Fuego (1969) Movie Script

Let's go Andrea, somebody is watching...
Go! Go! Little Dog! Come On!
How Are You?
How are you Mr. Engineer? What's new?
long time I did not see you around here...
Always go to Huincul Square?
At least twice per week
Stop working so hard, and enjoy life!
Do you know Mrs. Laura?
Yes!... I Know her...
How are you Mrs?
As you can see...
If it wasn't not for the good friends like Jorge...
By the way ...
Why don't you come to take a few drinks tonight?
Will be a wonderful reunion!
You could come here...
Don't be so aloof...
Contrary to my habit
I will come
To show that I am not...
"so aloof"
So we expect you ...
Ain't right Jorge?
Of course darling...
Well ... I leave you ...
I have to get ready for tonight
Andrea is very Exigent ...
Nice to meet you...
Goodbye friend!
We expect you...
Today you will look splendid, for all those assholes!
But I know you better!
You will never leave me!
At times I love you ...
And at other times ...
I hate you!
As right now .. yes ...
You despise me!
I know what you're thinking
But no! No!
I dont let you go!
I'll go when i want...
When I find a man who satisfy all my desires
You're insatiable...
Your cravings are endless ...
a mix of an angel
and a devil...
I hate you!
I know you should reassure me...
But, how?
I'll go Andrea
Wait for me...
in case i need you...
What will you do tonight?
Unfortunatelly i have a board meeting
Oooh!... board....
But i need you...
I don't know if... to admire or... to envy her...
She do what she wants...
She have so much money and shamelessness...
And she knows how to choose well, uh ...
well, at least, Jorge isn't too bad...
But, how long will it last this man?
She use the men as Toys
Today with one.. Tomorrow with another...
Finally, she really will fall in love
Laura needs 10 men
at least!
She's a shameless!
Stay with me...
Sorry my darling
But business are business...
It's the time
Let's go?
Now Alejandro
Sorry me darling
Let's go outside?
I never had the opportunity to talk with you
I know you many time ago
I've seen you sliding down the ski sky
In Chapelco
in good company...
All those times are gone ..
I have sworn
don't fall in love anymore again
but i have had a big disgrace...
I've seen you at the lake
I always do...
a bit of good sun...
And then, the water clear and transparent
caressing my body ...
I was struck, the woman who accompanies you
she has not given me a good impression
She's always by my side
Is my housekeeper
She cares of me...
And loves me so much
How can it be that you are not married?
You never been...
in love?
I've never loved anyone
And you...
have you truly been loved?
Yes... Why not?
but I have not loved...
Please understand Mr...
We are talking about Love...
How i feel
for you... Laura
The same kind of love that feels all men ...
This is not love.. Is Desire... Frenzy....
I believe i have lived long enough, to know
you're the woman.. Whom i always had waited
which now comes comes into your life...
Maybe a little bit later...
But with enough time to give you all my love
All my life...
Ah! Jaja!
How in the tv soaps
You'll love me "passionately"...
"Until death comes..."
Why not Laura?
I must hurry
To Live
"Fire in your mouth..."
"Fire in your body"
"Fire in your blood"
"In your depths"
"Burning my soul"
"My Looove"
"Is desperate"
"What my soul... desires..."
"It was.... for having loved you"
"In me"
"Your Fire of Love!"
"Fire in your mouth..."
"Fire in your body
"Fire in your blood"
"In your depths..."
Your skin...
I love your skin Laura
Go to the shelter
Let's go!
"To remember is to have... the power to live"
"Remembering can be .. The hope..."
If this refuge speak ...
How nice it is sunbathing in the snow.. Do not like?
Uff.. It is cold! Jaja!
No, it's not cold ... I feel my blood boil
The sun is friend of love...
But of your love
I feel you mine...
mine, like never before
I Love You
"To remember is to have... the power to live"
"Remember could be the hope..."
Let's sunbathing!
"Why not I could say ..
"that you... you're now for me?"
"This light ... I try to find"
"And finding you..."
"How important is remember?"
"How important is remembeeeer?"
I love you, but I love you honestly
for me only
Well, not propose marriage to me, I guess...
I want to marry you
Do you want married with a crazy woman?
I don't know if I can be faithful
I risk everything
I love you, and that's it!
I want to live with you
be by your side
Dont leave you never!
and defend yourself
defend yourself from the other ... and especially of you
of yourself!
I know they say about me
I do not know if inconstancy or evil
I want to be good
For example
This time i feel
I love you with all my Life
Carlos! ooh...
My Love
Dear Laura!
I also feel that I am dying of pleasure
by just being near you
and have you just for me
I'm tired of waiting!
I want to know if Miss laura return here! Yes or no!
I dont know Mr.
When she returns?
I repeat that i dont know Mr!
she has left nothing that
Laura... What happens?
I went out for a walk
Or maybe I can not?
I just want to see you
you've got
It was not enough for you?
But why this sudden change?
No change
I'm like I told you
I want to be free
I can not be faithful to anything or anyone
It happens that I miss you
every hour of the day that I'm without you
That's right...
going on inside, if you want
we talked a while...
I want you to be my wife
I want to marry you
I don't want to marry
I fight myself
dont want it...
But.. Why?
Because I really love you
I love you more than you can imagine
but i...
I'm a very weird woman
You don't really know me
I dont care...
I want you to be my wife
For loving you
Until the hereafter
I Love you Laura
I Love You
I feel it
I'll try for once
I will marry you!
I don't want you to marry
I dont know that you will get marrying...
only dislikes!
and our tranquility will end
I do not know that it will end?
Dont be jealous
I have no right to even protest?
Do not torture yourself more
ever this had to happen...
But what you need to get married?
... Ours can continue anyway
dont you think so?
No! I dont think so! You've got me!
I want another thing...
You'll go crazy to him!
He will end up killing you!
Or I'll kill myself...
You will not Married!
For the first time I will not listen to you
dry me...
He's a man, do you understand?
I love him
I Love Him!
And do not mess with me!
Laura no!
Leave me!
I'll kill you!
I'll kill you!
Damn! Leave me!
No! No!
A Man No!!!
A man No!!!
My Love!
Promise me you're not getting married
Promise me!
I'll get married!
I want him!
He's a Man Andrea
He's a Man!
And i want you too!!!
Kiss the bride!
I do not know .. but I see in him a cuckold face...
Dont tell me he dont know
for some reason he risks...
It will not be about money, because he has more money than she
Congratulations dear ....
Thank you
Finally you see
I got married, and you know why?
Because i really love him
Let's go darling?
Farewell and congratulations...
Good bye
Gimme a kiss