Fuga dal paradiso (Escape from Paradise) (1990) Movie Script

- Give me that medallion.
- No, it's mine.
- Give it to us.
- I saw it first.
You might have seen it first,
but I picked it up before you.
Escape From Paradise
- Are you a man?
- What do you think?
Yes, maybe.
Only because I'm dressed?
You mean you're scared of an old man?
- And who might you be?
- I'm Cosma.
- And who gave you that?
- I found it on the beach.
It's mine...
Give it to me, they stole it.
- Did you open it?
- No, it's sealed.
- That medallion has a long story.
- What story?
A story of two kids who
had a great dream...
A great, irresistible desire...
And they would never have
succeeded without that medallion.
Hi, Theo.
What is it?
I wanted to see you.
We saw each other less than
ten minutes ago!
Are you upset I called?
No, of course not.
- Did you see the news?
- Yes...
I watched all of it,
I didn't miss a word.
Did you hear my father's proposal
about lowering the age for couples?
Yes, I hoped it might
change something for us.
It's a shame they didn't approve it.
It wouldn't have changed anything...
Harry has the last word...
- If he doesn't select us.
- What do you want to do?
I don't know.
I don't know.
But it would be terrible if
he said we were incompatible.
- Understood?
- Yes, yes...
You're so boring.
- Understood?
- Understood!
Listen, I wrote this for you.
Perhaps Harry will choose us.
- It's a chance in a thousand.
- I don't want to wait.
Certainly not ten years...
And then to hear them say
I can't be with you.
You're right.
It seems almost absurd.
What was so absurd?
A lot of it was absurd!
Theo and Beatrice were two young
human beings who loved each other...
But the cruelty of their world wouldn't let
them live how they would have liked to.
They were completely different...
But their love broke all the rules.
What did their parents say?
No, I just called her.
- We see each other every day now.
- Do your folks know about Beatrice?
No, you're the only person I've told.
I think you're compatible.
Thomas, the trouble is it's
not you who decides, it's Harry.
What's going on?
Answer me?
It's very hot.
Yes, it's true.
To be honest, it feels
hotter than previous years.
Are you sure you haven't
programmed Harry for July?
I don't think so.
Thirty eight degrees in the sun,
exactly the same as last year.
Then why can't we handle
the heat this year?
Well, perhaps...
Perhaps we're getting old.
What do you think?
Shall we turn it off?
Yes, that's enough for today.
Turn it off.
Turn off the simulator immediately!
It doesn't work.
- Activate Caleb.
- Caleb!
Eliseo, did you hurt yourself?
Forgive me.
- Father!
- What is it, Theo?
Something happened to Thomas,
there was an explosion...
- I saw lots of smoke.
- Calm down!
- What happened?
- How should I know?
- Why did they stop transmission?
- It's probably a technical fault.
I don't think so,
this isn't the first time.
Theo, calm down,
don't worry...
Wait for me.
Will you explain?
Promise me I won't regret telling
you the truth... Promise me!
I should go,
I don't want to be late.
What's wrong, mother?
What's happening?
Did Theo and Beatrice know
the truth as well?
- No.
- Why not?
You wouldn't understand...
You live under the sun...
You can play with your friends
on the beach...
- But the world was different then.
- What about the world?
I would've told the truth,
why not say it?
You can't always say it.
And those few who lived down there
used it to control the lives of others...
They didn't tell lies,
but half truths...
Until nothing changed.
And this way everyone thought
they were happy.
...he's a man by the name of Tal,
from the third platoon.
What is the accusation?
- First I want to know who is making it?
- Alex.
- Is it countersigned by Thor?
- No.
- Then let's hear what Thor has to say.
- Don't you trust Alex?
The law states that accusations
against platoon members...
...must be signed by
their commanding officer.
This is President Mike.
- Get me Thor.
- Sorry to disturb you, Commander.
- I'd like to know something.
- What?
Tell the council the charge against Tal.
Returning from a mission outside...
He didn't present himself
for decontamination.
