From Hell to the Wild West (2017) Movie Script

[Music playing]
[Cocks gun]
There you are,
you son of a bitch.
Drop your weapon now.
I'll shoot you dead.
Do it, hombre.
I was trying to stop
the killer.
Oh, really? First the
women start disappearing,
now half the town
that isn't dead,
they've run away.
[Cocks gun]
I know you're behind this.
No, there's someone else.
Don't you try
to play me the fool.
[Woman screams]
This don't look like a high-class
saloon to me, Christina.
Well, the job posting
says they pay big money,
so who cares
what it looks like?
We're here about
the job posting.
Hostesses needed?
Whores needed.
Let's be honest.
They said hostesses needed.
Hostesses means whores,
Christina. Don't be naive.
Someone posted a job notice
in all the Shasta County
We traveled four days
to get here!
Don't be getting us fired
before we get hired.
You know, I don't
see anyone...
[Door creaks]
Is someone here?
Do you see anyone?
I... I think I see a...
- [Screams]
- [Gasps]
Help! Someone, help me!
[Ghostly voices]
Can you hear us? Please!
[Deep voice chanting]
[Ghostly voices]
We are here with you.
[Deep voice]
You must look not let her...
Do not let her filth...
[Ghostly whispers]
[Deep voice]
Answer the call.
[Voices continue]
[Deep voice]
Answer the call.
Answer it.
[Deep voice growls]
[Growling continues]
[Deep voice]
Look at that flower.
[Ghostly voices]
So beautiful. So beautiful.
[Deep voice]
So rotten on the inside.
Filthy rotten.
[Deep voice]
Like all of them.
Every single one.
[Deep voice]
Set her free.
Give her oblivion.
[Ghostly voices]
[Deep voice]
End her suffering.
End her debauchery.
Make her bathe in pain.
Pain so sweet.
[Ghostly voices]
Give it to her.
Oh, my God.
Get away from me!
Stop it.
Oh, God.
No! No, no, no! No!
[Blade scraping]
and slicing echoes]
[Deep voice]
Your hands are clean.
[Voice] Your hands
are clean, dear boy.
[Deep voice]
You are sanctified.
[Ghostly whispers]
[Deep voice]
From Hell's heart.
[Ghostly whispers]
From Hell's heart.
[Deep voice]
Do you your work.
Your hallowed work.
[Deep voice]
Never stop.
- [Voice] No, no, no.
- [Ghostly whispers] Never.
[Deep voice]
Never stop.
Miss Stark,
my time's limited.
Professor Moore,
thank God you're here.
What is it?
Do you remember the diary that
they unearthed up in the sierras?
Hey, you're... you're not
supposed to take these
out of the Archives
I know,
but they closed at five,
and I had to keep going.
I'll bring it back.
Why did you have
to keep going?
I found something important.
I think I may have solved
the mystery of Jack the Ripper.
Miss Stark,
I have a class to teach.
I know it sounds crazy,
Professor Moore,
and you have every right
not to believe
such a wild sounding boast,
but it's true.
That's the diary
of that freed slave woman.
Yeah, her name was Hannah,
and she wrote about...
she wrote about her encounters
with a ruthless killer.
I know. It's been the
talk of the department
ever since it was found.
His name
was Francis Tumblety.
She found
his traveling papers,
and that's not all.
You know, I'm serious
about that diary.
You better not get
any coffee stains on that
before you return it.
I'll keep it totally safe,
don't worry,
but please,
just let me explain.
Okay. Make it quick.
Okay, so, I was asked
to digitize the text
in this diary,
and as I was reading
through it,
I started noticing
more than a few similarities
between the killer
that Hannah wrote about
and Jack the Ripper.
I only skimmed a report
on this last week,
but if I remember correctly,
there was a murderer
up in the mountains.
He killed everyone in a small
mining village, correct?
Yeah, he killed
everyone in that town,
and then he started
placing help wanted ads
in all the surrounding area's
Help wanted? For what?
Well, he was pretending
to be a saloon proprietor
looking for hostesses to hire.
And since hostess
usually meant prostitute,
you think that
he was specifically
- targeting prostitutes.
- Yes.
Targeting prostitutes
like Jack the Ripper.
As a history student,
you should be aware
that Jack the Ripper
was in London, not here.
