From the Ashes (2024) Movie Script

Good morning.
Good morning.
Saudi Arabia wins Security Council
non-permanent membership,
which will be a two-year membership
as of next year.
Then Saudi Arabia has declared
Some scholars say that a woman
must fully cover up her arms,
while some say only to the wrist,
and some say till half of the forearm.
90% of our problems
are not simply preordained,
but are due to our shortcomings.
Good morning, beautiful.
At least return the greeting.
Don't be late like last time.
-Good morning, Mr. Atiq.
-Good morning.
Cover up. Cover up, girl.
May God guide you all.
Class of the month
is senior class, science division C.
Well done.
An ideal student
of perfect manners and high grades.
She stands out among her peers.
And above all, she respects her teachers.
Every mother would wish
for a daughter like this student.
The student of the month
is Amira Saeed.
She gets that every month.
As if she's the only student.
There goes the nerd.
The morning inspection.
Would you look at that!
Do you think I can't see you?
Spit out that gum.
Yes, you, Mashael.
Or do I have to call you out by name?
-Cigarettes, huh?
-Your hands.
Stand there.
Would you look at that!
Step out of the line.
Stand with the violators.
What's all this make up?
Step out of the line.
Stand with the violators.
Show your hands as soon as I reach you.
Show me your nails.
I said show me your nails!
Well, well, well, when is the wedding?
This is for my cousin's wedding, Ma'am.
Is this a school or your cousin's wedding?
Remove the nail polish.
Don't get up in my hair.
Why? Is she shampoo?
Girl! There isn't anything funny!
To the vice principal's office.
-It was funny.
You won't rest
until you sign a pledge, huh?
And you, don't laugh,
or you'll sign a pledge too.
Where did you hide the gum today?
In my sock.
To the vice principal's office.
Listen to me, Heba.
First, stand up straight.
Second, this attitude of yours
won't benefit you,
nor will it make you stand out.
Focus on yourself
and your classes, or else.
This is the last time
I pull you out of the line.
Do you understand?
Yes, Ma'am.
And you, give me your gum. Now.
Go to your classes.
Hurry up!
All right, girls, before I go,
I want to congratulate Amira once again.
Speaking of, I've arranged
for another Student Speech contest.
Hand me your written speeches
by first period tomorrow.
The winner's name will be added
to the honors board, all right?
Who wants to participate?
Excellent. As I said,
hand me your speeches by tomorrow, okay?
Bless you.
Why bother if we know the outcome?
What do you mean, Heba?
We all know that you'll choose Amira.
If I do, it's because
she's exceptional and hardworking.
I have no issue with any of you, Heba.
You're all equal in my eyes.
I promise, if you write a suitable speech,
I'll choose you.
But apply yourself.
Okay. Bless you.
I'm too busy.
What's that?
I'll be the first to hand it in tomorrow.
I hope so.
Hey, Afaf.
I swear I can hear you.
Look what I got you. It's brand new.
Would you look at that.
Any herbs from Sudan or North Africa
you haven't shared yet?
No. This isn't like the ones
I got you before.
This is from Al Qadarif.
I want you to have a baby
that makes you happy.
Yes, a new thing from a new city.
This time, it's from Al Qadarif,
and last time, where was it from? Atba.
Atbara. It's called Atbara.
May God spoil the heads of your haters.
Look, Mahasin, all the girls
in this school are my children.
As for pregnancy,
God has finally blessed me.
Wonderful! You're pregnant?
Since when? Why didn't you tell me?
I only knew yesterday.
May God fulfill your wishes
and bless you with happiness.
Keep it down!
I'm happy.
Be happy elsewhere, not here.
Why is it rejected?
Afaf, I'm short on teachers.
And there's no such thing
as "pregnancy leave."
It's called "maternity leave."
You'll get it right before you give birth.
Ms. Hayat, we were going
to our hometown tomorrow.
I know how stressed you are.
It's your first pregnancy.
But if you have a medical issue,
get me a report,
and I'll approve your leave.
-Ms. Mahasin.
-How did Rana do in your exam?
-Let me check.
God bless Rana.
She's always one of the top students.
DATE: 10/1/1434 HIJRI
Next class, each of you
needs to bring her shroud.
Because we'll learn
how to shroud the deceased.
How depressing.
For your information, Ms. Mashael,
you were wrapped in cloth
when you were born,
and when you die,
they'll wrap you in cloth too.
The cloth that covers us up
and guards our modesty.
That's why God ordered women
to be covered and wear the hijab.
Really? Do men get covered in silk?
They're not like us, I suppose.
There's no comparison.
Women tempt men.
