Fugitive at 17 (2012) Movie Script

Move it! Let's go! Let's go!
- He's got a gun!
- Agh!
- See you tomorrow.
- Bye.
Still working on
your senior project?
Heck, yeah! Like, this thing rocks!
I just installed a new O.S.
So now this puppy has
more processing power
- than a brand-new computer.
- Remember that you can't take
a computer as your
date to the prom.
Yeah. Like I'd go to the prom!
All right. All set.
- Hey! Can you do me a favour?
- What's up?
I haven't heard back from
DePew University yet,
and... I want to see
if I got accepted.
So, what?
You want me to hack
into a major university
to see if you got in on
time? Ha! Ha! Ha!
Just a peek.
OK, fine.
I'll do it from home. Just meet
there in a half hour, OK?
Well, for such a big school...
you'd think they'd
have better firewalls.
Ahh, Blake...
- You're in.
- What?
- What? I got in!
- Shh! Grandma.
You can transfer in later,
when your grandma recovers.
- Your grades are perfect.
- I know.
We have to go out tonight.
I know of a party downtown.
It's a school night.
It's college people. There's
a party every night.
Yeah, but I got to get up early.
Tons of college guys
from Central U...
Yeah, and tons of booze,
and drugs, and cops...
Blake, sit down. We're
on probation, remember?
We gotta be good.
No way.
Stop with the puppy
dog eyes. OK, I'll go!
- But we leave when I wanna leave.
- Yep.
As soon as I say let's
go, we're leaving.
- Mm-hmm.
- OK.
- Congrats.
- Thanks.
- Here she is.
- Let's go, then.
- Hey...
- Officer.
This is private property here.
We don't allow skateboarding.
Did he do any damage, or
was it just trespassing?
- Trespassing.
- Skateboarding is not a crime.
Thanks. I'll take it from here.
- All right.
- I was just trying to get home faster.
Enough. You're grounded for
a week. No skateboarding.
You didn't listen to my side
of the story, but... whatever.
Wow! Look at you!
You're a rock star!
Oh, Holly...
Don't forget to take your
nine-o'clock pills, OK?
I won't.
I refilled all your dispensers
and even set the alarm.
You've grown into such
a strong, smart woman.
Your parents would have
been really proud.
I won't be too late.
Oh! And... call me
for whatever reason.
Large... or small...
- Go!
- Medium... teeny-weeny...
Dance the night away.
So, where did you tell
her we were going?
The library, of course. For
some dorky youth group thing.
Yeah, that outfit
screams "youth group"!
I changed in the car!
Hey, hey, and promise me
that you're gonna
take it easy tonight.
Don't tell me there's
free Wi-Fi in here.
Uh, there is, believe it or not.
The factory next door.
- But it's password-protected.
- Hm.
OK, try this:
I'm in!
So... you're a hacker.
No. I'm Holly.
I'm Dan. Uh, I'm empty.
Do you want something?
Yeah, something
without booze in it.
- Water's fine.
- OK. I'll be right back.
- Holly!
- Be careful.
So... what's your major?
Uhhh, I'm not sure yet.
How come?
Because I'm actually
not in college.
Oh! Uh, sorry. I just assumed.
Why? What's your major?
Business. Uh...
It's a family thing.
I can't help but notice
you don't have a drink.
Can I buy you one?
- You look amazing.
- Thanks.
I bet you've been hearing
that all night long.
Or are these kids too
afraid to say anything?
I'm not afraid.
Am I boring you already?
No, no, I'm just
looking for my friend.
She's around here somewhere.
Probably up to no good...
Oh, yeah?
- I met an awesomely cute guy.
- Who?
Just a guy.
OK, but we made a deal, remember?
We're outta here at midnight,
no matter how much fun we're
having. You got it, Cinderella?
OK, Mom!
I'm serious, Blake! Your
parents hate me enough
already as it is. Can you
imagine how pissed they'd be
if you spent the night with
some drunk college guy?
Oh... he's a college
guy, all right!
But he's not a student.
Shut up!
All I know is: he's really hot!
Do you know how late it is?
You got to turn that thing off.
Come on. Your dad let
you get away with this?
Are you gonna tell him about the whole
skateboarding thing? He'll freak.
Well, I kinda have to. You're
with him this weekend.
So? I'll just say I
forgot my board here.
- He doesn't even have to know.
- You know I can't do that.
Lights out.
I thought you said you hadn't
played it since you were a kid.
I guess I forgot how much
I love to kick things.
This is a good place to
have a drink. After you.
Ha! Tie game.
I eased up on you. I felt bad.
You mean, you were faking it?
You'll never know.
A nightcap. You can't say no.
That gave me a second wind.
OK, that's it. I give up.
You win. Besides, I'm less
of a soccer guy and
more of a surfer.
Hm! You must love the weather here.
I don't... feel good.
You're gonna be fine. I promise.
No, I shouldn't have had any more.
Can... can you call my friend?
She's not answering.
I gotta go find her.
OK. Uh...
- Good game.
- Good game.
I'll find you online
when my ego's recovered.
Holly Hamilton. Wellington High.
Hey! You OK? Hey! Hey!
No, you stupid bitch! Wake up!
Why am I always the babysitter?
Wa-wake up!
Wake up! Wake up!
Blake. Blake, get up!
Blake! Can you hear me?
Oh, my god! You're not breathing!
Blake, wake up! Blake!
Wake up!
Shut up!
- No!
- Shut up!
Get off of me, you bastard!
Blake! Help! Somebody call 9-1-1!
