From Prada To Nada (2011) Movie Script

- Dad!
- Dad!
Oh, my God!
Nora, you just hit me.
Don't take sides, Juanito.
I'm the one who thinks you're cute.
It'll live.
It's just a car, not a baby.
Nora, you don't hit
a new bimmer.
Mary, it'll be fine.
Pablo, that topiary
looks just like Dad.
This one's for you,
- and can you get the case
out of the trunk? - Yes.
- Nora?
- What?
What is this, Tijuana?
Oh, my gosh.
- Oh, my gosh, you are so slow.
- You're gonna make me drop the cake.
It's heavy, okay?
You, nina,
keep away from my stove.
- Do you need any help?
- It's not even done yet.
Oh, my God,
that is really thick stew.
For your father's birthday.
They say it brings a bride.
Well, in that case, Carmina,
you can just throw it all out.
Will you lighten up, please?
Mary, when we're gone,
who will he have left?
Well, Mom.
Well, she's not very talkative now,
is she?
Well, she's beautiful,
and she'll never age.
Beauty is not everything.
Okay, how would you know? You're 24,
and you seriously have not been kissed.
- Okay, thanks a lot.
- You're, like, Amish.
- Really? Amish?
- Girls!
Girls, are you fighting?
On my birthday?
- Dad...
- I hope it is important.
She crashed my car.
- She did?
- Yes!
It'll cost you less than one
of your shopping sprees on Rodeo Drive.
You should go with your sister
on a spree one of these days, you know?
- See?
- See?
- Dad.
- What?
You know what? There are
more important things to do
- than going shopping with her.
- Like giving me a kiss for my birthday.
- Come on. Okay. Like dancing.
- Happy birthday.
- Like, one, two, three.
One, two, three. - Dad...
You can't dance
to tacky ranchero music.
- Why not?
- Rancheros are not tacky.
- Yes, it is.
- It's not.
A perfect funeral for him.
Even the mariachis are drunk.
Okay. It's not a criticism.
I can say that.
We are family, no?
And that's what counts.
Who are they?
Do you know them?
He is your brother.
- We have a brother?
- We have a brother?
His name is Gabe, Jr.
- That's impossible.
- How?
Your father had an affair
before you were born.
Your mother forgave him.
But he's illegitimate.
I'm sorry, I just meant...
You don't need to be sorry.
Yes, she does.
And we know what you meant.
But the will says
we get a third of his assets.
- "We"?
- Ladies, please.
The will is meaningless.
He didn't want you to know,
but Mr. Dominguez
was in bankruptcy.
No way.
your father was a wonderful man,
but a risk-taker.
He wasn't prepared
for the economic crisis.
Okay, so what do we have?
A huge amount of debt.
Well, what about the house?
- Let us buy it.
- No.
It's not for sale.
Look, this could benefit us all.
We actually re-sell homes
for a living.
And you can stay in the house
with us, if you want to.
Until you're ready to go.
Oh, no! Not the playhouse!
I bet that's Mary.
If you stopped smoking pot,
you wouldn't be...
You do know that possession
of marijuana is illegal?
It's a silly law.
Legalize cannabis and tax it,
create a revenue stream for the state.
Conservatives have created
a formidable opposition to it.
Well, someone has to keep us
in the dark.
I thought you were my sister.
Do I look like your sister?
You're taller, and on time.
I'm Edward, Olivia's brother.
Nora, newly discovered sister-in-law
and law student.
Nice to meet you.
- Oh, my God! Look at you.
- Hi.
Olivia, don't infantilize me
in front of this beautiful woman.
Have you met my brother,
the ruthless attorney?
Yes, he looks like
he could shred things.
Excuse me.
Does it really look like him?
You never met him?
Did you ever try to?
My mother told me
he abandoned us.
That's strange.
I mean,
family was so important to him.
So, you're poor.
No more shopping.
I'd kill myself.
No high-protein diet.
Poor people only eat carbs.
What time is it?
Shit, I'm late.
Sorry that I'm late.
This smells so good.
Your lips are way red.
I'm Edward, her brother.
How is that possible?
'Cause, like, you look so nice,
and you're, like, so...
Got it. Well,
it was very nice meeting you.
Nice to meet you, too.
Edward is staying the night
with us.
Your room has the best view
of the mountains,
so he's going to use it.