Wasn't Potiphar's wife tempted by Joseph?
Would you like to give the class
instead of me, Ms. Heba?
You said it yourself.
Joseph, peace be upon him.
A divine messenger
can't be compared to humans.
Stop being uncouth
and respect the curriculum.
And religion.
Pass these around.
Ms. Huda is absent today.
The period after recess
will be for activities.
Prepare yourselves
to tidy up the storeroom.
Until you all learn not to argue with me.
But we haven't done anything.
One person's mischief affects all, Amira.
"But we haven't done anything."
What a pain!
Tell Ms. Hayat what happened.
For no reason,
Mona pulled her eyes like this
and said, "Do you see the world like us?"
And the girls mocked me.
Ms. Seham, take her to your office
to write a complaint.
I complain about them every day
and nothing happens!
What do you want me to do?
It's normal for your classmates
to joke with you. Come up with a comeback.
Okay, Jameela, wait for me in my office.
They have gone too far.
This may open the door
to things we'd rather avoid.
It'll resolve by itself.
It's dangerous
to allow this bullying to continue.
-You see how the girls are.
Life is full of problems.
If a girl can't handle her classmates,
how will she handle life?
Let her write a complaint and toughen up.
Please, I'll get you the money
in the morning.
Didn't we say that credit isn't allowed?
If you have money, pay.
If you don't have any
then don't hold up the line. Move along.
I didn't see you.
-Are you kidding?
Listen, never mind her.
-As for the sandwich, I'll give you one.
-It's not about the sandwich, Rana.
-What did you accomplish?
Get out of here
before I have you for breakfast.
That's enough, Heba.
You too, come with me.
Aren't you okay? Then it doesn't matter.
If only she wasn't friends
with the principal's daughter.
Oh well.
Eat up.
Why did you report Mona?
-No one reports my teddy bear.
-I'm not a bear.
Only I can call you a bear.
-You don't.
Principal Hayat,
could you listen to this issue?
I have an important appointment
at the court.
Don't come running to me
with every problem. Fix it.
Make them write pledges.
Sweetheart, ask your father
to complain about them.
Maybe they'll be expelled,
and we can get this over with.
Even I am sick of them.
No, I can't bother my father
with such problems.
I don't want to harm them.
I just want them to leave me alone.
Okay, I'll make them write pledges.
You may go.
Poor girl. I really feel for her.
All the girls are bullying her.
The only poor girl here is me.
She goes to handle her court issues
and leaves me in charge.
To be honest,
the principal's role suits you.
Finally, we'll get new books
to replace the filthy ones we have.
As if that makes a difference to her.
Hey, keep it to yourself,
or I'll smack you in the face
with Arab History.
What a pain.
-Hey, where to?
I'll call Saad from Mom's phone.
I don't want anyone to notice.
Don't let me get caught.
Look at you being all romantic.
Hello, Saad.
How are you?
Would you look at that!
I thought I wouldn't recognize
the storeroom after you'd tidied it.
What's this?
No, Miss. We really were tidying up.
Yes, I can see how the storeroom
was tidier before you all came.
Back to class.
I can't rely on you.
Mona, leave the books.
Come on.
Back to class.
I swear I'll make you both write pledges.
Move it!
Okay, bye. I'll talk to you later.
Where is
Come in, girl.
The money.
He's taken.
-Look at this one. He's very cute.
-Marzouka, I don't like any of them.
Those are the only ones.
Look, the rest are all taken.
-I don't like any of them.
-Look at this one.
-He's handsome.
Look at this one!
-This one is handsome.
Marzouka, he's not.
I like none of them. I don't want this.
My money.
You think looking is free?
-No, honey.
-I liked none of them. I want my money.
Next week I'll have a fabulous batch.
My money.
Not going to happen. Back to your class.
Hey, girl!
Wait up. Why are you in a hurry?
I forgot to tell you.
Dad's getting discharged today.
Really? Praise God for his recovery.
-Bless you.
-How's Uncle Saeed doing?
He hasn't fully recovered yet,
but at least he'll be back home.
Thank God. The main thing is
he's back and doing well.
Did Fawzeiya's boy attend the hearing?
He keeps postponing them, Mom.
But the court got the receipts
proving I support my daughter.
Let's see how he'll deny it.
Fortunately, you're employed.
You'll win the case.
He filed a new suit against me.
For child custody.
What? He can't take her.
Ranno, my sweetheart.
Ms. Mahasin showed me your grades today.
You would've done better
if you'd studied harder.
But Mom, I got 13.5 out of 15.
That's very good.
What do you mean "very good"?
That's in the past. We want excellence.
