From Vegas to Macau II (2015) Movie Script

Viagra, so fashionable
It puts the party at sea ah?
Kids like them
You hit me
Happy Birthday
Wei uncle
Children over and told Uncle
Uncle good
So young, that my brother can
You are very hypocritical ah, my brother
Chan called fitters
A color, my friends are in there
We used to play good
Your son really like you
A man wanted to see you
But you promise me not to see him get angry, right?
Le Chai, I miss you ah
Long time no see
You seemed to be something behind
Slut bad people who do not fight
Loss I talk and talk
You get on with the big boss recommended my location
You said nothing and ran back
If not with your father become sworn brothers
I early you castrate
He's come back to help you
Viagra, you do not eat a lot of Viagra
Eat bad head, I want to help him?
Le Chai you receive the message last time it was destroyed DOA
Swallow air to come back to you to take revenge
He purposely come back to help you
Now great ah, look down on master it
You helped to not
Did not mean ah master, I worry about you
Worry? You
You hit me
Sorry painful ah, come on
This is for your dad to remind you
Ah man to stay the course
I just do not know how to open a bottle of Lafite 82
What I am very angry drank less than
Eight a few?
Eighty-two early to say ah
This cup is your
This cup is the father of King Le Chai
When we come out to mix the three together
His father died early
Godson he is young has his ideas
You do master give him some space total
For your dad drank a cup
Do not hurry
Thank you master, the Cheers
Father, sister in there with three people playing mahjong
He lost to undress it?
To paste? How much do I lose you?
Thirty million piece of cake
Thirty million? What happened?
That I have so much money? They Gods group
The old thousand does not matter, undress
No, I do not take off work?
While their pants are Detuo
Xiaozhi daughter Do not worry, I'm coming back for you to win
So powerful?
Three, very familiar, ah, how to call?
Crystal brother
Smart brother called me on the line
Donnie Yen
I was the strongest on earth, ah, what play?
Unlimited Fan, playing from it? The ah
I also played four five hundred million from
Well, I take or pay lost
Win and do good, what?
That of course is good
So kind to do good?
Listen to six
A lot of cheese ah
West ...
What, then to the West so much to you?
What the West you?
Two cylinder ...
That there are so many two tube?
Two cylinder ...
You are Troublesome it?
"Also see? Plug in your eyes."
Three, that the card is not small, see point
What brand do?
See what? Do not call you eat it?
Are you
This is not four
You do not listen to four
How do you know?
Flop, ah, ah Hu fraud
Four ah
I recently with the brain more
Root out white hair on top of the
This is actually five
Pick pick paste, clear front
Down one hundred million per person, one hundred million, one hundred million
I play nothing serious
First owes okay ah?
Money told him to undress
Take money Yeah, a million apiece
Money it? Undress it
Help them undress
Off it, hurry up Help me, Help me
Ah indecent assault, rape ah
I always looked at from the clutch
I think of a young man told her that
Mo Well
Do you remember her name ah
If not you, ah, I would like to
You forget it
In fact, she gave me two opportunities
The first time was just got to do to win the title of invincible hand
She asked me to leave this line
What the outcome, you know best
That second it?
The second time was ten years later met her in Las Vegas
- That exciting, almost married
Ruined I was doing in the Casino Director
She wanted me to quit job
Otherwise, I regret a lifetime
You know I bet bad character, I hate people fool
Angry and they had a falling out with her
That she was not very sad?
She was born lacrimal occlusion
But she gave me a one night
Morning did nothing left
In fact, we all know that we are in love with each other
If God give you a chance to meet again
How would you do?
I think God will not be so fun to me
Heads up
How do you have a gun?
I'm fine.
What can I do it?
I do not know why I shot the
First insisted on, I'm afraid there are remnants
Could not hold it long
Do not worry, if you bought insurance
Even if you are rusty, there will be compensation
Sick, there is no
Sorry, Aoi Women, the operation failed
Not so exaggerated it
So many people ah
Kennedy brother
How to call ah?
A music Interpol has joined us
Master, we can join the International Criminal Police win
You neuropathy
In fact, we send this back to Arab music
Kennedy brother and hope we can cooperate Interpol
Together against DOA
You do not bother me
Good luck last time because only retrieve his life
You like to play with guns, you play your fill with them
You do not come to me
Silly strong, you die there?
