Frozen with Fear (2001) Movie Script

- Hey, Darnell,
it's like you're keeping warm?
- Ain't nothing to the cold,
Jack, it's all in the head.
- Oh, yeah!
So, is that a new move
you got going?
- It's the one you taught me.
I'll be rippin' on it.
See? Making it my own.
- You're a future all star, uh?
- Believe it!
- It's about money, Doctor...
Yes, well, I can't
take it anymore...
No, I can't explain, call it
a woman's intuition.
But I'm really getting worried.
No, I'm not making it up. He's
up to something. I can feel it.
My session's over?
All right... I'll call you
next week.
Thank you, Dr. Eberson.
[ Doorbell ]
Just a sec, Andy.
- Hey, Mrs. Sullivan!
Upstairs with Mr. Sullivan's
stuff like usual?
- Let me just check and see
if anything of mind got mixed
in by mistake again, yes.
What's this?
- Oh, I don't know,
they musta found something
in one of your husbands pockets.
Wow! Looks expensive.
Good thing they found it.
Anyway, it's all right
if I take this stuff upstairs?
- Thanks, Andy.
- Okay.
- What are you doing here?
- I live here. Remember?
Where are you going?
- Away!
- Away? Away as in "away away?"
Listen Charlene, let's sit down
here, we'll discuss this.
- Where Jack? Uh?
Can't even sit
on the toilet in this dump.
Come on, you know
this hasn't been working...
It hasn't been working for
sometime. No hard feelings?
- Phone me later tonight,
maybe we'll have some
hard feelings by then.
- Ah, Ah, Ah!
Well... good-bye.
- It's because
I can't dance, right?
- Always with the jokes, Jack.
It's because you're
not really here.
Not even halfway here.
Sometimes it's like I'm with the
most wonderful man in the world.
But most of the time,
I feel like I'm living
with the Invisible Man.
- So I've been told before.
Hey, Charlene!
- What?
- Take care of yourself!
- I want to go short on Euros;
a buy of 3 million,
short term on a 2 months put...
Just place the order...
Trust me. Goodbye Jared.
[ Beep! Beep! ]
- Please, let me in!
Open the door... open the door!
It doesn't work!
- Charles !
Charles... Charles!
- Detective Sergeant
Al Sandestin!
- What...?
- I'm a police officer.
- Well, do something.
What's happened ?
- He's been shot.
- Charles... Come on!
- We need an ambulance.
- You're telling me
my husband was somehow
involved in smuggling guns?
- Not just ordinary guns,
Mrs. Sullivan, heavy ordinance.
We've had him under
surveillance for sometime, now.
- Charles
was in real estate!
There must be some mistake!
My husband was
a very respectable citizen..
- Obviously, all of this
is a shock to you.
Is there anyone you can call?
- Yes, My sister Sarah.
- You all done here, Carl?
Right, I'll see you
back at the station.
- That's it.
We'll follow up tomorrow.
- Look, I don't understand
what's going on here...
[ Cellular phone ]
- Ya... Okay. I'll be there.
I... must leave you
my card and...
I must have left them in the
car. I'll just go get one.
- No... wait,
I'll write it down.
- It's Detective Sergeant
Sandestin. S-a-n-d-e...
- Oh... would you do it, please?
- Of course.
This is my number
at the office.
We'll talk tomorrow...
I am sorry for your
lost, Mrs. Sullivan.
- [Radio]: The mercury
dipped to a bone-chilling
- 15 degrees yesterday...
- Morning. Coffee?
Thanks, Sarah.
- Kath, we should probably
call and find out
where they've taken
Charles' body.
We'll have to make
arrangements for the funeral.
- I hadn't even thought
about a funeral.
Would you'll do it for me Sarah?
I can't even intend...
- Whatever you say. Do you
want me to call the police?
- No, I'll do that myself...
- Okay.
- Thanks.
- What did they say?
- They said... there is no
Detective Sergeant Al Sandestin
in the Police Department.
- What...?
- This is crazy, Sarah.
They said there were
no cops here yesterday,
that nothing happened.
If the police
don't know what's going on...
- I'll go call
the Coroner's Office.
There must be
a simple explanation.
You're sure no bodies were
delivered there yesterday?
Thank you.
- Sarah, I'm not lying to you,
I know what I saw.
I saw it with my own eyes.
- All right. I'll go down
to the Coroner's Office
and the Police Station
right now.
Don't worry, we'll get
to the bottom of this.
- Okay... thanks.
- Elliot, as my lawyer,
I'm asking you to help me...
A private investigator?
You know him f..from law school.
Okay, okay, what's his name?
- Ah! Hi. Jack Mize.
- Hi. Sarah Harper...