My friend is dying! Blake!
- Come on!
- It's in here.
Don't go! Blake,
please! Blake! God...
Hey, Angela. It's Cam.
Uh, I know it's late, but can
you come watch Brent?
I just got called in to work.
Awesome. Thank you so much.
Take over, will you?
- Hey, Cam.
- Hey.
- Welcome to the party.
- Yeah, woo-hoo.
We're holding the
other kid over there,
but she's drugged out,
not really talking.
All right. Let's go look.
Need you over at the cup.
Get it from the other angle too.
Can you give me a minute? Thanks.
Hey there.
I'm Detective Langford.
What's your name?
You want to tell me
what happened, Holly?
Hey, come on. Stay with me.
I don't know.
I came upstairs...
saw my friend unconscious...
and that's when the
man attacked me.
You were assaulted?
Holly Hamilton.
- 65 Olivia.
- What else do we have in there?
Holly, what's this?
That's not mine.
Your friend's?
No. He must have put it in there.
- Who put it in there?
- The man who attacked me.
OK. Give us a sec.
The kid's eyes are
as wide as saucers.
Friend's ODed, and she's holding.
We can't continue questioning
her without a guardian present.
The judge will throw it
out of court in a minute.
- Good point.
- You should get that tested.
So, Holly, that I.D.
says you're 17.
Where can we get a
hold of your parents?
My parents are dead.
I'm sorry to hear that.
So how about, uh,
your guardian? Hm?
- Whoever looks after you?
- My grandma.
OK, well, I'm gonna send
someone over to pick her up.
You're gonna have to come down
to the station for questioning.
You don't understand.
- I don't do drugs.
- OK. Well...
we're gonna take you
to the hospital,
get you checked out,
make sure you're OK.
And when you're safe...
you'll come back to
the station, and...
you can tell me everything
that happened. All right?
Thanks. Yeah.
That was the hospital.
Blake Brooks is DOA.
Hey, Tony, what're you doing here?
Your OD victim, Blake Brooks,
daughter of Corbin Brooks.
He donates to every charity in town
including the mayor's campaign.
- Right.
- Can I talk to you for a sec?
- Tell me you're on top of this.
- Yeah. We're holding a witness.
It's a friend of Brooks
named Holly Hamilton.
Both girls are on probation for a
drug possession rap from last year.
- So they're a couple of druggies?
- Uh, I don't know...
You know, during the
arrest last year,
Hamilton denied everything,
and then she changes her mind
and says that she snatched the
drugs from her sick grandma.
Well, Brookses are
the kind of people
that can make our
jobs very difficult.
Get a rush job on the
blood work for both kids.
Yeah. I'm on it. And, uh, by the way,
Brent's been grounded from skateboarding.
Why? What'd he do?
A security guard caught
him on private property.
That's why I keep telling you,
you can't leave this kid alone.
You know what? He's a kid,
he's gonna make mistakes,
but you gotta give him the
benefit of the doubt.
Well, that view blew up in
your face once, remember?
Oh, here we go... you're just gonna keep
bringing up Marcus Alva, aren't you?
I think it's a valid point, don't you? You
cut him slack, just like you do for Brent.
- OK, can I go do my job now?
- Yeah. Please, do.
She's back from the
hospital already.
Yep. They said she's fine.
Grandma's in no way
a suitable guardian.
She just had a kidney transplant.
- Pills are everywhere.
- Then, I guess I'm gonna have
to get a guardian for the girl,
and I'll call Social Services
and have them go check on Grandma.
Seems to me the kid is the
guardian of the old lady.
All right. Thanks, West.
Hey, Holly.
How's my grandma?
She's OK.
But I think you and I both know she's in no
condition to be your guardian right now.
Is there anyone else that
can take care of her?
Then, they're probably gonna
have to move her in the morning.
To where?
A state-run nursing home.
Uh, probably Happy Meadow.
It's the best place for her to be
right now till this blows over.
So here's what's gonna happen.
You're gonna have to spend
the night at juvenile hall.
Just try and get
some sleep tonight.
- Langford.
- Got the prelim toxicology
reports for Blake and Holly.
Both kids had the
prescription medication
Centanyl in their systems.
But Brooks had twice
the amount as Hamilton,
and she had a blood
alcohol content of .12.
God, so she was hammered.
Listen to this: Brooks
was also on an MAOI
inhibitor for depression.
It causes a dangerous
drug interaction with Centanyl.
It's worse than alcohol.
Right. So drug-wise,
it was the perfect storm.
For Blake. Unfortunately,
it seems Centanyl
is another strong pain med that's
catching on as a recreational drug.
And Holly was definitely
under the influence too?
- No doubt.
- Right. Thanks.
So it looks like grandma
paid no premiums,
but had great health coverage.
Prescriptions from
legitimate doctors, but...
Well, if Holly got all these online,
this is some weapons-grade hacking.
Do you think we have
enough for intent to sell?
- Is that a trick question?
- Detective?
Make sure you bag and tag all the
pharmaceuticals in this room.
Yeah, you're right, that'd be
really great. Thank you. Hey...
- Hey.
- What were the captain
and Cameron talking
about last night
- with that "Marcus Alva"?
- Oh, Marcus, yeah.
Um... well, a couple of years ago,
Cameron took an interest in this kid
after he was sent to foster care.
You know, he had drug problems.
He had really fallen through
the cracks of the system.
One day, she finds him
loitering in front of a house.
Instead of bringing him in, she
lets him go with a warning.
