Frozen River (2008) Movie Script

Are they
here yet?
Hey, little sleepy head.
Because I'm ready.
You really are ready,
aren't you?
Whoa, whoa!
Wait a second! Your coat!
We're all ready for you.
Just need that balloon
payment to unload.
We have it. It's just they
called Troy from Titus last night.
The ski place?
Do you have
the $4,372 or not?
It was some emergency
with the lift.
And he just took
off out of here
without thinking,
with the money.
Completely forgot
you were coming.
So as soon
as he gets back...
When's he getting back?
When you come with the other half,
I'll have it.
You don't get the other half
until I get the cash.
This is the second time
you've dragged me out here.
If you can't come up
with it by Christmas,
you've lost your
$1,500 deposit.
Look, Mr. Versailles,
I've got a good job
at Yankee One Dollar.
They're probably going to make
me manager right after Christmas,
so I can definitely
make the payments
if you just leave
the house.
Just call me when you have
the balloon payment.
I'll call you.
RICKY: Where are
they going?
I'll get it back.
I promise.
You got to get
ready for school.
You're going to
miss the bus.
I can get a job,
you know.
You're 15, T.J.
They won't ask
any questions.
You're finishing school.
Mom, you think
we can make a living
on what you make
at Yankee Dollar?
You're going to school.
I bet I could make
more than you do.
Where's Daddy?
RAY: He'll be back.
Aren't we even
going to look for him?
I'm going to work,
and you're going to school.
What, that's it?
Where did he go?
On a business trip.
When is he coming home?
I don't know, Ricky.
I can't believe you're not
even going to look for him.
Where? Where do I look?
The reservation!
He's probably
in Atlantic City by now.
The glove compartment,
that was so stupid.
You're going to school.
There you go.
Hey. Lunch money.
Go on. You're going
to miss the bus.
Oh, fuck.
BINGO CALLER: Your next number,
under the O, 66.
Your next number is B8.
Thank you.
MAN ON RADIO: You're listening to
C- Tribe Radio all day long,
number one for music
and information.
Joining me once again is Kenny.
Good morning, Kenny.
KENNY ON RADIO: Good morning, and
number one for entertainment, as well.
MAN ON RADIO: Absolutely.
You know, one of the things I like
talking about is local entertainment,
and it seems like the Johnson
boys are getting back together,
and it looks like
they're gonna be doing
a performance over
at the St. Patrick's Church...
Fill it up?
No. Just three...
Two, three, four.
$2.74, please.
No, make that $7.74.
Did you see a Dodge Spirit
in here last night? Dark green?
Spirit? No.
But I only worked
until 9:00.
You can try asking inside,
if you want.
No, that's okay.
Have a nice day.
MAN 1 ON RADIO:... are made by the
children, and the gifts are only $5.
It's all about the kids.
MAN 1 ON RADIO: Yeah, it's all
about the kids. All the time.
And also...
Thank you.
Afternoon session
is over.
The next session
starts at 6:30.
I don't want to play.
I just need to look
around for a second.
You have to pay the $5.
Look, I'll stand
at the door.
I won't even go inside.
I just need to see
if my husband's in there.
You have to pay
the admission.
He's gambling away
the money for our house.
What does he look like?
Long, brown hair.
Tall. Skinny.
No. He's not in there.
Can I just look?
Lady, I just told you,
he's not in there.
Hey! Hello! Hey!
That's my car.
What are you doing
with my car?
That? I found it.
You stole it?
- Had the keys in it.
And so you just took it?
We'll see what the troopers
have to say about that!
Go ahead. They got
no jurisdiction here.
This is Mohawk territory.
You in there?
If you are,
you better come out.
Versailles says that if we get
the money to him by Christmas,
we won't lose our deposit.
I think we need
to talk about this, Troy.
Come on out.
I mean it, honey.
Come on out.
The Tribal Police don't like people
shooting holes in other people's houses.
This is New York State, so quit the
bullshit and give me my goddamn keys!
LILA: This camper belongs
to my brother-in-law.
He won't like this.
Then you should
quit stealing cars.
I thought
it was abandoned.
The guy driving it
got on a bus.
A bus? To where?
New York. Buffalo.
I'm not sure.
Hello? Yeah, what is it?
Well, there's a hard-boiled egg
in the fridge.
Well, then take out the yolk.
Look, T.J., I don't have
time for this right now.
