Fugitive Hunter (2005) Movie Script

It has been prohibited at law...
...outside-proportional guarantee,
fine or punish to impose.
Article 8 of
American constitution.
Do you do want drink what?
I make, however, what kind of you.
We at me the paintings
of the wall let tremble?
Sounds nicely.
I am this way.
You are apprehended.
You have the right be silent.
You see belabberd.
- Thus I feel myself also.
I am slow something with pay
and then they manage this.
Celebrate months, Quick.
- Whose side pleases you?
Couple of money wolves.
- Quietly.
Me does a fun.
Where do I leave that troop?
No idea, but remain nou quiet.
- I am hartstikke quiet.
Will we go to happy bar?
- That is nevertheless that tenttent tent?
A couple biertjes, what mokkels,
and we forget this all.
Sounds good, but I must firstly
my child pick up.
Are everything ok with him?
- He has now n glucose meter.
Do want do you for me conclude?
- No, it is your toko.
Smeer m..
Then I can conclude, bright.
Here is ie. We have hamburgers
eaten with patat.
That is bad for him, Quick.
Quietly, Patrice.
It is my child.
Our child.
How does it go?
You see belabberd.
That hears I more often.
I need money, Quick.
And that get you also, Patrice.
There is what between come.
But I have as much as a couple ideetjes.
You have already five months
not paid. I hear always...
But enter to, schatje.
It becomes time that you the affair
once will list.
It becomes time for n real job
so that you can your zoon look.
Verdomme, Patrice. I work myself rot
and I become only afgezeken.
That regrets me,
but you understand me h?
Care for yourself, Quick.
Marcus need you.
How are you called?
- Quick?
I am Tracy.
I you here already has s rather seen?
That must nevertheless say I?
Yes, I come here sometimes. And you?
I wait for my friend.
Why Quick? Make you then
more chance at the meiden?
Nou, little chance.
Do you have to vanavond do what?
You have nevertheless a friend?
- Welnee.
I did not know you and I hou
always achterdeurtje open.
Very nice.
What is this?
- I hope that the name Quick...
...does not support everything what you do.
I bet for three mille.
- That is very much.
What weet you of it nou?
I hou of men with long latten.
I will win just as of m.
and then we go out nicely.
Firstly the pellets in the gaatjes,
then we see, however, further.
H, those bitch have pecked my money.
Stomme bitch.
What you with my money has done?
Where is it?
- Leaves me separately.
Is that your bitch?
My bitch only pinch of me.
But late her with rest.
Differently I make my bitch of you.
You have a large mouth.
Have you also play ball.
Yes, but I use
rather that of you.
Who here are bitch?
This way on his notes.
Do you have, however, balls?
Nou, those have I certainly.
And I have missed everything.
- Like always.
I come within and five guests
feel to their chime.
They no longer go for the notes.
Hou concerning notes, ok?
There those bitch are.
Do not move you, motherfucker.
- Are you here the boss?
This is maltreatment.
- No, this is maltreatment.
What have do you nou?
Gooi which bitch in the busje.
What do do we with these two bitches?
- Late they but lick their wounds.
I see real belabberd.
premium hunters?
- I saw it to their badges.
I come for the manager.
- That cannot be disturbed.
Incredible. Bowl here.
How goes ie, boys?
- Keno, this is Neil Swift.
A year after the death of your father
I found a new partner.
Nicely, h?
What goes the time nevertheless fast.
Before you the weet...
Why are you here?
An acquaintance of your?
- A knowledge.
They had an adjournment command.
She had be apprehended.
- Do you call that this way?
Recovery agent,
they only work for me.
I would zoeken better friends.
- Say that, however.
How does the matter go?
- I have a garage.
The tenancy has been cancelled
and the matter goes badly.
I must sell everything
and what differently zoeken.
Why don't you precede me to work?
As a manman man?
Nothing for me.
No, I zoek people
for the departmentdepartment department.
You know this wereldje.
And we are almost family.
And it deserves good.
- How much then?
We pay by klus, therefore how more
you do, how catches more you.
Money is money.