You're the principal's daughter,
so you must be a top student,
not just "very good."
The girl has been studying all night.
What more do you want from her?
Please, Mom. Let me raise her.
Sorry, Grandma.
Anyway, the year is only beginning,
and we can improve.
Make me proud.
I knew you'd be here.
You're all grown up
and making chestnuts now, huh?
-God bless.
I'll also make you Ma'dous, Saleeg,
and Molokheya.
No, spare us the kitchen mess
and stick to painting with your father.
I knew you'd say that.
I'm supposed to be the best chef.
May God grant you happiness
and success, my child.
And good news, her grades are out.
Straight A's. God bless.
God bless you. Congratulations. Well done.
Come on, Saeed, you must rest.
You shouldn't be in the studio daily.
Yes, Dad. You must rest.
Not before I finish your friend's gift.
It's almost done.
Her birthday is in two weeks.
We have time.
Still, if I finish it early,
you'll have a chance to edit it.
Since Rana gave her a gift,
she's been counting the days
to give her this gift.
-Aren't gifts a declaration of love?
-I'm with her on this one.
I'm sure you're happy.
You just love misery.
Yes, Dad. You must rest.
You just got out of the hospital.
Yeah. Listen, dear. Passion never dies
even after one passes away.
And those who live without passion
live a soulless existence.
Is this Ms. Wedad's class speech?
-Why did you postpone it until now?
No, Mom. I've been working on it all day,
not just now.
I just wanted to write a final version,
you know, for--
Has he called you before?
Don't answer his calls.
Until when, Mom?
Until he realizes going to court
won't beat my resolve
and he becomes a real father
to his daughter
and doesn't call her
to turn her against her mother.
Call him only when I tell you to.
"Penitence," not "penance."
I have a hearing tomorrow.
I won't be able to be at school.
I hope Ms. Wedad selects your speech.
Then your name will be added
to the honors board,
like your friend, Amira.
Make me proud.
Yes, hopefully, Mom.
Don't be late like last time.
-Good morning, Mr. Atiq.
-Good morning.
Bring breakfast right before recess.
It was cold last time.
I will. I promise.
God bless you.
Who's there?
Wait, I'm in here! Wait!
There's a fire, girls! Evacuate!
There's a fire! Evacuate!
Quickly, girls!
Hurry up, girls!
I need formal permission
to evacuate the school immediately.
There's a fire.
I won't be responsible for these girls.
Vice Principal Seham
from Secondary School 2300.
I need the permission right now.
The defendant Hamad Saif
has postponed the case.
Seriously? Again?
I've been going back and forth
for months to no avail.
Please keep it down.
If you have a problem,
talk to your attorney.
What did you say, Seham?
What are you waiting for?
Make the doorman open the gate
and get them out!
But Rana! Where's Rana?
Get out of the way, all of you!
Open the door, Atiq!
-Get out, quickly!
-Hurry up!
Quickly! There's a fire! Quickly!
-Hurry up!
Go downstairs quickly!
Hurry up!
Get out, quickly!
Quickly, girl! Where's Mashael?
Heba, why are you standing here?
Get out, quickly!
Why aren't you moving? Go downstairs!
Marzouka, take them downstairs.
I'll follow you.
All right.
Come on, girls! Hurry up! Go downstairs!
Come on, girl!
Open the door!
Atiq, I spoke to the principal.
Atiq, shame on you! Open the door!
Quickly, girls!
Ms. Afaf.
Please, help me. I can't stand up.
Ms. Afaf.
Ms. Afaf.
Ms. Afaf.
My leg!
My leg!
Rana! Come down here!
Come down!
Go upstairs!
Open the door!
Can anyone hear me?
Open the door! Don't leave me here!
Rana! Heba!
Help me!
I'm going to die.
Rana, why aren't you downstairs
with the girls?
There is no power nor strength
except with Allah.
Hurry up!
-Where to?
-What do you want?
-There are women in there.
-People are dying.
-You have no right to open this door.
-Move away.
-Women cannot go outside.
-Who do you think I am?
Are you insane? People are dying in there.
-God damn you!
-Girls, move away from the door.
Move away from the door!
The roof. Go upstairs to the roof.
To the roof! Quickly!
To the roof, all of you!
How can I go with them?
Zohour, don't worry.
We'll all go upstairs, okay?
-Don't worry.
-I don't want to be a burden.
-Leave me here.
-Don't say that.
You're not a burden on anyone, okay?
-You're not a burden--
-Ms. Afaf, the roof is locked.
Okay. Go to the top floor, then.
I'll follow you there. Girls!
Where are the rest of the girls? Girls!
Come help your classmates.
