Frio sol de invierno (2004) Movie Script

Dr. Mateo, he's here.
There he is.
At last.
What are you doing here?
I was reading.
You can do that later.
Come with me, please.
Dr. Galvan and I have signed
your discharge papers. Okay?
It'll be okay
when I'm outside.
Of course.
We've prescribed some pills and
you can go to the doctor in town.
Remember, Adrian, it's most
important to avoid a relapse.
You can go and get
your things if you want.
Can I make a call first?
If it's to home,
they've been notified.
But before you leave,
call info
my office first.
Is my father here?
Your father?
Not exactly your father.
They finally found you.
What are you doing here?
I wanted black
and got a cappuccino.
Does everything work
that way here?
Your father's busy
so he asked me
to come.
You see...
He and his girlfriend
decided to move away a few months
ago. About six months...
How long have you been here?
- A year.
- Then it could be longer.
He thought it best not to tell you
because of your... recovery.
Don't look at me like that.
He's signed the house over to you.
By the way,
while we're on the subject, you have
to sign some papers I've got here.
So where is he?
I can't tell you that.
I'm sorry.
He wants it that way.
You aren't exactly
on the best of terms.
Let me talk to you more
as a friend than a lawyer.
He isn't trying to make things
difficult for you. Really.
The house is a fantastic gift.
At least try and cooperate.
And every month you'll receive
a cheque for expenses.
Call into my office
and I'll give you the first one.
Believe me, your father's just
as upset about this as you are.
What the hell,
another cappuccino!
It's in treatment.
The machine.
Personality disorders.
Well, damn it.
Talking of treatment...
Don't worry. Your father's
made provisions for yours.
I'll drive you home.
I'd rather walk
than go with you.
Don't look at me like that.
This is none of my doing.
Aren't you glad to see me?
I'll drive you home.
You're coming too, aren't you?
- Yes...
- Come on then.
I've finished.
Look at the time!
Take that and close
the gate after you.
There's only 30 here!
You don't say! You're a clever one.
Whdd have thought so?
But we said 60!
Did we hell!
Have you seen what time it is?
It's 2 in the morning!
I can't run
a business this way!
For fuck's sake!
But you said
there'd be more people.
Well, you know what they say.
"Take it or leave it. "
At least give me 40.
You're good at asking, aren't you?
Take it and get out.
You're losing me money.
Don't come back tomorrow.
I'll find somebody else.
Do you live here?
Do you work the street too?
That's my son. He doesn't work
anywhere. That's the trouble.
You didn't say you had a son.
Do I ask you about your wife?
There's no comparison.
A fine example
you are to the kid!
Leave the sermons
for your family, eh?
Take me to the bridge.
I'm really late.
Are you having me on?
I don't want you here
when I'm working.
So stay in your room.
Keep still!
I said keep still, damn it!
Or I'll hit you
with the torch.
Keep still!
Who the hell are you?
Gonzalo. Is that your real
name or is this false?
That's my name.
Bad luck, eh? You break in
to find the owner there.
Don't even think of moving.
You gave me quite a fright
with that torch.
Please let me go.
Sure. Just what
I was thinking! Damn it.
What were you after?
I don't know...
So why did you break in?
I thought the owners
weren't coming back.
Well, you got part of that right.
They've left but I'm here.
You've been unlucky.
Are you going to call
the police?
Have you got a record?
Surprising, since you're
such a bad burglar.
How could you break in
without wearing gloves?
You've left
fingerprints everywhere.
I could say that anything's missing
and just show the police this.
Maybe we can make a deal.
I'll give you this back
and forget about tonight...
if you get me a gun
in a couple of days' time.
What do you say?
A gun?
I don't know anybody
who's got a gun!
You'll think of something.
That'd just make things
even worse than they are now.
You have to get out
of this first.
Look, I've a friend
who may know someone...
- Can they be trusted?
- Yes.
I doubt it.
What do they do?
She's my neighbour.
So she works
as your neighbour?
No, damn it!
I mean I know her pretty well.
She works nights
on the bridge road.
Just tell me what this is all about.
I don't understand a thing.
Your neighbour
or whatever he is
broke into my house while I was
there. That's what ifs all about.
- What did you take?
- Nothing?
So what's the problem?