No, Katherine is
in the living room.
- Oh, okay.
I guess one can never have too
much security these days. Uh?
- Yeah...
- Hello. Well, you're called...?
- Katherine Sullivan...
How do you do, Mr. Mize?
- Pleasure.
- Where do we start?
- Uh, well, uh...
Why don't you tell me what
happened? From the beginning...
- Charles came in
through the foyer. Over here,
and he was being chased by
Detective Sergeant Sandestin.
- And what did this... Sandestin
look like... Do you remember?
- Yes, late 30's, early 40's,
sandy blond hair,
blue eyes,
and he reaped of
cheap after shave.
- That's good.
Do you recall what the others
police officers looked like?
- No, I didn't notice.
- Did you notice a license
on any of their cars, or...?
- No... I was sitting
over there most of the time.
- And this Sandestin,
did he give you a card?
- No, but I have his number,
he let it down over here...
- Is he left handed?
- Yes, actually I think he was.
How did you know ?
- Well, left-handed people
always write
with a backward sland,
its very prominent in lefties.
So, um, this Sandestin came
racing into the foyer from...?
- ... outside.
- Out... here!
Both cars pulled up out here?
- Yes.
- Could you come and show me
exactly where they stopped,
because I want to see everything
the way you saw it.
- Can you please
close that door?
- Are you all right?
- Please just close the door.
- It's pretty cold
out there today.
- No, it's not the cold.
I just don't go outside.
- You don't go outside?
- I haven't left this house
for sometime.
- Do you mind if I ask you
how long that "sometime" is?
- Three years.
- She's agoraphobic?
That's like when you don't
leave your home, right?
Yeah, it's from the Greek
"agora" which means marketplace.
These people have a paranoia
about going outside,
on the marketplace.
So they just stay home.
- Yeah? How do you know that?
- I read it. In a book.
You gotta try it sometime.
- Oh, oh, ,
I read the important stuff.
- Hockey! The best and worst.
- Yeah, a single father
working a job like this
doesn't have time to sit around
reading artsy-fartsy books
like some people I know.
This chick got any money?
- Tons.
- Whacked-out rich broad
doesn't leave her home.
What's with that?
- Maybe she's smarter
than the rest of us.
- Yeah? What's that
supposed to mean?
- Why, it's kind of rough out
here, Bob. Haven't ya noticed?
- Hey, Skippy. Been helping
anyone skip lately, counsellor?
- Oh...
I get it. This is where
the brain-dead cop
tries to antagonize me
into a fight.
Now, what are
my options here?
Stand and take it,
or pop you in the mouth?
- No, no, no, no...
- I'll opt for neither.
- I guess you only
say nice things
to sexual perverts, huh, Mize?
- All right,
it's over, it's over.
Let's say we just nix the
testosterone challenge, guys?
- Sit down.
I was wondering
if maybe you'd...
find the license
on this Mercedes for me.
- I thought you
dropped by just to say hi.
- I did but...
- Just like you were going to
give me the name and number
of that babe you were talking
to in the bar the other night.
- I'm still looking for it.
- Gimme the license
plate number.
No, no, give me the paper.
Don't call us, we'll call you.
And I mean that, Jack!
Unless you come up with that
girl's name and number....
- Is it me or is it freezing
in this house?
Great, the furnace is broken.
- I'll deal with it.
- Like the Coroner's Office
and the Police station.
- It isn't my fault that
the Coroner or the cops
have never heard of you. There's
no reason to get so upset.
- Upset?! My husband's dead,
they can't find his body,
nobody knows anything
and we're freezing.
You're right, there's
no reason to get upset.
[ The doorbell rings ]
- Don't worry I'll go call
the heating people.
- Did you find anything?
- You were right. There was
nothing at the morgue.
I put a trace
out on the Mercedes.
- That's it?
- Oh, yeah, for now.
You know, I've got to find out
more about your husband,
who his enemies were, who
may want to see him dead,
and then hopefully
something'll pop out
that'll explain why
all of this happened.
- "Hopefully, something
will pop out?"
Is that usually how you
conduct your investigations?
- Mrs. Sullivan, I mean,
you must be able to tell me
something about your husband.
I mean, what exactly did he do?
- He was in real estate.
- Oh, what else did he do?
I mean, did he have any
Interests, hobbies, sports?
- Do other women
constitute a sport?
- D'you have any names?
- No, I didn't get their names.
- I understand...
I understand
What about his friends?
- He didn't bring them home.
And I certainly didn't
go out to meet them.
- How long were you married?
- Eleven years.
- Eleven years,
it's a long time.
I mean there's certainly
must be something
you can tell me about his world.
- I've told you what I know.
