From Time to Time (2009) Movie Script

I thought he came over quarter.
- That they had told me.
- They were wrong.
- Are you Mr Boggis?
- Yes, and you're Junker Tolly.
- In my memory you were smaller.
- That was me too.
- I have grown.
- Yes, that is of course true.
Mrs. Oldknow had to pick himself up,
but leave the RAF.
They left this morning to know.
- Your grandmother is glad you're coming.
- Really?
Put on your coat do not?
Well, all right.
- We have heard from Mr. David.
- He is not dead, though.
That was not even in the telegram.
He is just missing.
Missing, yes of course.
- How's your mom?
- It's all right, but she is busy.
She tries to find out where he is.
She went to London.
That will, yes.
We get down quick message.
If you are taken prisoner,
does anyone know all that.
- Bye, Tolly.
- Hello.
- I still call grandma?
- What did you have in mind?
No idea. Mrs Oldknow?
Keep it with Grandma.
I wanted to pick up,
but I'd rather leave them alone.
- Do you mind if they go?
- Oldknows are happy in themselves.
We packed. They put
everything back, that's probably wrong.
- That'll be fine.
- I hope it was you.
You have the building demolished as others.
That the house had probably not allowed. Goodbye.
- Do all soldiers go home quickly?
- We still need a lot of arrangements.
- Most will be home soon.
- Ready to go.
Well done, thank you. Again goodbye.
- Do you know Mrs. Tweedie yet?
- Hello.
He does not know anymore, the last time he was still a spring chicken.
- This is Bismarck.
- He knows you yet.
- Come, I'll take you to your room.
- Please.
- How long do you work here?
- Too long in order to stand still.
Do you like it here?
Oh, yes. It is a strange old house.
But it is our strange old house. That's what my father always.
He was always talking about this house.
Come down when you're done.
Do not worry, he's still alive.
I am a bit worried.
If you do not mind.
Sit down.
- Who were these people?
- This is your family.
But they are dead. Your family is
yet from people still alive?
So do they stuck in Manchester,
but not here in the south.
Have you ever been?
- As far as I know.
How come
much of the city you know?
Has your mother
a place to stay in London?
I know its not you,
just do not like.
I did not.
Check it out.
Here is bread for toasting.
There hang the forks.
Call it if you still need anything.
- Thanks, Mrs. Tweedie.
It's not that I did not,
I know its not good.
You did not think he married her.
- No.
Was that because of her origins?
- Certainly not.
That you have written.
The letter said that the leaves
still not allowed to sweep the driveway.
If you are angry,
sometimes exaggerate a bit.
He do not show the letter.
- He did not, I have found it.
He should keep him.
- He keeps all of your letters.
I was scared
Green Knowe they would not understand.
She had such a different background than we do.
It is no longer important.
- Why not?
I can not be much longer stay.
- What happened?
Nothing, but the world is changing.
I do not have enough money for this house.
- You may not sell.
Maybe I have no choice.
- It has never sold.
Until now, no.
Well almost. She brought us to the brink
of the abyss.
Mrs. Thomas Oldknow?
Same name as you?
Not quite.
That was Mary Raymer:
A Dutch, grew up in India.
She's in Kolkata
Captain Oldknow married.
Green Knowe was determined after its boring
exotic youth. Get your own sugar?
What is this? It's different.
- This was Maria's new wing.
Which is built
so she could entertain her guests.
Want to leave
because Dad is missing?
No, you should not think.
If I could avoid it,
I would do.
He said this house
section of your member.
It is a part of us all:
Your father and you.
You know the house yet,
and you know me either.
It's difficult for you to understand.
- Then you know me either.
You burn your bread.
They look like jewel boxes.
- That they were.
For the jewels of Maria Oldknow.
She lay down before the fire.
What fire?
- In the new wing.
Grandma said she
Green Knowe almost lost.
Mary was rich anyway?
- She had no money.
Her father was a diamond merchant,
her money was in jewelry.
That she can sell.
- Yes.
But when the need arose,
they were all stolen.
Would she have wept
when they were gone?
- Do you have?
I think so that we would do.
She took the blame the captain.
Did she have children?
- Yes.
They had a son, Sefton ...
... And a daughter, Susan.
You descended from Sefton.
What a strange name.
You called Toseland
So you really can not say anything.
