Frozen in Love (2018) Movie Script

So many hours spent
Looking for answers
Turning the pages
Through all
your chapters
Hoping to find
your place.
Somewhere so right
Someone to love you
Somewhere to run
You can escape to
And know
that you are safe
Yeah, you have
found your place
Right here
Right here
A place where you know
You're always home
Right here
Right here
No matter where
you go...
Oh, hey Sandy, how's Tom?
Hi Mary.
Oh, he's great, thanks.
Are you thinking of
a trip to Bali?
Dreaming about it, maybe.
Well, go in the Spring
before the high season starts.
It's less crowded and
the weather is gorgeous.
Have you been?
No, but I have read that
book from cover to cover
so it's almost like
I've been there.
And while you're in
the area, you know...
Australia is not that far away
and it's absolutely beautiful.
Be a shame to miss it.
You've been to Australia?
Another great book.
Ok, well, good to know.
Let me know if
you need anything.
Ok. Will do.
I just poured that for myself.
Mary, don't you
remember anything
mom and dad taught
us about sharing?
Wait a second,
weren't you supposed to have
study group today?
I did.
We quizzed each other while
we were shooting hoops.
Tyler, I love that you're going
to business school, I do.
But you need to take
it seriously.
I know.
I am.
Ok, well dribbling hoops
doesn't sound like you're-
Dribbling hoops?
Wow, you really are a sports
nut, aren't you?
Did you check the
year-end reports?
I did.
They are not bad.
Not bad...
Mary, the first thing they teach
us in business school
is numbers in red
are not good.
It's a slow time.
It'll pick up.
Talk to mom and dad?
And you're not going to, either,
because the store is ours,
they're retired,
and this red stuff?
It's our problem now.
Well then we really need to
talk about updating the store.
We have a website.
We have a Facebook page.
So we're competitive
with 10 years ago.
Tyler, On the Same Page has
been here for almost 40 years
because we're traditional.
This is a place where people
can come in and pick up a book
and have a conversation about
it with another human being.
If there was another human
being here, that is.
Look, this is a book store.
It's not a web arcade digital
virtual cyber hacking zone.
You have no idea what
you're saying, do you?
No, I- I don't.
The point is we haven't survived
for almost 40 years
by trying to be something
that we're not.
We've done it by being
who we are.
Then why are you meeting
with Janet Dunleavy?
Because we went
to college together.
And she runs a big PR firm.
Alright, fine.
She offered to help out with
the 40th anniversary party.
Wow. She must be a really
big deal if you're going
all the way downtown.
I mean, that is a big adventure
for you.
Is this the part where you're
taking things more seriously?
Oh man, he did it again.
Who did what?
Adam Clayborn.
The Denver Royals
hockey player.
He got into it with a ref
last night and got booted
from the game.
Hockey. That's the one where
you throw the old pig skin
down the field, yes?
Sometimes I can't tell
if you're joking.
I just don't care about some
guy in cleats getting kicked
out of the game.
Skates. Hockey is played
on skates.
I know what hockey is.
Do you?
Go away.
Uncle Adam!
Good morning, Graham.
Can we play monster?
Yeah, sure. Yeah.
Ok, little guy,
let's get you dressed
so Uncle Adam can
get some sleep.
You know we do have
a guest room.
What can I say?
I like sofas.
Sure you do.
Come on.
It's a little early for monster,
isn't it?
It's never too early
for games that amuse
Or the grown-ups
who act like them.
It is too early for
a lecture, though.
Maybe you should have slept
at your place instead of
on my couch
Press was camped
out at my place downtown...
I wasn't in the mood.
Yeah, I know.
Erica keeps calling
your phone
and when you don't pick up
she calls mine.
Over and over and over again.
Did you tell her I was here?
No, but I'm pretty sure
she knows.
She's got powers
or something.
Chuck, she's the president
of a hockey team.
She's not a wizard.
She's also really mad
at you.
Erica is always mad at me.
Yeah, 'cause you keep
causing trouble
and costing us games.
No, it's because we dated
years ago
and she still hasn't
gotten over the fact
that I broke up with her.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's
the losing the game part.
Adam, you've been ejected
form three games this season.
What happened to you?
When we were on the team in
Texas we were the wild ones.
Well, I got traded to Denver,
I met Sarah,
got married and had a kid.
I grew up.
Maybe you should try it.
And lose my child-like sense
of wonder?
It's so quiet out here
in the suburbs.
Why don't you move
back downtown?
Because I am happy.
Again, maybe you
should try it.
Look, I'm the one who
had to convince Erica
to bring you here
because I promised her that
you have changed.
This is why you got kicked
off the Texas team,
Seattle and New Jersey-
New Jersey was not my fault.
The guy on the other
team started it.
Well, according to you,
it's always the other guy.
[phone ringing]
If Erica cuts you
from the team-
Erica's not gonna cut me.
Ok, answer the phone then.
I will.
After I get some air.
And a coffee.
Bookstore coffee.
Can I help you, sir?
Coffee, black.
Oh, we don't have coffee.
Oh, well that's mine.
I'll take whatever you've got.
Except none of that weird
flavoured stuff.
If I wanted hazelnuts
in my coffee
I'd go to wherever
hazelnuts are from.
Oh, well now that
is interesting.
You know, they originally
thought that they were
from Damascus but now evidence
points to Scotland
almost 9,000 years ago.
Can I just get my coffee?
Uh, we don't have coffee.
Ok, I get it.
I gotta buy a book first in
order to get a cup of coffee?
No, you have to buy a book
because it's a bookstore.
Look, fine.
You got a problem with that?
That'll be $19.95.
Now can I get my coffee?
We don't have coffee.
This is a bookstore.
All bookstores have coffee.
No they don't.
This one doesn't.
Then why did I just buy
that book?
Because you need a hobby?
I need a coffee.
And we're right back
where we started.
I want my money back.
You don't accept returns?
People read books and then
they bring them back
expecting a refund.
But I just bought that
30 seconds ago.
Store policy, no exceptions.
[phone vibrating]
Ok, I- just...
You know what?
Never mind.
I'll go find a real bookstore
Aren't you forgetting something?
You know what?
Ok, so I think we know
everyone here
but for the record I'm Tyler,
this is my sister Mary,
and we're here for book chat.
Mary, what're we chatting
about today?
The Great Gatsby by
F. Scott Fitzgerald.
One of my favourite books.
You say that every week.
How am I supposed to choose?
There are too many good books.
I mean, the whole world
is here.
Well, why don't
we get started?
Now, when I first read
The Great Gatsby
I was struck by Fitzgerald's
colour imagery.