Now, 24 hours later, kid
gets caught breaking
into a nice house by the owner.
So what happened? He did time?
Owner shot him.
Cameron thinks, had she
arrested him for loitering...
the kid would be alive today.
So, how long have you been
taking Grandma's drugs?
Really, Detective? Can we
avoid the accusatory quips?
Can I speak for myself, please?
They weren't her drugs.
They came from the man who started
cramming them down my throat.
How old was he?
What did he look like?
I don't know. He was...
bigger and stronger than
me, and he had this...
this strong cologne that was...
So, how come the kids who
called 9-1-1 didn't see him?
Detective, let's focus
on what Holly saw,
not speculate on what
other people saw.
Well, just ask the guy, Dan.
He was with me for over an hour.
All right. Dan who?
Dan, uh...
Dan... you know,
he's, he was a business
major at, uh...
Holly. Look, you have a record.
OK, you've got to do
better than this.
My boss is breathing
down my neck here.
All right, take it back.
The man who attacked you...
crammed the drugs in your mouth.
Then what happened?
And then I felt his
hands all over me.
I even thought he
was gonna rape me.
And that must have been where
he went into my purse,
planted the vial.
Did you fingerprint it?
Holly, the results
were inconclusive.
- Well, then, how can you say that it's mine?
- 'Cause it was in your purse!
- Come on, Holly.
- West.
Look. The DA calls that
possession, and the courts agree.
OK, think, Holly.
Can you remember anything else
about the man who attacked you?
- He had these long nails. Mm-hmm.
- Long nails?
His hands were just...
all over my body, and
I could just feel
his nails digging into my
face, and that's when he took
the powder, and he started
pouring it into my mouth, and...
OK. let me get this straight.
- Our mystery man had long nails?
- Mm-hmm.
- He wore cologne...
- Yes.
And a vial of drugs that
he put in your purse?
- Yeah...
- What else you're making up?
Keep it up, Detective,
I will file a complaint.
Cameron, can I talk
to you for a minute?
I'll be right back.
Mrs. Brooks, I know
this is very difficult,
but I need you to remember
everything you can, OK?
What time did you last
see your daughter?
She left the house at around 7pm.
Did she say
where she was going?
To a youth group event
down at the library.
Did you have any reason to believe
that she was lying about
where she was headed?
I'm sure Holly told Blake
to lie, so they could
go to that party.
Would you say that they were...
best friends?
I don't know about best
friends, but I do know Holly
is always around when Blake
did something wrong.
And by that, you're referring to the incident
last year when the girls were arrested?
Holly got Blake hooked on drugs.
She stole the drugs from
her sick grandmother.
You know for a fact that
Holly was a drug user?
Well, I just assumed.
Right. It's just that, um...
last year when they
were arrested, uh...
only Blake tested positive.
Holly admitted in court
to stealing the drugs
from her grandmother, and my
daughter had been suffering
from depression ever since!
Do you know if, uh, if Blake had a
boyfriend or if she was seeing anyone?
Not that I know of.
You don't think that... there
wouldn't have been anyone else
that she was expecting to see
at the party that night?
What I know, Detective,
is that Holly Hamilton took
my daughter to that party.
She gave her drugs that
she got from her home!
And my daughter didn't come back.
Sorry, I know this must
be very difficult.
We'll just give you a few
minutes, Mrs. Brooks.
Thank you for coming in...
So, Holly Hamilton is a con artist,
a drug dealer, and
there's a dead body too.
I want her ass off the streets,
and I want manslaughter.
Hold on. We can get
her on possession
and insurance fraud, but
I can't prove that Holly
was responsible for
Blake's death yet.
Here we go again, huh,
Detective Softie?
Mrs. Brooks, are you all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Let me see you out.
- Mrs. Brooks, I am so sorry.
- You shouldn't have
dragged her to that party
in the first place.
I didn't drag her. She
really, really wanted to go.
Look, you could have said no.
You two were on probation,
but you knew that and
you didn't care!
- I do care, Mrs. Brooks.
- Look. All I know is
that my daughter is dead!
And who's responsible! You tell me.
What do you want, Detective?
I need to know the truth,
Holly, about everything.
All right? How you're conning
the insurance companies,
about the drugs, about what really
happened to Blake last night?
We were not using drugs that night!
That man attacked her! The exact
same man who attacked me!
Blake Brooks was murdered.
Detective, I'm going to
advise Holly to take the 5th,
and not say anything more.
Well, if I were you, I'd
advise her to cooperate.
That is, if she wants to see
Grandma sooner rather than later.
Up yours, bitch! I'm not gonna
cooperate if you don't want to listen!
- Let go of me.
- Officer. Holly, come on.
- Don't touch me!
- Please, Holly.
OK, that's enough.
It's over.
Book her.
Just have a seat right there.
Look, Holly, I get
why you're angry.
I don't know what I would've done if
my best friend had died like that.
Yeah, you seem pretty
sympathetic and understanding.
- Hey, Brent, what's up?
- Mom, I dropped my cell phone in the toilet.
I'm sorry. How exactly
did you manage to drop
your brand-new cell
phone in the toilet?
- What should I do?
- I don't know.
Don't flush?
Gimme the phone.
Hold on.
- Get it out of the toilet.
- I have to put my hand in the toilet?
- Who is this?
- Are you listening to me?
Open the back, take out the
battery and the SIM card,
vacuum the body, and stick
it in a bag of rice.
- You got all that?
- I think so.
Problem solved.
Uh, I'll talk to you
later, all right, Brent?
Wait, where's the rice?