Sefton was nice?
- No, he was selfish and spoiled.
The door in the dining room,
with the brick wall ...
... Was that the way to Maria's wing?
- Yes.
These can be found be fun,
He was your father.
I've made pajamas
when David had pertussis.
So they could ill together.
I am really too old for that.
- Yes, I know.
I thought you'd enjoy it,
because he was your father.
Susan was just spoiled and selfish?
- No, not at all.
You could not spoil her.
- Why not?
Enough is enough.
Good night.
It's really a boy from Manchester.
- I wanted a good school for him.
I wanted to pay his entire training
but that did not.
Why not?
- She did not want him looking down at her.
So selfish.
His interest is still paramount?
His father was with her.
- Because he was hypnotized.
It does him no harm,
he's pretty smart.
She wants to control everything.
I did not fall, that's a fact.
Why she kept away.
He could only come
because she had to.
That was the same with David,
she could not share.
Could you do that?
Is that you, Sefton?
- How can you on your own on the road?
You could fall and your neck
break. What would you say?
I say little more, I think.
- Not so brutal.
Back to your room right now.
- But Perkins, I only spoke with ...
Is it Sefton?
- There is no one, Miss Susan.
What are you doing down there?
It had better be important.
Are you sick?
- What is it?
Do you believe in ...
- In what?
In ghosts. Do you believe in ghosts?
Of course. Not you?
I am now.
- Oh, I understand. Who was it?
It was anticipated
after all these questions from you.
Go to sleep, you get cold.
Want some warm milk?
Mrs. Tweedie told me about the fire
told. Walked to where the wing?
Beyond the cedar. Which is planted
after moulting statins were interrupted.
A large dining room, a lounge,
bedrooms and the layers above.
The house seems so big enough.
I go into the oak tree climbing.
- Be careful.
Is that you, Susan?
A trail of Sefton. We make it
clean and put it in another.
Is there a painting of Sefton?
- That is there.
Boggis, the Christmas tree in the
put music room. It's a mess.
We can clean up later
and then the tree rigging.
It does not, though.
- No, I do it.
Sefton Why hide this?
He did not,
S was someone else.
The J was of someone
that Susan's life changed.
But not everyone saw him happy
at Green Knowe appear.
It worked here as a butler:
John Caxton.
He could have been nicer.
Welcome home, Captain.
- Thank you, and you too.
- My sweetheart.
What is this?
- They haunted the house.
They could injure themselves.
- So she was like a dog leash?
Did you know this?
- What would we do differently?
If you prefer that she falls down the stairs?
She is blind.
They had better get used to.
- I'm used to.
I'm very used to it.
How are you, Mary?
- What do you think?
Seven months locked
with a blind girl for company.
You're not ill?
- No.
Fatigue and melancholy
No illnesses.
Where is Sefton?
- Bye, dad.
Did your mother and your sister
No company account?
- Attack him not hard, come.
Do not you see
I have taken?
- That what you wanted?
You're late.
He got them all from Lord Farrar.
And better than this pair, I'm afraid.
- Is that so?
He is his godfather,
He may quite something.
Of course. Why was he here?
He stayed near
and came to us with some friends.
Did you guess?
- I had to, it's my own house.
Otherwise it was inappropriate.
- How much have you lost?
A little.
- A little?
A little or much.
What does it make?
You will still be angry.
- And I, father? I get nothing?
You would almost think.
Let's see ...
No, there seems nothing left to lie.
Unless ...
Tell me, please.
Help me.
Say something, mother.
I agree.
- This is Jacob.
He will be your special assistant.
Lead him around and let him see his home.
But first ...
Burn it.
- Is that wise, sir?
Walk with me, Jacob.
Then you describe what you see.
What a beautiful place.
- Really?
Beautiful trees.
- Dad was talking frequently about the boom rigging.
Look at this. Here he was loved.
Hang you should do,
to commemorate him.
It is not necessary.
Your father as a child
love these Christmas decorations.
You can give a party.
- There is room for design.
Then we give a party
when daddy comes back.
We gave splendid balls
in my youth.
Oh, Darn.
What the hell is this?
It's a Bible.
The Bible of the master.
How strange. I wondered where he was,
I had lost him for years.
He pretended to his son Jacob.
- Yes.
This is fun.
