Fu gui bing tuan (Code of Fortune) (1989) Movie Script

How's it? It's not O.K.!
Come up first
Do we have no chance? Speak up!
Digging like this,
we cannot leave by the end of the week
Wah, if you can't see your bride tonight
You cannot marry then
By force!
I can face 9 enemies at the same time
But there are
over 9 Japanese soldiers outside
How about the rest of you?
some of you may be hurt!
let's have a conference with them
What a nonsense idea!
You try hard to escape,
while many people are coming in
You are so lucky that you must go out!
So you can get marry! The bridegroom!
Remember to bring
the letter to Chun for me!
Ask my honey to wait for me
Bring 2 doz. condoms for me
You son of the bitch!
Should Wah do such nonsense things?
Snake, Blackie, Fool,
let's create confusion
Be smart!
If Wah fail to escape,
you 3 should be punished
Forget it
When you are not here
I will take care of your toothbrush
I won't let them use it for cleaning shoes
Thank you
Even Liz Taylor
and Vinian
If they can't stand it,
I'll sacrifice myself
To make...so and so...
Can you really hold it?
Get away
You are son of the bitch!
Stop them to go out
We want to say goodbye only
It's completely useless!
It'll disturb his mind!
Stop bull shit!
Let's choose someone we hate,
beat him as you like!
His life is of no importance, ready? 123
No, it's not me...you've got a wrong one
Fighting...Fighting inside!
Give the cat back to me
Is it a zoo? Line up at once!
Why don't you go?
I'm afraid of being recognised
Go! Who recognise you?
After we hit down the Japanese,
you take the car and leave
Don't be afraid, it won't hurt
Go and stop those Japanese!
What's wrong?
Why do you fight with your friends?
Stop then! Don't let them go
Stop them, ask them to retreat...
Stop the car
Wait... What for?
I can't breath
Why just kiss me softly?
You used to kiss me for 4 hrs
without stop and breath
My lung is much more weaker recently
It must be hard for you...
to escape
I won't care my hardness
in order to meet you
Which church should
we go for our ceremony?
I cheated you a little bit
Do you have false teeth?
I won't mind
Do you have tattoo?
Great! It's art!
Even you have babies already,
I won't mind
I'll treat them as my own
Don't you want to tell me that
you daddy is not a billionaire?
If not,
he is a millionaire at least, right?
My father have no money
He is much more poorer than you
It's a great problem!
But, I love you not because of the money
You love me so much!
But I cheated you indeed
What? Speak up!
Here's not only we two
Did you bring your mom here?
Stop! Fatty, do you want to kill him?
I won't let you go if he is hurt
What for? Wah is Wah!
I know why she loves you so much!
Young and successful! You're my idol
OK, I won't be tray your lover
Boy, give me your autograph OK?
OK, where to sign? What's your name?
Brother Hung, we're friends,
let's call my Brother
Brother! Goodboy!
Who're you? I hope we work happily
Crazy! Who work happily with you?
I am spy no. 1,
you're spy no. 4 now
Bull shit, who wants to be spy no. 4?
Let's go Stop
You've sign the contract,
Period: 20 yrs; no increment,
no double pay,
Report duty at once,
work for our home country
You trapped me
but the Japanese is going to catch you
Chinese won't help you, you're helpless!
I hope to work with you,
for our beloved country
OK, after our honey moon,
if I still have energy, I'll help you
No, you'd report duty at once
Kidding! Even I wish, she won't!
She will, maybe you ask her yourself
Spy no. 3 is going to carry special duty
She is no. 3?
Did she tell you?
She told me that
she was teaching in military school
Fool! Woman are like
"Lantern blowing by the wind"
What that means? I don't know
Let's go
Tell me please,
you must know the meaning
She is afraid of windy, hot, shame...
You won't understand
such complicated thing
Where do we go?
Seek help from a soldier
You wait here
May I help?
You dress like this,
they won't let you go in
French toast
Your turn! $1?
That means I've to bet again
The problem is
whether you accept it or not
Or, don't put it here
so as to avoid any tricks
Push the desk here Yes Sir!
No, that one is no good
I bet all!
As well as your legs, hands and your dad
I don't believe you have 4 aces
No comment!
I like funny games
as well as tricky games
I'd like to go to toilet
No! Someone'll attack you in the toilet
You'll be beaten up when you call
Don't try to call others to replace you,
let's finish it
Sit down
Kill him!
