Frou-Frou (1955) Movie Script

Where's the telegraph, Miss?
- In the hall, at the far right. - Thanks
Pardon me. - Ma'am?
- Has the plane to Dakar left?
No, Ma'am, the passengers
have just arrived. - Thanks.
'Henri Mercier,
Southern Cross Hotel, Dakar."
"I arrive tonight, my..."
My love.
" love."
Stop. "Happy to join you, Paola."
All right.
960 francs, Miss.
Attention, passengers
on Air France, Flight 052
for Rio De Janeiro,
Montevideo, Buenos Aires.
You're asked to meet at
customs for an inspection check.
Please, Mom, don't make a scene.
Fortunately, I'm here on time.
Go home now!
You leave like that without a word?
- Did you read my letter?
Yes, we'll talk about it later!
- No, Mom! It's no good. I'm leaving.
In Africa? With a stranger?
No, you're crazy!
- I love him, Mom.
You love too hastily.
4 months ago, you didn't know him!
When you wanted to go to Brazil with
my father, how long did you know him?
Not even 2 months!
- That's no concern of yours.
If he were serious, he would've asked me
for your hand. - To be told no? Thanks.
Enough, Paola! I'm your mother! Obey!
You talk as if you were refusing me a toy.
I'm not 8 anymore, Mom,
and this is about my happiness!
And who better than
your mother to see to it?
You've always lacked
the courage before happiness.
Aren't you ashamed to talk to me like this?
I'm only asking you to let me live.
It's my right.
Paola, what do you know about life?
Enough not to want
to waste it like you wasted yours.
Go to table 14, the prince wants orchids.
- A real prince?
Realer than real!
He's related to the Tsar.
Say, what shall I call him?
- Call him Prince.
Here are the orchids, Prince.
- How did you know I'm a prince?
Well, with that beard...!
I've never seen you, are you new?
- No, I've been on leave. My dog was sick.
The vet told me to get him a change of air,
so we went to the country.
Did he heal? - No. He died.
- Oh, poor beast!
I loved him. My aunt did too.
You have an aunt?
- I did, she's dead. - She too?
Yes, what do you expect?
Once one domino falls...!!
A funny girl.
- What's your name?
But everyone calls me Frou Frou.
Why Frou Frou?
I don't know. Maybe because
I like ladies' petticoats so much,
the ones that go frouuuuu...!
Ah, she's charming!
- Delicious, truly delicious!
Truly adorable.
- I believe we're in the way.
If you like her so,
I'll get her address from the hotel.
Especially since it must be tired
always giving out yours!
You don't have to be smart to sell flowers.
Oh, for what you sell,
there was no need to invent powder!
Who do you think you are?
- Don't take it seriously. - Good excuse!
I'm tired of being insulted by Miss Priss!
Send her away or I'll go!
You do well: all young ladies like you,
are in bed by now.
Good one!
- You're a brazen hussy, you are!
Calm down! Go.
- Thanks.
You know I'm not bad,
but you don't have to tease me, eh!
She's really nice.
She's really delicious. - And fun too.
- That stupid funny?
I couldn't take it.
A minute more, I would've burst!
With that air of fake naivety!
- I've never seen anything more vulgar!
She's no duchess but she's so cute!
- She has a certain charm, eh!
I'd almost say spicy!
- Funny, cute, spicy!
Well, enjoy her, I'm leaving!
- Me too. - Me too and right away!
No, it's Christmas Eve. - I don't care!
You shouldn't have let her insult us!
A dress worth 100 louis!
It's really too good!
- What are you laughing at?
She must be furious:
first time she got naked for free!
Come on, go sell flowers.
- Mrs Berte?
- Can I try it on?
That's all we'd need!
- But it's Christmas Eve!
It's useless, you won't move me.
Go on.
What are you doing?
- I want to try it, Mrs Berte.
Have you gone mad?
You want me kicked out? Give it here!
Just a moment, just a moment.
- Be quick then!
Oh, thank you. Mrs Berte!
You're so nice! So good to me!
You think it'll look nice?
- Yes, hurry!
It's the first time I wore such a dress!
If I had one too...!
But I'll never get another chance.
It's not my fault, Excellency.
Oh, yes, you're right, you are!
What do you want...?
Your dress was so beautiful.
- Mine? Why mine?
But you paid for it, didn't you?
Ah, yes!
Isn't it ready yet?
Ah, no! This is too much!
Who gave you permission? You, right?
- Yes, my dear.
Say, smart guy!
Are you serious or are you mocking me?
I'd never dare fooling around with you, Dear.
- Really? Well, then it's over!
It's done! Much better this way!
For a long time the noble beard of Your
Highness has been sitting on my stomach!
I must think that our idyll has ended.
- Exactly!
Now, you'll just have
to settle my little account.
this Christmas Eve it will cost you dear!
A jewel?
- No no. A cottage.
Miss Frou Frou?
- That's me.
- Thanks.
Must I come with you?
- Yes, Miss.
How? So soon? - Yes, the gentlemen
said to bring you to them immediately.
All right.
...emotional situation. Read and approved,
Paris 11, January 1913.
All right. - Very well! Perfect!
- Are you contented?
Of what?
We've explained it to you 4 times.
Yes, I understand perfectly, however,
I don't believe it. It's too nice.
So, an apartment,
two servants, clothes, jewelry...
Two carriages.
- With horses?
- And a coachman in livery.
Full of silver buttons everywhere?
- And shiny boots.
All that for me?
- Yes.
But I..., what do I have to do in return?
- Nothing.
Absolutely nothing!
Yes. That says it all! I get it!
Bye and thanks, gentlemen!
Frou Frou, where are you going?
- No, no, no!
Turn back around!
- No, no! - Come on!
Let's sit down. - Sit down!
- Come on, first sit down.
Don't you trust us?
- Put yourself in my place.
But we are 4.
- And that's why!
We're looking out for your good.
We want you to be an elegant lady!
A famous woman. - We want to launch you.
- That's why we made a pact.
A pact between a Russian prince.
- A colonel. - A man of the world.
And a businessman, rest easy.
- Listen.
"Article two:"
"The four signatories take charge of
the education of the aforementioned..."
The aforementioned is you.
- Me? Hot damn!
"The aforementioned..."
"And they pledge never to show
her any sentimental intentions."
Do you understand?
Yes, I will become a lady.
Good day, Prince.
- Good day.
You're mistaken. Today is my day.
Not at all, it's my day.
Are you sure?
- Do the math.
If I may?
Good! Now with two volumes.
- What?
I'm not a walking library!
It's heavy, you know!
You must learn to walk elegantly!
Come on, go!
- It's not easy.
Very easy!