No. I'm not looking
for him.
I got to go.
I'm not leaving it.
I got a friend
who might buy that.
It's not for sale.
He'll pay more than
it's worth. Maybe 2,000.
Why's that?
He's a smuggler.
He's always looking for cars
with button-release trunks.
You don't need
papers or anything.
Where does he live?
Through the woods.
Not far.
What's in it for you?
He'll give me something
for finding it.
If you try anything,
I'm not afraid to use this.
Turn up there.
- Where?
Up at those trees.
There's no road.
There's a path.
It's not far.
I'm not crossing that.
Don't worry.
There's no black ice.
That's Canada.
That's Mohawk land.
The rez is on both
sides of the river.
What about
the border patrol?
There's no border.
I'm still
not crossing that.
Don't worry.
It'll hold a Spirit.
I've seen semis cross it.
The only other way is
the Cornwall Bridge,
and they're not going
to let you take that.
They plow it
and everything.
This is
so fucking stupid.
Better pick up some speed
to get up the bank.
It's just on the other
side of those trees.
LILA: Honk the horn.
Keep your mouth shut.
Just keep it shut. Okay?
Thunder, shut up!
Get back under there!
He don't like
whites, Lila.
LILA: Sorry.
And you're late.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't even
be dealing with you.
Count it.
What's going on here?
Just count it.
Come on. How much?
How much is there?
Who the fuck are they?
Never mind.
I'm not going anywhere until
those people get out of my trunk.
I'll give you half.
Now, let's go.
Let's go!
I'm not taking them
across the border.
It's a crime.
- There's no border here.
This is free trade
between nations.
This isn't a nation.
Let's go.
Why'd your husband
leave you?
Fuck you.
Maybe he wanted
a younger woman.
That's what usually happens.
I never have to worry about that.
My husband's dead.
He went down
in the river on a run.
They never found him.
Probably tangled in the
river weeds somewhere.
You better slow down.
There's ruts out here.
You could get us
stuck in one.
Keep going.
Keep going.
What if the troopers
stop us?
They're not going to stop you.
You're white.
LILA: Stop and wait for him
to come to the window.
Roll down your window.
Count it.
Let's go.
Stop at those trees.
Now open the door.
Open it!
Now get out.
You can't have my car.
- Get out!
You can't have
my car. No!
I told you not to use that
thing when I'm not here.
If I get it working,
I can sell it.
I don't care. Don't use
that thing when I'm not here!
Rent-to-Own called.
They said they're
coming to get the TV
if you don't pay
by 4:00 tomorrow.
Did you find him?
Where was the car?
At the bus stop
on the rez.
I bet he went
to Atlantic City.
You don't know that.
Yeah, well,
you can find out.
Go to the bus station, see what
buses came through last night.
And what?
Chase him across the country?
Miss work? No.
What happened
to your head?
What, did you get
in a fight with somebody?
It was no big deal.
You got in a fight?
Some Indian chick
tried to steal your dad's car.
No way. I say we go back there
and kick some Mohawk ass.
It doesn't matter.
Where's your car?
I'll get it tomorrow.
Did you and Ricky eat?
That would be
kind of miraculous,
since there's
no food in the house.
There's food.
Popcorn and TANG?
Hi, Lila.
- Hi, Mick.
How's life
at the Bingo Palace?
Good. How's business?
Oh, you know.
It's okay.
How much for the Sierra?
Come on, Lila.
What? I've been saving up.
You know what.
Does Bernie Littlewolf
run your whole life?
No, but he told me
not to sell you a car.
I got to walk up 37 with
semis kicking up snow and mud
in my hair just
to get to work.
For you, all's I got is
the Civic and the Sundance.
I don't like Civics.
I figured.
Look, I'll give you
$1,000 for the Sierra.
Nothing with a trunk.
That thing's been sitting
out there for six months.
I don't want Bernie
in my face. Okay?
He doesn't have to know.
EVELYN: Chance!
Come back in here before
you freeze your ass off!
What's going to happen to our old
house when we get our new house?
They're going to flatten it
and send it to China.
Then what?
They're going to melt it down
and make it into little toys.
Then what?
Then they're going
to send them back here
so I can sell them
at Yankee Dollar.
Can you get me some?
That's right.
- Yes!
I'm not eating
this again for dinner.
We just have to make it
till my paycheck on Friday.