Really? Well, there's not really
that much room in my bed,
but I think we can make it work.
After lunch, could you and your sister
please pack your things?
You're joking, right?
No, not at all.
I've been planning on moving you both
to the basement anyway.
I need to re-do those rooms,
Wait, what?
I'm not going to the basement
of my own house.
Former house.
- Olivia.
- Gabe.
I have been patient enough.
We have the house, but we cannot
keep the orphans that came with it.
Olivia, please.
Let's discuss this in private.
I'm not going anywhere.
Why not?
I mean, who wants to be
humiliated like this?
Let's go.
I mean, we...
There's so much stuff.
We're gonna need, like, a truck.
Don't bother. Everything in this house
stays. We own it.
That is correct.
And I suggest you sell it,
and see if you can buy yourself
some class.
- Mary, let's go. Right now.
- But... But...
How is everything hers?
Nora, what are we gonna do?
Move out now. Come on.
At least the bimmer's in your name.
She can't stop us
from taking that.
Okay, then after that?
I have a plan.
Bye, Carmina. I'll miss you.
- See you later.
- Take care.
This was your father's.
Thank you. Thank you.
So, where are we going?
East LA.
East LA?
I am really scared right now, Nora.
Like, we're gonna get shot.
Would you just calm down?
This place is perfectly safe.
Welcome to the barrio, mija.
- Drive. Just drive.
- Oh, my gosh.
Hey, it's fine.
Just calm down. Just drive.
Oh, my God.
Nora, I can't.
Come on, look how happy she is.
She looks like the warden at a jail,
and we're the new meat.
Seriously, I will just go
and move in with Carrie, okay?
Her parents will adopt me.
You'd leave me here alone?
Well, no.
I would visit you on Sundays.
Okay, you know what? You're going
nowhere without me, all right?
I am taking the keys, all right?
Seriously, it's not funny.
- Nora!
- You need to come right now.
- Nora...
- Stop being so immature.
- Don't leave me.
- Come on.
What do you think?
Fifteen minutes, and you are
on the other side of the border.
My God.
Hasn't changed in 10 years, no?
I can't thank you enough.
No, no, no, no, no.
Sorry, I don't...
They don't speak Spanish.
Is she planning living in there,
o que?
That's my stuff.
Yo, yo, relax.
I ain't the barrio killer.
Are you homeless?
No. Are you?
Shit, I need mace.
Look who's here.
There is a gang member
on your lawn.
No, mija, that's Bruno,
my neighbor.
Okay, well, he's creepy.
Not everything that stinks is caca,
- Go home. Okay? - Hurry up,
before they charge you. Go.
- She is Nora.
- Hi.
Yo, you're good.
We got your back out here, all right?
All right.
And the other one
with no smile is la Mary.
Nice to meet you, Mary.
It's Mary. And I'm not tipping you.
That's good,
'cause I don't take IOUs.
Go ahead, go ahead. Sit down.
We have wonderful and delicious
churros y chocolates.
This neighborhood used to be Jewish,
then Japanese, then Mexican.
It's totally Calcutta.
Except it's less hot,
and there's a breeze.
- We gotta get out of here.
- And go where?
Four Seasons.
You know what?
There's lice on that mattress.
Then you won't sleep alone.
Why don't you get ready for bed?
Nora, I miss Dad.
Me, too.
That stupid mustache.
It wasn't even original.
It was that Pedro guy.
Yeah, Pedro Infante.
But Mom looked more
like that Dolores River lady.
- River lady?
- I don't know her name.
It was del Rio or something.
Yeah. You know what?
She would have looked like
anything Dad wanted her to.
I really miss him, Nora.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't say "sorry".
Don't say "sorry".
What are we gonna do?
We're gonna be okay.
I'm gonna figure it out.
Oh, my gosh.
It's not a dream? Shit!
Careful. Last two eggs.
How is it possible
that you don't know the basics?
Do you know how to fly a plane?
Of course not. Why should I?
Right. Well, because you never
had to. I never had to cook.
I'm willing to learn.
Learn to clean.
And then we go out
for a little desayuno.
Not downtown, Carrie.
No, it's worse. East LA.
Will you just get a map, please?
Gosh, you'd think we moved
to another country.
Learning Spanish?
This is the neighborhood.
And don't worry, they speak English here.
Nice to meet you. I'm Rosita.
You need some work.
Come on in.