Figure it out.
- Thanks for that.
- Sure.
If you confess...
it'll go a long way to
reducing your sentence.
All right.
Have it your way.
Something to think about,
anyway, tonight at juvie.
This isn't right...
What's with mixing the
adults and the minors?
That's a lawsuit waiting to happen.
- What else? Budget cuts.
- Pfft.
Hey, punkie. I'm talking to ya.
- What did they get you for?
- Nothing.
Me neither, man.
I didn't do nothing.
What did you do?
Borrow Daddy's car
without permission?
Did you bitch-slap your boyfriend?
- What the hell?
- Back up!
- Stop the truck!
- Call it in, now!
- Get out!
- Right on time.
- Get out of the truck! Now!
- Van 47 to Base!
- 51-21 in progress!
- Get out! Hurry up! Get out!
- Unlock the door! Now!
- Don't shoot!
Hurry up! Let's go! Move!
Move! Move! Faster!
Unlock the door!
Hurry up! Hurry up!
Come on! Let's go! Let's go!
- Hey!
- All right.
Come on. Take these things off me.
- Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
- Let's go. Come on. You too.
- Let's move!
- Come on! Get out!
I have nothing to do with this! Can you
hear me? I have nothing to do with this!
- Shut... up!
- This has nothing to do with me!
- Let go of me!
- Listen.
Listen! The more of us that run,
the harder we are to catch.
You got it?
- Got it.
- He's got a gun!
Run, bitch! He'll shoot you too!
Come on! Let's go!
We got a 51-21. Corrections
van, just now.
- All of them?
- Yes.
- Even Hamilton? How?
- Yeah.
They had outside help, and
they shot the driver.
What is going on?
What the hell is going on?
Backup is on its way,
Yep. Thanks.
That's weird.
- Going to the game tonight?
- For sure.
You know me, Blake.
I'm not gonna stop until
I find this bastard.
Hey, Billy, why won't you wait up?
We go to Tom Berry at
Philadelphia police headquarters
with breaking news.
While one escapee was
caught this afternoon,
two of the fugitives from
yesterday's daring escape
remain at large and
should be considered
armed and dangerous.
If you have any information
regarding the whereabouts
of these fugitives,
please contact the Philadelphia
police immediately.
I'm Tom Berry. Now,
back to you, Bob.
Ah... That was a rough one.
Oh, yeah...
- Are you gonna stay and close up?
- Yeah, I'll do that for you just...
All right. Ah...
- thanks, sweetie.
- Ha! Ha! Ha! I know.
Found you, Dan.
They caught the detainee
who was being transported
with Holly. A biker
type named Renee.
- Nothing on Holly?
- Nothing on Holly.
Hey... Sorry.
You can't sleep here.
You fell asleep.
Look, you seem innocent enough,
but we get cops in
here late at night.
It doesn't look good.
- You finished?
- Yep.
Just give me a second,
I'll run up the bill.
Do you want dessert?
- No, I'm stuffed.
- OK.
Oh... when I get
home, I'm so tired,
he has to cook.
Is that right? Send
him over to my place.
Next time, use the crosswalk!
Hey, Dan.
How... how, how did you get...?
I need your help.
I need your help.
What are you working on?
I'm just going over the transcript
from Holly's first Q&A.
Have you had any luck finding
this mysterious "Dan"
- she keeps mentioning?
- No. No, I haven't.
- Hm. Well, keep on it.
- Where are you going?
I am gonna go talk to Grandma.
Well... good luck.
"Having a great time in Belize.
Wish you were here.
Love, Holly." Hm!
Do you have any idea where
she actually is, Mrs. Hamilton?
I wouldn't tell you even if I knew.
What I do know is she
is out there alone,
being hunted by you
people unfairly,
because there is no way
Holly killed her friend.
It's my job...
to investigate and
collect evidence,
- but I'm not judge and jury here.
- Then collect the evidence!
Thinking that Holly would
even use drugs is absurd!
If it's so absurd,
then why did she plead guilty
to a drug charge last year?
That made me so mad!
She was protecting Blake!
It was Blake who took my drugs!
I don't understand.
Blake was stealing my painkillers
when she came over to the house.
Holly protected her and
confessed because Blake
- Was afraid of her parents.
- And why would Holly do that?
Both her parents died.
She has no brothers and sisters.
Blake is like family to her.
Holly will do anything
to protect the people
that she loves.
Even break the law?
Is there no one in your life
for whom you would break the rules?
Look, I'm sorry,
I did pretty well...
So... a teacher who goes
to college parties?
I know. I got to go through
pictures of the whole faculty.
- I thought you said you didn't see his face.
- True, but I know Blake's type.
He must've been really good
looking and not too old.
- That means hundreds of teachers.
- Gotta start somewhere.
I don't know if you remember this,
but about a year ago the court appointed
you, uh, to defend a teenager,
Holly Hamilton, on a
narcotics possession charge.
- Yeah... I remember.
- Yeah, well, I was speaking
to the girl's grandmother,
and she said that the girl
pled guilty even though she
was innocent of the charges.
Apparently, the friend,
Blake Brooks, was so afraid
of her parents that she
pled guilty to protect her.
That's true, she
said she gave Blake
the drugs, but no, she didn't.
How do you know that?
I defend guilty
people all day long,
so I'm a pretty good
judge of character.
Holly was clean. She took a rap.
I thought you said you
were looking at pictures
- of faculty members.
- Thanks.
Um, I was, but there's
just way too many pictures
to weed through. I just thought
I'd try something different.
