Friendzone (2021) Movie Script

Let's go!
Too cool!
Okay, let's go.
Let's get this bachelorette party started.
Come on!
Come on, Titi!
Are you coming or not, Titi?
There you go!
Hey, Titi!
Titi, film us!
Let's go!
Titi, come!
Yeah, come on, Titi!
Come on!
No, I don't have my earplugs.
Oh, come on!
Are you from Paris too?
And you? Are you Brazilian?
Even better, I'm Portuguese.
Yeah, Portugal's nice.
It's more exotic, isn't it?
Yeah, that's true.
What are you going to do now?
I'm going to read a little
and then go to bed.
Can I come too?
To read?
Sorry, not to read.
Well, no. I'm not
I'm not like that at all.
I'm not
So, you're into girls?
-Well, yes.
-Is that it?
You like girls?
You're into girls.
Sir! No, sir!
No, those are my things!
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
What was that? It stings.
-You must've stepped on a weever.
A weever fish, they hide in the sand.
-It stings!
-The fish's venom can cause a stroke.
What? Hurry! Help me!
What the hell is this?
I know. I'm sorry.
I can't really explain
-Relax, I'm a nurse.
-Take me to the hotel.
-Come on.
Room number?
But I don't even know you.
I need medical care.
-I know what to do.
-Let me go.
All right.
Yes, it's the venom.
-Room 108.
-Got it.
Don't worry. I know what to do.
Hold on.
The heat neutralizes the venom.
You'll feel better soon.
Your foot is easy to style.
-You're welcome.
Up, there you go.
By the way, I'm Rose.
Thibault Galland.
How about a drink, Mr. Galland?
Yeah, sure.
But you'll need to
Yes, of course.
There's the "Ugly Baby" collection.
The "Street" collection.
It's awesome.
It's great. I love it.
-This is great.
What's this one?
That's our "floor mop" romper.
Babies are always crawling around.
Why not make the most of it?
It's brilliant.
Great idea.
I'd like to order some.
I work in pediatrics.
Are you here on vacation?
No, for a bachelorette party.
What brings you here?
I'm here for some stupid trade show.
Actually, I needed to get away.
I broke up with my boyfriend.
That's great! I mean
No, not great that you broke up,
but sometimes it's nice to be single.
I'm single, and it's awesome.
Just great.
For example,
my friend's getting married next week
I have to say, her fianc's mean
But, you know, I think 25 is young.
Feeling good in your own skin,
that's the most important thing.
I feel good in your skin.
I mean, in my skin. So, it's cool, right?
Yes, you're right.
Really important.
Does it hurt?
We need to get the blood flowing.
That feels really good.
All right! There you go.
Is that better?
It's getting late.
I have to be up early.
Her name is Rose. She's 25.
She's fromGrenoble. She has two brothers.
She started a kid's clothes company.
What did you do?
-Nothing, it was great.
-Did you hook up?
It wasn't the right time.
I don't get it.
You go to her room
for a drink and a massage.
Are you stupid?
It was anopen bar.
She was in a bad relationship.
She said she needed time alone.
She said that?
That's my impression.
Did you tell her you used to jerk off
watching Little Mermaid?
Come on. I was in 7th grade.
I'd be pissed if I was her.
She thinks you're not interested.
That's ridiculous. What do you know?
Titi, when was the last time you had sex?
-Two years.
-Just ask me.
He's forgotten how.
We all know
what you're like when you're in love.
You had a crush on us all.
Come on
I had a crush on all of you? Yeah, right!
You should be so lucky.
You women, seriously.
That's nonsense.
I have two pills for you.
What do I get in exchange?
Nothing, I don't even want pills.
Tagada, the crazy horse?
No, he's mine.
These aren't free.
They're extremely valuable.
-Yeah. Everybody around here wants these.
Okay, let's make a deal.
Pills forthe last banana candy.
That's my best offer.
Can you help me with the rent this month?
But you had bonus pay.
I'm saving up for med school.
Did you register?
I'm going next week.
Will you give me the money?
Yeah, okay.
-Rock, paper, scissors?
-Go on.
Rock, paper, scissors.
