Frontiers (2023) Movie Script

The season hasn't opened!
A doe, too.
- Couldn't shoot a buck?
- Screw you!
- This is my land.
- Move!
Yeah, scram.
Crazy bitch!
- Beat it!
- Keep your doe!
And don't come back!
Thanks, sweetie.
It's OK, I'll drive you.
Did you lock up?
Yes, Mom.
Stay here.
It will make a great warehouse
or a condo.
They are very trendy right now.
Follow me, I will show you the parking.
Will it sell?
Churches are my specialty.
Americans snap them up.
How are you coping?
And your sisters?
I haven't seen them since the funeral.
We're doing our best.
After what happened...
Would you like to talk?
No. I have to go.
May God keep you!
Spend the day here.
You don't mind?
I'd rather have you here
than with him.
What'll your sisters say?
Leave them to me.
See you.
That won't stop them
from getting in.
We interrupt our program of music
for a breaking news story
concerning two American convicts
who escaped from a maximum security
prison in Bakersfield, Vermont.
A manhunt is underway
along the Canada-US border
where the two prisoners were last seen.
It's still not known if the fugitives
crossed into Canada,
but authorities report
they are armed and dangerous.
Stay tuned for further updates.
Wait here.
Don't go.
I won't be long.
It was pretty dark.
I can't be sure.
Did you hear anything?
They took the best meat.
This is skilled work.
Who were they?
We're right on the border.
It's wide open.
Could be from either side.
Our prize cow, too.
She won lots of ribbons.
Could it have been a rival?
You can't be here.
I know them.
Bye, sweetie.
Hi, Diane.
I have other sizes in back.
Lots of excitement this morning.
You heard about the Tremblays' cow?
I just saw them.
Blood everywhere.
Who could do such a thing?
I'll get one more.
Right in the heart.
This deer's gonna cost us.
They know how to shoot.
City folk think they have all the rights.
We'll teach them respect.
Someone was in the house today.
Come on!
- Again?
- I swear.
All the cupboards were open.
It's enough, Diane. Get a grip.
There's no one here.
Have you seen your doctor?
Fuck you, Carmen!
Go on.
Sometimes I feel like...
like it's Dad.
I went to the cemetery.
You should go, you'd feel better.
I can't.
It might help.
Even I go sometimes.
People are talking.
You're in no position to preach.
Good night.
- You'll be OK?
- Yeah.
- See you soon?
- Yeah.
- Take care.
- Bye.
And her husband?
Nobody knows.
C'mon! Everybody knows.
Except him.
How'll that man feel
when he finds out?
A drunk who beats his wife?
I don't call that a man!
Still, be careful.
He could do anything.
You're so selfish. You gonna console
every frustrated woman here?
They'd be lined up for miles
outside my door.
Including you two!
Let's get this done.
I'll let you finish up.
Take it easy tonight.
When hunting starts
you're usually wasted.
Some aunts you are.
Alright, Mom.
Don't mention Mom.
We're well rid of her.
I know it's not easy for any of us.
But Diane's worse than ever.
You don't have to always provoke her.
I hope Mom comes.
Sure, as long as it doesn't end
like last time.
What are you doing?
Waiting for you.
Aren't you cold?
He warms me up.
He was gone a while.
I thought he was lost.
I think he missed me.
I believe you, Mom.
About Grandpa.
Maybe we miss him too much
and imagine things.
Maybe he has something
to tell us.
That he's here.
So early?
Warms you up.
No thanks.
Sure, after the night I spent.
He didn't even come home.
We're pathetic.
What are you doing?
Want to get shot?
We're not alone.
Go home.
You're trespassing.
Your dad said I could hunt here.
- While we were still together.
- Diane!
How are you?
I'm fine.
That's not what I hear.
You still have stuff at the house.
What's the rush?
I'm Sarah's dad.
Do you think about me?
You dumped me with no explanation.
I don't deserve this.
A drink.
Just a drink.
Keep the deer.
But don't come back.
You don't live here.
I'll wait for you tonight at our spot.
Why're you here?
This is still my home.
Your sisters are worried.
They asked me to come.
What's that?
Those are...
things Sarah left in Florida.
I'll put them in her room.
