Fright (1971) Movie Script

Ladybird, ladybird
Fly away home
Your house is on fire
Your children are gone
All but the one who's alone
Ladybird fly away home
That's the way you may go
Ladybird fly
Fly away
Missus Lloyd?
I'm Amanda.
Oh yes, do come in.
Thank you.
It's certainly turned cold.
Sorry I was so long.
That's all right.
I was just putting Tara to bed.
He knows we're going
out and he's playing up but,
he'll get over it.
How old is he?
How old is he?
Your little boy, Tara.
Nearly three.
Oh, super.
Let me take your coat.
Thank you.
Good, Jim's got him quiet at last.
Would you,
would you like to go up and see Tara?
Yes, I'd better.
He's really very good.
It's long past his bedtime.
He should sleep the whole
night, once he's off.
You all right?
Yes, I was just putting my books down.
Nice house.
Thank you.
And this is my husband.
Jim, this is Amanda.
Hello, nice of you to come.
This is my Tara.
We don't often get a night out.
Are you mad?
Supposing I hadn't come to look in.
Supposing we'd gone out and left him.
Haven't you got any idea at all?
The cat?
Spooky wouldn't hurt him.
Oh no.
But he's often playing with the cat.
You've never complained before.
That's not the same as
leaving Spooky in his cot.
Haven't you ever heard of
children going to sleep,
and cats lying across their faces and,
oh God, it doesn't bear thinking about.
I'm sorry.
I didn't think.
He didn't think.
Well, I'm sure I would have
noticed the cat Missus Lloyd.
I want Spooky.
Well, you can't have Spooky, my darling.
You know he has a special little basket
that he sleeps in downstairs.
Now I've got Amanda
here to look after you.
She's a nice, pretty young lady.
Say hello to Amanda.
Hello, Tara.
I want Missus Marion.
Missus Marion couldn't come.
She has to cook Mister Marion's supper.
But she sent Amanda
along, who is very nice.
That's right.
There, didn't take you
long to be friendly, did it?
Jim, I'll try and get him off.
You take Amanda downstairs
and show her the living room
and how the television works.
All right now, I'm
going downstairs Tara.
So if you want me you
just call, all right?
There we are Sweetheart, down you go.
Let's cover up.
Sleep well, won't you?
Night night, Sweetheart.
A bit creepy, I suppose.
It's also old and musty.
I haven't had a chance
to do much with it yet.
We've only been here a couple of months.
Yes, I know.
Do you?
It's a very small village.
Everyone knows about everybody.
Very nosy about strangers.
Thank you.
Oh, the uh, telly's pretty old,
but it works all right.
You turn it on, just here.
Yes I know, we used
to have one like that.
Yes, I suppose we should get a new one.
You're still at school?
No, college.
Technical college.
What, what do you do there?
Child welfare course.
Oh that's handy.
So you're something of an expert.
What do you do, change nappies all day?
Oh no, it's not a crash.
We do theoretical work.
Psychology, physiology, things like that.
Sometimes we do, we
visit children's homes,
for practical work,
mostly maladjusted children,
aged from five to fourteen.
That must be very interesting.
Oh yes it is.
Where are you going?
Oh, the Plover Inn.
Oh, nice.
Is it?
I've never been there.
I believe they have very good food.
Yes, me neither,
well I went there for a drink once.
It's very expensive.
Well, we don't get out much,
and it's something of a special occasion.
Oh super, anniversary?
Sort of.
Well that's all right, he's fast asleep.
Oh good.
How about a sherry Jim, do you mind?
No, of course not.
Would you like a sherry, Amanda?
Oh, yes I'd love one, thank you.
It's lovely and quiet here.
Some people might think it's too quiet.
Not for me.
In our house, the telly's always blaring,
or the people next door having arguments.
You won't hear a sound here.
Well, apart from the occasional
ghost or poltergeist.
Just kidding.
You've got a great sense of humor.
Well that's all right.
Those sort of things don't bother me.
Is there anything I ought
to know, Missus Lloyd?