This robot is really interesting ah
The latest models of intelligent housekeeper, Korean friends sent
Korean original components, but is Chaozhou Assembly
Instructions thicker than the phone book
I have not read it
You can become up to it?
Boss, tea or coffee?
Your sister ah old boss
Of course, ask guests to a VIP
My name is stupid strong need anything I'll try to satisfy everyone
Tea Massage All I can do the laundry
Okay, just tea massage laundry
Boss, wait a minute
Massage not mistake it, you want to do, stop ah
Massage not ah
Laundry stop, ah, do not ah
Instructions pointed out with a command to a
Or will be out of control
Laundry service
Silly strong, do not panic ah
Laundry service
Shore, do not sleep ah silly strong
He died, which comes to an end next
Today the first case, I went to visit Viagra
This is a new house
Many organs then I do not know
Ten million do not run or you will be sorry to hurt
So, goodbye
Authorities? It is not ...
Careful ah
Viagra, I wish to thank you never rust
Hurts it?
Killing me
Sorry, I hurt you
Le Chai said he was coming back this time
Just want to ask you promised help coming
We add up more than one hundred years old
Fix will be destroyed in the Bay Lisboa
But now to the people oppressed to the head
You do not sell us these old people really nowhere to go up
You have not rusted, how old
No matter what kind, this time in public in private
You have learned that Aoi
Promise you disciple
What can play ah?
Le Chai to your
I said you all day sneaking Yeliang
He is so fond of you, that he cut a finger really give you ah
Give me fake finger, really
Go ahead, and his drink slowly
Must go back to look at it
Boss, coffee
Refers to intervene look inside
It is
Master, I know you must be very angry this time
But I hope you listen to me
I remember seven years old, I got you home
Enter the house after the first sentence told me
You say do not be afraid, later on when this is their home
I always remember these words
To be honest, I would treat you as a father
You taught me to have a purpose in life, loyal to their own
So I want to tell you
I grew up volunteering
Not care Casino
But want to be a good cop
I will go with the brigade headquarters of Interpol in Bangkok tomorrow
DOA's chief accountant caught pony
Strong brother, you seem very moved ah?
I just sent you to upgrade the latest version of Transformers software
You are now a very powerful
Or I buy a ticket to take you to Thailand
You told me to go watch apprentice punishing evil ah
Not ah boss, I was touched by the moment did not hold back
Do not say a look at those old Korean
You like to see those dead collapse Room
Students who play terminally ill cancer
You see people from the stars
I do not know more handsome, more intelligent
You? I do not know that the stars are coming
Inferior goods
What do you want?
Said you two do not convinced, I want to play me ah?
Chaozhou strong I warn you ah
You do not get in front of me so many tricks ah
I dislike, I move a finger
I send you up the stairs to heaven
No, I'm afraid
Afraid you a sitting duck, ah, continue to put pieces
I will go to Bangkok tomorrow with the brigade headquarters of Interpol
DOA's chief accountant caught pony
And their behind Aoi
From small to large, what do you have to protect me
You can expect this task to me
Let me protect you once
Thank you, Dad
I told you yet?
You later encounter such a situation you implicitly point ah
People see you a whole box of tissues push up
I face Where is ah?
I went to the laundry
I endure very hard
Put up twenty years
I have not finished your left
No big or small, you want how ah?
Since the assassination of Mr. Gao
It has been behind the scenes of the Aoi retake DOA
But even more powerful now DOA
Aoi will be moved to the air base DOA
She's flying fortress
Across the airspace of several countries
She simply can not grasp
I won
The only way is to use bait snake out of its hole
Therefore, we must find Mr. Gao's cousin pony
He is seeking to protect themselves
Possession DOA150 billion dollars even as an amulet
There is information that the pony in Bangkok
But he did not use credit cards and bank cards
So find him
All the way to Bangkok, is to further God?
Is he the money hidden in here?
15 billion ah, 15 billion does not fit here
How a person brought over?
Smart people like him will only believe in yourself
I'm not afraid of anything
DOA early step to find the pony afraid than we are
The television was poor Daddy I want to go back to kindergarten
You're not told me your class teacher boring it?