How could one be so irresponsible?
It has taken generations
to win the approval of the council...
But he thinks it's okay to disobey.
- Thank you.
- It's my duty...
President, do you want to
hear the accused?
Let's not waste time,
you know what the law states...
The death sentence.
I propose Tal is deprived
of decontamination.
- Agreed.
- No decontamination.
As far as the girl in sector 37 who
killed her parents is concerned...
I'm sure you know what to do, Thor.
The council has decided.
Wake up.
You're not dead yet.
Your death starts now.
With us.
Who are you?
Where am I?
I'll be kind to you...
Seeing as you only killed your
mother and father.
I'll assign you to one of the
external patrols.
Don't touch me.
From this moment, your life
depends on this weapon.
Put it on.
Don't lose it...
Because that would mean
the end of you.
I want to return to my sector.
Your sector!
You did well killing those
two assholes...
They're soulless...
They're monsters...
I hate them with all my heart.
All of them.
What is it now?
Hi, Theo.
It's always me calling you.
- Are you ready for the lesson?
- No.
But we have a test tomorrow.
So, anatomy or physiology?
- Where were we?
- Facial muscles.
- We're monsters under our skin!
- It's good thing we have it.
You were great, I even recorded
it last year when we first met.
Come on.
If you think it's so beautiful,
then touch it.
Go on, caress me.
- Where are you going?
- Bye.
Come back.
- Here I am, Theo, I'm back.
- You're beautiful.
- Now look at me close up.
- You're even more beautiful.
But I might be made of rubber, ice...
How do you know?
- Can I study with you?
- Leave us alone.
You always come at the wrong time,
go and study with Silvio.
Okay, I get it, you two
always want to be alone.
What a pain.
You know something...
When my mother strokes me...
I imagine it's Beatrice's hand.
The other night, I so longed to
be in my father's place...
- With you close to me.
- I don't know what to do, Theo...
I can't take it,
I can't sleep anymore...
I think about us,
day and night.
So do I, Beatrice.
But there's nothing we can do.
Please don't torment yourself like this.
Let's hope our friends enjoy
themselves tonight.
I always find these evenings
incredibly tedious.
You're right, it's hard to
enjoy yourself these days.
It's enough to send you asleep.
Father's medallion!
Where are you?
I'm here.
- I was resting.
- It's my father's medallion.
- All the councilors have one.
- Is your father asleep?
No, he's dining out with
his colleagues.
They'll be back late,
we have all the time we need.
- I can't open it.
- Leave it.
No, we have to see what's inside.
- It might be nothing.
- There has to be something.
- You'll never open it.
- Sure I will.
Damn it.
I did it!
Look what's inside.
- See, I was right.
- It's a micro-video disc.
What are you doing with
that old player?
- What are you doing?
- What do you mean? I want to see.
Your father will be upset.
That's my father's voice!
But how do I decode it?
Just type in anything.
Come on, hurry.
Look at all those people.
What could it be?
It looks like a game
Do you notice something strange?
It's true, they're playing,
but they're all together.
And the ones who are watching,
and they're all there together...
How is that possible?
I don't know.
Why didn't my father ever
tell me about this?
Wait, let's try another code.
It looks like images from the simulator.
- What are they?
- 'Bear', what a strange word.
- They aren't things, they move.
- They're alive.
They're not human beings,
and they're all together as well, look!
They look like big mirrors resting
on the ground.
- Look, one of Golem's ancestors.
- Yes, but you can only see its feet!
They're men and women.
Where are they all going together?
And these, look.
They look like they're glued together.
What's that?
It's floating around a sphere.
What is it?
I've never seen colors like that.
It's so blue.
It looks like my toy.
Are they human beings as well?
Of course,
can't you see their structure.
It doesn't make sense.
Where are they?
Are they all in one sector?
- No, it's impossible.
- Try another code.
No, it's impossible,
it's all fake.
You mean it's a simulation?
Yes, it's all an illusion...
I never dreamt of stuff like that.
Me neither.
- Can you record dreams and illusions?