Get to the roof,
and I'll follow you there.
Even if the door is locked.
Don't come down.
Don't you leave any girl behind!
Have mercy, dear Lord!
Mashael, where's your mother?
Is she inside the school
or is she outside?
Take this. Cover up, my child.
Oh God!
Oh God!
Heba! Where's Rana?
Seham, where is Rana?
Mona, where's Rana?
I don't know.
Marzouka, thank God you're safe.
Marzouka, where's Rana?
-Are there still girls inside?
-Calm down. We're doing what we can.
Wait there, Ma'am. Please.
The roof.
Yes. Apart from the injured,
there's one confirmed death.
They found her locked up in the storeroom.
This may be arson.
Ms. Afaf!
I informed the authorities
I was supposed to inform.
I called the principal,
but the gate was locked by the doorman.
When the vice principal informed you
of the fire, what measures did take?
Ms. Seham called me
after she had already followed procedure.
She called the education authority
and the fire brigade.
Where was Amira at the time of the fire?
I don't know. I didn't see her.
I was in the toilet.
So you didn't notice Amira's absence?
Honestly, I wasn't paying attention
to anyone.
All I can remember is that I was running.
What do you remember the most
about the fire?
I remember standing outside
and seeing the girls pierced
by shards of glass.
-Who keeps the key to the storeroom?
-It's kept in the teachers' room.
Not with anyone in particular.
-And any student could take it anytime?
How come Amira had the key?
I gave it to her.
Because she had lost her mathematics book,
so I sent her to get another one.
Who rescued you during the fire?
Ms. Afaf, may she rest in peace,
came and kept saying,
"Get out, girls. Move it."
Until God gave us enough strength
and we managed to escape,
but not all of us.
So you heard the alarm from the classroom?
She answered you already.
Why are you asking again?
Please let me do my job.
Tell me, kid.
Were you in the classroom?
Yes, we were.
How did your hand get burned, Rana?
I was trying to go down the stairs,
then I saw Auntie Marzouka
holding one of the girls,
trying to get through the hellish fire.
I tried to go with her,
but a banner fell between us
and burned my hand.
About 40 people, students and teachers,
testified that you weren't at the gate
at the time of the fire.
The teachers sent me
to get them breakfast.
Had I known this would happen,
I wouldn't have moved an inch.
Why did you stop the NCO
from rescuing the girls?
There were women inside.
Besides, he had no permission.
The doorman left the women to the fire.
Thank God for your recovery, Marzouka.
Bless you, Ms. Hayat.
They say you visited everyone.
God bless you.
You're my family,
and the girls are all my daughters.
People don't realize that.
You're the best principal we've ever had.
You do a good job.
God bless you.
You can't imagine my heartache
for Amira and Afaf.
Rest their souls.
You didn't see how Ms. Afaf
spared no effort
to get the girls to safety.
And Amira, my sweet Amira.
My heart aches for her.
But I am sure, Ms. Hayat,
that you'll find out who locked her in.
-God will lead you.
-No one knows who did.
Someone knows.
God bless you.
My condolences.
Umm Amira.
My condolences.
You were responsible for my daughter.
How could you lose her?
I understand what you're going through.
May God console you.
My daughter was fine
when she left my house.
She went to your school,
under your responsibility.
They set her on fire
and buried her in the storeroom.
Where were you?
Answer me, who locked her in?
Who burned her
and burned my heart with her?
Who killed her?
Your answer is my consolation.
Answer! Say something!
Why are you silent?
Answer me!
I'm putting you in God's hands!
Oh, Amira, my girl.
I can't believe that Amira's dead.
It's a path we all end up taking, sweetie.
Death is inevitable.
Listen, stay here with me.
Don't go to school.
We'll keep each other company.
It is what it is, sweetheart.
We can't change fate.
It's been over two weeks since the fire.
We have to come to school at night
to finish our curriculum
while restorations continue by day.
the fire took from us a great educator
and an ideal student.
May they rest in peace.
It also tarnished the school's reputation.
That's why I've decided that no student
may leave class without her teacher.
And no teacher may send a student
on any errand.
From this day onward,
there will be no leniency
for any violation.
All the school doors are open.
Whoever wants to learn is welcome.
Anyone who doesn't like this can leave.
Open your bags. I need to inspect them.
Hand over any prohibited items you have.
Principal Hayat.
Listen, Seham.
I've decided to conduct
an internal investigation
to find out how this disaster happened.
What could we do more than the police?
Seham, the police don't know
the nature of the relationships
among our girls like we do.
We should complete their work
and be a role model
to all departments and schools.
Cigarettes? You're a smoker?