Rock, paper, scissors. Shit.
Hi, Alicia.
Lulu's giving you your shot today.
-He hasn't come to visit?
I don't want him to see me like this.
Take it easy! That hurts!
Take it off!
Can you turn for me?
You know the drill. It's going to sting.
Breathe out. And
Shit, seriously?You'll pay for this.
Easy now.
I knew it.
-Guess who wants to see me?
It's Rose. A date at 5:00 p.m.
-At five?
It's too early. Say no.
Suggest dinner at nine
in a hip restaurant.
No, she probably can't make it later.
Stupid! Listen to her!
Do you think she wants to hook up at five?
Take these to her while you're at it.
Sorry, I'm late.
-No worries.
-How are you?
This is for you.
-For me?
It's very sweet of you.
It's on children's fashion
in the Middle Ages.
I know this painting.
It's on exhibit at the Louvre,
by Jean Hey.
And that'sCharles-Orland. He died young.
That'll be our first son's name, for luck.
Not so fast.
I don't make babies with just anyone.
No, I'd love to have babies with you.
-What do you want to do?
-Whatever you like.
-Whatever you want.
You might regret saying that.
I noticed a clothes sale nearby.
I'd love to go.
All right, let's go.
-Are you sure?
-Yeah, fine.
-It's this way.
-Bruno never wanted to come with me.
Yeah, my ex.
Oh yeah. Right
Jerk! He's already posting
pictures of himself with some bimbo.
Can you imagine?
Yeah, not cool.
No respect.
Let's not get into that.
No, I don't mind.
I don't usually go for guys like that.
Lower-class guys
who think they can make it to the top.
He fought so hard to seduce me,
I ended up falling for him.
And then he changed?
Big time.
As soon as I fell in love with him,
he started lying, standing me up
Then I'd find out
he'd been partying with his rappers.
-He's a rapper?
-No, he owns a label.
-I'll see you later.
Thanks very much.
Rose, I know
your last relationship wasn't the best,
but I think we'd make a great couple.
That was good.
How are you?
I got my period. I just want
to eat pizza and watch Netflix.
Come in.
Would you like some tea?
No, too much caffeine.
Trying to quit?
I hadn't noticed how handsome you are!
A date?
Well, yes.
-With who?
-With you.
I hope you have condoms.
Well, yeah.
Then, bro, let's do it.
It's so weird.
Wouldn't that be crazy?
Oh my God.
Well, sit down.
Sit? Yes, of course.
No, I have to go.
I forgot. I'm meeting my ex for dinner.
She works night shifts at the morgue.
-Wow, crazy.
It's pretty crazy.
I can't wait to meet her.
Yeah, sure.
-That's my room.
And so
Good night. Enjoy your period.
-How are you?
He's like a lost soul.
Are you okay?
I should've listened.
It's over now.
Maybe there's something we can do.
No, it's hopeless.
I'm a loser, that's all.
You have everything
a girl could ever want.
Do you know why you never have sex?
Because you always end up
in the friendzone.
Let's be clear, she called him, "bro."
-No, but
-Seriously, it's
He's in the friendzone.
What's the deal with
Go on.
When you're just friends,
there's no mystery,
no sexual tension, or seduction.
As a friend, you'll never be a boyfriend.
It's systematic with you.
-How can I get out of it?
-It's almost impossible.
The magic happens in the beginning.
It'll be difficult.
So, I'll end up alone with a cat.
No, you've got us now.
We have a plan.
First things first.
What would you say are
your greatest strengths with women?
I'm honest.
Yes, that's true.
You never cheated in school.
That's a real turn-on, isn't it?
All right, well
I don't know. I'm attentive.
-No, you're not attentive.
-But I am.
-What does that mean?
You always say yes
to make things easy, to be nice.
But we never knowwhat you really want.
You want me to stop being nice?
-No, it's just that...
-You have to stand up for yourself.
Nice people can be annoying.
There are other sides to me.
I'm funny.I'm always joking around.
That's true.
Quality matters more than quantity.
Come on, he's funny sometimes, isn't he?
-You'll laugh at anything.
-No, not true.
-No, not true.