- It looks like it.
...no, nothing.
You can go.
You should be careful, Eliseo and
Sara could return at any moment.
Okay, okay.
Well, Eliseo?
Yes, yes...
- Just wait and see.
- President.
The medallion,
I don't have my medallion.
Where did you leave it?
I think I left in the bedroom.
Wait, I'll try another code.
What are they digging for?
What could it be?
Waste system...
Hey, that's where I live!
It's a map of all the sectors.
- Theo, we could...
- No, stop it...
We only leave our sector
when we die.
I want to meet you...
I want to break out of this screen.
It's madness, Beatrice.
I know, but I want to feel
your warm hands...
...and touch your skin.
Look, sector 27,
that's yours...
...and here's mine,
sector 7.
- Then we're close.
- And we didn't know.
Look, that's your tunnel,
and that's mine...
And they both lead to tunnel three.
- But, where are the entrances?
- Mine is in the kitchen...
- I guess yours is too.
- I've never seen it...
But I'm sure Golem will know
where it is.
You trust him?
Yes, I know his circuits like
the back of my hand.
- Then ask him.
- What? Like that, now?
Sure, right away!
I was looking for you.
The medallion!
- They're back!
- What's going on?
The elevator light just came on.
They're coming back.
I'll call you later.
- What's wrong, Eliseo?
- I forgot the medallion.
- Damn it, my father took the medallion.
- It doesn't matter, we know the way now.
How long will the dinner last?
They should be away for
a few more hours.
- Two hours will be enough.
- Yes, but we must be careful.
- I can't bear to watch.
- That's enough!
Are you having fun?
Do you like it?
It's the surprise highlight
of the evening!
Just be careful,
don't stay out too long...
- It could be dangerous.
- Don't worry, I thought it through...
I'll be ten minutes at the most.
Ready, Theo.
Don't be long.
You're a real friend, Golem.
This one isn't open.
It's stuck, Golem!
It's okay,
I'll open that one as well.
- Now I have to deactivate you.
- I don't think you should do that.
But I have to do it.
Then you can say you tried to stop me...
...and I deactivated you.
Go on, turn around.
You had better not get into
trouble, Theo...
It's closing again.
Curse them.
Assholes... Bastards!
- You're even more beautiful in real life!
- You too.
I was scared you wouldn't come.
Now we can be together
when we want.
At night as well?
Yes... When everyone's asleep!
Perhaps we should go back now.
Harry only gave us ten minutes.
But, next time, remember to
put on the other shoe.
But I didn't forget it,
I used it to keep the door open...
Here, in the tunnel.
I didn't think about it.
Let's go, it might still be open.
- Damn it.
- It's locked.
It's pointless.
- Listen!
- What is it?
I don't know.
Let's go.
We should go to my sector.
- Did you hear those screams?
- Yes.
- I'm scared.
- I never heard them before...
They're monstrous!
Wait for me.
That's the kitchen.
It's all wet.
Careful, it's slippery.
- I can't do it.
- Give me your hand.
I can't do it!
We have to make it.
- Come on.
- I'm trying.
It's closing!
Do something.
It's terrible!
Calm down, we'll find him.
He can't have gone far.
We have to find him before
it's too late.
He'll be contaminated if he
goes outside, he'll die!
He'll die!
- My son has disappeared.
- What?
- But how could he?
- Find him and bring him back inside.
Of course!
Don't worry.
I'll shut down all the terminals.
It won't take more than
fifteen minutes, don't worry.
But I'd just like to say that
it isn't so bad...
- It has happened before.
- Yes, okay, Thor...
But nothing irreparable has
happened this time...
You know the atmosphere is
normal in the tunnels.
I understand,
I understand...
Did you hear?
Theo will be back soon.
Don't be upset,
there's no reason.
Call Mrs. Landish, her daughter
might know something.
I need a tranquilizer first.
Let Harry decide if you can take one.
Don't stop.
Be careful.
- What is it?
- I don't know.
Remember to leave in half an hour.