Step aside.
Get me the files
of all students with violations now.
It's on a flash memory
because all the files were burned.
Excellent. Bring it to me.
God help me.
-What do you have on you?
-My phone.
We agreed only one of us
brings it each day.
-It just happened.
-Hide it, quickly.
-Stop. We'll get caught.
-Don't you want to quit?
Step aside.
This is Mona's phone. I searched it
and found disturbing messages.
I printed the texts.
These are the girls' files.
I'm sure our investigation
will uncover how Amira got locked in
and who started the fire.
Bring in the girls.
Are these files for students or mobsters?
In my opinion, you three are suspects.
You lured Amira into the storeroom
and took a photo.
Perhaps you locked her in
and started the fire.
What are you saying, Ma'am?
I can't stand you in particular.
Stand there and let me finish.
You had this conversation
on your phones, correct?
It's clear that you planned your crime.
No, you misjudged us.
Ma'am, the girls wanted to celebrate
my birthday here at school.
I had brought a candle for her birthday,
and it was long and looked stupid.
I sent them a picture of it.
They laughed at me, so I deleted it.
Correct. We know we have many violations,
so that's why I said to Mona
that the punishment would be severe.
Would you look at that.
You're great at making up stories.
Principal Hayat,
the conversation with the picture
is on my phone.
If you promise not to write me
another violation, I'll show it to you.
Show me.
Could you look the other way, please?
So I can take the phone out.
Can I have my phone back?
Leave it with me.
Mona, you stay.
Ms. Seham, take the rest and wait outside.
-Clean that filth off of your brows.
-Ma'am, please, no.
I swear I'll look like a fool,
and they'll laugh at me.
Would you rather I call your parents?
How was your relationship with Amira?
Ma'am, don't remind me of her
because I'm very sensitive.
Whenever Amira is mentioned,
I get emotional.
Because you feel guilty?
There's a documented incident
of you locking her up in the computer lab.
I was joking with her that day.
Heba, I forgot to do the math homework.
-You're joking, right?
Oh God, Mona.
I was going to copy it from you.
-Now what do we do?
-What will we do?
-What will we do?
-I'm thinking. Let me think.
Listen, there's only one solution.
Copy it from the nerd,
then I'll copy it from you.
That's right.
Amira, give me your math homework
before the teacher arrives.
Sorry, I won't give you my work.
Why not?
I worked hard on it.
Why didn't you do it?
Follow me.
If I had the key, I would've locked her in
so she would miss Ms. Wedad's class.
-Open the door!
-That'll teach you to listen.
What's going on?
Why do you keep doing that
to your classmate?
You won't answer?
Wait for me at Ms. Seham's office.
Now, go.
Go. I have my eyes on you.
Suppose I believe you.
Who would want to do that to Amira?
Honestly, I can't accuse anyone.
No, I don't know.
Get out and get Heba.
What did she want?
Not sure,
but she brought up our past violations.
Didn't she know about them?
I don't think so,
but this time she's targeting us.
She wants to blame it on us.
She wants you now.
-What does she want?
-No clue, Heba.
You're the one
I've been the most lenient with.
Don't worry,
I'm graduating in a few months.
Funny to think
you'll graduate with all those violations.
An immoral act.
Why were you
in the bathroom stall with Mashael?
I swear we were just using the phone.
May God forgive whoever reported us.
Who do you think reported you?
May she rest in peace.
And that's a strong motive
for you to hurt her and hate her.
No, Ma'am.
It's true that I didn't like her.
Not everyone has to like each other.
But I would never lock her in
and cause her death.
For me, you are the prime suspect.
Not because of the bathroom incident.
Something's more important.
Proof in your own handwriting.
Isn't this your handwriting?
Shall I remind you of what you wrote?
"I wish I could erase Amira
from the school and from existence."
Go, Heba.
And tell your friends to go.
We'll resume tomorrow.
Peace and Allah's blessings upon you.
Thank God for your safety.
Mom, I can't sleep.
Even when I do, nightmares wake me up.
Sweetheart, you'll get over the shock.
Who lives forever anyway?
Everyone dies eventually.
Take this pill.
It'll help you sleep.
You don't need to go to school.
Stay home for a few days.
Good evening.
for the love of God,
your daughter is still young.
Don't give her sleeping pills.
Rana is under a lot of stress
and needs to rest.
Sleep is the solution.
Fine. You're always right.
I think we should communicate directly
instead of through attorneys.
We have nothing to discuss. It's over.
Seriously, Hayat?
Lawsuits and complaints are unlike you.
They don't suit your name and reputation.
I willingly gave you 1,000 riyals monthly,
and I trusted you.
