From Russia With Love (James Bond 007) (1963) Movie Script

Exactly 1 minute 52 seconds.
That's excellent.
Knight takes bishop.
Knight... takes bishop.
King to rook two.
King... to rook two.
Queen to king four.
Queen... to king four.
My congratulations, sir. A brilliant coup.
Siamese fighting fish.
Fascinating creatures.
Brave, but on the whole stupid.
Yes, they're stupid.
Except for the occasional one...
...such as we have here.
He lets the other two fight...
...while he waits.
Waits until the survivor is so exhausted
that he cannot defend himself.
And then, like SPECTRE, he strikes.
I find the parallel amusing.
Our organisation did not arrange
for you to come over...
...from the Russians just for amusement,
Number Three.
Come in, Kronsteen.
Sit down, Number Three, while we listen
to what Number Five has devised for us.
I hope his efforts as director of planning
continue to be as successful as his chess.
They will be.
According to your instructions,
I've planned for SPECTRE... steal from the Russians
their new Lektor decoding machine.
We need the services
of a female member...
...of the Russian Cryptograph Section
in Turkey...
...and... the help of
the British Secret Service.
Neither the Russians
nor the British will be aware...
...that they are now working for us.
Number Three, is your section ready
to carry out Kronsteen's directives?
Yes, Number One. The operation will be
organised according to Kronsteen's plan.
I have selected a suitable girl
from the Russian Consulate in Istanbul.
She's capable, cooperative...
...and her loyalty to the state
is beyond question.
You're sure she believes you're still...
...head of operations
for Soviet Intelligence?
It is most unlikely she would know
I'm now working for SPECTRE.
Moscow kept my defection secret from
all but a few members of the presidium.
For your sake, I hope so.
Kronsteen, you're sure...
...this plan is foolproof?
Yes, it is. Because I have anticipated
every possible variation of countermove.
But what makes you think that M,
the head of British Intelligence...
...will oblige you
by falling in with your plan?
Because this is so obviously a trap.
My reading of the British mentality is that
they always treat a trap as a challenge.
And they couldn't possibly
pass up even the slightest chance...
...of getting their hands
on the Lektor decoder.
They have wanted one for years.
All that you say could be true.
What else?
As an added refinement, I think
SPECTRE would have the chance...
...of a personal revenge
for the killing of our operative... Dr No.
Because the man the British will almost
certainly use on a mission of this sort...
...would be their agent James Bond.
Let his death be a particularly
unpleasant and humiliating one.
I shall put my plan
into operation straight away.
And there will be no failure.
Welcome to SPECTRE Island.
I hope you had a pleasant flight.
My time is limited.
Is the man I requested ready?
- His dossier.
- Good.
Donald Grant, convicted murderer.
Escaped Dartmoor Prison in 1960,
recruited in Tangier, 1962.
Excellent. Where is he now?
- At the lake.
- Bring him to my office, will you?
Take me to the lake.
Through the training area.
This Grant's one of the best men
we've ever had.
A homicidal paranoiac. Superb material,
though his methods were a little crude.
His response to our training
and indoctrination have been remarkable.
I hope our work here
meets with your approval.
Training is useful.
But there is no substitute for experience.
I agree. We use live targets as well.
- Call him!
- Grant!
He seems fit enough. Have him
report to me in Istanbul in 24 hours.
Corporal of State Security
Tatiana Romanova.
Come in.
You know who I am?
Colonel Klebb,
head of operations for... for SMERSH.
I saw you once in Moscow, when
I worked for the English decoding room.
Did you tell the consulate
you were coming here?
- No, the message...
- Yes, I know.
I sent it.
Your work record is excellent.
- The state is proud of you.
- Thank you, Comrade Colonel.
Take off your jacket.
Turn around.
You're a fine-looking girl.
Sit down.
I see you trained for the ballet.
But I grew an inch
over the regulation height and so...
And then you have had three lovers.
What is the purpose
of such an intimate question?
You're not here to ask questions!
You forget to whom you are speaking!
- I was in love.
- And if you were not in love?
I suppose that would depend...
on the man.
Sensible answer.
This man, for instance.
I cannot tell.
Perhaps if he was kind and kulturny.
Corporal, I have selected you
for a most important assignment.
