Frozen Kiss (2009) Movie Script

Ryan, Jeanette's on the phone.
I'm not home.
She's crying, Ryan.
When isn't she crying?
Well, can you just...
talk to her?
Otherwise she's gonna keep me
on the phone half the night.
Hang up on her, Wade.
I can't do that.
Will you just... talk to her?
Just... tell her I'm in the bathroom
and I'll call her back later.
I'm in the bathroom, Wade.
Yeah, Jeanette?
Yeah. Um, he says he's gonna...
be in the bathroom.
He'll call you back.
You know,
I should probably go over to my mom's.
I was supposed to be there,
like, two hours ago.
Hm. I wouldn't worry about her.
She made a pact with the devil,
Good rest ye merry cheating
wives, nothing you dismay.
But that won't be a problem
if you never would have strayed.
What do you think?
Maybe I'll cut a record, huh?
Think it's got potential?
What are you doing here, Keith?
What am I doing here?
It's, uh... it's a good question.
I, uh... I don't know. Not anymore.
Oh my god.
Relax, sweetheart.
I'm not here to hurt you.
Just want you to see something.
Well look who finally decided to show up.
You have any idea what time it is?
Couldn't help it.
Something terrible happened. Keith s...
I know. Larry called.
He heard it on the police scanner.
He always said he would.
I just didn't believe him.
I never thought for
a second he would have...
Don't. Don't. Don't cry.
It's too late for tears now.
What you did to Keith,
there's no escaping it.
Did you get your medication?
I forgot.
Bruce! Oh my god! Hey!
What are you doing here?
- Moved back.
- You moved back...
Just got here
a couple days ago.
Well, I never think you would come back,
living in Vegas and all.
- Yeah, Vegas didn't treat me so good.
- Oh.
I got to like
gambling a little too much.
Been working up near
Truckee last couple years.
- Yeah? Doing...
- Law enforcement.
- If you can believe that.
- Very nice.
- I just transferred to Meadville.
- Great.
- Shelley, your order's up.
- Hold on a second, Bruce.
Right. Here.
Avocado and noodles.
You guys good? Yeah.
And- and you? What's new with you?
How's your mom?
Um... pretty much the same, actually.
And, and Keith?
Sorry. That's, uh, that's actually
a long story, Bruce.
Oh. You look good.
Aw, thanks. So do you.
Um, I was hoping I'd run into you.
I've been so busy since I got back
I haven't seen anybody from school,
and... Shelley?
Bucktoothed moron by
the window wants his check.
Oh. Bruce, you kind of...
you caught me at a really busy time.
Is there any way we can do this...
Maybe we can get together sometime,
and- and really catch up.
I would really like that.
I want to hear all about Vegas.
Yeah. There's a lot to tell.
Later, Bruce!
Where's that good looking deputy
we just hired?
I'm gonna go home and-
and grab a little sleep.
I got a long night ahead of me.
Me too. They put me on a double.
Can you believe that?
Hey, excuse me, can you tell me
how to get to Pine Grove Avenue?
Uh, yeah, just, uh go down to the light,
and, uh, make a right, and, uh,
go about two blocks.
You should see it right there.
You look like a whore.
You know, the kind of woman that makes
a man leave his wife and child.
Kind of woman that makes a man
take his own life.
Who are you?
You know it's- it's really not a problem
with me if you're a whore,
but then again, I ain't one of
the ones you been hurtin'.
You've never seen him before?
He- he doesn't sound like
anybody Jeanette would know.
How do you know who Jeanette knows,
He- he- he could be a hitman.
You know how crazy she is.
She's not that crazy.
Oh no? Calling us at three, four,
five o'clock in the morning, Ryan?
Calling my own mother to
have her turn against me?
Your mother was already against you.
Yeah, well you know at least
she didn't get somebody to show up
at my work and call me a whore.
You don't know that was Jeanette.
Who else would it be, Ryan?
She's- she's- she's going around town
telling everybody lies about me.
You know, people think I killed Keith.
Nobody thinks you killed Keith.
Everybody thinks that, Ryan,
or else they think you did it.
I just- I'm going crazy.
I'm going out of my mind, Ryan.
Okay. Okay. Whoa. Come on.
Why don't we just go out somewhere.
I don't want to go out.
People just stare.
Wade told me about this party way up
in Pulaski.
- Pulaski?
- Yes. Nobody knows us out there.
We're supposed to get,
like, two feet of snow.
I have four wheel drive.
Larry, it's me.
I know it's you.
There's a thing called caller ID,
you know.
Or are you too drunk to remember?
Don't start with me.
Hey, I didn't start anything.
You called me.
So what favor can I do for you?
You really think I only call
if I want something, don't you?
No, I don't think, I know.
So what is it?
Are you listening to
your scanner right now?
I'm always listening.
Well, Shelley was supposed to come by
a couple hours ago, and she didn't.
That's typical Shelley.
Yeah, well,
she's a little later than usual,
and I got a little worried, so...
Well, I haven't heard anything
about any accidents.