For many of the 11 years,
we led virtually separate lives.
- You may want to
concentrate on those years
that you weren't "separate."
Cause I need some help, here.
Did he keep any files
in the house?
- I don't think so, but
you're welcome to go
and check in his room...
It's upstairs on the left.
Any files?
- No... no luck.
Just his business card.
When was this taken?
- It's from Charles
days at Yale.
The Lacrosse team.
He was terribly proud of that.
Turn your son into a member
of the Ruling Class
in 4 easy years.
- Where'd you go to school,
Mr. Mize?
- Little place in Jersey...
So, tell me, how was your
husband's business doing?
- I'm not sure. As I
told you, Charles and I...
- "Led separate lives", yeah.
I'll be in touch.
- Who won?
- The pool.
Where'd you get that?
- Your sister
gave it to me.
Said she found it
in the kitchen. Why?
- I wasn't in the kitchen.
Would you like
to go for a swim?
I think I could find
a spare suit.
- Nah, I don't swim.
I always considered it
as something you do
to avoid drowning.
- You have a narrow view
of the world, Mr. Mize.
- Sometimes, yeah.
- Shall we sit or is that
something you do
to keep from standing?
- Touch.
- I was just about
to have a martini.
Would you like to join me?
- Sure.
- Did you find anything today?
- Nothing.
- I trust you get better
at this as time goes on.
- I went to your
husband's office,
and I discovered nothing.
As in no files, no business
papers, no nothing.
- Unfortunately, my husband
was very lazy, Mr. Mize.
- I'd appreciate it
if you called me Jack.
- Okay, Jack.
- Good!
- Olive?
Now what can you tell me
about your husband's business?
- I already told you.
I don't know anything.
- You've got to be able
to do better than that,
this is going to be a little
like trying to find Elvis.
I mean, you surely
must remember something!
- I knew he wasn't doing well.
If he done better,
I guess he would've left me.
- He wasn't doing well!
Isn't this house his?
- No, it's mine. I work
very hard to keep it going.
- You work? Doing what?
- I'm a bond trader.
In the age of the computer,
you can work anywhere.
- Let me get this straight.
You make a barrel full of money,
your husband's a dead beat,
he fools around with other
women, and you stay married?
Haven't you ever heard
of the word "divorce?"
- Everything is community
There was no way I was going
to give him half
of everything
I worked my tail off for.
Besides, I guess a part of me
still loved him...
- Did he love you?
- Who knows?
He lied and distorted
nearly everything.
I guess... he was
what is known as a loser.
- Okay, so someone
killed your husband.
Maybe what we should be
concerned about... them coming after you.
- Mr. Mize ?
- Yes!
- Follow me please.
Here are the copies of Charles
Sullivan's medical records.
Ordinarily, I wouldn't
release these.
But since Katherine Sullivan
was so insistent,
I decided to bend the rules.
Charles Sullivan
was sterile?
- Is there anything else,
Mr. Mize?
- I guess this has mean leaving.
Thank you very much
for your time, doctor.
- [Muffled]: Sarah...
Help, Sarah!
- Katherine?
Katherine, are you here?
Are your okay?
What happened?
Are you okay?
- I... I... got so hot...
There was all that steam,
I think I fainted.
- Why didn't you
open the door?
- It was broken.
- Watch that handle
works itself loose.
- It was tight,
the last time I was in there.
- And when was that?
- Two days ago.
- Maybe you better stick
to swimming for a while.
- What are you doing here?
- Actually, I came here
to get you to sign this release
authorizing me access to your
husband's fingerprints.
- What are you going to do
with his fingerprints?
- The morgue needs
a copy of them.
You know, in case he came
as a John Doe.
- This is all too bizarre.
The morgue. Phony cops.
John Does...
- It's pretty strange, I know.
- Do you believe me?
- Yes.
- Really?
- Really.
- Sarah says the heating
will be fixed by tomorrow.
- This food is delicious.
I didn't realize
you're a Cordon Bleu chef.
- I'm an amateur.
- Not in my book.
You make a meal
like this often?
- No, I usually eat
out of the freezer,
but I use to cook
for Charles all the time.
Then it seemed the more I stayed
in the less he came home.
- There's gotta be
something wrong
with a guy who won't come home
for a meal like this.
- Sarah and I do like
to play amateur gourmet
a couple times a week.
There is something about
the ritual that I enjoy.
It's a little
like going out.
- This is better food than
I never had in a restaurant.
- Well, it's the least I can do.
You saved my life, today.
- You know, I've been doing
some reading about agoraphobia.
- Why?
- Well, it's this case
I'm working on.
- Oh, Let's talk about
politics or religion, okay?
