
We need our films.
Do you want to go in there and say:
"I fucked your daughter and
now I need my backpack. "?
Those are our films.
Okay! You're right.
Okay! Go!
Tom screams.
Shit, Man!
Tom! Tom!
Tom screams.
Car! Car!
Hey! Hey!
Stupid plan! Fuck hitchhiking!
What am I even doing here?
We've been walking around
for a week now!
And now we're still stuck
somewhere in Tennessee!
We're not going to make it
there before your birthday!
In New York you said:
"We'll make it work. "
I saw things much differently
back then.
What? Hey?
Ugh! Really!
Yeah. It's true, man!
That is such bullshit!
San Francisco! Man!
That is such bullshit!
A coyote howls.
Other animal sounds
Should I take off my pants?
Stop it!
I'm freezing, man!
A stomach growls.
What was that?
My stomach.
Well stop it!
I can't do anything about it. We
haven't had anything to eat in ages.
A stomach growls.
You see? Now you made me
do it. Thanks!
An animal howls.
Hey! That's a cactus.
Come again?
We can eat it.
How do you know that?
Gojko Mitic!
"Chingachgook, the great snake".
Do you want a piece?
No, thanks!
Are you already
full or something?
It never tastes good
when I cook.
To each is own.
That would be so great.
A whole plate.
Men speaking in English.
If I understood that right, -
- he said: "You fucking fucker!"
"give me my fucking money!"
Yeah. And his response was:
"Fuck you!"
That's what he said.
Come on in.
No money!
We have no money!
Don't worry about it. It's alright.
Just get your hungry butts in here!
That we can go in.
I think she likes you.
I have for you some coffee.
And for you I made my
fine omlette.
And for you, my best eggs.
Ya'll look like you needed it!
Thanks!... Bon Appetit!
Bon Appetit!
Tom moans.
Where are we now?
Since we have something before us. What?
Let's go!
I've got some bugs my teeth.
Hey. Your money.
- Shit!
- Marvin, you dipshit!
Smoke more weed, Marvin!
Give him a buck or something.
give him a buck...
One second.
Where's he going?
Where you from?
GDR. East Germany.
East Germany.
You gotta be fucking kidding me.
You see! I will be in San
Francisco on my birthday... Yeah!
Come on!
Let's go!
Let's go! What are you waiting
on?! Let's go god damn it!
God damn it! What the fuck
are you doing?!
My father used to make fires like
this when we went to the Baltic Sea.
Really big camp fires.
Yeah? Rgen or Usedom?
Vitte or what?
No. Neuendorf.
I was there when I was 6!
I was too, when I was 4 or 5!
Eating at the "Heiderose".
Yeah, exactly. We went to the
"Heiderose" to eat every night.
Yeah, we did too.
I was out on the water every day.
From 7 in the morning
until 6 at night.
I would swim like a fish.
What "swimming"?
Yeah. I would go swimming.
When you were 4?
Yeah, of course!
My father taught me how.
You can't swim when you're 4.
By 10, I was a competitive swimmer.
Yeah, but you look more
like a chess player. Tom!
That was 10 years ago.
Why didn't you ever tell me?
Because, ever since my father
left, I don't swim anymore.
What is there to tell?
Why did your father leave the GDR?
Hey, guys, scooch it!.
You guys wanna give it a try?
That is shit.
So you're looking for your dad?
My dad was killed during Tet
when I was 10.
My dad, he died in Vietnam.
Shot by some fucking commies.
Hey!... Yeah!
Is that how you commies
killed my dad?
I asked, is that how you
communists killed my dad?
No, we no communists.
But your dad is!
No, my dad is no communist.
My dad is no communist!
They're just kids!
Come on!
He gets crazy when he drinks.
You trying to get
to San Francisco?
Come on.
Come on!
Shit! Hey!
This is my brother's car.
Now, I must return it, but
I don't have time.
You got a map?
The map.
Here San Francisco!
Here, my brother.
Now, it's not San Francisco
but it is California.
You bring car to my brother.
And you trust us?
You try to trick me
and I'll beat the shit out of you
Key for the car.
No key for trunk.
What? He must be messing
with us.
Are we supposed to transport
something illegal?
Weapons! Or drugs!