So basically,
I shouldn't be nice or tell jokes.
I can't do anything.
But in your case, it's a turnoff.
Tell me then, what should I do about Rose?
You disappear.
Tell her you're goingfar away
on some mission.
-Yeah, far like Siberia.
No phones, no Internet, or messages.
She won't be able to reach you.
She forgets you're friends,
and we give you a makeover.
When we think you're ready,
you come back as a sexy hunk.
Get it?
Workout, Vincennes park.
But that's in the morning.
Don't ever be late again.
Let's go.
You're a great guy, Titi.
You just don't know it.
And girls can't see it either.
You need an image.
If we all had a color,
I'd be red.
Why? Because I'm determined.
I make things happen.
What color would you be?
I don't know.
Yeah, beige goes with everything.
But it's boring.
-You know anyone who wants a beige car?
It's the same with you.
No one's interested.
Come on.
Come on. Give it all you've got.
You need to be able
to share your feelings,
speak your mind.
But I do.
Okay. Tell me one thing
that made you angry this week.
My banker.
Are all bankers motherfuckers to you?
Did you forget, I work in a bank?
No, that's not what I meant at all.
-And you in HR...
That's a beige answer.
Say they're motherfuckers.
You're always trying to avoid conflict.
You can't have real intimacy
unless you're sincere.
You're not some doormat.
Sit straight.
Open your chest.
Lulu's right.
You needKizomba.
-An African dance.
All right, I have real work to do.
See you.
No, Maud
I don't dance.
Girls these days,
we make our own money,we drive, we vote.
We have no time to waste.
We want sensual men
like Pharrell Williams
or Justin Timberlake, you know?
Hi, Flicien.
Relax. One, two, three, boom boomcha.
Stand straight.
First, a slow ocho.
Turn, one, two, three.
Boom, boom, cha.
-Boom boom cha?
-Here we go.
-Straighten up.
Put your hand on my back.
That must've hurt.
A little.
Did you know? You talk way too much.
Too much.
A woman should be curious.
Don't spit everything out.
Men talk a lot, but they don't say much.
You have to learn
the art of silent pauses.
You'll gain an advantage.
And no laughing.
And stop always saying, "Great!"
-So annoying.
Look at me.
We want a man comfortable with silence
who's not trying to be funny.
That's a confident, charismatic man.
You don't get it.
No, he doesn't
How can I get close to someone
if I don't talk?
Just be present.
That's your ticket to intimacy.
Then you need a degree of ambiguity.
A little naughtiness.
Let's try something.
I really enjoy being with you, I
You seem sensitive. You really listen.
You have a very nice name.
You know what it reminds me of?
A knight
with his dragon.
His armor.
His long, hard sword.
You can talk now.
Well, it's a derivative of Theubalt
from the Middle Ages.
I can't discuss etymology?
-We don't care.
This is the reason why
women suffer from vaginal dryness.
Shot, please.
Yes, please.
Is she your type?
I like that.
Jennifer Paoli, influencer.
She became a millionaire
by posting breakfast pics.
They even published her profile on TV.
She's attractive.
Straight, Maud.
Back to business, Titi.
We told you, sit up.
That's it.
Too sweet.
What makes sex good for girls?
How's it going?
He's no good in bed.
What? No, not at all.
That's not what I said.
Sex is with a partner, do you understand?
Every relationship is different.
Nothing is really good or bad.
-But we can teach you some basics.
Like what? Role-playing? Or
The three of us? Like a threesome?
No, calm down.
The thumb, for example.
The thumb?
What about it?
You don't use it?
Why? Should I?
Alex's husband used his thumb,
and she married him right away.
No, it's not true.
But I'm interested.
Why did you choose him?
I don't know.
He's charming, vulnerable.
He said he loved me.
I knew he was the one.
I could see it in his eyes.
He needed me.
You can't top that.
Don't ever say you love someone
unless you're sincere.
How do you do that?
What do you say?
I can't explain it. You have to feel it.
Three. Step back. Have her face you.
I bought myself a bonsai.
Thibault, come on!
Come on, eight!
Again, come on.
And three.
This is a thumb, okay?