- Another tunnel.
- It looks different to the others.
I feel cold.
My legs are shaking.
- I'm scared.
- Wait, I'll go first.
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
Where are we?
- Shall we keep going?
- Yes.
It looks like a screen,
but it's so bright.
Listen, Beatrice,
maybe we should go back...
We have to think of
a way to get back inside.
Let's wait for them to take
out the refuse.
It's true...
But look over there.
Let's see what that light is.
What is this stuff?
It's dirty... it's sticky.
There's enough space to get through.
- We're picking up an audio signal.
- How is that possible?
The platoon shouldn't be outside
for another twenty minutes.
Seal all the exits...
If Thor finds out they were
open he'll crucify us.
Let's go back.
- Hurry up.
- I can't move!
I can feel my heart beating strangely.
It's pointless, Theo,
we're locked out.
It's our punishment.
We just have to wait.
I'm sure they'll send a rescue
party out for us.
Alex, come here immediately,
it's urgent.
Ready for external deployment.
Tonlan's boy has run away
with the Landish girl...
And the councilor has ordered
me to find them...
- ... and bring them back here.
- The law is quite clear...
Whoever goes outside,
stays outside.
Unless the council...
Tonlan hasn't informed the
council about what happened...
So, we're going outside now,
we're going to find them...
And we'll take them back
to their sectors.
And, from that precise moment,
councilor Tonlan will be in our hands.
You haven't changed.
Tie it first.
What life we have left,
we must live it as free men...
Without the threat of decontamination.
- Sure, like them.
- Like them? Who?
They're buried alive.
They are the perpetuation of agony.
They forget what man was
once capable of.
They don't know anything anymore.
They don't have fears,
they don't have passions...
They don't exist.
They're reduced to a larval
...of what real men used to be.
Only us,
with our suffering...
We represent life.
- What is that?
- I don't know.
- Careful, don't trust it.
- It looks so tame.
Yes, but it might be a dangerous monster.
- But we're bigger.
- Come on, let's get up close.
Are you friend or foe?
State your intentions.
Stop where you are!
- It doesn't look like
it has bad intentions.
- Yes, but
I don't trust it.
What could it be?
It looks like one of those
things I saw on the screen...
What was it called...
...or penguin, or something like that,
I don't remember.
Ask it some questions.
But it can't talk,
it's too young.
- What is that smell?
- I don't know.
Let's go back.
Those men will be out of the tunnel soon.
This place frightens me.
No, there's still time.
Please... Let's go back.
Where are you?
Where are you?
Give me your hand, quick...
It's following us.
Are you injured?
- Lift up your head.
- My nose.
It's moving.
We have to go up,
not down.
We have to stop it.
We'll never make it.
What can I do to stop it?
I'm scared, Theo!
You have to stop it.
I can't.
We only have fifteen minutes
before the gate closes.
Where are you going?
Please say something!
What time is it?
It's seven.
We're in big trouble.
Are you scared?
Aren't you?
We have to get out of here...
No matter what.
- It's not easy.
- Don't say that.
We have to be really strong.
What's this?
It looks a monster skeleton.
Let's rest for a while.
It's so hot.
Yes, but it doesn't feel right.
It's so coarse,
what a strange substance.
It looks like a never-ending screen.
- What is that?
- I don't know.
We need to ask Harry.
It's so big.
Come here.
Let's go and see what it is.
Where are we?
We really could use Harry now.
- Are you still cold?
- Yes.
You'll see, we'll make it back home.
What is it?
- There's someone here.
- Where?
I don't know,
I heard a voice.
You got it wrong,
it's just the wind.
What's that?
It's a small box.
What's inside?
- It has 'Meat' written on it.
- Meat?
And there's something inside it.
It's disgusting!
Come on, Theo,
let's get out of here.
What kind of meat was inside the box?
It was a very old box.
They only ate synthetic food
down there...
Animals didn't exist down there.
The only meat they knew
was human meat!
Let's see what's down here.
I need to rest.
Yes, come on.
What were all these holes for?