What about Rent-to-Own?
What about them?
They said they're
coming to get the TV
if they don't get
a payment by 4:00.
You told me that already.
I know.
Lunch money.
I still don't see why you won't
just let me get a job with Mitch.
Who's Mitch?
He's got this whole business
he runs at school.
He sells pot to kids?
No, Mom, it's computers. Okay?
He fixes computers.
You're 15.
It's not going to happen,
so forget it.
This is so stupid!
We're going to lose the TV,
while I'm sitting in some Christmas
assembly when I could be out...
Your job is looking
after your brother.
Who's going to
take care of him?
T.J.: Come on, we're going.
Take them with you, honey.
You need them at recess.
I still say we go
down to the rez,
get the Sentra and
kick some serious butt.
Matt? Could I talk
to you for a minute?
I need to come
on full-time.
I see you
as a short-timer.
What is that?
Not here for long,
not really committed.
When I started working here, you
told me it would be six months
before I could
come on full-time.
That was almost
two years ago.
That's my opinion.
You know, I mean,
at least I show up.
Pat's always late.
She's late now. Late every day.
See you tomorrow.
- See you.
I want my half.
You hear me.
I want my half.
I'll give you the money
if you give me the car.
No way.
The money's gone.
Then I want to get
more of those Chinese.
It's going to cost me
to get that hole fixed.
I froze last night.
Look, I just need enough
for the balloon payment
for my doublewide, and then I'm
out of this. I'm no criminal.
It's not a crime.
You people can call it
what you want.
I just want my double.
I don't usually
work with whites.
How many bedrooms?
Three. I got kids.
How old?
Five and 15.
I got a boy.
Almost one.
He lives with
my mother-in-law.
She stole him from me.
Stole him?
Yeah. Right out
of the hospital.
Did you call the cops?
Tribal Police don't get
involved in stuff like that.
Get under there!
Bernie was asking if I'd
seen you. I told him no.
I don't want any
trouble from him, Lila.
Don't worry about it.
This guy's been
calling all morning.
He's got two
by the old tires.
What's going on?
We got to pick them up.
What the hell
is going on?
Keep that thing down.
Roll down the window.
See what he wants.
RAY: What's going on here?
LILA: Just roll it down.
They don't like
the women driver.
Count it.
BRUNO: Pop the trunk.
Pop the trunk!
Get in.
Open it.
This should keep
them from running.
Why would
they want to run?
To get away
from the snakeheads.
What's that?
The snakeheads pay
to get them here,
and then they got to
work off what they owe.
How much does it cost?
where they're coming from.
Sometimes they got to work
for years to pay it off.
To get here?
No fucking way.
Yes. Yes. Hello.
Is this Mrs. Irene
Three Rivers?
Mrs. Three Rivers,
I have good news.
I am the business manager
of Mr. E.F. Three Rivers,
and I have been authorized
to inform you that you
have inherited money.
No, no, you have no obligation
whatsoever, Mrs. Three Rivers.
Just a small
processing fee of $29
will authorize me to send
your first installment
of $13,375.
You can place it on
any major credit card.
Sure, I can hold.
Yes. Which credit card?
Are they always there?
They won't stop you unless
you give them a reason to.
You ever been caught?
What happened?
They gave me the choice of paying a
fine or spending three months in jail.
What did you do?
I paid the fine.
I made it back in two
nights of smuggling,
but back then it was
cigarettes and everybody did it.
Some of the troopers
were into it, too.
LILA: Count it.
- Right, I know.
Make sure it's right.
I don't want to get stiffed.
Then why don't
you count it?
I got bad eyes.
Looks good.
You're welcome.
What about mine?
Now we're even.
My mom told me to give you
her credit card number.
We only take cash
or money orders.
Well, she's going
to be a little late.
She's got three minutes.
Hey. It's okay, guys.
I got it right here.
It's $255.50, right?
RICKY: Mommy!
Hey! Come here!
Who wants to go to PC, huh?
- Mmm-hmm.
You want to go
to the Chopper?
Where'd you get that?
Matt made me
assistant manager.
Buckle you in.
No way.
That so hard to believe?
It's been, like, two years.
Exactly. That's why
he gave me a bonus.
Do you want to go
to the Chopper or not?
But you better not
blow it all
on that bubble bath stuff,
which you never even open.
I'm going to use that
sooner than you think,
in a big fancy tub.