Take back your guns
Fine! I'm lucky all this life, I follow
Kill him!
I bet your wife, concubine, auntie,
god mother and your mom
Whoever loss,
he and his family should die
I bet the guns of them too
Show it Robin, you're the loser!
This is Ace
See, four Ace
I'm sure that's not Ace
It's no need to check, right?
I don't want hands and legs,
greet me 3 times then
Fuck off!
Freeze, don't be mad
Shoot! Kill him
Why did you come?
I'm in vacation!
You take it your own
Why don't you help me?
For friendship?
Who do you think you've friendship with?
Then, for our beloved country
What a shit!
OK, then for orders
Are you in vacation?
OK, I cancel it
It seems like a man
Oh! Well equipped!
It's your turn, I leave now!
No. one, save me please!
No. one, save me first!
See my Kung-Fu!
Are you fooling me?
Fool you? No, I'm the fool!
Go quickly!
Kill him!
Let's go, Robin! Freeze! Let's go!
Let's go
Wah, drive the car here!
Fatty, you can take the order yourself!
Not this time,
for the Japanese know who I am
The Japanese know me
better than Paul Newman
So, you better to by yourself
What kind of duties are that?
Did you know...
$500 billion are kept in bank
of Switzerland for saving China?
Yes! No!
The one who knows the code
is named God of Fortune
He was caught by the Japanese,
the secret had not been discovered
But a spy called...
Hedeki Saijo in Japan
He once met the God of Fortune,
so we've to save him
before Hedeki found him
Where was he captured in?
Just in the camp you came
Since you're familiar with the camp,
so we need your help
I escaped with great danger,
now you want me go back
We'd save him as soon as possible,
we can't let the Japanese
get the fortune
No way
Jone got into the camp already,
if you don't
She'll be raped,
mistreated by the Japanese
You shouldn't be named Hung,
you'd be named "Force"
How do we know who is God of Fortune
Our secret code is "Great Wall is great,
home is sweet"
Who say the following sentence,
that's the one
Jone is great...
in make up
What personality will she act this time?
I don't know, but she told me
she'd sweet feeling when kissing you
Should you kiss anyone
with sweet feeling, that's her
Teach me when you're free, OK?
We're going to take risk,
but you're going to enjoy life?
I'm going to stop Hedeki
to go to Camp 732
Hope we'll get God of Fortune soon
New comers!
Welcome General
Is it Wah? Yes!
The gate was made of wood before
Honey moon here?
Peter and Paul! Sir!
The 6 prisoners of war with red tie
Are the "Tigers" of China Air force
who came from different provinces
In our mating plan,
we need the excellent Chinese
To mate with...
our excellent women
To born excellent children and
rule China in the future
Your duties are to keep an eye on them
To mate with our women, understand?
Where did you come from?
"Shanghai Tiger" Red horse
"Canton Tiger", Little Dragon-fly
"Kwangsi Tiger", Little Candy
"Chekiang Tiger' Little Robot
"Shangtung Tiger" Little Tortoise
"Sigiang Tigers" Runaway
How can a "Tiger" be so short?
I'm as tall as you all before
But I'm tortured recently
So I became so short and fat
I know this, La...Sing together
You know I know... Shut up!
Raise your hand before you ask
You, the one in blue, come up!
Do you know why?
Should you try to escape,
I'd make you die
General is great!
He was seriously hurt by your kick
What a great general?
He was injured just by a small touch?
All of you should obey
the law and orders here
Only dead body may leave...
my 732 camp
Officer Kent, assign the cells for them
Now I assign the cells for you all
"Tigers", cell C
Understand? Understand!
"Tigers" are assigned to cell C
We're first class soldiers,
we can't live in C grade camp
OK! I lend you a helping hand
If you want to live in cell A,
you've to show your strength
Go and defeat them?
Or just stay in cell C
Try our best, no regret!
Chinese won't hit Chinese
I'm Thai
I'm Thai, too
You are bastard! I like to beat bastard
I'm not borned by my Mom
Come on! Wait...
Let me worship the God first
Delay delay...
How long do you take?
I almost finish
Delay... Finished?
Another one still! Delay...
Be quick! One more only!
Your time is all wasted!
After you left,
they added a lot of traps
The guards are very smart,
mines are everywhere
If you escape like last time,
you must be killed
It's so serious? Really?