Screw it! We'll do it anyway.
We'll do it.
Okay! We'll do it.
We bring car to
your brother.
We promise.
Loud screams.
Now that's a pair of glasses.
Looking sharp!
Yeah, America!
That's a powerful picture.
One, two, three!
(Both:) San Francisco!
Do you want to hear a secret?
But don't tell anyone else!
Otherwise it's not a secret anymore.
Treat every day like a gift and
the world will give you a gift in return!
And today, our gift is this.
Of course!
I filled up for only 13 dollars.
That is unbelievable.
That is the tastiest chocolate,
I have ever eaten.
You asked me earlier why
my father had fled East Germany.
I think it's because everything
we've experienced here.
Yeah. I understand!
That's why. Yeah.
Yeah. I like your dad.
Veit laughs.
What do you mean?
As a kid, I dreamed of:
My father picking me up, and we'd
drive our white Trabants together -
- over the Golden Gate Bridge.
There are no Trabants in America.
Still, that was always our car.
Oh! The small, white Trabant
would never make it in America.
Did you notice that?
Maybe I should shake
things up a bit.
I just... What the...?
Police Sirens
Shit! The police!
Oh! Shit!
Tom! The pants! Our pants!
Is the boy naked?
Shit! Shit!
Shit, man! Your underwear!
The truck honks.
Well at least they look friendly.
Get out of the car!
- Friendship!
- Is this some type of a joke?
Drivers license, sir!
(Whispers:) Drivers license.
Ah! Wait, yes.
Is this some type of a club?
It's East Germany.
You mind opening the trunk
for me sir?
Um, no, no key...
Sir, open the trunk!
- No keys! - I don't know what you're
saying, you know what, turn around!
Put your hands on the
roof of the car!
- Why? We haven't done anythin wr...
- Hands on the roof. Now!
Open the trunk.
Man! Say something else!
We're totally fucked.
- Lydia, check this out.
- What ya got?
- Shit!
- What the hell...?
So... we're free?
Get in there. You too.
Make yourself at home, boys.
Ah damn it! I shouldn't have
eaten those potatoes.
What? The potatoes? Apples!
That was a heroic deed.
I'd collapse on the floor.
But it's made of concrete.
No. Seriously!
I'm going to collapse on the floor.
Can you hold on to me for a second?
Can you hold on to me? Please!
Yeah. I'm coming.
Okay! All good! Good?
You guys be more careful
next time, alright?
Wear some clothes.
Good luck!
You need it.
May the force be with you!
600 Dollars.
They wanted 600 dollars
for the car repairs.
Ahh shit!
And now?
I don't know either.
Hey, there's a department store!
That's the grand prize.
What do you have there?
No idea!
But it costs 13 dollars.
It tastes really good.
And what's that?
Are you crazy?
We're stealing groceries.
The tastiest foods, and yet
no hard crackers!
Yeah. You want to say that a bit louder?
Who's going to understand us?
Have you ever met an American that
speaks anything other than American?
Here, for example!
... Hello!
My friend here loves you
and would like to marry you.
Then, he'd like to eat as much
as you, until he's round and juicy.
Yeah. See? She laughs. Not a word!
Yeah. So?
Here, for example! Come on!
Tom! Hey! It's cool.
Hello, girl!
You are beautiful.
And I would like to sleep with
you right here, right now. Eh?
Don't you want to tell me
your name first?
Zoey! Hello!
It was nice to meet you.
I'm sorry. Really!
I wanted to prove something -
- to my friend.
Get rid of the stuff! Video!
Ah, Video! Okay!
Excuse me!
Hey, boys! You guys hungry?
Come over to my place!
It'd make my mother happy.
She's from Germany.
My father grills some great streaks.
Really? Steaks!
Of course! Get in!
Get in!
I'm sorry again about earlier.
It's okay.
What was your name again?
There's my house.
Someone knocks.
For you.
Good night!
Night!... Zoey!
Ah... Thanks again!
For everything.
Sleep well!
Ah! How long has it been since
we slept in a real bed?
Ah yeah!
I was thinking to myself:
If 200 people paid 3 dollars
to watch our film:
Then we'd have 600 dollars.
Well yeah! But 200 people is
a little optimistic for this dump.