Boys, welcome in my world.
A guarantor generally lies
Many people do not have that,
thus they come at us.
We pay the guarantor and they pay
our for that 10 percents.
Couple, someone is released on guarantor...
...and promises for the judge
to appear.
If ie that does not do...
...to get going we the right him
to keep and deliver.
Succeeds that not within six months,
then we are our money lost.
And that is your task.
- Allemachtig.
Is that legal?
You zoekt therefore speurders.
- premium hunters, h?
You determine part
of recovery team.
But this is the real work.
Therefore no papers,
no licenses...
Boy, the law does not appear behind us.
They see going our rather.
But the voortvluchtigen
have also nothing with the law.
For us they are frightened.
We are the end of the law.
These are you badges.
The office must your parts.
And what concerns the weapons,
choice enough.
This is Orin O'Connor, the manager.
Orin, these are friends of me.
Only leave our even.
But go just as.
This is Vincent and Mushroom.
Lead round them just as.
How is t with your leg?
- How is t with your eye?
According to me is that those guests
that jumped ounce.
It are friends of me, Orin.
We zoeken no friends,
but professionals.
We suffocate in the work.
- And our males fail.
Soon come there net this way much
bailiffs as customers.
We need aid.
- Soon we are the pineut.
We need men
that know the profession, no sukkels.
Quietly nou.
Quick are well.
He has grown up in this profession.
And he has many contacts.
Our ship is sinking, Neil.
Orin O'Connor, it regrets me.
But it is here rather hectisch.
Do you have experience with this work?
Can it be how with difficulty?
- I you once what to tell.
You are vriendjes of Neil.
And he thinks that you engage
a brilliant move is.
But what he thinks
me interests no pocket.
And it does not interest me also
what you did pappies.
I want none vriendjes,
I want hunters.
And as your errors make,
you go.
When can we can start?
Yes, he seems.
How mean you?
Isn't he t or?
I think of, however.
Keno, is that that vent or not?
Yes, I think it, however.
- How hot ie also again?
Carlos Hernandez.
Then we go.
Do you go along?
- This is your party.
The ageing, baby.
To be correct.
What is there?
- You are Carlos Hernandez?
What contract does you that?
I hate t
if they slam the door.
Do you hate that also?
I hate that really.
Four tellen.
Ladies, lustre.
No more geintjes.
I am your friend.
Everything under control.
I weet nowhere of.
- And now?
Bowl but just as here.
You seem my father, however.
- How old are you?
I make only a small film.
I am an artist.
Before you get yourself oscar,
where are ie?
I weet not what you mean.
No fraaie entry.
It is not m..
- No. He makes pornofilmpjes.
Beautiful tieten.
Vincent, what means that?
- Thus the game is played.
Keno, leg.
I hou of amateur films.
- Keno.
This is not possible, Vincent.
- Sense in a party?
A beetje coke...
...a couple meiden...
...and a couple pennies.
We go.
This is the real work.
A mattermatter matter,
da's all the fiftieth.
Someone puts oneself out itself.
- Legal?
Voortvluchtigen which complain
the hard treatment of the guarantor meter.
That seems something me for
the department insurance.
And of course it have them
dumped at me.
For that its indicters.
- I want exchange, however, with you.
You have enough time this way much free.
Those are home. But I want
a good does woordje for you.
Carol, you must really once
to. You see this way proved to be.
I have, however, an expensive taste.
I treat.
- Bowl me obtains seven hours.
And now clear off.
Papa... papa...
How go do ie?
Do you have there sense in this weekend?
What does you here?
- A fine to pay.
Too have sped you?
- A parkeerbon.
You can him this weekend have,
or does t have you too reiteration?
It is possible, however. But I had
something else in ideas.
With his all will do something.
You see good, Quick.
I am glad that t improves with you goes.
I do not become richly, but I am possible
accounts pay. This weekend?
I weet t not, Quick.
It is nothing particular, Patrice.
Do it nou for Marcus.
Bel me.
Still a couple weeks.
Patience is a clean matter.
To remain you the complete night
there sit?
We have to do much.