He basically talks right
about how he looks,
specifically colours that he
uses, I mean...
we can just go right from there.
I cannot thank you enough
for agreeing to help me out.
You helped me through
my finals in college
so I owe you a lot more
than some free PR advice.
I've always wanted to go.
You were always talking about
the places that you read about
you were gonna go
and visit.
What've you knocked off
your list?
Uh, well, you know, I uh...
I did go a few places
after college
but then I just got so busy
helping out my folks
with the store and everything.
And now you run it.
That's great.
Well, it's not much, but...
But that's why you came to me.
So let's talk ideas.
I had my staff do some research
and where I would
love to start is getting
On the Same Page more
integrated into the community.
Uh, well, we've been
there almost 40 years
so we're kind of a fixture.
But these days it's a lot more
than longevity.
You need to connect with people.
Well, your neighbourhood has
a kid's hockey league,
you could sponsor a team,
or we could do more advertising
at nearby businesses.
Oh, and the 40th anniversary,
you need to do a big party
for that.
Maybe a winter festival
kind of thing.
Get the whole neighbourhood
to come out and celebrate.
Um... all of these things
take money.
You know the old saying,
"you need to spend money
to make money".
But you have to have the money
to spend the money to...
I- what I'm trying to say is
we would love to do things
like this but...
Things are that tight, huh?
It's a slow time
but it's gonna pick up.
Mary, no one comes to see me
when things are going great.
They come to see me
when things are... broken.
I'm a fixer.
I can fix this.
I have no idea.
But I am convinced that the
right idea will present itself
and when it does
we're gonna be ready.
Are you with me?
I am.
Did you forget how to answer
your phone?
Erica, I-
Oh, no, no, no, Adam.
This is the part where
I talk and you listen.
That reminds me of
when we dated.
Ten game suspension.
Come on-
This is the third time
you've been kicked off
the ice this season.
This last time cost us
the game.
The ref completely missed
Jack being boarded.
It's like he was blind.
It's not your job to tell
the ref what he missed.
It's your job to stay out of
trouble and win games.
I'm sorry, ok?
No, Adam.
It's not ok.
The owner of the team is-
Your father.
Talk to him.
I did talk to him.
He's the one who talked me
out of cutting you.
Are you sure there's not
some lingering, you know,
animosity over me breaking up
with you?
First of all, I broke up
with you.
No, you didn't.
And second of all,
that was five years ago and
I promise you I am over it.
Well, what would you have
to be over about
if you broke up with me?
Adam, I do not like being
this tense person,
I really don't, but you just
bring it out in me.
In fact, you know what?
From this point forward
I'm gonna add one game
to your suspension
for everything
you say that makes me mad.
I figure in about
ten minutes,
well, you're gonna be out
for the rest of the season.
Ok, ok.
Just tell me what I have
to do to fix this.
I'm glad you asked.
Call our PR person.
While you're suspended you
are going to work with her
to repair your image.
There's nothing wrong
with my image.
Eleven games.
For what?
Adam, we strive to maintain
a positive image
with the community and our fans.
This is our image.
This is yours.
Ok. I'll call Janet Dunleavy
And please just do whatever
she says.
Don't argue with her,
don't think you have
better ideas than her.
Basically just don't be you.
Got it.
But just one more thing.
I broke up with you.
Twelve games.
Totally worth it.
So you guys are thinking
about going on a cruise
this summer?
Well, your mother is thinking
about it.
I'm thinking about whether
or not I want to think about it.
Sweetheart, we
are retired now.
This is exactly the kind of
adventure we should be having.
It's a Caribbean cruise.
Oh, pfff.
It's all-you-can-eat buffets,
it's not wrestling crocodiles
in the Amazon.
I just think that we should
take advantage of the fact
that we do not have to worry
about the store anymore.
Mary and Tyler have got it
all under control.
Yeah, so how is the business?
It's fine, dad.
Don't worry.
Tyler, how's school, honey?
Well, I'm having
a little problem.
What is it?
There's this one class
and it's just not going well.
It's like a- a balance sheet
that keeps coming up red.
Oh, well what is it about this
class that's got you stumped?
I've done all my readings
for it, obsessively,
but um, I feel like
I'm falling behind.
Can't keep up.
Oh, well have you asked
for any help?
Not really.
That's not true.
He- well, you've gone
to advisors,
you just haven't figured out
exactly what to do yet.
Well, you gotta do what
you gotta do, kiddo.
Your mother is right, Tyler.
I mean, if you've got these
advisors giving you advice
you should listen to it.
Even if it means doing something
outside of your comfort zone.
Wait, like going on a cruise?
And that right there, kids, that
is why I married your mother.
I'll take some wine, please.
Yeah, me too.
I feel like I'm waiting
for the principal
to put me in detention.
It's not that bad.
That's what I tried
to tell Erica.
Oh, don't get me wrong,
it's bad but we can repair this.
We just need to find a way
to make people... like you.
People like me.
Oh, no.
They don't.
I had my team do a flash poll
last night after Erica called me
and, well, the results...
they weren't good.
Telemarketers have higher
likeability than you do.
That's disturbing.
But the good news is that
they want to like you.
They love the idea of
a second chance
and they are open
to giving you one.
Well, one strategy I've used
in the past is sort of like
a buddy system.
We pair you with a respected
member of the community,
someone who can balance
things out.
According to this, mould has
a higher score than I do.
Who would want to be
paired with me?
You'd be surprised.
We get you involved
in local activities,
maybe do some
volunteer work,
it's good PR for both you and
whoever we pair you up with.
Did you have someone
in mind?
Not yet, but...
[phone rings]
Sorry, hold on.
Send her in.
I'm so sorry to come by
I just wanted to be very clear
that I am so ready to do
whatever it takes
to make this work.
Excellent, because I know
just what to do.
I'm going to pair you with
one of my other clients
and you are both going to solve
each other's problems.
That's wonderful.
Mary Campbell,
Adam Clayborn.
Shall we get started?
(Both): No.
The hockey team will pay
for everything.
This way we can put together
a big to-do
for the 40th anniversary
of the store,
and he can host it
or sign jerseys or something.
We can sponsor a junior
hockey team, you can coach it.
You and cute kids?
This is the kind of immediate
boost of goodwill
that you need in order
to get back on the team.
Because when it works,
when we take an uncouth
hockey player
and turn him into a cultured
book lover
who helps the community,
you are going to get
the credit for that.
You can be the hero
that rescues
the beloved neighbourhood
It's like you're Superman
and she's your Lois Lane.
It's like you're Henry Higgins
to his Eliza Doolittle.
It's a second chance you need
to reinvent the bookstore.
Besides, if things are as bad
as you say they are,
you need a fresh start.