Suddenly, you deny that
and demand six years of child support?
And you think 1,000 riyals is enough?
Don't you know your daughter's expenses?
Are you really that out of touch?
Where has "you being so in touch"
gotten you with our daughter?
You left her and your school in chaos.
And for what?
To sue me over a bit of money?
You denied me meeting my daughter
in normal places,
and when you allowed me to see her,
she was in a hospital
being treated for burns.
And then at the police station,
where she testified
on the death of her friend.
Are these your motherly achievements?
How are you blaming me?
You'll never understand
those responsibilities,
nor what I do daily to ensure
that she's in the best and safest place.
Please, we have nothing more
to discuss. It's over.
We'll talk in court only.
Are you done ranting?
Every day the same story?
God's given you plenty.
You don't need anything from him.
I don't care about his money.
I'm bothered by his disregard.
He neglected his daughter for six years.
Now that he's married to another woman
who bore him a boy,
he wants to build family ties
at my expense.
I swear he'll never see her!
It'll never be over like this.
Wow, your file is full of achievements.
You sell cigarettes to students.
It seems you're an expert smuggler.
Ma'am, please. It was just one time.
How am I an expert? I am so sorry.
Forget about that.
Tell me, there's something more important.
Who drew Amira on the board?
Wasn't it you?
When Ms. Afaf kicked us
out of the storeroom
and we went back to class,
Heba drew Amira on the board.
I swear it wasn't me.
Who's the one on my mind?
Who's the one who broke my heart?
-Who's the one on my mind?
-Clap your hands!
-Who's the one who broke my heart?
-Clap your hands for Mona!
Line up, girls
Let me see the one on my mind
The one who broke my heart
My heart was taken from me
I used to be happy
If you know who she is, tell me
What's this nonsense and vulgarity?
Is this a school or a wedding hall?
Which lowlife drew this on the board?
Amira, come with me.
Be quiet!
I'll go eavesdrop on them.
I never told anyone except Heba, I swear.
It wasn't what you think.
Ms. Wedad was consoling Amira
after you all had bullied her.
Ms. Seham was at the door.
She saw them, and she told me.
You have a fertile imagination
and a rotten conscience.
Why do you hate Amira?
I don't. Why would I?
There was nothing between us.
What about cheating on the biology exam?
Wasn't Amira the one who reported you?
It's easier to study for the exam.
This subject is so easy.
Will you shut up,
or should I glue your mouth shut?
Do you think we have free time like you?
You're such a pain.
Girls, put your desks back.
Oh, really?
Stand up.
Go stand by the board.
When did you write this?
How can you even read this?
You need a telescope to read these!
You guys are too much.
You could outwit the devil himself.
Was Mashael with them?
Stand up.
Go over there.
Ma'am, I was only upset that day,
but I'm kind, and I don't hold grudges.
Besides, Amira tattled on all of us,
not just me.
I don't know why you hated Amira,
envied her and tried to defame her,
just because she's outstanding and honest.
I swear there's nothing
between me and Amira.
I didn't do anything to her.
I'd never hurt Amira--
Enough. Hush! Go away!
Rana, what's wrong?
Don't you want to play?
In Allah we seek refuge
from the accursed Satan.
In the name of Allah,
Who with His name nothing can cause harm,
He is the All-Hearing, All-Knowing.
What's wrong with you, my child?
How long have I been asleep?
You took the pill and slept right away.
Try to go back to sleep.
In the name of Allah.
I'm right here. Don't be afraid.
Come on. I want you
to tell Principal Hayat what you told me.
Next time
don't raise your voice at me, okay?
No, I want the whole school to hear
that you tarnished my reputation!
Why would you tell Hayat
about the message?
You clearly want to tarnish my reputation
and ruin my future!
First, lower your voice.
Second, her name is Principal Hayat.
You really are rude and ill-mannered!
At least I'm not like you,
pretending to be pious
while you're full of sin.
-Calm down!
-Get off me!
Stop! That's enough!
Not one word,
especially from you. Shut up.
Ms. Seham, write a report
with all the details.
Where were you?
-Where are you, Grandma?
-Here, Rana.
Another nightmare?
Was Uncle Saeed here?
Was Amira's father here?
Yes, he was. Why are you so scared?
I'm not. Why was he here?
Did something happen?
He brought you a gift.
A gift for me?
I don't understand. Why?
Rana, it's just a gift.
He says his daughter,
may she rest in peace,
asked him to paint a painting
just for you, for your birthday.
God bless!
Amira's dad is a real artist.
May his daughter rest in peace,
and may God console him.
Come, take a look. God bless.
What's wrong?
