Fronteras (2018) Movie Script

Tex-52, wanna call it a day?
How's it looking by you?
Dirt and rocks.
Just like the last hour
and the hour before that.
All right, head out.
I'll be there in a few.
Best part of the day.
Wait a minute.
What is it?
Tracks at the mace.
One of ours?
No, I don't think so.
Storm drain dumps out on
the other side of the hill.
Let's link up over there.
865, two to three
sets of tracks
moving into the storm drain
at Echo-31.
Moving to pursue.
865, tracks have split.
Continuing pursuit one-half
mile north-east of Echo-31.
865, requesting backup.
Look like they
cut the road at the wash.
Sully, you okay? Sully!
Emergency response needed.
One-half mile
northeast of Echo-31.
One friendly down,
knife wound to the chest.
One hostile in custody.
They're taking him
back to base.
Air lift him to UNC
from there.
At least they
got him stable.
You all right?
What's the story
on the girl?
I'm sure it's nothing
you ain't already heard.
Any documentation
on her?
If she had, she wouldn't be trying
to squeeze through a storm drain.
Says they were supposed to be
meeting up with her parents.
They got by us
a couple of days ago.
3-L took out her
older siblings.
That explains a lot.
What are we doing
with her, then?
We'll hold her for the night,
but she'll be back in Mexico by morning.
Think we should look
at the parents first?
She's got nobody now.
Ah, they're long gone.
Especially with
a couple of days' head start.
Probably deep inside
New Mexico.
Hell, maybe even Texas.
Sorry, Reyes.
You know how
these things go.
Go on home.
There's nothing we can
do here now.
All right, Chief.
The Clippers
will send Rodriguez to the mound.
The three-game series
is even at one of these,
after the Saints batted around twice
in the top of the ninth last night,
scoring 12 runs to win
the game fifteen to four.
In the West,
the levels of...
Quick reminder
about next week's fun run.
Attendance is mandatory.
Check in
with your supervisor...
How's it out there?
Prison 103.
Burke, you're back up.
You're covering for Reyes.
- Chief?
- Morning.
You got a minute?
All day, apparently.
Reyes, this is Ivan Sloane.
He just transferred here
from Texas.
You got three minutes.
Ivan and his team specialize
in foreign and domestic
counter-terrorism operations.
Washington has cycled him
through here
to assist us with a level
three classified threat.
As of right now, their primary
focus in on the Chacal cartel.
You know anything
about them?
Nothing other than hearing something
about them making their way east.
They had, but we
changing their game
in the world of
narcotics trafficking.
Washington's issued a state of
emergency for the entire Southwest.
Ivan here's managed to push them out
of Texas, effectively cutting them off.
He and his team have extensive experience
in these kind of containment things.
Chacal cartel's brought
something new to the state.
It's a nasty,
highly toxic substance.
Rivals the effect of heroin
three times over.
So what do you
need me for?
Well, there's been
sightings of this shit
as far as
the Texas-Louisiana border.
Ivan and his team believe they've
seized all the supply of the product,
pushed it out of Texas,
through to New Mexico,
and now to right here.
Now, we haven't had any
confirmed cases in Arizona yet,
and by God,
I'd like to keep it that way.
So they've asked that we put
our top guys onboard with Ivan.
And seeing as how this will be the
cartel's last and probably hardest push,
they could use
the extra hand.
Something on your mind?
Well, you think about it.
We can get back to it.
What's a Mexican
doing in Border Patrol?
What does that have
to do anything with it?
The Chief gave me the rundown on
you, and that's all well and good.
But if you wanna
roll with my guys,
you're gonna
answer my questions.
I didn't ask to roll
with anybody.
Your family got
their citizenship,
came over here legal.
That's great.
But, land of opportunity,
and you chose this path?
You're right. My father did
get us our citizenship.
But not before getting denied
twice on a 22 month waiting period.
He fought to get us here.
I wanted to do something
to contribute to a place
he knew was gonna
give us a better way of life.
I'm sorry my career choice
disappoints you.
Not all of us come here to paint
your houses and build your fences.
Reyes, nobody can be
assigned to this.
You got to give it
a yes or a no.
I'm also told you wanna work
your way up to NSA level someday.
One word from me
and they'll come knocking.
But if he doesn't
wanna do it,
you can just throw
somebody else at me.
We'll start again tomorrow.
What did you say
you're here for again?
We're small men teams
going after big targets.
The reason this is such
a tier-one issue
is because it produces a flesh-eating
virus, and viruses spread.