So, there's the tap.
You see? Softly.
And you caress in small circles.
Like that.
And tap.
That's it.
And up.
The other thumb.
You can hook it too.
It's all in the wrist.
Anchor and hook.
Use your finger too.
One, two, exactly.
I went to visit cancer patients.
They were calm, taking their time.
The opening of Rose's new showroom,
Titi, it's the perfect setting.
Remember your story?
Siberia, great land of contrasts.
I was in a village inYakutia.
It was the most intense
experience of my life.
Forces of nature, people, etc
And don't pay too much attention to her.
Congratulate her.
We'll stay 15 minutes.
You have a Kizomba party to go to.
Then I offer to take her next time.
You've got this!
-Here we go.
Your collection is beautiful.
-Like it?
Titi, you're back!
I'd never miss this.
Your first showroom.
This isAlexandra, Maud, and Lulu.
Nice to meet you.
-Is there a cloakroom?
Yes, next to the bathroom.
You look great.
Thanks, so do you.
You're sweet.
Well done. It's amazing.
Thanks. I'm expecting
a Zampa executive. I'm a bit stressed.
He'll love it, don't worry.
Where were you?
I was in Siberia.
I was training local nomadic caregivers.
Yeah, that's great.
Wait, my boyfriend!
Bruno, come here.
He called to apologize about a month ago
and invited me to move in.
This is Thibault.
Right, Pipi!
The nude guy on the beach.
Thanks for taking care of her.
She's lost without me.
There's no more champagne, darling.
Shall I call and order 30 bottles?
No, there's more.
-Get it.
You don't want to be stingy.
Yeah, you're right.
Stay here, Titi.
I have so much to tell you.
So, you're a hospital porter?
You're in social services.
Honestly, that's...
I really respect that.
Not for me. I wanted to make money.
If ever you need any, just call me. Here.
Seriously, just call me.
No, I can't believe it.
-How long has it been? Five years?
Okay? You're white as a ghost.
-What are you doing here?
-I'm with a friend.
You know that guy?
You're a real bombshell.
You're making me hot
-You still into girls?
-Still, yes.
Keep in touch.
-If ever you want
See you later.
I hate that guy.
Here's to the designer
of the Kooky Kids collection.
A toast to you, my darling.
Believe me,
starting a new business isn't easy.
When I started,
no one ever gave me a chance.
I'm a self-made man.
I hope you'll have the same success.
To Rose!
-To Rose!
-Thank you.
I have to get out of here.
One more?
It's nice to see you.
And so soon.
That's how I am.
I'm straightforward.
You don't usually drink?
If this is some game, it won't work.
I'm usually a saint.
I don't drink or smoke.
I'm in social services.
No sex on the first date.
I'm the same. No drugs or alcohol.
My job is kind of a social service too.
And casual sex is not my thing.
What if we broke all our rules tonight?
Did you hear what I said?
I can't stop thinking about you.
But I want a serious man
who can accept my status and lifestyle.
That's what I want too.
You want proof?
I haven't had sex in over a year.
That's just how I am.
It has to be meaningful.
And I really like you
You know what?
I haven't had sex in a year either.
What are you doing with your thumb?
As I'm heading into the storeroom,
who do I see walking out in heels?
Go on, tell us!
No way.
Our Titi had sex with her at the hospital?
He wanted to be naughty
and break all the rules.
He was long overdue.
Rose has no idea what she's missing.
Her stupid asshole of a boyfriend
won't stop texting me.
He wants me to shift to penises.
He says his is spectacular.
Watch it.
Here he comes, and he's with her.
Hi, girls. This is Jennifer.
Hi, girls.
Hi there.
Can we see the menu?
And water with lemon for my girlfriend.
Warm water and unwaxed lemon, please.
-All right.
-Here you go.
There's nothing raw here.
Tomatoes are so inflammatory.
I'm sorry,
I really watch what I eat.
It's really important.
We saw that on Instagram.
No, it's admirable.
You know, people die of gluten every day.
-No, it's horrible.
I need to sanitize. I'll be right back.
She's cool, isn't she?
She seems a little intense.
If only you knew what we did.