Its purpose is to give
false information to the enemy.
If you complete it successfully,
you will be promoted.
From now on,
you will do anything he says.
And if I refuse?
Then you will not leave this room alive.
I will obey your orders.
Good. Now, these are your instructions.
You report to me here...
...but the consulate security man
must not know that I'm in Istanbul.
- This is classified far above his level.
- I will say nothing to anyone.
If you do, you will be shot!
Come, come, my dear.
You're very fortunate to have been chosen
for such a simple, delightful duty.
A real labour of love... we say.
- Great sport, this!
- What did you say?
I said it's great sport, this punting.
I couldn't agree with him more.
I may even give up golf for it.
Not quite.
Souvenir from another jealous woman?
Yes. But I haven't turned
my back on one since.
- Excuse me.
- What?
- Give me my shirt, will you?
- What's going on?
- I have to make a phone call.
- But we haven't eaten yet.
I'm starving.
Come in, Univex. James Bond here. Over.
He's been asking for you all morning.
Where in the world are you, James?
Well, I've just been reviewing an old case.
- Oh, so I'm an old case now, am I?
- Ssh! It's the office.
- Tell him I'm on my way, will you?
- He is not on his way.
Sylvia, behave! We'll do this again
some other time soon.
Do what? Last time you said that,
you went off to Jamaica.
I haven't seen you for six months!
- I'll be there in an hour.
- I'll tell him.
Hey, your old case
sounds interesting, James.
Make that an hour and a half.
Now, about that lunch.
For my next miracle, I...
It'll be a miracle if he can explain
where he's been all day.
But I've never even heard
of a Tatiana Romanova.
- Ridiculous, isn't it?
- It's absolutely crazy.
Of course, girls do fall in love
with pictures of film stars.
But not a Russian cipher clerk
with a file photo of a British agent!
Unless she's mental.
No, it's some sort of trap.
Well, obviously. And the bait
is a cipher machine. A brand new Lektor.
A Lektor, no less.
The CIA's been after one for years.
Yes, so have we.
When she contacted Kerim Bey,
head of Station T, Turkey...
...and told him she wanted to defect,
she said she'd turn it over to us.
On one condition.
That you went out to Istanbul and brought
her and the machine back to England.
Here's a snapshot
Kerim managed to get of her.
Well, I don't know too much
about cryptography, sir...
...but, a Lektor could decode
their top secret signals.
The whole thing's so fantastic
it just could be... true.
That had occurred to me.
Besides, the Russians haven't
been up to any tricks recently.
Well, really, I'm not
too busy at the moment, sir.
You're booked on the 8:30 plane
in the morning.
If there's any chance of getting a Lektor,
we must look into it.
Suppose when she meets me in the flesh
I don't come up to expectations?
Just see that you do.
Miss Moneypenny, ask
the equipment officer to come in, please.
Q Branch has put together
a smart-looking piece of luggage.
We're issuing this
to all double-0 personnel.
An ordinary black leather case...
...with 20 rounds of ammunition,
here and here.
If you take the top off,
you'll find the ammunition inside.
In the side here, flat throwing knife.
Press that button there,
and out she comes.
Inside the case,
you'll find an AR7 folding sniper's rifle.
.25 calibre,
with an infrared telescopic sight.
If you pull out these straps,
inside are 50 gold sovereigns.
Now, watch very carefully.
An ordinary tin of talcum powder.
Inside, a tear-gas cartridge.
That goes in the case
against the side here, like that.
It's magnetised, so it won't fall.
Shut the case.
Normally, to open a case like that... move the catches to the side.
If you do, the cartridge will explode...
in your face.
To stop the cartridge exploding...
...turn the catches horizontally.
Like that. Then... open normally.
Now you try it.
- Turn the catches... like that.
- That's right.
And open ordinarily.
- You got it?
- Yes, I think so.
- Is that all, sir?
- Yes, thanks very much.
That's a nasty little Christmas present.
But I shouldn't think
I'll need it on this assignment.
All the same, take it with you.
Good luck, 007.
Thank you, sir.
Once more unto the breach,
dear friends.
And one plane ticket. Lucky man.
I've never been to Istanbul.
- You've never been to Istanbul?
- No.
Where the moonlight on the Bosphorus
is irresistible?