After he helped you to escape
He was beaten up
by the Japanese seriously
Now he become...
mentally handicapped
Mother is great! Mother is great...
What a tragedy!
No underwear! Penis disappear!
No underwear!
It doesn't harm that
he treat himself as a child
But he treat me as his mother!
Suckle...I want suckling!
Go and feed him
I'm coming
The Japanese may know that
God of Fortune is kept here
We must be faster than those Japanese
Who's this guy? He seems like Alan Tam
May I tell them?
Yes, but... Spy no. 2
I just told you
to introduce the name only
I just tell the truth,
they are my good friends
We're Chinese, so I tell you frankly
My holy duty is to save
God of Fortune out
Yours holy duty is,
to help whole-heartedly
Forget life, be brave, sacrifice
Be co-operative,
help me to finish my duty
What do you think?
When we save him out,
We do!
Another proof of dirty human nature
To welcome our camp-mate
I've prepared
some roasted beef and soft drink
Did you retain your stealing habit?
How can we enjoy these food
without stealing?
Come in, line up, face those guys
I can't stand!
Everyone is so beautiful, my God!
Crazy! They're standing in front of me!
We'd seeing without watching,
hearing without listening
Be strong, so as to protect our virgin!
The enemies want our species
Although we have,
we can't satisfy their wish
We can't mate with those girls
Can you really stand it?
Show them your attractions
Beautiful legs
Imagine they're Chicken legs!
So you'll not be tempted
Second round
Imagine that they're knees
So that you'll not be tempted
Last round
Steamer bun, Pork bun, Chicken bun!
Carbonado bun, Steamed bread...
Should you dare to go, we'll kill you
Be smart!
You'd enjoy when you've got a chance
Beware that I'll tell them to rape you
One cannot force an OX to bow its head
besides it drink
But I'm weak and thirsty,
I'll bow my head easily!
You bastard! Shameless!
You're right! Who did no wrong things?
Shameless is only a small defeat
I don't know how your dad taught you?
My dad taught me to take whatever free
We go now, enjoy yourself then
Thank you!
I've to tell my secret to all of you
Come on
I've got Epilepsy
Let me sacrifice myself...
to mate with them
I'm ugly, short, fat,
stupid and got Epilepsy
I'm full of confidence...
to make their 2nd generation to be fools
The poorest body figure
The most stupid guys,
and all got Epilepsy
I'll make the Japanese babies...
be the poorest species
Let's consider to give me a chance
Let me work for my beloved people
What do you think?
As I know, there's no plane in Sinkiang
You're liar! You're liar!
Not even "Tigers"
So he must be a false one
He is a cunning guy
if the Japanese inherit
the cunning of him
It's harmful to our Chinese! No way!
I'm a weak man, if they rape me
I can't resist them
Don't worry, if you can't stand
I'll castrate you
I won't let you loss your virgin,
be patient!
I'm great! I rape them all with my eyes
Freeze! Stand up!
Shall we go and help
to save God of Fortune?
After finding him out, what's next?
That's great,
we'll get lot of money
What's the matter?
The roast meat stolen
by Ching must be dirty
Kidding! You ate too much
Shut up!
Great Wall is great...
Mountain, Sea...is it matched?
Great Wall is great...
What? Cake? Birthday cake? Which one?
As you like!
Great Wall is great...
Read more! Boy
Great Wall is only 7560 miles long
From starting point to the end,
it's only 594 miles
There's 695 miles from Canton to Peking
Great Wall is great
I'm bored by you!
Where's doctor? This way please!
Gambling? A or B?
I've got stomach-ache
Red-cross hadn't send
enough medicine to us
I'm painful! Give me any medicine OK?
I haven't! What's on?
General! The medicine is used up
The remaining medicine
should be reserved
We provide nil medicine to him
for his ache
We should be nice to the prisoners
as bounded by the Geneva Treaty
We should cure his sickness
Yes, but we have nil medicine
We must! But we've not bounded
to give him the correct medicine
General, beware!
Any medicine! Yes, sir
There's some pills here
Why the pills are as big as horse eyes?
You've eaten all?
I'll recover soon
We can't find God of Fortune
for one whole month
I don't know who Jone is!
Did Fatty give any hint?
He said that she'll have special feeling
when kissed
Try and feel it yourself then
Isn't he?
Banana? Are you kidding?