You need to do something big
to save the bookstore.
You need a new beginning.
This could be your last chance
to save your career
[whispers] To improve
your image,
just trust me this is going
to be fantastic.
I'm already regretting this.
This is going to be a disaster.
Give it a chance.
Good morning.
Hi, Janet Dunleavy.
Hi, I'm Mary's brother, Tyler.
And you are Adam Clayborn.
I'm a huge fan.
I can see that.
Wait, Mary, Tyler, there's
gotta be more to that story.
That's our mother's
favourite show.
It could be worse.
You could be called
Joanie and Chachi.
Why don't we get started?
So, first up great news.
I got a permit to do a winter
fest party out in front
of the bookstore for
the 40th anniversary,
which is our big chance to
reach a lot of people at once.
It's in four weeks.
Four weeks?
Is that enough time to get
everything ready?
Mmmhmm. That's why we're here.
We can brainstorm ideas.
We need a big one,
a showcase idea.
How about a food truck?
Maybe one that serves coffee.
How's the quilt coming?
I'm just saying I've never seen
a bookstore
that didn't have coffee.
Visit a lot of them, do you?
You don't know me.
What was the last book
you read?
Oh, and Sports Illustrated?
Not a book.
Ok, why don't we put
a pin in that?
How about we talk about
the junior hockey team
we're going to sponsor?
We'll get a photographer
to come out and get Adam
coaching the kids
and at the game.
Oh, he- he's gonna
coach kids?
Hey, I'm great with kids.
Yes, 'cause you are one.
You know, I'm here
to help you.
You need me more
than I need you.
What was that?
I said you need-
Oh, I couldn't hear you
over the racket
all your customers are making.
I think this is going great.
You don't understand.
She's impossible.
Oh, I understand impossible,
You mean me?
No. She's worse.
She thinks she knows everything.
She always has to be right.
So you two have a lot
in common.
Why are you here?
Moral support.
You two are enjoying this,
aren't you?
Oh, yeah.
This is a terrible idea.
Mary, this is exactly the kind
of PR stunt
the bookstore needs, ok?
It's gonna be amazing.
We can still back out.
I'm putting up posters.
You haven't finished yet.
Not too late.
Sorry, no backing out now.
I'll just put them back up.
Are we starting soon?
Yes, we are.
We are just waiting
for your coach.
Adam Clayborn, right?
He's tough.
It's cool how he argues
with the refs.
No, it- it isn't.
You're late.
Sorry, I'm not used to-
Wow. It's really you.
I'm Coach Adam.
What's your name?
Nice to meet you, Noah.
Would you mind telling Noah
that getting into trouble
isn't cool?
Absolutely not.
What're you doing?
Well, I was just gonna say
that sometimes
when a ref makes a really
bad call
you can't just say nothing.
For instance, this one time
in Albuquerque-
You are not allowed to tell
a 12-year-old
about that one time
in Albuquerque.
You don't even know
what happened.
If you were involved it could
not have been good.
Now, listen.
For some reason that is totally
beyond my comprehension,
you are a role model
to these kids,
so be a good one.
Now repeat after me.
Trouble, not cool.
Trouble, not cool.
That's right.
So you can tell your friends
that and uh,
we'll be over in a second.
It's gonna be a disaster.
Ok, no matter what we might
think of each other
I think we can both agree that
the most important thing here
is the team and making sure
they have a good time.
So how about we call a truce
until after practice?
Hey, guys.
Let's get up.
I'm Adam Clayborn and
I'm gonna be your coach.
And I am Mary Campbell.
I am sponsoring the team.
Well, actually,
On the Same Page is.
Ok, who plays what position?
Shouldn't you ask them to
introduce themselves first?
That's what I was just doing.
No, you asked them what
they do on the team.
You didn't ask them anything
about themselves
like what their names are
or their interests
or what they wanna be
when they grow up
or their favourite book.
I like to start there.
This is a hockey team.
Yeah, so what're
you gonna do?
Are you just gonna call them
by their playing places?
[team laughs]
Playing places.
So this delightful young
human would be the-
Please, I would love to hear you
list off the playing places
of a hockey team.
The goal... goalie!
Who's my goalie?
Yes, you are.
There you are, coming for it,
up top.
Name another.
I think I made my point.
I think you made mine.
Shall we?
Ok kids, centre ice.
I finished shutting
everything down.
You up to anything tonight?
You wanna come for dinner
with me and my friends?
Uh, you know, I think I'm just
gonna stay in and read.
What're you reading?
Wuthering Heights.
You've read it so many times.
It just keeps getting better.
Well, don't stay out
too late.
Oh, and if you have
any questions about hockey
you can just ask me.
Bring it in, guys.
Any questions?
What happened
in Albuquerque?
Oh- later.
Uh, later, ok?
Alright, we're gonna crush
it out there, right?
Respectfully, right?
Because hockey has
a rich history.
In fact, it dates back
to 1300 when a certain-
You're kidding, right?
I think that they could use
a little bit of historical
I mean, just because Noah is
the centre forward
and Jesse is right defense,
they're both working to get
the puck into the crease,
I don't think that they need
to be barbarians about it.
Oh, someone read a book
about hockey.
Don't know what makes
you think that.
Because the other day
all you knew was goalie.
Didn't wanna show off.
Well, look, I think it's cute.
Why don't you stick to
the books and let me deal
with the important things.
You know, like winning.
Winning isn't everything.
Yes, it is.
That's why it's a competitive
If there wasn't a winner it
would just be people out there
hitting a piece of rubber
with a stick.
Did you know that the original
hockey pucks
were made of wood?
Stop it.
(All): On the Same Page!
[whistle blows]
Look at the front of the net!
Good sportsmanship!
Come on, guys, hurry back!
Back check, hard!
Stay on him.
Play the man, not the puck.
That doesn't make sense.
It's a cardinal rule of defense.
But we want the puck.
Well, yes. We do.
[whistle blows]
Oh, come on!
You can't give him
a penalty for that!
What happened?
We got a penalty.
It's totally bogus.
Hey, ref!
There's no way you call that!
I don't think you should be
doing this.
Let me handle this.
It's my team. I'm going
to handle it.
Handle what?
You don't even know
what's going on.
That's not the point.
Hey, ref! Ref!
Let him play, ref.
Where did you get
your whistle?
A Cracker Jack box?
You should not be talking
to him like that.
He is wearing the shirt.
Not exactly what I had
in mind.
Look at this.
I do look bonkers.
What about me?
I need good press,
not more bad.
Guys, relax.
We can fix this.
I hope so, because my entire
life is in your hands right now.
Mine, too.
See? There.
Now you have something
in common.
For real this time?