Maybe I should get you
to take me there someday.
I've tried everything else.
Darling Moneypenny, you know
I never even look at another woman.
Oh, really, James?
Let me tell you
the secret of the world.
Miss Moneypenny,
ask 007 to leave the photograph.
I'm sure he'll recognise the lady
when he sees her.
Good luck.
Hello, London.
Your flight PA1 just landed Istanbul.
Mr. Bond?
- Kerim Bey sent a car for you, sir.
- Fine.
- Can I borrow a match?
- I use a lighter.
- It's better still.
- Until they go wrong.
- Exactly.
- I'll get the car, sir.
Kerim Bey suggested you see him
before going to the hotel.
- Would that be convenient?
- Fine.
I suppose it's customary
to have people tailing you in these parts.
Oh, yes, sir.
Today it's Citroen H 31854 on duty.
They're Bulgarians
working for the Russians.
They follow us, we follow them.
It's a sort of understanding we have.
That's very friendly.
My friend! Come in, come in!
Glad to see you. Welcome to Istanbul.
Well, thank you for sending the car.
But it does rather tie you in with me.
You're in the Balkans now, Mr. Bond.
The game with the Russians
is played differently here.
For day-to-day routine matters, we make
it easy to keep a tab on each other.
So I gathered from your chauffeur.
He's a rather intelligent young man.
He should be. He's my son.
- Coffee?
- Medium sweet.
Two medium sweet.
He also is my son.
All of my key employees are my sons.
Blood is the best security in this business.
You must have quite an establishment.
Biggest family payroll in Turkey.
Not bad for a man who started life
breaking chains and bending bars
in a circus.
But let's talk about this business of yours.
Well, M thinks I'm wasting my time here.
And so do I.
This is an old friend of mine.
- And it tells me something smells.
- Maybe.
But if there's a chance
of getting a Lektor...
Now you tell me,
where can I contact this girl?
She said she would make her own
arrangements. You'll have to wait.
Thank you.
My friend, if you really want my advice... should spend a few pleasant days
with us here in Istanbul, and then...
...then go home.
- James Bond, I have a reservation.
- Mr. Bond, your room is ready.
Number 32.
- 32 for Mr. Bond.
- Hope you enjoy your stay.
Thank you.
- Will there be anything else, sir?
- Only this.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, sir.
- Mr. Bond here.
- Yes?
- The room won't do.
- I'm sorry.
The bed's too small.
One moment, sir.
Did you hear that?
Tell him that's all there is.
Unless he would like the bridal suite.
I'm sorry, sir. That's all we have available.
Except the bridal suite.
Well, let's have a look at it. I may like it.
The porter will show it to you.
He will be up immediately.
Good work. Who can the Russians
suspect but the British?
The Cold War in Istanbul
will not remain cold very much longer.
Ali Kerim Bey.
Ali Kerim Bey.
Ali Kerim Bey...
You are not glad to see me
this morning, chri?
I no longer please you?
Be still!
Back to the salt mines.
Careful with those papers.
Well, who won?
I had visitors.
Limpet mine on the wall outside.
Timed to catch me at my desk.
But, by good fortune, I was relaxing
on the settee for a few moments.
- The girl left in hysterics.
- Found your technique too violent?
I cannot understand
this sudden breach of the truce.
It's unlike the Russians
to break the peace this way.
Most inconsiderate. I think my visit
might have something to do with it.
Let's try and find out.
Close up afterwards.
Quite a place you've got here.
The Emperor Constantine built it
as a reservoir... 1,600 years ago.
My daily exercise.
At eleven in the morning
and three in the afternoon.
Tie her up, will you?
Mind your head now.
Underneath the Russian Consulate.
A present from your navy.
Our friends were evicted while the Public
Works Ministry conducted a survey.
The story was that
the traffic shook the foundations.
By the time the place was declared safe,
I had this installed.
I can see everything
M said about you is right.
Know why I stay in this mad business?
It could be that you find
selling rugs a bore.
My friend, you should be a mind-reader.
Head of the table is General Vassili.
Director of Military Intelligence.
On his left, Koslovski. Chief of Security.
Opposite him, Benz. One of his agents.
I can't see the face of the other man.
The one the general is shouting at.