- Work and once more works.
Clamour me if you what necessary has.
You must see that.
That does not think you.
- One millions guarantor.
Travian Woods. Over three weeks
it is forfeited explained.
That does not think you.
- Stands further nothing.
As if nobody is busy.
- Assists there an address.
Very beautiful, schatje. Very beautiful.
The dream is.
That dream which I have always.
Where does it have you?
As a child I dreamed already
that I young would die.
It are ordinary nightmares.
You live still and you are
not young more.
I do not want die before I
my Harley-werkplaats have.
How much year has you t about that already?
- It of it nevertheless comes.
It is the fear which people
in the problems brings.
If you are frightened, you must act.
That is profound.
But I am for one thing frightened.
Large cockroaches.
Of those rooie, with those shields
and those voelsprieten...
I am serious
and then you will sit thole pins.
There is something going on on the East side.
- Team b, your mail stays up.
Do I know you?
Is that white pick-up of you?
- Yes, of my man.
Clamour m. then even,
I have against driven.
Is that your pick-up?
- has there against driven you?
What does you with my man?
I have done nothing.
- Your name came up.
We have contact.
- On my sign.
Keno, package of its portfolio.
It is not him.
- Not?
Where Travian Woods is?
- That am not I. Who are you?
Ogenblikje, Mr.
- Where is your badge?
Do you do want see my badge?
Do you do want see m.?
Here. Where are ie?
This way to see being it candidates.
What is you?
Marshalls? FBI?
What is that?
- He has a ticket of us.
You would leave me with rest.
- Who has said that?
That large vent.
I have already paid your.
Have you then paid who?
- One Vincent.
You do not know therefore everything.
I have paid.
Thus make me separately.
Irruption. Now.
Recovery agent?
This is a joke or this way?
Who are you?
- the FBI.
Sometimes heard of us?
Where are your papers?
Your identity papers?
Have you that note
don't receive?
This is nice.
Quincy Knight and Keno Richards.
What does you here?
- You have infected our irruption.
Your irruption?
That lullige interrogation?
Yes, that was absolutely brilliant.
Entirely then you him
with your badge beat.
Thunder, before I you
late arrest.
What is there, Ed?
Sorry, I had just as gone astray.
Sense for your ideas
with me to share?
We keep a couple people
in the breaches.
We have already a month
no success have.
I weet not how much time
we still get.
What annoying.
- Ah, you can do nothing.
The men who its guarantor
have paid...
...to ring our always
with small indications...
...and it leads all
nowhere. premium hunters.
Those have also the right
to apprehend someone.
Sorry, I want in fact
concerning the work do not talk.
Your state confessed there for.
premium hunters.
I wonder myself if wild the west
ever from our culture disappears.
Are correct always firstly.
Sorry, I did not know that we
could play.
Orin nevertheless do the money?
- That is busy.
Do you need what?
- I have a file for him.
You must watch out a beetje,
you are still new.
This way bright.
- With who do I speak?
Late Travian Woods with rest.
Delany-dossier do not forget.
- There an end never arrives.
Twelve hours.
Twelve hours, Quick. Look then.
Can I help you?
- Quick?
This is Tracy.
You know each other?
Do you work here?
Yes, since a couple weeks.
What comes do you here?
Can we can talk somewhere else?
I do not feel myself here pleasant.
The previous time got I applaud
and you m. has been lubricated.
Can I trust you?
- What is there then?
I m. had not been lubricated.
- I t has seen command.
That is not at all real.
They threw me in the busje and said
that I had talk not too much.
Afterwards they let go me.
- What weet you then?
Each month asks them me what
and krijg I apply. Zwijggeld.
- Travian Woods.
When ie were taken up,
I had pay its guarantor.
But I did not have that.
He threatened me
and my zoon to assassinate.
I will play open card.
I do not want be the one
that is sewed.
I weet where he sits.
- Where then?
There nevertheless is a reward?
Yes, that can regulate I, however.
Nicely, because I need 4000 dollars
and as soon as possible.
I get Travian Woods,
you get 4000 dollars.
You want still something, Quickie?