I have two-for-one special.
What was that?
What is that?
Ay, mija, you better make friends
a new way, hombre.
What? Just a few minutes at Macy's
makeup counter and they'd be fine.
Excuse me, but do you know
how much fat is in this?
What's the matter with you?
You are just like your mother.
Of course. She was smart.
No, mijita.
And what does she do?
Crash in the car.
Don't worry, tia, we're going to be
responsible. You'll see.
I'm going to get a job at a law firm
and Mary's going to graduate.
You're gonna quit school?
Nora, I'm the one
who sucks at school.
I'm going to defer school,
and you need to finish.
- Then, I'll go back.
- Don't worry, Mary.
Nora's not the only one
who's going to have to make sacrifices.
It will take you
to the same places.
Where they will turn me away.
What is he doing here?
Nora? That Edward guy is here.
Hey, yo.
- Yeah?
- You parked the wrong way.
Hi. The Dominguez family?
- Are you from police?
- No.
No, no, no. I'm Edward Ferris.
I'm looking for Nora Dominguez.
I will ask her if she's here.
Come in, please.
Thank you.
Wait, please.
It's time for Dodger baseball.
Live from PETCO Park
in San Diego,
Prime Ticket presents the Dodgers
- and the San Diego Padres.
- Hi.
Hi, everybody,
and a very pleasant...
- Hi.
- It's good to see you.
What are you doing here?
Come with me.
That's my dad.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
- That's... Be careful.
It's really heavy. - Thank you.
- Careful, please. It's my sister.
- Sorry, sorry. Sorry, sorry.
- I think it's okay.
- Thank you.
No offense,
but why are you doing all of this?
We can do nice things for each other,
can't we?
Well, yeah, but...
Renting a U-Haul
and picking up all of our stuff
and driving it to the ghetto
is a bit much, don't you think?
Don't forget convincing my sister
to give it all back to you.
Well, you just
don't really seem... the kind of guy
who does stuff for free.
On a professional level, never.
And what level are we, Edward?
Someone must have been watering
his mustache 'cause it's a lot bigger.
You seem to have adapted well
in such a short period of time.
I'm a cockroach.
Survival skills.
- I adapt.
- Okay.
So, what else do you have to do
to survive?
- Find a job.
- You're looking for a job?
There is an opening in our office.
We could stand a cockroach or two.
Thank you.
But you've been nice enough already,
and I will find one by myself.
- Like through the classifieds?
- For example.
Be my guest. And good luck.
Thank you.
Dance hostess."
Do you think
this is what Mexico looks like?
Here's one.
"Samuels, Birnbaum & Tate."
Corporate law. Perfect.
I'll apply tomorrow.
There's something weird
about that Edward guy, don't you think?
Well, he seems nicer than his sister,
and he offered me a job.
He did?
Well, did you accept?
No. I can find a job on my own.
Nora, in the real world,
it's called hitting on you.
And what does that mean, really?
He likes you.
I mean, why else would
he be doing all this stuff?
I'm sorry.
You're not interested in relationships,
only your 10-year plan,
'cause you're weird.
Well, whatever you think,
I'm not like you.
I can't believe Dad wrote all these
letters and Gabe never got them.
I'm gonna open these and read them.
No, you're not.
- No, no, no, you're not.
- Come on.
No, Mary.
One day,
we're gonna give them to Gabe.
Yeah, in our next life.
- Bye.
- Have a good day.
Thank you. You, too.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Oh, God. Look at this car.
Are you serious?
What are you looking for?
Great bargain, tia.
Thank you.
Hey, yo. Yo!
Stop, stop.
- You're gonna drown it.
- Okay.
Don't steal anything.
- You think all Mexicans steal?
- I don't know.
I'm not Mexican.
You're not Mexican?
You should take a look at yourself
in your new mirror.
Because with a poncho and huaraches,
you can make a killing selling tamales.
That's really funny.
- Hey, you know what a distributor is?
- Do I need to?
See, these two cables here,
they come loose.
- Yeah? - Just make sure
that they still connect.
Like your mouth
and your brain should.
Can you do the garden next?
Right after I finish
cleaning your indoor pool.
Mary, slow down.
You don't wanna be late for work.
Here's your bus.
Don't sit in the back.
You will get killed.
By who? A commuter?
Goodbye, Nora.
Goodbye, Mary. Have a good day. right.