He's giving him a hell of a blowing up.
It's too bad
we can't hear as well as see.
Tell me, does our girl Romanova
ever come to this room?
Sometimes, with messages.
I can see the face of the other man now.
So he's back.
Another Bulgarian they use as a killer.
Just the man for the limpet mine job.
I've had trouble with him before.
But he's stayed out of Istanbul
for over a year now.
Take a look. You should remember him.
This man kills for pleasure.
Nice face.
Just a moment. A girl's just come in.
Probably Romanova.
She's the only one who's allowed to.
How does she look to you?
Well, from this angle...
...things are shaping up nicely.
I'd like to see her in the flesh.
- Could you get me a plan of that place?
- I wish I could.
The original drawing
must be registered somewhere.
I'll get onto that.
Now, I need a little time
to deal with this stinking Krilencu.
It will be better if you didn't stay
at the hotel tonight. Come!
I see now why you keep the Rolls.
One of my sons is driving it.
With two dummies in the back.
In the opposite direction.
They'll follow it for hours.
You'll like my Gypsy friends.
I use them like
the Russians use the Bulgars.
It's created a blood feud between them.
Hello, Krilencu?
We've come on the wrong night.
Two girls who love the same man
want to kill each other.
It must be settled the Gypsy way.
As I'm a family friend,
we'll be allowed to stay.
We're bidden to table.
I hope you can eat with your fingers.
Kerim Bey!
Raki! Filthy stuff!
Tell our host
his hospitality overwhelms me.
Thank you, thank you!
No matter what happens now,
say and do nothing.
He's asking whether they will cease
their blood feud and give up this fight.
The tribe elders will decide
who will marry the chief's son.
- She's saying...
Thank you!
- Did you get Krilencu?
- No.
Just a minute. Here! Thank you.
You fought well.
I am nothing but a clumsy old man.
They're making one
of the wounded Bulgars talk.
It was me they were after.
Why would they want me out of the way?
Tomorrow we will have to find
Krilencu's hide-out.
Meantime, I'll take care of this filthy stuff.
Vavra thanks you for saving his life.
You are now his son.
Thank you. I'd like to ask him a favour.
Could he stop the girl fight?
He says your heart is too soft
to be a real Gypsy.
But he lets you decide the matter.
As if I didn't have enough problems.
Vavra said for you to decide.
So decide! They're both yours!
This might take some time.
Did you pick up that package at the hotel?
It's on the seat.
Thank you.
Twice that Krilencu has tried to kill me.
The third time he will succeed.
Unless I get him first.
- And that I'll do tonight.
- Not with that arm you won't.
You'd better leave it to me.
I'm already too much in your debt.
How can a friend be in debt?
Infrared lens.
My sons.
They will ring his doorbell.
He has a private escape hatch.
Try this for size.
- Do you notice anything?
- Not yet.
She has a lovely mouth, that Anita.
Yes. I see what you mean.
Arm or no arm, I have to pull that trigger.
If you think you can.
You've got one shot, remember.
It'll have to do.
Quick, he's coming.
That pays many debts.
She should have kept her mouth shut.
Breakfast for one at nine please.
Green figs, yogurt, coffee, very black.
Thank you.
You look surprised.
I thought you were expecting me.
So you are Tatiana Romanova?
My friends call me Tania.
Mine call me James Bond.
Well, now that we've been
properly introduced...
Careful! Guns upset me.
I'm sorry. I'm a bit upset myself.
You look just like your... your photograph.
You're one of the most
beautiful girls I've seen.
Thank you, but I think
my mouth is too big.
No, it's the right size.
For me, that is.
Is it here?
The decoding machine, Lektor.
Must we talk about it now?
Or is it at the Russian Consulate?
Yes... I would need a plan of the place.
If you could get one, we could meet
at the Saint Sophia mosque.
- Like we were tourists.
- Why don't you ask me that
Now what are you looking for?
The scar.
You see, I know all about you...
...from your file.
You do? Well, I hope
you're not... disappointed.
I will tell you... the morning.
We are now approaching the most
interesting corner of Saint Sophia.
Including these two great... porphyry columns,
stolen and brought from Egypt.
In front of them...
...alabaster urn
was brought from Bergama...
...a famous historical city near Smyrna.