Does that set your mind at ease?
It does.
Good. Bitch.
Well, damn. Look at all that snow.
You sure you don't want to
stay the night?
No, we should get going before
it gets too bad.
Already bad.
We'll be fine.
Go away! You're not welcome here.
Hey, watch it!
Friendly local morons.
Damn-it, open the door!
I will break this damn door down.
Don't think I won't.
Bull crap he's not.
Where is he?
I don't know.
I haven't seen him all night.
I'm sick and damn tired of him
not picking up my phone calls.
He is the father of my child.
How does he know Eliot's
not sick or something?
Is Eliot sick?
That's not the damn point.
The point is he's irresponsible...
running around with that slut,
and ignoring his duty as a father.
You want a beer?
It's Jeanette, isn't it?
- Yeah.
- Oh my god!
How many times is
she gonna call tonight?
As many times as she calls
every other night.
Why don't we just...
why don't we just keep going?
Why don't we just run away,
right now?
Look, we can't do that, alright?
I got a kid...
and you have your mother
to take care of.
Yeah, I don't care anymore.
She can find somebody else
to look after her.
You can call for Eliot later.
Jeanette would never let that happen.
Then let's steal him.
Let's go over there right now
and take him.
You want to?
Yeah. What's to stop us?
I mean, he's your son.
How long has that car been behind us?
What car?
The one behind us.
I never noticed.
Just... just make the next turn
you can.
- Why?
- Just do it.
- It's him.
- Who?
The man outside the diner.
It's him, Ryan.
He's following us.
- You think?
- Yeah, I think.
Oh my god, he...
he probably wants to kill us.
He... he's gonna try to
run us off the road and kill us.
- Go faster, Ryan, you gotta go fast...
- I can only go so fast in all this snow.
Just... just...
just... just...
He must have run off the road.
- He disappeared.
- What...
- Oh my god, Ryan! Stop!
- What...
- You hit him!
- I did not!
Yes you did!
Just stop the car.
A minute ago
you tell me to drive faster.
- Now you want me...
- Just stop the truck, Ryan!
Is anybody there?
I'm sure I didn't hit anybody.
Ryan, I saw him, okay?
There's no blood.
There, look! Look!
- Where?
- There.
blood everywhere. Oh.
Oh my god.
Oh my god, you're right.
Oh, God, what... are you sure it was,
like, it was a person?
- It wasn't, like, a deer or something?
- I mean, I don't know, Ryan.
- Come here.
- I just saw it for a second,
- it just...
- Well, where is he?
Where are you?
Do you think
we should call the sheriff?
Because they'll think
we did it on purpose.
Why... why would they think that?
- Because it was him.
- Who?
That guy. The guy from the diner
earlier, it was him.
I mean, I only saw it for a second,
but I'm pretty sure.
Shelley, come on.
How could it be him?
How could he be behind us one second
and then in front of us the next?
I don't know, okay?
But I... I really think it was him.
You didn't happen to see the name of
the road we're on, did you
Uh... why?
I just got a little turned around,
that's all.
You- you- do you need a map?
No, Shelley, the map is not gonna do any
good if I don't know where I am.
Well, are we lost?
We're a little lost.
Is that like being a little pregnant?
Look, we're gonna be okay, all right?
We- we've been driving for, what,
an hour now?
We can't be too far from home.
Is that a car up there?
What's it doing in the middle of
the road with no lights on?
May- maybe they're in trouble
and need some help.
We could use a little help ourselves.
Be right back.
- That's so weird.
- Weird? What was weird?
Uh, there's insects inside the car.
- Insects?
- Yeah. Flies or something.
No people? What...
No. Nothing but flies.
We're playing the songs of
the season here at KPOX,
and we've got a big old storm
brewing outside right now.
Miranda, it's Gayle. Shelley's mom?
Oh. Hi.
Has- has Shelley called
you by any chance?
Uh, tonight? No, why?
Well, I haven't heard from her,
and I was, uh,
was getting a little concerned.
It's snowing like
you can't believe outside.
Oh, global warming.
I'm sorry?
We're gonna get a lot more snow
because of global warming.
We're gonna get a lot more
of everything.
Sweetie, you might wanna renew
your subscription to Time Magazine,
if you ever had one.
Um... I also, I don't think that's
how global warming works.
And if Shelley calls, I will make sure
that I don't get a hold of you.
- I'm sorry?
- Um,
I'm just gonna go to bed, okay?
Have a good night.
You bastard.
The National Weather Service is calling
for as much as three feet of snow.
And if we're lucky,
they'll taper off before morning,
with temperatures
as low as zero.
Yeah, that's right,
we're talking zero.
Hey, hey, hey,
there's a sign right there.
Where? Where?
Right there, right there.
Slow down.
- What?
- Roll down the window...
- Yeah. You see it?
- No, I can't see anything.
No, it's fine. I got it.
All right.
- Ryan! Ryan!
- What? Whoa, what happened?
I just saw Keith.
- Ryan, just go, okay?
- What... what happened?