This is still an entirely
foreign substance,
and its cause of contraction,
other than direct use,
s currently unknown.
Seems like something we
can handle on our own.
I seized over 600,000
pounds of narcotics,
and shut down the largest human
trafficking circle Brazil has ever seen.
I'm here to make sure that this nasty
shit doesn't get into our country.
It rips the flesh
right off the bone.
To the junkie, it's just the next
high, and they'll pay dearly for it.
Poor bastards don't know the
difference until it's too late.
And they'll make
a profit on it
while the rest of the country
kills itself from the inside out.
If it gets out and goes
widespread, your chief is right.
A lot of innocent families try to
get into the country the right way.
But they end up
getting denied,
because they're already
infected by it.
You'd be helping
to put a stop to that.
But if he wants to stay where
he's at, it makes no difference to me.
We'll just run down the list
until we find someone that sticks.
You the new dick?
Our new guy.
Yeah. Reyes.
So, you know the deal
for tonight?
Ivan will fill us in.
Try to keep up.
Don't shoot any of us.
And take that shit off.
Keep your civvies on.
Plate on your chest.
All right. Neighbors called in on
suspicion of sheltering some undocs.
We don't have a head count.
Could be two, maybe twenty.
Weapons on sight?
Also unknown.
Neighbors say they only
leave the property after dark.
So, stay sharp.
Rules of engagement
are weapons-free.
Is that necessary?
Reyes, everyone.
Everyone, Reyes.
Make no mistake.
These people are enemies of the state
and should be
treated as such.
All right?
Let's hit it.
Reyes, your bean speak is
probably the strongest.
So you're first
to the door.
Don't fuck this up.
Cover yourself.
You don't want these
fuckers seeing your face.
Get on the fucking ground.
We're good!
Don't fucking move!
Is anyone else
here with you?
- It's all clear.
- Copy.
Make yourself useful.
What are you
doing here?
I'm here to work.
That's all.
I heard that one before.
I have documentation.
I'll show you.
Don't move.
Where is it you work?
The man that
owns the house
has small business.
I work there. He pay me very
little, but he let me stay here.
Until I have money
for my own house.
I'll show you
my documentos.
Follow this man
right here.
We just have a few
papers for you to sign,
and then we'll let you
get back to your evening.
I think somebody's
here for you.
Good evening, fellas.
I'm taking that one in overnight,
but the place is yours.
What's the story with him?
His papers check out.
He works for the house owner.
- Where's he?
- I don't know.
So, maybe you should
run his papers.
All right, I'll be in and out.
Copy that.
What are they
doing here?
All calls originating from neighborhoods
like this go to us and the PD,
but they still
have jurisdiction.
It's all good though.
I told 'em my deal.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
I need you to get him
out of the vehicle.
Step out.
Get out of here now.
Hands behind your back.
- What?
- Do not move.
Hey, hey.
What's happening?
Found an unregistered weapon
and narcotics under the bed.
That's not mine.
I checked the bed.
And look what
you missed.
Wait. No, no, no, no.
You can't do this.
You can't do this to me.
I've done nothing.
Fuck you!
Fuck you, puto.
Where are they
taking him?
He'll spend the night in county,
then headed back to Mexico.
What about his papers?
You know how long
it took him to get those?
Probably less
than an hour. They're fake.
- What?
- Fake, forced, void.
Whatever you wanna call it.
And you know that
for sure?
I wouldn't be in
my position if I wasn't.
Cartel boys have been
swapping tactics lately.
Sending innocent civvies
as scouts.
This right here proves they can
provide passable documentation.
I'd like to see
his papers.
His papers.
Can I see them?
No can do.
PD already has them
in evidence.
Listen, Reyes.
You're gonna have to pick up on some
things if you wanna stick around.
You wanna get the bad guys?
They wanna get you more.
Think about this as
a learning experience.
You should just soak up how desperate
they are to keep their teeth dug into us.
Get that, Ivan.
What about the homeowner?
There's a chance that stuff
could have been his.
Not likely.
But PD will be
following up with him.
I know how you feel
about these people,
and I understand why.
But if you let your emotions
rule your trigger finger,
they will take
advantage of you.
We're going out again soon.
You ready to roll?
Yeah, listen, um...
Sorry that your first day out
with us had to be like that.
You care about these people.
I'm nobody to judge that.
Unfortunately, days like that
are the nature of the beast.
You got to learn to expect that
not everybody is what they seem.
I know.
It's just the look
in his eyes, you know.
You think he's innocent?
You got to keep that inside,
lock it away.