MAN ON TV: Some big changes in
the weather department here.
A clipper system is going
to zip on down from Canada.
Temperatures are going to
dip down big time, not only tonight,
into tomorrow, as well. But that's
not all. We're expecting anywhere
from 8 to 12 inches
to accumulate.
Winds 25 to 45
miles an hour,
and it's going to feel like
it's 30 below out there.
Farmers are advised
to bring their livestock in.
Now, we'll be back
right after this message.
Hot Wheels! Beat that!
Want a blast?
Want to crash?
That's what he wants.
For Christmas.
What is it, again?
Hot Wheels Blast
and Crash Track.
I'm getting something
even better than that.
Yeah? What?
The doublewide.
Don't mention it to Ricky yet,
just in case.
just in case.
It's for real this time.
What about Dad?
What about him?
What are you going to do?
Why, did he call broke yet?
No, but maybe he would
if you weren't so bitter.
Here we go again
with Saint Dad.
That's what I mean, Mom.
You're always on him.
"Give me your paycheck.
Where's your receipts?
"Do you need a meeting?"
He's an addict, T.J.
You're still bitter.
I need you and Ricky to put up the
Christmas tree after school tomorrow, okay?
Where are you going?
- Christmas shopping.
FEMALE VOICE: If you would like to
re-record your greeting, press star.
To change your personal greeting,
press 1.
To record greeting,
press 3.
Hi, it's me. Leave a message
and I'll call you back.
RAY: Hi, it's me.
Leave a message and I'll call you back.
FEMALE VOICE: To change your
personal greeting, press 1.
To record greeting,
press 3.
Hi, it's me. Leave a message.
I'll call you back.
Son of a bitch.
RAY: Hi, it's me. Leave a message.
I'll call you back.
Son of a bitch.
Lila! Get up!
I got a job for you!
There's two people
out sick today.
If we get down there,
you got a job.
Get your jacket.
Let's go. I got coffee.
Where are we going?
Get in. I'll tell you
on the way.
Rita said you quit.
She fired me.
That's not
what she told me.
Well, she should have.
I couldn't see to count the money.
I told you that.
It was coming up
short half the time.
Then get some glasses.
They make me carsick.
So where are we going?
The Tribal Council.
They need someone
to answer phones.
No! No way!
Why? You can't
answer phones?
Not there.
Not with them.
What's that?
I bought it.
From who?
Some white lady.
What do you need
a car for?
To get to work.
So I don't have to walk
in the breakdown lane.
Last week,
I almost got hit by a plow.
You'll live.
And you know what
I'm talking about.
All right, all right.
I'll go.
Let's go!
I got exact.
Do I have any messages?
I can't read this.
That's a "T."
No, I can't read
any of it.
I told Bernie
I couldn't see.
Never mind.
I'll go.
We got to go to Wolfmart and get some
anti-freeze, unless you got extra.
I think you got a leak
in your heater coil.
It's making
your windows fog up.
We better hurry, because I
got nothing for under the tree.
Cold snap for tonight
with low temperatures dropping down to
Very hazardous for the cars
and also the Ski-Doos.
Stay off the roads if you can.
Currently outside our C-Tribe Radio
studios, it's 5 below Fahrenheit.
Mohawks don't
celebrate Christmas.
You could have fooled me, the way they
were all lined up at Yankee Dollar today.
Those are Christians,
the converted.
From what?
The Longhouse ways.
That's messed up,
not having Santa Claus.
For the kids, I mean.
RICKY: The oxygen.
ANNOUNCER: It's the Blast and Crash Track set.
BOY: Go!
You've timed it right
to slam your competition.
So load, lock and launch...
Dad's going to get
me that for Christmas.
Yeah? What about
Santa Claus?
Santa Claus is going
to get me the house for Christmas.
ANNOUNCER: You got him!
BOY: Yeah!
They're not Chinese.
LILA: They're Pakis.
What's that mean?
They're from Pakistan.
Well, where's that?
I don't know.
What difference does it make?
A big difference.
If we wait much longer, we're not going
to be able to get back across the river.
Look, I'm not driving just
anybody across the border.
Do you want the money?
I want to know
what's in that bag.
What's in there?
They don't understand you.
Well, if they want
to come here so bad,
they should take the time
to learn English.
Hold on a second.
Hold on a second.
LILA: What are you doing?