But there are a lot dudes
Your father is also very handsome
The teacher does not mean that lying is bad habits?
You often top of your father, that bad habits worse
Dad, this hotel stinks another hotel in Hong okay?
Television group of people often want us to shoot TV series
We live in that kind of incense Hotels
They are very easy to find us
What will we find?
They were caught, we have to shoot from morning to night
Even sleep must shoot until we exhausted
Are you afraid of?
You're not afraid, I'm afraid
Hello, I am looking for?
Xiao Jiang, ah, are you busy?
Are you?
Pony, ah, you come to Bangkok you?
Yes, I see you Well
Well, then you come quickly, I invite you to dinner in Patpong
Brother, call 27 seconds
You can lock blocks
He always said his restaurant business is good
How can so quiet?
Lunch time is now
First day back
They say the call with 27 seconds
If we go down it will just run with them
Daughter, come
Layer by layer to find
You do not go up
I do not need to listen to your command
Had Ms. Aoi so spoil you
You would not be so presumptuous it
I can not eat you this set
Young Guiyan you even have to beat disciples Shiyi Jian
I think you may not be good to get there
If you are not a woman, she died
You left, we on
This side
What is the matter?
"Pony small hotel in Chinatown"
Pony has been found
Brothers, departure
Dad, you take it with
They scared to fly, right?
Daughter, took over the tank so heavy ah
We are not in the barbecue?
Take two bottles to me
Are you afraid?
A little bit of fear
Dad afraid of anything, okay
Mom is not afraid to sing to me
Dad can not sing
Come on, you sing it, it does not matter ugly
Well, just before my mother forced me to sing you sing that song
My mother, your mother?
Your mom
My mother
My wife
Who is your wife?
My wife is your mother, your daughter, all right?
(I wish I'd driven a rocket, take you to the sky go)
(They live in space)
(Live to be a thousand years, are generally fascinated with you)
Mom said it good?
She certainly put it nicely
What to see, go
Brother, they ran
Started to remember that a man must be calm
TV people find us
What to do in Thailand?
Travel, read Thai embarrassing thing
So many people to play with you with a gun?
Maybe I cool it
DOA chief accountant on hand to control 15 billion dollars
Mr. Gao is your cousin, right?
I'm just an accountant
That 15 billion in what?
15 billion, the number zero?
I tell you, do not tell me to play tricks
We all know
Not to send him to the hospital?
He is wanted in the hospital
He does not installed
Take him to the detention room
You do not do accounting, really can be a winner
If I qualify for the next cast drift Awards
I voted for you
It is not in play tricks?
You also used to extract confessions that set ah?
So what?
Do you think you still like before?
Useful on the line
Not be useful
Do not hit my father
Sister accompany you watch TV?
I want to watch "The Walking Dead"
I can only say good look "happy Cow" ah
Oh, I forgot to do my volunteer
Scrawl on the line
Free to write to do lawyers, doctors, police
Certainly can not go wrong
But I wrote to do site work
Diarrhea bromidrosis
What good throwing the first to show his face?
Here is the safe house?
It is not safe
Here are the most advanced communications equipment
And monitoring systems
There are more than a dozen guards inside and reloading
Our walls were reinforced, as well as Bunker
Facilities installed in this way, this does not work?
You should be able to deal with the general triad
But international crime syndicates DOA
Recently, they bought a lot of military equipment
Some arms fire can penetrate 20-inch-thick titanium plate
As in the US confrontation with almost
In the end you doing in Thailand?
I find old classmates
There is a restaurant today Papon
A four and employees all killed
Owner surnamed Jiang
I hurt him
You come to what purpose?
You do not say you no good
You give me a instant noodles, what you want are the benefits?
And I have US $ 15 billion
You have to enjoy life it?
I do not know it
Within three hours, they must have action
Why are you so poor in how TV stations are not even ice cream
You do not want to shoot, "Dad hiding" it?
Everything is normal
Oops, they come
Dad started to come
This is the safe house?
Walking up, take them
Under bunker
A music with them advanced to
I'm not a gun
Go there now?
This can be reached through the tunnel woods
How far is it?