Do not you come inside?
- Of course.
Where did you find him?
Well, actually he found me.
He was hidden on board,
he had fled.
What escape?
- He's a runaway slave.
He would be sold on the market
in Charleston, but he escaped.
He hid on board.
He heard our destination,
and swam to the ship.
I hid it in a container for
the harbor master. And here it is.
But he is still someone?
I pretend I did not hear.
You may a stowaway
not help?
All it is: To Jacob or another
slave to help, I break every rule.
He's terribly smart,
I've never seen a kid.
Let Sefton not hear that.
What you gonna do with him?
As I said:
He is a friend of Susan.
I thought you were a joke.
- He can read her ...
... With her learning. He is her eyes.
- Maybe so, but ...
Go on.
- Well ...
... Apart from anything else,
he is also ...
Not British.
- Would that it make a difference?
Come on honey, you know how it is
as a foreigner in another country.
Be nice to him.
- It's a boy.
I know.
- Perkins And then?
Susan is too old for a nanny.
A boy can not stop her
bathing or dressing. Where is he sleeping?
He sleeps in the stables. Take a girl
employed. Jacob, Susan Friend.
You talk of this former slave
no assistant.
What will people say?
- I do not care.
We will be laughed at.
He will not stay long, really.
He will not feel at home.
But he felt at home.
- Of course, Susan was blind.
That I should have known.
- What do you mean?
How did Jacob with this?
- That he thought the matter.
He freed her, he gave her wings.
He is too big for both of us.
But that does not interest us.
Not at all.
Who is that?
- Saint Christopher, of course.
Why is he here?
- He has always been.
Was the old burned?
- A little bit.
Fred Boggis formed a chain
to extinguish.
Boggis, there was already one?
- There's always been a Boggis.
After the fire had the master
build a large music room.
But she found nothing.
It was not an easy marriage.
- They are few marriages.
- Are you married, Mr Boggis?
It is currently calm,
that can sometimes happen.
Very quiet.
I just put coffee in your grandmother.
Want some?
Mrs. Tweedie, have you ever seen?
- Who?
The people here
formerly lived.
The Oldknows.
- Mrs. Oldknow lives here now.
Or not?
I mean for example, Susan,
or Caxton.
Do not get in with that superstitious nonsense.
Let the dead bury the dead.
It says so in the Bible.
I never understood.
How can dead bury the dead?
No idea. But if I do not hurry,
the coffee is cold.
Close the door open.
Who is this? Who is here?
- What do you mean?
I, Tolly.
- You were here before.
Who are you talking?
- Last year.
When Perkins came for me.
- That's two nights ago.
Quick, where can we hide?
- Over here.
Hide in the closet.
- In the closet.
Where is that scoundrel?
- Who are you?
Not choose his side.
I hear you guys laughing at me.
You are also so funny.
- Mr. Sefton.
Step aside.
- Leave her alone.
Come with me,
little Jacob.
I have work for you.
- I have to keep Susan.
Miss Susan, you scoundrel.
- I have to do what Miss Susan says.
I now recommend.
- The captain has really said.
Stay out, Boggis.
- He said.
What a brutality.
- When dad was there, did you not.
But he's not.
Let him go.
- Can I help? Say what I can do.
Do not worry,
he dares not to hurt him.
But who ...
- Let's go look.
No, let me go.
- Let him go, Sefton.
Backwards, cat. Control your.
I want him a job improves.
A pheasant fell into the chimney,
and I want him.
Do not. Do not do it, Jacob.
- Hold it against, Mr. Caxton.
This would not happen if there was sir.
- Shut up. Mr. Sefton is the boss.
Hurry up, you dog.
I want my bird, I'm tired.
Do not.
It's okay. I can.
You take care of all the fuss.
Take her away before I really get angry.
- Come on.
You can wait in your room.
It'll be fine.
Put the stove.
Then he goes faster.
- You don 't do.
He can not force you.
- What are you on man?
Come on, do not be so difficult.
Holy shit.
I would do it ...
- You would what? You get rid of your position.
Pray for him,
more we can do.
The precious traces
Lord Farrar.
Send someone behind him.
- Who do you suggest?
I'll be in trouble
if something happens to him.
Make the fire, Boggis.
It was only a joke,
where is your sense of humor?
More beautiful than that of the master, eh?