About Tara.
Oh, you won't even hear him, I hope.
He's so tired, he should sleep like a log.
That's super.
I've left the number of Plover
Inn here by the telephone,
in case of emergencies.
God forbid.
Don't worry, I'll cope.
Yes of course, but don't
hesitate to ring if...
Missus Lloyd,
nothing's gonna happen, don't worry.
Now you go out and enjoy yourself.
Yes, come on worry guts.
It's just that I'm
not used to leaving him.
You've gotta get used to it, come on.
There is a bolt up there
if you feel more safe.
No, I feel safe.
Darling, you're getting hit up, come on.
Have you done much babysitting Amanda?
Well, a bit.
And do all your Mums go on the same?
Yes, they do, it's quite normal.
In fact, you're very good.
There you are, you see?
Come on.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight Amanda,
and we will see you later.
Have a lovely time.
Do you think she knows?
Why should she?
I know, something she said,
about everyone knowing everything.
Just words.
In a small village.
I thought we were
supposed to be celebrating.
I'm sorry.
Let's forget it, tonight at least.
Who is it?
Oh fuck.
Hello, and what do you want?
I want a story.
You want a story?
All right, we'll go and get a story.
Come on.
All right.
Yeah, it's in my picture.
Shall we do you a picture...
I wish you hadn't said that.
About the ghosts.
She's a sensible girl.
She won't be frightened.
I'm frightened.
Who is it?
It's me.
Who's me?
It's me.
What the hell do you want?
What do you think I want?
I want to see you.
How did you know I was here?
Let me in and I'll tell you.
I don't want to talk to you.
Oh come on.
I suppose you think that was funny?
Creeping around the house,
trying to frighten me.
I don't know what you're talkin'.
Come on baby, it's bloody cold out here.
Well, I'll think about it.
I'll put the baby to bed first.
Come on, darling.
Hey, hey Amanda'.!
Good evening ma'am, good evening sir.
Good evening.
My I take your coats?
Yes, thanks.
Do you have a table reserved?
Yes, name of Lloyd.
Oh yes of course.
Perhaps you'd like to take an apertif,
and I'll get the menus to your table.
Thank you.
Good evening, madame.
Good evening.
Good evening, sir.
Good evening.
What would you like, darling?
Vodka and tonic please.
Vodka and tonic, and scotch please.
Thank you.
Thank you.
No thanks.
Well, our celebration, at last.
The babysitter thought it
was some kind of anniversary.
Well isn't it?
Why not?
What the hell?
Why shouldn't one celebrate a divorce?
I wonder if Gareth's here yet?
You still there?
Thought you might be.
You'll have to chip the ice off me.
I can't move.
Come on.
Thank you.
Well that's a good idea.
Now we won't be disturbed.
Get out.
I haven't done anything.
You're not going to either.
You can't stay a virgin
all your life, you know.
How do you know?
I might not be one.
Ah well, if you're not,
you've got nothing to lose, have you?
But if you are,
then this is your big chance.
With you?
That's what I like about you,
you're always so hospitable.
Actually I'd like to
know how you found me here.
Well, I went over to your place,
and they told me you were over here.
So I walked.
Miles and miles, braved the elements.
What do I get?
Obviously not what you expected.
All right then, we'll just talk.
And remember that's the
only reason I let you in,
someone to talk to.
And if you don't like it,
you know what you can do about it.
Of course, yeah.
Then we'll just talk.
Well let's talk then.
I reckon you've got the most
beautiful pair of bristols.
Hello loves.
- Hello Gareth.
- Gareth.
Sorry I'm late.
That's all right, we
haven't been here long.
Hello Helen, you're looking great.
What are you gonna have?
Oh anything, anything at all.
Gin and tonic, please.
Did you have a good drive down?
Oh bloody murder all the way down.
Ice, please.
But the other one, was a horror film,
and there was this terrific scene,
where the girl gets her head chopped off,
and someone was telling me,
they used a joint of beef
to get the right effect.