He wants a gun for my ID card.
You want a gun?
What for?
I didn't come here
to answer your questions.
I need a gun.
Get me one, I'll give him back his
ID card and we forget everything.
And there's something
in it for you too.
Yeah, we could get into
big trouble too!
I thought
you were working for
- that scrap dealer.
- He's a bastard!
Sure, but he gave you a job.
He told me not to go back.
Working till
2 AM for 30 euros!
Okay, so he's got your ID card
but it's his word
against yours.
We could ask the police
what they think.
And it has to be now?
Three clays at the most.
But I've never
seen a gun in my life.
Well once,
when a customer took one out
and ran out of the room waving it.
I nearly shat myself.
What about Richard?
He'd fuck things up even worse!
Keep away from Richard. Don't get
involved with him, Gonzalo.
There's a bar
just down the road.
Meet us there the clay
after tomorrow at 11.
You two have ruined
my night's work.
And you, go over the bridge.
We don't want her to see you.
You don't need a gun,
you could pester people to death.
What is it now?
Get in.
There's no more to say.
Just leave me alone,
I don't want to be here all night.
How much for two hours?
What do you need two hours for?
I don't like the sound of that.
To go to bed with me.
Two hours!
You know how
to take your time.
- You really want me to come?
- Get in.
I hope you're not bullshitting me.
I bet you've got plenty of money...
You can't be very normal.
But I'm telling you now...
I don't like weird stuff.
Not for all the money
in the world.
Come on then.
Turn left
at the traffic light.
Doesn't this place
get you down sometimes?
I had to live on the street once.
This is heaven compared with that.
You don't need to pay for a fuck.
So why are you?
You don't need girls like me.
I hate places where people
go to drink. Like bars
or discos.
Don't you? People bouncing
up and down looking stupid.
And I'm not looking for friends.
- They just let you down.
Everybody needs somebody.
Not me. When I need something
I find it and pay for it.
Better that way.
Well, I've got
some good friends.
Give them some time.
I was right.
You're crazy.
I pay you to fuck,
not give opinions. Got it?
Right, now ifs my turn.
Who's this Richard?
A pimp who took
everything he could from me.
You're better on your own.
A lot of people in this
neighbourhood are fucked up.
That brings people together.
Talking of which,
you should give the kid
his ID back and forget all this.
No way. I don't know anybody
who can get me a gun
- and it's a good deal for him.
- But any trouble
and you come out smelling of roses
and we come out smelling of shit.
Get me that gun and you won't
have to use this to earn money.
I bet you've got
some snotty-nosed girlfriend
who two-times
you with her masseur.
You take pills?
For my cough.
The street's bad for the health.
My throat's
always fucked up.
By the way,
your toilefs blocked.
Sure, and the fridge doesn't work,
the windows don't close. Smartass!
You really don't want one?
He's paying.
There's no more to say.
Stop worrying.
I heard he got into some mess
with Richard and that you know him.
I know him all right!
That's why
I'm not interested.
He owes me a favour...
He owes me a lot of favours,
but I don't want to see him.
I don't trust him.
You're going to get me
into a big mess.
If he's had dealings
with Richard
then he's a bastard.
And I haven't seen him for ages.
He may not even be around now.
You know him, Carmen.
He's Cud's cousin.
The scrap dealer! daughter?
Of course...
As I was saying,
a real bastard.
- You should know how to get the gun.
- I don't know anything.
I just try and get by, and that
doesn't include selling guns.
Take it easy,
he isn't asking you to use a gun.
He just wants you
to get him one, right?
You need the money
and so do I.
If Richard wasn't involved,
I'd do it myself.
Ask the scrap dealer's daughter.
Maybe she knows where he is.
A coffee and rum.
Ifs midday.
Your mother should take it easy.
Midday and me still here!
If you arrange anything, tell me.
And you...
come up and see me sometime.
That's for your trouble.
You owe me one.
You know where to find me.
But ring the bell next time.
Aren't you going to bed?
What do you think?
From the other day.
30? I thought
it was supposed to be 60.
He said I was too slow.
He's only paying
30 euros a night?
- He thinks you can manage on that?
- No, Mum.
He told me not to go back.
You've been cheated
again, haven't you?
They always cheat you.