What? Who's there?
- Still, it's me.
You okay? Are you hurt?
- No.
Will you help me Mr. Sefton
for the fool?
I am too busy for, Susan.
What is it, Sefton?
He has the cowl Jacob
Is that correct?
- Who cares?
Is it true?
- So what?
How stupid of you, sweetheart.
What do you say to your father
if he's hurt?
In hunting
was a bird in the chimney.
It was stupid to let him lie.
- Thank you, Caxton.
If I want your advice,
I ask it to do.
What is that?
Mr. Sefton, I got your bird.
Oh, look at you.
Mr Hunt now on chicken?
Enough, everyone.
- Take him to cook with the rest.
Come on, Jacob.
I'm your mother, I love you very much.
Teach your control, whether it is wrong.
That'll teach him.
- I doubt it.
What we all have to endure
with him.
Take the chicken away, Caxton.
- Yes, sir.
I want from him.
He needs this house.
My father has given him better than me,
How dare he?
How dare he?
Patience, Mr. Sefton.
If we do agree
that dreadful food vouchers?
According Mom is
The first rationing worse.
She's right. It is unfair,
the war is almost over.
If everything was normal again.
- It is not the same, she thinks.
It is indeed different,
but back to normal. Really.
I'm so happy
you have come to stay.
Now you have some memories of the house
for ...
I do have memories.
- Do not be afraid.
The house will
some secrets to share with you.
But fear not.
- I'm not worried.
I'm not sure how I feel.
- Good.
Many people realize that only
when they are at least 40.
You realize it
that death is not important?
What then?
It's about whether there was love you
or not.
That's the thing when you are old.
- Do you believe that?
Yes, really.
You must still cold?
Have you ever seen him
since he is missing?
I have not seen him. He's probably
OK, but if it is not ...
... Then I had seen him up here.
You would tell me, right?
Yes, I told you.
And no, I did not see him.
Well, that's something.
So, here are the messages.
What we could get.
Thanks, Tolly.
- Where is Boggis?
He prunes the bramble
in the garden tower.
Where is that?
- After the arch, left.
Why does he not have a coat on?
- Because he's a boy.
It is nice of Boggis, but if I
rabbit eating more I become one myself.
He continues to inform,
whatever I say.
What a job.
- How did it get this far?
Why is this the tower garden?
- Due to the tower.
What tower?
- That one.
Well, you can not see him now.
When everything is so overgrown
Where was he used?
It was originally a water tower.
There was a large pool below.
- A bath?
Where you could really take a bath?
- Yes, it sounds crazy.
May I look?
- It's too dark, you see nothing.
I have a flashlight.
It is much bigger.
- A bath was a huge undertaking.
They have dug tunnels and rooms
to celebrations.
Like the Romans.
Then there 's water mains constructed
in the house and it was forgotten.
This was a garden ornament, a folly.
Was that before the fire?
- At least 20 years earlier.
A few days before the fire
it still came in handy.
- Forget it.
This would be like our old brand,
but it looks disgusting out.
In wartime, we must sacrifice.
Tolly gets by it.
- Oh, yes.
This is a strange old house
In order to stay.
But it is our strange old house.
- That he also said.
Really? Did he really?
I have to sell, I'm afraid.
Finances are not better.
Can not sell stuff?
- Not really.
It is not enough.
- Is there no expensive painting?
We had a Vermeer,
which we now use.
It feels as if I Tolly cheating.
- He is wise.
He will get over it,
He has more on his mind.
His father is still
in his mind.
But that applies to us all.
- Yes.
Who are you?
- Can you see me?
Sure, why not?
Who is this guy?
I think he's family.
That's you?
In a way.
- I know your family, it does not belong.
You should have seen his clothes.
- It's all right.
Maybe he can help.
- What is it?
Fred Boggis has poached.
- Chicken.
Sefton wants to sell it.
- Who?
On the recruiters for the vessels.
- Why?
Crew as they come.
Sefton and Caxton allocate the proceeds.
My father could save him ...
... And he can come back anytime.
Fred is still here.
Caxton keeps an eye on us.
- Where is he?
There are tunnels under the water tower.
- I like him.
Go get some food in the kitchen,
you know if they can see you.
No news on the captain.
- How inconsiderate.
Thus we can
still no menu setting?