- I'm sorry.
But don't you ever feel like
going outside for a walk?
Or go to a movie?
Going for a drive in your car?
- No.
You see it's a trade off.
You learn to put those
things out of your mind
in order to feel safe.
Are you married, Jack?
- No!
- Girlfriend?
- She dumped me.
- May I ask why?
- Well, this is, you know...
The usual thing. I didn't put
the cap back on the toothpaste,
I left the toilet seat up...
That kind of thing.
[ Clock chimes ]
Well, this meal
has been wonderful,
I really have to get going.
- You're not leaving until
you've had dessert.
- I don't like desert.
- You'll like this.
- Strawberry tart's
You're making a desert
lover out of me.
You know, your house is big,
you really should have
some children in it.
- Yeah, well, we tried
for a while,
but it just never happened.
About you, any kids?
- No, no.
My lifestyle doesn't really
conduce at raising children.
- Do you miss practicing law?
- You've been investigating
the investigator?
- Just a little
surfing on the Net.
It's amazing what
you can learn at home.
- So, what did you learn?
- After Princeton,
you left school in Jersey.
You graduated second in your
class at Harvard Law.
Went on to become
a Legal-Aid lawyer.
We don't have to talk about
this if you don't want to.
- No, no, its okay.
You opened the door.
So what else did you learn?
- Just that you had
a case that ended badly.
- Ended badly?
- What happened?
- I don't really want
to talk about it.
- No, please.
Tell me, I want to know.
- All right! I got a homicidal
rapist released from prison.
- How did you do that?
- Because I was such
a brilliant lawyer.
I discovered a legal
The abridged version
is that the cops
didn't file
this warrant properly.
They put the wrong date on it.
As a result, I was able
to get the evidence tossed.
In this case,
a butcher knife
with my client's
victim's blood on it.
No knife, no case.
So, the charges were dropped,
Two days later, Tyronne
raped and tortured
Sharon Simmons, Paula Crawford.
And they suffered
horrible deaths...
I was responsible.
- Wow!
So you punishing yourself?
- No.
Now, that's why
I stopped being a lawyer.
- But you did a good job.
You gave your client
the best defense possible.
- You're sweet.
You should be a lawyer.
- Except that I make
a better swimmer.
Come on, let's go get warm.
- I told you I don't
go in the water.
- I know it's something you do
to keep from drowning, right?
You can dangle?
Your toes.
- Yeah, I'll just...
sit here and...
...and dangle.
- Well, I'm going into
the nice warm water.
Oh, come in!
You'll freeze up there.
- This is kinda nice.
Well, kids all make
an exception.
You'll save me
from drownin'?
- You do swim.
- Only when I'm forced.
- Where are you going?
- Aaaaah!
- What's wrong?
- Oh God, I hate spiders!
Do something!
I hate spiders.
I absolutely loathe them!
- It's okay, it's gone.
- Where did it come from?
- I don't know.
It was under the house and came
in to get out of the cold.
- What if there are more?
- Here.
It's okay.
Come on...
It's gonna be okay.
- When...?
Just hold me.
Sometimes I get so lonely.
- Now, we all do.
[ Phone ringing ]
- [ It's me.
What are you doing? ]
- Just trying to stay warm.
- Is it working?
- [ Not really. ]
What are you doing?
- Thinking about you.
- [ Yeah... ]
I've been thinking
about you, too.
- [ Why don't you come over? ]
We'll keep each other warm.
- We have a business
relationship, here, Katherine,
you know.
- [ Its not what you taught ]
...last night.
- That was special.
- [ Yes, it was. ]
Good night.
- Good night, Katherine.
[ Sharp snap ]
[ Little creaks ]
- Hello?
Who's there?
[ Little creaks ]
[ Little creaks ]
[ Little squeaks ]
[ Phone ringing ]
Jack Mize doesn't live...
- [ Jack, get over here quick! ]
- Oh Katherine... what?
- [ There are rats in my bed! ]
[ Jack, come here quick! ]
- Okay, okay. What happened?
- [ Disgusting rats! ]
- Rats?... I'll be right there.
There's gotta be
a logical explanation.
- What about the lights?
Why don't they work?
- I don't know.
Maybe a power failure.
- I've never had rats
in this house
and now they're crawling all
over the place and the spiders,
and the sauna, and the...
- You got to calm down.
Maybe you just need
a good night's sleep.
- I can't sleep.
- I'll be here.
- Because I'm paying you?
- No. Because
I want to be here.
[ Sharp snap ]
- Did you hear that?
- Hear what?
- Shhhh! Listen.
There's something in
the house. I know this house.
- I don't hear anything.
- I know this house...