So you've moved on to his nails?
Dan, look.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. See? Guitar
players grow their nails out.
Oh, yeah!
- God, who knew?
- Right?
So maybe that means
he's a music teacher...
- who grows nails out.
- Yeah.
She's a kid! Why the hell
can't anybody catch her?
We will! We have unis at her house,
her high school, the nursing home...
Yeah, sitting on their asses drinking
coffee, while she makes fools of us all.
That's not what this is about.
Bull! Listen, you don't have the Brooks
family kicking your ass every day.
Tony, you've known me
since the academy.
We were married for eight years.
We have a child together.
Am I or am I not a good detective?
- Just get to the point.
- The point is: we're supposed
to be on the same side here,
but you keep dragging in all this personal
garbage while I'm trying to do my job.
Yeah, and my job is to manage all
the detectives that work under me.
All right, so then manage.
Stop picking fights with me.
Stop calling me "Softie".
Stop bringing up Marcus
Alva all the damn time.
I mean... maybe...
Let's go to music school.
Look, hold on. I mean,
what if you're right?
OK. What are you gonna
do if you see him?
What anyone would do:
call the cops.
Um... gimme your phone.
- But why?
- Just do it.
Was it him?
Yeah... Actually... I don't know.
You don't sound very confident.
Dan, I just saw the
nails that night. I...
Call the cops. OK, it's their job
to follow up on leads. Use my cell.
No, I can't. It might be traceable.
- I gotta find another way.
- What? Whoa, whoa!
- No.
- Dan, you've been beyond helpful.
I'm sure you have a
hundred things to do.
I'll catch up with you later.
Hey, Brent! Finish up!
Dinners almost ready!
OK, Mom.
- Brent?
- Sasha?
No, Brent. It's not Sasha,
it's Holly. How's your phone?
Um, OK.
I dropped it in the toilet, and
some girl help me save it.
Yeah, that was me, Einstein. Is your
mom around? I need to talk to her.
- Why? Am I in trouble?
- No. You're not in trouble.
Mom! Come here!
- What?
- Come... here!
What's up?
That girl who saved my cell
phone wants to talk to you.
What? Come on. Get out of here.
Hamilton? Go. Go, go, go!
- Mom?!
- Now!
Hello, Detective Langford.
You contacted my son?
How did you get his information?
- Just please listen.
- No, you listen.
Don't you dare drag
my family into this.
Don't forget. You dragged my
grandmother into this, remember?
Now, I got a suspect for you,
somebody you should check out.
His name is Billy Johnson,
and he's a guitar teacher
at Central U with long nails.
No way, Holly. You turn yourself in,
and maybe we'll focus on that crime,
and we'll talk later about
the fact that you escaped.
So, hang on, I gotta, like, bargain
with you for you to do your job?
My job?
My job is to bring you in, Holly.
Someone was shot, OK?
- You have to stop running.
- I didn't run be...
I didn't run because I'm guilty.
I ran because I didn't do it.
You're just making things
worse for yourself.
You have to turn yourself in.
What's worse than Blake being dead?
I'm out here on my own,
hiding from you, trying
to solve your case.
Now, I know you don't
owe me any favors,
but I want you to listen.
Please, just... check it out.
Pfft, and don't do it for me.
Do it for the dead girl.
I'm sorry to disturb you.
Thanks a lot.
So, what did he say?
He's not your guy.
He was teaching last Wednesday.
He's got about 16 alibis.
It's a nice try, though.
Look, I did you a favour.
Now, I need you to do me one.
Just come over here, and we can talk
this through. We can figure it out.
No way.
You can't keep running.
Hold it!
Don't move, Holly.
There you go. Nice and easy.
Nice and easy.
Hey! Step aside!
What's up with that?
- Police! Step aside!
- Hey!
Out of the way!
Look out, kids.
We lost her. She's got some legs.
Well, she can't run forever.
Damn it.
- Hey, Professor Johnson?
- Uh, can I help you?
I'm a freshman and I'm
writing a short story
about, uh, guitar players,
so I was just wondering if I can
ask you a couple of questions.
- Um, sure. Go ahead.
- Uh, great!
Would, um... serious guitar players
grow out their nails rather
than using a pick or...?
Yeah, flamenco and classical players
often grow their nails out on one hand.
Oh! Are there any
other faculty members
that, uh, that play guitar?
Uh, Loretta Miller. She's good.
- Anybody else?
- Uh, nope.
But there is an economics prof
who plays a mean flamenco.
Uh... Oliphant. He's a regular
at the Firelight Club. Plays
a couple nights a week.
- Thanks.
- Sure.
I'll be right with you.
- You really think it's him?
- He had the nails.
We have to check it out.
You need to stay out of
sight for now, so...
why don't you keep the bed,
and I'll just grab a sleeping
bag from the closet?
You know what? I should
probably get going.
I don't want to get
you into any trouble.
Well, maybe I can keep
you out of trouble.
Yeah, right.
What's that?
I got my calendar notifications on.
It's, um, reminding me that it's my
grandmothers birthday in a couple days.
Well, maybe this will be all over
by then, and you can see her.
Thanks a lot, Mr. Brightside,
but I doubt it.
Actually, I could really use a
few pearls of wisdom from her
right about now.
God, she's such a badass.
so that's where you get
your badass genes from.
OK. Thanks.
Hey, those "Dans" you
wanted me to check,
there's tons of them
at the university.
There's over 80 in the school of business
alone. It's a needle-haystack thing.
Do any of them cross-reference
with the kids at the party?