Grandma, I'm
I know you miss her, dear.
Parting is so difficult.
There's no power nor strength,
except with Allah.
What's wrong?
Talk to me, my dear. Let it all out.
It's my fault.
I killed Amira.
What are you talking about?
On the day of the fire
I feared that Ms. Wedad
would choose Amira for the honors board.
I heard her ask Amira
to get a math book from the storeroom.
Once she left the classroom,
I followed her.
She entered and left the key in the door.
I locked her in.
Who's there?
Wait, I'm in here! Wait!
All I was thinking about
was my name on the honors board.
-Just so that I wouldn't upset Mom.
You're just tired.
It must be the medication
your mother is giving you.
No, Grandma. I'm not hallucinating.
During the investigation,
I was afraid, so I lied.
But this is the truth. I locked her in.
I wish my hand would've been paralyzed
before I ever locked that door.
Sweetheart, for the love of God,
for my sake,
no one must ever hear this.
And forget that you ever told me, okay?
You'd better get some sleep.
Come have a bite to eat first.
-I swear, Grandma!
-Come on.
Your friends testified
that you hated Amira
and that you bullied her the most.
And what's new?
The whole school knows
that I didn't like Amira.
My friends know me very well.
Do you know them well?
What do you mean?
Did you think Amira is the one
who reported you and Mashael?
Yes. Who else would?
Promise me that you won't hurt her
or lay a hand on her.
Otherwise I'll expel you immediately.
I won't tell anyone or do anything.
I just want to know who.
Life keeps throwing punches,
and each one feels worse than the last.
It's a shame
your close friend reported you
and added an ethical violation
to your file.
-I think that she liked Amira.
-Who liked Amira?
Mona is the biggest hypocrite.
Look what she's done to me and Mashael.
Besides, Mona hates Amira the most.
Especially after she tattled
on Mashael and Saad's thing.
I'm listening.
Mashael has a boyfriend called Saad.
At the end of last year,
she introduced Mona to a friend of Saad's.
And the two of them skipped school
to meet the boys.
Amira knew that.
When they were late,
Amira feared for them and told Ms. Seham.
Ms. Seham made a big deal out of it then.
And because of that,
Mona's father forced her to get married.
You can go.
Mona. Mashael.
Honestly, you have every right
to hate Amira
and want to get even with her.
-Not to the extent of killing her.
-No! What are you saying?
Relax. I'm not accusing you.
Frankly, if I were you,
I would feel the same way.
Especially when she tattled
about you two going out with Saad.
Isn't he called Saad?
Poor Auntie Marzouka was traumatized
and was mad at you for three months.
You must think that was nothing
compared to your punishment.
Your father forced you
to get married after that.
Your father is really harsh.
How could he marry you off like that?
You got divorced after two months.
What's the point?
As per your files,
you skipped school that day.
And all the trouble you got into
because of your date with Saad,
I wouldn't have known
if Heba hadn't told me.
That means both of you are still suspects.
Why do you think Heba told me?
To throw suspicion off her, obviously.
Heba isn't actually accused of anything.
She has a motive. Hate, just like you.
-Nothing puts her in the storeroom.
-No, there is.
The day of the fire,
Amira went to the storeroom
to replace her math book.
But no one knew how or when she lost it.
But I know.
The day before,
I saw Heba take Amira's book.
The next day,
she told me that she ripped it up.
But Heba could deny that.
And even if she doesn't,
there's testimony
that puts her in the bathroom.
Heba said she got her period
after Ms. Wedad's class
and went to the bathroom.
That proves she wasn't in the storeroom.
Come in, Heba.
Come in.
Anyway, I'm required
to present this information to the police.
I hope they don't focus on motives,
or you'll be in a vulnerable position.
Principal Hayat,
Heba did leave the classroom after class
and went to the bathroom.
But she didn't go straight away.
She left the classroom before me
and entered the bathroom after me.
Enough time for her
to reach the storeroom and lock her in?
Yes, absolutely.
What? Are you insane?
You ratted me out
while I was defending you.
No one knew about Saad
but us three and Ms. Seham.
She ended it that day,
but now you brought it up again.
What do you mean no one knew?
Isn't that why Mona had to get married?
She never mentioned it again.
Be grateful that I supported you
and stood by you
and was a friend
to a cleaning lady's daughter.
Good news.
You're expelled from school.
We haven't done anything.
Would you accept my apology, Seham?
You're apologizing to me?
Remember when you warned me
about the girls' bullying?
I wish I'd listened to you, Seham,
and put a stop to all of it.
Sadly, I thought the bullying
would help them toughen up
and help them deal with life.