Look, his smile to you is so coquettish
It must be Jone! Kidding?
Spy no. 3 won't expose herself easily
If you don't try this way,
you won't know it
From this on, no problem!
He doesn't seem to be Jone!
Shit! Should I kiss?
It's better be Jone, or I'll kill you
If the news is spread,
how can I face the others?
I'm coming
China, China...
Who is it? Why so flat?
What're you doing?
I just worry that you'll get cold,
so I bring you blanket only
Sorry, I wake you up! Good night
He's so concern me! Thanks
It's OK!
Why I feel sexy
when he touched my chest?
Help! Shut up or I'll kill you
When we'd a small sleep today
We almost mated with those girls
So, we've to make you...
the last eunuch of China
Our beloved China
Good morning General
What a lovely parrot!
I send her as a gift
by all soldiers to you sir
General! What's the matter?
Urgent letter
Good morning General
Long life to our King
That's my dad Long life to my dad!
He was dead! What a great death!
I was sent to 732,
The Chinese got a lot of money overseas
to fight with us
The money is taken care...
by a man called God of Fortune
He was accidentally...
caught by us
Should we find him, China is hopeless
But we don't know who he is by now
Paul and I will try hard to find him out
and force him to disclose the code
So, China is the poorest country
Our Japan is the strongest and
most powerful
You 2 have to organize...
a spy term
To find him out
I'm hurt
You're lying!
The food is belonged to all of you
It must be tricks again
We should be smart!
I did not hate to be Chinese,
but China is finished
So we should make sure our own master
Who is it? Japan!
We can't change life
even we have hard feelings
Serve our Japanese Army!
We need your information!
To find who's God of Fortune!
Who is God of Fortune? Shit!
Who want to be secret police of us,
give hint!
Give me a small small hint!
I saw 5 in left
Another 3 in my right!
Thank you, you did a good hint!
You'd be grateful to serve our army
We won't mistreat you
Prize other than great food...
for the best spy,
included a woman...
for you every night
You'd praise her so much after once!
And cash prize, $1 billion
a Japanese Honda bicycle!
Gold prize is a gold medal,
made by pure gold!
There are so many benefits being spy,
let's do it
The pay is so high that
it means no one'd found God
Any more hints?
Any? Any?
Stop listening his bullshits!
He just want to disturb us,
son of bitch!
We're faithful to our country!
Don't try to set a variance between us!
China must be a strong nation
China victory! Shut up
You beat Chinese? Beat him!
Chinese fight back!
Go back! Stop!
He beat us!
Catch Donald Duck!
Donald Duck,
we respect your braveness!
Don't mention it,
or I'll be too proud of it
Let's go
Donald Duck!
You'll be beaten to death!
Why stop me...
from helping them to fight back?
Donald Duck's braveness is suspicious
Stop! Or I'll shoot!
They beat Donald Duck severely!
What a hero!
Delicious! It's too great!
Don't be hurry, eat slowly
After this,
there'll be next fantastic programme
Don't ask, it must be sex
I'll give a bitch!
Thank you! Thank you
Do you know the benefit of being
a traitor now?
Yes, I made a wish of being a traitor
when small
But my dad forced me
to be an intellectual
Intellectual teach people...
be smart too
Truth! Truth!
Shout loudly, as loud as you can
Listen, the voice is trembling!
He is a great hero!
We'll keep the secret of your service
You're a hero still in their eyes
You two bring me to eminence,
I'll try my hard till death
We share the fortune only,
don't mention death!
If you find the God of Fortune
and the code
What will you do?
Report to General?
Report at once, but not to the General
I'll report to you two!
Smart! You're our brothers now on
Noiseless! He must be fainted
No matter how ugly the girl is,
I'll enjoy it
The noise come again!
He must be beaten up again!
He is a great hero!
He shouted loudly
He'll shout louder...
by the next time
Woman again?
Beaten up!
His voice is changing!
They must be castrating him! Bastard!
He is a great hero
Though you're good at stealing,
you're not as brave as Donald
You ate the food I stole and
you ate most!
Who is it? Donald Duck
Poor! He is severely hurt!
though you're as ugly as before
Now you're the idol of me
You stole my mom's milk when small,
and stole my wine
I forgive you! From now on
You can drink any liquid of my body
No stealing, freshness guarantee
Donald, what'd you like to drink?