Dates back
from the Alexander the Great period.
About 1648, Sultan Murad IV...
...brought it from Bergama.
It was used as an ablution fountain.
It contains a thousand litres of water.
Right after the ablution fountain...
...we are going to a highly
interesting column over there...
...known for centuries
as the Saint Sophia...
...wishing column.
Tens of thousands...
...of people have wished here...
...putting their right hand...
...and middle finger in the hole...
I promise you,
it wasn't one of my men who killed him.
He didn't die of old age.
All I know is that it saved me the job.
Once he'd seen the girl, she was
obviously compromised, and so...
And he wasn't killed because of that.
Let's just say that Istanbul's a rough town.
Let's see how Tania's map
compares with your architect's plans.
This is the conference room
of the Russian Consulate.
Yes, that checks.
And this here is the communication room.
That's the same.
She says she works there with the Lektor
between two and three.
How is she gonna get the machine to us?
She's leaving that to me.
She'll do anything I say.
Anything! My dear James...
You're not using this.
It all sounds too easy. We don't
even know if she's telling the truth.
- Well, I intend to find out.
- Where? In the hotel?
She won't go there again.
Says it's too dangerous.
The old game.
Give a wolf a taste, then keep him hungry.
My friend, she's got you dangling.
That doesn't matter.
- All I want is that Lektor.
- All?
Are you sure that's all you want?
Lovely view.
James, we must leave here now.
If that agent reports my meeting you...
- Don't worry. He won't.
- But you don't understand the danger!
James, look up!
Another one. Further back.
About the machine...
That's all you are interested in. Not me.
Business first.
I know, once you have got
what you want...
I haven't got it yet.
But if you tell me about the machine...
...we won't always be
working on the company's time.
All right. What do you want to know?
Talk into this.
Answer my questions quietly, but clearly.
How large is the machine?
Like... like a typewriter.
About ten kilos. Ina brown case.
Brown like your eyes.
Keep it technical.
Self-calibrating or manual?
Both, with an in-built compensator.
- Couldn't we...
- Not now.
Talk into the camera.
- How many keys?
- Symbol or code keys?
There are 24 symbols, 16 code keys.
It is inserted in a slot and the message
comes out in a paper roll...
...from another slot on the other side.
The mechanism is...
Oh, James, James, will you make love
to me all the time in England?
Day and night.
Go on about the mechanism.
Oh, yes, the mechanism.
Once, when it was being repaired,
I saw the insides.
There were many perforated discs,
made, I think, of copper...
...with a small light...
Dushka, tell me the truth.
Am I as exciting
as all those Western girls?
Once, when I was with M in Tokyo,
we had an interesting experience.
Thank you, Miss Moneypenny.
Later, later.
Those copper discs and the light...
Oh, the light, the light.
James, come closer.
I want to whisper something.
Go on.
No, not that, the mechanism!
Miss Moneypenny,
as you're no doubt listening...
...perhaps you'd take this cable?
Text reads:
"Merchandise appears genuine, stop.
Go ahead with deal. Signed, M."
Now all I have to do
is to tell the girl the date.
- The 13th?
- The 14th.
- Tam.
- Thank you.
Visa, please.
Your clock, is it correct?
- Always.
- Of course.
Excuse me!
You did say your clock was correct?
Russian clocks are always...
- Is this the Lektor?
- Yes.
Take this. It's only tear gas.
I thought it was for tomorrow,
but today is the 13th.
This is a hell of a time to be superstitious.
Come on.
Come on, quickly.
Keep your head down.
Back inside.
This way, quickly!
Quickly, quickly!
- What's the matter?
- Benz. The Russian security man.
Come on, never mind.
Here's one of them.
And there's the other one.
Your passports.
The pictures do not do you justice.
I have rarely seen a handsomer couple.
Mr. and Mrs. David Somerset.
Your name's Caroline.
Caroline! I like that name.
We've been on a business trip.
On the way back to Derbyshire.
- To our children?
- No children.
- Not even one little boy?
- Nyet.
I like big families.
My whole life has been
a crusade for larger families.
So I heard.
- Tania!
- Yes?
Lock the door. I'll knock three times.
- I'll go see the conductor.
- Will he cooperate?
We've done business before.