These monsters will take everything
from you that they can possibly get,
regardless of the fact that
you share a skin tone.
They're not monsters.
But when you put that uniform
on, you became one of them.
You father was a proud citizen
of this country, I'm sure.
I know that you are, too.
You just gotta be willing to uphold
that, whatever the cost.
See you outside, yes?
All right.
Your first cookout?
My what?
You'll adjust.
Check the size.
I wager they drove off
at three, four mil in profit.
Took every cent with 'em.
All of it untaxed.
No, sir.
Not all of it.
- That's a good one.
- Mmm-hmm.
Clear and not
a cloud in sight.
What the hell is that?
Easy there, spick.
- Eyes on the line.
- Fuck you.
I saw what the hell
you did.
- All right, everyone. Dial it down.
- Oh, yeah?
We got a problem?
You're gonna have a fucking
problem when Morris finds out about this.
That's gonna be real hard to do when the
next bus back to red, white and green
is dragging your brown,
lifeless ass behind it.
- The fuck you talking about, bitch?
- Enough!
Take a walk.
And you, come with me.
Now let's talk about
what you thought you saw
before you do something stupid like
dragging your captain into this.
There's nothing
to talk about.
A member of whatever
branch of the U.S. Government
has an illegal
substance in his system,
while on duty.
This will be
reported to Morris.
Well, I'd think long and
hard before doing that.
Especially when
you have no proof.
I watched him do it.
Maybe he
watched you do it.
Maybe we all did.
And you don't think they could
find their way around a piss test?
What the hell is this?
This is whatever
you want it to be.
It can be your ticket
upstairs with the big boys,
or the end of
your time at BP.
But what it won't be
is finger pointing,
because you're a little
shy in the sheets.
You run a different kind of
show around here, and I get it.
Nothing makes sense
to you now.
But I can assure you that all that was
was a field op at the top of his game
testing the purity
of our friend's product.
We got people for
that kind of thing.
You're not gonna dangle
a pay raise in front of me
and expect to pull the shades
over my eyes that easily.
Sometimes, to get into
the mind of a monster,
you have to dine
at the same table.
Now, you don't
have to be here.
I told you that from
the very beginning.
So suck it up, gut it up
until we're done
and get my recommendation,
or jump ship.
But don't threaten me.
I guarantee you that'll be
the last mistake you make.
Come on.
Done here.
Chief, you got a minute?
Sure. I'd like to hear
about that cook site anyway.
Everything run smooth,
I take it?
That's what I wanted to
talk to you about, actually.
Ivan and those guys
are the best, aren't they?
We're lucky to have 'em.
Where exactly are they
from, Chief?
I know they spent
some time in Texas.
But beyond that,
Are we looking at DOD? CIA?
Something even
above that?
May I ask why you're
suddenly so interested?
I just wanna know what
we're dealing with, Sir.
Well, to be perfectly honest with
you, your guess is good as mine.
They're here to help with
the never-ending struggle.
And for that reason alone,
I don't ask that question.
None of
the station chiefs do.
I think it's in our best
interest if we ask them to leave
and let us handle this.
What the hell are you
talking about, Reyes?
This is a shot any one of your
colleagues would love to have.
And it's an opportunity for
you to rock it up the ladder.
Beyond that, it's Washington
finally admitting that we have
a serious issue down here.
They've listened and
now they've answered.
Now, unless Ivan's done something that
would warrant me calling up the chain,
I've got no power over him.
They stay
until the job's done.
No, nothing, Sir.
They just work
a little differently.
I'm not sure
it's where I want to be.
You're an outsider to 'em.
We're all on the same team
and they know that.
You could learn a lot
from Ivan.
Now, if you want off the
assignment, I can't make you stay.
But I'd like to
see you finish.
They could use
a guy like you.
Thank you, Chief.
You got a visitor,
by the way.
Back from the dead.
You can't get rid of me
that easy.
So, what's it
looking like, man?
That fucker missed my hart
by a fraction of an inch.
Can you believe that?
What heart?
- Well, you look good.
- Oh.
It hurts to put
a shirt on.
But sitting on my ass at home?
That's the real killer.
I hear that, man.
I fucked up out there.
I didn't have your back.
It may be one of those
backs that wasn't for you.
You saved my ass.
We are all ready
for you to be back.
I should be cleared for light
duty in a couple of days.
They definitely don't look
like they're from around here.
Transfers from Texas.
I'll tell you
about that later.
We're over-staffed
the way it is.
So why don't you
come by tomorrow?