Just go, Ryan!
Just start the car and let's go!
- Ryan! Ryan!
- What're you doing?
- He's trying to kill us!
- Get off of me!
- Ryan, Ryan, Ryan!
- Stop it! Get off!
I'm... I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Ow! What... what...
Wh- I'm sorry.
There's somebody outside of the car,
and I know this sounds crazy,
- but I really think...
- Stop it!
- it's Keith.
- We just need to get home. Okay?
We'll just get home,
and we'll be all... all better.
Come on!
Nine-one-one emergency.
Hello? Hello? Hey, hey,
I'm- I'm stuck in the snow. Hello?
You're stranded?
Look, we really need some help out here.
No, no, no, no, no. Who is that?
I think he's coming back.
Why do you think he's coming back?
Baby, are you sure the doors are locked?
Hold the doors.
Yes, sweetheart, the doors are locked.
Sir? Sir, who's in the car with you?
Come on! Hel- who- are you there?
Sir, who do you have in the car with you?
Uh, that's my girlfriend.
And, uh, what is she talking about
somebody coming back?
Look, no- nobody... Look, we just- we may
have seen a couple people out here,
and we think that they may be
trying to hurt us.
And why would they want to do that?
Well, you know,
I think... I... we... we think...
that... there- there may have been
an accident a while back.
And- and- and we think that
the other driver,
that he might be trying to hurt us.
Because you hurt him in the accident?
Maybe. But I... I... I don't even know
if there was an accident.
Have you been drinking?
No, no. I haven't had a drop to drink
all night long,
and neither has my girlfriend.
Okay. And exactly where are you?
We're- we're- uh,
we're- we're- we're near,
uh, Deer Tail Road.
My girlfriend said she saw a sign
that said that said Deer Tail Road.
Deer Tail Road.
I saw a sign that said Deer Tail Road.
I saw...
And that's- that should be about
a mile and a half from
I saw it back there. I don't-
Ten-twelve, we got a stranded vehicle
in the vicinity of.
Yeah, we got a white jeep,
license plate three H-E-L five eight one,
registered to a Ryan Edward Dunbar.
Oh, man, Ryan, I... I haven't
seen Ryan since high school.
Well, he and his girlfriend are stuck
in a ditch out about
a mile and a half from twenty-eight
seventy-six Montpelier.
- 2, 8, 7, 6, Montpelier?
- That's right.
Did he happen to mention
his girlfriend's name?
Uh, he didn't, no.
Uh, but he said he thought they might
have been involved in a hit and run.
He thought they might have been?
That's right.
That's what he said.
Um, he thought maybe the other driver
was trying to harm them in some way.
I don't know. It didn't make
a hell of a lotta sense, if you ask me.
What do you want?
You're blitzed out of your head, huh?
No, I just almost fell over trying to
open the damn door.
Oh, maybe if you weren't drinking
you wouldn't almost be falling.
I'm crippled, Larry. Remember?
Yeah, in more ways than one.
Did you come all the way over here
just to insult me?
No, but as long as I'm here,
I figured I might as well.
That's hilarious.
You're- you're- you're just a real riot.
Well, you used to think so.
Well I came to my senses.
So if you're here to insult me,
just leave.
Shelley's stuck in a ditch.
I heard it on my scanner.
Well how do you know it's her?
Boyfriend's name is Ryan, right?
Oh, that jerk. Don't remind me.
Well, uh, he called police dispatch,
gave your address and everything.
And, sounds like they've been
in an accident.
Uh, with somebody else, I mean.
Well, is she okay?
I didn't hear anything about
any injuries.
All I heard was that
they're stuck in a ditch.
Well, go pull her out.
N- you know, the sheriff's on it.
I... I... I... I was
on my way home.
I just thought maybe you'd like to know.
Well, Larry, why can't
you just go pull her out?
Because. I've been working
since seven o'clock this morning.
I'm exhausted.
I'm gonna go home and
get a little bit of shut eye.
Oh, on a night like this?
You're not gonna go to sleep.
There's too much business out there.
You know, sheriff's on it.
I'm- I'm on my way home.
I just thought you might want to know.
You're gonna leave my daughter stuck in
a ditch to get back at me?
Oh, since when do you care
about your daughter?
Since when do you care about anybody?
I care about a lot of people.
Fact, there's just one person
I don't care about.
Always a pleasure, Gayle.
Some tow truck driver.
Dear God, please keep Shelley safe.
Not without protection.
I don't want to get pregnant,
stuck in this town forever.
Are you sure you got
the location correct?
Because I've been up and down Montpelier
two times already.
I'm not seeing any stranded white jeep.
You wanna get some more guys on this?
Yeah, I think we better, yeah.
Wanna hit this?
Don't mind if I do.
It's kind of weird that
he hasn't come home yet.
I hope he's dead.
Oh, you don't hope that
No, I don't.
But you know what,
I don't really love him anymore.
If you woulda asked me that a month ago,
I would have said yeah.
But not now.
I started seeing someone else.
This guy. He really loves me, too.