There's none of them
on the interview list.
I'll just keep looking, all right?
All right. Thanks.
So, why the hell was
that thing so expensive?
Well, it's a satellite phone,
so it'll work anywhere,
and it's virtually untraceable.
So... this is his place, huh?
I mean, you're sure this time?
I mean, you were wrong before.
No, I'm not sure, but I'm
running out of time.
I have to do this, Dan, and
I have to do it tonight.
His office hours are
between five and seven,
so that's when I make
my move and break in.
So, who taught you
how to pick locks?
Mm, just look up lock-picking
on the internet.
There's tons and tons of videos.
What if he catches you?
I guess I go to jail.
There's something I have to do.
Where's the nearest thrift store?
I need a wardrobe change.
Saving the best for last...
Holly Hamilton. Where
are we with this?
Don't worry, Captain,
we'll catch her.
There's a time factor here,
and we need to get her now.
We will. Look, she's
not going anywhere.
Oh, really? And how
do you know that?
Because she thinks she
has a case to solve.
- She's gonna stay h...
- Cameron, please, OK,
just save me from your
theories and her theories, OK?
You have a case to solve.
Get it done.
Here we are. Happy Meadow.
Hey! If I'm not back in 10 minutes,
- I want you to bail, OK?
- Be careful.
I have a singing telegram
for Mr. Herman Brown.
- Room 104, please?
- Uh... down the hallway, about halfway.
Thank you.
Singing telegrams?
They still do that?
Hello, hello!
Happy early birthday, GM!
- Holly?
- Yeah. Shh!
- How are you feeling?
- I'm fine,
but what are you wearing?
Don't laugh, I know.
It got me in here.
Oh! I see you got my
flowers from Belize.
That was cheeky.
See? It's not so bad
in here, right?
I wanna go home. It's not home.
I know.
And I've been thinking,
you know. If I hadn't gotten
sick, Holly, none of this
would have happened.
- This is all my fault.
- No.
I don't want you to ever
say that again, GM.
I made all these
decisions myself, OK?
And I would do them all
over again if I could.
You were always...
But, Holly, they are
going to catch you...
- eventually.
- No.
I have to find that
bastard who killed Blake.
Blake would not want you
hurt any more than I do.
I know.
- In the basement?
- Yeah.
I should get going, GM.
Happy early birthday.
When will I see you again?
I'm not sure.
But soon.
And I'm gonna take you
home again. I promise.
I know that you really believe
in what you're doing,
and I support you all the way.
- Be safe.
- I will.
I love you.
- West.
- Hey, West, it's me.
Look, I need you to call
the Central University
parking office and have them run
every late-model blue Jeep.
Cross-reference them with
any students named Dan
and any of the kids from the
party that we interviewed, OK?
- Got it.
- Yeah, thanks.
Ready to rock and roll?
Let's do this.
Hey... be careful.
I'm in.
Good luck.
Nothing in the bathroom.
Damn! Where would
you hide the drugs?
Uh... if I used them to
seduce girls... the bedroom?
I can't find a thing in here.
Why would a guitar have no strings?
I don't know, but hurry up.
I got it.
Really? What?
- Centanyl.
- You sure?
Yeah, I'm sure. GM's been
taking these things for years.
Oh, my...
This is the guy, Dan.
- I gotta go online.
- Make it snappy.
I'm not gonna even ask
how you're doing this.
Don't touch the keyboard and
don't motion to anybody else.
- Just listen, OK?
- Yeah, I listened
to you before, and you lied to me.
I didn't lie to you, I
just made a mistake,
but I have the right guy now.
I'm in his apartment.
Oh, and so you have even more
charges against you now.
See this guitar over here?
The stringless one?
You should come look
inside of it. I'm sure there's something
that you'd really like to see in there.
He's coming back! The hell! What
happened to his office hours?
Holly, you've got 60 seconds.
Get here now to 1682
Monaco Drive. Unit 70.
- Holly!
- Don't go out the front door.
Just heard from Holly.
- Yeah.
- We gotta roll.
Hey. I'm here to pick up Kiki.
No Kiki here. You got
the wrong address.
Oh. Uh, she told me
1682 Monaco... unit 10?
- 70.
- Oh!
Sorry. My mistake.
I didn't bring my glasses.
- It's OK.
- OK. Sorry again.
Holly, where are you?
- Holly!
- That was close.
- Finally!
- We got to get outta here.
- OK.
- Go! Now! Go! Go! Go! Go!
I promise you, I'll shoot her
before I have to chase her again.
Oh, that's nice. You
know, I know I shouldn't
but, uh, I think I'm
starting to believe her.
Oh yeah? You got a mother-daughter
thing going on with her now?
You been talking to my ex too much.
Hi. I'm Detective Langford.
Philly PD.
This is Detective West.
Do you mind if we ask you
a few questions, Mr, uh...?
Oliphant. Spencer Oliphant.
Mr. Oliphant,
we've had reports of a
prowler in the area tonight.
We were wondering if you'd
seen or heard anything?
- No.
- You've been here all night?
No, I went to campus
for a bit. Why?
Were there any signs of forced entry?
Or is anything missing from your home?
Just one more thing. You wouldn't happen
to have seen this girl, would you?
No, I've never seen her before.
But can I ask you a question?
- Sure.
- Was she supposed
to have broken into
my home or something?
No. Just following up a few leads.
I'm sorry, I got to get back
to grading some papers.
Right, of course. Well,
thank you for your time.
Call us if you think
of anything, uh?
Will do.
- Creepy guy.