Jen's having a get-together,
and Haley keeps bugging me about you.
- Oh, man. Wouldn't miss it.
- All right.
You still have a few years
by my count.
Are you gonna
tell on me?
Couldn't look
the other way.
I need something
to sway my decision.
That beer would be
a good start.
Your gut says otherwise.
How is summer school
treating you?
Six hours a day,
on top of dad giving me
the daily guilt trip
about having to cancel
our vacation.
Wow. Your dad wasn't
the best in school either,
but you didn't
hear that from me.
Try to hit the range
this weekend,
if you wanna get
schooled again.
As soon as you can convince
him to take me off the chain.
You've been pretty good.
I'll see what I can do.
I just have to get through senior
year, and I'm gone.
Well, whenever you decide
to break that news to him,
take it easy.
He's been through
a lot.
He cares about you.
Still gonna need that.
There he is.
She's getting tall.
I know.
It's funny.
Sometimes it seems like she'd
rather live with you than with us.
When are you gonna have
some of your own?
Ha! He'd have to
get a date first.
That hole in your chest hasn't
affected your ability to cut me down.
Don't pay any
attention to him.
That's just him covering up that he
actually missed you the other night.
- Is that right?
- I'm on a lot of medication.
Mind if I steal him
for a minute, Jen?
It's good to see everything's solid
on the homefront with you, man.
Yeah, I can't complain.
How about you?
Morris said you're running solo.
Not quite.
The transfers from Texas.
Are you training them
or what?
Something's going on that needs
to stay between us right now.
Can't tell anyone.
Not even Jen.
Chacal hit something new at us and it
spread through the Southwest already.
Is it on the
methamphetamine shelf?
I don't know.
But it got Washington to
issue a state of emergency.
Those guys
you saw yesterday?
They're leading a containment
effort against it.
Morris say where
they're operating out of?
Feds maybe?
I've been asking that
for two days.
So far,
no straight answer.
But this definitely has
"cartel" stamped all over it.
I'd give anything
to go out with those guys.
See some real shit.
You know I can't ask that
from you or Jen.
Not after what happened.
I let you down once.
I can't let that
happen again.
Think doc will be good with
you on your feet tomorrow?
Fuck if I care.
Most action I've seen
is walking to the mailbox.
I hear you, man.
How's that shoulder?
It's all right.
It'll be good.
also learning this morning
more about the killing
of a U.S. Border Patrol agent
along the Mexico-Arizona
border Tuesday.
Josh, good morning to you.
This is a very famous
drug-trafficking corridor.
One of the most famous,
in fact, of the entire border.
And for that reason, investigators
suspect what happened to Agent Ivy
could be connected
to narco-trafficking.
This morning,
these hills in Nago, Arizona,
just three miles
from the U.S.-Mexico border,
remain a crime scene.
Agent Ivy died
in the line of duty.
Protecting our nation against
those who threaten our way of life.
This morning
is a search for his killer.
Border Patrol agents are remembering
the life of one of their own.
Quite a haul.
Where did you pick these guys up from?
sedan, heading east down on 155.
One mile out.
Hey, uh, what's
that plate again?
All right.
Last name?
Got him.
Where the fuck
are you going?
That piece of paper your
daddy got you don't mean shit.
You wanna wear my stripes?
Show me why.
Stay here.
Ask for their papers.
What's the hold up?
Sir, may I see
your papers?
Get him out of here!
What are you doing?
They were fake.
And how the hell
do you know that?
You practically made that kid
shit herself into not talking.
Sure this is cool?
Fresh cook site,
tents in the area.
If we run into the heat,
they're gonna have the extra
hand, whether they want it or not.
If there's something you're not telling
me, now's the time.
These guys work
a little differently.
Who's this?
This is Sully.
He just got back from med leave.
And what's he
doing here?
Active site.
We can use an extra
gun with us.
Made that decision
on your own, huh?
These are my guys.
And their lives are my
responsibility, not yours.
You don't get to decide who
comes into the circle. I do.
Hostile cook site,
or a fucking game
of hopscotch,
I'm not about to let somebody
I don't know tag along.
I'm sorry he told you one thing
and I'm telling you another,
but there's no room
for you here.
Let's go.
He stays, I stay.
You wanna go in
shorthanded, that's fine.
I don't have to be the Fed
to know when to call in help.
All right.
But he's your baggage.
We got a white
male, black tank top, black pants.
Wandering around two miles
east off the road.
How you doing today?
Can't complain
other than this heat.
The chopper spotted you
wandering around out here.