Things are looking up already.
Now, we have three weeks until
the winter anniversary party
and we still need that
showcase idea.
How do I fit into this
anniversary party?
Master of Ceremony, signing
autographs, kissing babies,
whatever it takes.
We're gonna do a trial run
at a book fair this weekend.
Aren't book fairs expensive
to enter?
Not this one.
The school board is staging
it to promote reading.
Besides, the hockey team will
cover any expenses.
You've got a booth
right up front.
Thank you. That's so nice.
You're welcome.
But since there's nothing
to host, per se,
we need a good reason
for Adam to be there.
We could bring a bunch of books
about hockey.
Great idea.
Mary, do you know any good books
on hockey?
Yeah, Mary.
Do you?
You and dad had the store
for almost 40 years
without a problem and we've had
it less than a year and it's...
it's got problems.
Honey, you worry too much.
I have to.
I just don't know how to manage
the store and babysit this...
Adam at the same time.
Tyler said he's really nice.
He's not.
He is reckless, he is immature,
he's rude...
why are you smiling like that?
Oh, Shakespeare.
Just a little quote about "the
lady doth protest too much".
Oh, no.
Oh, no?
Not even a little bit.
Excuse me.
What is this?
What is uh... it's a truck.
I know what a truck is.
Why is it in front of my store
with my sign on it?
Oh. You must be Mary.
Adam said you might be
a little high strung.
Listen, whatever this is
costing, I cannot afford it.
Oh, Adam took care of it.
Are you opening soon?
Because I got about three
people waiting to get a book
and their free cup, so...
Sorry for the delay.
Thank you for helping me get
set up for the book fair.
I'm suspended, remember?
I didn't have anything
better to do tonight.
Thank you also for
the coffee truck.
That was very nice and we
actually sold a lot of books.
Yes. It was a good idea.
Maybe a showcase idea.
Don't push it.
You know, if I don't get back
on the team
I can always help you
run this place.
What are you going to do when
you're done with hockey?
I don't know.
I haven't thought about it.
How can you not think
about the future?
Not make a plan?
Yeah, I'm more of a live in
the moment kinda guy.
But without a plan
you're just wandering.
Some of the world's greatest
discoveries were made by people
who were just wandering.
Name one.
The chocolate chip cookie.
Some chef was trying to make
chocolate cookies
and didn't have
the right ingredients
so she put chocolate chunks
into the batter
thinking it would mix in.
It didn't, and that became
the chocolate chip cookie.
That can't be true.
It's true.
Surely I would have heard
something about this.
Ruth Wakefield in her kitchen,
well I'll be darned.
How did you know that?
I read things.
Other than Sports Illustrated.
What's your favourite book?
I don't know.
What do you mean,
you don't know?
Nobody's ever asked me that.
I mean, surely there is some
book that made an impression
on you at some point.
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
I read it when I was a kid.
Hadn't thought about it since.
What did you like about it?
Him and Huck Finn were
always out exploring
and getting into trouble
and I always...
I just liked the idea of it.
It's a great book.
It's... one of my favourites,
Although the Book Chat audience
says I have too many favourites.
That doesn't surprise me.
We're reading War of
the Worlds next.
Oh, they turned that Tom
Cruise movie into a novel?
I'm kidding.
Anyway, here.
In case you'd like to join us.
You'd wanna hear what I have
to say about a book?
I wanna hear what anyone has
to say about a book.
I don't know if I'm gonna
have time.
I still have a couple chapters
of that quilting book to go
and I have to see
how it ends.
Picture time.
Uh, can it wait?
I'm just talking to a couple
fans here.
Adam, eyes on the prize.
Sorry, ladies. Duty calls.
Thank you. Thank you.
What? They were fans.
They were groupies.
Why, because
they were pretty?
Pretty women can't
be hockey fans?
I never said that, I just don't
think that you'd be paying
so much attention to them
if they weren't pretty.
That's not true.
All people who love hockey
are seen equally in my books.
Do you even believe the things
that come out of your mouth?
I'm sorry. I am.
And I don't know what
it is about him
but he is just so maddening and
he just pushes my buttons.
It's not that bad.
Oh, good.
Oh, don't get me wrong.
It's bad.
May I see the article?
I think it's best that
you don't.
Just the headline?
Something like "Mary and
Adam at it again".
Well, you should talk to him.
I have.
And now I'm talking to you.
Yes, you.
We are going to try this again
tomorrow at another event
that I've set up, and I have
some ground rules
for the both of you.
But he's clearly-
Both of you.
Ok, so what are we here
to do?
Donate books to the library.
And what are we not here
to do?
Use our outside voices.
Do anything that might embarrass
us and, by extension, you.
Very good.
Are you guys ready?
Here we go.
Car repair?
What's wrong with car repair?
Well... not exactly literature.
You're such a snob.
I'm not a snob.
You think that just because
you read everything
you're so much smarter and
better than everyone.
You think that just 'cause I
read anything that I am a snob.
This is your bias.
Well, your bias is that
you think that people
who play hockey are
out of control crazy.
Nope, I don't think that
about everyone who plays hockey.
You're the one who keeps
getting kicked out of games.
Why do you get into so many
fights, anyway?
I don't go out and randomly
start arguing with people.
What, so "he started it"
is your defense?
Kind of, yeah.
The thing with the ref
at the last game?
Someone on the other team
boarded a guy on my team.
Pushed him into a
wall excessively.
The ref didn't see it.
So I went to tell him and things
kinda escalated from there.
So you were defending
your teammate.
Yeah. You can do
what you want to me,
I don't care. I can take it.
But you don't mess
with my teammates
or people I care about.
That's rather nice.
I have my moments.
And you might be right.
About what?
I can be a bit defensive
around really smart people.
I'm not that smart.
Oh, I wasn't talking about you.
Hi, Adam.
Hi, Ms. Campbell.
Noah, it's so nice
to see you here.
Mom brings me every week.
That's wonderful.
By the way, she thinks
it's your guys' fault
that we lost the tournament.
Oh. She probably has a point.
Just remember, Noah.
Winning is not everything.
Adam said winning's the best.
Now, I don't know if I used
those exact words.
You said only losers-
Ok, Noah. So good to see you.
Tell your mom I'll pay
for therapy.
Kids love me.
And parents...
You have got to make them
retract this.
Because we are not an item.
It doesn't say that you are.
It asks a question which allows
them to get away
with just about anything.
I do not want people thinking
this about us.
About me.
The important thing is that they
are thinking of you.
She's right.
I mean, look at all these
We've had more people in
the store today than we've had
in the past month combined.
Yes, but most of them aren't
buying anything.
They just wanna know
if I'm dating Adam.