There's nothing here,
it's all destroyed.
- I can't feel my feet.
- We can't stop now.
Our blood will stop circulating.
- It's like a labyrinth.
- Yes, it all looks the same.
How strange.
It looks like Golem's ancestor.
- All those buttons.
- Remember, we saw it on the screen.
I didn't think those kids would
make it this far.
- Alex.
- Yes, commander.
- Take some men and check out the port.
- Okay.
- We'll meet at Arless square.
- Okay.
Be careful, that zone is
radioactive down there...
Take this detector with you.
- So you helped him?
- Yes, Eliseo.
Those kids have chosen each other,
I think they're compatible.
- What do you know about compatibility?
- I helped because I want him to be happy.
But he's in danger instead!
- They can die out there.
- You can't die in the tunnels.
- That's a lie!
- Calm down.
You showed him how to get out.
It's against the law,
and you knew that.
- You'll be punished for this.
- I know, Eliseo.
And you also know what
I'll do to you, right?
Yes, you will disconnect
my logic circuits...
I won't be able to think anymore.
Sarah, don't let yourself down...
You cannot know that another
world exists outside.
You cannot know.
- Is that clear?
- Call Thor...
Please call him.
They're so cold and stiff.
They look like fake people.
There are shoes here,
and clothes.
Let's get changed.
Are you crazy?
Don't play tricks like that.
Look at that, isn't it funny?
Look at this.
It's so beautiful, so bright!
Glory to God in the heavens,
and eternal peace to mankind.
Who is this God?
Someone who isn't on earth,
it seems.
Let's look for something to eat.
Otherwise we'll die of hunger.
Are you cold?
They all lived together in this world.
I guess Harry allowed them to.
You know something...
Those images we saw...
The people playing with the ball...
And the others watching them.
It wasn't an illusion,
it was all real.
Do you understand what
I'm trying to say?
The world is bigger than we thought...
Or what they wanted us to believe.
But it's a mess.
Perhaps, once,
it was all different.
But I still miss my big screen...
My sector...
And our little world.
- Listen, what time is it?
- It's probably around eleven.
What is it?
Tell me.
Hold me close.
I'll protect you.
Search the tower, someone
might be hiding in these holes.
What time is it?
Twelve... Stop asking me the
time every five minutes.
What was that? I've never
heard a sound like that before.
Let's go back.
We can rest here.
I'll help you.
Come on, Bear.
I'm exhausted.
I didn't know people had a flavor.
Yours is nice.
What's wrong, Bear?
What is it?
What's happening?
Someone was spying on us.
Open it...
- There's no one there.
- I saw him, he was just there...
And he was looking at us.
- See? There's no one here.
- I tell you I saw him.
- Does it hurt?
- What?
- Your head?
- No, it's nothing.
They're fierce people...
They'll kill anyone,
they cut them to pieces...
And they put their meat
in tins and eat it.
Let's go.
I found this, commander.
My compliments.
We might have found them, sir.
If you don't hurry, the kids
will absorb too much radiation
I'm doing everything I can, sir...
But this place is going
to be hell soon...
The clouds are thick with sulfur,
and it's raining...
If it gets worse,
this rain will become pure acid.
Hurry, Thor... Hurry!
They still haven't found them,
but Thor is sure he will.
We must have faith.
Councilor, have they found them?
Mrs. Landish... Not yet, but the
platoon has located them, don't worry.
And please remember not to
say a word to anyone...
No matter what reason.
It's essential for everything
to end well.
- Do you understand?
- Yes, I understand completely.
- I'm tired.
- Just a little more.
- Did you hurt yourself?
- They're getting ready to put us in tins.
It's true, let's go.
Run... Run!
Look, it's them!
Let's get them.
Careful not to hit the boy.
Let's get Theo.
Over here, commander,
I found him.
Stay away from these monsters.
It's for your own good.
Exterminate them.
I see you've done some good hunting,
I can't say the same, unfortunately.
We managed to save him,
those dirty rats had him trapped.