You want to see a picture of him?
He is ugly.
He is, isn't he?
Nine-one-one emergency.
Hey, yeah.
This is, uh, this is Ryan Dunbar,
the guy who's stranded?
I know who you are.
We've got people out there
looking everywhere for you.
Well, what's the hold up?
We can't find you.
Are you sure you gave us
the correct location?
What's she saying?
Uh, yeah- yeah.
Wait, what's she saying?
Pretty sure.
They said they can't find us.
Well then, let's just walk.
It's not that far.
Wait, Ryan, did I hear her say
something about walking?
Yeah. Yeah.
Well, that's a very bad idea.
It's five below right now.
- Doesn't feel that cold.
- Well, it is.
And I'm not even adding
in the wind chill.
You- you got your heater running, right?
Yeah- yes. It's on.
And you got plenty of gas?
Full tank.
Then just sit tight.
We're gonna find you, you know.
Don't worry about it.
I wish I... I wish I could fall asleep,
and wake up in my own bed.
You can fall asleep on my shoulder
if you want.
No, it's not gonna happen.
I can't sleep right now.
My god. Bruce, how long has it been?
A long time.
You're working for the sheriff,
what do you know about that.
Yeah, well, it's been interesting.
Do you mind if I come in?
Oh, of course.
Uh, you're catching me
at kind of a weird...
Yeah, I know.
I've been out looking for her,
saw your lights on,
thought I'd come by and see
if you knew where she might be.
Me? Oh, she doesn't call me.
You know, she stops by once a day
to bring me groceries,
or help around the house,
but she doesn't call unless she has to.
She doesn't really take my calls, either.
You know,
I honestly think you were pretty lucky,
not ending up marrying her.
Well, I don't know about that.
I do. You know about Keith, don't you?
Blew his brains out. About a month ago.
She'd already dumped him for that
criminal she's running around with.
Uh, you mean Ryan?
You know about him?
Yeah. My mom filled me in.
I thought Ryan got married?
He did. He did.
He left his wife and baby last summer,
moved in with some drug addict friend of
his who lives out near the flats.
They've both had run ins with the law.
I had Lynn pull Ryan's record,
and... DUl, bar fight, nothing major.
I didn't raise Shelley to run around
with somebody like that.
But oh, no, she loves him to death.
She didn't even come to her senses after
Keith killed himself.
Oh, she was always selfish like that.
She wasn't selfish, Gayle.
Like hell. You remember what happened
the night of my accident?
I mean, I'm almost dead in a car wreck,
my spine and my legs are crushed,
and they- they ask me
who should they call,
and I said of course call my daughter.
And they call her,
and she didn't show up at the hospital
until nine or ten the next morning.
I mean, my god,
her own mother, almost dead,
and she can't even be bothered to
show up at the hospital?
That's not true.
I was with Shelley that night.
And I drove her to the hospital.
They wouldn't let her in to see you.
We both stayed up all night waiting for
you to get out of surgery.
It had been me,
and Shelley had been in an accident,
they would have had to hold me down
to keep me from seeing her.
She wasn't even that upset
when I did see her.
Come on, mom. Gotta eat something.
We're gonna go to therapy.
Oh, what's the point?
It's not like I'm ever gonna walk again.
That's not true.
You just... you gotta
have the right attitude.
Hon, I'm still gonna be handicapped.
I mean, how am I supposed to
take care of myself?
I wish your grandmother was still alive.
And Larry, he's no good.
That's not true. Larry loves you.
You should marry Larry.
He's not gonna marry me.
Not now. And you.
You're gonna run off to college in
a few months and forget all about me.
I'm not gonna run off to college, mom.
If you need me, I'm gonna be here.
Just- don't guilt me into it.
Guilt? Sweetie, I'm not trying to guilt
you into anything.
Well, you know Shelley.
She had a lot of plans.
I guess that's part of the reason
why she broke up with me.
I wasn't ambitious enough.
That's funny, you're the one
that ended up leaving.
Well, I'm back now.
And to tell you the truth,
she's a big part of the reason why.
I guess I was kind of hoping
that one way or another
we'd find our way back to each other.
You know, I think you could.
You're a deputy now.
I mean, you, uh,
figure out how to put away this Ryan
and I think there could be a little hope.
Horizon Unlimited,
can I have the name and phone number
you're calling from please?
This is the Delmore County Sheriff's
dept in Meadville, California.
We have two people stranded in the snow
in sub freezing temperatures,
and we can't seem to locate them.
Stranded in what?
Snow. We got a blizzard here,
and I can't find these people,
and we wanted to see if there's some way
you could help us locate them.
They're calling from a number
we traced to your company.
Can you tell us which cell tower
their calls are coming from?
Ma'am, I'm sorry, but I can't give that
information over the phone.
But they're stuck.
They could be freezing to death.
And I understand that.
But we don't know for sure you are
who you say you are.
So you're going to half to talk to
someone in our legal department.
Could I please?
Well, first
you have to talk to my manager.
Whatever it takes.
Sheriff's department.