He'll stop the train near the frontier,
where my sons will be waiting with a car.
We'll be there... about six o'clock.
- And the airstrip?
- 20 miles.
The plane is chartered to Athens.
You'll be in London tomorrow.
We'll drink to that in London.
We are really on our way to England.
Yes. With a lovely
two-day honeymoon before us.
Honeymoon? And I've nothing to wear!
- Your trousseau.
- Oh, James!
One moment.
Oh, no!
James! James!
Oh, look! Look!
I will wear this one... in Piccadilly.
You won't.
They've just passed some new laws there.
- You're nearest.
- Oh, all right.
Let's go to the restaurant car
for... that drink.
We'll continue the fashion show later.
It's all arranged for me to stop the train.
We'll get off at the restaurant car.
At that end.
Fine. We'll meet you there at six.
Make it a little later.
There are slight complications.
One of the Russian security men - Benz.
He watches the stations. He's on the train.
But he couldn't have contacted
the consulate.
Just in case, I'll keep him company
until it's time to get off.
Perhaps you'd like me to introduce you.
Ticket control.
Do not be alarmed, my friend. We will
make you as comfortable as possible.
Now I'm sure Commissar Benz
will have a much safer journey.
I'm not mad about his tailor, are you?
James, life in Istanbul will
never be the same without you.
See you in the restaurant car.
I've had a particularly fascinating life.
Would you like to hear about it?
You would?
- You like it?
- Yes. It does rather suit you.
I will save everything else for England.
It is four o'clock, you know.
This is not kulturny in the afternoon?
Even on a honeymoon?
Then I will... take it off.
I think we're talking
at cross purposes again.
We'd better get dressed now.
- Why?
- It's almost six.
Well, it's... it's teatime!
We'll have it in here.
- We'll have all our meals here.
- Yes, that would be splendid.
But I've arranged to meet Kerim
in the restaurant car.
You go alone. I will stay here.
My dear Mrs. Somerset, we're supposed
to be a respectable English couple.
They would certainly have tea
in the restaurant.
Now, listen...
Just do as I say, will you?
Yes, James.
But there are some English customs
- that are going to be changed.
- But of course, darling.
Do I look right, Mr. Somerset?
Mrs. Somerset.
Mr. Somerset!
- You're the friend of Kerim Bey?
- Yes.
There's been a terrible accident.
Please come with me.
- No tea?
- Later. Keep the door locked.
They killed each other.
This must be kept quiet
until we reach Trieste.
It will be difficult.
I'm sure.
Kerim Bey was a very important man.
With many influential friends.
I'm sure they also will reward you.
I will try.
What is it?
- Kerim's dead.
- Dead?
I want the truth.
- James, you are hurting me!
- I'll do worse if you don't tell me!
You're doing this under orders, I know.
What are they?
- I don't know what you mean.
- Liar!
Even if you kill me, I can say nothing.
I did not know anything
like Kerim's death would happen.
But, when we get to England, I tell you.
Go on.
Maybe they didn't let you in on all of it,
but, whatever you do know, tell me.
- I know I love you, James. I love you.
- Just tell me.
I love you, I love you, it's true.
Beograd! Beograd!
Excuse me!
- Can I borrow a match?
- I use a lighter.
- Better still.
- Until they go wrong.
My brother telephoned me.
Why did the train not stop?
Well, I... I have some bad news.
Your father's dead.
Who did it? Tell me.
He took care of that himself.
The other man died first.
Now, listen...
I'll need help to get across the frontier
strip between Yugoslavia and Trieste.
I want you to send
a message to M in London.
Tell him to send someone
from Station Y to meet me in Zagreb.
I will.
You'll... I think you'll want these.
- Mr. Somerset, le train part.
- Thank you.
- Ciao.
- The train is leaving!
- Nash, Captain Nash.
- Bond, travelling as Somerset.
My card.
What kept you?
I'm so sorry,
I only got M's wire an hour ago.
I busted every record getting here.
What were M's orders?
Only to contact you
and the lady on the train.
Good. Come this way.
Thank you.
This is my wife Caroline. Captain Nash.
How do you do? So pleased to meet you.
This way, Nash.
- Sit down.
- Thank you.
- Been long in Yugoslavia?
- About three years.
- Interesting work?