So the real blood spurts out.
Oh give up!
I thought you'd be interested.
No, I'm not.
All right.
All right.
It's a bit of dump isn't it?
You could make a horror film in here.
Stop trying to frighten me.
I'm not.
Yes you are, peering
through that window.
What, what window, what
are you talking about?
That one.
You scared the life out of me,
and you did it deliberately.
I didn't.
I came straight up to the door.
Must have been someone else.
Stop it!
Well if it wasn't anybody else,
it must be your imagination.
I don't imagine things.
this is typical of you,
trying to frighten people all the time.
You ought to see a psychiatrist.
Well you're the one who's seeing things.
You live in a world of fantasy.
I was reading about people like you.
They say it's a result
of sexual frustration.
well that's not my fault, either.
Well you needn't think
I'm going to cure you.
I don't know what you're going on about.
Did you really see someone?
Yes, I did.
Well perhaps it was
Missus Lloyd's husband?
Oh don't be silly.
I saw them drive off hours ago.
That's not her husband.
That fellow, he's not her real husband.
What do you...
Who told you that?
I see a dentist down at the village.
And what does she know about it?
She used to work here,
with Missus Lloyd's aunt.
That's the old girl who
died a couple of months ago.
Perhaps it's her ghost walking.
That's not funny.
Besides, it's a load of
gossip, I don't believe a word.
No, it's true.
Missus Lloyd's real
husband's in a nut house.
He's a nutter.
Stop it.
That's right.
He tried to murder her.
That's why they put him away.
Will you stop it?
Are you all right?
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you.
Oh Chris.
Oh Chris, say you were lying,
you were making it all up,
weren't you, to frighten me?
Chris, weren't you?
Yeah, all right.
Then it was you at that window,
wasn't it?
Wasn't it?
It's okay.
It's all right.
Rotten sod.
I'm a real bastard.
Didn't you know?
You bastard, then.
Then you know what you are, don't you?
Very tasty.
No Chris, don't.
Shut up.
I said, shut up.
All right, darling?
Oh, fine.
And coffees all around.
Right away sir.
Thank you.
And then in March,
there's a good chance
of a job in Brussels.
God, I hope so.
It's good, new country, new life.
I hope you'll be very happy.
If we can lay away our ghosts.
Brian is not a ghost.
We said we weren't going to mention him.
Well, why not?
We're afraid of the things we hide,
not the things we accept.
tell the truth for me.
How has all this affected him?
I mean, the divorce.
I mean, you know how he
feels, it isn't love,
it's an obsession.
All the time I've been scared that,
well somehow he might be
unhinged by it.
He already is,
It's only the telephone.
You're breaking me wrist.
It's absolutely bloody
impossible sometimes,
I can't tell you.
It's the mailer.
Hello Amanda, this is Missus Lloyd.
Oh, hello Missus Lloyd.
Is everything all right?
Oh yes.
That's why I asked you to come down.
Thanks by the way.
Forget it.
Look, I'm not just Helen's
doctor, I'm your friend.
No, no trouble?
With Tara?
No, what?
I do see what you mean
though, Jim, she's very,
very tense.
You're right.
He didn't cry?
Oh no.
But, she went through a pretty
shattering experience, didn't she?
I mean,
you're not lonely?
Damn it!
Are you okay?
Are you there?
I am Missus Lloyd, yes I'm still here.
No, the film went funny.
Yes, everything's fine.
Yes, don't worry yourself.
Well, we won't be very long now, I expect.
I try to make allowances.
Goodbye then.
BYE bye.
Brian seems to be there all the time.
She's coming back.
Anyway, I'll have a talk to her.
I said, get out!
I was only joking.
Well, it wasn't funny.
All right, I'm sorry.
You can be sorry, outside.
Well, okay.
But don't expect me to come back.
I don't want you to come back,
and don't try ringing the doorbell,
because I won't answer.
Believe me, I won't.
Just don't call for me
when you get scared again.
And it wasn't me looking
through any windows, either.