Here, get some food
if you're hungry.
But don't come back before 5.
I need to make some extra cash.
What a waste of time.
What do want me to do?
I can't charge in advance.
I didn't mean you.
I don't care.
Don't talk to me
in that tone!
Always saying sorry.
Me out on the street every night
and you saying sorry all the time.
I've smelled of shit and the street
since you were a toddler!
And for what?
"What does your son do?
"My son? He goes around whining. "
I'm going out.
That's right!
Run away again!
Ifs really great to see you!
This is a surprise.
Hello, Cuds.
What's up?
Have you been crying?
No, I'm fine. Really.
Could we talk a minute?
Only a minute.
Don't distract my daughter,
she's working!
I've been offered some money for
information. I need the money.
Ne, Cuds, no.
Yes, Gonzalo.
Take it, it's yours.
I know Dad said
he'd give you 60.
I'm really sorry, though ifs
your fault for trusting him.
No! And I didn't
come for that.
I need your cousin!
phone number.
My cousin
always fucks you up.
Who hasn't by now?
You think we work for nothing?
That's enough!
You, put that away.
He should have worked faster.
I didn't think you were in.
If you're busy,
I can come back.
Come on in.
I'm on my own.
Shut the door.
I'll come back another day.
Shall I?
No, damn it!
I'm okay.
I just have bad dreams
sometimes, that's all.
I'm okay.
Did you jump
the fence again?
No, the gate was open.
I came about that gun,
if you're still interested.
I've got one.
Well, well...
It wasn't
so difficult, was it?
Will it cost me a lot?
He wants 1,800 euros.
Ifs clean and
you can have it tomorrow.
Apart from what
you give me and Carmen,
of course.
But he doesn't want to meet you.
How do I know
you won't cheat me?
I don't know.
You'll just have
to trust me, that's all.
I've never done this before.
Neither have I.
- Why did you change your mind?
- The guy owes me money.
I hope to get it off him.
Two deals in one,
That's enough!
Hey, Gonzalo.
You're late.
I'll have to buy you a watch.
- What time do you call this?
- And you?
Meeting in a cemetery.
Who are you hiding from?
Take it easy.
That's my grandma.
That's your grandma?
Yes. So what?
You don't look like her.
Why should I
look like my grandmother?
Grandmothers look like
other grandmothers.
Are you stupid today, or what?
Anyway, tell me.
How you doing?
Why should you care?
Okay, man.
You've been acting strange lately.
Gunslingers for friends...
That's living life dangerously.
It's not a friend.
I don't know
why he wants the gun.
What if he's a cop, eh?
Look, Gonzalo.
Some guy asks you for a gun
and between that slut and you,
you get him one.
Like it was
a second-hand washing machine.
Up to you, I suppose.
You're looking thin.
Where's the money?
And what do you
get out of this?
First of all, the money
you've owed me for a long time.
You've got money now,
haven't you?
Fucking hell.
that's a dirty trick.
Look, I'm serious...
I've got a few things to sort out-
Give me a couple of days
and we'll settle up, okay?
And do you know what
it cost me to get that gun?
You've got no fucking idea.
I'm doing you a favour.
You're the same bastard
as always!
Give it to me.
I'm off.
What's the matter?
You don't trust me?
You don't trust me.
Don't look at me like that.
You want trust?
Qka'! -
Know what I'm doing here?
Fucking up the dead maybe?
You're very sharp today.
Come on.
What better place to keep things
than your grandma! grave?
And where will you hide it?
And don't get caught with it.
And wear gloves to handle it.
Fingerprints and all that stuff
the cops invent to fuck you up...
I ever tell you
you're a bastard?
They all do.
And be careful who you give
that to. I won't bail you out.
Gun-Lam's a good M.
But he lives among so much
shit he can't breathe.
Some things
you never get used to.
- What about his father?
- Well...
It could be
any one of 10,000.
He's really fucked up with Raquel.
He lives for her.
I'm going to have
another of these.
Do you sleep with him?
No, I don't!
You men are pigs
with one-track minds.
He's like a brother to me.
- I think he likes you.
- No...
Gonzalds like me.
We respond to affection
and Raquel's got enough on her plate
with the pigs she goes with.
At her age,
she hasn't got much choice.
