Fuck Up (2012) Movie Script

Now it seems like
it was always summer.
At least, that's what was
worth looking forward to.
All four of us together, from June
to August. At Robin's father's cabin.
It seemed like the world had paused.
As if no one could get to us.
Maybe it's a good thing that you
don't know what life will be like.
Funny that it's when someone dies
that you start thinking about living.
That friends, lovers, kids, work, car...
Everything ends in that second
when you stop breathing.
One single moment, and everything
you've done and has been is gone.
It's too late to right your wrongs.
This is Jack.
And this is the day
when life caught up with us.
Have you started
doing business by yourself?
No, it's just this time.
I've talked to Leopold about it.
Sometimes it's important
to do the right thing.
This is me. Making one of the hundred
choices we make every day.
Making choices creates a pattern in
the life you're living, but of course...
It being a pattern doesn't
make the choices smart.
See you next month, then.
You ought to
trade in your car. It looks...
No, it's got Halden plates. You're not
pulled over at the border with them.
- Hello.
- Hi, Jack. I'm there in 15 minutes.
It's Robin. Jack is kind of... busy.
- Is everyone there?
- Me and Jack.
We're waiting for
Rasmussen and you.
You were supposed to be here at 8,
so feel free to say why we're here.
Call Rasmussen and tell him
to come. You'll be excited.
The downside of choices is that
you can't know if you'll regret them.
Until it's too late.
- Can't we go to your place?
- We're doing fine here, aren't we?
I'm driving down all this way
and it only ends up like this.
Isn't this good enough?
Sorry. But it only keeps on
calling over and over.
- I thought maybe you'd get it.
- Hi.
I'm in the middle of something,
can I call you back in a minute?
It's ok, it's alright.
You have to say hello to Robin.
- Robin, say hello to Linda.
- Hi!
Come on, Jack.
Daddy's waiting down in the boat.
Jack wanted to become a doctor,
an adventurer or a super hero.
Jack soon discovered what it's like
having a reputation in a small town.
Jack is a fucker,
just like his dad
Hi, I'm at the hospital.
Reading for tomorrow's exams.
She's got a fever? Rebecca, I'll be
there as soon as I can. Good. Bye.
- Is Glenn here yet?
- No, not yet.
What was that about?
My daughter's sick.
- Ok.
- I'll go and find Rasmussen.
- Who is it?
- It's Jack.
Jacques. Jacques Brel.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Why are you sitting here?
- I'm enjoying myself.
- I'm doing just fine.
- What is that?
It's a telephoto lens. I've taken
photos at a wedding.
I sold the rest of the equipment.
They had to be at a distance.
Oh yeah. I compensated by selling
Viagra to the groom. That was good.
- Do you want some?
- I'm having exams tomorrow.
- Ok. No problem.
- Fuck it.
- You know what?
- No.
I've thought
about smuggling chicken wings.
The last time I was inside, I was with
a guy who'd smuggled 6 tons of wings.
He got two months. You're locked up
for years smuggling drugs.
He could have
become a millionaire on chicken.
Chicken wings is the future.
Hi, it's Glenn, leave a message...
- Rasmussen is coming soon.
- God damn it, Jack.
I'm a doctor.
You thought I wouldn't notice?
I had one.
- Hi, Robin.
- Hello.
Glenn is on his way...
...from Gothenburg. He's importing
a Porsche from Germany.
- We know.
- So you know. He'll be here.
I lent him the money I got
after my aunt to pay for the car.
- What? He lent money from you too?
- Yes. Me too?
- He lent 90.
- He lent 90.000 from you?
He lent 200.000 from me. I put it
on the mortgage on my house.
Then we're three. He called me
last week. I didn't know about you.
If Rebecca finds out about this
I can just as well move out.
I knew it, I knew it. He's back
into smuggling again.
He doesn't lend money, he's
always got money. You know that.
You wondered why I'm not with you
anymore. This is the answer.
The world's not like this. You can put
one foot after the other and not crash.
- Don't be so self-righteous, doctor.
- I stole a car when I was sixteen.
The difference is that
you haven't grown up since then.
I was having a beer with you
and this is how it gets. Like that!
You're having your ambulance driver
exam tomorrow.
- I'll drive up to him.
- Drive? You don't have a car.
No, but I can walk.
Do you have to fuck up
every chance you get?