- Yes. Sometimes.
You know how it is, old man.
You look very fit, Nash.
Yes. I try to keep in shape.
So what's our problem, sir?
I can't risk taking this
through the customs... the Yugoslav-Trieste border.
No stops till then. We'll have to jump off.
Can you get us across?
Any of the opposition around?
Not in any condition to worry about.
Good. We'll make it.
I know this territory
like the back of my hand.
Do you mind if we have a bite to eat?
I've been on the go since breakfast.
Of course not.
We'll go to the restaurant car.
Go with Nash to the restaurant car.
I'll join you there in a few minutes.
Whatever you say, old man.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
There you are, old man.
I was worried
something had happened to you.
- Voil, monsieur.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
I'll have the grilled sole.
And for madam. What about you, Nash?
Yes, that sounds very nice.
Make that three of those, will you?
- Oui, monsieur.
- And a bottle of the blanc de blancs.
- Make mine chianti.
- White chianti, monsieur?
No, the red kind.
Well, enjoy your dinner, old man. I think
I've got the answer to our problems.
- Very simple, really.
- Good.
We should reach the border
in about an hour.
...terribly sorry, Mrs. Somerset.
That was clumsy of me.
- Waiter!
- Monsieur!
Tout de suite, monsieur!
Excuse me. Merci.
You'll... you'll find Trieste
quite interesting.
Of course, it's not London.
I don't feel very well.
My head...
The lady's come over faint.
- Bring her in here.
- May I?
- Let's go next door.
- Exhaustion, I'd say.
What was it,
the stuff you put in her drink?
Chloral hydrate. Quick, but mild.
- And?
- Take it easy, 007.
My escape route's only for one.
What are you after?
The girl or the Lektor?
All right.
What is your plan?
- Explain it better on a map. All right?
- Sure.
Now, we're here, you see?
When we reach there, there's a steep
gradient, the train slows down there.
We'll block the line, make for
that main road, pick up a car... there.
A truck, in fact.
That must be about 20 miles from here...
Keep still.
All right, now get up on your knees.
Put your hands in your pockets.
Keep them there.
Red wine with fish.
That should have told me something.
You may know the right wines...
...but you're the one on your knees.
How does it feel, old man?
Old man? Is that what you chaps
in SMERSH call each other?
Of course. SPECTRE.
Then it wasn't a Russian show at all.
You've been playing us off
against each other, haven't you?
Then it was SPECTRE who killed
the Russian agent in the mosque.
Kerim and the other man?
And Nash?
I don't mind talking.
I get a kick out of watching
the great James Bond...
...find out what a bloody fool
he's been making of himself.
We're pros, Mr. Bond.
We sweated your recognition code
out of one of your men in Tokyo...
...before he died.
I've been keeping tabs on you.
I've been your guardian angel.
Saved your life at the Gypsy camp.
Oh, yes.
I'm much obliged.
We were keeping you alive
until you could get us the Lektor.
So you had me deliver it on a plate.
That's brilliant.
Go on. I'm fascinated.
Now that we've got it,
you and the girl are expendable.
Between here and Trieste.
Isn't she working for SPECTRE, too?
She thinks she's doing it all
for Mother Russia.
She takes her orders
from Colonel Klebb.
Rosa Klebb's Russian.
Head of operations for SMERSH.
Klebb works for SPECTRE now.
The girl doesn't know that.
Well, why kill her?
That's only half of it, old man.
Here's a roll of film.
She'll have this in her handbag.
And on you... they'll find this letter.
It's from her,
threatening to give the film to the press...
...unless you marry her
for helping you get the Lektor.
What film?
Taken in the bridal suite at your hotel.
Something else the girl didn't know about.
Or you.
You must be a pretty sick collection
of minds to dream up a plan like that.
Can't you see the headlines?
"British agent murders beautiful
Russian spy, then commits suicide."
Tell me, which lunatic asylum
did they get you out of?
Don't make it tougher on yourself!
My orders are to kill you
and deliver the Lektor.
How I do it is my business.
It'll be slow and painful.
How much are they paying you?
What's it to you?
We'll double it.
Your word of honour?
As an English gentleman?
The first one won't kill you.
Not the second.
Not even the third.
Not till you crawl over here
and you kiss my foot.
