Fu chou (Vengeance) (2009) Movie Script

Where are you now, honey? Honey, we're at the gate. Don't run! Take off your shoes! - You're not too wet? - I'm fine. How many times do I have to tell you? Take off your shoes when you come home Mom! I'd like to see my daughter. Sorry? I'm looking for my daughter. Her name? Irene... Costello. It's a miracle, she's still alive. Don't worry, I'm here now. I'll do everything to save you. You want to tell me something? Wait. I'll point to the letters. When you choose one, you squeeze my hand. Who did this? Unknown... I shot... One lost his ear. Avenge me. I'll find them. I promise you. I'll avenge you. Mr. Costello. I'm in charge of this case. Inspector Wong, Serious Crime Unit. Have you always lived in France? Yes. What is your job? I run a restaurant. Have you come to Macau before? Never. Who would do this? We're working on it. We will check your son-in-law's job. Then we'll look into the people he and your daughter knew. How long? We want to crack this case just as badly as you do. Do you have any more questions for me? Mr. Costello, I feel your pain. Can I leave now? My colleague will show you out. How are you, Kwai? I'm here to see Mr. Fung. Come in! Mr. Fung. Miss. We have business to discuss. See her back. Sit down. They're having an affair. You know what to do. For you and your guys. Thank you, Mr. Fung. Excuse me. Where is Travessa do Armazem' Velho? No no no... Sir. You know where is Travessa do Armazem' Velho? I don't understand what you are saying. Wanna have fun? I'll make you so happy. No. I will make it cheaper. How about $500? Or $300? Sir, just come with me. No, no. Thank you. Where to? Back to the hotel. Which hotel? Hotel Duna Parque Welcome. She just entered the elevator. Eighth floor. Room 858. Got it. - Sorry. - I'll do it. Let me do it. - Sorry. - It's OK. - Sorry. - It's OK. Done. Ok. Fat guy... We should have killed the white guy. Take all the guest records... and CCTV tapes. Yes, Madam! Madam, a hotel guest... saw someone with a scar on his face. Hello. Hi, are you in charge here? Yes... You don't recognize anyone? No? What do you want? I have a job for you. My daughter. My son-in-law. My grandchildren. I'm a total stranger here. I need your help. We're... expensive. I have a restaurant and a big house in Paris. They're all yours. Who... kill? I don't know. I'm relying on you. Well? Thank you. What is the name of your restaurant and where exactly is it? No photos! I need to remember you. What are your names? Kwai. Chu. Fat Lok. And yours? Francis Costello. Rest well in Paris. I'll do what I promised you. Be silent, whatever happens. Mom! Don't open. What should I do? They saw your face. What do you think? My daughter bought these. She was a good wife and mother. She would want you to enjoy the food. Enjoy the food. Enjoy the food. There are three men. One put weight on left foot... and use gun in the left-hand. One shotgun, One Mad Max... and One Magnum. And one got his ear blown off by my daughter. That makes it easier. I'm gonna need a gun. You know how to use a gun? The spring could be tighter. When last time you use a gun? Twenty years ago. Who are you? A chef. Chef? Chef my ass! We're here for Tony. Tony! Thanks. Cousin. Cousin! I need a colt Double Eagle. I like it. Cousin? Do you know anyone who has a Mad Max short rifle? I sawed one off last year. For a guy called Python. He and his fellas own shops at Hong Kong's Seafood Market. That's a cool name! Bye, Cousin. We go to Hong Kong. Look for hitmen there. Take care! Let me borrow your place in Hong Kong. Let's eat when I'm back. We're there. Where are we? Hong Kong. Look for your enemies. Wait So? Done. Tell Kwok to collect the remaining balance. Hurry! Remember that guy who has the bandage And the other one with the plastic bag. They are the one's who killed your daughter's family. The third guy is not here. "Les Freres" "Les Freres" is the name of my restaurant It means "brothers". The restaurant is on the Champs-Elysees Now it's yours. They're leaving. Maybe they'Il take us to the third guy. We're back. Welcome. Thirsty? Want a beer? Daddy! Hey, hold your sister's hand. Hey, careful! Did you bully your little brother? Did you manage to buy everything? I got everything. I got them with me. - Where did you go play earlier? - The beach. The beach? Was it fun? It was a lot of fun! Great! Come, eat something. I'll show you how to throw it. Try to catch it! Make it turn! Daddy, daddy! You hitman too? You killed his family. We did what we were paid for. But why the children? They saw our faces. I made a bad decision. Who's behind the hit? So, what are you waiting for? They don't have to see this. Honey, dinner's ready! Daddy, come eat! Coming. Thank