Napoleon always said...
- Damn!
What are you doing here, Colonel?
- Thanks.
I take care of Frou Frou's education.
It's my day.
You have a somewhat vague idea
of the calendar, you and Sigismond.
It's Friday today, my dear!
Are you sure?
- Word of a prince.
In that case,
all that remains is to offer my apologies,
for this unintentional mistake!
And to take my leave. Frou Frou.
I asked you 100 times
not to do what the colonel says.
You don't want me to listen to the colonel,
he doesn't want me to listen to you!
Sabatier doesn't...
- Oh, never mind him!
Should you move like that for him?
Shout, "Damn!"
"Ooh, la, la!", "Say!"
"Good evening, Sir, thank you!"
Come on, go change.
I'll take you where
French courtesy was born in Versailles.
The king lived in that palace.
Who knows how much he had to pay for rent!
- Kings never pay, they collect.
Then who pays?
- The people.
The people?
Now I understand why
there was a revolution!
But how come Berte continues
to say it's the people who pay?
Then what's a revolution for?
To put new heads in place of falling ones.
Yes, Napoleon in place of Louis XVI.
- Ah, you know that?
Yes, the colonel explained it to me.
Whenever things go wrong,
they call for a soldier.
In those times it was Napoleon. He put
a crown on his head and said to the Pope,
"My dear, sorry, starting today,
I'm in charge!" - He said so? No.
Yes. Don't you know?
That man wouldn't waste time!
He changed his wife like that in no time!
Luckily, there was Robespierre.
- Robespierre?
Yes, Robespierre was a man who
never laughed. And he said to Napoleon,
"Don't bore me.
You exaggerate, my little one!"
Napoleon got mad and cut off his head.
And then he married an Austrian,
a certain Maria... Maria... Marie...
Marie Antoinette.
- Marie Antoinette?
No, no, no, no! Maria Luisa! Maria Luisa!
She gave him a son.
Since Napoleon had a passion for eagles,
he called him Eagle.
Then the Germans made war.
- No!
Really, you don't know anything!
And then he didn't
have enough time to prepare...
Don't tell me you want to go to Frou Frou!
- That's exactly what I'm doing.
But how? It's not Sunday today?
- No, Saturday.
Take it.
- No thanks, they would age me.
Good day, Dear. How are you?
Please take a seat.
Can I offer you a cup of tea?
Oh, a drop of port! I'll call the maid.
Are you done playing the parrot?
The parrot?
- Yes, the parrot of those 3 imbeciles
who are destroying all that is good in you!
What? You don't like me like this?
- No, not for anything!
You've lost everything:
Freshness, simplicity,
sincerity, everything!
But how do you want me to be?
You never say anything. Why?
Everything is false in you now.
You were perfect when you were yourself.
The small flower seller
of the "Baite Helene".
- Yes.
I liked you right away.
Oh, how nice!
Nobody ever told me such a thing before.
Because nobody loved you.
And you?
- Me?
It's Sunday today, right Gustavo?
I'm not wrong, eh?
No, Sir.
- Eh, I knew it!
Good day, Mrs. Brune. Nice day, eh?
- A beautiful Sunday.
Well done!
Oh, thank you, Sir.
Good day, Sir.
- Hello, Berte.
A lovely Sunday, eh? - Oh, Sir,
for me Sundays don't exist anymore.
No, don't talk like that, Berte.
Life's beautiful! Today's a wonderful day!
Miss Frou Frou well?
- Very well, Sir.
Please announce me. My flowers!
- Here you are, Sir.
Thank you!
But how?
Today's not Sunday?
- Yes.
First Sunday of the month, meeting day.
It's in the statute.
And I thought that...
Oh, I'm wrong again!
Have a seat, dear friend.
You should consult a doctor, Sigismond.
Your lapses are becoming more frequent.
More frequent!
Listen to me, Count, it's very important.
It's about Frou Frou's future.
- I don't agree.
It doesn't matter, you're the minority.
- Sadly. - So shut up!
Frou Frou must be launched.
- She'll be ruined!
Please, you don't have the floor!
- Let's make Frou Frou...
...the woman of the day!
- Ah yes, but how? It won't be easy.
That is the question.
I wonder why those gentlemen
care so much about you.
Well, it's quite simple.
They've nothing to do and are bored.
I amuse them.
It costs them dear
but they're so rich,
they don't know how to spend their money,
so I help them a bit.
Eh, you don't know
anything about life, dear Berte.
I'll have to take care of your future.
Bonjour. Bonjour. Bonjour. Bonjour!
Is it over?
- What?
The song.
Why, do you like it?
- Ah, not only do we like it...
But it discovers for us new horizons, eh?
Yes! New horizons!
Come on, let's sing a little.
Oh no, I can't sing!
- Come on, you sing fine!
Frou Frou! Frou Frou!
By her petticoats, a woman!
Frou Frou! Frou Frou!
She troubles a man's soul!
Frou Frou! Frou Frou!
Certainly, the woman...
What's the matter with you?
Why such a face?
I don't approve at all,
of these gentlemen's plans.
You'll know soon.
The touching nightingale from Paris
I'd like to know why we came here tonight.
Why, for Frou Frou.
Is she one of your lovers?
I don't even know her.
You don't want to sing?
- Why?
What are these whims?
- She's afraid.
- You're afraid?
Yes! - Good, let's go!
- No, no, no!
You want to ruin me! If she doesn't sing,
they'll break everything!
And if she does, they'll skin her alive!
- She'll sing and be a triumph!
Get up, Frou Frou.
- I forbid you to martyrize this child!
Do you frankly say, I'm a monster?
- I prefer not to say what I think!
I'll send you my seconds!
- I eagerly await them!
Come, this isn't serious!
- What you do is serious! Come, Frou Frou.
And who'll pay?
- Me!
Frou Frou, do what I tell you!
- Pardon!
It's not for you to make a decision.
There's 4 of us!
I've the impression you won't be neither
seeing nor listening to this Frou Frou.
A shame.
- For you? - No, for her.
You can't wait any longer,
The audience is getting impatient.
I'll tell them she's not singing.
- A moment.
So, Frou Frou, have you decided?
You won't sing? - No, she won't!
- I'm not talking to you.
Frou Frou. Answer!
I'll sing!
- Well done!
Be brave! I'll light a candle for you!
I'll let the orchestra know.
- Well done. Yes.
Oh, no, I can't sing! No, no, I can't!
Hold this.
Ah no, she's no good.
I thought you had more demanding tastes.
They'll be changed, thanks to you.
Frou Frou! Frou Frou!
By her petticoats, a woman!
She did it!
Frou Frou! Frou Frou!
She troubles a man's soul!