Say it out! I'll give you at once
Hero Donald Duck, I admire you
Don't praise me. If I die,
so as to wake every Chinese up,
it's worth!
It's not only you to wake us up!
Alarm clock can do it You bastard!
Just kidding!
What did you say?
I suspect Donald Duck, don't trust him
But they all think that he is hero,
but you...
They'll think that
you're assisting Japanese
I've scolded him already
Mom, are you back?
Why there is smell of ham and chicken?
Those Japanese...
tortured me!
They used bone of ham to hit me
Come on, let me feed you
Men shouldn't do such kind of work,
I'll do it
Sit down! I'll feed you baby
I eat so much!
Donald Duck, poor guy!
No matter how they tortured me,
I won't surrender
Long life Chinese!
Why those robots come?
"Tigers" salute to Donald Duck
Should you need any of us
Or someone doesn't respect you, call us
We'll help at once! Thanks!
Donald, go and have a walk,
otherwise your leg is hard to recover
I've only one leg which can walk
It's no good of sitting too much,
come out
My left leg is almost broken by them
After you leg recovered
We'll escape together
How? By tunnel
Donald is our friend,
it doesn't matter to tell
Yes, I was hurt for all of you
Where is the tunnel?
That's the one dug by Wah before
Wasn't it abandoned?
We decided to dig through it
after you'd caught
Anything can't be told?
Can't you tell your Peter? Speak!
You dare to insult the faithful servant
of Japan, catch him!
Stop! You can't beat him again,
beat us instead
Beat us instead!
Fuck off!
It's not your business, take him away!
Hero! It's hard time again!
You're severely hurt already,
how can you be tortured again?
I deserve it!
Let it be!
Traitor! Take him away
Traitor! I won't be afraid of you
Let's hit me with ham, come on...
Hit me with chicken? I won't scare!
What're you looking at?
His left leg was hurt,
but now it becomes the right one
Any new discovery?
They're digging a tunnel in cell D...
for escape
That's not our business!
Looking for God of Fortune
is most important!
I'll find it out within one or half year
We've no time!
When Hedeki comes,
the merits will go to him
Let's think out good ideas!
Let me have food first, after,
I'll have good idea
Forget it!
Should we want to find him out
before the King's birthday,
there's only one way
General is so kind to all of you,
but you want to escape
Now, the tunnel is closed,
he can't stand it anymore
Who is God of Fortune? Confess now!
If not,
we'll kill 2 persons for every 5 mins
From now on!
Stop that shit, I'm God of Fortune
It's me...
They aren't! I'm the real one
We're the real one
Crazy! They're committing suicide!
Do you want to fool me?
Kill the Tigers!
They're not God of Fortune, I'm the one
you confess that you are the real one,
then tell me where the money put,
how much?
In Switzerland Bank,
US$530 billion and 8 million
Peter Yes
Take him to the Commander Station
Take him back to C.S. Dismiss!
Miss Wong, we rely on you now
It's my honour
Don't hit me, don't scare me
I'll loss my memory easily,
better give me a cup of nice tea
My memories will be better
Tell me the truth then
you'll get whatever you want
Be patient!
Speak slowly, we'll listen carefully
The code is long
but easy to be remembered
Repeat 8 times, that is
Easy! Just like singing
The code is long
but easy to be remembered
Do you remember it clearly?
Take him out and kill!
Stop it,
he is telling lies
We'll lose God of Fortune forever
I'm not going to kill him, but you two
I can't let so many people know the code
Are you faithful to King of Japan?
This is your good chance
Don't! Please don't...
We'll soon discover
the code is true or not. Come on!
Go and send to CIA. Urgent!
I think
everybody in the cell will hate me
General, what you've just said...
I will keep my promise
Otherwise, no one will tell me the truth
that'll be my loss!
From now on,
all of you will eat and live better
we don't want you Chinese to be slaves,
But want you to share and
build our new Kingdom
To share the happiness and wealthy,
from 732 on
Those provide us
information benefiting this scheme,
are the friends of our Japanese Kingdom
We'll treat them good
Thank you sir!
Stay outside and watch out
Sit down and have a cup of tea
We'd be greedy,
cruel, betray
We can betray US, UK but not China
Don't you know that
I come here for God of Fortune?