Just count the money
and let's go.
If we get stuck on the river,
it won't matter what's in there.
RAY: Let's just hope
they're not the ones
that blow themselves
and everyone else up.
We don't have time.
Is that a 20 or a 50?
What are you doing?
Nuclear power,
poison gas.
RAY: Who knows what they
might have in there?
I'm not going to be
responsible for that.
Hey, I'm going to be
a little late. Okay?
I'm at work.
Is Ricky asleep?
Put him on.
Now listen, Ricky, he's not
coming till you go to sleep.
No. Not yet.
He's still flying
over Canada.
He's not even done
with Canada yet,
so he's not coming
until you get to sleep.
Hi. Is Mitch there?
T.J.: Yeah. Hey.
No, T.J. from school.
Yeah. Yeah.
I was just wondering if you still needed
those numbers we talked about earlier.
'Cause, uh...
Only thing is, I don't really have
any wheels at the moment, so...
On Moira Road, off of 37.
One more thing.
Can you go to Kmart and
pick me up a Blast and Crash Track set?
Yeah, exactly.
Uh, thanks, man.
T.J., look at me.
Yeah, that's pretty cool, but it's
going to hurt when you sit down.
Now, unwrap yourself.
It's dinnertime.
Hey, I'll be
right back. Okay?
They say there's a bag.
It was too heavy.
We had to unload it.
What's the matter with her?
What's she saying?
DEALER: That bag,
her baby is in the bag.
RAY: It didn't feel like
there was anything in that bag.
LILA: We got to go back.
I know. I know that.
T.J.: Hey.
MITCH: This the right one?
Uh, yeah.
Thanks, man.
Have a merry one.
Look. There. Tracks.
- Up there.
Slow down.
I don't want to run over it.
I think it was here.
It's dead.
Oh, my God.
Come on.
It's dead.
Tap the bottom
of his feet.
That's what they did to get
Ricky breathing when he was born.
I don't want to touch it.
I can't hold it
and drive.
I don't think it matters.
Just hold it next to your body.
Keep him warm.
But it's too late!
Just do it. We can't
give it back to her cold.
Shit! Shit!
What do I do?
- Calm down! Pull over.
What if he saw us go by
before to the Pioneer?
He's got no reason to stop us, unless you
give him one. Just keep your mouth shut.
What if he searches the car?
What do we say about...
He won't!
Just remember, you're white!
License and registration.
Could you step out of the
vehicle, please, ma'am?
I wasn't speeding, was I?
Did I do something?
I'm just directing you
to step out of the vehicle.
Step behind the vehicle.
You see that?
Your left rear parking light,
it's not illuminated.
Oh, I didn't know.
I'm going to have to give
you a provisional ticket.
As long as you get it repaired within
Who's your friend?
She takes care of my kids
when I have to work late.
You can step back
in the vehicle.
We got to take it in.
What is it?
It's moving.
What? Are you sure?
Hello, little baby.
He was just cold.
We found him.
Come on. Let's go.
He was dead.
He was just cold.
He was dead.
Okay. Whatever.
He was dead.
You brought him back to life.
That was the Creator,
not me.
All I know is
Kmart is closed,
and I got nothing
for under the tree.
Merry Christmas
or whatever.
What's that?
Hot Wheels.
Where'd you get it?
I called a friend.
That kid Mitch?
It's probably stolen.
- It's not stolen.
I don't want you hanging around
with him. That kid is bad news.
It's not like you
were going to get it.
Move it.
Move it! Listen, mister.
I got more important things
to worry about than toys.
I'm trying to get
our doublewide.
Oh, yeah.
I forgot about that.
You can lose
that attitude.
Anyway, Kmart was closed
by the time I got off work.
What's that smell?
Hi, it's me.
I can't get to the phone right now.
Please leave a message.
And, Troy, if it's you, please,
at least let us
know you're alive.
The boys are really
worried about you.
Is there a Ray Eddy here?
Can I talk to you
outside for a minute?
I haven't gotten
that light fixed yet.
It's not about that.
I just have
a few questions.
Uh, sure. One second.
I'll be back in a second.
This is about the woman
that was with you.
How long have you
known her?
Not long.
She looks after my kids.
She's a smuggler.
There is that element on the
reservation. I'm sure you know.
Well, I've heard about it.
I had no idea
she was involved.
How did you meet her?