Even I've no choice.
I told her.
"You find men so disgusting,
you can't even stand your own son.
Hello, Carmen.
We can go up for it
when you like.
Go up?
Go up where?
To the scrapyard. I wasn't going
to carry it around with me.
I couldn't come with you.
It was too early.
Look at these bags.
Let's go.
It's okay.
There she is.
Fucking whore!
Didn't you say you'd ring a plumber?
I rang but he didn't come.
Your toilefs
causing havoc with my shop.
You don't need to shout.
I'm not deaf.
Do you piss
on the floor or something?
Do something about it
or I'll call the police.
Tell them to bring
a diver and some tools.
And not to come at night
when I'm working.
Here I am.
This is Adrian.
Cuds, a friend.
This way.
What's that for?
You didn't tell me it was a gun.
How could you
bring that here? Is that why
you wanted to see my cousin?
Take it easy, Cuds.
It's okay.
Is this worth
all the trouble?
It's a gun, damn it!
How could you be so naive?
All I did was pass it on.
He wanted a gun
and I got him one.
And that's that?
All right...
Look, I don't know who you are
but get out of here now.
If my father comes,
he'll start asking questions.
Look. No more gun. Okay?
Don't be angry at him. He did me
a favour and I'll pay him well.
The best way
to show appreciation, right?
So take it easy, I'm leaving.
What do you want it for?
Sometimes I don't know how to end
a conversation and this might help.
You could do with one here.
Some people live on their own
so they have a dog.
But I prefer to have this.
Take that as my answer.
There's no other.
Why don't I believe you?
Because you didn't like me
from the moment you set eyes on me.
That's not true.
I just don't know you.
Don't you ever
give people a chance?
I don't trust strangers.
And I have to trust
somebody called Cuds?
That's not my name.
When I was little my father
used to call me Cuddles
and then Cuds.
I don't know
about you two,
but I've got things to do,
so if you don't mind...
I didn't realize.
The next time you bring him, tell me
and I'll tidy myself up a bit.
No, we're not friends.
I won't be seeing him again.
I'm not surprised
people are always
putting you down.
You get what you deserve.
What do you mean?
Is that how
you defend your territory?
"I'm going.
I've got things to do. "
how long have you been
trying to screw her?
I can't stand people
like you who always run away.
Don't you realize that prick-teaser
knows you're after her?
You're crazy, man.
Just go away.
I'll walk back.
10 minutes more...
not even 10, 5 minutes more
and she'd have sucked my dick.
maybe I'll go back and entertain her
a while. Don't mind, do you?
Since you're not fucking her.
Now what?
Come on, brave guy.
Hit me now, you bastard!
And don't call me
crazy again, okay?
That took balls.
Carmen was right. The further away
you are, the better.
Tell Cuds I nearly killed you
for standing up for her.
You got what you wanted.
Now go away.
I'm not going
to take her off you.
But you'd better move.
I don't see her
in that yard much longer.
How would you know?
Romantics like you
never know what to do.
That's how it is.
And what about Carmen?
I bet she doesnW charge you.
I'd never pay for a screw.
Especially with Carmen.
Anyway she's had the bug
for years.
The what?
AIDS. That's what
the girls call it.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I didn't see you go up.
I'd rather be here
than stand there looking at pigs.
I'm seriously considering
becoming a prostitute, you know.
I've been looking for you.
How did you know I was here?
You didn't say
you were sick.
It's not exactly my favourite
topic of conversation.
So it's true?
Who told you?
Gonzalo, right?
It was him.
One of these days I'll smash
your son's face in.
I put a rubber
on you, didn't I?
What more do you want?
Your money back
or to beat me up?
If I have a choice,
I'd prefer the beating.
And what would you have done?
Men don't want to use condoms...
And I need to eat
everyday, you know?
Well, fuck them.
I feel sorry
for their wives.
Some of those bastards will curse me
for the rest of their lives,
but at least I won't have
to go to bed with them again.
Hey, grandpa, this is
some shitty dive. Not even music.
Put some life into the place.
- There's only faggots here!
- Show some respect, huh?
Yeah, show some respect.
Hey, grandpa'
open a bottle of gin.
One with a seal
on the outside.
Hello, princess.
Forget those pansies
and come here.