And, like, what's
his favourite colour?
Which is green.
Why do I know this?
Mary, you just have to believe
in the plan.
I'm looking for another good
thing to put the two of you in
but in the meantime
we're working
on the big anniversary party.
That'll really be what turns
things around.
Ok. I have to go.
Call you later.
Thanks, Janet.
I'm very proud of you,
you know?
You're trying new things.
Opening up to new ideas.
You're excited about the
possibility of what could-
What do you want?
I wanna record tonight's
Book Chat as a podcast.
Mmm-mmm. No.
You know I don't like talking
in front of a lot of people.
It's not like you're gonna
see them.
And besides, I'll edit out
the parts where you embarrass
our family and bring about
the ruination of the store.
Got your message.
What's up?
Have you heard from Adam?
He was doing that library
thing today
and I was expecting some
sort of disaster.
No, it went fine, actually.
In fact, did you see this?
I can live with that.
Oh, that's good.
It doesn't bother you?
Why would it bother me?
Well, because you and Adam were-
I broke up with him.
Bother me.
That's ridiculous.
Hi everyone, and welcome to
On the Same Page Book Chat.
We're recording a podcast today
so if you wanna say something
use a microphone, ok?
Mary, over to you.
Uh, what book are we doing
this week?
War of the Worlds
by H. G. Wells.
Sorry I'm late.
Oh, thank you.
Mary, you were saying.
War- War of the Worlds
by H. G. Wells,
often associated with
the 1938 radio drama
of the same name by Orson Wells.
Oh, and also-
And- and say
your name.
Adam Clayborn.
Of the Denver Royals.
And I was gonna mention
the Tom Cruise movie.
I love that movie.
Adam, what did you think of
the book?
I thought it was great.
Good, good.
But uh, what'd you think
about the themes?
What was H. G. Wells
commenting on?
Uh, alien invasions are bad?
Ok, that's a good point.
But what about the issues
of colonialism?
I mean, the British Empire was
making big moves at that time.
Fine, but sometimes an alien
is just an alien.
Sometimes an alien is
the king of England.
Are you saying we
shouldn't comment
on the deeper themes of novels?
No, I'm not saying that,
but you also don't wanna
over think things.
This story is about two sides
in a battle for Earth.
It's like an intergalactic
hockey game.
But it's also about the battle
for survival of the human race.
I mean, these aliens
are using heat rays
to decimate entire towns.
Now, I've read a lot of books
about hockey
and frankly I don't see
an equivalent.
You've never taken a puck
to the face.
[crowd laughs]
Fair enough, but I just think
we should dig a little deeper.
It doesn't get deeper than
the basic urge to survive.
Yes, so you're talking a basic
human reaction to stress.
And you're talking about
fight or flight.
I still say you're missing
the point I was trying to make.
Adam, let it go.
But next week when we do
Dracula I am not backing down.
That was you backing down?
Compared to how most of my
disagreements with people end?
Good boy.
I thought it was great.
Mary, that's the most I've
ever seen you talk in Book Chat.
You two are perfect together.
Uh, Tyler, we're late
for dinner.
Oh, um... I was gonna
ask you guys
if you wanted to go
grab something.
Oh, weekly dinner
at our parent's house.
You're welcome to come.
Oh, I don't know.
Really, it's just the four of
us, family thing-
They'll love it.
I mean, dad's a huge hockey fan
and mom always cooks too much.
It's perfect. Come on.
Seriously, these two were
fantastic together.
You guys are gonna love
the podcast.
Well, I think it's great
you're trying new things
in the store, honey.
Don't you think so, Paul?
I don't know.
There's something to be said
for tried and true.
Maybe there's room for both.
You know, I was thinking maybe
we could add some sort of
refreshment station.
Somewhere where people
could get water or... coffee.
That sounds wonderful.
That sounds unbelievable.
I am open to new ideas.
I am!
You're pretty quiet, Adam.
I'm just enjoying this.
It's like watching
a really good play.
So family dinners
weren't like this
when you were growing up?
No, I grew up in the foster
care system
so I was always bouncing
from place to place.
I didn't know that.
It wasn't a big deal.
There was this one family
that was really into hockey
so, ultimately, it was
a good thing.
That's wonderful.
You should be really proud
of all that you've accomplished,
You know what I'd be
really proud about?
Is finishing more
of these potatoes.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
So, how's things going
with the team?
I'm still on the team so
I'm taking that as a victory.
How's working
with my sister?
It's just peachy.
It's ok, Adam.
I love her, but it can be
frustrating dealing with someone
who can always
find a book
to prove she's right
and you're wrong.
What is up with the books?
I don't know.
You'll have to ask dad.
There's a picture of her
in a crib
holding a copy of Little Women.
So she started early, huh?
Smartest person I know.
Except for when it comes
to relationships.
None of them could hold up
to the heros in her books.
You invited him home for dinner?
Tyler invited him.
But it ended up being
kind of ok.
That is high praise coming
from you.
You're starting to like him.
I am not.
Well, not in the way the local
paper is inferring, anyway.
I didn't mean it that way.
You are spending a lot of
time together.
Making each other nuts.
Some might call that passion.
Some shouldn't call it that
'cause they're wrong.
I think you guys are good
for each other.
I'm not talking about just
from a PR perspective.
Janet, this is all about
the bookstore for me, alright?
Now, look.
Sales are up but they're nowhere
near what they need to be.
Trust in me,
trust in the process,
everything will be fine.
Nice job, Noah.
Up high!
Little more practice and you'll
be ready for the big leagues.
I can't believe we get
to practice here today.
I told my mom I wanted to be
a hockey player like you.
Oh yeah?
What'd she say?
She just closed her eyes
and put her hand on her face.
What about your dad?
He moved to California.
Well, I think it's great that
you want to be a hockey player.
But maybe you should tell
your mom you wanna be
more like Wayne Gretzky.
Who's Wayne Gretzky?
Why does everyone keep
doing that?
Who's Wayne Gretzky?
Thanks for helping today.
Of course.
Except where was everyone?
The photographers? Mary?
This is off the books.
It's a good group of kids.
I like helping so I've been
doing some extra coaching
here and there.
That is very...
Grown up of me?
I have my moments.
We need you back
on the team.
I haven't been able to get it
together since you left.
You've won three of the last
five games.
We should have won all five.
Got a big game on
the road tomorrow
and I wish you were
gonna be there with us.
I still have to do my penance.
Things with Mary getting
any better?
She's not so bad I guess.
For you, that means
you like her.
Does not.
From what you've told me
she is exactly what you need.
Somebody who stands up
to you.
I don't think that's
what I need.