We have joined the working class.
Thank you.
You live in LA
and not speak Spanish?
Is she okay?
I fired.
Big boss no pay because of mops.
Because of mops?
I borrow to clean hall
for quinceanera.
The quinceanera party, you know?
Then you should have
been given a warning.
I'm a law student,
if that helps at all.
Can you help us?
I can try.
Thank you.
Welcome to Samuels, Birnbaum & Tate.
Hi, I'm Nora Dominguez.
You made it to the 26th floor
quite quickly.
I just used the elevator.
Is that what they call it
these days?
He specializes in corporate defense
of product liability.
Your password is "Ferris".
- Ferris?
- Yes, Ferris.
Like Edward, your new boss.
Read the deposition,
write a little brief,
tell him about how he's gonna make
a lot of money this year,
you'll do just fine. Got it?
See you in 10 years.
Today, a great deal
of political turmoil.
How many of you
have read the book I assigned?
- Did you read the book?
- The title page.
Just as I thought.
This is why today,
I brought in my new TA, Rodrigo.
You notice how TAs always
look like star political prisoners?
...La Casa De Bernarda Alba.
Rodrigo, please.
Don't worry,
that's all the Spanish I'll speak.
What happened to political prisoner?
Those are the first words you hear
in Garcia Lorca's masterpiece.
- Who is he?
- A story about the consequences of...
I heard
his father is an ambassador... one of those countries
with fruit flies.
I trust you have experienced
the electricity of desire.
- Does he have a girlfriend?
- Does it matter?
- No.
- Are you one of those people
who burns with so much passion,
but are not able to express it?
Then you might be able to relate
to this tragedy of a mother
who locks up her five daughters
to mourn their deceased father
for eight years.
Can you imagine losing a father
and mourning him for that long?
- Yes.
- What?
Now, imagine a free spirit
burning in desire for a man,
Pepe el Romano,
who climbs through your window
each night,
but cannot belong to you.
And when he calls to you in the distance,
he sings your very name.
And do you know how she responds?
- Then, my friends, you must read...
- Don't do that to me.
I look forward
to reading your papers.
You'll never get him.
Watch me.
So, you haven't...
Hi. Will you do
that Pepe el Romano thing, again?
So, you listened?
Every word.
So, you're Mexican, too?
No, my parents.
And what are you?
American, of course.
Well, and Mexican.
So, Mexican-American.
My dad was more Mexican.
Tell me more about you.
Well, I like the color red,
my iPod is full, I don't wake up
before 10:00, and no hablo espanol.
I love poetry, pasta, and Prada.
Wow, unfortunately,
I cannot list like you just did.
That's very American. But we like to
sit down, drink a nice tequila,
and tell each other details until
they make a full story, so to speak.
It takes hours.
Well, I think
I can make that time.
So, it's a date?
See the house right up there?
- You have a very nice house.
- Don't I?
Thank you so much for the ride.
No, no, no.
Don't get out, please.
What... You're sure?
Yeah. Really, I'm fine.
No, no, no. No.
You can go.
Thank you so much for the ride.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
- I'll see you.
- You're studying?
- I have to.
The TA's my future husband.
- The TA?
- Yeah.
Oh, my gosh, he's so hot,
and he's cultured,
and I can tell
he comes from money.
How was your first day at work?
Surprising. Guess who's my boss?
- Who?
- Edward.
How did he get you?
Well, there's only one intern job
offered in the newspaper,
and obviously he knew it.
Did he slip you some tongue?
Mary, people don't go around the office
slipping some tongue, okay?
But it was still weird.
I don't know, I just never thought
that working would be like that.
Like how?
All those people are really uptight
and stare at you funny.
Guess they're just unhappy.
See, that's why
I'm never gonna do it.
So, mops are...
- Trapeadores.
- ...trapeadores.
- Yeah.
- Okay. And when was this?
Two weeks ago.
You know, I think I have
a really good case for the law firm.
Hey, bitch!
What'd you say about my face?
I just said
that I liked your eyeliner.
Hey, yo. We good, ladies?
Yeah, Bruno.
Catch you later, white girl.
I'm Mexican.
Thank you.
Sorry, sorry.
Hi. It's nice to see you.
Have you found anything interesting
in those depositions yet?
Not yet.
But I did meet a lady on the bus
with an interesting case.
You rode the bus?