I made an appointment with the lawyer.
It's at two.
Is she that bad?
It's scary sometimes.
- Don't exaggerate.
- You saw her.
Talking to herself,
staring blankly,
imagining Dad's ghost is in the house.
Don't tell me you buy that too?
I, Ren Messier, bequeath the Messier farm
at 1133 chemin du Bois
in St-Armand, Qubec, Canada
and the rest of my estate equally to
my daughters Diane, Carmen and Julie,
and my wife, Angle.
I want Diane Messier to run the farm
and grant my daughters
ownership of their homes.
Should the farm be sold...
Here your father was adamant...
he requires all four of you
to sign the deed of sale.
I leave my hunting rifles
to my son-in-law, Pierre Larocque.
What else?
Finally, to my granddaughter,
Sarah Messier,
I bequeath $50,000
to pay for her education.
I'll see to it.
Madame, you can't just...
Always a good bottle
squirreled away in Dad's office.
- Want some?
- Sure.
You could've come back sooner.
Florida's not next door.
I came for the funeral.
3 days.
I'm not on trial.
You told me to leave, kicked me out,
same as with your boyfriend.
You know, the will...
How much is this place worth,
if we sell?
It's not about money.
Must be worth close to 1.5 million.
If you're broke, ask your boyfriend
to pay rent.
We've always lived here.
I won't leave.
Me neither.
With the money
you could rent yourself apartments
and have fun with the rest.
This is our life.
After what happened,
you shouldn't stay stuck here.
Is what you did better?
It's been 10 years.
Running off with the fertilizer salesman!
And? It wasn't easy for me either.
I'd had it with farming.
You were all grown.
He never got over it...
Hoping you'd come back.
Leaving you in the will.
Though I did my best
to change his mind.
Goddamn breakers!
The house is falling apart.
Like I said...
Pass me the flashlight.
You little snoop!
Come downstairs.
This is why you came?
She provokes me.
Since she was this high.
She needs help.
She's going crazy. Us too.
I'll do what I can, but...
she never listens.
She's really not OK.
It's not my fault. We're not close.
Not for lack of trying.
As to the farm, think about it.
It'd be best for everyone.
It'll never happen.
Diane doesn't need the stress.
Diane, cooped up in a flat?
Like sending her to the loony bin.
Go to bed.
I won't be back late.
I need to talk to your dad.
Give him a chance.
Do you miss him?
Every second.
Do you want to see him?
Why won't you let him stay?
I'll think about it.
See you later.
Where's she going?
I'll get my suitcase.
I'm going home.
Me, too.
I'd given up hope.
We had things to discuss.
Your mom's back?
News travels fast.
It's a small town.
You saw the lawyer?
Not your business.
It concerns my daughter.
You know I don't want anything.
They were close.
I wondered if he remembered her.
And you, too.
Oh yeah?
His hunting rifles.
Carmen must be pissed.
She'll be bitching for weeks.
I don't want them.
She can keep them.
I don't want'em.
And you?
How are you?
I miss you guys.
I miss you.
Why won't you let me back
to help on the farm?
You're all alone.
It's not healthy.
You fucker!
Cheating on my sister!
Who're you?
One of your MILFs?
Whoa! Enough!
Enough, Diane.
Dumb fuck.
Julie's a good woman.
You'll be sorry, Diane.
Why are you here?
- Not in there!
- There are people at home.
That's a bit much.
Good night.
Go to bed.
Can I stay?
Why put us through this?
Give me time.
- Can I sleep here?
- Yes.
Sarah, go to your room!
What do you want?
Go away!
I'll call the police!
Help me!
What's the racket?
He'll break in!
- There's no one.
- I saw him!
I swear, he was there!
You're tired.
Go to bed.
The cows need feeding.
What time is it?
I'll help you.
Tell your teacher I woke up late, OK?
Bye. Have a good day.
You too.
I did it!
I left him!
He was so drunk,
he brought that slut home.
About Pierre...
- Aren't you being hasty?
- Just hold her tail.
I saw you two.
I'm at her cervix.
How is he?
I dunno.
- Is he...
- Would you shut up?
Don't be mean.
That's not you.
You should understand me.
Strange, you here.
That's life.