A sure success!
Certainly, the woman
seduces everywhere
with her gentle Frou Frou.
I'm leaving!
- No? Why?
You have to ask?
She'll have a career. - No way!
This cheering is paid for, can't you see?
Poor baby, you're rather wicked.
- Wicked!
That one's more clever
than you and I put together!
In love, in love,
madly in love with you.
In my head, there's this party,
it's terrible and wonderful
to belong to you!
If the devil, poor devil,
carried me away to hell before your eyes,
I would always be, always,
in love, in love,
madly in love with you.
Berte, listen to what happened!
"A new star rises
triumphantly in Paris sky!"
That's me.
- I'm very happy.
What's that?
- I don't know, they brought it.
He won't ruin himself for you.
To ask pardon.
- Pardon for what? What did he do?
So far nothing.
- Nothing?
Nothing, I assure you.
- And would you like him to do something?
I don't know.
Yes or no?
- Thank you.
I can't wait to see her.
How happy she will be.
- Gentlemen,
tonight, despite article two,
I'll kiss her.
- Ah, pardon, that's absolutely irregular!
Contrary to the statute,
I couldn't care less.
I've been waiting a year,
I think I've the right...
She's just a girl.
- To me, she's a woman. And what a woman!
In love?
- As if you were the only one.
We're all in love.
- Yes, but I admit it.
As soon as our stupid agreement ends,
I warn you, I'll take Frou Frou.
Ah no, you can't, she belongs
to all 4 of us. We created her.
I'll leave that Frou Frou.
Ah, you long for the flower girl,
the diamond in the rough. - Perfectly!
It remains to be seen, if she prefers
how she was or how she is now.
And if she wants to follow you.
Then, it's decided?
You won't come?
- No.
- Because I've changed my mind.
Come on, Frou Frou, you can't do this.
We've got up this lunch in your honor.
We even prepared you a nice surprise!
- Here's another: I'm not coming!
I know well what I owe you 4.
- Let's not talk about it.
I know what I owe you, I'm not ungrateful.
If you asked, I'd sell furniture, jewels.
If you got sick, I'd heal you.
If you die, I'll... - Buy a black veil?
Thanks. But you refuse to eat with us?
- Yes.
Frou Frou...
You're in love.
But don't talk nonsense!
- You're in love, Frou Frou!
When a girl your age prefers to be alone,
and is bored with friends...
Leave me alone!
- And when she gets nervous for no reason...
No, I'm not in love, but I don't know
what I'd give to be for real. I swear it!
Go away, please!
Please, I beg you, go away!
Go away, I want to be alone!
What the heck is Sigismond doing?
Here she is!
- Here's Frou Frou. - Finally!
Long live Frou Frou!
And Frou Frou? What happened?
Is she sick?
- No.
I'll explain.
She refused the invitation. - Not coming?
- Why? - Because she doesn't feel like it.
The truth is that she's in love.
You wanted to make her an artist?
In love with whom?
With love. - Then, nobody.
- Then, the first comer.
I've the impression that Frou Frou
is elegantly making fun of us.
Yes, she's making fun of us!
- She enjoys it, but now no more.
Gustavo? - Sir?
- 4 straws. - Yes, Sir.
Straws? Why?
To draw lots for who'll
save us from ridicule.
We didn't roast the chestnuts,
so another could eat them!
What do you want to do?
- Forestall events, if we've time.
In what way?
- In every way.
Ah, I see. I'll abstain.
Good, one rival less.
- Here, Sir.
Thank you.
Why did you stop?
- I don't want to tire the horses.
We just went a few meters! - Precisely.
It's already too much, they're new.
I have to spare them.
Don't tell me, we're continuing on foot?
Why not? the weather's fine. Walking will
do us good. - Maybe you, not me.
If your horses are new, my shoes
are too and I don't want to ruin them.
I'll carry you.
- To crumple my nice dress!
I'll buy you another.
- Buy! Buy!
That's all you can talk about,
you and your friends. - What do you mean?
I'm not as dumb as you think. - Ah, no!
Anything but! You can play the saint.
I ain't no saint but...
Chaste, I'll swear to.
You chaste?
- Yes, seriously. Really seriously.
I'm a serious girl, even to a fault.
Well, incredible!
Yes, I knew you were.
And what will I tell the others now?
Why the others?
Come on.
Get down, don't be afraid,
You've nothing to risk now.
- Well, I'm very embarrassed.
You see, it was chance that decided...
that I was supposed to be...
Ah, I see! You cast lots for me!
- Yes.
And I confess, I cheated a bit.
For this fine result.
You see, I don't want...
them to know.
You understand?
- No.
I'd like to say that you and I...
That we've done, what we didn't do?
- Exactly!
And you're supposed to be gentlemen?
You all make me sick!
Take them! Here are your new shoes! 1!
And 2! - Frou Frou!
- Here's the muff and the hat! - No!
People are coming...
- Good! I'll take off my dress!
No, Frou Frou, you're mad!
- Don't touch me, especially you!
Help! Help!
Sir! Stop! Stop!
Stop, Sir.
- But you're Frou Frou.
Yes, please, Sir!
We don't need you!
Oh, we won again!
- Happy?
Give it here!
You see I bring you luck?
Henri, at this hour?
What do you expect? I won't be serious,
but I'm honest. I warned you.
I only remember you were too close to me.
- And you regret it?
If I told you "yes"?
I wouldn't believe you.
And you would be right, my love.
Have you lost yet?
Not a sou left.
You're always proud of what you do.
I've the impression
you only love yourself.
There's some truth in what you say.
Wicked brute!
It doesn't matter, I like you like that.
Go out, leave me by myself...
keep playing...
I don't care, as long as you come back.
How funny you are!
Who is it?
A Hungarian.
You know how I am.
She kissed me just for something to do.
Nothing serious.
I understand.
It was just to make me laugh.
You're not starting to get jealous?
I'm sorry.
You know what I was thinking?
Of our first meeting.
When I kidnapped you in the car.
The car of your Italian Countess.
- If you want...
Especially the face you made,
waking up in my apartment.
An offering of the American billionaire.
But why do you put labels everywhere?
One moment.
Your Hungarian wants to speak to you.
Hello? Yes, it's me.
Good morning, Zita.
Oh yes, certainly.
Who answered the phone? It was the...
Your maid.
Yes, my maid.
No, you're wrong.
What can you be thinking?
Monte Carlo? Sure, we'll go.
Alright, in an hour at the station.
Excuse me, I'm in a hurry.
That stupid woman had to call!
Frou Frou, I'm sorry.
Last night,
you already knew you were leaving.
Well, yes.
But if I told you that, last night...
I understand.