[ Something drops off ]
There is something
that's in the kitchen.
- Okay, you stay here.
I'll go check it out.
- I'm coming too.
[ Sharp snap ]
Did you hear that?
[ Other noises ]
It's coming
from the kitchen!
- It's okay...
[ Sharp snap ]
It's just the shutter.
Come on... Come on!
- So, see you tonight?
- Yeah, maybe...
- Maybe?
- Well, I'll try.
- I'm sorry...
I overreacted.
- No, I understand.
I'll try to stop by about seven.
Do you want me
to give you a hand?
- Do you sleep with her?
- I think this is
a conversation you'd be having
with your sister.
[ Doorbell ]
You've been lying to me.
- What's gotten into you?
- This.
- What?
- You told me you
couldn't get pregnant.
- I told you I didn't
have any children.
- You misled me.
- Look, I lost the baby.
It's easier to say
"I don't have children"
than to go into it.
I lost the baby. All right?
- How'd your husband react
when you lost the baby?
- Can we stop talking
about this?
- How did your husband react?
- He didn't.
- He wasn't the father, was he?
- What?
- Who is the father?
- Charles!
- Stop lying to me!
Please, just tell me the truth!
Why did you make
this whole thing up?
About your husband dying.
About the cops being here?
- I didn't!
- Charles was sterile!
- He was what?
- Sterile.
I checked the
medical records.
Stop with this school girl
routine, you know,
and call me when you feel
like telling me the truth.
- Wait, Jack...
I had an affair...
- With who?
- Someone from
the brokerage house.
It was stupid, it didn't
even last very long.
- You must've wondered
who the father was.
- I was so excited
to be pregnant,
I didn't even think about it.
- What else have
you lied to me about?
- I didn't know I was lying.
I never knew Charles
couldn't have children.
- Hey, Bob!
- Didn't you get
the message I left you?
I said that I'd call you
after Billy's practice.
- I know, I know, here.
- What's that, a bribe?
- It's a gift for Billy.
- Now, a gift my butt.
- Hey, you remember that one
Christmas when we were kids,
when we both ge each
other hockey sticks?
- Oh, cut the bull, Mize. We
never exchanged hockey sticks.
- Yes, we did.
You're just getting so old
you don't remember stuff!
- What I remember
is saving your hide
on the ice more times
than I know.
- That's cause you took it
seriously. I was having fun.
- Here.
I tracked some stuff off
the national crime computer
on your shut-in.
I don't know why
I do this for you.
- She has a record?
- No, she's squeaky clean.
She was on the other side
of a nasty one, though.
- Nasty what?
- Assault.
Some psycho with a mask
carved her up with
a straight-edge razor.
The only reason she lived was
because she was pregnant.
The baby absorbed
most of it.
Her kid didn't make it though.
- It's terrible.
- Yeah...
It happened 3 years ago?
- Yep!
That's when she decided
to stay inside for good.
I told you, don't get
involved with your clients.
See ya Jack.
- Hey, Bob!
For Billy.
- Ha! Ha! He's a goalie.
- A goalie?
- I'm sorry I haven't been
on top of things, Jared.
ay, here it is.
We've about 500,000
on the fifth,
that came due on...
Oh, great, my comput's
going haywire again...
I don't know.
I'll call you back.
Oh, it's hot!
Oh, my God...
[ Phone dial up ]
Come over right now!
Hurry, please!
- You got the furnace fixed,
huh? It's so hot in here.
- They couldn't come.
First, it's freezing,
now it's boiling hot.
Where'd it go?
- Is it on?
- Yeah!
It was there!
- Maybe you just
thought you saw it.
- Don't talk to me that way!
I know what I saw.
Maybe I am crazy!
Maybe it is all
in my head!
No, it was there, I saw it!
- I'm sure it was.
- But I want you
to believe me!
[ Slight grating ]
[ Door's shut ]
What's that?
- Might be your sister.
- No, she's not
coming until later.
- Maybe she changed
her mind.
- Oh, Jack,
someone's downstairs!
- You stay here!
And I mean it
this time, Katherine.
[ Broken glass sound ]
- Who the hell are you?
- You're Charles Sullivan?
- Who are you, and what
are you doing in my house?
- You're really alive!?
- I should think so.
Where's my wife?
How is she, doctor?
- She's raving on, something
about seeing you dead.
- Seeing me dead!
She's getting worse and worse.
- I've sedated her.
I've left you a prescription
for some sedatives.
- Isn't there something
else you can do?
- Goodbye, Charles.
- I go salmon fishing in Ireland
every year at this time.
Katherine knows that.
- I had no idea
she was so ill.
- Who, Katherine?
She's been like this
for a long time.