Hi, where are you?
Hi, Rebecca.
No, I thought it was Glenn.
I'm at the hospital.
I'll be home soon. Good. Bye.
- Damn. Rebecca's really pissed off.
- Oh, yes?
I have to go home now. Can you
tell me when Glenn calls?
I have to go up to my father.
He was feeling bad earlier.
- Is he doing ok? Say hi.
- Get a grip until tomorrow.
This is going well.
I'm doing fine.
Oh, yes.
Even as a boy it was evident that
Rasmussen was very energetic.
No one put the word "hyper" in front
of the fact that he was way too active.
So he ended up getting all other
kind of wrong medication instead.
Rasmussen's teacher had a car,
his most loved possession, -
- up until he died.
When Rasmussen's parents died, -
- he spent his inheritage on buying that
car. Then he crashed it against a rock.
Hi. You can't get to sleep?
I was just pretending to.
- Are you sick?
- Mom said I had a fever.
It feels better now.
You're not that hot.
Why did you
get home this late, daddy?
I just had to... work.
Have you had a nice day?
- Pretty nice.
- What have you been up to?
- I've made a book with leaves.
- Did you find any nice ones?
- I put it on the table for you to see.
- I'll go down and look right away.
Sleep tight.
Sleep tight...
No, no. No.
- She's not close to having a fever.
- She was burning hot before this.
I'm sorry, I got here
as soon as I could.
After the exams tomorrow I can stay at
home if she's still sick. Watch a movie.
- Is there something wrong?
- I've packed your things.
- Why?
- Who is Linda?
- She's someone from class.
- Don't treat me like a fool.
She called here and hung up
when she understood who it was.
She called because they were
celebrating the exams today.
They probably wanted me to be there,
but I couldn't because of tomorrow.
Do you want me
to introduce you to her?
- I was going to...
- What were you doing with 200.000?
Glenn... needed money.
He didn't get a loan and he was
importing a car and...
He'll be back today, I've talked to him.
I'll get the money tomorrow.
We don't have that kind of money.
- I don't know what to say.
- It's my thing. I'll fix this.
Hey, you.
You've never dealt
with a thing in your life.
The only thing that matters to me is
you and Julie. The only thing to me.
You're the most
important ones in my life.
I'm sorry for not calling. And for
not telling you about that money.
I don't get it...
I was so stupid. I didn't mean to.
But tomorrow... tomorrow I'm a hero.
You're with a hero. I'll get my license
tomorrow and get a uniform.
I'm sorry.
Sorry for not calling.
- I can't take it anymore.
- I should've told you about the money.
Come here, darling. Come.
You can sleep in my bed, if you
want to. Daddy's sleeping downstairs.
Come on.
That money will be back on the
account tomorrow. You get it?
- Good night.
- Come here, darling.
Hi, it's Glenn.
Leave a message after...
Hi, it's Glenn.
Leave a message after...
- Jack Heine, is that you?
- Jack, that is me. It's me.
I'm Malene Brosted,
I'm your supervisor.
- Are you done with the medical?
- Six weeks ago.
When you're done
with your posing, we'll take off.
Normally I'd be
embarrassed but not today.
Ok, Jack, this will be alright.
No speed monologues -
- and no teeth grinding.
- I'm just saying I've had a bad day.
- Get going, we'll take it from there.
- What is that?
- Those are leaves.
We can't go very far. We're the
only ambulance in this area now.
Slow down a bit now.
I can't sleep with my girlfriend.
Just want to sleep with everyone else,
not you. Well, you too, of course.
The point is, you can't talk about it.
Men are supposed to always perform.
I've made her so boring, you know.
She's not really that boring.
I wasn't supposed to live
in a townhouse. It's like a swamp.
I spent 12.000 on gravel last week.
This is different. Now I'm a hero.
- Watch out for that woman up there.
- Yeah, yeah.
I used to fight all the time. I hit a guy
with a glass, right in his face.
He lost his eye, that was when I quit.
This is something totally different.
- Do you like guinea pigs?
- I have never really thought about it.
Central calling 217.
-217 responding.
- An accident on the highway.
On the border,
the police are present.
One person with severe injuries
Condition is stable.
- Can't any of the other cars do it?
- None of them are available.
- Ok, then we'll take it.
- Ok, thanks.