Why weet you this way much of Travian?
He is the father of my child.
We have for next week
With problems come you at me.
- Have you just as?
Can't it wait?
- We must talk now.
Ok, what is there?
- Vincent Johnson are corrupt.
How that this way?
- He robs you.
I him with a pocket poen have caught
and a blaffer.
That occurs sometimes.
- He can do no money matter.
And yesterday evening we had
someone caught...
...and those said that Vincent
him with rest would leave.
That with that money
will no longer happen.
What is this?
- Travian Woods. One millions guarantor.
Over three weeks expires ie.
- Your administration is klote.
We are there already busy.
But I need four mille.
Information is expensive.
- Very well.
Neil, so much we do not have.
- It is it worth.
Thanks, boys.
- Yes, finely that this way well pay attention someone.
It was a mistake, Neil.
- I can no longer tolerate this.
Foutjes are too much made
and they indicate all to you.
You accuse me of...
- Not at all.
Each time if I do not look at, happens there
something that we would no longer do.
I am still a partner.
Do you support me?
From the cradle to the sepulchre.
Franky, I am this way glad that you are there.
No problem.
How is vermiculation?
I am not such a pasta-liefhebberpasta-liefhebber pasta-liefhebber.
But the wine is nice.
Pasta is of the cornerstones.
Everyone loves pasta.
I become of it windy.
Jammer then.
Franky, the reason
why I have asked you...
...something that is me already
a week busy keeps.
It seems that of my people
from time to time what skims.
Weet you which?
- Yes.
And it beautiful is...
He weet not that I the weet.
What must do I, boss?
- I want you recommendation.
My recommendation?
- Your wise words.
What would I do?
- What would do Franky.
I would put an example.
- Continue.
You firstly cover the floor with plastic,
for the schoonmaak.
I would make steaks of the hufter.
Sounds bloodily.
- But there is that plastic for.
Ingenious. What still more?
Not immediately his head eraf.
Firstly a finger, then an ear.
And afterwards a foot. He must
as long as possible continue live.
Thanks for your recommendation.
I am glad that you yourself last meal
with me have wanted share.
You have heard t.
Make steaks of m..
It sounds best, however, dangerous.
- It is mainly paper work.
But we make there what.
And how does it go with you?
Well, however.
- And with Marcus?
Nothing particular.
Bowl, we will eat.
He is already this way large.
I have missed much.
I am glad that you have this done.
Thanks for the chance.
It goes all this way fast...
...that I the important things
sometimes forget.
Tel once up to ten, for papa.
Complete good.
- But will play.
I want keep it simple, Quick.
I hou of your, but further it is
all this way complicated.
We take the time.
It is bed time.
Quick, Travian were exactly here.
- Tracy?
He thinks that I tell on m..
- Quiet. Quiet.
Can we can agree somewhere?
It became time.
- H, my life runs danger.
He catches his poen at King Snake
and ervandoor want go.
Who called there nou are King Snake?
- That is a restaurant.
In south, Lennox and Grand.
There does ie much matter.
How does it go?
- I want here as from.
He has threatened my child.
Who do nou does something like that?
Why you must be silent
concerning Travian?
He does matter with those guarantor boys.
He sits in the nests.
Just well on yourself.
- Traitress.
Them would have had say
that t a restaurant is.
This pleases nothing me, Quick.
- Nothing to the hand.
I have a strange feeling.
That feeling which you get if your
for your balls it is kicked.
Do I do want know this?
Travian, Quick stand.
Is it correct?
- Yes.
Complete good.
Hou you look.
Certainly happy hour.
Do you have a day dish?
Or a menu card?
No menu.
Then I want what to drink.
- Nothing to drink.
I am in a restaurant and there
is eat nothing or drink?
Quick, they want us
here do not have.
Perhaps is ie there not even...
- Ok, what wants with you?
In a flexible way, of it hou I.
Shit. Police force.
Remain stand.
- We are no smerissen.
Why do you do that?
He saw my badge.
We are no smerissen.
- I weet nothing.
Quick, to let we go.
It cannot me make a difference what your
here do. We are no smerissen.