Uh- uh- just- just a second.
Uh, hol- hold on. Can I help you?
I'm looking for your roommate,
Ryan Dunbar.
I don't really know where he is.
Do I smell marijuana?
Um, this is, uh...
I know who she is.
Hey Jeanette. Long time.
Yeah. Wow. You're a cop now?
Yeah, looks like.
Is Ryan in any trouble?
You might say that.
Uh, where's your stash, Wade?
Ryan go out and score some more?
Is that where he is right now?
I don't... really know.
Uh... I don't know, there was
this party I was supposed to go to...
up in Pulaski,
What kinda party?
Just a... just a party, you know.
Some people.
This guy Nathon, some friends of his.
Yeah, friends of yours too, right Wade?
Ah, that can't be good.
Think I should call the sheriff's again?
- What's that?
- What?
That. It sounds like a party.
You don't suppose it's possible that
we went in a circle and now
we're right back at Nathon's, do you?
Wh- maybe.
- Ryan, it's them!
- Are you su... are you sure?
We're back by Nathon's and
we didn't even know it.
Yes! Who else is having a party
on a night like this?
Come on! Come on!
So then he's, like,
I want you to poop on the bed.
And I'm, like, what?
- You gotta be out of your mind.
- Get outta here.
No, it's true.
He used that word, too. He said poop.
Guy must be, like,
five years old in the head.
Yeah, well, he was,
like, sixty in the sack.
What a pervert.
Are you Nathon?
It's them. Those guys,
those skinheads we saw before.
They've got Eliot! No!
Wha- wha- wha- they still have Eliot!
Come on!
I can't seem to locate anyone in
our legal department right now.
- It is 5 in the morning.
- 5 in the... where exactly are you?
Well, maybe you don't understand
the seriousness of the situation.
We have a thing called snow.
Do you know what I mean?
All right, there's no need
to get snippy.
I understand this is
an emergency situation,
so I'm gonna go ahead
and authorize us to give you...
the information you need
to find those people.
Thank you.
Him I met a couple of times.
I never partied with him,
just met him in passing is all.
And her?
I'm not going to jail, right?
I gave you my word.
I never saw her before tonight.
Hey, everybody.
This is, uh, Ryan and Shelley?
Where is Wade?
He owes me fifty bucks.
When did you ever have fifty bucks?
I got my ways.
Is that coke?
Coke? I wouldn't touch that stuff
if my life depended on it.
Coke is for chicks and queers.
So no coke, huh? Just meth?
Are you listening to me?
Get off me.
Yeah. Yeah,
we... we were all doing meth.
Crystal meth. The good stuff.
Were you snorting it?
Smoking it? Both?
Well, some people like it one way,
some people like it the other.
But I don't go near the pipe myself.
I don't smoke anything.
I respect my body too much.
And they were doing it with you?
Well, not at first.
She was upset.
- About what?
- How the hell would I know?
She wasn't too talkative.
Well, not at first.
I'm so glad I came!
Yeah, god-damn!
Hm, hm, I said damn.
All right, come here.
- Let me~ let me~ let me see that.
- Ryan!
What? Come on,
I just wanna give it a try.
There you go.
Really quickly, not for you.
Come on.
It'll be okay.
Okay. It's your turn now.
I told you to leave that one.
I told you to take that one. Jesus.
That one.
How about giving me
that one over here? Come on.
~ You're fuckin' crazy. No more.
- Come on. There you go.
- Oh, thank you.
- Right there. Not too much.
- You're stupid.
- Ow.
- Alright, well you give it a try.
- Yeah, right.
- Come on?
- Yeah, right.
- What?
- Yeah, right.
- Yeah? Pussy.
- You don't want any?
Well, I don't... I don't know.
Okay, you need to slow down.
You're doing too much.
Oh, yeah. Oh!
Look what you did.
You're crazy.
- Come on, just... just a little.
- No.
Just a little bit.
Oh! Get out of the way!
I'll get out of the way.
Professional is in the house.
No. Yeah, right. Whatever.
- Okay, do the knife thing, or whatever.
- Come on, do the knife thing.
Do the knife thing.
Just do it.
- Okay, little one.
- I'm doing a little one.
Little girl one. Little girl one.
- A little girl one. A little girl one.
- I'm doing a very little, here you go.
- This looks so dirty right now.
- Go ahead.
- It burns!
- You.. you missed about half of it.
There you go. There you go.
There, I finally did it.
You... almost.
All right, do it again.
You're wasted. Wasted.
I'm not gonna...
I'm really hot right now.
She's wasted.
All right.
You're so awful.
Oh my god.
See? See?
Well, that was it, you know?
Once he did a little,
he started doing a lot.
What do you mean a lot?
I mean a lot, for two.
Really smoothed her out, too.
She started getting real friendly.
Used to always tell me,
but I never believed them because
I never thought I was pretty enough.
But, dude, they used to
always say that. High five.
Yes. Yes. That's right.
That's mine.
- I know this is you...
- That's mine. Um...