Good place to find clients.
That don't pay.
That's why we have pro bono.
Yeah. Well, you want to know
what the problem with pro bono is?
You can't charge.
In the conference room?
A bunch of cleaning ladies?
They're my clients.
That's what I came to tell you.
I need your help.
It's fine. They're clients.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
You speak Spanish?
Of course. I grew up in LA.
These women, all janitors,
were fired from their company
the day before they qualified
for benefits, for taking mops.
I think Lorca was a great poet.
Me, too.
There's a poem that my nanny
used to tell me in Spanish,
when she would put me to sleep.
"The houses reveal faces
And the grasses, poppies,
and vines dance
To the sound of the breeze
from the sun"
I love it.
I still dream about that house.
I dream about a house, too.
Really? You do?
It's... It's really Californian.
And it's surrounded
by these big, blue-eyed jacarandas.
And there's a Spanish fountain,
and it's wrapped in this tile,
and it sings night and day.
And there are these oranges
that ooze this sweet nectar...
Wait, wait, wait. I must taste them
to see how sweet it is.
California is so decadent.
I'm gonna buy a house here.
You are?
You should buy the house
I was telling you about.
- Which one?
- My house. It's for sale.
What do you mean? The house
where I've been dropping you off?
No, because that's my new house.
The house that I was telling you about
is my old house,
and it's amazing.
Love to see it.
Will you show it to me?
Why is it taking so long... gut this ugly room?
Sorry, ma'am.
It will be done tonight.
That is the downside
of construction.
Have you ever met lazier people
in your entire life?
there is no leadership here.
Chop-chop! Could you turn off the radio?
It sounds like a taco truck in here.
Wouldn't you agree, Lucy?
I think if you were nicer to them,
they might work faster for you, no?
If I'm gonna make you my sister-in-law,
you need to know
that there is a fine line
between niceness and weakness.
And I never cross it.
What happened to you?
Will you stop obsessing about your father
and help me out here?
You know all the words.
I just don't know what they mean.
"Singing lightens the heart,
my little sky."
You're becoming
quite the little diccionario.
But "cielito lindo"
doesn't actually mean "little sky".
It means something more endearing,
like "sweetheart" or "darling".
I seriously need to learn Spanish.
I mean, I'm really finding
Mexican culture, like, intoxicating.
Wait, do you remember the TA
I was telling you about?
- Yes.
- He is so Mexican.
Dad would have loved him.
he's gonna buy a house in LA.
Our house.
Your house?
Does he know this yet?
Not yet.
And when are you planning
on telling him?
Our engagement.
Are you serious?
My service was just discontinued.
Well, you better get engaged
soon then.
I don't think we have a case.
We know that they fired you
to get out of benefit obligations.
But these depositions,
they don't offer any legal proof.
I mean, basically,
it's your word against theirs.
And they are going to be ruthless.
There must be a way to fight them.
Well, you can't win on the mops.
But, I mean, in theory,
if you had something on them,
you could compel them
to reinstate the workers.
Do you mean like cleaning asbestos?
Or getting demoted
for getting pregnant?
Or cheating time cards
to pay us less?
Yes. Yeah,
those would certainly all qualify.
But can you prove it?
Wait, Edward,
what about third party evidence?
I don't follow.
Let me explain.
Marco Antonio,
do you have the time cards?
Yes. Okay.
We can prove
they are committing fraud.
I commute with these janitors
every day.
Every day on the same bus.
- Here they are.
- Thank you.
What's this?
This is good.
Day of what?
History, Mary.
Independence day, hombre.
It's a big party, mija.
If you want,
I can make you a blouse.
Actually, can you make this?
It'll look so hot, but shorter.
Like, look.
Do you have boyfriends?
Me, always. She, never.
No boyfriend, why?
Tia, I just don't have the time.
Work and no fun.
You, invite your boyfriend.
This is an important family party.
Do we embarrass you?
The first quality of your father,
he had so few,
is that he had huevos.
He was valiante
and always proud of his family.
So, like, do you ever get paid, or do
you just get off on working for free?
Wow, is that a new word
you just learned? "Work"?
Well, see, I would do it
if it didn't involve labor.
What are you doing?
With this.
Nice. It's junk.
See, the thing is, princess, is that you
can hate this for what you think it is
or you can love it
for what you know it can become.
Wow. Sounds like you're
building a mission, Father Bruno.