Frou Frou, you are wonderful, I...
Why do you love me?
If I knew...
I would get operated on.
Frou Frou.
You know?
Yes, everything.
It was terrible.
You can't imagine how much I suffered.
He was everything to me. He was...
Your youth, that's all.
Oh, come on.
Come on, don't cry, Frou Frou.
These things unfortunately happen.
Our heart is like our liver,
everything we like, hurts it.
Come on, give me a smile,
Oh, thank goodness!
By the way, would you like to see Russia?
- Yes, I must go there.
Come with me, as a friend, Frou Frou,
my word as a prince. You'll soon forget.
And when we return to Paris,
you'll laugh at this adventure.
You didn't love him but he was rich.
For you, only money matters.
- No.
But I know how much it counts.
- Back in the old days, Mama!
For all days.
Without money you won't be happy.
- Why? Because Henri's poor?
What does it matter?
He's young, intelligent, brave.
I have faith in him. He'll become someone.
I know what he'll do
for me and my children.
No, Mama, I'll be happy. I know it.
Money never made happiness.
What use was your prince's immense fortune?
Were you happy with him?
Are you crying? What's the matter?
It's from joy.
I didn't think I'd see my country again.
Ah, I understand.
9 years are long: war, after the war...
The revolution
- What revolution?
I came back from Russia.
Ah yes, that was there too.
It's a vice!
It's over.
Don't worry.
Are we in Paris?
Not even in Lyon. Look, it's still daytime.
But how can you sleep?
I just don't understand you.
I'm dead tired. - Me too,
but the very idea of seeing Paris again...
I'm afraid I'm dreaming.
Did you telegraph your friend
the Grand Duke to pick us up?
Yes. It's the third time,
you've asked me. Don't worry!
We'll certainly find him at the
station with his car and his chauffeur.
Are you sure he'll give you
back the money you gave him?
Yes, yes, yes. Let me sleep!
Not at the train, not at the exit...
Your Grand Duke cheated you, eh?
He'll come. He's always late.
The Grand Duke's chauffeur?
It's my colonel!
It's Nikolai Petrovic, my colonel.
Miss Frou Frou.
I'm a little worried.
The Grand Duke no longer
lives in the Art Nouve.
What do you care? Ask him for
the new address. Maybe he knows it.
I know, Miss. He's in a cabaret.
What? He lives in a cabaret?
- No, he manages it.
Very chic, great!
Very successful in Paris.
Anna Alexandrovna
Good evening, Anna Alexandrovna.
- Good evening, Alexei Petrovic.
Did you phone for caviar?
- Yes, we called.
How many tables reserved tonight?
- 10 tables.
Good. Continue your work.
Who said you could touch the balalaika?
Let it be the last time.
- Yes, Grand Duchess.
And don't call me Grand Duchess!
- Yes, Ma'am.
Oh, pardon!
- No, no, no! Come in, Alexandrovna.
Don't you recognize
Vladimir Petrovic Bilinsky?
Yes, it's true!
He's changed a little
since my reception in St. Petersburg.
Everything has changed,
even St. Petersburg.
Everything except you, Anna Alexandrovna.
You're always beautiful.
Thanks, I know. - It's she who manages
the staff, and with what energy!
I used to manage
the Tsarina's private house.
The system is the same:
scold the whole world.
Only I had to change the names.
- Not even that.
Allow me, Alexandrovna,
to introduce you to a friend.
Miss Frou Frou.
Her Imperial Highness,
the Grand Duchess, Anna Alexandrovna.
I'm happy to meet you, Ma'am.
- Me too.
I hope to see you soon, Vladimir Petrovic.
I live in Coral, fifth floor.
I have no lift, but the sky is close.
- Heaven must be earned.
Certainly. Tomorrow, I'll come
to see you, Anna Alexandrovna.
I'll expect you.
Tea from 5 to 7, like in St. Petersburg.
Good evening.
Ah, what lineage! What nobility!
That's all the Bolsheviks
allowed her to bring.
Unfortunately, it's not marketable.
- Thanks.
Now Vladimir, let's talk about the money
you gave me to make it bear fruit.
There is no more.
It's dead!
Dead? How?
The government.
- You're joking?
All the more so as we're ruined together.
But it was a huge sum!
- Drink.
Oh, I well believe it: 500,000 pounds!
Well, I had given you French francs.
Yes, yes, but I changed them to pounds.
Excellent operation!
I earned 100,000 pounds.
And with all this,
I bought German marks. Drink!
Advice from a compatriot.
A month later, I sold everything by weight.
By weight?
- Yes, 3 francs per kilo.
Oh, my god, but you're ruined!
- Russian style, to the bone!
But there's always the Bosphorus.
Here in Paris, it's the Seine!
No, Bosphorus is a cabaret, our cabaret.
You'll work with us.
At the Bosphorus, even the cook
is an officer of the tsar's guard.
Can you dance, Cossack?
Ah, yes... no!
Why not? Don't you remember
the Villa Ros in St. Petersburg?
Eh, sure.
And the Miss, what can she do?
She used to sing.
- Good, then she'll sing.
Four horses came from Oural,
they came, white manes in the wind,
dressed in snow, hooves of crystal,
mounted by four all white knights.
La, La, La, Nicolas,
hide your wife well!
La, La, La, Nicolas,
the most handsome will take her away!
Allow me to help you,
I can't stand that you...
No, let me do it, you're very kind,
but I want to count firsthand.
12, 14, 16, 18, 19,
therefore 21 from outside.
Yes, Alexandrovna.
Evening, Alexandrovna.
- Evening, Alexevicic.
Two for 15.
Excuse me, Anna Alexandrovna.
One moment, Andrei lvanovic.
Is that how they serve woodcocks?
Don't you know that the flamb
must be lit before the customer?
It is not my fault, Alexandrovna.
It's chef Gregory Andreic,
who prepared the dish.
Tell him to learn,
else I'll be forced to replace him.
There's Count Paola di Nasky
who'll be thrilled to have the job.
Yes, but Gregory is a Duke, Alexandrovna.
Tell him all the same.
- I'll not be remiss, Alexandrovna.
Excuse me.
How sad you are all of a sudden.
What are you thinking about?
About you.
- About me? - Yes.
Remember the winter of 1908?
December 5, 1908?
- Yes.
We had been all day
riding alone in the forest.
We had come back, the sun was setting.
Your blonde hair was like a flame.
Yes, I remember.
That evening, there was a large supper.
I was sitting across from you.
- Yes.
Suddenly, the light goes out.
The waiters bring in a large silver
platter with flaming woodcocks.
Your face was...
...made golden by that fire.
I looked at you...
...full of admiration and love.
Since then...