We, however.
Three months.
Three months supervise.
A complete expensive operation.
And very time-consuming.
And then you come...
...and within five minutes
to draw you everything by the plee.
I want only one hapje eat.
- Then you now your bord has me.
You must come look at just as.
I am now busy
with Batman and Robin.
You must come look at really just as.
One minuutje.
- Is that, however, sufficient?
Very nice.
If I would examine your file...
...question I me finished
or there much can be laughed.
What think do you?
- We want only Travian.
Go to house. Nice detective goes
game in your own buurt.
Fortunately I here hoef not to eat.
I will catch my spullen.
I come this way.
I must still what to do.
Weet you, it does not turn out better than expected
for your friend to be...
...but that am I.
I see you tomorrow.
This is you last warning.
We had agreed
that you would be correct firstly.
I regulate this, however.
- You are not yet ready with me.
One days, Quick. One days.
Wild you me what questions?
- Who Travian Woods is?
He was you, five years suffered.
Malignant, aggressively, well instinct.
A profit maker, a hunter.
But he went wrong.
He became hebzuchtig.
I had redeem him.
- Badly blamed?
I am faithful, Quick. Not much
people know what faithfully means.
Neil weet it, Travian knew it.
Weet you what faithfully means?
- I know the value of a family.
You are happy people.
- What have do you with Travian?
We have all
lijken in the cupboard.
And Travian Woods clear them
for me.
Why does the FBI zoekt him?
Very malignant of your.
You can kick it far.
Perhaps with me.
But succeed firstly your own recommendation
and think for your family.
And you do not interfere with matter
that you contract nothing.
Or do I have say Mr. Knight?
- I am called Quick.
We were not this way glad
with that stunt in that restaurant.
But I understand that your
about that does not want talk.
Late Travian Woods with rest.
He is dangerous, an assassin.
And I do not want that ie angry become
and assassinates people still more.
You do your work,
I do it mijne.
With which right?
- He can a guarantor pay...
...and we regulate that.
We have one rule:
If you do not go to the judge,
you gamble yourself right.
That code respects you also.
- Schei nevertheless with your respect.
The observance of the law
means that you must serve the law.
But you only serve yourselves
and your gangster mentality.
If you want our way,
veeg the streets then clean.
Package all those guests who use
have made of Article 8.
To as long as I continue do my work.
Mr. Knight...
There a day comes
that you come...
...that Travian Woods
not the type is...
...that your badge
by the knees goes.
Once zul necessary have your aid.
Belief me.
This zul still necessary have you.
Belief me.
How old you are zoontje?
- Marcus are four.
Go do ie already to school?
- Yes.
They become rapidly large, h?
- Yes, very terrible fast.
Does it go?
Where are you busy?
He has given m. that.
He could have kidnapped m. also.
Did you pay attention then not to?
- I was surprised just as the other side.
I weet not which you this time
deceived have...
...but of my zoon
must keep off them.
And a beetje hawks
something does.
I hou of my child.
I give my life for him.
I make to this an end.
And how do you will do that?
I know you, Quick.
I do not want that you are soon dead.
But happens as Marcus something,
I do not answer for mezelf.
But take on. That is nevertheless it
most important you imagine oneself yourself?
Have you received my message?
- The next time finishes I you.
Is you it, Travian?
We must talk concerning Orin.
Does that have now?
- You doesn't it see then?
Discharges, lost
files. He picks you entirely bald.
Orin and I cooperate for a long time.
Why I cannot me
with Travian Woods interfere?
If the guarantor forfeited is explained,
it has expired with your.
Then are you bankrupt
before you the weet.
For the death of your father
a this decent company was.
But since Orin has been there...
...I am the control lost.
I knew that ie no lieverdje were,
but he deserves money.
A cat in narrow...
- Neil, do you have then no back edge?
Our informant is a ex-vriendin
of Travian.
Them is paid
to keep its mouth.
The man threatens my zoon.
- Sits still much more.
Do you hear me, however?
The man threatens my zoon.
I can do nothing.
The best recovery agent
to be generally most dangerous.