- Okay.
- We need a party, not a chapel.
Hey, you know
where Birds of Paradise is?
A metaphor?
A flower.
They're for decorations.
Can you get some of those for me?
They're the ones
that look like Birds of Paradise.
Seriously, not gonna help.
Wanna bet?
Yeah, actually. Name it.
I will make the party beautiful,
and you give me a dance.
All right, you got it, my man.
I'm late for my manicure.
My client is not reinstating
these employees.
- He's not?
- No, counselor.
They have stolen
my client's property.
Let's talk about that for a moment.
We believe that we have
a fraud case against you
for stealing from these employees.
Come on, they're lucky
I haven't called the INS.
These pay stubs show that you've
been paying them seven hours a day.
We have paid them
for what they have worked.
As you can see, these time cards
are punched in for eight hours or more.
Where did you get those?
This is Maria Ramirez.
She does your payroll.
I don't know if you knew
that her niece,
Rosalita Ramirez,
is a janitor at your firm.
Maria called her brother,
Marco Antonio Ramirez,
who just so happens
to supervise your time card machine.
His wife, Angelica Ramirez,
is right over there.
She works for you, too.
No, no, no, wait.
She is my cousin Esperanza.
That is my wife.
Sorry about that. What's important
is that I have all their depositions.
In short, sir,
you call the INS,
we'll call the IRS.
- Let's go.
- This is a joke.
You've won.
Thank you. That was amazing.
We should celebrate.
there is a party at my aunt's.
It's a Mexican holiday
where we scream.
The janitors will be there
and the neighbors and their families,
if you dare to come.
I have been to your hood before,
so I think I can risk it.
That's pretty bold for an outsider.
It's amazing the things
that one does for love...
Of public good.
Well, we'll be waiting for you.
And I wouldn't let
those janitors down.
I won't.
You okay?
I'm fine.
That's it.
Who lives here?
It's actually kind of funny.
The house that
you have been dropping me off at,
I don't even know who lives there.
Look, when my dad died,
we lost everything.
Even the house that we grew up in.
And I lied to you
because I really like you.
This is where I live now.
Yeah, you can go if you want.
Don't look, but they're totally
checking us out in the window.
So be prepared for some,
"Mary, look,
you brought a friend from school",
even though they totally
already know who you are.
Mary, a friend from school?
I have no idea what just happened,
and I'm really sorry.
Wow, this is cool.
How beautiful.
Come on, let's dance.
Okay, give me back my boyfriend.
Thank you.
You look beautiful.
You look very, very beautiful.
You have to teach me
how to salsa.
Okay, okay. You can have him,
but for five minutes only.
Only five minutes.
- Take care of him.
- Okay, okay, okay.
Hey, you shouldn't waste the state's
flower. We're in a drought.
So, you clean up all right.
You know, for a homeboy, you look good.
I'm not gonna lie. This place
looks really, really great.
You did a good job.
So, I lost the bet,
and I want to be good on my part.
Let's have that dance.
After you, sir.
You ain't got to worry about it.
You didn't lose.
I did.
- Edward. Hi.
- Hi.
Wow, you look like Frida Kahlo.
Thank you.
Yeah, the Salma Hayek version,
without the moustache either.
- Okay.
- Okay.
your aunt throws a kicking party.
I gotta make it
to this side of town more often.
I love it here.
You'd stay if you had the choice?
Yes, I would.
Where would you go
if you had the choice?
Right across the street.
Yeah, right.
Where is Nora Dominguez?
Nora Dominguez is
at the bottom of Mr. Tequila.
Wow. Well, to celebrate
and, you know, to get me caught up.
- Okay, perfect.
- Great.
You were fantastic yesterday.
Thanks. Yeah, to tell you the truth,
I surprised myself.
I go to court to deal with
conglomerates, never people.
Yeah, but people
bring out the best in you.
You galvanized those janitors.
You were so charismatic.
- I was?
- Yes.
Yes, you were. Like a general
- leading his troops.
- Wow.
And when you slammed those cards
on the table...
- Yes?
- I wanted to...
- Yeah?
- I wanted to...
You know what, Edward?
I don't really know
what I wanted to do,
but I have to tell you,
I've never met someone
so... So...
I just came in for a fork.
- What just happened?
- We kissed.
Yeah, you kissed me, too.
Oh, dear.