I'm not gonna fall for that one again.
But you know you were
enjoying it as much as I was,
it was just that bloody telephone.
And you had to go and make
me look a fool, didn't you?
Come on.
Get out.
You make me sick.
Christ, you're talking about
me being sexually frustrated.
You're just annoyed with yourself
because you know you wanted it,
so you're taking it out on me.
I said, get out!
Come on.
I can't explain it.
It was just that I felt that,
I felt something was wrong,
as if someone else were there.
Maybe there is.
That why didn't she say?
Look Helen, we all know who it is
you think is up at the house, Brian.
So he is in a way.
Oh god damn.
He always will be present somewhere,
just as long as you allow him to be.
Look Helen, if Brian had died,
you'd have gotten over it by now.
You've just got to consider him as dead.
He's extremely paranoid,
and homicidal as well,
and they're never gonna let him out.
As far as you're concerned, he is dead.
Now you've gotta forget
about him, for your sake.
And for Jim's.
And especially for Tara's.
You're right.
Of course you are.
I know it but...
No buts, if you know it, that's enough.
Jim, why don't you dance with the girl?
Give her a laugh.
Give us all a laugh.
I said go away.
I'm not gonna open that door.
And anyway the Lloyds will be back soon,
so stop playing your silly
little games and go home.
Chris, I'm talking to you.
Jim, you're giving the place a bad name,
will you excuse me?
Hello, Plover Inn?
Can I speak to Missus Lloyd, please?
Is that why you
invited Gareth down here?
No, he wanted to come.
I'm glad he did.
Love you.
Missus Lloyd?
There's a telephone call for you.
Hello, Amanda?
Missus Lloyd?
Hello, Missus Lloyd?
Please God no.
What is it, darling?
I don't know.
As soon as I picked up
the phone, it went dead.
That's nothing unusual.
The operator's probably
got a poker game going.
Jim, for God sakes, it
must have been Amanda.
Well, who else knows we're here?
If someone called home,
she gave 'em the number.
But why should anyone disturb
us unless it was important?
Well, it's probably my office.
It wouldn't bother them to disturb me.
They didn't get through, bad luck.
Whatever it is, it can wait.
It was a young girl who called.
A secretary.
She asked for Missus Lloyd.
I think it was Amanda, and I think we...
Now, excuse me, excuse me.
Is this a private fight,
or can anyone join in?
Look Helen, this is just
what I've been talking about.
Now, I don't blame you but,
let me try and prove to you, this panic,
yes, panic, is irrational.
But something might have happened.
Look Helen, there's only
one real fear in your mind,
and everything else is
just a cover, an excuse.
Now look, I'm gonna
make a phone call myself
to the institution,
and I'm gonna come back here
and tell you you've got
nothing to worry about.
Then perhaps we can really
start enjoying ourselves, eh?
All right, despite the mystery phone call.
Shan't be long.
We'll be leaving soon anyway.
I'm sorry.
Jesus Christ.
- Oh no Chris!
- What happened?
Are you all right?
I heard a scream.
Dear God, what has happened to him?
He was playing games.
There must have been someone
outside, there must have been.
Yes, yes, well now we'll get him inside.
Who are you?
I'm just a neighbor.
And what was all that yelling?
He is going to be all right, isn't he?
Put one of those cushions on the floor.
I think we'd better get an ambulance.
Oh no.
It's not working,
I was talking to Missus
Lloyd and I was cut off.
I expect she'll get
an ambulance then, hmm?
No, no she won't.
She doesn't know.
I rang to tell her about the face,
I didn't know about Chris.
I'm sorry.
What face, darling?
It was awful,
staring eyes and twisted.
I didn't imagine it.
I know I didn't.
And besides, I couldn't
have done otherwise.
Chris wouldn't,
he's only been beaten up, hasn't he?
He's not been stabbed or anything?
What are you doing?
I'm massaging his heart.
It stopped.
For God's sake, hurry.
I am, I am.
Can you back off?
Back off!
It's no good.
Surely we can get him to a hospital.