I can't see woodcocks...
without thinking about you,
Anna Alexandrovna.
Couldn't you find another animal
to remind you of me?
La, La, La, Nicolas,
hide your wife well!
La, La, La, Nicolas,
the most handsome will take her away!
Frou Frou!
Again? Why do you insist?
You well know my answer is no!
What would you do? 20 francs every night.
- Take the money and throw away the note.
Have you read the latest news?
- No. - No.
In Russia, there's famine everywhere.
The Bolsheviks will not last very long.
To our Holy Russia.
To our Tsar to come.
Next year we'll be in Saint Petersburg.
- Ah, of course Anna.
You think you'll bring your...
What's her name again?
- Frou Frou.
Is it true she was a flower seller
when you met her?
Yes, she was 16.
She looked so nice with the flowers.
- Yes, like me in the woodcocks, right?
Forgive me again,
Anna Alexandrovna, forgive me.
What is this story of woodcocks?
- A secret.
Careful, Alexandrovna, when you start
with a secret, you end up in an alcove!
Uh, no danger! The place is taken.
The place is taken?
- Yes. By the princess.
What princess?
Your Frou Frou.
Everyone calls her princess here.
- And how many laugh!
This is all very bad, Vladimir Petrovic.
- You should marry her: go toward the people!
Not a bad idea.
- Marry Frou Frou?
Me? Prince Vladimir Petrovic Bilinsky?
Do you speak seriously?
- How do you sleep?
- Do you sleep or not?
Yes, I sleep.
Then you sleep with her.
- For how long?
Oh, my God...
- Stop! That's enough!
What? - Shut up!
Do you love her? - Oh, listen...
If you don't love her, then fold.
Break it off, understand?
I understand.
Here's Your Highness's shirt.
If you insist on changing every day,
you won't have any left.
Frou Frou, you forget too often,
that I'm a prince.
A broke prince.
- Perhaps.
In any case,
I face fate with much nobility.
In my opinion, when facing someone,
you stand up, not stay in bed!
Better you went looking for work.
For 700 years,
no one has ever worked in my family.
Fine, you'll be the first!
- Me?
Who as I child sat upon the Tsar's knees?
Because you sat on the Tsar's knees,
I must spend my life
washing and sewing your laundry?
No, Dear! If you don't want to work,
at least try to look up your old friends.
They all died during the war.
- Not Sabatier, he'll help you.
I'm not a deadbeat, I hate making debts.
Except with the butcher,
the baker and the deli.
Those are peasants.
I honor them, by allowing them to feed me.
They don't seem satisfied.
- They can drop dead!
Meanwhile, it's me who is dead.
I can't take this life anymore!
I can't! I can't!
Oh, how I understand those Bolsheviks!
They should've killed all of you! All!
What's wrong with you?
- I'm tired of your princes, your dukes!
I exist too! You know, your Grand Duchess
doesn't even look at me? You know that?
What is it?
- The phone.
Here we go!
Starting early this morning, eh?
It's no use!
They can't see you on the phone!
Where are you going?
Do I ask where you're going
with your Tsarina? No!
Then as they say in Holy Russia,
"Don't bother me!"
Go in. On the first floor.
Mr Sabatier.
- He's not in Paris, Miss.
He's not?
- No, Miss.
When does he return?
- I don't know, Miss.
Could I speak to his secretary?
- Whom should I announce?
Frou Frou.
- What?
Frou Frou.
Hello, there's a certain Frou Frou
who would like to talk to you.
Not you, she wanted to see Mr Sabatier.
I don't know. Yes, alright.
Write a letter to the company explaining
your reason. They'll certainly answer you.
Thank you.
How pretty she looked, cutting the grain,
arched waist, long flaxen hair,
she looked like a star among the wheat,
the knights came to admire her.
The first one said, "My name is Spring."
And the second said, "I am Day."
"I am Life," said another while singing.
The fourth one said, "I am Love."
La, La, La, Nicolas,
hide your wife well!
La, La, La, Nicolas,
the most handsome will take her away!
- Good evening!
Hey, is it sign of nobility,
not to respond to a greeting?
When it comes to the small staff, yes!
Well, you're all servants here!
- Yes.
Your friends: dukes, princes, counts,
colonels, bend down to the ground for tips!
Yes, but I'm the mistress.
Here, and only here.
- Which means?
It means leave Vladimir
and me alone, got it?
In Russia, I would've had
my Cossacks whip you!
In France, to give you a few slaps,
I don't need the Republican Guard!
What's going on here?
She insulted me.
I don't want to see her again.
Why wouldn't you greet her?
I only greet the Tsar, Vladimir Petrovic!
And customers starting with the 3rd bottle!
Yes but... - There are no "buts",
I never want to see her again!
And that should be enough!
- Yes, yes.
No "yes yes" but yes!
Go tell her!
Unless you want me to kick her out!
No. I'll try to make her understand.
- I recommend it!
Frou Frou, I'm sorry.
You shouldn't have... - Dared to speak
to your so beloved Grand Duchess?
Not like you did, anyway.
- You're beginning badly, my dear.
I heard very well,
what your dear Anna said.
She was shouting so loud,
I didn't miss a word.
She doesn't want to see me again
and you must put me out of doors.
It's something I expected for a while.
I'm just amazed, it didn't happen earlier.
What are you thinking?
You want to get rid of me.
- I never said that!
No, but your eyes do.
Your resigned smiles say so.
Yes, you've had enough of me.
You just don't know how to send me away.
Have the courage to admit it.
- You know not what you say.
I know very well, Vlad and you know it
better than me. - Oh, listen, Frou Frou...
No, don't talk. In certain situations,
you don't know what to say.
And yet it's easy.
You love her
and above all she's a Grand Duchess.
Oh sure, I lived with you for 12 years
and I could consider myself your wife,
That scares you now that you love another.
But don't worry, I won't do anything.
I understood it well,
as soon as you came in.
That I had lost you forever.
You found your world
and your world doesn't care about me.
I tried to fight, but tonight
the bitterness, disgust, fatigue...
Better to end it, Vlad.
Too bad.
Sure, we didn't love each other,
but we had suffered so much together,
that it made up for the rest.
Frou Frou,
we can't leave each other like this.
I must leave and right away.
Where will you go?
What do you want to do?
Don't worry about it.
Goodbye, Vlad.
That's all?
Good luck.
Frou Frou!
I know it's no, but tell him yourself.
I'd rather lose 20 francs than
say the same thing over again!
Where is he?
Out in his car, I'll take you there.
- No, I'll find it myself.
Good evening.
- Thank you.
Thanks for coming.
Finally, you've made up your mind.
Where are we going?
- My house, it'll be better.