I think she likes me.
Isn't this too fast?
Aren't you proud?
I'd never have done this before.
Thanks to you.
-Can I have a word?
I'm sorry,Jen has just finished fasting,
and the menu's not optimal.
She's not used to
these types of restaurants.
-She's higher-end.
It was fun, but another time?
I'll choose next time,
and we'll eat for free.
-No problem.
-Yes, absolutely.
Ah, no, ugly.
That's bad. Oh well.
See you later.
Get out of my way.
Where should we put it?
Try over there.
Go on.
Turn. Now turn again.
Move it back.
Set the flash.
Like this?
I love you!
This is Thibault's mailbox.
What are you doing?
No, what are you doing?
Sorry, I don't...
That's a close-up.
I want more of a body shot.
I'm happy with you.
Sorry, sweetheart.
You're so sweet! I love you!
Who is this?
Hey, there.
My little baby.
So, I'll see you this afternoon.
First, acupuncture,
and then Vegan Night at the Crillon Hotel.
Honestly, I'm pretty tired.
I'm going to...
I won't be able to make it tonight.
You want me to go alone?
Why? It's not a big deal, is it?
Not a big deal?
What will my followers think
if I show up alone?
Two million followers!
I'm doing this for us.
-I've never done this for anybody else.
I knew this would happen.
You give everything
Wait, don't cry.
You promised you'dbe there.
I'm under so much pressure.
Of course. I see that.
My job is just as important as your job.
Yeah, just like caring for children.
I'll go with you. It's fine.
I'll come, okay?
Promise, sweetheart?
Yes, I promise.
-Hey there!
-Lulu, right?
-Yes. What are you doing here?
I was passing by,
and I wanted to see Thibault.
Do you know where he is?
He finished his rounds.
He should be in room 212.
-Thanks a lot. See you.
You never call me, so I came to see you.
What are you doing?
I'm playing music for Michel.
I'm hoping he comes out of his coma.
We can go.
-Yeah, okay.
-All right.
My future clients?
Great to see you.
Me too.
She's persistent.
Can I see?
No, but
You can't just read my texts.
So, tell me.
What's it like dating a Kardashian?
Well, it's good. We have fun.
And how's your asshole boyfriend?
That's how you described him.
We don't owe each other any explanation.
Even if we're dating,
we can still be friends.
I'm not at your beck and call.
What's going on, Titi?
Nothing, forget it.
Call me, Thibault.
All you had to do is ask.
You don't seem happy to see me.
I'll go.
Good luck with your little hottie.
I caught a glimpse of their conversation.
What's going on?
I was saying,Rose left in a hurry.
So, tell us.
No, I don't know. She wanted to catch up.
I was rude. She got upset.
She's not angry. She's jealous.
You don't have time for her anymore.
Look who got himself
out of the friendzone!
Way to go, Titi!
Is Jennifer really into you?
I don't know, kind of.
Do you like her?
But not as much as Rose.
Why are you asking me this?
Listen, Rose is jealous.
Thanks to Maud,
we know her boyfriend is into lesbians.
-So, I have a plan to open her eyes.
Now you're scaring me.
I don't get it.
What's the plan?
You're going to use Jennifer
to spice things up with Rose.
Great idea.
No, we can't do that.
I agree. We should never
play with people's feelings.
Come on, guys.
It's one week with Jennifer,
then you let her down gently.
Easy to say.
She'll bounce back.
Don't worry. She gets plenty of offers.
-You didn't promise her anything.
And so,
Maud's going to trap Bruno.
If you're patient and it works,
you'll get a second chance with Rose.
Say something, Titi.
Yes or no?
Do you want Rose or not?
-Make a call.
-Say it.
-Let's give it a shot.
-All right.
Can I help you?
I'm sorry.
You're right, I was rude,
and I've been avoiding you.
I was upset to see you back with your ex.
But if you trust him, he must deserve it.
I'm sorry too.
I should never have judged you.
I don't know her. I
So, are we friends?
Of course.
I'm having a costume party.
Want to come?
-With Bruno?
I have to meet Jennifer.
We're having a picnic.
-Yeah, bye.