Maybe Zoey can organize something.
Yeah, maybe. Goodnight!
What the fuck! What is that?
Tom laughs. What? Tom!
Look at this, it's a remote control!
Not for the tv, but for the bed!
Alright, we've all
had a good laugh.
You can let me down now.
You're so funny.
I'll let you down. I promise!
Tom! I'm warning you.
Tom laughs.
Give the the damned remote!
Okay! Wait!
That's so awesome!
Underground filmmaking
from East Germany!
Hey, Tom! Wait a second!
Stop! Wait!
Tom! This one here!
Let's play this one.
Are you crazy? I'm not going
to play a documentary.
No one is interested in Nosferatu.
Believe me!
Well it's just our homeland.
- Dude! What are the people going to think?
- You ready?
Oh Man!
Okay! Come on! It's good.
Okay, let's go!
But it's your responsibility!
Good evening, Silver City!
Tonight, we have the honor
to present -
two filmmakers from East Germany.
These two men traveled all the way,
to show us their films.
So give a big applause to
Tom Kleeberg and Veit Jagoda.
Break a leg!
Yeah. Okay! Let's go!
One! Two! Three!
Marching music, People singing.
"40 Years of the GDR. This is the
pride of some of our joint achievements:"
"Such things as work, and
education for all. "
"A life in social security. "
"Family-friendly politics. "
"The housing program is better
than any in the world. "
He laughs.
- Absolutely fascinating
- Wonderful! Thank you!
That's the mayor.
I would love,
to have you two boys
in my office tomorrow.
Yes? Really?
- Excellent, Boys! Fantastic Work!
- Yeah.
See ya!
Good night!
We have an audience with
the town mayor!
Excuse me, could I have
your autograph, please?
That wasn't quite 200 people.
Who cares! It was still great.
Wait a minute!
When is your birthday?
In just a week. We'll make it work.
Rollercoaster Park?
The amusement park.
It's cool!... romantic...
1, 2, 3, go!
Come over here! Huh?
Come! Come!
Tom! Hold on!
I can't understand you.
Stop it!
That was awesome!
Oh Man!
Come! We're going over there.
... Tom!
Hey! Wait a minute, Tom!... Tom!
Have fun!
Hey! Check this out... Yeah.
Good morning!
Good morning!
Would you like a cup
of coffee? Yeah.
Did you sleep well?
Yeah. Thanks!
That's sweet!
Thank you so much!
And you! Did you sleep
well too? Yeah.
You! I thought maybe we could
do something together later on.
If you want.
Good morning!
How was your night?
That smell! Check this out!
What's that?
I thought, if we're going to have
an audience with the mayor, -
- maybe we can give him a gift.
Ahh, okay!
And then you thought: I'll give
him a chunk of stone.
No, Veit! I thought
to myself:
We'll give him a piece
of the Berlin Wall.
What? Hey, you're crazy.
Do you have any paint
in the garage?
Like that!
For me?
The Berlin Wall.
It's even got the
American flag on it!
We've witnessed Glasnost.
We witnessed the fall
of the Berlin Wall.
And... maybe one day,
we may witness the fall...
...of the Great Wall of China!
Ted! We need a photograph!
Boys, please!
Come on.
Don't be shy!
We say "Cheese".
Cheese! Smile!
(All:) Cheese!
The phone keeps ringing and ringing.
Everyone wants a piece of your...
...Berlin Wall.
Then you have to tell them,
that we don't have anymore.
That won't work. I already sold
10 more. What?
What? Small: 5 Dollars. Medium:
10 Dollars. Big: 20 Dollars.
Big for 20 Dollars?
What? 20 Dollars?
(Laughs:) 20 Dollars!
Oh God! Thank you! Thank you!
Nothing to understand.
That is a gift. For you.
It's enough. It's enough!
There she is.
Bye!... Bye!
What are you doing?
Where are you doing?
They're driving me to university.
That's what you said, right?
Yeah, true... That's what we said.
Of course!
Go, Go!
Bye! Ah...
Ha! Luke Skywalker
of East Berlin.
What's that?
Star Wars?
Luke Skywalker?
I don't believe it!
You guys don't know it?
He was also looking for his dad.
And did he find him?