In the beginning
she'd pick up strangers
and bring them
to the house here.
Then she got paranoid
and agoraphobic
and Dr. Eberson will tell you
that we've tried everything
we can to help her.
That's when I had
the security door built.
- I'm sorry.
I'll see myself out.
- Oh! M. Mize...
Look. I'm sorry you got
mixed up in all of this.
The other fellow...
he was a personal trainer
or something like that.
Now... how do you charge,
by the day or the hour?
- What are you
talking about?
- Well... you know...
For your services.
I paid him.
Don't worry, I'm gonna
take care of you.
- It's gotta be $500 here?
- Yes, something like that.
You mean it's not enough?
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Maybe he was a swimmer...
or something like that.
- You were standing on
the stairs wearing what?
- My boxers.
- And his wife comes
trotting in wearing...?
- A sheet.
- A sheet!
- I wanted to crawl into
a hole and disappear.
Never, ever have I been
so shocked to see someone.
- I would have given a month's
pay to see your face.
So what'd Papa do,
threaten to kick your butt?
- Unh-uh.
You know, the fact is, that's
been bothering me all day.
- What, that you didn't get
your sorry self beat up?
- No, that he didn't seem upset
about Katherine and me.
I mean, he said that
his wife got a habit
of picking up strange men.
- Hey, they have
a rotten marriage.
Separate lives
and all that stuff.
- Yeah, but even when you
got a rotten marriage
and your wife has problems,
you act a little funny
when you meet the guy just
got out of bed with her.
I mean it's a little
uncomfortable, right?
This was like he expected me
to be in bed with her.
- Look, that broad, her husband
and her sister are crazy.
Like I told you, move on,
Mize, it's freezing out here.
I gotta get back
to the station.
- Something's not right
here, Bob! I know it.
- Will you give it up?!
- I can't.
- Sleep well, my sweet.
- Charles, why
are you doing this?
- [Answering machine]:
You have no new messages.
[ Rrrring ]
[ Rrring ]
[ Persistent ringing ]
- [ Hello? ]
[ Hello? ]
Wake up, sweetheart.
Time for your pill.
- Hmm?
- Time for your medicine.
- Charles, please stop.
- Stop what? This is your
medicine. It's good for you.
Come on, now, wash it down.
That's a good girl.
Sleep tight.
- This is my theory.
This Sullivan guy
set this whole thing up.
He faked his own death
and his "body's" disappearance.
- Come on. What's his motive?
- I don't know.
He's trying to mess
with her head,
drive her out of their house.
- He goes to all this trouble;
hires phony cops,
puts together phony cop cars
just to mess with her head?
- Yeah, it's something
like that.
I mean, it fits in with
everything else.
The spider, the rats. Everything
going haywire in the house,
the heat going on and off.
He's trying to drive her nuts.
- Okay. Why?
- I don't know.
May be he's trying to get
her a file for a divorce.
- Do you want
to hear my theory, Jack ?
- Do I have a choice?
- This Sullivan woman
is not that crazy.
She wants to dump
her looser hubby
so she creates a situation and
she hires you to be fall guy.
- How she can do that?
- I don't know.
- I like my theory better.
- You need stronger motive...
Goodbye Jack... Good luck!
- What are you doing?
- Shaving, of course!
- Where did you get that?
- This? Oh, Harry gave it
to me on our fishing trip.
Isn't it lovely?
You know I've always wanted one.
It's got a pearl handle
and it's very sharp...
You want to feel it?
Oh, my goodness!
You're frightened, aren't you?
Here, let's get you back to bed.
[ Phone ringing ]
- Hello?
- Yeah! It's Jack Mize. Can I
speak to Katherine, please?
- Mr. Mize, I've got my hands
full right now.
Please, don't call again.
- Look, just give me
a second will ya, I...
- ... it's a, she's an Irish
author, I really enjoy it.
- You really like
this author, huh?
- I do.
- Katherine what are
you doing out of bed?
- What did you do to my office?
- Your office?
You don't remember? You were the
one who wanted an extension.
- What extension?
I don't know what
you think you're doing,
but won't get away with it.
- Let me get that.
- I've got it. It's all right.
Here, here you go.
... very nice.
- No, Sarah. Not you...
- Not me what, Kath?
- You're in on it with Charles.
- In on what?
- Katherine, wait!
- You get out of my house!
- Sarah!
Call Dr. Eberson now.
- Jack... Are you here ?
- I'm not here...
'Night, Charlene.
You can't dump me again.
You've already done that once.
- I've lost one of those
expensive black shoes I have.
I thought it might be here.
- Haven't seen it.
- You mind if I check
the place for it?
- Sure, go ahead, I don't think
you'll have much luck.