One thousand meters
M96 have a range of 1500 m
It would be better to go out the front door to negotiate with them now
"Muscle hardener"
You people are so noisy how
Daughter, live
Le Chai, sorry, late master
Master catch
Not too long shot, a little shaking hands
Or to rely on high-tech a little tricky
Three left
Right hand seven
Left four points, for the gun
Nine hand
Sure enough, a little your dad's style
The colt pay out or else you guys had to die
Who is he?
He is the pony?
15 billion, you will not mess Come
Magic hand to you?
Ma Ying-jeou it?
Daughter, good people go over there first
Little sister, we go out
You go first, I bring up the rear
Come on
Boss, they seem to run away
Not to send unmanned aircraft Run out?
Yes I am
I know
We do not start, they will run away
No, let them go
My daughter is hungry, we want to eat
Yes, the safe houses have been bombed
Phone that can talk so much
If busy can go ahead
Go to the bathroom
His daughter was here, would not go far in the
Sit down
Help, there are bad ah
No, they are just civilians
Follow him
To sail on the first money
Then add money to reopen quickly
Turn right
Please re-open quickly
Turn left
How do you sail, the water came up Dounong
Feel embarrassed
You're crazy
How? Bad engine?
Now the bad? Is not it?
Inside know
Where to go?
Daddy, why we do not shoot the TV program?
The TV station also without a permit
When they got before we shoot you?
All right
Grab you so easy
But also to dive again airship, go with me
Sir David said animal expert
Crocodile in the water emit low frequency
There are only two possibilities
The first is courtship
Not fancy you?
Second, the enemy declaration of sovereignty
This is a bigger possibility
Stabilization point, we just tongue top palate
Gas accumulation pubic region
Our infuriating shock in the water out
They will be able to shake away
To close anus, breathing
1,2,3, squatting
How so foul it?
Sorry, my stomach is not very good recently
Again, 123, squatting
Help me
I was there ah?
Daughter ah I often tell you that I do not greedy man
Do not loud Beggar hundreds of pieces
Buy a real strap
Or original waterproof strap you a call to let us
Paroxysms original table is not waterproof
That what is really asking for trouble
What did you say?
I said she grew timid
Suddenly see something scary
She would perhaps out
This told us on
Why distributed to them bleed to plug it?
I just said that a crocodile floating out of her fear
A fear is called, I called distributed to them bleed
In the end who is bashing whom?
What your father say, I can not hear
Dad, I hungry ah
Hello, how much money the three?
Three ninety baht
Ninety baht
Thanks friends
Thank you
This table has a bad back to me?
Too much
Finished, Aunt can deceive, dead
There casino
You can bet on it?
You will say, you are magic hand ah
Yes, I almost forgot
You go to bet two, let alone a meal
Again a genuine Thai massage can be had right ah
I do not go to the casino right
Come on
Go right
I am afraid of the dark
Do you want to eat ah?
It can
Wax head, no wax head
Wax head, no wax head
There is no wax head? No wax head
Tiger Yuxia, good
Thailand Landlords good
Foreigners? See that
Come here
Here a lot of stuff
Locals playing outside
Here are foreigners special hall
Play two friends
You do not have money, right?
What money ah
Slowly play well
Well, I won
Unscrupulous ah, but could not walk win
Strong brother
You fool
I told you many times
You still have to put the beach back to
Marco coats, big back head
There jade ring, did not he is
But he did not chocolate
Yeah Daozi
Master, alright
Always want to saw trees
Also coming? Give me a disgrace
Okay I go first
Since there are so many fans today
You have to sing two add to the fun, keep up appearances
Keep up appearances? Faster
(Five thousand years of wind and rain Yeah, many hidden dream)
(Yellow face, black eyes)
(Constant smiles)
See you, Andy sing song
You sing Jacky Cheung became the
You also have skills
He sang when we have not found his throat had been trembling
Listen once again shake
Shake a little more
I think that is not is not bad?
Thank you
Go first
Since so many friends to join
Come, first play with finesse
Try it to
At this moment, you are so focused on the hard bit
And then a little harder
I welcome Mr. Gao to visit casinos
Poor hospitality to you Peizui
We have been very low-key
We went to get one hundred thousand baht
I had the chance to exchange blows with seniors
Both have the ability to take
One million baht worth
So I seriously shot when you know you're bitchy
Master, I first went out to wash towels
Full buy idle
This bureau you win, but I play three wins
Master, you do not have that beauty tip
Do you take yourself black
Well there is a high intake
You can also count terrific
You can not run away run
Also back to help me play a big dragon and phoenix
With you ah
Fortunately, the show did not tell you
I bought that woman win
To eat
First day
I also admire high into until I installed about Mr. Gao
First day, there is no miss Dad?