I didn't expect that leniency
would lead us to this tragedy.
Had I dealt decisively with the bullies
as you advised me,
it wouldn't have come to this.
Not only would I have prevented
Amira's death,
but I would've saved
her bullies' future too.
In other news, the circumstances
of the student Amira Saeed's death,
the victim
of Secondary School 2300's fire,
are not related to what caused the fire,
adding that it is considered a coincidence
with tragic consequences.
Regarding punishment
for the student, Heba Anwar,
the source stated that she will face
What's he saying?
intimidation and manslaughter.
Sentencing will be left to the judiciary.
What happened to Heba?
Honey, have you had breakfast?
You haven't, have you?
Let's have breakfast together.
Grandma, what happened to Heba?
Why is she being charged?
Nothing happened to Heba, my dear.
Hey, have you taken your medicine?
Neither breakfast nor medicine, then.
Let's have breakfast.
Mom. Heba isn't the one
who locked Amira in.
Calm down, okay?
For God's sake, my child, calm down.
-You have been sick for two days.
Please, you're hallucinating.
Never mind her. Don't respond to her.
She's been sick and hallucinating.
It's all because of the pill you gave her.
I'm not hallucinating!
-Calm down.
-I'm not mad.
For the love of God, dear.
I locked Amira in, Mom.
I locked her in, not Heba.
I know.
But I am sure, Ms. Hayat,
that you'll find out who locked her in.
God will guide you.
No one knows who did.
Someone knows.
Your daughter knows.
Rana knows.
The day of the fire
Rana! Come down here!
Come down!
Go upstairs!
Amira's in the storeroom.
Go upstairs!
-Go to the roof! Go!
The storeroom.
I'm sure
that Rana knows who locked Amira in.
Rana said that she was with you,
helping you carry a girl
who had passed out.
That's when she was injured.
That's what happened,
and that's what you'll say
when you hopefully recover
and give a statement.
-I can't say that--
-Marzouka, listen carefully.
Your daughter's file
is filled to the brim with violations.
Plus, she's friends with troublemakers.
I remember Amira told me
that your daughter skipped school.
This could be considered a motive
for revenge on Amira.
You wouldn't want that to be mentioned.
It's in neither of your interests.
Not to mention all the contraband
and the phones in your room
and the catalog of boys.
I don't think you and your husband
want to be fired and sleep in the streets.
No need to mention that Rana knows
Amira was locked in the storeroom.
Understood, Marzouka?
What do you mean?
You handed her over to the police
and framed her?
-She deserves punishment.
-And you know that she's innocent?
Who are you calling innocent?
She's a vile and vicious girl.
But she didn't lock Amira in
and cause her death!
No one caused Amira's death.
Amira's time had come.
Her death was inevitable.
Are you listening to yourself?
Do you even understand what you're saying?
What do you want me to say?
That I didn't raise you right?
To hand you over to prison?
Aren't you happy that I covered
your stupidity and failure?
But I was never a failure.
You made me a failure.
I was a failure only in your eyes.
I was never enough.
My success made no difference to you.
I have to be the best or nothing.
Otherwise, I'm not fit to be
the daughter of Principal Hayat.
So to be the best and to satisfy you,
I had to make
the worst mistake of my life.
I locked her in to be the best for once
and satisfy you!
It's your fault.
You're the reason I did it.
Why did you turn yourself in?
Perhaps I just wanted to sleep.
And maybe because at least one of us
needs to say, "Enough,"
and put an end to the hurt.
But you never hurt anyone
except for that dreadful day.
You think like my mother.
"It's just one mistake, come on.
Let's just move on."
Heba, you and Mona made a lot of mistakes.
You know that.
But my mistake is bigger.
I watched you mock
and bully Amira every day.
I was afraid to speak up.
All the girls were scared
and silent about you bullying Amira.
In the end,
I dared to try and be like you too
and I caused her death.
Maybe it's time for those
who do not stand up for justice
to be held accountable.
-Hold these.
-I'm not in the mood. Come on!
-I learned the circle dance.
-Show me.
Who taught you to do that?
Hey, you two!
Go to the principal's office!
We'll call your parents!
No, Ma'am. For the love of God.
-My dad can't know that I smoke.
I swear, Ma'am, I'll be in the obituaries.
Please, Ma'am. We won't do it again.
This is the last time.
I'll let it go this time.
But if it happens again,
you'll only have yourselves to blame.
-Yes, Ma'am.
Go back to your class.
Give me the cigarettes.
Back to your class.
Hey, you.
You don't get to spoil the girls
just because you live here.
It won't happen again.
Who's there? Wait! I'm in here!