Yeah. But his father had this
black mask and talked like this:
And then?
The boy killed his father.
With the sword of the Jedi's, there.
Does that mean that I'm now a Jedi?
Yeah. You must the fight evil ones.
Fight the evil ones. Hm!
Then maybe I'll right the
evil ones right now.
I am your... chch!
I'm going to fight the evil ones.
You'll have to kill me!
I could never kill you. I'll
always protect you.
Nothing to understand.
(All:) Mmh!
A locomotive blows its horn.
Uuh!... Oh, no!
What's wrong? Is it your tooth?
Shit, My tooth!
Man! Shit! Fuck Marvin!
What is it?
Tooth loose or something?
Can you steer for a second?
Help him!
Yeah, and?
The tooth is totally messed up.
Well, can he fix it?
For 300 Dollars.
And how much do we have left?
60 Dollars.
Oh shit!
Yeah, shit! You know:
"Money, Money"!
Everything's about money here.
It's like a curse.
Stick a plastic card in the wall
and then you get money.
Without a plastic card, you're
totally screwed here.
Okay! Wait! Okay?
What do we do? Ideas?
We continue on to
San Francisco.
No! I'm not going to
San Francisco like this.
My birthday is in 3 days.
Yeah, I didn't forget.
I'm not going with my tooth like this.
So I'm just supposed to be late?
Anyone else have a better idea?
Anyone have a...
Hey, look at that!
Las Vegas. 1,000 Casinos.
Yeah! Double or nothing.
Yeah. Here! "Double or nothing"
No! No!
This is our only chance...
We'll bet everything on red.
I take that back, we bet everything
on black. Red is not my color.
Red, red, red, red!
Can't you just let it be?
We don't have any more money.
Thanks, Professor! I know.
You should have listened to me
earlier and bet on red!
Am I your good luck charm?
You know what... Lay off!
My tooth is killing me.
Boys! Boys! Stop it!
Get your act together!
What's she doing now?
Rattling noise
You let them show you the room,
open the window and say:
"Man it's loud in here. "
And leave it open.
Then you can open it.
Yeah... Now get your
damned backpack!
Ah! Oh, Man!
For one night! Hnm?
Hey! You're really a firecracker!
What? Why's that?
You are the cracker.
(Quietly:) How's your tooth doing?
It's just pissed that I took -
- such bad care of it for
all these years.
Hm!... And it wasn't too
happy about the Asprin?
It said: "It's a half-hearted
attempt at reconciliation -
- But it's too late now
my friend!"
Maybe I can cheer up
your tooth a bit.
If you're just trying to
seduce me, forget it.
You may be my tooth's type,
but not mine.
Seduce? That was a
sympathy kiss.
Because you're such a
lousy East German.
I shouldn't have shown
you that stupid book.
"The Black Mustang"! Hm, hm!
Noise at the window
I know how we can earn
300 Dollars.
We strip.
We strip?
In a gay bar. I told the owner
that we were Russians.
"No business like show business"
He found it hot.
I am Igor, You are Andrej.
Together, we are the
"Leningrader Stallions".
I found these at Goodwill.
If he'll take us, it'd be
60 dollars per time.
Five times total,
300 Dollars.
Then tomorrow we'll drive to
San Francisco. Uff-uff-ish!
That is your plan?
There's also a pole. Music!
Turn the music on! Pay attention!
East German National Anthem
With Choir and Orchestra
Perfect! Madness!
Tom! Dancing... okay!
Taking off my clothes?
By all means.
In a strip club? Fine.
In a club for gays? No problem.
But NOT to the national anthem
of East Germany!
(Russian:) Friendship!
Pop music version of the
East German National Anthem
Let's go!
Disco Music
Ho, ho! Come! Good, Veit!
Nothing to understand.
Hold me a little tight!
Is it working?
Haha! You're drunk, Veit!
I know.
I think, you're sleepy.
Aren't you going to
come to bed?
But I need to take care
of Tom.
Ugh! He can handle himself.
Get out of here.
Maybe you'd come too, -
- if you had watched enough.
Maybe... Hah! Good night!
Huh? Good night!
Night!... Night! Haha!
My friends!
Thank you.
Thank you! You are my friend!
Should I hop on your back?
Tom neighs like a horse.