I'm not interested
in old women!
Don't insult mothers,
damn it!
How much for the three of us?
Back to lessons, kid.
Playtime's over.
Look what you're doing to us.
Don't be a prucle.
How much?
In advance.
Qka'! -
Come on, guys,
we're leaving.
Give me half an hour
to change their nappies.
Nappies, woman?
Do you know my son?
By the way,
this is for him.
Give it to him or not, I don't care.
But tell him I gave it to you.
From Adrian.
Want to know what it's for?
Just don't cheat him.
As for the rest,
I don't really care.
You remind me of my mother.
Always so cold.
Fucked-up in the past and ready
to fuck up others in the future.
Who are you
to talk about my past?
Look, gorgeous, the future's
for people
with nothing to do.
It's always caught me
getting in and out of cars.
How old are you?
Why do you want to know?
It doesn't matter.
Just curious.
Get off!
There's someone at the door.
Not only dumb but deaf too.
Ym commq'.
That's her!
We've come to fix that toilet!
How shall I put it?
If there's one thing I know you can
do it's break in to places.
I just need your help once.
That's all I want you to do.
Go on, take it.
Come on! When did you
ever see 200 euros before?
Whafre you doing here?
Raquel, look after him for me.
Do me that favour.
What's that?
Ifs full of nappies for adults.
Holy shit!
I think I just touched a rat!
My God!
Ifs a foetus!
You'll come
and visit me, won't you?
I didn't know what to do!
It was no good. I'm sick...
You understand, don't you?
Raquel, please come
and visit me.
Don't forget me.
Come back down
to earth till we've finished.
Here, put these on.
What's that for?
Just a look at this
helps refresh people's memories.
We didn't say
anything about guns.
I don't even know
what we're doing here.
You're just here to break in.
Do I need to explain it again?
I promise
I won't use it. Okay?
Just as well.
I thought you weren't coming.
Come on in.
Thanks for coming to me.
The walk to your place kills me.
What's all that paint?
You all look so ridiculous!
You're all sluts. There's no reason
to try and look like ladies.
You complain if I use make-up,
you complain if I don't.
You want too much
for what you pay.
Get this shit off,
for fuck's sake!
- You're crazy!
- Come on!
- Come on!
- What are you doing?
- Come on, damn it!
- No!
Come on, get up!
Get in there
and lie down, fuck you!
Good evening, bastard!
You didn't expect me, did you?
Open your mouth.
I said open it!
Iwouldn'1 move.
My hand's not too steady.
Now I'm going
to take it out very slowly.
If you shout, your dentist is going
to be very pleased to see you.
Em, good.
Now listen...
I'm going to ask you
a very simple question.
Here we go...
Where the hell is my father?
Adrian. What are you doing?
I told you I don't know where he is.
My goodness.
You lawyers
have bad memories
outside your offices.
Come on, get up!
Get moving.
Go on!
Let's see those hands.
Move, damn it!
Well, well. I felt like
something different tonight.
Act as what you are and
I might even pay you.
Let's see...
You know his address
or at least where he is.
Tell me,
I'll leave and you go back to
dreaming of all the money you make.
Adrian, what you're doing
will only bring trouble.
Quite honestly,
if they find out
about this,
they'll have you recommitted.
Well, well, well...
And I didn't think
anybody would find out.
So you can only
keep secrets in one direction?
You see?
I knew you'd be
interested in the end.
The sooner you tell me,
the sooner you can call a doctor
and tell him a good lie.
Keep that other hand
where I can see it.
My fathefs living in Lisbon?
It's the only address I have,
you bastard.
Believe it or not,
that hurt me
as much as it hurt you.
Or more even.
Be seeing you, counsellor!
So did I use the gun or not?
You stabbed him with a knife!
No, it was only a penknife.
Are all your neighbours
so weird?
He's not my neighbour.
He's Bud's father.
Mum, say something.
Speak to me!
He was going
to give me 120.
I'll call an ambulance.
Is there anything you want?
I want to die!
I have to call an ambulance.
Stay with her and whatever
you do, clon't leave.
Don't go anywhere.
Who's there?
What the fuck do you want?
We've met before, haven't we?
There's nothing here.
There's no money here.
By the way, I had to break
a window. I hope you don't mind.