But even if I did she's
made it pretty clear
that she wants nothing
to do with me or my world.
Well, have you shown
her your world?
Sarah, thank you so much
for having us over
to watch the game.
Oh, hey. I love the company.
I get so nervous watching these
guys play on the road.
What happened?
The other team just scored.
What do we say when
the other team scores?
Boo, that's right.
They should make
the puck bigger
so you can see it better on TV.
That is a great idea.
I'll take your suggestions
to the league.
Ok, bud.
Come on, bath time.
You can watch the rest of
the game later, ok?
Otherwise the claw
will get you!
Come on.
You guys need anything?
No, we're good.
I'm- I'm good.
Are you good?
I'm good.
Ok, I'll be back in a bit.
Thanks for coming today.
I know hockey isn't
your cup of tea.
Well, Sarah and Graham are
great and this hockey business
is growing on me.
Careful, soon you'll be
a fanatic like me.
You really miss it,
don't you?
Yeah, I really do.
It's my whole life.
Is that stupid?
Well, if it's your whole life
then getting kicked off
the team,
probably not your
best move.
Good point.
I suppose I should learn
something from all this.
Like what?
Can I get back to you
on that?
Well, what I've learned
is that I am not clear
on all the rules of this game.
Well, sometimes the best way
to learn is by doing.
This is not what I had in mind.
You were the one who said
you were open to new ideas.
There you go.
Thank you.
We'll have to work on your
stopping skills, but not bad.
I just skated ten feet.
I think it's a little bit early
for "not bad".
What if I fall down a lot?
You're wearing enough protective
gear to cushion a fall
from space.
Besides, it doesn't matter
how many times you fall down.
It only matters how many
times you get back up again.
Sounds like something
my dad would say.
Yeah. Because he's awesome.
Now, let's work on how
you're holding that stick.
Let's put your right hand at
the top of the stick, like this.
Yeah, bring the stick out
in front of you.
Ok, there you go. Yeah.
Now, left hand half way down.
Perfect. Square yourself
up to this puck.
So the puck should be
at nine o'clock.
Bring yourself forward.
Yeah, further.
A little more.
Nice and square.
Now, bring your stick back.
Not too far.
And when you bring it forward
make sure you make contact
with the ice first
before you hit the puck.
Yeah. That way you're getting
full power of the shot.
Try it.
I hit it!
I hit the puck!
Nice job.
Now you wanna hit it towards
the net, which is that way.
Can't I just savour this
small victory first?
Yes, you may.
Are you alright?
I'm fine.
I have a fun idea
for the anniversary.
What about doing a live version
of the podcast?
You mean in front of people?
We do it in front of people now.
Well, maybe ten at the most.
There's gonna be way more
than that at the party.
You are going to be fine.
Oh, and I saw this and
I want you two to do it.
Box race?
I just don't see how decorating
a box and sliding down a hill
is gonna help us.
It'll show you're an active
member of the community.
Sounds dangerous.
Sounds like fun to me.
Says the guy who runs around
in sharp metal shoes,
slamming into people.
A lot.
That's your view of hockey
even after hitting
the ice with me last night?
What's this?
It's hardly the same thing.
Oh, you were a natural.
I'm sure there's some
hidden sledding talents
in there, as well.
They would be well hidden.
You're impossible.
You're intractable.
It shouldn't be this difficult
to come up with a theme.
Well, it has to be amazing.
I wanna win this thing.
You are obsessed with winning.
Oh, please.
You're the most competitive
person I've ever met.
I am not competitive.
At least not about winning.
Anyway, I think I just like
to be-
The smartest person
in the room?
Are you calling me
a snob again?
No, most of the time you
probably are the smartest person
in the room.
That's not being a snob,
that's just being right.
Yes, well, sometimes being
right does come
at the expense of being liked.
Well, I'm very familiar
with not being liked.
Oh, please.
You have fans, friends,
Not ones that have lasted.
Yes, but you don't
really strike me
as the settling down type.
I don't know, if the right
person were to come along.
Ah, yes.
The elusive right person.
You haven't found yours yet,
either, huh?
Have you ever read a book
that was so good
you just didn't ever
want it to end?
I guess I've just never really
met a person
who made me feel the same way.
There's nothing wrong
with waiting
for the right book
to come along.
At least I don't think so.
Yes, well, you get hit
in the head a lot,
so can we trust your opinion?
So, Miss Competitive,
what are we gonna do
to win this adventure?
Tom Sawyer.
[together] A raft.
These sleds are incredible.
And yours is fantastic.
This hill looks pretty icy.
Mary, are you sure
you're up for this?
Not thinking about it.
It's a cardboard box on
a snow-covered hill.
Even if we fall off I'm sure
we'll survive it.
And on that happy note,
I'm off to see
your photographer.
We don't have to do this
if you're scared.
I'm not scared.
I'm a little bit scared.
Think about something else.
Tell me what
your future holds.
I want the bookstore
to be a success,
obviously, and... I wanna
travel, you know?
I wanna go to Paris
or Bali or...
I miss being on the road.
I don't do well if I'm in
the same place for too long.
Is that why you changed teams
so many times?
That, and the owners of
those teams wanted me
to be somewhere else.
Chicken, egg.
But maybe you were just
breaking up with them
before they could break up
with you.
So what else is in your future?
Marriage? Children?
White picket fence?
I guess that's the idea, yeah.
What about you?
Sometimes I wonder what it
would be like to have a son,
or a daughter, I
could teach how to skate.
Make sure they have
a good home.
Good family.
Be a good dad.
I think you'd be a great dad.
You think so?
I mean, you're a big kid.
You'd have someone
to play with.
You were almost nice
to me there.
That was close.
Hey, Adam.
I'm getting good at that shot
you showed me at practice.
That's great.
I'm looking forward
to seeing it.
Oh, yeah.
I've been helping out a little
bit with the team.
He's been helping a lot
with the team.
I think we're gonna win
the next game.
Cool sled.
Thanks, Noah.
Which one's yours?
Oh, I'm not doing it
this year.
Mom didn't have time
to make one.
You know, Noah, Mary...
she's a little bit scared
to ride down this hill.
It's very icy.
So maybe you could ride
with us?
Help Mary be not so scared.
Really? That would be awesome.
Did you bring your helmet?
Everybody ready?
Oh yeah.
[whistle blows]
Look at them!
Yes! Go!
Come on, Mary!
Shark is choking!
They're doing great.
They're going pretty fast.
They're going very fast.
Oh, ok, ok, ok!
Ok, look out!
Wait a minute!
Watch out!
Are you guys ok?
Yeah, we're fine.
I wanna do it again!
Alright, last one.
I had fun today.
Thank you.