- Ya never know.
What's that saying? "Where
there's a will, there's a way."
- Yeah, well, you'll have
to have a lot of will
to have that one come true.
That's it!
You are brilliant, Charlene.
I owe you one.
Close the do, will ya?
- I don't care, I'm not
sending her to some nut house.
- No, that's not
what I'm sgesting.
I mean it's a lovely place,
it's more like a home
than an institution.
- It's just got to be
an alternative!
- I'm sorry, Charles. They'll
take excellent care of her.
It could be expensive...
- Look... look!
I don't care what it costs.
When it comes to Katherine,
I want the best.
Now, what do we have to do
to make the arrangements?
- Don't worry about it.
I'll take care of it.
I'll personally
monitor Katherine.
After all, I know how
important she is to you.
- I just wish there
was some other way.
- I'm afraid there's not...
I'll call you.
- I can't tell you
how grateful I am
that you came over
this late tonight.
- Bob Bob Bob, it's his motive.
Look at this:
Statute 23, section 2 of the
Power of Attorney codes states.
And I will read:
"Pursuant to transference of
all properties of individuals
who are declared legally
incompetent to administrate
their affairs, next of kin is
awarded power of attorney."
- Look, I'd love
to sit here and shoot holes
in this cockamamie
theory of yours,
but Billy's got a game
in about 30 minutes.
- Bob, you've got
to arrest Sullivan.
- What crime has he committed?
Huh? You're the lawyer,
you tell me.
- I don't know what it's got...
but it's gotta be something.
- Look. You get this guy
breaking the law
and I'll be all over him,
like this babe,
if you ever give me her number,
but Jack, you got nada .
- Bob! You got to help me!
- I told you.
The girl's number.
- Charlene.
You two are meant
for each other.
- Charlene...
All right!
[ Phone ringing ]
- Hello?
- [Don't hang up on me,
[I figured out
your little game.]
- Game, Mr Mize? There is no
game here. I'm busy right now.
- [With what? Trying
to have your wife committed?]
[So you can get your
hands on her money?]
- That's a very ugly accusation,
Mr. Mize.
[You know, if you don't
stop calling here,]
I'll be forced to get
a restraining order.
- Jack, some guy
is up in your place.
- What does this guy looks like?
- A big dude.
He smells like perfume.
- Thanks!
- Come on. Let's dance!
- I don't dance.
[ Struggling ]
- Wake up darling.
Time for another pill.
What is the matter? You've got
to get control of yourself.
You've got to calm down.
We're doing everything
we can to help you.
Dr. Eberson is even got you
this wonderful facility.
- No!
[Sighs] Ow!
- What have you done, now?
Let me see, let me see.
- Albert Heyes. Actor?
Stuntman. Surprise, surprise.
It's quite a performance
you gave us,
Detective Sergeant Sandestin.
- I played a lot of cops
when I was in L.A.
- Bad ones, Albert.
How much did
Sullivan pay you?
- Hey, I didn't do anything
wrong. Just a little acting.
- How do I know you're
not acting right now?
- I'm telling you the truth.
- There aren't too many parts
for actors with mangled legs.
We're gonna play a little game.
It's where I ask you a question,
and you answer me.
If it's not an answers
that I like...
I'm gonna wack you on your knee.
Are you ready?
How much did Sullivan pay you?
- Who's Sullivan?
- Aaaarrgh! Okay, okay.
Ten grand.
- You're the creep that
attacked Mrs. Sullivan
3 years ago, right?
I'll do it again.
You cut up Mrs. Sullivan when
she was pregnant, didn't you?
- Aaaargh...
Yeah, Sullivan hired
me to scare her.
He didn't tell me
she was pregnant.
I just pulled the damned razor
and she turned into it.
- You're scum, you know that?
- I'm just an unemployed actor.
- Pathetic. They were right.
You do stink.
- Aaaaargh!
- Come on...
Come on...
- Katherine?
- Don't come any closer.
- You're shivering.
Must be the cold.
Remember our
honeymoon in Paris?
It was cold then too.
It was snowing and
it was so beautiful!
- I told you stop!
- That w before you
stopped making love to me,
- Charles, stop right there!
- Come on, now, Kath.
You won't stab me.
No. Come on.
It's all over.
Give it up.
- [Muffled]: Katherine!
Oh, God! When I'll
get out of here...
You need me!
Let me out!
- Yeah, my battery is dead.
How soon can you get here?
No, I, I know
it's freezing outside.
Please, can you
just hurry?
Okay, my address is
22045 Queen street.
Yes, please, just hurry!
- Katherine?
- Katherine...
Open up!
- Come on, please!
There's got to be some cab in
this city that can get here.