Right, Theo?
This is Alex.
You were well equipped, how did
you know it was so cold out here?
They didn't know...
They found clothes and other things here
in the city, in an underground store...
But, unfortunately for us,
Theo isn't able to retrace his steps.
The streets all look the same...
What about Beatrice?
I don't know what to say,
I didn't find anything...
Except for this animal.
Give it here.
Come on, rat, move!
Show us how pretty you are...
Don't pull, don't pull!
It's all the fault of these
disgusting animals.
They're full of viruses,
cesium and radium...
They're living mines.
The sooner we eliminate them,
the better it will be for everyone.
Do they really eat each other?
I don't know,
but I wouldn't put it past them.
There's something else I'd
like to know...
- How are my mother and father?
- They're fine.
They're both under Harry's control.
They aren't suffering,
if that's what you wanted to know?
Yes, that's right.
What can we do for her?
Let's take her to Elia.
Don't hurt her.
- I'm scared.
- Haven't you seen fire before?
Don't be afraid,
it's just pieces of wood...
They burn,
they illuminate.
They keep us warm.
Leave her alone.
We welcome you.
Take her next door,
in the light...
There's more light in there.
Her name is Beatrice...
- Do something for her.
- She needs medicine.
They'll hear us if you keep screaming.
Come with me, we're leaving.
Everything is okay.
We just have to wait.
Have you ever witnessed
a baby being born?
It's marvelous.
Don't worry, Theo, we'll keep
looking for Beatrice, I promise...
But after we've been decontaminated.
- What do you mean?
- Our blood...
You see, we need to
completely replace our blood...
...every three days.
Me, him, and the rest of my men...
Because we came up here...
We met with some trouble...
But don't you worry about,
you're not in any danger.
But us,
to be brutally honest...
We're condemned.
I don't think you want to see
your friend Thor die...
Just because his blood has gone stale!
And who will look for Beatrice after?
It's Bear!
She might be here as well!
Bear, wait.
What are you doing here?
Take me to Beatrice.
You were with her!
Where is she now?
- Tell me.
- Stop it.
That animal is infected.
Yes, good Bear!
Show me where she is.
Stop, Theo.
Stay here.
Follow the dog, it might be
lead us to something interesting.
Come on, one last stop.
- Stay in contact.
- Okay.
We'll try to locate the underground
store that Theo discovered.
If you like, you can wash here.
- Here?
- In the water.
Well don't look.
Stay back.
Sorry, you're right.
- Shall I go?
- No, just turn around...
And keep talking.
I'm glad you asked me to turn around...
It means you consider me...
...a human being.
Yes, but don't try and turn around.
Move it...
Damn it, they've seen us!
Come here, bastard!
Don't let them get away.
Look down there.
Everyone over there.
Keep moving!
Now let's have a nice bonfire.
Poor Bear.
They burnt him as well.
Now it's your turn...
- Theo!
- Careful, do you want to be burnt?
Only my flames can get rid of
this horrendous stench.
You insane criminal,
you're worse than them.
Why do you treat them like this?
Come with me.
It's two o'clock now...
Call Thor, there must be some news.
I can't go on.
Please, Eliseo.
We open this programme
with some bad news...
Theo, son of councilor Tolman,
cell 7...
...and Beatrice Landish,
cell 27...
...have died suddenly...
Someone found out they escaped.
They won't be allowed back.
- I don't want to lose him.
- It's the law, Sarah.
- I want my son back!
- There's nothing we can do...
- Nothing, Sarah... Nothing!
- But we can!
We have to go outside as well.
Take me away from here.
Beatrice's mother didn't kill herself...
No, they killed her,
and now they're going to kill us!
That's what happened.
Please, take me away from here.
Take me away.
This is Tolman.
- Father.
- Theo.
- We're leaving.
- No, father, don't!
- Your mother is here.
- Theo, they found out about your escape.
You can't come back inside,
but we won't abandon you.
Go back inside,
it's too dangerous.
What is all this screaming about?
They killed them.
Who are you talking about?