I did, too.
So did Noah.
It was really nice
what you did.
Well, I'm glad.
I know what it's like not
to have a dad around
to do those things with.
Well, I should call a cab.
I'm a genius.
If you do say so yourself.
Well, just look at all the good
press you two have gotten.
People are starting
to love you.
Mary, aren't you starting
to love him?
What? No.
What do you mean?
I mean we wanted to improve
Adam's image
and get more business
for the bookstore
and we are doing both.
Even Erica's starting
to come around.
I may get the suspension lifted.
That's amazing.
Mary, isn't that amazing?
Hmm? Yes.
What? No.
Adam getting his job back
isn't amazing?
Oh, yes.
That's- yeah, that's good.
That's really good.
Hey, what's up with you today?
Look, I'm happy that this
is going so well for Adam,
I really am.
But we have a long way
to go with the bookstore.
Business is up, isn't it?
It is, but-
Not by enough.
Well, that's why we're making
the 40th anniversary party
this Saturday such
a blow-out.
We're talking the live podcast,
games, food...
we still could use
a showcase idea
but I think it's gonna be
a huge success.
But aren't we worried about
it just being temporary?
I mean, we could sell a ton
of books that day
but how do we make it last?
Sales aren't the only thing
we're going for.
You want to build
your customer base.
Mailing list sign-ups,
podcast downloads,
social media hits.
Hashtag OTSP40.
On the Same Page 40th.
That- that's great.
It is, but...
I was up late last night.
I just couldn't sleep so I was
going over the numbers
and if this party doesn't work,
if it isn't a huge success...
we have to close the store.
So how come you didn't tell me
how bad things are
at the store?
You have your own problems.
I didn't- I didn't know
if you'd care.
Of course I care.
I mean, we're in this together,
aren't we?
It's embarrassing.
Oh, come on.
A few days ago you were
flinging yourself down a hill.
That person doesn't
get embarrassed.
Yeah, but that person is
also elusive, you know?
She's not always there
when you need her.
We're gonna figure this out.
Our number one mission is to
make sure the anniversary party
is a huge success.
What about getting you
back on the team?
That'll happen.
I'm not worried.
Erica's coming around.
Yeah? You guys
are getting along?
Yeah, sort of.
Let's just say I don't feel
the need to search her hands
for weapons when
we meet anymore.
Check my hands?
I'm a little nervous
about that staple gun.
You should be.
I don't think there's a safety.
Why don't you and I go
for dinner tonight?
We can try to come up
with that showcase idea
and talk about the live podcast.
You're not still nervous
about doing that, are you?
Get up in front of dozens
of strangers... just talk?
Why would I be nervous?
The only thing that makes it
even a little bit ok
is knowing that you and Tyler
are going to be up there
with me.
I promise, we'll come up
with something brilliant.
So, dinner?
That would be-
that would be great.
You're going out for dinner
with her?
I thought you said
you didn't like her.
I don't not like her.
She just drives me crazy.
Oh, here we go.
That's even worse than saying
she's not that bad,
and I heard you say those
exact words before.
What usually comes next
is a completely
unhealthy relationship
with someone
you definitely shouldn't be with
and then it ends in
yelling and in tears.
A lot of tears.
It's not true.
Victoria, Danielle-
Well, maybe I've changed.
You're the one that keeps
telling me to grow up.
It doesn't happen
over night.
Unless... unless
she's your soulmate
and she's performed
a miracle on you.
Is that what happened?
It's just a dinner.
We're just gonna talk about
the anniversary party.
It's totally innocent.
I've heard those words
before, too.
No, Erica was different.
Erica, right behind you.
Adam, can I see you
in my office?
I've got a dinner meeting.
Yes, it's important.
Just let me make a quick call
and change first.
I'm sure it's fine.
[phone rings]
Mary, hi. It's Adam.
Oh, hi.
Are you on your way?
Uh, no.
I just got called into
a meeting with Erica.
Is everything ok?
I don't know.
But I'm not sure how long
it's gonna take
so I didn't wanna leave
you hanging.
Uh... alright.
Well, um... don't worry
about it.
We can- we can just do it
another night.
We don't need to cancel,
It's not a big deal.
It's fine.
Well, ok.
I'm really sorry.
We'll talk tomorrow?
Of course.
What's going on?
I wanted to talk to you about
getting you back on the team.
Erica, that's amazing.
Thank you.
Ok, don't get too excited.
There are a few conditions.
Name them.
It's probationary.
One wrong step and you have
to serve out
the rest of your suspension.
Got it.
Walking the straight
and narrow.
It's a deal.
And we are throwing a party
for the VIP ticket-holders.
Press will be there.
So will my father.
You'll have to get up in
front of all those people
and apologize
for your behaviour.
Sorry I'm a jerk.
You have to take this seriously.
You need to eat a little crow
and then we'll get you back
on the team.
I can do that.
I can take it serious,
I promise.
When is it?
Wait, this Saturday?
I can't.
That's the night of the
bookstore's 40th anniversary.
Well, you'll have to miss it.
I can't.
I'm emceeing the auction,
I'm signing autographs...
I'm doing a live Book Chat
with Mary.
Adam, what's more important
to you?
This bookstore or your career?
I'll see you Saturday.
So... Mary... we're-
we're really excited
about the party Saturday night.
It's gonna be great
for the big bookstore.
I- I hope so.
Ok, what is it?
What do you mean?
You haven't said more than
ten words.
Usually you've said more
than ten words
before you come in the door.
You're- you're right.
I have had a lot on my mind
but everything is fine.
Ok, Tyler spill-
No. No.
We don't need to drag me
into this.
Hey, it's a family dinner.
You were dragged into it
by being born.
The truth is there
is a lot riding on this, uh,
anniversary party.
If it doesn't work we- we
will have to close the store.
Oh, sweetheart.
Oh, Mary.
This is not your fault.
The store was struggling
when we retired.
We even thought about
closing it to save you
from having to deal
with the responsibility.
We knew it was gonna happen
at some point.
But I didn't.
On the Same Page is not just
a responsibility.
It's our family.
No, no.
This is our family.
Right here.
And we will be here even if
the bookstore isn't, sweetheart.
So you're not mad?
How could we be mad at you?
Well, we're not done
trying yet.
And the anniversary party
can still work.
And Adam's helping out,
I don't wanna have to count
on him.
[door bells chime]
Hey, Adam.
What're you doing here?
I was looking for Mary.
I tried to call her.
Oh yeah, no, she went down
to City Hall to get the permit
for tomorrow night's
Winterfest party.
Well, when you see her will
you let her know
I really need to talk
to her please?
You've come a long way,
you know.
How so?