Did you get it? This is your
first emergency call. Step on it.
- We're going to the border to Sweden.
- That's alright.
We'll need a neck brace
and a stretcher.
- God damn it, Glenn!
- Do you hear what I'm saying?
A neck brace and a stretcher.
Here we are.
Can you hear me?
Do you hear me? If you do,
squeeze my hand as hard as you can.
I'll report that we're coming in.
His pulse is low..
Glenn, can you hear me?
Glenn, it will be alright.
Glenn? Is there something
you need to lose?
- Do you know him?
- Halden is a small town, you know.
I tried.
You just stay right here.
Thanks for last night.
- How was the exam?
- What are you doing here?
I found a nice car last night but forgot
how comfortable the seats are.
He's got half a pharmacy in him.
Do you know him?
Halden is a small town.
Don't be shy. We're all friends here.
I had an amazing dream last night.
I dreamt that I hate polar explorer
Barge Ousland. I despise people -
- who think
they need to go to Antarctica.
It's a walk in the park. First one
across, first one with a leg missing...
You know what, I woke up with
the goal of being the first one -
- going to Antarctica while drunk.
- Think about it.
- Rasmussen, we have a problem.
Can I talk to you?
No, no, you're staying here.
- Can we take it later?
- Glenn did not buy a new car.
- Drop by him later and then call me.
- Yes, alright.
- Do you want to watch?
- Yes, I'd really like that.
Hi, Robin. Before you go to work,
we have a problem with Glenn.
I'm not going to work, that's my dad.
I went down to him this morning,
and he was laying on the floor.
I should have gone
down there yesterday.
Tell me if you need help.
I'll call you later.
Jack, I want to talk to you.
- Do you think I'm stupid, or what?
- What?
Who do you think you are
and what crappy speed are you on?
I tell you, you get one more chance.
Don't pull shit like that again, right?
- Do you understand?
- Yes. I didn't sleep well last night.
Good luck with that.
- You can't keep up with this.
- Glenn drove the car into a tree.
- The old car, let me tell you.
- A cop is stationed by his room.
- That's not for hitting a moose.
- He didn't get the job done!
I've lost my money!
When they go through his finances,
they'll see where it's coming from.
I really don't want to know. I've spent
my whole life getting away from this.
While you were guzzling down six
packs of beer, I spent eight years -
- studying and I refuse to let you
ruin this. Do you get that?
- The truth is that we couldn't know.
- They'll hardly believe us.
Some of us are burdened
by a hardly reliable past.
You have a consultation in room 305.
Hi, Jack.
Thanks, Line.
We're all a bit fragile now.
At best...
...this isn't all that bad.
We do have a tiny problem.
I have 20 grams of speed at his house.
They'll do a search there.
What the hell are you saying?
- The police can't tell that it's yours.
- It's in a package with my name on it.
I only had a letter from IRS at hand
and thought I'd make some use of it.
- Can you go and get it?
- Can you go and get it?
I need to go to an interrogation in
half an hour for that thing last night.
- It's not easy being your friend.
- I can go down to the station and...
No, no, no, Rasmussen. Listen to me.
We'll wait until Glenn is conscious.
The easiest thing is just to ask him.
- What?
- I'm not going, they won't let him in.
- What? Me? No!
- Yes, you. Yes!
Yes, alright then. I'll do it.
- What's that?
- These are leaves.
- Is your dad alright?
- Suffering a stroke can go either way.
- They're working on him now.
- It will be alright. He's a strong man.
- Oh, well. Get going now.
- Ok.
Robin's dad had always wanted a boy.
So she was determined to be -
- Kevin Keegan or Luke McCahan.
After her mother ran away, Robin did
anything to keep it all together.
This lead to her building up anger
that had unfortunate consequences.
A social gene she got from her father.
He thought celebrating Constitution
Day was best over the radio.
You and me, Robin.
Only you and me.
Intensive care, please.
- Wait here. He'll be with you soon.
- Good. I need to get to work.
- God damn it, Rasmussen.
- Sorry...
Glenn Stenberg?
- Is that a friend of yours?
- No.
I just happen to know who he is.
You know, Halden is a small town.
I brought some fresh pastry.
Just help yourself.
- That was a nice drawing.
- It's the tallest mountain in the world.
- Have you transferred the money?
- Yes.
It'll be a day
until they're posted.