I'm telling you,
no longer than 20 minutes.
Stop, I'm sure it'll be fun.
Yeah, sure.
The sick kids' nurse
is going to entertain us.
Such a waste of time.
That's them, go on.
Hello, beautiful.
What kind of party is this?
He's datingJennifer?
You follow her?
Rose, you came!
Jennifer, this is my friend, Rose.
And her boyfriend
-It's Bruno.
What is this party?
It's all thanks to my sweetheart.
This isn't free.
I have to get back to my postings.
See you later!
How are you?
Remember the guy
who came to see my collection?
-He loved it.
He wants me to manage
the new kids' department.
He wants her to move to Spain,
and I have a label to run.
No, I can't accept,
but I was flattered.
I'll leave you.
-I need some shots.
I'm so proud of you!
Baby, we're doing a live video.
-Baby, come on!
-Go on.
What am I doing?
Don't worry.
Just a few photos, and then leave.
I have to show a boob?
So? Can we get started?
Rose is bored. Her boyfriend's drunk.
For courage.
-For Titi?
-Yes, for Titi.
Hi, Rose.
-I'm Alexandra, remember?
Are you busy?
Could you bring this to Thibault's room?
I don't want anyone to steal it.
I need to get some ice.
No problem. Where is it?
Up one floor.
-Thanks so much.
Sorry. I'm so sorry.
I tripped. I don't know. I'm sorry.
Shit, but
Are you stupid or what? My dress!
This really pisses me off!
She's in your room.
Are you snooping in my bedroom?
Why children?
I'm like them.
There's no pretense.
They're more direct.
They tell you if they love you
or not.
What's this?
A hot night in the city?
I sometimes go on Thursdays.
So you dance.
You drive me crazy.
-Good shot?
Now, they have to heat things up.
I remember what you said.
Is it really spectacular?
A treasure.
we come close together.
Your arm goes here,
around my shoulders.
My foot between yours.
Follow me?
I don't feel anything.
Let me warm up.
These things take time.
I'm getting hot now. I feel it.
Not bad.
So, first, doggy style.
-No worries.
-That's better.
Easy now, yeah
No, but I can't feel anything.
Now that's good.
That's it. We got him.
This isn't working for me.
Now, I'll post it,
and we're done.
Maybe we should join the others?
Sure, if you want.
I know what this is.
No, you have no idea.
Yeah, you want to see what I've got.
No problem.
Ready, here you go.
It's not what you think.
What's going on?
You should show everyone.
Idiot! Put that away!
Thibault, wait.
-Are you okay?
And it's so small.
Weren't we just planning photos?
It's not my fault. The guy's an idiot.
What are you doing here?
I wanted to make sure you're okay.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Come in.
Thankfully, I still have my apartment.
I feel so stupid.
You had no way of knowing.
No, I did.
Why would he become a nice guy overnight?
People don't change.
No, you believed in him.
It's cool.
And people do change.
Take it from me.
Yeah, maybe in Siberia.
Why are you here?
You're missing the party.
I don't care.
You're more important than that.
Can you hold me?
It's not a good idea.
Why not?
What about Jennifer?
I don't care about her.
That's classy.
Doesn't she care?
Do you think I need this now?
Sorry, I wasn't thinking.
I thought you were my friend.
You just want to sleep with me?
No, I mean, not at all.
I'm pathetic.
I was about to fall for it again.
-Please, go.
-Just go!
Where were you?
Please, not now. I just want to go to bed.
Where were you?
I was with Rose.
You want to leave me?
For her?
-Answer me.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I tried to forget her...
Nobody dumps me.
Do you know who I am?
I'm the face of Etam.
Rihanna follows me!
I will not havesome low-life nurse
leave me for some lame chick!
I'm leaving you, you piece of shit!
Fucking asshole!
-Fuck you!
-Are you okay?
How dare you!
Seriously! Piece of shit!
She's some piece of work.
What happened with Rose?
She threw me out.
I tried to kiss her.
You needed to give it time.
That was definitely in the friendzone.
-Not very smart.
Not smart?
And your shitty ideas?
I'm sorry?
But I was only trying to help.
Help? How have you helped me?