Well, you've faced a lot of
challenges in your life.
You're a good man,
and you've made such a positive
impact on Mary.
This bookstore, this
is her entire world.
Has been since she was
a little kid.
And sometimes she forgets
there's a whole other world
out there,
but these last few weeks
she's been out having fun,
taking chances.
Yeah, but a lot of the stuff
we did was
because Janet told us to.
And you had no say
in the matter, huh?
Come on.
Adam, Mary wouldn't have
done all those things
if she didn't want to.
And she certainly wouldn't
have done it alone.
You have made an impact,
Whether you intended to
or not.
You're pretty good
with the impact yourself.
Yeah, and I do it
without a helmet.
Thanks, Paul.
So I watched the game on TV last
night and I think it's possible
that number 16 is not getting
enough contact
with the ice
before he shoots.
Now you're a hockey expert?
I think I bring a fresh academic
perspective, yes.
Because that's what you want
when you've got a bunch
of huge guys coming at you,
is an academic perspective.
Well, I think there's room
for a lot more than hit
with stick now.
You're impossible.
You're intractable.
So... why did you ask me
to meet you here?
This place... it's my home.
And I've really missed
it, but...
But what?
Out with it.
The team is hosting a big
VIP event and they want me
to attend as a condition
for taking me back.
That's great.
What's the problem?
It's tomorrow night.
You have to do it.
What about the
anniversary party?
Adam, it's your career.
It's what you've been
doing all this for.
I'm all over the advertising
for the party.
I'm a big part of the event.
If I don't show-
What, so now you're
so important
that it can't go on without you?
I know what you're
trying to do.
You're trying to make me mad
so I walk away from the party.
You cannot pass up
the opportunity
to get back on the team.
To get back on the road.
That's where all this leads,
And yes, the anniversary
party might not work
without you but that's ok.
I do think it's time for me
to succeed or fail on my own.
But you shouldn't have to.
I got suspended because I wasn't
a good team player.
But you and I, we're a team now,
too, right?
The best.
But sometimes being a good
team player means knowing
when to let the other guy
take the shot.
Take your shot, Adam.
...She was sent from her
home in London, England.
London, England,
that's quite a ways away.
So, this is incredible.
I mean, just look at
all these people.
We have sold more books
tonight than we have
in the past six months.
But even more important,
you're building a customer base.
Between the Must Read List
and the photo shares
and the podcast downloads...
Mary, here's a statement
I never thought I'd say.
You're trending
on social media.
What does that mean?
Trust me, it's good.
Hey, Ms. Campbell.
Oh, hey Noah.
Where's Adam?
You know what?
He's not gonna be able
to make it tonight.
I'm sorry.
But hey.
How about I take a picture of
the two of you to send to him?
I bet he'd love it.
Is that okay?
And... cheese.
Where do I put my old book?
Oh, just out front.
You'll get a coupon you can
give to your mom
for 20 percent off, ok?
I know.
I do love your book exchange
idea, though.
I mean, give a book
to the library,
get a discount on a new one,
that is a showcase idea.
Oh, that's not
the showcase idea.
Adam took care of that.
He was gonna tell you
himself tonight
but since he's not here...
It's- it's so nice.
But I don't get it.
Look on the other side.
That's lovely.
So what, he got these made
up for the anniversary party?
No, he had 20,000 made for
the Royals' next home game.
On the Same Page is the official
sponsor of the fan giveaway
and he's made sure that the
bookstore will be featured
throughout the game
and during its telecast.
That's incredibly generous.
Am I still smiling?
I can't feel my face.
You're doing fine.
No sign of the Adam that
argues with referees.
Well, I hope he's gone
for good.
I hope so, too.
I'm getting positive
My father is pleased.
That's how your father looks
when he's pleased?
It made report card time
very confusing as a kid.
Go circulate.
Thank you for being here.
Of course.
Part of being a team player.
[message alert]
Pretty impressive.
We're gonna start the Book
Chat shortly.
Are you ready?
I'm nervous.
What do I always tell you?
You're not nervous,
you care.
You're right.
I care a lot.
But you know, there's also a
part of me that kinda can't wait
to get out there
and I can do this.
I think I'm gonna lead
this one.
Who are you and what
have you done with my sister?
Ha ha.
I'll tell you who she is.
She's somebody who should
be very proud
of what she's
Thanks, dad.
You know, I think
On the Same Page
just might make it after all.
I'm not talking about
the store.
I'd like to introduce one
of our best players,
and certainly one
of our most colourful.
But he's worked hard
in the last month
and I think you've seen the
results of that in the press.
I personally have seen how
he's changed for the better.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Adam Clayborn.
Thank you, everyone,
for coming out to support
the 40th anniversary
of On the Same Page!
I am thrilled to introduce
one of the owners
and the driving force behind
why we're all here tonight,
Mary Campbell.
Thank you.
Thank you.
There are a bunch of things
I'm sorry about.
My past behaviour is one.
It affected the team
and my overall image
within the community.
I'm doing my best
to fix that.
On the Same Page has been
here for 40 years.
I must say I'm realizing that
being part of a community,
being part of a team,
it's- it's about more
than just being present.
I'm proud of this team.
And I'm proud to be
a member of it.
I think I forgot for a while
what real teamwork looked like.
I always say that the entire
world is right there
in that bookstore.
And sometimes I think
I do forget
that the entire world
is out there, too.
Erica said that she thinks
I've changed for the better.
I hope that's true.
I think it is.
As much as I love this game...
I've realized now what's
also really important.
So please excuse me,
but I have to go get it.
If you leave I don't know
if my father will forgive you.
If I don't leave I won't be able
to forgive myself.
You're risking
your entire career.
Well, I hope that I'll be able
to prove to some other team
that I am that better person
I've been trying to be.
That is, if I can't convince
you first.
Let's talk about this Monday.
You're gonna be late.
For the record,
you broke up with me.
Thank you.
I have been having the close
to home kind of adventures.
They haven't all gone well,
but as someone very smart
once told me,
it doesn't matter how many times
you fall down.
It only matters how many times
you get back up again.
It is in that spirit of
adventure that I would like
to kick off tonight's book chat.
How many of you have read
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer?
Oh good.
I'm so glad because this is
one of my very favourite books.
You say that about
every book.
What're you doing here?
I just came to chat
about a book.
But what about getting back
on the team and-
Maybe it's time I started
thinking about what's next.
'Cause apparently I come up
with really incredible
business ideas.
[crowd laughs]
I'm quite good at it.
In fact, most of this party
here was my idea.
[crowd laughs]
Why don't we just talk
about the book?
That's a great idea.
'Cause this is a story
I don't want to end.
Me neither.