The toll of the celebrity.
It regrets me that your family
concerned is.
It regrets me also.
Ok, we have an operation
in the south.
It is a serious matter.
I want Woods and Jacobs.
Hopelijk it is important.
Since when convicts can
also persons apprehend?
That can not at all.
Orin O'Connor, alias Orin Wells.
Five years suffered been released
after a extortion matter.
He becomes partner and manager
of Swift's Borgbureau...
...and vervolgens rents ie
Travian Woods.
The aware guarantor office
guarantor also its had paid.
Nobody weet where he is.
He was our aim...
...until we Mr. O'Connor
under the magnifying glass names.
And what happy are the end?
- O, it becomes still leuker.
Neil Swift, the other partner...
...previous year two is months
suspended, after a research.
They had for about ten millions
to guarantor stand...
...and only 2 barrels to premiums
Someone is therefore robbed.
- In the same trimester...
...a lot of money comes
on the account of Orin O'Connor.
Therefore Orin rob its boss.
- It goes still further.
Travian weet something of him.
Why ie would him help differently?
He weet something.
And this type solicits
to happen for years...
...without there also but
something to done becomes.
The constitution, there you remain as from.
If they were law servants,
them gekruisigd became.
But they can their pace go.
- Bingo.
Your weet how t must.
But go as a large boy to
the toilet. I close the door, however.
Seize her.
Go sit.
- Fall dead.
I will ring the police force.
I assassinate your. Marcus.
God-far-stupid one, Quick.
I have said t.
Leave us.
Now Marcus are gone.
I call back him, however.
Have seen you who was?
Marcus are gone.
How mean you...
How have you this
can happen let?
I would have had go simply gone.
I knew it.
He is still a child.
He needs his medecines.
- That ie had not yet had.
If ie that rapidly do not get,
can die ie.
Do you do want talk?
Travian have kidnapped my zoon.
I have warned you.
- I have nothing speaking.
What can do you for me?
Ok, Quincy... Quick...
I need something. proof material.
I want Orin O'Connor.
- You must Travian have.
Travian assassinated during
overval a mother of two kids.
The overval went wrongly because ie
under the influence of coke was.
O'Connor and Tracy Willis
paid its guarantor.
Where do you aim on?
Orin and Travian
to know each other for a long time.
They have lively
...of extortion and swindle
behind the back.
Travian are the means,
Orin are the boss.
No, you are mistaken yourself you.
How someone can as Orin,
that at a guarantor office works...
...in three years time a capacity
of clear two millions build?
Calculate t but and tell themselves
then where wrong the zit.
I can interrogate Tracy,
but you must stand behind me.
As Tracy helps us,
then I will do what I am possible.
On my word.
I need you aid.
Thanks to your I sit here.
You said that I could trust you.
Where are Travian?
- No idea.
But I am possible there achterkomen.
- We must lure him from his tent.
I can get you,
but then you must do something for me.
Everything. I want.
What is there?
You would continue stand at that door.
That joch moans.
He moans.
How go do ie?
A piece improves as Marcus is.
That nasty feeling of me...
That is gone.
There I am glad for, Keno.
- Perhaps I will get used to this.
- Here delta.
- Here Eagle.
- Here fox.
Our aim is very hostile.
Indicated alert.
Aim identified.
East side.
There she is.
Where is he?
- No idea.
Would ie tipped be?
Perhaps we must...
We succeed your recommendation.
What is that then?
- Quietly.
Vehicle range.
- Clear.
Marcus, are you there?
Papa comes deliver you.
Eagle, we want a herkenning.
Does a someone have herkenning?
There does a child in the vehicle sit?
- Waits for a herkenning.
Two adults.
- Is the Travian?
No herkenning.
- Bowl, the time expires.
Everyone to its carriage.
But no pursuit.
Me leaves.
- Sit remain, I said.
Why don't they apprehend him?
- No herkenning.
Then we would betray ourselves.
Aim on the motorway.
We are him lost.
- Gooi a heli in air.
No authorisation.
We must deliver my zoon.
- Yes, but according to the notebook.