I cheated them only,
I don't know who he is either
I just cheated them by saying any code
Dragon, I can guarantee
Shut up! Guarantee is useless
If I find out he is the traitor,
I'll kill him
Pills, everyday a pack
Liquid medicine, 3 times a day
Thank you doctor
Wait a while
Let's pretend to have stomach-ache
Sir, do you have stomach-ache?
Sure, I'm very painful
OK, come here, sorry
Sorry! Line up!
Hurry up!
What a great feeling!
Did you find God of Fortune?
It doesn't matter,
it's more important to find God of Love
We lost 3 provinces again,
there're many locations in bad condition
If we cannot find him to get the fund
We'd properly lose our country
I can't find him indeed
Wasn't he in the camp?
Impossible! Did you find all place?
Only left the hostels of soldiers,
Commander Station and Torture Room
Get a chance to check the torture room
Why shouldn't...
we seek help from Fatty?
He is responsible to stop Hedeki
in entering the camp
Enjoy yourself
Release me...
The food on the desk,
is credited from your friend Robin
You'd appreciate and thank him
If the code he told is true,
we promise you good lives in the future
Who dare to eat,
I'll beat him to death
We won't eat the food by traitor!
Take him away! Long Life to China
I can go into the torture room
if I fight
Long life to China
Take him to the torture room
Go in
Great Wall is great
Long long road..., I can't stand it,
fuck off
Home sweet home...
God of Fortune?
What is the code? Say quickly
Speak up! God of Fortune...
I'm going to cheat him
telling me the truth!
No matter what happens, don't come in!
Not even I cry for help! It's tactics
Go! Go quickly!
Damned! You bastard!
Damn you Japanese!
Wah, why you're here?
The Japanese said that
I know who God of Fortune is
How do I know?
Even you don't know, do you?
You know? You must know it
Tell me please, I won't tell others
I don't know
I know that you were caught before me
Why did I come earlier than you?
Those guys tortured me,
my hand and legs...
It's awful! Painful
But I can smell the cigar and shell fish
They tortured me
with cigar and shell fish
But I didn't them about Robin and you
Did they flood you with perfume?
How can you explain?
What an awful experience!
They cut me with fingers
You're the traitor
No, I'm patriotic youth
Then I'll be the traitor
who is against the patriotic youth
Damn you! I defend...
Stop, or I'll kill you
What's going on? He cried for help
He told us not to interrupt, it's tricks
I nearly forget!
Are you patriotic youth?
No, I'm traitor, I'll be traitor no more
Tattoo is not easy to be removed,
if you be traitor anymore
I'll disclose your secret
Don't you think that
I'm not afraid of death?
someone told me that
he was God of Fortune
and told me the code of the account
through the Switzerland Bank,
we find out the code is true!
It's true?
I, representing our King
To thank Robin
who informed us about the money
Everybody can enjoy good food
as previous days
Our King decided...
to hold a party on his birthday
To enjoy his happiness with all of you
Entertainments are your duties
This is your pleasure. Dismiss
Release Wah and bring Donald Duck to me
Watch out!
Close the curtain
Don't be mad
We're not, but stirred up!
To kill a traitor is our responsibility
It's a trick!
The code is a false one,
I make it myself
Don't you try to cheat
the Japanese or us!
How can I believe you? You shameless!
Betray your country and people,
I hate you
Although I'm amorous,
but I love my country
We kill unfaithful Chinese
Close the door first
Damn you! You'd not beat a woman
Tigers! Stop him
Kill him
Beat him
General wants to see you
What for? I've no information to tell
Go! I don't have anything to say
Taken him to the Commander Station
May I have a bath?
Chocolate, why they closed the door?
They said that
they were going to beat Robin
I don't know, it doesn't matter,
worst to worst, he will die only
What're you doing?
Open the door! Don't let him go
No body in
Damn you, how can you beat a woman?
No body in
Stop! Watch out!
Give me a woman...
You've misunderstood Robin,
he's not traitor
You are allied to Robin!
Don't fight again
Robin, go!
Stop! Ask them to stop, stop!
Wah, don't stop me to kill our enemy
If you want to kill him, kill me first
Those betray our country should die
Listen, God of Fortune was dead
I saw him in the torture room
So he didn't betray us,
he isn't God indeed
What proves that you've seen him?
I haven't, but when he die
He's holding two bird feather
See, it may be a clue
Those doesn't seem to belong to human!
Why the Japanese said the code was true?
He wanted to create civil conflicts
between us
To make internal fights and
to find who is God
Why should we believe you?