I was gonna go to the art studio, did you
know this? You didn't even know this.
I was gonna go take acting class
when I went down to college,
but then I never went to college,
I never took acting class.
But you know what? I'm totally
gonna go down to L.A.,
and I'm totally gonna
try to do the whole...
the whole acting,
carpet magazine thing,
because, like, hi, hi,
I could totally do it.
I think you could.
I think you would be
a great actress. I do.
I know, right? I know.
This talent is going to waste,
you know what I'm saying?
This talent, ready to blow up.
Screw it.
- Let's make out.
- Yeah.
I mean, I'm a first rate
mechanic, man.
You give me something electrical
that's broken,
I'm gonna put that sucker
back together in no time. Swear.
I'll prove it to you. You give me
something right now.
Give me your toaster.
You got a toaster?
You give me your toaster,
I will take that sucker apart
and I will put it back together,
and you won't believe
how god-damned good that toast tastes.
Seriously. Seriously.
I swear, man. Seriously.
- My toaster's fine.
- I'm hot in here.
Mmm, snookums.
Angel cheeks.
You're so pretty.
You're pretty. You're pretty.
You're pretty. You're pretty.
Hey, it's snowing like hell.
Why is it snowing so damn much?
Global warming.
Beautiful, isn't it? Stop it.
And it was your impression that
she'd never done it before?
That's how it looked to me. Him too.
So why didn't you warn them?
Warn them about what?
All right, I told you, let me be alone.
Well, you must have known that
they were doing too much.
You definitely knew that
there was a blizzard outside.
So why didn't you tell them not to leave?
Well, I tried. We all did.
But they wouldn't listen.
So we just packed them a little
something for the road and off they went.
You mean that you gave them some more?
We figured it was a friendly thing to do.
Nine-one-one emergency.
They got my kid.
I'm sorry?
The skinheads.
They're torturing people.
They almost got me and Shelley.
Ryan, is that you?
I can barely hear you.
You gotta speak up.
Okay. They might hear me.
Who might hear you?
The skinheads.
They're all around us.
You mean all around the truck?
No. We're not in the truck.
Ryan, you're not outside, are you?
You can't be outside.
You'll freeze to death.
We can't move. They have us trapped.
Ryan, listen to me very carefully.
Nobody's got you trapped.
You're imagining things.
No. No. No. No, no, we saw them.
They were- they were torturing people.
They almost got Shelley.
Where is Shelley?
Can I speak to Shelley please?
Shh. Hey. Hey.
They want to talk to you.
You think you can?
Okay. Hello?
You guys have got to get back
in the truck and stay there.
Do you understand?
We spoke to Ryan's cell phone company.
It looks like he's got
his GPS turned off.
Wh- I don't- what? What?
Help the cell phone company trace...
Please, send somebody to get us.
Cold. Please.
That's what they said.
But they promised they would get back
inside the truck and stay there.
Who'd you speak to, him or her?
How'd she sound?
Pretty coherent,
considering how much she's done.
It's me. I got bad news.
Shelley's on drugs and she's running
around outside in the snow.
It's not there!
Someone took my car away.
Are you sure that's where it was?
Yeah, yeah, pretty sure.
They must have dragged it out of
the ditch and taken it away.
- What was that?
- What? What?
Shelley, are you out here? Answer me!
Mom, you...
What in the world do you
think you're doing?
I've been worried half to death.
Mom, you can walk!
Well, of course I'm walking fine.
I always could.
I was gonna walk right out of this town,
but then I got pregnant with you, and...
You were faking to keep me here
this whole time?
Well, you kept me here.
You think I've never had
any dreams of my own?
So why shouldn't I strand you
the way you stranded me?
You bitch! I'll kill you!
No, Shelley! Shelley, relax!
Hey! Hey!
It's me!
Who were you talking to?
- My mother.
- What?
Ryan, she lied.
Calm down.
Hey, hey! I think I found the car.
It's right over there.
It's gonna be okay.
All right?
I've got them. I've got the truck.
That's not your car.
You think anybody lives here?
Would you?
Hello in there! Hello?
Come on. Oh...
It's a kitchen.
Come on. Help me out.
Give me your, uh, your lighter.
Yeah. Hold on.
Ryan, I can't find it.
Oh, come on, don't tell me you lost it.
Didn't you see me with it?
Ha. There.
Come on, turn.
Maybe it's.
It's okay.
What is it?
It's about time.
- Is Eliot okay? Is he there with you?
- Eliot?
Since when did you ever
give a damn about Eliot?
Come on,
is he there with you or not?
Yes, of course.
And do you know where we are?
Your place.
Hey, you wouldn't answer your phone
so I came over looking for you.
And you'll never guess
who stopped up.
- Who?
- Bruce Davis, that's who.
And he's a deputy sheriff now.
- And he arrested Wade.
- What for?
I thought he was gonna
arrest me too, but he didn't.
But he is gonna haul your ass in
as soon as they find you.
What- what- wait- wait- what- what for?
What did I do?
Well, it's your trailer too, right?