Mm-hmm. Yes,
of course I know that.
And as you should know,
he was never found,
he was never identified.
He just stopped killing
all of the sudden.
but that doesn't mean or...
You know, I might not
be a psych major,
but do you really think that Jack
the Ripper just became sane?
That he was cured
all of a sudden?
That he was just, like,
"I think I'm gonna stop
doing all this killing
and become a normal guy?"
I'm sure I don't know.
Jack the Ripper
never stopped killing
he just moved.
So the Ripper's
famous killing spree
was in Whitechapel, London.
In 1888.
- The Victorian era.
- Mm-hmm.
So, he murdered prostitutes
and eluded
the finest police force
on the planet at that time.
A police force that was using
forensic techniques
to track him.
And still
they didn't catch him,
but they came close.
Too close for his comfort.
So, he moved.
He fled to the U.S.,
and I have proof of this.
You have proof of
the Ripper or Tumblety?
I have proof of Tumblety's
escape from London to the U.S.
If he was the Ripper,
why would he come
all the way to California?
It was the Wild West
at that time.
Yeah, "Wild" being
the operative word.
It was the 1890s.
People used to go
missing here all the time.
Bear attacks,
Indians, shoot-outs.
It was the Frontier.
So, you think the Ripper
sought out a place
where the murders
would go unnoticed.
Yes, that's right.
There were policemen
in the West.
Oh, yeah, tough lawmen
to be sure.
But, I mean, they had
no idea what the concept
of a serial killer was
at that time.
And, frankly, they didn't
really have the intellect
to outwit such
a methodical man.
They probably couldn't even
conceive of a person
who would kill for pleasure.
I have as a matter
of record
that they were chasing
the wrong man.
They even formed posses
to help chase him.
Cease fire!
U.S. Marshal.
I'm here for Mr. Buchinski.
So are we, damn it.
We found him first!
At that reward, it's ours!
Get the hell
on out of here, law dog!
This man killed
two of my men,
including my brother.
There ain't no way
he goes free.
[Cocks gun]
There was only one lawman
smart enough to figure it out.
He was a Marshal
from Shasta County.
I'm not here to arrest you.
I read the police report.
I saw the evidence.
Let me see that badge.
You claim you didn't
kill those women.
That's goddamn right.
You stated a crazy man
did the killings.
He was more like a devil.
The correct term
is psychopath.
But you're right,
he is from Hell.
[Horse neighs]
No, no, no, I'll do it.
No, don't go wandering off.
- You'll get lost.
- [Horse neighs]
- You stay at my side.
- Yes, ma'am.
Don't speak to anyone,
- Yes, ma'am.
- [Horse whinnies]
Where is everyone?
Can't rightly say.
Ain't seen anyone
since we got here.
Find the saloon proprietor.
And I need a room and whatever
passes for a hotel here.
Yes, ma'am.
- Go! Now.
- Yes, ma'am.
- [Horse whinnies]
- Hello!
These small town people
have no manners at all.
So where can I find
this crazed killer?
There's a little town
up there somewhere.
What's it called?
It was abandoned.
I didn't catch the name.
I was trying
to save my own hide.
But... but you remember
where it is, right?
You couldn't pay me
to go back there.
Good, 'cause I'm not
offering you any money.
Well, friend, then you got
less than nothing.
Oh, I've got something,
all right.
Something better than money.
I can offer you freedom.
See, I'm after
the real killer.
You show me where he is,
I'll arrest him,
bring him back.
That'll clear your name.
And I can do it.
I know the magistrate who
issued voucher on your bounty.
He's an old friend of mine.
I can clean
this mess up legally.
Unless you want to spend the
rest of your days a wanted man.
A wanted lady killer?
How far you think
you're gonna make it
with that price
on your head?
Let's go before
I come to my senses.
Let's get this bastard
and clear your name.
I don't understand.
Where are all the people?
Damn it.
Sons of bitches
stole my horse.
Mine, too.
That means they'll
be coming back.
Looks like we're walking.
It's gonna be okay.
You want me to go look
on the other side of town?
I said no.
You stay at my side.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I'm just a little bit nervous.
I ain't never been
this far from home.
You usually take
your trips on your own
and leave me at the house.