I guarantee with my life
If he is the traitor,
I can be killed first
Why he said he was God of Fortune?
Robin didn't want anyone
to sacrifice his life
If he didn't, all of you would be killed
If you don't stop us earlier,
he would be killed
He hadn't told the code before he died
But he hold two feather in hand
I'm sure nobody has kept birds here
He must leave the code before his death
Robin remembered
there was a parrot in Commander Station
To enter Commander Station,
only you can do it
Anybody in?
Great Wall is great
Greater and greater
Or, is there another one?
Great Wall is great, home sweet home
Great Wall is Great...
I won't tell! Tell me!
How is it? Don't be naughty, come on
Who is it?
Why do you come here?
An Officer came to see me,
but forgot to bring his medicine
So I came and sent him,
but I can't find him here
The code is long
but easy to be remembered
Don't hit me, I shut up
It's cute, and can talk!
This kind of bird is beautiful and smart
I kept one before
Report! The Golden cage is OK
Change for it, be careful!
If it lose a feather, I'll kill you
Yes Sir
Whose medicine is it,
I'll send it for you
I just remember his face,
may be I look for him later
Stop going!
Would you be my partner
on the celebration party?
I'll prepare the gown for you
Anything to be considered?
No. Thank you General, I go out now
Where are the guards?
Why they didn't know somebody'd come in?
May be they're on duty
Add more guards
to the Commander Station
Who doesn't carry his duty,
kill at once!
Why they come here?
I think we can't get the parrot easily
The best time should be during the party
So as not to harm others,
we'd think some ways to send them away
You're right!
I saw...
Kwang Tung Tigers outside
These people enjoy killing people
There must be something dangerous,
be careful
I've got it
Snake, what are we doing here?
To watch out
Why? Why don't we watch in?
Quiet! We'd be careful,
don't be in a mess!
Any suggestion? Raise your hand
We lost our country
We're losing it only
I don't care,
we lost it
We lost it! Shut up
I was experienced...
in transporting pigs
to Shanghai illegally
I think
it just the same to transport people
How? Tell us
It's simple!
First to separate the male and female
So that the male can't kiss the female,
no confusion!
Don't feed them so much
Otherwise they'll urinate,
it may cause attention
I haven't tell the main part! Next
I hope your suggestion be smart!
And under serious consideration!
Wah, shall we keep calm first?
Tell your plan!
We don't move and see
if they would kill us!
Chocolate, do you have any idea?
Yes, I want feeding
Chocolate, don't border uncles
Let's feed there
Let's fight face to face
It waste lots of blood,
why don't we donate to Red Cross
I prefer death...
to no freedom
Can you fly? No! How to escape!
OK, no one wants to be dead, fine
Quiet! Quiet!
Since you've no good ideas
I suggested that Robin be responsible
to order our moves
Shut up! I don't believe him!
Why? The traitor is someone else!
Don't you want me to tell the truth?
Speak up! I'll kill him!
Don't discuss it, let's listen to Robin!
Shut up! You need to say nothing!
Stop! Listen to him first
We'd be co-operative...
to reach success
I'll explain the plan later on
We've to find some ways...
to take those ill and small brothers
and those who can't help us
to leave here first
So as not to hurt them
if the plan go wrong
Any suggestion?
The best idea is to dig a tunnel
Is it too late to dig one?
What a pity that
the Japanese closed our tunnel last time
If I know who was the spy, I'll kill him
Donald Duck, what're you doing?
I'm touched by your spirit
We've dug one already
If some one help, it'll soon be finished
Let's go
Jone, I've decided it with Robin
You get the God of Fortune
while we are on the stage
Miss Wong,
please take care
the ladies of 3 Commanders
In order to appreciate our kindness...
to the prisoners of war
We retreat all military strength
round here
Did you find God of Fortune?
Take the secret order from King Yes
Ladies, this way please
The programmes are designed
by the prisoners
The stage was built by them too
Make yourself at home!
What's going on? They're escaping
How is outside? Safe
Robin, how many have left?
Just starting
Hurry up,
I'm afraid that we can't succeed
We do our best
There are so many people,
how long will it take?
Farewell! Goodbye!
Don't beat me!
Damn! Why you dress like this?
I just want to steal some wine
to celebrate later on
Why you dressed up like Japanese?
Jone, what's the matter?
The Kwangtung Tigers came,
plan may be changed, be careful
How is it?