After the dinner, he told me right back to Interpol Headquarters
You are Interpol it?
No, my apprentice is incorrect
I put her daughter to her mother there
Come back for you
Her mother in Thailand it?
Yes ah, her mother is half-breed in Thailand
A few years ago with her divorced
Follow you really nothing good day
You really are the king of hell unfortunate
You Danzaibuxiao, steal my money?
Retribution ah
You smash the glass of my bridal salon
He stole my dress
Limit 24 hours you compensate me one million baht
Otherwise put her to sell
Do not touch her, let her
Let her go
Let go of her father save me ah
What do you want?
Let her go
Dad save me ah
Why are you going to Pattaya?
I went to the first day of uncle
He first started with borrowed money to redeem
You have not found the way to bite we hold DOA
But when we leave Interpol, no matter the
What you say is ah
It really hurt, do not come
What did you do ah? Why Bees
Light bite I do not bite you ah?
What you use wax hair?
It is the local licensing Shili Shili way
Of course, use wax hair Robertsons
You'll soon brains, but also come from?
I know I was wrong before
But now you can borrow me
One million baht redeem my daughter
You do not have to DOA taught?
Do not look for this little money I borrowed
I do not have time to go with you to explain your
Just brother, if you are willing to lend me what I would do
You win the champion is the secret I will give you one million baht in prize money
You do not fight, let your friend play is also OK
Step aside
Mo, very happy to see you again
How you will be here?
Hello, he said, is the secret to challenge champion
You also learn other people boxing appearance?
Clown install it?
He is Mr. Korea are sensitive water
Before you is her boyfriend, the little old thousand it?
Scholars boxing, forget it
Do not look down upon me, if I win, how to do?
What are OK
Well, I told you to take a gamble
If I win, you strip off shoes Tuoku
Here we go two laps
A strong, you speak Freeze
Thai boxing champion is secret
He punched can interrupt your hands
Do not worry, I was magic hands Well
I play
You learned Muay Thai it?
No way
People are champion ah
He did not lose too it?
Really not heard
Your early brains, I like a little scared now
I also understand that in the face of the dead woman was also propped
I would be less worried about a friend
Master, you are not so to speak?
Come on
What is he doing?
They usually hop dance before the game
Pray God bless them
Open your mouth
Remember, do not be afraid on stage
Afraid you'll lose a lifetime
Go to worship
He engaged in what, play monkey ah?
Hard to read
Master, I'm getting afraid
Do you jump you, too sick
Well I will not go out
Master, cramps, and how to do?
Walked, he came
What are you doing?
Down ah
Why are you pulling my legs
I save you, you really hit him ah
You tired of living it?
Sleep a little longer, and 7 seconds
Kill him
Just good to, thank you to
There are two to and kept to
I have no gas, dying
You want to lose face in front of your little girl it?
You see that look more arrogant rival
Is not it?
Get out ah
Do not stop me
So strong ah
Stand up
I call you up, you hear that?
This time he lose it
Do not ring the bell ah? Stand up
Stand up
I do it a little dizzy
I will cancel your qualifications, it
You do not call you knock knock, always Luanqiao
Now knock knock ah
See you, how this ah
"Muscle hardener"
Master, I really hard
I do not play okay
Come out
They dragged him out
Up, do not hinder me from work to dinner with his girlfriend
What are you doing?
Up 7
Thank you
I added a muscle in his braces hardener
Trouble to help me unlock it
Mr. all, you are not deadbeat, right?
Neuropathy, not mad with you
Mr. both speed connection
Only two laps
You're so naughty
No man would generous in the face of rival
I'm still your lovers?
What do you think
Come on, I want to save the daughter ah
My master daughter was kidnapped in Sriracha
To us one million baht
Then you have to worry about
My poor little bodyguard pull forces
That quickly go
Well, you have to remember to come back to me ah
Well, I promise you
Anyway, I started to redeem myself after I come back to you
Be careful way
You two seem to be better
My teacher told me good Thai
But sometimes bad, do not give me food to eat
I also hurt him
Put your clothes on
A little hot
First day
What happen?