If you knew what it meant
to me to have you close.
How much I desired this moment!
I had lost hope of seeing you.
No, no!
What's the matter?
- Stop! Stop!
Why did you come then?
- I don't know. Sorry.
I'll never forget that night.
It was difficult to start again.
Disgust, fear, hunger...
One needs to go through it to understand.
You reproached me that
I think too much about money.
But when there's none,
you always think about it.
The more you suffer,
the more you think about it.
Yes, by dint of thinking about it,
you killed my father.
What are you saying?
The truth, Mama.
Oh, let's go down, it'll be more fun!
You're crazy, Manon! it's dangerous
for a lady! - So come with me, Gabrieux.
Be reasonable Manon,
they're not people of our class.
They're only Parisians and after 5 years
of absence, I'd like to embrace them all!
We're Parisians too! - Fine, I'll start
with you and end with the others!
Come, let's go! Come!
- Manon, stay here, Manon!
Do I horrify you?
They say I look like the Man Who Laughs.
But have no fear,
I just want to kiss you.
Let me out! Let me out!
For once, the beauty came to meet me, no?
- Go away!
Would you kiss me for 1 million?
- No!
For 2 million? 3 million? 10 million?
- No! No! No!
For nothing?
For pity's sake?
No I beg you, leave me! Leave me!
- Manon!
Someone once wrote,
"You call me your life.
Call me your soul,"
"because the soul is immortal,
and life lasts only one day."
Nice, eh?
It's an invitation to love. Right?
Oh no, I beg you, let me go!
Why are you so mean to me?
Since I saw you,
I had only eyes for you.
You want me to kill myself?
If the gentleman takes responsibility,
there's nothing to say.
But think what would happen if
the gentleman's uncle came back suddenly.
Take away all that is fragile.
Come, be quick!
Take this. Don't waste any time.
This book too.
- But Mr Josef, a book isn't fragile!
Have you ever been drunk?
Do what I tell you.
Disappear, they're here!
Ah, the flowers!
Let's go with them, I need to...
It's not a glass I'm looking for...
Do you want a bed?
- Yes, I want a bed.
Ah, good idea!
I hadn't thought of it.
Come, let's go find it.
It's nothing.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come, let's go find the bed!
But there's no bed!
- No, there's no bed.
Come, let's try that one.
- Yes.
There's no bed here,
so let's try over there.
There's a bed!
- There's a bed...
Oh, no, no no!
- Why?
Because I'm embarrassed to undress!
You have modesty?
- Yes.
Oh, that's nice, you know.
Touching. Let me doff my hat...
Good morning, Sir.
Is the Sir tired from the trip? - No, Josef,
I had an ideal crossing, a true repose.
Very good.
- Is there mail? - On your desk, Sir.
- Yes, Sir.
Several calls from London and Boston,
given to Mr. Giraux. - Anything else?
Yes and no: tonight Mr Paul,
the lord's nephew, came with his friends.
That fellow? Anything broken?
- A few glasses here and there, Sir.
The least.
I removed everything that was fragile
out of prudence. - Bravo, Josef.
Call the office and say
I'll be there in an hour. - Good, Sir.
Frou Frou!
Frou Frou! Hey, Frou Frou!
What? You don't recognize me?
I know many years have passed, still...
- Yes.
What are you doing here?
Don't you think I should
be asking you that? - Why?
Oh, my god, then...
Then I'm in your house?
- Yes.
The last thing I expected
to find was you in my bed.
I'll try to explain...
- Drop any formalities, it'll be easier.
So it...
It started last night at the artists' ball.
I came on purpose from Paris to Tourquay.
- What were you doing in Tourquay?
I sing in the provincial theaters.
I defend myself.
One must live. - Well, tonight
you've defended yourself rather poorly!
Of course, appearances are against me.
But nothing happened.
I'm broke, I agree,
but as for the rest, I choose myself.
My only luxury. - You haven't changed
Frou Frou. You're still the same.
How many times have I thought of you!
You remember when I said I loved you?
In the woods, when you tried to...
- I was ridiculous.
I'd say.
I stood there like an idiot
watching you go away with another.
I didn't love you,
and then, I was young.
If I had known...
The life of a single woman is not happy.
Did you suffer much?
Sometimes, I felt so alone.
So desperate that...
Now I'm here, Frou Frou.
You won't have to struggle anymore.
What is he doing?
- Expecting someone?
Vladimir. Do you mind?
No, as long as he comes
without the Grand Duchess.
Rest easy, he no longer goes out with her.
- Why? - He married her.
Ah, Vladimir!
Hi, Dear.
Evening, Frou Frou.
- Evening, Vlad.
Let's get out of here.
How are you?
Much better since I found Sabatier.
Me too.
I know. I'm happy. He's a true friend.
I take care of his racehorses.
Did he manage to get you to work?
Oh, I'm not the one who's running,
but the horses!
By the way, how's the Grand Duchess doing?
I like that "by the way."
She's fine. Thank you.
Excuse me.
Excuse me again, Ma'am.
There are some rude people here.
- Yes.
Hello? Who's speaking?
For you, Ma'am - Yes? Who?
- Mr Victor Hugo.
Ah, yes. I get it.
Thank you.
Yes, I know who you are,
but how did you get my number?
I see, the phone book, Sabatier.
See me?
You're very rich? So?
Good for you, Sir.
No, I repeat, don't bother insisting.
I won't come.
I don't care about your address, Sir.
There's no way I'm going to you.
I knew you would come!
Thank you.
Come up.
Come up!
Don't worry, it's sturdy.
The only one anyway.
Why did you lie to me?
Because lying is the essence of life.
Without lies, there's no joy or love.
I love you and you will be mine!
We're no longer at the ball.
Stop the nonsense or I'm going!
I can only tolerate madmen so far.
Who are you?
Artus to all, Paolo, to friends,
for you, whatever you want.
And what's your name?
Giulietta? Rosalinda? Melisetta?
- Frou Frou.
Frou Frou!
A doggy's name!
To me you stay Manon.
You want me to go?
- Ah no! Stay.
A 1000 times I've dreamed of this meeting.
And each time in a different way.
I dreamed...
- What?
Of kissing you!
Ah no, forgive me, Manon!
Forgive me!
I won't do it again.
You swear?
I swear.
- Good.
Are these your paintings?
- Yes.
You sell them?
- Just my furniture.
What's this?
- It's me.
Poor boy!
Ah, finally a kind word!
- No! Let's not start again, eh?
May I look?
- Please.
What does it represent?
- I don't know yet but I'll find out soon.
And this?
This way.
Impression of a rainy day.
And where's the rain?
That was yesterday.
Today everything's sunny.