You're so good at drawing.
A lot better than mom.
Jack! Jack...
- My god.
- My god...
It's just a bloody...
...god-damned flower pot!
They called from Dickens. Your credit
card is still there since last night.
Have I ever tried to tie you down?
Or tried to control you?
You get to do exactly what you want.
It's just not working,
living parallel lives.
Do you understand? You make me feel
lonely, though I'm together with you.
Do you get that?
I feel pretty lonely too.
Remember that we're having dinner
with my parents tonight.
- Did you get your ambulance license?
- Yes.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Damn it!
- What?
- It's so beautiful.
Not beautiful... but small.
Reminds me of
when things were a bit easier.
- I think we're doing fine now.
- Yes.
Alright. Hear this.
He had 3.8 kilos of coke
in the trunk of his car.
- That's pretty much.
- What did he get for our money?
question is: Who paid for the rest?
Not Glenn. He's definitely
not got that much money.
- How much do you think?
- I don't know... no one in this town.
His car's at the impound. The cops are
waiting to see if someone picks it up.
The guys paying for it don't calculate
what they paid for the drugs, -
- but what it's worth on the street.
So, someone's lost about 2.5 million.
- That's not possible.
- It is.
I don't know shit.
When I was at his house
he was so paranoid that he had -
- loaded guns all over
and a cell phone behind the toilet.
- Where are you going?
- Up to Glenn's to get that envelope.
Of course. I need to go to the hospital
for a check-up, after last night.
The doctor sees me
as a sort of an experiment.
- Should I tell Robin?
- Yes, she'll be very pleased.
Alright. No? Yes or no?
- No!
- Ok. Just checking.
Hi, Rasmussen.
Where should I start to look?
Check out the drawer
beneath the moose.
There is no warning but you know
when it's finally gone too far.
You hear your own blood pounding
and you think: If I survive this, -
- I'll become a good man.
Hello? Hello?
Hi... Jack.
Where's the package?
And where is Glenn?
I don't know...
I was only getting...
I was only getting
something for someone.
- Help yourself.
- What?
Get what you're here for.
I don't know... I'm just here
to pick up something.
I don't want any trouble,
I'm not a part of this at all.
You can have it, I don't need it.
I'm sorry.
Jack, come here.
Come here. Glenn was going
to pick up a package.
For me. In that package there is
something that means a lot to me.
Now neither Glenn nor the package
is here. Unfortunately.
- But you are here.
- I don't know... I'm sorry.
You're a good looking guy, Jack.
Turn around. Just turn around.
The other way.
Where is the package
and where is Glenn?
Let us try again.
Oh, please.
You're not going to be very pretty
for long if we keep up like this.
Buster! Come here, old man.
An old fighter. 13 years old now.
I never leave him alone.
You should never leave dogs alone.
Where is the package?
And where is Glenn?
I don't have anything. He crashed
with a moose and is in the hospital.
If you can't find what you're looking
for, then I don't know. It's not here.
This is... They towed
the car to the impound lot.
Perhaps it's all there?
It has to be there.
Well, then. Let's go!
Where are we going to?
Now that we're introduced
you may consider yourself a guide.
I'm at Busterudveien 121. I've been
robbed. I've been held at gun point.
Try not to speak. Try to get
some rest instead. Let's see...
Could you do me a favour? Can I
borrow your phone? Just a minute.
You'll have to ask the police
about that. Rest now.
- No one needs to know.
- Ask the police about that, Glenn.
Any problems here?
- Hi.
- Rasmussen.
Everything's gotten worse.
A lot worse.
Might be strange coming from me,
but maybe we should call the cops.
What would you tell them?
Your name is on the envelope -
- with 15 grams of Amphetamine in it.
Breaking in to a guy's apartment -
- who imported 4 kilos of cocaine.
We've run off from the police, -
- run over a guy and transferred
- I paid him in cash.
- You put your name on the envelope.
Chicken wings.
That's where the money is.
Put a sock in it.
- How's your hand doing?
- It's really pounding.
I'm on duty tonight. Damn! Dinner!
At Rebecca's parents. Two hours ago.
I should have been there for dinner.
I have to use your phone.
I need to make a call.
- What do we do now?
- We can't just leave him here, -
- in case someone comes.
We'll leave him in the alley.
Come on, give me a hand.