You mind telling me what
you're doing out here?
I'm just coming
from San Lucas.
Me and my wife doing the
resort thing for a week.
Your wife?
Yeah, she forgot
something back home,
so I just came
to go get it.
And you were looking for it
out there?
No, I didn't have
a signal,
so I was just hoping
to get a bar or two.
Well, it's a hell of a drive.
Where you heading to?
Uh, we live just
in Sahuarita.
Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you what
you're doing all the way over here then.
Living in Sahuarita,
you'd wanna pass through
our Nogales station.
Same one you came through
on your way in.
You're in Agua Prieta.
115 miles east of where you should be.
Look, it's our
first time down here.
I probably just
got turned around.
This is a major quarter
for drug activity.
A lot of people wanna
pass through here.
People you don't wanna
run into.
I understand.
I'm very sorry.
Well, I'm happy to get you
where you need to be.
I appreciate that.
Thank you.
Well, you got a GPS
or anything like that?
Uh, I should.
I guess no vacation would be
complete without it, right?
Any more of your buddies running
around I should know about?
What are you guys
cooking up out here?
If it's anything like
that last site we found,
I'd venture to say your outfit
needs a new chef. Shit was weak.
Get him some water.
Don't drink that.
Jesus fuck.
They aren't pedaling bottom
shelf product anymore.
What the hell is that?
No official name
in the books yet,
but for now, they're calling
it Krokodil with a "K",
gets its name from the pattern
it leaves on the victim's skin.
We weren't sure if it had made
its way out of New Mexico yet,
- guess we just got our answer.
- Is there a vaccine?
Something we can administer
to at least fight it?
Obviously, this little one
didn't mean for it to happen,
so it was probably
an accident.
Small amount in water,
hell, maybe even
the constant fumes did it.
Supposed to be the best
high in the market,
but as you can see,
it comes with a cost.
I don't suppose
you'll be sampling then.
The more a person does,
the further it spreads over the body.
You do enough of it,
she'll eat right through to the bone.
It could be prone to spread through
saliva, maybe even contact.
We'll get them in
to see somebody,
get the little girl up
there, get the dad fixed up.
You two come back
to HQ with me.
Shane and the boys can wait for
emergency response to arrive.
Hell of a day
from what I hear.
- Y'all headed out for the night?
- Yeah.
And it's more than
I can say for you.
All good things in this job
come with a whole
shit storm of paperwork.
And with this 240lb seizure
of Croc this afternoon,
it's created a whole
new list of problems.
If that transport
hadn't been caught
with a bag of cheap weed
in the glove box,
this would all be sold
on every corner
in the south barrio
by sundown.
I took Sully along today.
Well, Ivan's definitely a personality
that takes some getting used to.
I mean,
his whole team is.
But he did everything by the
book as far as I could tell.
Matter of fact,
he's the one that spotted it.
If it hadn't been for him,
we might all be in the ICU right now.
Has he filled you in on the
rest of Ivan's activities
- since his arrival?
- Yes.
And I'm no way
defending him, sir.
Good, don't.
'Cause I called the station
chief over in Texas,
he had the same
problems there.
Cleaned up
a hell of a mess
but he's a loose cannon when it
came to handling other affairs.
So, how did
they handle him?
From what I hear, the best thing
we can do is just wait him out,
and that's exactly
what we're gonna do here.
They'll move on from here
just like they did in Texas.
What I don't
understand is,
how something like this has been
allowed to go on for so long.
I mean, I know
these are some higher-ups,
but someone even above them
must've heard something by now.
in cases like this,
where the primary objective
is being met,
all else is forgiven.
Ivan produces results,
so he's left alone.
I can't say whether or not his
promise to boost NSA is true,
what I can say is this,
after what you've seen,
nobody, I mean, nobody,
including me,
can expect you to stay with this guy.
That's decision that's yours
and yours alone.
Thank you, sir. But I have to
stay, and not for his offer.
- Reyes...
- I want him to know that
everything he's done
has been witnessed,
and will be documented for the
day he has to answer to it.
I don't want you
doing this.
Is that an order?
No, it's not an order.
If this is something you feel
like you need to see through,
then you do it together.
But you stay back.
That is an order.
we live in a time
where the sun doesn't have to be
down for bad people to come out.
You know what I mean?
I'd like to speak with
the family from today,
see how the kid
is holding up.
What family?
The family we retrieved
from the cook site today.
Ivan's guys brought
the girl in for treatment.
Reyes, they
came back alone.
What the fuck
is your problem?