You're both going down for possession,
and I couldn't be happier.
I know you did not just hang up on me.
I'm in trouble.
Wh- why? What do you mean?
I'm not getting any answer.
The phone's gone dead?
Well, it's ringing,
and usually when a phone goes dead
it goes straight to voice mail.
And he never turned on his GPS?
I'll check again with
his cell phone company,
but no, I don't think he ever did.
I- I really appreciate this, Larry.
Know. You know what?
We're gonna find her.
You want some?
Well, I am. May as well.
I'm going to jail anyway.
I'm not gonna let them take you
somewhere I can't be with you.
You really do love me, don't you?
You have to ask?
I guess a small part of me
never believed it.
I mean, come on, you're just so perfect,
and I'm- I'm a screw up.
I am so not perfect.
That was the problem with me and Keith,
you know?
He was perfect. I was just bored.
I needed trouble, Ryan Dunbar.
Trouble? I gave you that.
Oh, trouble's not the right word.
I needed excitement, you know?
Something, anything, just to feel alive.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Why can't they just leave us alone?
You know?
I love you, you love me,
should be simple, right?
But no.
Ever since we go together
they've been trying to break us up.
I mean, marriages break up.
What's the big deal?
Especially if they're mistakes
to begin with.
Why can't they just live
their lives and let us be happy?
They're jealous.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.
Of what?
Because you and I haven't given up,
like they have.
Is that the sheriff?
That's gotta be the sheriff.
Ryan, we have to answer that.
Shelley? Thank god,
I thought you were dead.
You're not taking Ryan
away from me.
Nobody said they were.
I swear, just tell me
where you are.
Tell me that you're
someplace safe, inside.
We're... we're out
in those camps,
where people take their kids out
in the country.
- Inside?
- Yeah. But there's no heat.
There's a fireplace,
but we can't get a fire started.
That's all she said,
they're in a camp?
There's at least ten of those places
in this county alone.
Well, she also said
there was a van outside.
Does that help at all?
Not really.
They can't have gotten
that far on foot,
and the truck is...
where'd you find it again?
Meridian Way. Out.
- You heard that, right?
- Yep. Hang on.
We're not gonna get stuck, are we?
Don't worry about it.
Frank Vannick.
Do you remember Frank Vannick?
He... the guy who used to be the bartender
at The Red Line a few years back?
- He's bald, kinda stocky?
- Used to come on to you quite a bit?
Yeah, he did.
And you used to encourage him?
No, I didn't.
Yeah, you did.
Uh, can we not get into this?
Did you sleep with him?
No, but I think he had a van.
Didn't he?
I have no idea.
No, remember?
He had a van.
It used to break down all the time.
I think he got a job out
at Camp Castanoan,
and he was a caretaker
or something.
How... how many times
did you sleep with him?
I didn't sleep with him.
But I think that's where they are.
I bet they're at Camp Castanoan.
Can I use your phone?
Why, so you can call him?
No, smart ass, so I can call the sheriff.
What was that?
Let me see.
No, no, no, no, just stay there.
Stay there.
We're surrounded!
We gotta get out of here! Come on!
Oh, no.
Freeze! You're under arrest.
Bruce! Hush.
Bruce, oh my god,
I'm so glad to see you.
Ryan, baby, baby! Baby!
No. No. No.
Look, you see?
You see what you did to me?
No. No. No!
Shelley! Hey! Come on!
What? oh! No! Did to me!
No! Ryan! Ryan!
Look, you see?
- Did you find her?
- No.
They were here,
but they're not here now.
- Oh my god. Oh my god.
- Don't panic.
She's been drinking.
Shut up!
My daughter's gonna freeze to death
and you're giving me crap about drinking?
Geez, why would they leave?
I don't know, but they're on foot
so they couldn't have gotten far.
This is all my fault.
You know,
you're really not helping, Gayle.
You have no idea what I'm going through.
I know better than you do, Gayle.
You know what else?
This is your fault.
She wouldn't be in this mess
if she'd stayed with me.
You were the one
that came between me and Shelley.
You did everything
you could to break us up.
You did everything you could.
I like that kid.
Give me a second.
Just give me a second.
- I'm burning up.
- I'm suddenly... so tired.
Have no choice.
- You lied to us.
- I'm sorry?
You said you weren't gonna arrest me,
but you are.
You're with them.
With who?
The skinheads, my wife, Bruce,
you're all in this together.
- Ryan, listen to me.
- No! You listen to me.
We do not need your help anymore.
We'll find our way out ourselves.
Ryan, please, we're just trying
to get the state to send us out...
Don't call anymore.
Hey. Hey. Hey.
Hey, come on.
No, Ryan. I wanna sleep.
I wanna sleep.
I know. I do, okay?
We can't sleep.
They're gonna find us.
- No.
- Just a little longer. Come on.
- Ryan, there's snow up here. There's sno~
- Come on. Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
I got you.
Okay. Just trust me.
I'll get you out of here.
Come on. Come on.
Just help me out.
Stand up. Almost done.