- Yeah, I guess some girls
- like that.
- You see them nails?
Yes, I did. How'd we
do with the prints?
As good as they get.
As good as they get.
So what did you find out?
Oliphant's profile is
mysteriously clean.
Academic pedigree. A book.
Thanks. A couple of articles.
I even hacked into every
police department
in every town listed on
his resume. Nothing.
So... no other victims?
No complaints?
I gotta think of something fast.
The cops are one step behind me.
Someone's cloud-dialing you?
Get out of sight, Dan.
Looks like somebody's catching
on to video chatting.
Well, apparently, this is the only
way to get a hold of some people.
So, what can you tell
me about Oliphant?
Nothing you want
to hear. He's clean.
Well, things aren't always what they seem,
because I saw the drugs in his apartment.
I need probable cause
to get a warrant.
So what? You're just gonna
give up on Oliphant?
No, I'm not giving up. It's just the
wild goose chase is over, Holly.
Somebody was there that night.
let me bring you in.
All right? No handcuffs.
No big scene.
- Just tell me where you are.
- You saw Grandma's flowers.
- Belize.
- Holly.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So... any idea where she is?
No. I, I can't tell.
- How we're doing with those fingerprints?
- I can give it another check.
You're gonna have to do better than that.
Get us moved to the front of the line ASAP.
No promises, but I'll try.
She may be giving up on
Oliphant, but I'm not.
Sounds like you're out of options.
I got one more play to make.
But it's a Hail Mary.
Give him what he likes most.
I'm not sure I like
the sound of that.
OK, grab a pen. We're
gonna make a list.
Good. No, no, thanks.
Good work. Keep me informed,
will you? Yeah, thanks.
Cutting out already?
Yeah, I have to pick
up Brent, remember?
At hockey... where you
dropped him off earlier?
Look, I know it's a bit of a
drive out to Mountain View.
If you're busy here, maybe I
can get Robyn to pick him up.
No, I'm, I'm busy here,
but I'd like to see my son
before he goes to bed tonight.
Can you tape this to the
small of my back, please?
- Oh, yeah.
- Right here.
Uh, OK.
Promise me something.
What's that?
You get the confession...
you leave... you call the cops.
That's it.
I promise.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I really enjoyed that.
That was amazing.
Thanks. I'm Spencer.
So what do you do
with your spare time
when you're not playing?
- Teach economics at Central.
- No way!
I go to Central.
I'm a theater major!
- Theater?
- Mm-hmm.
But then I probably won't have
you in any of my classes.
That's too bad.
But now you know where to find me.
Hey, Cam? I got a good lead
on one of the blue Jeeps.
There's one registered
to a Dan Dalton.
He's a sophomore and business
major. Lives off of campus.
Really? That's interesting.
Would you mind checking that out?
Well, I'm missing the second
half of the Eagles game,
- but they're losing anyway.
- Yeah, I really appreciate it.
Now, I would go, but I've got
a mom thing to attend to.
Just call me back with
what you have, OK?
What other stuff do you play?
Just classical guitar... flamenco.
And Latin jazz. That's
what really speaks to me.
So, to sound like that, you must have to
practice like a billion hours a week, right?
It kinda makes it hard
during the school week.
- Hm.
- But I try to get out
to a friend's place out
in Foothill Ranch.
We could go there right
now for a nightcap.
I, uh... I could give
you your first...
private lesson.
I, I uh... have a lot of...
school work to do.
I've been slacking a lot.
I should probably, um...
There's no pressure.
Maybe some other time.
I could probably ditch
the school work, though,
if you promise to
play me something.
Shall we?
Hey, Cameron. I'm at Dan
Dalton's apartment.
- I'll see if our guy's home.
- All right.
Dan, it worked.
Is the uplink working?
Yeah. The computer reads your
phone, and it's recording clearly.
So, are you on your
way to his place?
No, we're headed some place
else, uh, Foothill Ranch?
Foothill Ranch? Holly, where
the heck is Foothill Ranch?
Don't worry. The plan's gonna
play out in the exact same way.
Just make sure you're
recording the whole time.
If we get separated, we're gonna
meet on, uh, Old Mill Road?
Got it.
OK. I'm gonna put the
handset down now.
I won't be able to hear you anymore,
but you'll be able to hear me.
- OK.
- OK.
Philadelphia police. Open up.
- You're Daniel Dalton?
- Uh, yeah.
- Can I come in?
- Yeah, of course.
Were you at Happy Meadow Nursing
Home yesterday in your Jeep?
Uh, no. Officer.
Can you account for your
whereabouts all day?
No. Uh, yeah.
Yeah, at the library. Uh, studying.
Son, do you know what kind
of trouble you're in?
I really haven't
done anything wrong.
No? What about accessory
after the fact
to the shooting of a
corrections officer?
Why don't we take a seat, huh?
Listen, kid.
I don't care about what
you've done up to now.
The DA might, but I don't.
I really...
- You guys wouldn't believe...
- Dan, Dan.
What if she finds this guy, and
he turns out to be dangerous?
Huh? What if he's the
one who killed Blake?
You're not gonna let her face
him one-on-one, are you?
What if he hurts her? Dan.
What if he kills her? How
are you gonna feel then?
All right, let's go.
Maybe you'll think clearer
downtown. Come on.
O-OK! She's with him now.
With Oliphant? Da hell? Why?
She wants a confession.
You guys weren't interested in him.
Where the hell are they?
Some place called Foothill Ranch.
Great. The boonies.
- Cam, Holly's with Oliphant.