- Where are they?
- Who?
Don't fuck with me.
You were supposed
to bring them in.
What the fuck
did you do, Ivan?
That's enough, Ivan.
Let him up
Go back inside, Chief.
I said let him up.
You sure
you wanna do that?
I doubt my people would
like hearing about this,
not that it would
affect me any.
You're the one who's
gonna be out of a job.
That's a risk
I'm willing to take.
At least we'd get
the answer to where
a piece of shit
like you comes from.
Now, I've asked you
twice to let him up.
I won't ask a third time.
You were supposed to
bring them back.
- You saw the shape the kid was in.
- Exactly.
We're dealing with an element
we don't understand.
If we had
brought them in,
this entire facility would
be on lock down right now
under a plastic bubble,
and we'd all be getting
scrubbed down by hazmat.
Getting you to leave was the only way
I could do what needed to be done.
- You mean killing them?
- Transporting them to CDC.
- That's bullshit.
- If you wanna go back out
and dig through ditches,
be my guest.
But something like this
can't be taken lightly.
If this proves
to be airborne,
then they're exactly where
they need to be right now,
with the lab coats
at disease control.
You're too attached.
Grow the fuck up
and realize that
it's not about you wanting
to do the humane thing.
- If it was up to me...
- If it was up to you,
we'd all be in
jeopardy right now.
I am this close to finally
putting this thing to bed forever
and if you or you
get in my way,
I will run you over.
I think it's best
that we just
run our course,
finish this and then
we'll be on our way.
No sense in anyone
getting hurt
when we're all playing for the same side.
Right, Chief?
Let's not let all
of this hide the fact
that we did
solid work today
getting intel on
a hot spot for resupply.
We're hitting that
but tonight,
we celebrate.
Celebrate what?
Another day that we get to
come home from this job.
That's reason enough
for me.
Hard time
finding the place, ladies?
You made it.
What do you think, slugger?
Certainly not your first rodeo.
Keg's over there.
- You good?
- Yeah.
Sit or take a walk,
but don't just fuckin' stand there.
You good for tomorrow?
Big day for you,
first time running your
luck with the Chacal boys.
What makes you say that?
Those guys back at the
cook site were cartel guys.
Those were pissant
errand boys,
"pledges" if they have
such a thing.
And I know it's your first time.
I see it in your eyes.
There's still a lot
they haven't seen.
Been in this long enough to tell
who's everything, and who hasn't.
Same for Sully.
Something happened
that almost took him away,
now it's carved
in his face.
and it'll never change.
I don't know what it was,
but he came close.
It wasn't Cartel,
if that's what you think.
I know that.
I don't glorify them the
way everyone else seems to.
The only thing that
separates them
from any other bad person
out there with a gun
is numbers and organization.
Anybody can pull a trigger.
It's not all you gotta
be prepared for.
It's the aftermath,
shit they leave
in their wake.
That kind of inhumanity
stays with you.
Sometimes, I think I could
have stayed where I was at.
Nice desk job in DC, steady paycheck.
Really steady.
Stayed married.
But after 14 years of the same
shit, a man wants more.
She said she'd leave.
if I took the job.
She thought it'd change me.
Did it?
No, Reyes.
I've always
been a patriot.
I have the old man
to thank for that.
I just grew tired of...
hearing about
the same fuckin' people
helping themselves
to my home, my...
home, my opportunities.
That's when I decided to put
myself on the very front line
and do anything
I could to stop it.
Give up anything including...
a 14 year-old marriage.
Sounds like
quite the decision,
leaving that all behind,
somebody that loves you.
I'm just trying to
ask myself...
was I happy,
or just unaware.
When you give up everything
except that one thing...
that you really care about,
you're able to be the very
best at that one thing.
You protect it from anything
that comes in its path.
That one thing
for me is country.
I bet a lot of people have
been caught in your path.
And you don't remember
a single face, do you?
They're all
a stack of papers.
Well, that's not
entirely true, Reyes.
The coyotes transporting
a truck load of shooters to
a checkpoint for an ambush,
I remember their faces.
The woman...
dragging the filthy mattress
stuffed with
three dead infants
back to the family
they've been abducted from.
Not good with names,
but I remember her, too.
Just the bad ones then.
What about anybody legal
that's been unfortunate enough
to come in contact with you?
Oh, I remember you.
Fine, fine.
El Paso.
Shane and I had been...
holed up with the guys
in a shit ass motel
with no AC
for about eight days,
waiting to...
get a tip on
the whereabouts of
Nesto "The Diamond" Padilla.