That does not interest the Admiralty,
Mrs. Gross.
Yes, girl?
- Do you know anything about Fred Boggis?
Do you know Rose?
Do not have work to do?
Why else would we pay you?
- Yes, Mrs. Gross.
I would like to reassure her love.
Mr. Sefton is hard to Boggis.
I like that.
- Caxton has him stoked.
Caxton misbehaves
if the captain is not there.
He's smarter than his employer,
I think.
That asking for trouble.
He takes a lot of tasks
from the captain.
Shame, though.
What do you do, girl?
I saw ...
It's nothing, ma'am.
I cut my finger.
- Continue with your work.
Yes, ma'am.
I just have to get some milk.
Who are you?
Are you a ghost?
- I can not think.
I'm not dead yet.
I'm not even born.
- Never mind.
I have food needed for Fred.
Will you help me?
Of course. Have you seen him?
Is everything okay with him?
I know not.
What do you think of this pie?
It is not working.
Hide it under your clothes.
That will determine.
- I can try.
What if Caxton and his men see you?
I could see you.
Hopefully they see me.
- Fred to be careful.
That's Rose.
- I'll pass.
Are you down here, Fred?
Are you here?
Susan sends me.
Who are you?
- Can you see me?
Of course. Everybody sees you stuck.
- No one saw me.
What is that?
- It's just a flashlight.
I have dinner with me.
A flashlight?
This is off again.
How does it work?
- Thank you.
This is the message:
Stay here temporarily.
They will find me,
they have been searched twice.
One came so close,
I could smell his breath.
Next time they gave me,
I gotta go.
The captain can come home anytime,
I promise.
Miss Susan says that?
- Yes.
Okay, count me out.
I though you might regret it.
Keep your secret, and good luck.
Would you lend it to me?
It's getting so dark.
Keep him,
I use it infrequently.
The battery is running low
and you can not buy new.
What is a battery?
- It's a mystery.
Rose said you had to be careful.
- Did they really?
Check it out.
The riddle
of the mysterious light is resolved.
The story so long wast
our history.
Why did I not guess?
As you know, it's obvious.
It was a gift from my father.
Then you both Fred helped.
Grandma? I had the lamp
this morning in my pocket.
But he was already in the showcase.
- That's right.
That can not?
- No, not really.
One thing I do not understand.
- One thing, it? Lucky.
Seriously: Why do some
people have minds, and not others?
Or only occasionally?
- I do not know.
Perhaps you are open to it.
We get so busy,
that we ignore things.
Some people see them always.
- Yes.
I need some urgent cases to deal
just go for a walk.
See you for lunch.
- Good.
Go with him, Bismarck.
Ah, worthless dog.
Grandma, can I go to the village ...
Do you in all sincerity that even
grievances would end if you are ...
... It is reasonable for this man
Now keep your mouth.
You're weak and easily influenced.
Those who are
are not easily followed.
You make this family to shame.
Go to your room.
To your room.
I'm disappointed, Caxton.
I had expected more after all these years.
Your employment is terminated.
You get one month salary
to compensate.
You can not think, Thomas.
The Farrar about 2 days.
Somebody has to drive home.
- A valet takes it over.
A valet?
After all their hospitality?
I stand by my decision.
- The Gresham come ...
... The Carberry's, Northbrook:
A disaster.
Tell them.
- Cancel?
It took time before they accepted.
I barely know them.
They come in a chaos.
- Why you need from strangers?
Because I try to build something.
I try to build a life,
that is to you?
Now put me to shame.
What have I done wrong?
You save a lot.
I can take one period of notice.
If I may.
Until a successor is found.
- No way.
However I are entitled to a favor?
After so many years of service
is not too much to ask?
The answer is no.
It's like me in a crow's nest
look to the sea.
When I was young,
I wanted to like Papa to the sea.
Not anymore?
- I am a blind girl.
The Navy does not want me.
- Become 's explorer.
Travel the seven seas.
- Is that possible?
Somebody will do,
why not you?
Nothing is impossible,
not something you really want.
What are you doing?
- I carve our initials.
Later they say: That was
the explorer and her friend.
What would say Sefton
if he would see us here?
I ask myself that same question.
Thank you, sir.
If more incidents followed,
you are responsible.
It would surprise me
if not I would get the blame.