He's right, you know.
Who's right?
Bruce. I did come
between him and Shelley.
I'm the one
who set her up with Keith.
Yeah, I remember.
Never quite understand that one.
I mean, Keith was a... well,
let's just say he wasn't exactly
gonna set the world on fire.
Exactly. He wasn't going anywhere.
Just a small town boy, you know?
But with Bruce, Shelley had him
wrapped around her little finger,
and I... guess I was afraid one day
she'd talk him into leaving.
So yeah, I did everything
I could to break them up.
You're that scared of losing her.
She's all I have.
Well, you still have her.
I hope.
You had me too, you know.
I loved you, Gayle.
Guess in a kind of strange way,
I still do.
But you threw me away.
You didn't want to be with me.
Not after the accident.
That's a lie and you know it.
It didn't matter to me.
I would have stayed with you
no matter what.
I know.
So then why?
As long as I had you,
she knew she could leave.
You know,
I had someone to take care of me.
If I didn't have you...
Then she'd have to stick around.
That's how badly
I wanted to hang on to her.
I've never admitted this
to anyone.
probably not even myself.
But, after the accident,
I think I new I'd found a way
to keep her with me.
I always figured
that's what happened.
I'm sorry.
Well, it stopped snowing.
Rest ye merry cheating wives,
and nothing you dismay.
For that won't be a problem...
if you never
would have strayed.
Look out!
I'm looking!
I'm... I'm... I'm looking.
No, you're not.
You're exhausted.
Come on,
we're getting loaded up on coffee.
Yeah? Your place or mine?
I'm so hot.
Yeah. Yeah, me too.
Okay. Okay.
Will you marry me?
Of course. Of course.
No, I mean now.
We don't need anybody to tell us
we're married,
just as long as we believe it.
Then... then we're married.
Okay. Come on. Okay.
- I don't wanna die here...
- Come on.
What? No.
No, you're not gonna die.
You're not gonna die.
But I'll die a married woman.
Oh! Come on. Come on.
Hold... hold on.
Hey! Hey, look!
Look, it's a house!
You see it? Oh, we're saved!
Ryan, Ryan, Ryan.
We don't know
who's in that house, okay?
They could be waiting for us.
They could be waiting to kill us.
No. No.
I'm gonna go check it out.
I'm gonna check it out.
And- and- and when I come back,
- if it's safe I'm gonna get you.
- What?
No, just... give me your phone,
and, and call me if it's safe.
Lynn, what's happening?
We spoke to state.
We might be able to get some search and
rescue teams out there in about an hour.
An hour? They can't get
anybody sooner than that?
I tried to get them sooner.
That's the best they could do.
And Shelley hasn't called you?
I think they turned
their phones off again.
They haven't picked up
the last few times I called.
What's the number?
Ow. Oh.
Ryan! Is it safe?
Shelley, it's Bruce.
Oh. Why're you calling Ryan's phone?
I can't... I can't wait...
I can't tell you...
how happy I am
to hear your voice, Shelley.
Where are you?
I'm... I'm... um,
we found a house,
and I'm waiting for Ryan
to see if it's safe.
He left you there alone?
He had to. There are all these people
chasing after us, Bruce.
He's the one that
you need to worry about.
You would not be in this position
if it wasn't for him.
You don't know
what you're talking about.
No, I know that I love you, Shelley.
I know that I've always loved you.
I thought that if I went away,
that I'd stop thinking about you.
But I never did.
And I've been looking for you
for a long time before tonight.
It's too late.
It's not too late.
I'm gonna find you.
I'm gonna find you,
and I'm gonna take care of you.
Whatever you want me to be,
I'll be.
You want to leave this place,
then we'll leave.
I'm not going anywhere
without Ryan.
But you deserve
so much better than that!
Few years ago you wouldn't
have gone near him.
I was a different person then, Bruce.
That person died.
Everything dies in this town.
Ryan brought me back to life again.
Come here, Shelley! It's okay!
There's somebody calling.
- Who?
- I can't tell.
Shelley, it's okay!
Ryan's with me.
Oh, Bruce, I gotta go.
Shelley, stay on the phone!
Don't hang up.
Just stay with me.
It's okay, Ryan's safe.
Shelley, don't you understand?
He's never gonna be safe.
'Course I know.
That's why I love him.
Come here, Shelley!
It's okay!
It's okay.
You're bleeding!
It's okay.
How's Ryan? Is he safe?
Come here. Yeah, he's inside.
I was lying in bed, and... oh no!
Oh, god.
I was lying in bed, and...
Poor baby.
He walked in, sat down,
and a second later he passed out.
It's been a long night.
Listen to me.
We're gonna have to
take you to the doctor.
No. They'll just call the sheriff.
What are you talking about?
Are you guys
in some kind of trouble?
We were, but we're find now.
Oh, hey sweetheart.
I'll get you a blanket.
What are we gonna do?
We're gonna rest here a little bit,
and then we're gonna leave.
We're gonna leave for good, okay?
And we're always gonna be together.
We are.