I suppose at least
you gave her
the money, right?
Fucking hell!
You left without paying.
So you don't pay
to beat women up?
Not till tonight...
But you're going to pay tonight.
And I promise you'll get
as good as you give.
Excuse me.
Is this number 23?
Do you know if
anybody lives here?
Thank you.
Good God! Adrian!
I'm as surprised as you are.
I can't work out
what's going on.
How did you find this place?
The lawyer.
I have to see my father.
They told you he was here?
he's never lived here.
That's what I imagined.
But why the photo
of my mother?
I'm the only one
who lives here.
My father must have paid you well
for cooking his meals.
This must have
cost you a fortune.
I won't bother you.
I just want to talk to him.
This house belongs
to your grandmother.
I lived here
with her till
just over a year ago.
Just over a year ago?
What the hell do you mean?
My grandmothefs been dead
for years. Hasn't she?
When that happened to your mother,
your grandmother
couldn't bear it
and we came to live here.
Her health's bad
and she lives in a home.
That night you lost
more people than you thought.
That's funny...
What a fucking family.
So my grandmother ran away too?
She's always been hard
to get on with, as you know,
but as you're here,
I think you ought to see her.
No, thanks.
I've got enough ghosts
in my mind as it is.
Then do it for yourself.
If anyone knows
where your father is, she does.
I took some of
your photographs.
You can't tell me anything,
can you?
Am I supposed
to start crying now?
Or at the end,
when you leave?
I can't believe it.
For someone whds been dead
10 years, you look well.
Don't look at me like that,
will you?
I knew you'd come
sooner or later.
Did you need to destroy
that poor man's hand?
I don't believe it...
A private school, the best
treatment, to end up like that,
stabbing people
like a common criminal.
Are there any more lies I should
know about or is this the last?
This is not the best place
to talk of lies, so drop it.
And please stop being so
melodramatic. You just look stupid.
I do not suffer fools
gladly, especially
in my own family.
You look at me
as if I were
an apparition.
To me you are
an apparition.
I came here to see my father
and end up talking to a corpse.
And it's me who's supposed
to be crazy!
Save me the emotional
blackmail, Adrian.
The longer you live the more reason
you give people to hate you.
So in my case,
you must have
hated me for years.
Your father's in South America.
Wasting his money
on a young girl, for a change.
By the way, do you still
see your psychiatrist?
That's over. I will not
go back to the sanatorium.
I'm sick of treatment.
You'll do something
bad in the end.
You'll go to jail
and that'll be the end.
And I won't live forever.
So ifs true.
Amelia said it wasn't my father
who paid for
everything but you.
Who always hated my guts!
That Amelia would gossip
at her own funeral.
Incredible as it is,
you are my grandson.
I've done what my daughter
would have wanted.
I've administered what's yours.
And don't confuse feelings.
That's bad taste.
I don't hate you, Adrian.
I don't love you, that's all.
Not any more.
The churches are full
of people like you
who confuse faith with fear.
You feel so much remorse
you pray all day.
I have never prayed, young man.
I come hereto complain.
I've been complaining
half my life.
But either I'm deaf
or nobody listens to me.
Don't compare me
to those religious old women
I get away from every morning.
I always thought my money
would keep me away from
people as old as this place,
but here I am,
surrounded by those
who disgust me most.
Why did you do it?
Because I hated her.
I hated your grandfather,
but I never did
anything like that.
but mother was pathetic.
Always showing me up,
or don't you remember?
Always reeking of wine,
I hated going near her.
Father avoided her, of course,
and you too.
Don't deny it.
But I was never taught to look
the other way like you all did.
That made me sick.
It's been too many years,
and I'm tired.
She's been after me
all my life,
and I don't know how
to say sorry any more.
Your mother was
the only thing I ever loved.
The only thing, you hear?
You killed someone who was sick
and left the rest of us here.
Don't expect me
to thank you for it.
What a fright!
What are you doing here?
I came to give you a hand.
Your cousin couldn't come
and asked me to come instead.
But half this stuff is his!
What a nerve.
You really don't mind?
No, no.
And I've got nothing better to do.
There's so much here, I don't know
how I would have managed.
Can you close that?
I've filled it too full.
I don't know what I'll do
- with so many clothes.