We are the best nation in the world
We're the son of Apollo!
Apollo assigned us
the responsibility to rule the world
We must succeed but not to fail!
After the party tonight,
from 1 2:00 am
All prisoners should be dead!
We should finish the order of King!
Farewell Thanks
Be careful! Hurry!
Japanese! Get away!
You cannot come in Get lost
This is restricted area,
you can't come in
Someone beats me!
Why you beat us?
Sorry, he is mad!
Get out if you don't know dancing!
Someone's in, you can't go in!
Get lost
What are you doing? Change!
Get out, get out!
What're you doing? What're you doing?
Changing! Get away
Oh my god!
What's the matter?
General said that
if they didn't perform, I'd be killed
Get away! Yes
Make up and perform now!
Robin, I saw a team of soldiers outside
They said that we'd be killed tonight
How can we do?
We've to take action earlier, you deal
with the Japanese soldiers outside
Goodbye! Farewell, be careful!
Wah, some Japanese are here,
how can we do?
You steal the patrol,
I'll deal with them
Deal with the Japanese up there first
Don't stop me
Take action earlier
What's going on? What's the matter?
I tell Jone to fetch God of Fortune
Be careful
Be parrot!
Good morning
But my stomach doesn't feel well,
I'd like to leave
Do you want me to accompany you?
No, I just take some medicine
Take care
All dead?
Go and get change, hurry!
Robin, is it our turn to leave?
Shall we go now?
Go and get changed,
we've to perform
When shall we go?
Are we waiting for death?
We should let the others go first!
Stop talking! Get changed!
I'm scared! Go and get changed!
I enter the Commander Station now,
go and deal with the guards
Stand up! Up!
Be quick! Go and up!
Where is Tortoise?
Why are you so slow?
Tortoise is slow!
Go up! Quickly
Chinese are so optimistic,
they're so enjoyable when life is short
You dress off. I hit him
Every time it's me
It's you turn How won't escape!
First, we've Tortoise's somersault
With quick speed, it's great!
Next, is Tiger and The hen
Hen? Me? Come over here
What's on? Sit!
I'm cock! Sit!
Use your mouth only but not you hands
Chai! Commander
Where's you woman?
She is sick, I go and find her now
Come on, tell me the code!
If you don't, I'll kill you
OK, deep tried is better
You're a traitor too!
You didn't give me the 1st sentence
Great wall is great, home sweet home
Come on, why you stop?
I can't! Fool, Japanese is in!
The parrot is God of Fortune!
Stop! You can't take the parrot away
Without it, we'll lose our country
If you take it away, I'll betray Japan
Fine, then we do what we'd do
Receive the God of Fortune!
Receive it
Receive it
Satisfied? We lost it both
Don't fool me!
The one easily killed by me,
must not be God of Fortune
Yes, I'm the real one
Be careful!
Who are you?
Damn! I'm scared!
Stoy saying, have you found it?
Yes, here it is
Let's go!
How is Wah?
You only concern him!
I go and deal with that guy
Who are you?
Go to hell
What are you doing? Stand still!
They'll jump through the big one
and then the small one
Line up, jump!
You jump first! Jump!
I go and help!
Kill them all
Stop him
It's not only you can do it
If you've something to tell,
just tell him
I know you already!
We're Kung-fu fighters
Now we show you...
the excellent Kung-fu
Brother, your turn!
Chicken of Haika style
Horse style, rabbit style
Tortoise style,
and the human rights of all Chinese
Yes, right and fists of Chinese
Hit him together
Cyclone circle of Eastern style
May I help you?
Go quickly
Stand still!
It's not easy for you to escape!
Take the bag to me!
Come here and take it yourself!
How are you?
Go...go quickly!
You leave first, I'll go and help them
Let me go first, I'll go and help them
It's hard to deal with, I pass it to you
Do you want to change a great hat?
Fatty, why don't you leave?
There is bomb! It'll expose soon!
How are they?
All wait outside for you
Jone, where are you?
We are here!
Ching! Stop
Wah Jone
Come on, get on the car
Hurry to the car
Where's the God of Fortune
He's inside
I'm suffocated
Tell me the code
OK, you've tried your best,
I'll tell the code now
Great wall is great, home sweet home
Cloud disappeared, here comes the sun,
and a lovely scene
I finished, go and get the money quickly
We succeed! Cheers!