Yeah Hop!
Ah! I think I'm all
I think so. Yeah.
Come on!
If that sign over there -
- blinks yellow -
- at the 10th blink, then you're -
- the horse and I get to be
the rider. Okay?
Zoey laughs.
No, no!
If the 5th car,
that drives by, -
- is red, -
- then you have to kiss me!
Someone laughs.
Nothing to understand.
Shi... Shit!
Zoey laughs.
Oh, sorry!
Give me the car keys!
Give me the fucking keys!
What's wrong?
Huh? You're such a fucker, Tom!
What's your problem? Did you not
notice. Or do you just not care?
Come again? What...
There where enough other women.
Come back over here!
You fucking fucker!
Shut the fuck up!
(Both:) Shut you the fuck up!
Veit! I like Zoey. How should
I have known, -
- that you wanted her?
Yeah! How?
You never said anything.
You never opened your mouth.
Yeah! It's always about you!
As long as YOU have fun.
Zoey! Do you not give a shit?
Look out! Okay?
Kiss my ass!
Yeah, fine! Drive!
Drive to your daddy! He's not
waiting for you anyway.
He never was.
Ah shit!
You left this in the hotel.
And us? Hm?... Hm?
If, in the next
2 Minutes -
- a bridge and groom come out
of the church, -
- then we'll see each other again.
Thank you!
Hello! Uh...
I look for my father.
He sends postcards. Every year.
I don't know him.
I'm sorry.
And your coworkers?
The other postmen?
I don't think so.
Hundreds of people come
in here every day.
- Thank you.
- Next!
You could have at least told
me which post office it is.
I've been running for 4 hours,
my heels are sore and... Uh...
Happy Birthday!
That's from Zoey. And also...
I'm really sorry! Really! I'm
really sorry for what I said.
You were such an asshole, ey!
Such an asshole.
Maybe my father won't go in
immediately when he -
- comes by here.
First, I'd say hello.
Are you scared?
Tom! Back there you can buy
pizza for one dollar.
Are you hungry?
Yeah. You're not?
Yeah, then it's settled.
Yeah. Cheese or sausage?
But hurry! Okay?
Excuse me!
Hello! Um!
Excuse me! Mr. Jagoda!
Mr. Jagoda! Mr. Jagoda!
Mr. Jagoda? It's crazy that
you're really here!... Ach!
Mr. Ja... You are Mr. Jagoda.
Aren't you?
What do you want from me?
Excuse me!
You don't know me.
I am Tom.
I'm here with Veit. We were
waiting over there.
He's getting pizza. Veit is here.
We came all the way from Germany.
Hello! Stay where you are!
Hey, hey! Stay... I mean, after
all these years, -
- can't you at least...
I am not his father.
Wha... You're not his father?
Here! What is that?
What's that then? I mean it says
right here: "Veit Jagoda".
"Veit Jagoda"!
Come over here! Come here!
Listen to me!
I had been waiting for 4 years -
- for my trip to be approved. Okay?
And then, in July 1979-
- 3 men from the Stasi came
to my door.
One said that, under the right
circumstances, they would -
- approve my trip.
To approve my application.
You understand?
I didn't have to write the
postcards, only send them.
A couple birthdays a year.
A couple cards at Christmas.
No, no!
It became clear to me why I
had to send these cards.
But not until I was here, in America...
You understand?
...did I realize that I was
sending them for those who -
- were killed trying to cross
the Berlin Wall.
His father is ded. He was shot
trying to escape.
Please! Yeah?... I cannot
meet him.
Cheese, sausage! Treat every day
like a gift -
- and the world will give you
a gift in return.
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
I'm sorry, Veit!
But your... I mean -
- your father certainly tried
to do the right thing...
He didn't write the postcards.
I mean... Your father isn't
He's dead.
simply mailed.
Muffled words
What the man said...
...Stasi... Here!
Your father was...
...shot at the Berlin Wall.
I'm sorry!... Wall...
I'm sorry!
Muffled words
Nothing to understand.
No sound.
Brother of Hope?
You the German commies?
You the fucking commies?
Man, I don't believe it!
I told my brother he was sick,
for trusting two German communists!
The keys.
You two are the nicest communists
I've ever met.
Come on in!