There I was already frightened for.
All carriages, to withdraw.
To withdraw.
Quick, what does you? To withdraw.
- This is my only chance.
Prop pursuit.
- If I have m. to catch.
You bring living
of your zoon in danger.
Stopper differently must apprehend I you.
But you do.
Keno, that thing sale.
I am the zat.
Rule it.
Keno? Everything ok?
- Everything ok.
Now I become really sick.
You must never
of two walletjes eat.
Keno, package the right-hand side.
Everything come good.
The ambulance comes this way.
He shot down me.
Bel an ambulance.
Everything come good.
You are my gabber.
Bel an ambulance.
Marcus. Soon is ie dead.
- It comes good.
What have do do I?
Are everything ok with your?
Yes, I am busy.
- Are where you?
We need that deposition
to condemn Orin.
Differently goes ie vrijuit,
also for assassination.
Carol, I understand you completely,
but its best friend is dead.
He does not sit wait now real
on a verhoor.
And thereby I cannot m. also.
I want exercise none very,
but differently I have no matter.
But count on me.
For this reason I deserve so much.
I must gone.
That was complete dom, Quick.
We must us
to the procedures keep.
And those have not been considered
by someone behind an office.
We have deads now two.
And why?
My zoon threatens die
and you come with something that I already weet?
We close the guarantor office.
You vriendjes Orin and Neil go.
It are not my vriendjes.
We have enough proof
to lock up tijdje them.
But then we have
a witness necessary.
And that are you.
I only think of my child,
but there I you do not test.
We must close a deal.
We follow Travian
already a couple months.
He frequently comes on the rangeerterrein.
Or he is a going by train crazy persons,
or your zoon sits there.
It was perhaps not nice
doing business, but profitable.
You must understand a couple things.
I have protected you
and this is my thanks?
There a tropical range waits for me
and the time presses.
After everything what I have done...
The groeten.
As if they slam the door.
What stand do you here nou?
Make a round.
This money is of me and the money
in your portemonnee is of you.
He thinks that ie still
Where is my child?
Papa is there, Marcus.
Everything come good.
Orin have told concerning your, Quick.
You are the charge mail
that overal puts in its nose.
My zoon lets go
and you get me.
So much differences we not
of each other. Money, cupidity...
But desiring to power
our perdition becomes.
I could have stood there also.
- That can be regulated.
But unfortunately is that not this way.
How fast are you?
More rapidly than a ball?
I do not think it.
How it feels if your weet
that you will die?
One jolts to the trigger
and it is beyond.
Say papa but gedag, Marcus.
Look nou nevertheless.
You must see yourself papa once.
We are not yet ready.
That was for Keno.
And that was for my zoon.
Orin adopt Travian Woods.
A well-known offender who the right
gets someone to arrest.
A man who himself is guilty
were to extortion...
...smokkel and committing
of an assassination.
To that discover you with
criminal no deal can close.
I am a matter man,
such as all matter men.
And in my profession sale you
the largest good on ground.
In this profession you break down
you always on the border...
...between your idea of me,
the offender...
...and truth.
And truth is:
You have me and my profession
For a right
that has everyone.
Innocently is to
the opposite proved is.
I have gone wrong, but I have
also good things done.
The law is there lock up people,
the constitution offers our freedom.
And freedom is only truth right.
When a guarantor has been imposed...
...the convict falls
under the hoede of the guarantor meters.
They can apprehend him
and extradite.
Pursue in another state
and at all times arrest.
They can even
its house enter.
It is equal to the adjournment
a prisoner escaped of.
I draw at these already your licenses
concerning this profession in...
...and summon you stop with
to pay and collecting guarantor money.
I needed only the thermostat
to replace. That is then 80 dollars.
Thank you, however.
- Your receipt.
How were you called also again?
- Thanks.
For someone who Quick are called,
do you, however, long.
Are you up to that point?
Now, however.
Ok, I am up to that point.
In September 1999
is appropriate California the state...
...the legislation
concerning guarantor.
Up to that time
there was only one law from 1873.
Rip and version by FB&F crew