Will you sell it?
One doesn't sell one's soul to the angels,
one gives it to them.
Is this painting beautiful?
No, Ma'am.
At least not for me,
maybe the other paintings but...
Then you think this man has no future.
- Why not?
Talent is not essential for success.
A fine exhibition, good advertising
and a painter is launched here.
Sometimes 3 well-orchestrated notices
can give the impression of genius.
You think so?
- Oh, yes.
Thank you.
See, Jean? He says that Artus has genius,
and he must be taken care of. Right?
With a good publicity launch...
- We'll do it.
Do you deal with young artists?
- One must. - See?
I thank you very much for coming.
- It's nothing. My job.
You'll always be welcome.
I hope to see you. - Thank you.
Unfortunately, I go out little.
Good evening.
She's leaving!
Here she is!
He found the picture magnificent!
Yes, Artus is the painter of tomorrow!
A certain Mr Artus asks about Ma'am.
- Let him in.
The young artist discovered by Frou Frou.
Good evening. Sabatier.
Prince Bilinsky.
You'll certainly want to speak
to the lady of the house.
This way, she's expecting you.
- Thank you.
I present Paolo Artus.
They received him as if
his paintings were already in the Louvre.
I don't know if he has talent
but he's a handsome young man.
How old is your painter?
I don't know.
By any chance, would you be jealous?
One is never jealous by chance.
It is not him, but his painting
that interests me. Nothing else.
I love you.
Me too.
- Not as much as I do.
You're everything to me, Frou Frou.
If you wanted, you could be my wife.
You're surprised that a man like me
speaks this way, right?
But what do you want?
You gave me what I never had.
Look at me. In my eyes.
Maybe one day a young man...
... a painter or not...
- What are you saying?
These are things that often
happen to big industrialists.
Especially when they depart.
You're departing?
- Yes, in a few days. New York.
This time, I'll be away long.
Now, I understand.
Depart untroubled.
- Sure.
But if something happened,
I'd like you to tell me.
No deception between us.
No doubt about it,
it is all very well organized.
A nice catalog...,
a beautiful gallery...,
... a nice public.
All of Paris is there.
Packed with critics.
The buffet is excellent.
There's even champagne.
There's everything,
only painting is missing.
There's that too,
unfortunately for him and for us.
What do you say? Thanks.
- Oh, to me, you know,
painting is what interests me least,
in vernissages. - How I understand you!
This, I don't mind.
Do you think it will hold up
next to my Rembrandt?
With a good nail for sure!
It's a two-piece in jersey...
"Dead Leaf".
You know, with a trim
in very strange color.
I don't know how to explain it.
You see? Like that tint there.
And the papers said we'd be stupefied.
It stupefied us all right!
- As for me, it made me stupid.
Ladies, take a seat, please!
- Don't push!
Won't you leave some space for the others?
- You know how I am with photos!
Sorry, but I can't see the artist anymore!
You too, Ma'am!
No, this is impossible!
This is the 4th time I photographed you!
Frou Frou won't come.
She had to go to the jeweler.
But apart from her jewels, you really
find something in her? - Don't move. Smile.
Mr Artus, make an effort. Smile!
Maestro, your paintings are wonderful.
I told my husband I want one!
- You got anything around 15 square m?
15 meters? - Yes, it'd be
for the back wall of our dining room.
We need something there,
we don't know what. - Put...
the two of you, embalmed!
Hello? Hello?
Sorry, wrong number.
- No, don't go! I want to see you tonight.
I'll wait for you until 9,
not a minute longer.
I've waited today, yesterday, a month!
I can't take it anymore! It's too much!
I want to see you, understand?
If you're not here by 9, I'll come myself.
Don't say I'm crazy, though you do
all you can to make me become so!
And you well know that
if I wanted I can play the madman!
Remember the evening of the ball!
Here I am. Are you happy?
What do you want?
To thank you.
I owe all of this to you, don't I?
It went well?
- A triumph!
What? Badly?
After all, I've heard, I don't know
if I'm a genius or an imbecile.
But if you knew how much I don't care.
Why did you change all of a sudden?
What happened? What did I do?
What did I do to you, Manon?
- Ah, no! Don't complicate things.
I was interested in your paintings
and that's it. - It's not true.
I thought you were smarter.
I could give you the same compliment.
That is...
When people love like we do,
it's stupid to waste minutes, hours, days,
as if happiness could wait forever.
Manon! Manon!
You love me?
You love me?
You love me?
You won't catch me!
You love me?
- Yes! So very much!
Why do you always ask?
Don't you believe me?
I'm no longer young.
I'm no longer beautiful.
I'm no longer...
- What more?
You are Manon. My Manon.
What I love most in the world.
- Really?
Leave me.
What's wrong?
- You're hiding something.
He's returning?
- Yes.
Did you know that?
- Why didn't you tell me?
What time does he arrive?
- At 4.
Are you going to the station?
- Yes.
Quite right.
It's he who pays.
Why do you say this?
- It's the truth!
Are you mad? Why are you here?
- I must speak.
The train's arriving!
- There's still time.
No, go away, they can see us.
- Come! Come!
Get in, hurry.
What do you have to tell me?
- I don't want to lose you!
We're not leaving each other, Dear.
Sharing with him is worse than leaving you!
Is there a seat here?
No, Sir. They're all taken.
- Taken? A nice excuse!
I thought about us all night.
It's simple: leave him and come with me!
With you?
I'm sick of Paris. I want to leave.
But where? - To South America.
I leave at the end of the month.
I said these seats are taken!
- By whom? They look free to me.
We can't stay outside, the train's full.
- Naturally! Let's go get our bags.
Mama, Minnie!
Gimme, I want it!
- Gimme!
No, it's mine!
- No, it's mine, Mama!
And stop fighting all the time!
You two are naughty and rude!
"It's mine. It's mine. Mama! Mama!"
But dear, leaving at the end
of the month isn't possible.
Why? Do you love me or not?
The train.
Until tomorrow, dear. Wait for me.
I'll come as soon as I can. - No.
We'll meet again the day you leave him.
This is madness!
At the end of the month, I leave.
Paolo, it's not possible!
Go on, the train's here! - Paolo!
- Go! The train's here!
So then?
I got up at 5 this morning.
- And?
I'm dead tired.
- And?
And I can't take it anymore!
I work too much, Alexandrovna.
I didn't come hear to hear news
about your health, Vladimir Petrovic.
How are the horses?
Fine, of course, correct?
They're terrible. Worth nothing.
You always say the opposite of what I say!
If I say yes, you say no!
Oh, I should have said
that on our wedding day!
You would've avoided me
a great disappointment!
Alas, you're neither any
good for a horse nor for a woman.