And how?
I've no car, I don't drive.
So where's this?
Missus Lloyd.
She's at the Plover Inn,
it's about eight miles away,
but she'll be back soon.
I suppose all we can do is wait.
Well we, we can't just wait.
We can't help him,
he's dead.
Come on, come on.
We'll get nowhere fast
if we have a smashup.
Bloody terrifying, and I've got nerves.
But as Gareth says, he's
probably a hundred miles away.
Oh sure, let's be rational.
There's an established procedure.
No need to panic.
Well there isn't.
Oh no, just go home
and bolt yourself in.
I'll go along to the police station
and inform them quite casually
that a maniac is on the loose.
Oh for Christ's sake, darling.
There's no evidence that
he's anywhere in this area.
There might be a hundred escapes
up and down the country tonight.
They have a routine and they stick to it.
Put yourself in their place.
No, let them put themselves in my place.
My husband tried to strangle me.
I thought he had,
and he tried to gas himself, and my baby,
and you say, don't panic.
I say leave it to Gareth, that's all.
He knows what to do.
He's dead.
How do you spell that
word 'psychotic' sir?
You might have to spell
it M-U-R-D-E-R, murder,
if you don't someone over there quickly.
The sooner I make out
this report sir, thank you,
the sooner I can put it
in front of the Inspector.
Well for God's sake, why
can't I see the Inspector?
I expect you can, sir,
but he'll want to know
what it's all about first.
That's why I have to make out this report.
It does save time, sir.
Saves time.
Yes sir.
Can we get help?
Get in the driving seat.
Put it in reverse when I tell you.
You ready?
Right, come on.
Come on.
I can't.
Oh come on, darling,
into reverse, come on.
Hold it, I'll get some twigs.
Darling, get back in the car, please.
Be ready to reverse when I say so.
Right, now.
Hold it.
It's all right.
All, all right.
You can't spell 'psychotic' Sergeant.
No sir.
All right, take a patrol
car around immediately.
But I think, Doctor Cordell,
we would have heard by now.
And your friends must be home,
they would have telephoned
if there was anything wrong.
The phone was out of order.
I've just been telling...
They could have gone to a call box.
Sergeant Martin.
Yes, hold on.
Have you had a report
from the Haversham police?
That's right, Hellston.
Brian Hellston.
His wife lives nearby.
Right, thank you.
You, get my car.
Yes sir.
A truck driver gave a man a lift.
Dropped him at Coffin
Corner, near a bus stop.
A woman was waiting for a bus.
What happened?
He strangled her.
Sergeant, I want you to break out a gun,
ammunition, and some gas canisters.
You've been so nice.
I don't even know your name.
I'm Amanda.
That's a nice name.
I almost forgot.
Missus Lloyd's baby,
I must go and see him.
I'm sure he's all right,
he would have cried.
Yes but,
we might not have heard him.
I'm telling you, we would have.
I want to go and see him anyway.
I'll come with you.
No, it's all right.
What about the man?
What man?
The face you saw outside.
He might be inside now, he
might be hiding somewhere.
Please don't frighten me.
I want to see the baby.
I know this house.
The corridors twist and
turn on the floors upstairs.
There are lots of dark covers,
places where a child could hide for hours,
having been locked away.
Like in a tomb.
I wouldn't go out there, and anyway,
he might be waiting,
he could kill you.
The place is all locked up, isn't it?
He couldn't have got in, could he?
I must go.
It's terribly late.
could you stay behind?
You could explain for me.
Would you do that?
No, no.
I can't take the risk.
You're only a child.
I'll be all right.
What could you do?
No one listens to you, when you scream.
Come on, let's take a look
at the baby, shall we?
You said you wanted to.
Oh yes, but.
Let's wait.
For Missus Lloyd.
- Oh, Missus Lloyd?
- Helen you mean.
I hate that dock.
It ticks your life...
And laughs at you,
you hear it?
Where are you going?
Hmm, I'm going to
take a look at our baby!
Don't you dare touch him.