Are those Dad's clothes?
I had nothing else.
I didn't plan on staying.
Why are you here?
Good morning.
- You're not working?
- We're on strike.
What's that?
I left him.
No, you left your own home.
A pathetic bunch you are, I swear.
Think you're better?
We'll deal with that rat later.
The cops are here.
Will he come back?
I don't know.
With illegal migrants and the escaped
prisoners, we're swamped.
- You won't help me?
- I didn't say that.
You can't call every time
something weird happens, Diane.
Any other details?
No, I...
I dunno, I'm not sure.
He spoke English.
Half the people here do.
Was it them?
They're the fugitives.
I dunno.
Were you here?
When I got there,
there was no one.
Go lie down.
Don't boss me around.
All I can do is report it.
Nobody believes me!
Is that it?
She'll be OK.
Well, see you.
Any word about the Tremblays' cow?
We found the meat in a freezer nearby.
An ex-butcher with 7 kids.
What can you do?
His kids were hungry.
I didn't see anyone last night.
What is it, Mom?
It may not be just in her head.
What do you mean?
A weird feeling. I can't explain it.
As if somebody was in the house.
Mom, don't you start too.
Grandma said strange things happened here.
And we had her committed.
Careful, you may be next.
Ready? We'll show that fucker.
The rabies epidemic among raccoons
has been declared eradicated.
Concerning the escaped
American prisoners,
the manhunt continues along the border.
According to our sources,
certain leads suggest
the fugitives may have entered Canada
with all the migrants coming over.
Nobody better show up tonight!
I'll take...
the bedroom.
- The closet.
- And I...
I dunno, the laundry room?
Crazy bitches!
Good riddance!
It's been so long!
I'm Diane, Grandma.
Lucille is dead.
Diane, Angle's daughter.
Ren's girl.
Yes, but that's OK.
Of course.
How are you?
Why have you come to see me?
I don't know.
I dunno.
You're like me, Diane.
You're too sensitive.
Be careful.
What do you mean?
You're not like the others.
Your dad always said that.
My poor Ren!
We shouldn't outlive our children, Diane.
You know he died?
A car accident.
Just so he wouldn't hit some damn deer!
I never understood
why your mother left him.
Me neither.
he visits me.
No, you don't have to answer.
But your girl... She never visits me.
Do you have a picture of her?
It was a closed casket...
It's Dad who died.
Diane, wait!
Where's my daughter?
Where is she?
- Inside!
- Sarah!
Fucking hell!
Get away!
You come with me!
Come on! Move it!
Get off her!
Carmen, no!
Move it!
You deserve better.
Stay away or I'll kill you both.
Stop it.
Stop doing this.
Why do you do this?
What's she doing?
Come on!
We're here!
I'm here, Diane!
What do you want?
Calm down.
What do you want?
We're here to help.
Go away.
I want my daughter.
Where is she?
I can't find her.
Sarah is dead, Diane.
Ren and Sarah died in the crash.
It can't be!
She's always with me.
Calm down.
Put it down.
The fugitives, the man at the door...
That was you, huh?
You want to make me crazy.
Of course not.
You're all mixed up.
Go away!
Calm down.
We'll take you home.
Put it down.
Mom, are you OK?
You OK?
Don't worry about me.
What now?
Not a word to anyone.
We'll look after her.
We'll see when she wakes up.
It's good you came back.
You should sleep here.
You can take my room.
I'll sleep on the couch in the cellar.
I'm used to it.
High time we dealt with him.
He had it coming.
How can you?
Not the same thing.
Cheating is cheating.
Don't start.
I'm done with Florida.
I'll stay with you.
You're right about keeping the farm.
Diane's better off here.
Who are you talking to?
Come on.
Follow me.
Who's there?
Someone's here.
- I swear!
- Diane!
Look there!
You said it.
That's it for now.
But come in to sign your statements.
It's funny...
I always feel like
you've left stuff out.
Family issues.
- Take care.
- Thanks.
I forgot.
Those fugitives were arrested.
It's over.
Where you going?
To feed the cows.
Shouldn't we talk?
You came back?
It's OK, Mom.
I know.
I love you so much.
Don't worry, I'll be fine.
I'm sorry.