I left the company
When is my self-righteous, grays
I think this is my career
How would you like them?
You do not always do wrong?
You are not an accountant would calculate it?
Even awarded my daughter away from me also
Did you not say that you can control everything?
Until cousin died
Daughter or leave your side is better
After this card a month, there will be money for Houston
You are left to their own use
Dad, you do not want me?
How can I do you ah
You do not always say want to mother?
You stay with her mother to learn to paint
Mom and Dad In school
My mother always painted scores are the highest
I am sorry
I will listen to the
Dad, I'll obedient
Dad, I'll obedient
Dad, I'll obedient
Long time no see, okay?
Well, for so many years I have one too
Not married?
You say the cause is important, so I'll wait for you for five years
You do not want my
Do you diss me
The most I ever wrong to say this sentence
Why did not you come to me?
Well I'm afraid you do not want me
So you married a family,
I was there to get married?
A color is my dead friend's daughter
I promised he would take care of as a daughter
How many years you have a girlfriend in the end?
Do you really want to know?
Of course
You told me before the Bodhisattva vow, I'll tell you to be
Come on
Yesterday you in front of Buddha What'd you wish for?
That How about you?
How can I tell you
You really do not unreasonable
I tell you what, you can not tell me ah?
Unreasonable, is a woman's prerogative
Ate admit is a man of nature
I know all the things you
Last week, I met you at the Macau sea
Is that right? I did not notice
You together with a foreigner
He is a director of the Swiss bank one of my suitors
From the first day I met you
Your boyfriend in exchange for going
Not surprisingly, because I pretty ah
You say is not it?
Let me see you say
Are you leaving?
Yes ah
You come to Macau to find me, I invite you to eat curry squid face
I might bring that one up stooge
I like it so stingy?
Well, I went to Macau to do your stooge
Master, you choose to come to my house to take a statement
Not to Interpol Headquarters
That I am safer here than in Thailand safe house, really smart
A color daughter, called the Little Marco
Ma Ying-jeou
Ji Qi, you've seen
She will stay a few days in this statement from
The last time you have seen, there are many agencies
I did not find out, you be careful now
This is a manual, you take your time
Le Chai took her up the rest
Master, introduce a friend to you know
Heads up
Your daughter is really sick princess
What princess disease, ah, ah Princess cancer
Boss, I'm here
Petit Marco
Ma Ying-jeou Hello
My silly strong mechanical housekeeper
Tea or coffee?
No problem
A little cool ah
Boss, back
Who are you?
Silly strong, you start with too much friends
Sorry ah master
This guy does not like a man near me
You said earlier it
There are, ah, he did not study well to not rush to launch ah
Feel embarrassed
I went to Macau
So quickly to it?
Viagra will attend a charity dinner
You went with me
I dare you call me to go?
Eight o'clock in the dining hall to see
Well, to be met
It seems Renyuehuanghun after ah
Silly Strong
Use my private collection Korea acid to entertain him
Happy little
Ma Ying-jeou, also drink drink coffee?
Drink your sister ah
Martha hair, do not quit cigars?
Smoke less, oral cancer die
See you later
A firm sorry Viagra, late
Shiyi Jian to
I heard you six months ago in Macau and surnamed high
There was a fantastic century baccarat game
Do not mention it
You are not there a nickname
Try to win the invincible hand
The last thing to mention it
Texas Hold'em technology you okay?
Texas Hold'em ah, not landlords, okay ah?
I have not gambled
It does not matter ah, all the winners and losers were donated today to do good deeds
Come, please be seated
How just that dark skin is always staring at you
Like any grudges with you like
Last year, my birthday
Landlords lose me
Ate fifty life package
Mr. Shi, the gentleman has won three bracelet
Specifically requested to accompany you to play today, he called
Needless to say you
Mr. Parker, welcome to Macau Thank you
Yes ah, know you much
I also Tencent blow it every day in Texas
Today's game is No Limit Texas Hold'em
A maximum of fifty million
The size of the blind one hundred thousand, two hundred thousand
The small blind bet big blind please
Place your bets
Place your bets
Raise, 7.4 million
Too, sorry
Y'all, I had also been
Mr. Shi, ten million
With one thousand
Viagra, how much we ceiling
Per fifty million
Then shoved
Shoved all-in on
Forbearance you back
That bastard win
Please flop
Before the flop, play one privately
Bet big way?