Pl... Hello?
- [Charles' muffled screams]:
- Katherine?
What are
you doing?
- Your crazy sister
locked me in there.
- What happened
to your arm?
- She cut me.
- What's going on?
- She's gone over the edge,
that's what's going on.
And we got
to find her.
Come on.
You go that way.
- I can't
find her.
- Look in the living room.
I'll look in the office.
Katherine? Katherine?
- She's not in
the living room.
- She's not
in here either.
- I'm here.
- Kath, put
those down.
- You two won't
get away with this.
- Get away with what?
- What is this conspiracy
that you insist on seeing?
- You stay right there.
The earring proves it.
- Proves what?
- I never saw it before.
- The first one I found it
in Charles' dry cleaning.
- But it's not mine.
- It fell out
of your purse.
- Charles is the one
who found it.
He picked it up
off the floor.
- Don't listen anything she
says. She's out of her mind.
- I'm not out
of my mind!
- Katherine...
come on.
Give me
the scissors, Katherine.
- Don't you move.
Give me
the scissors.
- You weren't
involved with him?
- Of course not.
He must've
had the earring all along.
- Oh, Sarah, I'm so sorry
I didn't believe you!
Where's Charles?
- We need
a real weapon.
The razor.
- There it is,
there's the razor.
- Aaaah!
Aah! Aaah!
- Come on!
[ Engine won't start up ]
[ Starting engine ]
- Close the hood!
- Aaaah!
- Aaaaaarrrh!
- Sarah.
Sarah, Sarah...
Look what you've done...
Call an ambulance.
- What I've done?
No, what you've done.
- What?!
- Who do you think
they gonna believe?
Me, or a disturbed person
like you?
- Help, she needs an ambulance!
- Where are you going?
Oh, you're going to the door...
You gotta go out!
Yes... you can do it.
Go ahead! Go ahead!
Open the door, go out,
you can do it!
Feel the cold
on your face.
You'll love it. Go ahead.
- Nooo!
- Why don't you
get some fresh air?
Time for little
walk, isn't it?
Go ahead, do it...
You can't, can you?
It's so pathetic.
[ She screams in terror ]
[ Sighs ]
[ She screams in terror ]
[To herself]:
I can do this.
- Looking for these?
- Jack, call me right away!
I'm in Charles' car. 555-0117.
- Aaaaaah!
- Sarah?!
- Please... I need help!
- Here, I brought
you coffee.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
- Kelsey...
Burgundy Volvo
in stone hole quarry?
Any survivors?
Okay, I'll be
right there.
I just found the car
your husband was driving.
- And Charles?
- It's look like
he didn't make it.
- Katherine...
I just got in.
- Give me
a second?
- I'll be
right back.
... What?
I gotta check
the Volvo...its totalled.
I do admit it, Jack,
but you were right...
Take care of her, huh?
- Ya I will.
Are you all right?
- Yeah, I'll be okay.
Glad you're here.
- Come on, I'll
take you home.
- It's strange,
I haven't left
my home in 3 years.
It's funny
to be going back.
- I bet. Here.
- And Sarah?
- Yeah, I'm afraid so...
Come on. Come
on, let's go.
- I don't feel safe
here anymore,
let's go
to your place.
- You don't want
to go in my dump.
- I can't survive here
without Sarah.
- You didn't think you'd
survive outside
and you did, right?
I'm here.
You're safe
with me.
- Thanks...
I'm gonna go
take a hot bath.
- Okay. I'll make
you some tea.
Chamomile okay?
- Yes.
I forgot something.
- What?
- He's here! He's in the house!
- Who is...?
- Charles!
The razor's gone!
- Razor?
- It's gone!
- You got to calm down...
No one can survive that crash.
- Aaaaah!
- Argh!
[ Sighs ]
- Grab the razor!
Grab it!
- No!
- Grab it!
- Aaah!
- Aaarrhh...
Come on Katherine.
You don't want
to hurt me.
You love me
and I love you!
We can put all this
behind us and start over.
Give me the razor.
Come on...
Good girl.
- Jack...
you're okay?
- Yes...
Where... is he...?
- Yes.
It's finally over.
- How is it going?
- Almost finished.
These haven't been
tended to for years.
I forgot how much
I enjoy gardening.
- I think that maybe
we should go upstairs
and check the plants
in the bedroom.
- No.
- Come on.
Not while there's still
light in the sky!
I wanna go hike through the
forest, see the ocean.
I want to walk along
the river and feed the ducks...
Come on, Jack,
it'll be fun!
- I think I liked
you better the other way.
- What?
- No, I just said...
Yes, I'm coming, I'm coming.
Closed-captioning by:
Global Vision