Nesto was number three
on the Chacal chain.
- Ivan?
- I don't know what happened.
Adrenaline from the fight,
being cooped up with
four guys in a hotel,
a wound still fresh
from a divorce.
Even seeing
your friend get shot.
But something
came over me, Reyes.
I did the right thing.
The husband
didn't even fight us
putting him on
the back of a bus.
More importantly,
cartel have one less
place to hide from me.
Do you know why they
called him "The Diamond"?
Motherfucker has a...
14-carat rock for a tooth.
I bet that shit's
a blood diamond, too.
Never did catch him.
Hey, Reyes.
Thanks for coming by.
You sure about this?
You don't have to come.
I'll tell them you're too hungover
from last night or whatever,
but I'm going,
even if you don't have my back.
It's not what I'm saying.
'Cause I kinda think it is.
This isn't what
you and I do.
Kicking down doors,
fire fights,
we don't have
the training for it,
to survive it.
You're the one who wanted to
go out with these guys so bad.
What happened?
I just don't have a good
feeling about today, okay, man.
- I'm scared.
- So am I.
But that and fear aside,
you didn't have to hear
the things he said to me.
If I don't do something while
I have him in my sights,
he's gonna
disappear forever.
I need you on this, man.
You're here early, Chief.
Yeah, I came to
see y'all off.
Listen, be careful
out there today.
Hang back,
let Ivan do this thing
so he can get out of here
as soon as possible.
Listen, do not draw a line
in the sand with this man
unless you're prepared to
have him step across it.
Read me?
All right. See y'all
when you get back.
All right, guys,
the day is here.
Since beefing up the two
main arteries at the border,
Three Points has become the
biggest trafficking corridor.
That's where we're going.
Our target sits in
a very open area of land,
which leaves a lot of room for
hazard and none for mistakes.
BP has been kind enough
to convoy with us,
but in order to maintain
the element of surprise,
we're gonna have to break it
off and hoof it a mile out.
This is a large resupply hub
for the Chacal Cartel,
headed over by
our boy, Javier Arturo.
We don't know what
we'll be walking into,
our objective is to cut off any resources
they have when crossing the border,
and prevent any more of this
nasty shit from coming in.
If you find any of
the substance on site,
back the fuck off.
That's a hazmat issue,
not ours.
We're going in to clear,
gather information on any more of
the little motels that they have,
and get the fuck out.
As always, hope for the
best, prepare for worst.
Go out the back.
Do I look familiar?
I'm here anyway.
What the fuck, you hit me!
- Everybody else all right?
- House is clear.
Do another sweep,
see what you can find.
- It's clear.
- Good.
Any more of your friends
running around out there, Pablo?
No Ingles?
You should learn it by now,
help you fit in well with the locals.
Who else is out here?
I really don't like
surprises, so tell me now,
and you might
get out of this alive.
'cause it's not looking
so good for you right now.
What about shipment? Kroc?
I know you didn't come up here
for sightseeing, so where is it?
Where's it going?
How many more of these little
vacation spots you got, hmm?
Come up here,
little fiesta,
blow each other
in the back room.
We hit a funny bone,
didn't we?
I think you do habla ingles
just fine, don't you?
How 'bout I skin you and your
little fuckin' boyfriends,
hang you out and leave the
vultures to get at you, huh?
I think that'd wipe the fuckin'
grin off your stupid fuckin' face.
You think their deaths
weigh heavy on me?
You don't get attached
in this business.
Any day, any damned day
can be your last.
So, if you're gonna
threaten me,
you're gonna have to
try harder.
Place is clean.
Know what's nice
about this?
It doesn't run
out of bullets.
I can stick this anywhere
until the sun goes down.
I know you have
more supply stops.
Even if I told you,
you'd still kill me.
See, I've know
men like you.
Your country has monsters
- worse than ours.
- That's how we're able to to protect it.
You will not leave this life
without paying for your crimes.
- Tell me where!
- That's enough, Ivan.
What are you doing, Reyes?
- Putting and end to this.
- To what?
Getting intel from the enemy?
Doing the job we all signed up to do?
No. To you.
Reyes, without me,
there's no NSA boost.
You'll stay right where you
are birdwatching at the fence.
I can live with that.
Letting you leave
and continue doing
what you're doing...
- is something I can't.
- So what?
You'll bury us all,
drag him back to big daddy
Morris, be the hero.
That it?
He's more valuable
to us alive than dead.
I'm not gonna waste the fucking
energy digging you a grave.