Mary dear, do not think ...
- No, I can not get the idea.
If I go thinking I am crazy.
You leave me here alone years, while you
tig plays with the French.
You can do more than establish gambling.
- What could that be?
Visit Neighbors
I do not like that?
They think I'm strange, unreliable.
Shall I stay home?
Fans dyeing, bobbin lace,
the minister help? Sure.
I do not want you're bored.
- Then wait a disappointment.
Both of us.
The truth is
we do not match.
That is certainly my fault?
That fault lies with no one,
or right to us both.
We thought we were happy
could be, but it is not.
It's too late to do something about it here.
Those who climb up Jacob
in the oak?
He plays with a village boy,
and not Susan?
Why Boggis that matter?
What do they do?
A village boy?
Recognize your ladies like daughter?
That is not possible.
- It should not, that's right.
Why? She is ...
- Blind?
That bothers her anymore.
Was this the intention
when you took the foundling?
Come here.
- Father?
Not angry. You can not climb
in a dress. Pants is practical.
I dress for myself, and I'm back a lady.
- She can climb.
The dress was my idea.
- Say that you're not angry.
Do not be mad at her.
- I'm not angry.
I'm not angry.
I am angry at anyone.
Got better
After the departure of Caxton?
Unfortunately, he did not leave.
He was there when we heard
that the captain had his ship.
Oh, the custard.
He should have waited.
If a sailor was called,
He could not wait.
Hurry, they are there, Caxton.
Everything is in place, ma'am.
If you want to go to your rooms,
We serve tea at 17.00.
Ask Miss Susan to come
with a matching dress.
And Jacob?
- Send him back to the stables.
We need him today
no longer needed.
Your mother wants you to joins her,
you get dressed.
Not you, Jacob.
There's tea in the kitchen.
She treats you horribly.
- Go ahead.
Here, Susan.
Is this charming appearance
the dear Susan?
Greeted Lord Farrar, dear.
What a reprimand, sir.
- My sister wants no offense.
She is blind.
- What a shame, Mrs. Oldknow.
You've never mentioned.
What a torture.
You're right, Mrs. Carberry.
A blind child is born a torment.
Come baby, come sit with me.
- Of course.
- Oh dear.
Is she all right?
Do not worry, I am.
- You could go to the stables.
Excuse me, but the captain wants
I note that Miss Susan.
If nobody likes it.
- Did anyone but me out of trouble.
That makes your wife for anyway?
- That would be too time-consuming.
You have a true protector, Susan.
All the ladies here so envy you.
You have wearied us with your chatter.
Go ahead.
Perhaps you have seen,
your gallant knight.
Children are a blessing,
but luckily mine flown.
Their chatter and wobbling
Jobs even suggests patience to the test.
Jesus loved children.
But he and Joseph were carpenters,
not nearly as sophisticated as ours.
Excuse me, I got some control
before we can dress.
Dinner is
served at 20.00 hours.
You're a cat, Lady Gresham.
She had worked so hard
these people here to get ...
... But they just looked
down at her.
I changed my mind,
I wear the pink taffeta.
The blue silk dress for tomorrow.
I want the rubies set in gold filigree.
Not the diamond setting.
Oh, dear. Come up here, ma'am.
Caxton was the thief.
He has stolen
when he was fired.
His room was searched, there was nothing.
Then it was too late.
Mary had to cancel the party,
but the theft had to be resolved.
And the guests did not feel
as soon as another long journey.
So there two days later
fourteen guests at the table.
Your loss
do not ruin our appetite.
Everyone delights
in someone else's misfortune.
The Germans have an 'n word.
- Maybe you win tonight.
With a little luck.
I feel very happy tonight,
in no area.
We, and the servants,
be questioned tomorrow.
My maid is upset.
- That seems unnecessary.
But exciting.
- Our hostess is tormented.
Fortunately, something
her civility break.
Have you no pity?
She cares more about her jewelry
than her child.
What is it, Caxton?
What's going on?
I'm sorry madam,
but the house is on fire.
What's that noise?
- Do not, sir.
Northwood, Gresham,
bring the ladies out.
Jonathan help me.
Thomas, help me.
I would not rush ...
... But I think we better off
on the lawn.
Step aside.
Susan, signed by Jacob.
Arthur, George, the house is on fire.