How about a cigarette?
Not a chance.
I'll pay for it.
What with?
- Where are they?
- Up there, in my case.
You show me.
Here you are. What about that cigarette?
Throw 'em down there.
Any more in the other case?
I should imagine so. It's standard kit.
I'll have a look.
Hands back in your pockets!
Keep them there.
You won't be needing this...
...old man.
Tania! Wake up!
Wake up, or I'll leave you behind.
...wake up or I'll leave you behind,
do you hear me?
Don't leave me. Never leave me.
Tania! This is Nash's escape route.
You understand?
We've got to get off here. Take this.
Come on.
We must get
to the other side of the train.
Under here.
Grant! Where are you?
Excuse me.
Now don't run away.
Come on!
- Come on, or I'll leave you here!
- Stay here with me.
Sleep it off in there.
You'll feel better in the morning.
Come on, wake up.
Try and straddle the truck.
I'll get them away from here.
You hide under the truck.
I'd say one of their aircraft is missing.
- Here, take this, and cast the rope off.
- All right.
Where's the key?
- Where's the key?!
- In my coat. In the pocket.
All right, get out. Move.
In the boat.
Do you swim?
Here, take the wheel. This way, please.
Mind the step.
Just isn't your day, is it?
- Where are we going?
- Venice.
Take a look at that locker, will you?
pistol, some flares.
Give me those charts.
Yes, we're here. Near Istria.
There's plenty of fuel. With a bit of luck
we'll be there by morning.
Three man were found dead on the train
at Trieste. One of them was Grant.
What have you to say, Number Five?
He was Klebb's choice.
Her people failed.
It was your plan!
They followed it implicitly!
Impossible. It was perfect.
Except for one thing.
They were dealing with Bond.
Who is Bond...
...compared with Kronsteen?
Exactly. What have you to say to that,
Number Three?
Bond is still alive and the Lektor
is not yet in our possession.
I have already negotiated
with the Russians to return it to them.
We've agreed a price. And SPECTRE
always delivers what it promises.
Our whole organisation depends
on our keeping those promises.
I warned you.
We do not tolerate failure, Number Three.
You know the penalty.
Yes, Number One.
Our rules are very simple. lf you fail...
...12 seconds. One day we must
invent a faster-working venom.
Number Three!
I do not wish to tell the Russians
there will be another delay.
There will be no delay, Number One.
Which way are we going?
The shortest route,
which is between those two mountains
and straight along the coast.
Ahoy, Mr. Bond!
Heave to, heave to!
You're trapped, Mr. Bond.
You cannot escape!
Rifle grenade, prepare to fire.
We're coming through!
Pull over, SPECTRE Green.
Get out of the way!
Give them a warning shot.
Rifle grenade, fire!
Forward machine gun, fire!
You're firing too close.
you're firing too close.
You're trying to stop them,
not to sink them!
Here, take the wheel.
Slow down.
Slow down. Slow down all boats.
Green, go alongside
while we keep you covered.
- Hands up, Mr. Bond!
- Why give up?
- Without the drums, we can go faster...
- Hand me the flare pistol.
Keep your hands up, Mr. Bond.
We're sending a boat to take you off.
There's a saying in England.
Where there's smoke, there's fire.
Green, change your course! Go astern!
Change course!
All boats, throw out your ammunition!
Get rid of it! Quick!
Get rid of it!
Jump! Jump!
Don't go away.
Thanks. Tell him to wait, will you?
And send up a porter.
- Permesso, signore.
- S, prego.
And also get me the British Consul.
Thank you.
Yes? Mr. Maxwell, please.
- James Bond.
- James, we will miss the plane. We will...
Hello, Paul. Bond here.
I want to thank you.
Tell the office we're on our way.
What was that?
Here, leave that! I'll take it.
Should be routine from here on in.
Not so many times...
What was that you were saying?
Hello, hello?
James, are you still there? Hello!
Romanova,... the door!
Take this.
Horrible woman.
Yes. She's had her kicks.
Here you are.
In case you ever need it again.
Oh, yes. All government property
has to be accounted for.
But as I said before, we won't always
work on the company's time, will we?
James, behave yourself.
We are being filmed.
Oh, not again.
He was right, you know.
- What is it?
- I'll show you.