What the fuck
are you doing?
Now that that's off the
table, what are you gonna do?
Drop the gun.
Drop it!
But only because
I know this isn't you.
You're not gonna
shoot anyone.
You have no escape plan
and you know it.
Six of us go in and only
two of you come out?
Might look a little suspect
when my people come knocking.
Especially, when four of
their senior tasks agents
couldn't handle five of these
little lanky motherfuckers?
Not likely.
You say five.
Maybe I say 15
and the others got away,
but not before
mowing your team down.
Guess I taught you something
after all, didn't I?
But you're not gonna
pull that trigger
because that'll make you
on step closer to being me.
You put down that gun down,
and there's a chance everybody
can get out of here alive
and we'll put it all
behind us.
You did a hell of a thing
today, both of you.
Cut off a major artery
to the enemy,
and now, they'll slowly
funnel south
until they're back
on their own side.
Damn fine work
for two guys
who were just watching
the fence three weeks ago.
I had every intention
of keeping my word
and moving on
when the job was done.
I really did.
You are where you are because of
the decisions that you made, Reyes.
And now you put somebody
else's life on the line.
How's that make you feel?
You're a good man, Reyes.
You stand up for your values and your
beliefs, just as I do. I respect that.
Which is why I hate that
you put me in this position.
But that's the nature
of the job,
to do what
other people won't do,
to remove yourself
from right and wrong.
It's what the people
don't see
that keeps
the country safe.
now you've had to see those things.
So, murdering a child and her
father is keeping us safe?
- Collateral damage.
- No.
I know what you are.
Morris knows what you are.
Morris is smart and
wants to keep his desk.
Every station head
is the same.
They keep their mouth shut
and let me pass through.
Well, you can believe
I'm gonna talk,
make sure this whole
fucking thing spills.
No. You won't.
Every fucking word.
I don't know
the story on you,
but you seem
like a nice guy.
Were you married?
Have kids?
- A daughter.
- How old?
That's nice.
Anything you want
your partner to tell her
since you won't be
coming home?
He won't say anything, Ivan.
This is between us.
It's all right, man.
Have you swayed your stance
on the situation yet?
Get you back to HQ,
get you fixed up,
you'll be back at
the fence in six weeks.
Tell the NSA what a fine
upstanding agent Reyes Abeyta is,
worthy of promotion,
and most importantly,
you never have to see me again.
All this can be yours for
the promise of silence.
What do you say?
I say you're a piece of shit
disgrace to your nation,
who doesn't
deserve this freedom.
Just like the man
who raised you.
And yours
would be disappointed
that you gave up everything
that you worked for.
You don't speak to me
in the language
of the people you abandoned.
And you've been fighting
the war against my product.
I think you know
who I am.
I sure know
who you are.
One of our own in uniform.
I had to see it
to believe it.
And here you are.
A lot of bloodshed,
not likely the work
of two people.
Where's the rest
of your boys?
They left you, didn't they?
You chose
the wrong side, Pocho.
You have to be
feeling that now.
Definitely now.
Do what you're here to do.
When I first heard of you,
I was...
sickened, disgusted
to my core.
You would turn away your
own kind for a better life.
I wouldn't want to live here.
I love my country,
my home,
but... I get it
You don't know
anything about me.
But I do.
Your family wanted
to get out,
come live with
the gringos, that's fine.
But... to put on
this uniform,
take that oath against us,
even to a guy like me,
that's... cold blooded.
After I got through
the phase of
what I'd do to you
if I ever found you,
I started to see you
as a blessing in disguise.
Why kill you,
when I could finally have
eyes and ears on the inside.
You made a long trip
to be disappointed.
Did I?
A gun in my face
won't sway me.
The same way it didn't when the last
one of you fucks tried it on my father.
And he's dead.
These aren't your beliefs,
they're his.
You're a free man,
able to make his own
choice, walk his own road.
His was a selfish one
that left your mother
on her own.
How is Elena, by the way?
I won't kill her.
She'll come work for me.
I'll put Elena
on her own corner
on the busiest street
in the entire city,
buy her some new clothes,
show a little skin.
My girls have been known to pull
in $4,000 to $5,000 in a week.
I'm guilty of sampling myself.
I'm a gentle soul.
But I can't say the same
for these pigs.
I can make you
a very wealthy man, Reyes.
You won't have to pull
a single trigger.
Whenever a move is made,
you just let me know, okay?
That's it.
You can continue
living where you are,
be financially
secure forever,
you never even have to
see me ever again.
What do you say?