I shouldn't have done that.
- Why not?
- This isn't me.
No, no, no, this is you.
That's what I've been trying
to tell you.
I... I'm a lawyer.
I mean, I wanna be a good lawyer
and set up, you know,
a community service and a legal practice.
- Yeah, well, you...
- And I have my 10-year plan.
You can do all that with me.
We'd make a great team.
- You're my boss.
- Okay, I'll fire you then.
You're not taking me seriously.
You know, I need to maintain
and that's all I want,
and that's all I have room for.
You can't tell me
that you didn't feel something, too.
That's not the point.
Nora, stop arguing a case.
I'm falling for you.
You don't know me.
And as far as I can tell,
I'm just another girl
who answered your ad in the newspaper.
Well, then,
I guess it's time
to place a new one then.
Having a party of your own?
Is there something wrong with me?
You know,
sometimes you play a game
even when you know
you're gonna lose.
Or sometimes,
you leave a game
even when you know you can win.
I wouldn't leave that game.
The remodel is actually much bigger
than we planned.
I'm finally getting to use
my design skills.
Edward, what a surprise.
I didn't think you'd come.
God, you look like
you just came from a funeral.
I lost a case today.
Well, you win some,
you lose some.
Yeah, this one
I really wanted to win.
Well, stop being a buzzkill
and meet my friend Lucy.
What happened to my desk?
He didn't tell you
about the transfer?
What transfer?
Yours. But don't fret,
it's a promotion.
Bigger salary, more benefits,
good luck.
Go to Tower B, 30th floor.
Maybe now we can get back
to work?
Well, then I quit.
I need to tell you something.
I have to go to Mexico for a while
to see my family.
Well, for how long?
A couple of weeks.
Maybe three.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Well, I miss you already.
Me, too.
Hey. What?
What do you know about this guy?
He's a gentleman.
Oh, my gosh, Nora, I'm in love.
And I'm moving out
in two weeks.
Has he told you he loves you?
Okay, seriously,
you just don't get it.
He's strong and silent, okay?
I just know.
You know what?
Remember, two-for-one?
- Mary, you just met him.
- So?
That's not love.
Okay, how do you know
what love is?
What's wrong with you?
What do you want from him?
I want to go back
to Beverly Hills, Nora.
Okay, there, I said it.
It's all I want. Okay?
It's all I've wanted since we got here,
and he can give that to me.
He's cute, he's sexy,
and he has lots of money.
He loves taking care of things.
Why not me?
It's the oldest story in the book.
Does that make me such a bad person?
It makes you a whore.
Better than the spinster.
My gosh! That's our house!
I made chicken soup.
- Is something wrong?
- No.
Well, obviously something is going on,
so why don't you tell me what's going on?
This came by mail.
- What is it?
- An invitation.
To Edward's engagement party.
You knew?
Yeah, yeah.
Can we eat?
Do you like aguacate, Mary?
No. Actually, no.
This is perfect. Thanks.
You know, the best
for the chicken soup is aguacate...
You have to tell him.
It's too late.
If he announces an engagement
that quick,
it just means that he is
way more confused than you are.
What can I do?
Just tell him.
Just tell him how you feel, or else
you're gonna end up regretting it.
Okay? What Olivia doesn't know
is that she has just given you
a wonderful opportunity.
I don't think I can.
I'm going with you.
That scares me even more.
Shut up.
Are you serious? Gosh!
You look like a nun.
- Nora, this is war.
- What?
What? What's wrong with it?
You look so hot.
I can't walk.
These are way too high.
Okay, turn around. Spin.
He's gonna love this.
What? What are you doing?
- I might as well be naked.
- Are you serious?
Stop. Okay. Come on.
- Still too tight.
- Stand up straight.
- What? No.
- You look beautiful.
No. You look beautiful.
I don't know. What?
You look so beautiful.
You look so tall with these shoes,
it goes like...
Is this the right house?
Yeah, it is.
What happened to our house?
It's like a supermax prison
with Christmas lights.
So gray.
- Is that Juanito?
- Yeah. Look at their uniforms.
What do you think of my new ride?
Juanito. Look what I brought you.
- For old times' sake, huh?
- Thank you.
- How are you?
- Fine. And you?
- Good.
- Hi, bonita.
What a surprise!
- You look so nice.
- You, too, Carmina.
They walled in the view.
For this ugly painting.