Make the men woke up, get buckets.
There is fire, Jacob.
- What's going on?
Grab every bucket there, men.
Wake up, Jacob.
- What?
The house is on fire.
The servants know the house better,
let them save the stuff.
Are there bags and buckets?
- Boggis takes them.
What happens?
- We make a chain to the pond.
We try to contain the fire.
- Why does no one?
Fast. Quick, men.
- Mrs.
I had them the Vermeer
must be caught.
Caxton, could you just ...
Where is Miss Susan?
Where is the child?
Mary, she is still in the house?
You can not.
- Where is she?
No idea.
Have you seen her?
Where would bring her Nellie?
Go find Mrs. Gross.
Why do you do for trouble?
It is worthless.
Come with me.
Has anyone caught the scales?
Have you seen the girl?
- Here is Nellie.
Have you seen Susan?
- I was in the kitchen, she would come.
Stop. Where is her room?
- I know.
Have someone get a ladder.
- No one can through.
A blanket that we hold ...
- I know a way.
You can not enter.
- Oh, yes.
I have learned from Mr. Sefton.
Has anyone saved the signs?
- Mr. Caxton had everything in one bag.
I have not seen him.
Is that you, Jacob?
- I agree.
I knew you would come.
- Well I do not, but I am.
Will we die?
Be honest, it's not bad.
We all die,
preferably but not now.
The door is jammed, I feel the heat
on the other side.
Do what I say.
Go here and climbing.
Wait for me, not moving.
Come on.
Where are we?
- This is the old part of the house.
Crawl the plank.
- Good.
Wait there.
Are you ready?
Here is the ladder.
- Oh, here.
Do not be afraid.
- I'm not.
I got him.
Put your foot down here.
- Good.
You are almost down.
Look, it's Miss Susan.
- He has rescued Miss Susan.
Well done, son.
- Oh, dear.
Well done.
- What a brave act, boy.
You can be proud of yourself.
Thank you.
Thank you Lord. Thank U.
Where was Caxton?
- Boggis looked it up running.
Maybe he stole the jewels,
but after the fire was missing.
Did Mary love Jacob?
- She was then nice to him.
If you want the food still in the bath,
you should go now.
Grandma, why Mrs. Oldknow's your name?
You must be a different name?
Your grandfather and I were cousins.
- You are a real Oldknow.
You wanted to live forever stuck here.
- Yes, but I should have realized ...
... That does not exist forever.
Not on earth.
This is the table piece for Christmas.
Is not too much trouble?
We are not having much.
You should be fine to celebrate Christmas.
- Even in wartime.
Especially in wartime.
Time for the news.
They should agree complete.
France is liberated.
The Russians withdraw within.
It takes not be long now,
we are almost there.
If you would sit imprisoned in Germany,
you would now set to be released.
Go see what Boggis up to.
Such a beautiful day, do not waste it.
I know what you think
but you'll see.
Have you ever had a day off?
The plants do not know that it is Christmas.
On Christmas Day, you are surely free?
I'll get to leave early for dinner.
That's early enough.
- Is Mrs. Boggis not lonely?
That's early enough.
A telegram for Mrs. Oldknow.
- Thank you.
I will await a response?
- No it is not necessary.
A telegram.
Which rooms
was later made the music room?
Two downstairs rooms, I think.
With some small bedrooms:
Chambers served.
Now you have a high ceiling.
Is that the chimney?
No, that narrow is connected
with that of the great hall.
What is it?
- A remnant of the renovation.
Abort was too much trouble.
Come here.
A telegram from your mother,
she comes to visit us.
- Tomorrow.
She stays with Christmas?
- No idea, just read.
Come tomorrow, stop. Joan.
Shall we call her?
- She does not answer.
Whatever it is, she wants it
no say over the phone.
We do not have long to wait.
You'll be glad to see your mother.
Oh, I've got something for you.
Thank you.
I heard you yours
are lost.
I have thought about the jewelry.
- You with your questions.
Mary gave it just?
- Oh no, not really.
This is absurd.
- No jewelry I am a prisoner.
That's just absurd to accept.
I want to know if my ...
I know why you're here.
You need to embroider the house.
I'm kinda busy.
I can get my maid ...
You need to embroider the house.
Okay, then.
- Use human hair ...
... Everyone
who was present that evening.