you. Come with me. Sit down! Thank you. Honey, you know them? No, just acquaintance from work. Sweetheart, daddy will make it for you. Are you hungry? Uncles, Daddy sends this. Thank you! Enjoy the food! They killed my daughter's family. I won't take their food. Bring this back home. Honey, drive carefully! Have fun with your friends. Don't come home too late. Sure, go to bed early. Say good night to Daddy. Bye bye daddy. "Brothers"! My enemies... My enemies... Costello! Talk to me! Did they get away because of me? Don't worry. We'll find them. I've been shot once before. The bullet... is still in my brain. The doctor said I'll lose my memory. I don't know how much time I've got left. But I... must take revenge... before I forget everything. You... police... before? We're in the same business. I thought so. Done. Just remind me to pay you. Mr. Fung. Where are you? In Hong Kong. What about Chu and Lok? They're with me. Good. Three of my men need help. Someone got them bad. They're at Old Five. You'd better go give them a hand. How many enemies? Three Chinese and a white guy. Any problem? No. Call me when it's done. Three of Mr. Fung's men got shot. He wants us to help them at Old Five's. Their assailants are... three Chinese and a white guy. Mr. Fung ordered the hit of Costello's family. What do we do? What do you think, fat guy? We've gotten this far... Who is it? Mr. Fung sent us. Buddy. Why does Mr. Fung want us dead? This has nothing to do with him. It's a coincidence. Old Five, step back. Excuse me, do you have penicillin? Mr. Fung, this is Old Five. Yes, Mr. Fung. Why are you coming after me? We didn't know you were involved... when we took the job. The white guy gave us all his money. They killed his family. The son-in-law wanted to turn me in. I just wanted the parents dead. Can we find a way out of this? You know me... and we know you. They killed your daughter's family. We killed them for you. Now we're best friend. Did they say who order the hit? Our boss, George... Fung. But, don't worry. We work for you now. Pardon me. Jump! Costello... go... go! Where is Costello? I thought he was behind you. Cousin is in danger. Looks like we'll have to go to Macau. Three dead bodies were discovered at Sai Sha Terrace this morning. Police suspects... it may be connected to the gunfight last night at the barbecue park. The deceased were alleged triad members They were known as Python, Wolf and Cro Do you know them? They are your enemies. What enemies? Who is she? This is your daughter. This is your daughter husband. This is your daughter son. You want to revenge. Don't you remember this? What is revenge? Shri mp head! Where's your mother? Cooking. Big Mama! Who's the white guy? We have to go for a few days. Take care of him, don't let him get lost. Is he sick? He took a bullet in his head. Impressive! What does revenge mean, when you have forgotten everything? If Costello had a choice, you think he'd choose to forget? He may not remember, but I do. Let's go. You're going? Dinner's ready! Stop playing! Come and eat! Get your own bowl. Come on. Time to eat! Get your own rice. Hi Brother. Oh my... How many rounds you have? Not much left. I have plenty. Hundreds behind the TV. Two 92 in the lower level of the green fridge. opposite the fridge Behind the air-cons, you'll find a few AK, some AUG, one Bush master. Good enough to battle. Fire! Missed again! Missed again! Damn! Got it! Evening News. were discovered at the disposal dump this morning. The police confirmed the deceased were Triad members. They are Tony Cheung, Ling Chan, Kwai Lee, Chu Yiu and Tsui Fat Lok. Police believes the case is connected to Triad disputes. They've been dead since a week. Many gunshot were found on the bodies. Also, hundreds of bullet shells everywhere The g unfight must have been very violent At this stage... we suspect the case is connected to the recent murders... between Triad members in Hong Kong and Macau. I know these people, don't I? They were your friend, your best friend. Our Father who art in Heaven. Please save me. I understand. That's enough. Sir, please buy a flag. Sir, please buy a flag. Sir, please buy a flag. OK. Sir, please buy a flag. Thank you. You're welcome... Come on. Thank you. Costello. Kids, get in the car. Get in the car. Mom my is here. Mom my's here... Don't cry, don't cry. The man with the most flags is George Fung. Thank you. Be careful. Good bye. Look out Boss! Fuck you! - Shoot the shit out of him! - Run Boss! Run for your life, he is carrying a gun. George Fung! George Fung! George Fung! George Fung! Is this your jacket? Fuck you. Put it on. This jacket belongs to you. Time to eat. Come on, time to eat! Get your own rice. Eat. Give some to your brother.