I think there was a sign
for a babysitter at Wolfmart.
That's where I get my gas.
I just thought you
should be aware of that.
She's known to have brought
illegal aliens into the country.
Oh, my God.
If I were you,
I'd get a new babysitter.
Well, you have
an enjoyable holiday.
You, too.
T.J., could you
come out here a minute?
T.J., get your ass
out here!
What did he want?
Did something happen to Dad?
What did he want?
Did you have a fire
here last night?
Uh, the pipes froze,
so I fixed them.
You fixed them?
Did you use
the blowtorch?
Dad did it before...
So you used
the blowtorch!
Look at this!
We can't live here anymore!
So what?
It's just a tin crapper.
No, this was our house.
So, we're getting
a new one, right?
That's it!
Damn it!
- No. What are you...
Son of a bitch!
Don't touch it!
It's not yours.
Dad gave it to me!
Put it down!
Are you going
to shoot me now, too?
Put it down!
- Maybe he didn't like getting shot
in his own house!
Maybe that's why he left!
That was an accident.
- Yeah, some accident!
You shot him in the foot!
T.J., he spent the food money
on scratch cards.
He'd done it before.
Yeah, and he was clean
Give me that.
- No, you can't have it. It's mine.
Give it to me!
I didn't know any other way
to keep us together.
I mean,
he's a good dad
when he's not gambling.
Awesome dad.
Robs us and takes off
a week before Christmas.
I quit smuggling.
T.J. set the trailer
on fire.
He didn't mean to,
but the pipes froze
and he took out
that damn torch,
which I told him not to touch
when I wasn't there,
and he thawed them out.
I got glasses, and I
can see up close now.
There's a hole in my house.
We got to move.
I just need one more run
to get the double.
Look, you can have
the Spirit. Okay?
I don't want it.
What is it then?
You still mad about that baby?
'Cause it wasn't my fault.
I mean, who puts their baby
in a duffle bag?
You're going to need
a lot of money
to raise that
one-year-old kid.
I got enough.
Yeah, but you still
got to get him.
I'll help you.
You can even borrow my gun.
You should see
the inside.
How many bedrooms?
- Three.
And there's a Jacuzzi tub
in the master bathroom.
Wall-to-wall carpet?
Oh, yeah.
But the best thing
is the insulation.
Pipes can never freeze.
I'll be right back.
VERSAILLES: There's never any need
to touch up or repaint these walls.
I want to schedule
a delivery.
Just give me one sec.
What exactly is it
I can do for you?
It's 3,000, but I want
it delivered tomorrow.
You did have a closing date
on Christmas.
I'm here now.
You add this
to my deposit.
All you have to do
is show up.
If I don't have the rest,
you can keep it.
All right, well,
I just need you to sign this paper here,
and you'll be ready to go.
Right there.
I'm sorry about that.
Heat wave.
You got a run
for us, Jimmy?
It's pretty slow
after Christmas,
unless you want
to go off the rez.
There's that guy
up in Montreal.
He's usually got heads.
What? You want a job?
No, Jimmy sent us.
BRUNO: Christy.
Put your hands up.
CHRISTY: They have nothing.
BRUNO: Okay.
Pop the back.
We need to get paid first.
There's only 600 here.
You get the rest
at the drop off.
It's 600 apiece.
You want to make
a change now?
It's 1,200.
You want to have
a problem?
Because it's not a problem for me.
It is a problem for them!
Okay. Okay.
We'll take them.
We'll take them with us.
Open the trunk.
LILA: Let's go!
Just open the trunk.
Turn around!
- Bruno!
I want the rest.
But I have nothing.
LILA: Let's go!
Let's get out of here.
I'll give you
the rest of the money.
No. Thanks.
You're going to
get us all killed.
RAY: Give it to her.
Give it to her.
He shot me. I'm shot.
I think you're okay.
You should have just
took the money from me.
I'm sick and tired of people
stealing from me. Is it all there?
We got to get
out of here first.
Just count it.
Make sure it's all there.
Okay, okay. All right.
Is it there?
It's all there.
Slow down a bit. We got to
keep it under the speed limit.
We got to get off
this road.
We got to get
off this road.
Oh, shit!
Where's the reservation?
Just past that pole
right there.
What the hell?
We're on the rez.
They can't arrest us, but if they
catch us they can take the money.
It's black ice
out here.