One hundred million
Mr. children have, on behalf of mountains
Thank you first
I do not believe you have a flush
Four "J"
Do not believe you do not believe go
But Flush is possible
Boss, I do not know what happened
I'm sorry, I do not know what happened
Flush wins
I am sorry
How do you?
Hello beautiful, I want you
Look at my body more strong
Baby Come dance with me
We go home to eat your favorite curry squid face
Bet over, hands
What happened to him?
A friend left a few drops of water I tried last year to force
I did not try, so they took him to try
He seems to still staring at you
I received a new apprentice,, Ms. Mok Martha hair
Master, my technique for paying accurate?
Very holding
Too, sorry
You too, I have had
You really crafty
That bastard win
Feel embarrassed
I was Abin, I have something important to find Kennedy brother
I received a message
DOA people here tonight Kennedy brother do?
He is not ah
Why do not you call? To personally come?
When I receive a message in the vicinity
Direct drive over
A music, pay his gun
What are you doing?
I always suspected he was betrayed our people
He is the only contact with anyone we will not say
So DOA people have been with us
What are you talking about?
In the safe house when you was gone
After three days you suddenly back
Those three days I was in the hospital you know
Dead bitch
It's you
Tea or coffee?
Tea or coffee?
Yeah away
Became, fighting a man thing, you grab pony
Are you doing?
I am cold
Robots also know that cold?
I was very nervous, nervous urinary wanted
Do you have a penis? I put up with you for a long time
I doubt that you are filled with people
You see, I like to see meat touch
You are Shiyi Jian's great disciple you?
I heard that you are very powerful
But do not worry, I do not hit your hand in
I forgot, sorry ah
I dare you to break the master base camp
I did not teach you loose handcuffs it?
Shiyi Jian, very powerful thing
But I tell you, our people more
Sensible to pay out quickly to pony
Otherwise, you will die
Penis in there? Help
Silly strong are you doing?
Master, you do not be afraid
My safe room is to create a carbon titanium
Thick and one meter
Outside bombing a week, we have nothing
Silly strong church ah?
No, I'm afraid
Afraid you son of a bitch, I'll give you upgrade ah
The ah silly strong
Now is when you sake
Do not be afraid, I am with you in
Come out
Task completed
Strong brother, I love you
Two days with you over the sea
Star restaurant to eat fried chicken and drink beer
Now with you and good?
You brats very vengeful ah
Trouble you
Shiyi Jian, Mo daughter started with pony
In our hands
They want peace to come to Shenzhen to meet with me now
At that time I will tell you the exact location and how to do
I have taught you, still remember?
Should you try ah
Kennedy brother, I really regret ah
Regret betrayal DOA?
Not ah, I knew engage in such a long time
I will first go to the toilet
How you shake it, you're not ...
Welcome to our two flying fortress Long Dian
Ms. Aoi has been waiting for you, please
Welcome, Mr. Shi Yijian magic hands
And our old colleague pony
Full name how to call you?
Why they might always full members?
Your real name is what I really do not know?
Ma still wind
Let you take a look at the goods it
I can pay you back the money
But you have to put the first day
Also, you have not hurt her mother?
I am a woman, how would embarrass a Bitter woman?
I use this program
The fifteen billion deposit to the global banking network
More than ten million points within five years
Nobody used the account
Just use this program within the ten minutes
You can be all the money
Revert to the original Swiss bank account
"Trading Start"
What a genius
Money has been collected, release it
Fifteen billion did not can be earned
Pony can kill or may not kill
Bring him down, let them reunite father and daughter now
Mr. Shi is a talent, it is rare
Many times I have not kill you
Cadence when you talk to me very naturally very exaggerated
I believe that you are not really Aoi, you just substitute
Is not, ah, Mo
Why you always be so smart?