Our house is gone forever.
Come on.
Who invited them?
Gabe insisted.
I can't believe they came.
Well, at the very least,
they get to experience my remodel.
Who are they?
We were pretty surprised
to receive your invitation,
but we're really happy to be here.
Late, as per usual.
Yeah, well, I'm Mexican, you know.
Let me introduce you
to Edward's intended, Lucy Parker.
This is Mary and Nora Dominguez,
members of my family.
- Good evening.
- You're a very lucky woman.
Thank you.
- He's a great guy.
- How would you know?
I would know.
Gabe, can I talk to you for a minute
in private?
More family secrets?
- Yes, Olivia.
- I don't think so.
She says she loves your remodeling.
Yeah. I would... Happy to...
- Congratulations.
- Thank you. Thank you for coming.
Need some martinis.
So, what do you really think
about the house?
Well, it looks like MTV Cribs,
but I'm really happy
that you kept Dad's office.
Yeah, well. I had to fight Olivia
for it, but it was worth it.
It's the only thing
I have left of him.
Actually, it's not.
Mary forced me to come,
and now I'm here in front of you,
without words, which is crazy
because I always know what to say.
And I'm kind of having
this whole second-guessing game
going through my head right now,
and I kind of want to dig a hole
right there
- and kind ofjust...
- Nora.
Why here?
When you kissed me that night,
I had never felt
those emotions before.
I avoid relationships
because I can't count on them.
First my mother's death,
and then my father's.
I've built my whole life
counting on the one thing I can control,
which is my career.
And then you came along.
I resisted you
not for lack of love,
but because I was afraid
of losing myself in it.
- They want to see you in there.
- Yeah. Yes, I will be right there.
- Edward. I really need you.
- Yeah. I'm coming.
Hey, Mary.
What a surprise to see you here.
I thought you were in Mexico.
Yeah. Yeah, I was.
I just came back.
I want you to meet Natalia,
my wife.
Mary was by far my best student
this year.
- Right?
- Nice to meet you.
You should come to dinner
when we settle into the house.
- You bought this house?
- Yeah. He seduced me with it.
I used to hate LA,
and now I love this house.
Hey. Good to see you again.
Mary! Mary!
Come on!
How is she?
We're still waiting for an update.
I'm glad you're here.
- We're family, aren't we?
- Yeah.
How is...
- Olivia.
- Yeah. Right.
We split up.
I'm sorry.
We have to try everything.
What are you doing?
- I don't think that's right.
- Mary. Mary, wake up!
Mary. Mary!
Wake up before they kill you.
What are you doing?
- Stop.
- I want to...
- Fast?
- Yeah.
Please don't drop me. Seriously.
Is that Bruno's new project?
He did it overnight
for you especially.
He didn't come visit me
in the hospital.
You okay?
Remember when we first got here?
I seriously thought I was gonna die.
You almost did.
I was really selfish.
You were just in love
with someone who didn't love you.
You knew?
I didn't realize I was in love
with someone who did.
You know, it's really hard
to drink with a neck brace.
It's like a community's photo album.
All right?
Every picture we paint
tells our stories. Right?
Every muralist has a mentor.
My mentor was Judy Barker.
Now, she taught me
to use our barrio's walls
as a canvas to
tell your story and your story...
Just cruising in my lowrider.
I just wanted to come by
and say thanks for the ramp.
No need.
It's for your family,
so they don't have to carry you around.
Are we ever gonna be cool?
Why would we be cool?
You hate this.
This is my world.
It might be hard for you to believe,
but I really love your world.
And if I weren't
in this dorky neck brace
and stuck in a wheelchair,
I would probably kiss you.
Why can't you ever
do anything
on your own?
All right, all right.
Back to painting.
Want to help me teach these kids
how to dance?
I can't. I'm in a wheelchair.
Dance with a brush.
Robin Hood is back,
with a bigger truck.
We don't have another room
for the furniture, mija.
Robin Hood?
I need your help with something.
What is all this?
It's for the house.
- The house?
- Yeah. The house we bought.
What do you mean, "we"?
Well, you know, you're gonna have to
decide which room is the master
and where to put your office,
but I think everything else is "we".
If you could, please.
Need you to co-sign,
right here on this deed.
Very important.
- What about your...
- Nora.
My heart is,
and always has been,
I love you.
Is that a "yes"?