- Right.
Which bags shall I take?
I'm sorry about your mother...
How is she?
Coping... She gets up
and goes out now.
She's been going
to the clinic all week.
And she's stopped
complaining so much.
You still don't know
who did it?
I heard about your dad
up at the yard.
In this place, everybody
knows everybody's business.
Well, some more than others.
Don't pretend.
I know you didn't like him.
Do you know who did it?
That's what the police asked me.
I don't know.
He had plenty of enemies.
When a bastard gets killed,
anybody could have done it.
They've been looking
for fingerprints and all that.
It's here.
This place is
a bit weird, isn't it?
When I was little and my father
punished me, I'd come up here.
Till today.
Put them over there, please.
I'll be going.
Yes, I'd better...
Have a drink or something.
You've done me a favour,
it's the least I can do.
And you can keep me company.
And my father
won't come up here...
I shouldn't say that.
It's not funny.
How about something
to eat or drink?
Help yourself.
This thing with my father...
it's like a relief.
I know that sounds terrible
and I may be a bad daughter,
but between you and me,
I was sick of him.
I can tell you,
you know what I mean.
You knew him.
I'm not glad but
I won't shed any tears either.
What will you do now?
We've put the business
up for sale.
I've got some savings.
The real estate people say
it'll soon be snapped up.
I'd like to set up
my own business.
Can you see me running a shop?
Yes, of course I can.
- And anything you want.
- Anything I want?
Like what?
I don't know.
And I'd come in
and buy things.
You're so good to me.
Why that face?
What face?
That one.
Come on.
Evening, Raquel.
Mind if I sit down?
How are you?
I can't work yet
and I can't sleep for the pain,
so here I am,
doing what I always do.
Waiting for everything to go away.
I saw a friend of yours.
She sends her regards.
I bet you remember her.
Why are you doing this?
You knew who I was,
didn't you?
That night you asked me
how old I was,
you knew who I was.
But I don't remember you.
I was too small.
And very affectionate.
And a pain too.
Following me around everywhere.
It made your mother...
She was... very jealous.
What have you heard?
Everything, I think.
Amelia found you
work at the house,
you got pregnant
by my father,
my mother kicked you out.
Is there anything else?
Only what you're looking at.
So you all know where I am...
What more do you want?
I've got nothing left.
You'll leave this place too.
I'm okay here.
Where's "here?
My bed?
There must be something
better than this out there.
This town's stifling me.
And you should do the same.
My cousin still
owes you money...
Not any more.
We settled up
this afternoon.
I forgot the debt,
and he let me bring the bags.
Are you stupid?
Ifs okay. He wouldn't have
given it to me anyway.
And at least I'm here now.
- With you.
I came out on top for once.
Are they still together?
Your parents, I mean.
In her last few letters Amelia
said something about your mother...
That she was
drinking too much?
Yes, that's all she did.
I think my father's okay.
He always was.
He lives in South America with
a girl who could be my sister.
I mean from her age.
And my mother... died.
A good few years ago.
I was only a kid.
My father fucked us
all up well.
That's for sure.
I'd rather Gonzalo
didn't know about this.
It's none of my business.
If it was me,
I think I'd like to know,
but that's up to you.
The fact that he's my half-brother
just makes me a bad influence.
Is that why
you set fire to that bastard?
Nothing to do with it.
All I know is
I did the right thing.
That's him.
Was he the one that night?
Take this
and get out of the car.
Right, but I wasn't here, okay?
Get out of the car!
You took the wrong road.
My place is the other way.
Did I say anything
about taking you home?
- You're Gonzalo, aren't you?
- Yes.
Get in!
I haven't done anything.
You know who I am,
- clon't you?
- Yes.
Then get in the car and
don't complicate things any further.
Or shall I call those two over?
Look, your son's in that car.
The man with him
is the family lawyer. He'll do
all the paperwork.
He's a real dog.
Maybe that's why
he's the faithful kind.
So you won't have to worry.
Ask the lawyer
for the other set of keys.
Thanks, but... I can't.
Get him to help out
with Carmen.
That's what he's paid for.
I'm sure he can help.
This won't work out, Adrian.
this is the only thing
that'll workout.
What's going on, Mum?
What are you doing?