Well, that's your problem,
isn't it?
I can't leave you there
unsupervised anymore.
Why not?
Don't play dumb with me.
You know good and well
what I'm talking about.
Is this about the glass vase?
I didn't mean to break it.
That was an accident.
I'm not talking
about an accident.
I'm talking about something
you did on purpose.
- Then I don't understand.
- Neither do I.
Where did I go
wrong with you?
Who bought you
that nice blouse?
You did.
And who braids your hair
with the bows,
so you look all pretty?
You do.
And don't I read passages
from the Bible every Sunday,
as you're not
allowed at church?
Then how, Hannah?
How could you?
I thought I could trust you.
It's my husband! Mine!
I didn't want to do it.
Oh, is that right?
Because I saw you
with my own eyes,
and it didn't seem
like the typical case
of a rich man
taking advantage
of one of his servant girls.
It was love making.
You kissed him,
you caressed him,
like he was... yours.
- You saw us?
- Yes.
I used the scope
of Mrs. Stanton's rifle.
I saw you both
clear as the day.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean
for it to happen.
I read a posting saying
that the Carson Saloon
is paying top dollar for women
willing to be hostesses.
And that's why
I brought you here,
and I think you should
work there for now on.
Doesn't hostess mean whore?
You practiced being a whore
with my husband,
and now you can do it
Or you can find
another job around here.
Either way, you won't
be returning to my home
or my husband.
- [Horse whinnies]
- [Hoofbeats retreating]
- Is that our horse?
- Oh, no.
Where in hell is everyone?
Did the whole town
just vanish?
Maybe we should
start walking back.
It's too far, Hannah.
Do you even know how to get back?
Which direction?
Do you want to get
lost in the wild?
Even if we did know
how to get back,
you think we can walk
for days on end
in our Sunday dresses
without a rifle?
Guess not.
Best course
of action is to wait
for the townspeople
to come back.
I don't know how an entire town
decides to up and leave
all at same exact same time,
but we have no choice.
And if the hotel people
don't come back soon,
I will break in
and make myself at home,
and they can charge me
whatever they want.
Irresponsible idiots.
Why did our driver leave us?
I don't know.
I have no idea
how to tell Mr. Stanton
that we lost
one of his horses.
- He's gonna be mad.
- Yes, he will be,
but that's
no concern of yours.
My husband is of absolutely
no concern of yours
- in any way, shape, or form.
- Yes, ma'am.
Do you know
that any other mistress
would have thrown you out
on the street?
But not me.
Do you know why?
Do you?
Um, did you think Mr. Stanton
would come after me?
How dare you?
Do you think he would
leave me for you?
No, ma'am.
Well, of course,
you never know with men.
They are so stupid.
It's a wonder how they manage
to rule the world.
Why did you
think that anyways?
Did he tell you that...
he loves you?
It's okay.
You can tell me.
It's not like I'm gonna be
more angry than I already am.
It's so hot.
Are you hot?
- Yeah?
- Yes, a little.
Come... come here.
I'll untie that for you.
This one always gets stuck.
Didn't I tell you to wear
the yellow one?
I couldn't find it.
It was in the tall dresser.
Bottom shelf.
It wasn't there.
Maybe it was out to wash?
Let's just forget about it.
There you go.
So, now that we both
are calm and comfortable,
you should go ahead
and tell me the truth.
Did my husband, Mr. Stanton,
tell you that he loves you?
Okay, I'll tell you.
He told me...
- [Sobbing]
- [Mrs. Stanton screaming]
I just don't see
a solid connection
between this
Tumblety character
- and Jack the Ripper.
- That's wrong.
I mean, only now do we have
an account of Tumblety
committing murders
here in the West.
Thanks to this diary.
And thanks to me
staying up all night.
I have a match
on his handwriting.
This is from Tumblety's
medical school.
was medically trained?
I always suspected
Jack the Ripper
of being a surgeon.
Tumblety had dropped out
of medical school.
I was able to get copies
of his transcripts,
and this copy
of his handwriting.
Oh, and this is a copy
of the famous letter
from Jack the Ripper.
The only one that was ever
deemed legitimate.
The handwriting matches.
That's my opinion, as well.
[Chuckling] We'll, uh...
we'll have to get an expert,
of course, to verify, but...