- Do you know where?
Foothill Ranch.
- Dan, you got an address?
- Just Old Mill Road.
Did you get that? Old Mill Road.
OK. I'll find it, and I'll
call you when I get there.
- I'm already out that way to pick up Brent.
- Hey, you're gonna need backup
Go ahead and call it in, but I'm closer,
and I'm not leaving her out there alone.
Roger that.
- Jones.
- Linda. Yeah, it's me.
I need you to track down Tony. He's
at a squash game or something.
You got to get him or Robyn to
go pick up Brent. I got a lead.
- On Holly?
- Yeah, and call West
for the details and get him
to fill Tony in as well.
- You got it.
- All right, thanks.
Wish me luck.
After you.
Nice place.
Come here. I wanna
show you something.
Make yourself comfortable.
I'm gonna fix us some drinks.
- Vodka OK?
- Volk's great.
To new friends.
To new friends.
Oh, my god! I am such a klu...
Get off me. Get off me!
Hey, Linda.
Spencer Oliphant's print came back.
And guess what? It's not his print.
- Whose is it?
- It belongs to an Oliver Smith.
Registered sex offender in Nevada.
"Spencer Oliphant" is an alias.
That's a felony right there...
a sex offender changing his name
without court's permission.
What exactly did this
fine citizen do?
Aggravated sexual
assault on a minor.
OK, get everyone else in the loop.
I'll keep you posted from my end.
Stop it. Hey. Wait.
Ugh! Ah!
Get off me!
Ah! What's this?
I, I'm very disappointed, Tess.
- Ah!
- Or can I just call you Holly now?
Ugh! Ahhh!
Did you really think, did you
really think I was that stupid?
Did you think that you could
come here, record me,
and bring it to the cops?
You wanna talk?
- Ah!
- Let's talk!
I'm gonna make you pay
for what you did.
Ugh! Oh...
I'm gonna tell you everything.
Because you're not gonna make
it alive outta here anyway.
Why the hell isn't
Cameron there yet?
I was there. At that party.
And I met Blake.
And... she was beautiful.
But we had a real
strong connection.
I could barely keep up with her.
You're a predator.
No, no, no. No, no.
She's 18. That makes it consensual.
So why did you need Centanyl
if it was consensual?
I only took her where she
really wanted to go.
I was hoping...
you and I, we could...
bury the hatchet,
have some fun.
Do it!
I dare you.
Is that, that's a stun gun?
What're you gonna do?
Shock me to death?
If you don't pick up the phone,
call the cops, and confess, I will.
You want me to call the cops?
I'll call the cops.
- 9-1-1. What's your emergency?
- Help! There's an intruder
in my house! She's got a gun! She's
trying to kill me. 13 Old Mill Road!
I'll be right back, baby.
Now I can kill you in self-defence.
How many other girls have
you raped and killed, huh?
I hear they love rapists in prison.
You'll be dead. I can tell
'em whatever story I want.
Except for you're
still being recorded.
I don't think so.
I've been recording you the whole time
on the satellite phone in my purse.
Just in case.
You don't believe me?
Go check it out for yourself.
You little bitch!
Ah! Awww!
Ah... Ah! Ahh!
- Local dispatch, over.
- Go ahead.
This is Detective Cameron Langford,
Philadelphia Police Department.
We have shots fired at... 13
Old Mill Road, Foothill Ranch.
You dropped something, Holly.
- Detective!
- Stay right there!
Holly Hamilton's here. She's got
a gun. She's trying to kill me.
Yeah, that's not gonna fly. We
know who you are, Mr. Smith.
- Oliver Smith! Hands on your head!
- It's me. Spencer Oliphant.
Yeah, AKA Oliver Smith. You're
a convicted sex offender.
Or don't you remember? Hm? How about
the parole you ran away from in Nevada?
Put your hands on your
head and turn around.
Turn around and get on
your knees. Do it now.
Looks like Holly's
gonna be involved
in another officer
shooting. This time...
I think she's gonna use your gun.
It's too late. Everyone
knows who you are, Smith.
I disappeared once.
I'll do it again.
- Are you OK?
- Yeah. Thanks.
Is he dead!
Yeah. There's, uh... There's backup
coming. You better put that down.
We don't want them
getting the wrong idea.
Good point.
- Happy birthday, Grandma.
- Thank you, sweetie.
No problem.
So... to make a long story short,
the DA is gonna drop all the
charges against you, Dan.
- But what about Holly?
- I'm getting there.
They're also going to drop the
charges related to your escape
and to your probation. And the insurance
company is willing to make a deal,
provided that you spend some time
educating their cyber security team
on how you cracked their firewall.
- I can do that.
- Thank you!
And, Grandma, guess what?
Central U has offered to
give me a full scholarship
- for revealing Oliphant.
- Yeah.
- Oh!
- She'll be registering next fall.
Let me guess: you'll be
majoring in computer science?
- Anything but economics.
- Good for you.
OK. Well, I can't take it anymore,
so I'm gonna cut the cake.
It's so beautiful.
Thank you, Cameron.
- Hi...
- Tony.
- What're you doing here?
- Well, Brent knew that you'd all be here,
- and he wanted to meet the fugitive.
- Dad!
Actually, I wanted to meet you too.
I know you've been through hell.
- Yeah.
- And, um, I'm glad you're OK.
Thanks. It feels really good
not be on the run anymore.
Yeah, I'll bet.
Well, this is a nice
welcome home party, huh?
Do you like it?
- Yes.
- I meant for both of us.