Come on.
No, leave the baby!
Don't touch the baby!
No, you leave the baby.
Helen, I told you, I told you,
don't, don't, don't.
Look at you, come on.
Shh, wait.
No, don't touch the baby!
Don't touch the baby!
You see, I told you.
He's asleep.
Come here.
He is beautiful, isn't he?
It's no good, is it?
You don't love me,
do you?
Yes, I do love you.
Honest, honest.
- Is it true?
- Honest, yes.
You don't love me, do you?
You know that I do.
I do.
Please don't leave me.
come on baby.
Come on.
Please let him come.
Let him come, please?
Come on baby.
Baby, come on darling, good boy.
Stay here with me.
Please darling, darling, darling.
You can't leave me.
I am not your bloody Helen!
Don't leave me darling.
God, what do I do?
Oh no, please.
Why so nervous?
No use trying doors.
Doors are always locked.
They're always locked.
I won't.
Told you. No handles, huh?
Now all these doors are locked.
Never any handles.
Never through a door, never, never.
See, I told you.
See, I told you.
You know what it's like now, huh?
Always locked doors.
Handles. No handles.
Don't you, you don't know what it's like.
Frightening, huh?
I'm telling you, locked doors,
I could always lock doors.
Why didn't you give me those locked doors?
Locked doors.
And it was you who sent me there.
Let me go!
Go away, go away-
GO away,
Q0 away, go away.
What the hell?
No, no, please no!
Come on, open up this door!
Ah go away!
Go away!
Go away, go awaY!
Open up.
Please God.
Please God.
Open up, I know
you're in the hall, come on!
GO away!
Come on, don't be a bloody fool,
open up this door.
You two, around the back,
see if you can get in there.
GO away!
Stand back, stand back.
I'm warning you, if you try and get in,
I'll kill 'em.
I'll kill 'em.
Yeah, both of them, both of them.
Shall we still try and
get in the back, sir?
No lad.
This is one we can't handle on our own.
I told you, go away.
I'll get on to the station right away.
Bravo delta to tango six station.
Bravo delta to tango six station.
Tango six station to blue four.
Blue four.
It's Helen.
It's Helen.
Helen, have you met my wife?
You see that?
Do you see it?
You see it, don't you?
I told you to stay where you were.
And you try moving again, you try it,
and I'll be forced to
hack right through you.
I'll kill you, and I'll Cut his.
Do you hear me?
Think you can hit him?
He's not making much of a target.
Try and keep calm Helen.
If we handle this correctly with no panic,
there'll be no problem at all, believe me.
Helen, Helen, Helen?
Helen, Helen?
No, not again. No.
No matter which way
- you spell this inspector...
- You must realize this man
is now our...
this man is my patient.
You try your strong arm...
- All right.
- And God knows
what's going to happen.
All right sir.
You try first then.
There's a switch on the side sir,
you'll have to speak pretty close.
Brian, this is Doctor Cordell.
Are you listening to me?
I promise you, nobody's going to hurt you.
What about the gas gun?
It's easy enough to lob one in,
but it just might hit the kid.
We're only trying to help you, Brian,
everyone here.
I'd like to get my
hands on that bastard.
All you have to do is
come out on your own,
and I'll take care of you.
The police will go away.
Look Brian,
you can't stay in there forever, can you?
This has got to come to an end.
No, I'm not, I'm not coming.
I'm not coming.
Then I'll come in there and talk to you.
I don't want to talk to you,
I want to talk to my wife.
Well you can talk to her out here.
I want, I want her,
I want her to come in to me.
Inspector, please,
provoke him.
All right,
now listen to me Hellston,
this house is surrounded
by police officers.
You can't get away.
If you don't come out, we're coming in.
But it's up to you.
We don't want any violence.
Can you hear me?
Come here, come here.
Bring him, come on bring him.
Bring him.
Can you hear me?
Here, try it.
Here, try it,
and I'll kill these two.
Are you listening?
Both of them.
He means it.
Believe me, he means it.