And that's not
the only evidence
that links Tumblety
to Jack the Ripper.
Before the murder spree,
Tumblety went to the anatomical
museum in London, and he asked
to purchase female organs.
And Jack the Ripper
removed his victim's organs.
And I have
other evidence, as well.
Tumblety was married
to an ex-prostitute,
so that would line up with why
he targeted prostitutes.
There's... there's
a few other things.
My God, Lizzy.
This could be the man.
The same man.
This Tumblety person
could be Jack the Ripper.
[Breathing heavily]
[Breathing heavily]
[Groaning continues]
[Mrs. Stanton breathing rapidly]
Where's the key?
It's not there?
He's looking for it.
Is that why he left?
Yes, I think so.
Now hurry.
Find something.
I will reach it
if you untie me.
When is he gonna come back?
I don't know,
but it will be soon.
We have to work fast.
Is he still looking
for the key?
Here. Try to reach this.
Let me try something else.
Shh, shh, shh.
Hannah, find your way
out of here and run.
There's nothing else
you can do to save me.
[Keys clanging]
This is the place.
Where is everyone?
Either dead, or run away.
I'm the only one
foolish enough to come back.
You're not a fool.
You just cleared your name.
You show this paper to any
sheriff, judge, or city official.
You take this
to anyone you can find.
It's my signed testimony
of your innocence.
Are you gonna go back
and get your men?
No time to get my horse.
I split my men up
before I came out this way.
They're looking
for that sick bastard, too,
although none of them know
where to find him.
If I leave now
and go get backup,
I might lose his trail.
I'll be your backup.
You understand you're free.
I do.
You understand you have
no obligation to help me here.
I know.
Take the long rifle
and cover me.
I'm going straight in.
If you see him, you have
my permission to shoot.
I only shoot to kill.
Then he dies.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
[Distorted voice]
You must...
[Deep voice]
hear me.
Hear me.
Hear our call.
[Ghostly whispers]
Hear us.
[Deep voice]
Show her.
Show her your heart.
[Ghostly whispers]
They are all filth.
All of them.
[Deep voice]
Every one of them sin.
Pestilence. Scourge.
No, no.
[Man continues speaking
in muffled voice]
- You must cleanse her.
- [Ghostly whispers] Listen to us.
[Hannah coughs]
[Distorted voice]
She likes to be afraid.
She likes the acting out
of the pain.
Oh, how she loves it.
[Distorted voice]
She wants it.
- [Muffled voice speaking]
- [Whispers] Oh, yes.
- [Muffled voice speaking]
- [Whispers] Show her.
[Distorted voice]
She's so warm, so soft.
[Hannah sobbing]
- [Distorted voice] You will almost...
- [Whispers] Almost what?
[Distorted voice]
almost taste her.
[Distorted voice]
You must illuminate her soul.
Illuminate her soul.
[Distorted voice]
Let her see your soul.
She cannot see you.
[Distorted voice] Let her
see the fire that burns.
The fire.
[Hannah sobbing]
No, no.
[Distorted voice]
Make her understand you.
She will never understand.
[Distorted voice]
Let her feel the fire within.
Oh, the fire will burn us.
[Distorted voice]
Make her understand.
She will never under...
[Distorted voice] Before
you send her to oblivion.
No. No.
[Horse whinnies]
[Chain clanging]
[Hannah moaning]
Oh, come on.
[Cocks gun]
- [Distorted voice] Must...
- [Whispers] Listen...
- [Distorted voice] cleanse her.
- [Whispers] to us.
[Distorted voice]
Show her.
Show her your heart.
[Hannah panting]
You didn't think I was gonna
let you go, did ya?
Not after you killed
my kinfolk!
Come on, boys!
That reward is ours!
Vengeance is mine!
[Hammer clicks]
[Hannah] Who's there?
Who's out there?
This woman, Hannah,
her diary,
it opens up a lot
of possibilities.
She somehow survived
an encounter
with a psychotic killer.
If Tumblety
was Jack the Ripper,
she was the only
known survivor.
The question we have
to ask ourselves
with this evidence at hand,
did Jack the Ripper
travel West to continue
his murderous spree?
And most importantly...
Francis Tumblety...
was he Jack the Ripper?