Will it hold us?
I don't know.
RAY: Shit.
LILA: Get out on your side!
Pop the trunk!
Get the cash.
You got the cash?
LILA: Yeah.
Come on. Let's go.
Come on, come on.
JIMMY: Hey, Lila!
Over here!
Jimmy, you're not
coming in here.
JIMMY: We just need to
borrow your oven.
THREE RIVERS: We have a situation
with a couple of smugglers.
They tried to go across the river,
but their car went in.
And now the troopers know that
they're on the reservation.
ROSALIE: Who are they?
Lila Littlewolf
and some white woman.
ROSALIE: What do
the troopers want?
They want the surrender
of the two illegals.
Second, they want the surrender
of the non-native smuggler.
They really mean to set
an example over here.
Do you know
where they are?
Yeah. They're probably
over at Velma's.
ROSALIE: What about
Lila Littlewolf?
You can't start throwing
Mohawks off the rez, Rosalie.
She's got a Mohawk son.
She cost us a Mohawk son.
Jake was a big boy.
He knew what
he was doing.
get out of here.
You, too.
I need my half.
No, no, no.
You stay here. Stay here.
Hi, Lila.
Hi, Bernie.
You're in big trouble.
The Council voted
to expel you.
Expel me?
- For five years.
You can appeal,
but I don't think you're going to
be able to change Rosalie's mind.
I thought all this was legal
on the reservation.
Look, I got to go.
BERNIE: If she leaves,
they'll turn you in.
The troopers
want somebody.
But she's a Mohawk.
The chiefs want her out.
There's going to be nobody standing
between her and the troopers.
My kids got no one but me.
If you leave, she'll
never see her son again.
Let her go.
Lila, you're giving
up on him.
He's only a year old.
Just go.
At least you've got family
to take care of him, you know?
I wanted the baby to have a pretty
new crib, not some hand-me-down.
He wouldn't let me go alone.
I was too fat to fit
behind the steering wheel.
BERNIE: He just wanted to
keep you and Little Jake safe.
Just a couple
of months, right?
I got no record,
and I'm white.
I got baby stuff
in the shed.
Get a good used singlewide.
Insulation is the key thing.
Versailles will
give you a hard time,
but that will leave
enough for you
and the boys to live on
for a couple of months.
Ricky's allergic
to penicillin,
and you can't feed him potato
chips all the time. Okay?
But you got
to get there quick,
'cause T.J.
will get scared.
And I don't want him
to get scared. Okay?
Don't let Versailles
jerk you around.
You go with her, okay?
What do you want?
LILA: I need his coat.
Where's his coat?
You can't have him.
You can't have him!
Say goodbye to your Toda.
TROOPER: Speak English?
Speak English?
What happens to them?
They'll probably go back.
But how long for me?
You know, if I confess?
Providing they're not on
a watch list, four months.
I don't think you have
that much to worry about.
Can I have a cigarette?
Is there someone
that I can call for you
to take care
of your children?
I got somebody.
A relative?
A friend.
But I need to call my kids.
Mom, what did you do?
What? A smuggler?
Holy shit!
Are you in jail?
Yeah, but are you
gonna be in jail?
Yeah, okay. But...
But why? I...
I can do it. I...
I look after him
all the time.
I don't see why we need...
Yeah, I'm still here.
Hey, you've got to put the little
pieces up higher or he'll eat them. Okay?
RICKY: What?
You got a little boy
named Troy Junior?
Would you come here?
I want to talk to you.
You know, you did a bad
thing to an old lady,
and I'd like to
introduce her to you
and give you a chance
to apologize.
Because I know you're
probably a good kid,
and I know you want
to set this right.
Come on.
Tell her you're sorry.
You did good.
Now don't do that again.
Hey, come here.
# As fast as it comes
# It rushes away
# Sometimes it takes
# Everything with it
# Ooh-ooh
# Ooh-ooh
# It always comes
# Big open space
# I always stay
# I always listen
# Ooh-ooh
# Ooh-ooh
# Leads me across
# Rivers so deep
# It always leaves
# I always come back
# I always come back
# I always come back
# I always come back
# Ooh-ooh
# Ooh-ooh
# Ooh-ooh
# Ooh-ooh
# Ooh-ooh
# Ooh-ooh
# Ooh-ooh
# Ooh-ooh
# Ooh-ooh
# Ooh-ooh #