Who have they killed?
Tell me.
They killed my father and my mother...
...they were in tunnel three.
I saw them.
They wanted to go out.
They wanted to be with me...
And they killed them.
Command calling second platoon.
Alex, can you hear me?
Alex, can you hear me?
Answer me.
Take five men,
and find that supermarket for me.
Sorry, sir, but we're exhausted,
we must return for the transfusion.
Be quiet and do as I say...
We have to show them we've
found something important.
Now go.
Where are you going?
- No, don't leave me alone.
- You wait here.
- I'll come back for you, don't worry.
- No, you want to be free of me.
- Please, Thor!
- Leave me alone.
Don't touch me.
Stay away from me.
Damn you!
You can go to hell as well!
I don't care about your father,
he was a monster as well...
Like everyone else who lives down there.
- I only followed orders.
- Whose?
Councilor Tolman,
and commander Thor...
I had no idea they were acting illegally.
You cannot enter.
- Out of the way.
- And you can't give me orders.
You're not our leader anymore.
Get rid of this imbecile.
Don't obey him.
The council has expelled him.
What are you waiting for?
Our weapons are empty.
Take them,
they're yours.
Now go.
Don't be afraid,
we just want to talk to you.
Stay where you are!
Don't come any closer.
Listen, Beatrice is with us,
in our base...
It isn't far.
I told you to stay where you are!
Do you think I'm stupid enough
to follow you?
It's the truth,
I know you... You're Theo.
Beatrice is in our base.
Come with us.
That's enough!
Go away.
Dirty worms.
Stay down.
I hear someone.
We'll go over there,
but stay close.
Use the flamethrowers.
That's his voice.
Don't let anyone get away.
Come with me.
Look out!
Watch out, there's fire behind you.
Don't go!
It's moving.
We have two hours to save them.
How much longer, Elia?
The wood is rotten...
It isn't lighting.
We need a flamethrower,
we must go back to the supermarket.
We must hurry...
The tide will drop in an hour.
We must try.
I'll get the flamethrower,
wait here for me.
It's heavy.
It should still be hot.
There are only three of them...
- Just one burst.
- No, don't waste a drop of fuel.
They'll come looking for them.
- You hurry to the port.
- They'll kill you!
Do as I say!
I need you.
Go now.
Don't stop.
We have less than an hour.
The tide is dropping...
You're finished, monster.
I'm not a monster...
I'm a man!
There's no one here,
they're all on the ship.
The tide is dropping.
It's Theo.
He came back.
Theo, where are you?
These miserable beings...
...have been my ruin.
And now they want to run away...
And leave me all alone.
But they're fooling themselves...
The game...
...still hasn't finished.
Stop, I'm coming.
The flamethrower,
it fell in the water.
It doesn't matter.
I'll help you.
- Where's Beatrice?
- Relax, she's on board.
She's here,
but I don't know where.
What are you going to do?
What do you want from us?
I want...
...my salvation...
In exchange for her life.
It's my last hope.
It's all meaningless,
let us go...
Let us go,
it's all over now!
The council, Harry, the lies...
My fight, your fight,
it's all meaningless.
No, no...
It isn't true.
Take me to the power station...
I'm sure you know where it is.
You father will have told you
before he died.
Okay, let's go...
But you let Beatrice go!
Help me.
I beg you!
You can't abandon me.
You, and your existence...
You've given my life new meaning,
on this terrible planet.
This man who has lived only
knowing the laws of hate...
Now, without his victims,
would have nothing to live for.
Revenge is a bitter fruit...
And death came swiftly to him.
It's burning!
Then you're Theo.
And where did Beatrice go?
Beatrice isn't with us anymore...
And I'm just a tired old man...
Who is waiting here for his daughter.
In these long solitary years...
I tried to find out about everything
there is to know about life...
But only now have I understood...
The simplest thing in the world...
That the truth about existence
is found in nature...
...and in the equilibrium of its laws...
...that govern the lives of
all human beings...
And they govern the cycle of
the universe.