You can not.
I had 14 guests and I ...
Not only guests, but of servants
and the guests ...
... The villagers,
and everyone who came to help.
It is impossible.
The hair will tell you where
the jewelry can be found.
But how can I read the embroidery?
- I can not tell you.
Many work for an uncertain result.
- There is no other answer.
Why should I?
- Because you, Mrs Oldknow ...
... Have overplayed your hand.
How she got her?
- It took much effort.
The news went around, everyone helped.
Only Lady Farrar refused.
What happened?
- Her husband pulled out her hair brush.
He found Mary very nice.
The embroidery still exist?
- It hangs there.
What is Susan?
- That's easy.
Her long hair
for the trees used.
And Jacob?
- That was very short.
It's in this bird.
But she was not the jewelry.
Five generations have studied.
We found nothing,
maybe it was fraud.
But Caxton's hair is not included.
So it is not finished.
It was sitting on.
He had a lock given to a loved one.
No, to a maid.
Why do you think Mary?
Just like that.
Mary has
embroidered with this chimney.
There was not much hair.
Come to bed.
And not too long to read.
You must be equipped
if your mother comes.
Grandma, do you want to make nice to her
when she's here?
You make me ashamed of myself going.
Of course I am nice to her.
Because we all love daddy,
He would love it if we
can get along.
He would like that.
- They found him down.
She knows where he is.
- Do not expect too much.
My expectations are not higher.
- Mine neither.
But ...
- But what?
Never mind.
That we discuss when the time comes.
If you later have children,
please do not quarrel with them.
Whatever the reason is,
or how angry you are ...
... Especially do not argue.
I can guarantee
that nothing is worth it.
You know I love you more
than anyone else?
Apart from daddy?
- Apart from David.
- Good.
I do not want it even
some confusion about this.
Good night.
- Good night.
Mary has used
for a chimney.
... The servants' quarters.
Now you have a high ceiling.
Fred Boggis saw him
up running with a bag.
Maybe he stole them.
From the road.
- Not that way.
The stairs dies, you're stuck.
- Of course.
Thanks for helping Fred.
What would we do without you?
He made it.
- He has remained.
He married a kitchen helper Rose.
- I thought so.
He can not hurt you.
- Did he set fire?
Yes, he wanted revenge.
He had the jewelry ...
... But he wanted silver and gold.
He wanted to hide
when the fire surprised him.
Nobody knew.
- You do.
I am now.
You have behind you.
The one with the rope.
Who also is the music room.
You have the unused chimney
have. He is now blocked.
Thank you for all your help.
What have you been doing?
- Come on, quickly.
What have you done?
You're all black.
How have you found?
- Thanks to Susan ...
... And the embroidery, and Mr Boggis.
Even thanks to you
It does not seem much.
These were our silver plates.
Look, there is our weapon.
Oh, Tolly.
Grab a table.
Oh, Tolly. It is Mary's chain
that of the portrait.
Oh, my goodness. Rubies.
Is it me?
Oh, look at that.
They are so many jewels.
What do you think?
- Try this one.
Look at all those bracelets at that.
Oh, my goodness.
And all those rings ...
Can we now save Green Knowe
and make everything all right?
Oh yes, you can.
You do not sell anything?
- Do not worry.
You keep some for your mother,
or your wife.
What is it, Tolly?
I've been thinking about ghosts.
They do not come back ...
... When they come back ...
... As they were when they died?
- I'll go wash up.
Is not that right?
- Not always.
But overall, though.
Why do you ask?
- You know best.
Unfortunately, yes.
Yes, they are indeed dead.
- When children?
That was not unusual.
Where are they dead?
- It's hard to say.
It can be an illness,
where you are within one week of healing.
If they are dead?
- Susan died first.
Jacob a few hours after her.
The captain held his hand,
and he cried heartbreaking.
But you know what?
That makes it bearable.
It is sincerely held by those children,
it is not sad.
We must not
in that way they think.
What is it?
Who is the first home.
- That's not fair, I was not ready.
What is that?
That can not be true.
Oh dear, anyway.
Let's go inside.
Come, we must now together.
Daddy? Is that you, Dad?
Do not worry, save you a lot.
I promise.
Come on, it grimalkin right.
She did mostly.
Let us sit down together.
Come on darling, let's go inside.