Now listen,
you let my wife come in,
and talk to me,
and I'll let these two go.
Otherwise, I'll kill myself,
and not before I've killed them.
You got that?
All right.
Can you hit him?
Christ, no, with this bloody thing.
let me do as he asks.
Let me go in there.
Frankly, I think you'd do
better keeping out of the way.
It's my baby.
I won't let you take that risk.
Who else can take it?
Inspector, no.
What are you afraid of?
I'm not afraid.
Why should I be afraid?
Yes, you are.
You're afraid because,
she doesn't want to talk to you.
No wait, she doesn't even want you.
She is my wife.
But she doesn't even care about you.
She doesn't even care about her baby.
It's all right.
Helen, no.
I must.
I'll kill you.
Now that's where you're wrong.
Listen to me.
It's her, you want to kill.
That's what you came here to do.
Oh God.
I only came to see her.
You know I came.
All right then,
go outside and see her,
she's there.
They won't touch you.
You won't,
you won't, you're dead.
That's right, you're dead,
because you know, you know
that if you go outside,
you won't get to speak to her because
they'll get to you first.
I love this thing.
Just release the catch,
when you're ready.
I'm not going back.
I knew you wouldn't.
I know you won't,
because you're afraid.
You're afraid they'll beat you up
and smash your head in.
Just like you did to Chris!
Oh, get away from me.
Oh, shut it.
Helen, listen.
I'm not Helen.
I knew you'd come, I knew you'd come.
They said you wouldn't but I knew.
I love you.
Stop moaning!
- Moaning, moaning, moaning!
- Please?
Hellston, can you hear me?
Now listen carefully.
Your wife will come to the house,
but only on these conditions.
You must let the girl and
the child go immediately.
Then you must come out yourself,
with your wife.
Do you hear me?
Yes, I hear you.
Tell Helen to come.
' No!
Do YOU agree?
Yes, yes, yes, of course
I do, tell her to come.
I'm not going to take any
responsibility for this.
No excuse.
Come on lad.
Come on.
We're gonna see Mommy.
Like it?
Step over this guy.
It seems kind of funny.
It's what?
That's it.
All she has to do is
drop the gas canister.
Can I go out.
I want some pie.
You won't kill me.
Of course I wouldn't.
I'm only playing with Yo"-
- I have no.
That's my.
That's the picture.
That's the flag show.
You bloody fool.
Now we'll never get out.
But you promised.
Promised eh?
You promised to let them go.
No, I've got to keep him.
No Brian, please please?
No, I know with him,
you'll always come to me.
If I keep him, I'm safe.
You said you'd let them
go, you said you would.
Darling, we're all right
now, just the two of us.
All right now, little baby.
Yes, yes Brian.
Yes, we'll go.
I'll take Tara,
and we'll go.
What's this?
This is dangerous.
Is this meant to hurt me?
Why do you want to hurt me for?
What is it darling?
Do you hate me?
I love you.
Why do you hate me?
Why, why, why?
Why do you hate me?
They hate me.
You can bloody take it back.
- Inspector?
- No!
It'll hit the Child.
Keep away from him.
You've got the baby.
Are you coming with me then?
Let's take Tara and go.
They don't like me.
They don't like me.
Yes they do, they're your friends.
No they hate me.
No no no darling, they don't.
Helen help.
Help me.
If you're with me, you're all right.
You and me and Tara.
If you and I and Tara are
together, we'll be safe.
We'll be safe from all.
Just let me take the baby.
I want us to go away together.
Let me take the baby.
Look at them.
Yes darling, they've only come to help.
They don't like me.
- Yes they do.
- No.
Yes, just give me Tara.
Helen, Helen I'm sorry.
I wouldn't have hurt him.
I wouldn't hurt you, I love you.
It's all right now, you love me.
It's all right.
I'm sorry.
Oh Tara I'm sorry.
Tara, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Spread out your wings
Home is our haven
Where memory clings
No matter where you may roam
Ladybird fly
Fly away
Fly away