I'm an ambulance driver. I should
be saving people, not dump them.
We have to hide your car.
They know what it looks like.
Take the car and I'll
take a taxi up to Glenn.
So, this is why we retired to Norway
instead of to Mallorca?
A son in law that
doesn't care about his own family.
Hi, Rebecca. Sorry I'm late
but where are you?
I'm where you should have been.
What are you up to?
I'll be there in ten minutes.
- No, let it be. I don't want to.
- Can I talk to Julie?
The money's not in the account yet.
- I have never liked him.
- You have never liked anyone.
You don't even like mom.
- Can I help you with something?
- I'm just checking in with the patient.
- I picked him up earlier today.
- I can't let you in.
You got some nasty bruises there.
Heine, was it?
That's alright. I'll come back later.
The ambulance driver that picked
you up asked for you. Just now.
I don't want to talk to anyone now.
I'm having a smoke on the balcony.
I'll come and get you in ten minutes.
- What on earth happened to you?
- Nothing.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
My god! What has happened?
I need some band aid.
I know you would have
done the same thing.
I know what they caught you for.
Someone's eager to get you.
They're dangerous.
What are you up to?
- It's me they're after. It's my problem.
- Not after we borrowed you money.
You'll get back the money.
You're the only family I've got and I
wanted things to be as they were.
- You'll see. You're going to love it.
- What did you buy?
What the hell!
He went back inside.
Listen to me.
Was it the police
here in town that got it?
Yes. This really sucks.
I'm stuck here and can't do shit.
Stay alive and I'll fix this. Somehow.
- I'm sorry.
- How many times have you said that?
Way too many times.
- What did Glenn say?
- He'd spent all the money.
They won't give up until
they've gotten back everything.
I just need to sit here
and figure out what to do.
- How is he doing?
- He hasn't woken up yet.
When we were kids,
your dad was always invulnerable.
He was always invulnerable.
I remember us being
at your cabin every summer.
He was everything my dad was not.
He kept things together.
He was at his best there.
Now he's small.
I've never said that he was
good enough. Not once.
It's funny. There's no other place
than here I would like to be.
But I don't want to be in the room.
I sat like this with my mom.
For three weeks.
Without saying one word.
I had these conversations with her.
Inside my head.
Then she died in the evening.
I called my dad. They were divorced.
It was snowing and...
Dad didn't even go into her room.
Then we went over to his place,
had a bottle of wine.
There was this woman there.
I sat on the couch on the first floor
and dad was upstairs, screwing.
And I thought to myself:
I will never be like that.
You're a lot better than your dad.
How did it turn out
at home last night?
Honestly, things are going really bad.
Was Julie sick when you got home?
You know what? You're the one
that's made the most of herself.
It was during the summers
that no one could get to us.
That was more important
to some than to others.
- Hello?
- Hi, it's the emergency.
There's an
unconscious man in an alley.
He's stable, the police are there.
- What are you calling me for?
- You're on the emergency team -
- on duty, so it's you I'm calling.
- I'm having personal problems.
Who doesn't? Tell me where you are
and Malene will pick you up.
I'm at Meiseveien 9.
Rasmussen, they've found him
in the alley. You have to go there.
If not, I won't get my license.
Right now I don't have much else left.
You take the stretcher.
- He's awake but out of it.
- Alright. What can we do about it?
Do you want me to kick him
in the head? I can't go in there.
- But I can?
- Looks like it.
Move people out of the way
so we can get some work done.
I'll get a neck brace in the car.
Now everything will be alright.
He woke up but then
he passed out again.
You did a really good job today.
- Thanks for not throwing me out.
- Don't thank me, thank Robin.
Why do you think you were accepted
at the ambulance course?
- What are you doing?
- Somebody's after our patient!
- Do you know who those people are?
- No.
What the hell do we do now?
Is he going to survive?
Listen. We can't tell the police
that we dumped the patient, right?
- He ran off while we were parked.
- He ran off on the stretcher?
They aren't going to report that.
We'll just get a new one from
the storage. Are you alright?
- Are you going to survive?
- We get by the strangest thing.
I'm sorry, Malene. You weren't
meant to get wound up in this.
- Wound up in what?
- I'll come down later.
This is really bad timing
but I have to go now.
My life is about to fall to pieces.
Jack? Jack!
A guy dropped by with this for you.