Tell me, how?
Go on, tell me.
Why do I follow your advice?
You think you know everything,
you're harsh, a slut,
and you hate your job.
You act like a 16-year-old,
and you're irresponsible.
-Titi, don't be mean.
Does that upset you, Alex?
I'm screwing up your plans?
I'm out of line?
I'm not allowed to be mean?
Sorry, but friendship works both ways.
I'm sick of being your guinea pig.
That's enough.
You got what you wanted.
I've really changed.
I'm not her friend,
I'll never be her boyfriend,
and I've become an asshole.
Are you finished?
No, not yet.
I wanted to tell you.
I registered for med school.
I'm happy for you.
The girls are here.
Alex had an obstetrician appointment.
She didn't want me to tell you, but
she's pregnant.
I'm so happy.
I'm going to be an aunt.
How's Thibault?
-I think so.
So, you're expecting a baby?
Titi, you came.
I mean, Thibault.
Come here. I need a hug.
My husband and I were wondering
if you'd be the godfather.
Yes, of course!
I couldn't help myself.
I did a bit of shopping.
So sweet.
First gift as a new mom.
Wow. I love it.
"Kooky Kids."
-Rose's brand?
Did you see on Facebook?
She's selling her couch.
-I think she's moving to Spain for work.
-That's cool.
Good for her.
I have to get back to work.
Congratulations, Alex.
I'm really sorry about what I said.
I wasn't thinking.
You had a valid point.
And, you know,
we're sorry too.
Why are you here?
You've ignored my texts.
You shouldn't have come.
Sorry, but I like you.
So, here I am.
A stuffed toy? I'm not a baby!
Can't you see? We need alone time.
Are you okay?
I have to see Rose. Fill in for me.
He was the best friend ever.
Always there to listen, to comfort,
to get you through hard times.
He was a great romantic,
but his life was too short.
He missed out on true love.
God called him to His side.
Don't worry. He pulled through.
Mr. Galland,
you experienced a shock,
but nothing serious. I'll be right back.
All right?
How do you feel?
You really gave us a scare.
Lucky it happened here.
What day is it?
It's Tuesday, 8:00 a.m.
Rose is leaving.
-Help me. I have to go.
-But you just got hit by a car.
Come on!
Stop! Hey!
Hurry up!
Watch out, sir! Get out of the way!
Let's go!
Ready to go!
Thibault, don't forget you have to...
-What happened?
-It got hit by a car. It doesn't matter.
Please, listen to me.
I don't want to see you.
Let me explain.
There's nothing to say.
Excuse me.
Can you tell me the new code?
Didn't you hear what she said?
It's fine, guys.
Come on.
Get out of here!
-We're working.
But I'm injured.
-Get out!
-Fine. I'm leaving.
What's he doing?
I know you can hear me. Please listen.
I lied. I never went to Siberia.
When we met, I fell in love,
but I didn't pursue it.
I told myself you needed time,
but I was just scared.
I was afraid of rejection.
When I decided to make my move,
it was too late, we were friends.
I wanted you to think of me differently,
so I reinvented myself.
I tried to make you jealous.
I wasn't jealous.
Anyway, I don't want to be that guy.
So what do you want?
I don't care about all that posturing.
And you shouldn't care either.
I know you, Rose.
I know your qualities,
your flaws, and your fears.
I've seen you when you're fragile.
My feelings for you never changed.
I love you.
I love you.
You know,
if I hadn't been so stupid that night
on the beach, it could've been different.
Give me a second chance.
I changed.
This time, it'll be the real me,
without any lies, games, or pretense.
That's crazy. I'm moving.
So, I'll follow you. I don't care.
Let me prove I can be more than a friend
or a casual boyfriend.
I could be the love of your life.
It's 58.
The code.
Shit, the code!
We did it!
Our little darling!
Where are you?
On a beach in Barcelona.
When are you back?
I found a job at theHospital del Mar.
I told you she'd steal him away.
Will you come for the baby's birth?
Of course we'll be there.
I've got to go.
I love you.
-Love you too.
-So do we.
-Love you.
Subtitle translation by: Leanne Rivest