When I chose to go to Las Vegas and did not marry you
Not because I do not love you
But I found that you had already
Come together with many international predators
You suddenly appear
I have long suspected that the
You still love me
I love, I've always loved you
But since the beach with you kiss me have reservations
The first kiss is romantic
The second kiss with the point being bitter sweet
The third Kiss Kiss of the Spider Woman is simply
I was going to Heaven smile breathe away
Did you know that the wooden temple What'd you wish for?
I just wish I were not you looking for apprentice
I did not expect a bowl of curry squid face
Macau will fool you now Mami
Cang teacher
You do not really think you do to win the invincible hand
I love you and give you the opportunity to
Whether or bet with wisdom, I have been on top of you
Do not believe, we gamble
How to bet?
They were filming, all right
If you lose, I put the two of them dropped his daughter airplane
Unless you work for me
I win it?
Put three of you walked
Like how to play?
Here are the cards
Our comparison and see who can grab the biggest
Okay, that the life and death
It seems I have to win
You have only four cards ah
Four won enough
Flush seem bigger
You see the point
Black heart more suitable for you
Them leave to go
Do not move
Dad, I do not like
Departed such a thing, my apprentice stronger than me
Why is this program so violent ah?
Each play to this time are like this
Here you do not move, and so Dad
Sister, did not brand the
A woman can not be too toxic, or chest will sag
Completion of the transaction
Transaction fails
After this program started ten minutes
All the money will be automatically restored
Although I have not opened fire
But I have won two mixed martial arts champion
Do I have to go around preaching it?
No pain, no pain
Die with the dead
I did not teach you loose handcuffs it?
Down eight thousand feet, I want to parachute
Mo, do not run again
You went to the end of heaven
I will find your apprentice
Why always me you can not win
Emotionally lose to you, and now you lost
Surrender it, I'll help you
You asked me, in front of the Buddha What'd you wish for?
I told Buddha if I get back 15 billion
I'll marry you retire
Unfortunately Buddha hear
Whatever the outcome, I will wait for you
I will not go to jail
I remember what it is today
I want you to always remember me the way now
(Every night by thoughts haunt)
(But unfortunately we understand each other each passing ah)
(Love is impossible private profile)
(Reserved touched the hearts of the first exhaustive)
(Not allowed to make the time decay of the original intention)
(So let go)
(So hidden)
(Wet cuff)
(Not to retain)
(Do not look back)
(Continued spend memory)
(Happiness is easy)
(Because of a short stay)
(Not necessarily in terms of time to adapt)
(Love is cruel)
(It is not grass is always greener)
(I'm with you trapped in this whirlpool)
(But unfortunately we understand each other each passing ah)
(Love is impossible private profile)
(Reserved touched the hearts of the first exhaustive)
(Do not allow to make the time decay of the original intention)
(So let go)
(So hidden)
Can it? Can ah
Martha hair, good fortune
Kung Hei Fat Choy
Mom Wife
Not so loving it
Kung Hei Fat Choy, Duoxielili Yes
Thank you grow up fast high
Kung Hei Fat Choy
Thank you Viagra
I have
Also give you
Thanks, boss
Godfather, Happy New Year
Congratulations to eat cake
Lilly Yes
Thank you
You're getting pretty
Your father do?
I do not know I know
Just to see that he did not know what to see on the outside
Angry to go out
Is that right? He has so much anger ah
Yes ah
Master thing you guess
Perhaps he'll be back
I'm fine.
Master, what is it? I'm fine.
Heads up
Master, what happened ah?
The big back head
Last year, the big back head? At the junction sneaky
I saw him fire came
Three boxing feet towards his head
A knockout punch elbow
How I felt like you were playing someone else?
See the little red Well good luck
Silly strong in
Cook a few eggs to
Boss, high cholesterol
High you son of a bitch
I want to rub noses Rouyan, high ...
It is
Kennedy brother, you just say the big back head is not still wearing a jade ring?
Do you know him?
He said she wanted to take me as a disciple
Take you as a disciple?
Good fortune, good fortune
Daozi younger, compliment it called me Conman
What is the matter?
I just told you a little misunderstanding master
Let me come with you specifically say
He is not fake
Your master?
Dad, you do not say it to the people down to the ground?
His internal organs bleeding, dying
This big back head you call him master? Do you believe him?
People have so much to say hello station type in the past it should be
You see, there really is platform type ah
You get out, I want to start with you in immediately