New rules, Jack. You got 24 hours.
Waiting for you at Grand Hotel.
Sometimes it seems that life
has its own debt account.
At one point
your debt will be due and collected.
When you think you've hit bottom,
it can always get a lot worse.
Open up!
Is Rebecca and Julie here?
I have no right to be here.
Sorry for not fixing the money
and dropping out on dinner.
Promise me that you and Julie
will not go home.
Get as mad as you want
but just don't go home.
- What is happening?
- Just something I need to sort out.
Let me have a look at you.
I shouldn't have thrown you out.
I get so mad and start packing and...
- Rebecca...
- I got mad, you don't have to move.
Yes, I do.
- I don't want you to.
- You've told me to leave many times.
It's you and me.
Rebecca. Rebecca. I'm no good.
I'm bad. I'm a bad guy.
I'll take a look at those wounds.
Wait here.
You know what? I've fucked anything
that moves. I've fucked all my life.
Do you think that I don't know that?
Don't you think that?
This is no kind of life.
We can't live our lives like this.
We only make
each other smaller and smaller.
Julie goes around pretending
to be sick so that I'll come back.
But she's not sick. She's not sick.
We can't use kids in this.
We're not like that.
Can you please tell Rebecca
and Julie to stay here tonight.
You can be assured of that.
There you go. Turn your back
to the problem. Like you always do.
What the hell are you doing?
Have you gone nuts?
Get out of here!
Don't ever come back here.
Hi, Jack. What a surprise.
I heard that you've been
a busy man today.
Listen, you're in a lot more
trouble than we are.
If you don't go
back with that package.
You don't know this place.
Stay the hell away from my family.
It won't help threatening them.
Don't take it personally, Jack.
It's only business.
How can you live with yourself?
- My daughter is a child.
- You think that I'm the devil.
That is wrong.
Even in a content life there is sin.
You can't escape that, Jack.
Ask yourself how you
learn to live with your sins.
You'll come to the same conclusion
as every thinking human being -
- since they burned heretics.
There is no God.
Death is nothing.
It is just nothingness.
As soon as you realize that,
you can live with anything.
She's a child.
My daughter is a child.
Two out of six ducklings survive.
The rest are eaten
by seagulls or pikes.
We don't perceive the pike
as being evil because of that.
Those are the ways of nature.
Every man for himself.
I think that you know that.
You must leave now.
Just stay away from
Rebecca and my daughter.
- Hi.
- It's Jack. Meet me on the roof.
Glenn is here. The police
has the drugs at the station, -
- they don't have a case.
What's most profitable?
Financing four kilos of coke
or breaking into the police station?
We have to break in.
We'll get it tomorrow tonight.
I understand that you want to
be here with you dad.
- He's sleeping.
- What about your job?
However sad it sounds:
you are more important.
The confiscation storage is in
the basement of the police station.
If we get to open a window to
the backyard, we can climb in there.
- How do you open the window?
- There are stairs going down -
- from the offices on the first floor.
- How many guards are there?
- 4-5 on a weekday.
- So, we'll pass the guards, get down -
- into the basement, find the room
and get out? Is that a good idea?
No, I never said it was
a good idea but it's an idea.
- What's that?
- A reason for the cops to book me.
Rohypnol. It always goes wrong.
- See you, then.
- Yeah, nice.
- Alright?
- Yes.
Hi, Julie.
It's nice to see you.
- I saw you yesterday.
- What happened then has nothing -
- to do with you.
Because I love you very much.
- Why did you hit granddad?
- Because he's a bitter old man, -
- with a boxing complex.
One important thing.
Can you tell mom that you need -
- to spend one more night with
grandmother. She'll listen to you.
I'll pick you up later. Goodbye.
We'll skip school today.
Hi. Can Julie stay here for a while?
God damn it, Rasmussen.
- Why?
- You know. Pills and booze.
It totally twists your brain.
- It's absolutely meaningless.
- Yes.
You know you'll have to pay
for that window.
Someone will get
in touch with you next week.
I'm sorry. I understand
that it must be annoying.
I promise. I plan on starting
with chicken wings.
- You know, those big juicy...
- Leave!
- Got a new style?
- You're my role model.
- What's that?
- Universal keys.
Are you dragging that around?
It's a lot better than
a crowbar and drill.
Then we're off.
Chicken wings is the future.