Your laziness is disturbing.
Day and night too.
Oh, here comes your French ex, Frou Frou.
What does she want?
You could at least say hello, no?
No, merci !
I still prefer the Revolution.
I'm sorry to take away
Her Highness from Your Highness.
Oh, Frou Frou, if you knew!
She even managed to make me work.
A true imperial tragedy!
- Poor Vladimir.
Your ancestors must be aghast.
- Imagine me!
I came to ask you for advice.
Sit down.
Sabatier wants to marry me.
- Sabatier?
Oh, that's good news, isn't it?
Yes, but... I love someone else.
Your painter?
He leaves for Brazil and I with him.
- What madness!
Maybe, but I love him.
And I haven't told you all, Vlad.
I'm expecting a baby.
- Good heavens!
Yes, Frou Frou will have a baby.
It's wonderful, isn't it?
And does the painter know?
- Nobody knows.
You still want my advice?
- Yes.
Let the young man go.
He can do as he likes.
You can't, you must stay.
Your life's here,
now that you're having a baby.
You can't run to such an adventure.
- I can't Vlad, I can't!
You must for the child. Or does the idea
of all 3 of you starving, amuse you?
Paolo will work, he has talent.
- No talent and you know it.
He knows it too. That's why he flees,
to escape his mediocrity. - I love him.
There is no love that can
endure poverty, Frou Frou.
Don't sacrifice
your child to your pleasure.
Nor to his, because
your happiness will not last long.
I'm telling you, it'll end very badly.
What you say is terrible.
- Yes, I know.
But that's life.
- Yes, thank you.
What's the matter, dear?
Nothing, just tired.
When we get married, we'll live
more quietly. Far from all these people.
By the way,
I invited American clients tonight.
Tell all those crazy people
to behave a little better.
Make yourself beautiful.
I want you to be admired.
I'll drop by Cannes, need anything?
- No, thanks.
See you soon, Darling.
- Here.
Read it.
"I arrive tonight, greetings Artus."
Do you mind?
- Me? No.
He probably needs more help.
And why not?
He's not a genius, but he's very nice.
What composure, eh?
It's like the Court of England.
Yes, but tomorrow just wait and see.
We'll make up for it and how!
Tomorrow you'll give us a hand,
right, Mr Artus?
And you're leaving me for these idiots?
Let's go away.
Then it's "no"?
It's no, Paolo.
You know what you're doing?
My only happiness was you.
And you take it away.
We would starve over there.
- You're afraid?
You don't want to lose
the jewels, the clothes, the Bugatti.
Strange, how you start
looking like Frou Frou.
If insulting me helps you, keep on.
- I'm doing it for you.
So you'll have no regrets.
Paolo, don't torment me.
I love you. I love you.
I have never loved so much.
Sir begs the lady to cover herself,
the evenings are cool.
Sir also informs her that the American
gentlemen will be leaving shortly.
Thank you, Josef.
Let's go. With the American gentlemen,
as your butler says.
I beg you not to leave.
At least not tonight. Not right away.
Well, then tomorrow.
Yes, tomorrow.
Oh, Paolo!
What's happening? Why do they shout?
They're playing pirates, Ma'am.
They wanted me to play a corsair,
but I allowed myself to refuse.
- Yes, you're the only reasonable one.
Yes, you Ma'am and myself, if I may,
are the only normal people on board.
If you all talk at once we'll never
understand! Am I the captain or not?
- Then shut up!
Come! Come!
It's an extraordinary idea!
Oh yes, let's play pirates!
- If you knew how fun it is!
Like in the Caribbean!
- Yes, really!
He costumed us well!
- Real odalisques! - From the East.
You want to play with us?
- Yes, play too, you'll see how it is!
He sells us like slaves in Arabia!
- Explain the game to Frou Frou.
I'm the Black Pirate.
The terror of the seas!
This is my insignia!
And that's my crew!
A bunch of trash, right, guys?
- Yes!
And who are we?
- What you always were:
And me?
Am I a slave too?
You could be free
but it's a difficult role.
Now you look like these slaves which
I'll sell to the famous Pasha Sabatier.
I don't want to be sold, but kidnapped!
I'm the only one who gives the orders!
Only one will be saved.
The one that has my heart.
The one I love!
- Me! Me!
No, you, dear lady.
- Yes.
Don't you want my love?
Don't worry, it won't last long.
Besides, it's for laughs!
What do I have to do?
- Go with the others. Come!
Will you give us some women or not?
Cursed dogs!
You dare raise your voice to me?
And how! No more talk! You're done!
- Give us the women!
Idiots! Wimps!
Retarded millionaires!
That's too far. How dare he?
- He's joking!
Are you gonna give us these women?
- Get behind me!
Come get them! And beware,
the first man who moves is dead.
And I say "man" to be nice!
What if I tell them we're in love?
Do you want, love?
No! Don't do it, please I beg you!
Oh, the dead shall rise!
I said the dead shall rise!
Cowards! You won't take me alive!
The Black Corsair is unbeatable!
Surrender, clown!
- I'd rather die!
What a death! I'm all excited!
It almost seems true!
Better than the movies!
Get up, let's start over again.
Get up!
How he died is a secret
that your father took with him.
But to everybody else,
he killed himself because of me.
I found myself alone again.
Alone with you. I sacrificed everything.
And since then, I've lived only for you.
I'm not looking for excuses.
What happened is my fault.
But I paid for it.
I have wasted my life.
I got it all wrong.
I've failed being a woman...
or a mother.
No, Mama, don't say that.
- Don't you see? You're leaving
and I don't have the strength
to stop you or the courage to let you go.
Attention Miss Paola Dubois,
passenger of Air France, Flight 052,
destination Dakar, please go
to customs for formalities...
What are you doing?
- Mama, the plane is leaving.
So, you're leaving?
- Yes, Mama.
Oh, Paola!
Don't go, my daughter!
Don't leave me! Don't leave me!
Why talk to me like this?
I must leave, Mama. Say yes.
I can't. I can't...
Forgive me.
Ticket, Ma'am.
- I'm not leaving. -Then you can't pass.
But I absolutely must speak to my daughter!
Contact the information office.
- Thanks. - Over there.
if you don't have a diplomatic passport,
or a journalist's card,
we can't do anything.
Please, Miss, I must get through.
It concerns my daughter's happiness!
Ma'am, do this: go to the white barrier.
You'll see the plane a few meters away.
May I talk to her?
- It's forbidden, but... - Thanks!
Be happy, my daughter! Be happy!
Miss! Miss! Hurry! Let's go!
Yes, I'm coming!
You won't be too sad?
You promise?
- Yes.
Oh, Mama!