Fubar (2011) Movie Script

Leader we are on the ground targeting enemy lines,
Find your targets and do not fire until my command.
Light the mat. Fire.
Comming in hot on your sight line. Now fucking move.
Watch your sight line.
Alright marines listen up.
We all know what happened under the guise
of peace.
They attacked and killed our brothers out
there on the line they were slain without
We are lucky Marines that we have been chosen
to avenge our comrades in arms and we shall
deliver this rightous vengence swiftly and
without mercy for no mercy was shown to us.
This is what happens when you give ground marines.
It is not our job to concern ourselves with
the talk of politicians look where that got
We're here to do one thing it's the one thing
we do best.
It's why we're born.
We're here to kill we were born to kill and
we will kill them all.
Lets move out.
Make sure you stop by the ASP before we move out.
I repeat stop by the amunitions supply point before reporting to your squad.
Full tactical strike move.
Chopper pilot cleared for incurrsion. Four five three weapons hot. Repeat wepons hot.
Gods speed good luck.
First squad listen up. Lets lock and load those weapons. Were going in hot so watch your sight lines.
And if you have a shot you will take it.
Contact batallion HQ and get on these coorodinates full tactical strike.
Until we are releaved you will engage the enemy and you will continue to move forward.
Ok listen up marines lets stay sharp. Pick your target get your sight lines open.
Move move move.
Lets move out marines.
Tactical columes three and three.
Fire cover and relocate to levey point. Ok marines get some.
Keep moving forward.
Lets keep some formation guys.
Tank deployed engage full tactics speed on me. There in group cornal.
Continue the attack as per your orders take no prisoners.
Take cover take cover.
On the right on the right. Bring me covering fire and bring that team down.
Keep moving forward were not going back.
Fuck its a trap its a trap. Fall back fall back.
Go go go.
Request heavy weapons we need back up.
Were surrounded were surrounded.
Request imediate air support repeat we are totally defensive over.
This is element five five we are taking heavy artially fire at our position. Request an immidiate AKR drone strike.
Air support on route repeat.
You are clear to engage.
Alright ladies and gentlemen you join us here outside the UN.
Things are crazy and hectic and riots are going on this historic day after years of war and against
a background of increasing public outcry. Finaly the leaders of the two warring factions have agreeded to
attended peace talks.
But as you can see even as the two delegations make there way to the talks there have been
rummours of desent and devision within both sides. Out here in the field its wild crazy and a little scary.
Indeed there have been reports of influential powerful figures who have no intrest or desire in lasting peace.
Prehaps even senoir members of the militery with links to the massivly luggrative arms manufacturing industry.
Which supplies the weapons for this ongoing conflict.
Many of which you can see here today. One thing is ceartain however. That a safe and secure future
depends of the succsess of these talks. Back to you gerbal.
It is time Mr President.
And so without further aduo. I declare these historic talks open
and join with the rest of the
world in the heart felt desire for there successful
A mutually agreed buffer zone makes the most sense UN peacekeepers to patrol the zone with the many
scedual of mutual disarmament.
The current disputed ground has always been primarily
our land. Any neutral zone
must be made up with an equal division of
territories that is the only equitable solution.
After repelling the repeated and un warranted
and illegal incursions by your forces.
Many of which have occurred in the last eighteen
months with resulting horrific casualties
which are entirely the fault of your continued
military aggression.
How can we trust that any giving of ground
will be respected.
There can be no peace without trust on both
We are willing to agree to a staged and unilateral
stepping down of all ofensive forces
currently engaged.
We must move towards peace together. And so the treaty that many thought would never happen
bringing to an end over fifty years of conflict and paving the way for a new and greater future.
They can sign all the paper they want appeasement isent how you win a war.
And I'm not going to let these bleeding hearts
derail everything we've worked for. No more
war no more business.
The peace treaty has been signed. It would
seem that way
wouldn't it. Although it's such a bloody and expensive
conflict I doubt the will of a few stuffed
suits signing pieces of paper is going to count
for much our friends wont allow it.
In fact I can think of two hundred million
reasons why this treaty is going to make no
difference whatsoever.
I think we're going to be very busy in the next quarter my friends
and I have a feeling business is about to be very good indeed.
Operation sabre is go. Full tactical deployment mission priority radio silence. Repeat radio silence.
Confirmed sabre is go. Attack plan ready to deploy with delta and ego on stanby.
Opperational blackout in two minutes. Repeat two minutes.
Saber is progressing as preorders genral.
Attack wing gamma approuching target with coms blackout.
I haven't ordered a mission.
Who gave that order?
Abort immediately abort.
I cant raise the attack wing carriar group sir.
Carriar wing two and three approching target.
Weapons hot weapons hot.
Hellfire missiles armed.
Target aquired. You have to get me through to that attack group.
I am the commander in chief and I did not
order this mission. They gone dark standard protocol
for a covert attack. We can not attack.
What have we done.
Contacts aquired fire.
Theyve fired.
They have engaged. Sir its their tactical command post there's a large civilian population at the base.
Target destroyed. Sabre is one hundred percent. Returning to base.
You can use the pretext of peace to commit
this atrocity.
We don't fear war as you seem to think.
There can be no peace.
Good evening my firends. It seems our opperation was a complete success.
And the treaty is as good as dead. We have inintatied a continues shift pattern that will triple our output.
And we entisipate being able to furfil the orders for both sides.
Agreed its an easy sell when the bodies start stacking up.
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