I've got the promotional song for it.
That's alright, Rasmussen.
- Ok?
- Yes. Good.
- Are you ready?
- As ready as I can be.
- This is the stupidest thing I've done.
- Make believe it's hide and seek.
- Hi.
- Hi. My credit cards have been stolen.
- Have you blocked them?
- I figured you had that information.
Fill out this to your bank
and I'll get you a report form.
Where do we begin in here?
- I'll get more forms in the basement.
- No, no, that's alright.
- I'll do it tomorrow. They're blocked.
- You just wait here.
It's doctor Arnstad,
could you please come in now.
Your dad hasn't got much time left.
- You know you're really living.
- God damn it.
Keep quiet!
So, Rasmussen. Then it's us.
Daddy is dying.
Looks like it.
Remember to take out
what he bought on the side.
- Ok.
- See you.
I'm going down to get some coffee.
Do you want one?
If you can hear me someplace.
I'm sorry.
For everything I didn't get to say.
Damn it.
You and me, daddy.
Here's the stuff.
After you get this, you leave. And stay
away from my family and Glenn.
That depends on what's in the bag.
I kept my part of the deal.
- Are you going to give me that?
- Not until you stay away from Glenn.
You're incredible, Jack.
Glenn did something
completely stupid.
- Do you think he'd do this for you?
- Yes, I think so.
You've only lost a bit of time.
And gotten a couple of grazes.
Glenn got into an accident tonight.
He fell down from a roof.
- What about Glenn?
- He couldn't keep his mouth shut.
And you haven't
been very cooperative.
Look out there. Do you see that?
It won't look that good.
I hope you know
what you're doing now.
No, I don't know what I'm doing. I just
know I'll get to you so fucking hard.
Why couldn't you just leave?
What did Glenn do to you?
You, Jack! What have you done?
You beat one of my guys half to death.
Ingvar doesn't love you much either.
You pushed him over the edge
just as much as I did.
There needs to be a balance to this.
Buster, come.
Get out of the car!
Glenn! Glenn!
Car accident. Highway 22.
At the border.
Glenn is dead.
They threw him off the roof.
What the hell are you saying?
Hi. We're at Grand Hotel.
- What is it?
- It's an emergency call.
- Tell me, what have you done now?
- Don't ask.
- Get in the back.
- He's not coming with us.
If anyone's in need of help, it's us.
Thanks for coming.
We'll handle this.
One of them is wanted by the police.
- What about that?
- It's been there since we got here.
Malene Brosted.
Is there anything we can do?
- Is there one more?
- No, there's only these two.
Jack! Jack, we're leaving now.
It's enough now, Jack.
Let's just leave it.
You just stay here and I'll leave.
None of us will win.
Both of us get what we deserve.
You have to do it yourself.
It's not worth it.
Jack, this is not a good idea.
Someone else will come along.
Instead of me. We know
everything about you and your family.
We're going to find you.
Just let me go.
Think about your family, damn it!
Think about Julia.
I'm good at forgetting. Buster!
I found one more.
He was laying in there.
- Are you alright?
- Yes...
Are you sure?
- Stop! Stop!
- Yes, is it someone you know?
- They have to get in the car.
- What? Are they coming with us?
What now? What now?
Do you want to tell us
what happened in the woods?
He shot himself.
At least we got his share back.
His pension fund,
in case he wakes up.
It's a strange thing, when someone
you've always known dies.
Knowing that he won't be there
the next morning, starts to sink in.
Suddenly, all you've
taken for granted is gone.
The question shouldn't be:
What's the meaning of life?
But rather:
What's the meaning in life?
Still, it's easier to not think about it.
Instead we put one foot
in front of the other, -
- thinking we've found a direction.
When that one second arrives,
we're happier with what we were, -
- than with what we never became.
Look, here.
- What's that?
- It's...
It's the reason why I borrowed
that money. I thought that...
You could give that to Robin.
You were the one who fixed this.
It's a deed to the cabin.
There was a bid on it so I bought it.
For... well, for us.
What's that?
- Was that it?
- That was all of it.
Nice and big. These are
the expensive ones. Thanks.
- You too. Good luck.
- Thanks.
There's comfort in knowing
that we are the species -
- that learn the least
from our mistakes.
We don't need to.
We don't have any natural enemies.
Besides ourselves.