Fugly (2014) Movie Script

Hey, you monkeys, stop!
Where do you think you're running to?
Soiling my newspapers every day.
I'm going to catch you,
come here. Darn..
The day I catch you kids
I'm going to relieve myself
all over your homes.
All the newspapers are ruined.
That's what they enjoy doing.
The Hansraj Commission has
absolved Minister Rajbeer Singh
Ahlawat and renowned
police officer DCP Rajvinder
Singh Chautala of all charges!
After this report,
the date of Rajbeer Singh's
oath taking ceremony
will be decided.
Manumita Dahiya, New Delhi.
The Hansraj Commission set up..
- The Hansraj Commission report..
The commission that has been set up
in India.. - They have been acquitted.
...has set them free of all charges.
Breaking news
about the Hansraj Commission.
"What's this Fugly?"
"What's this Fugly?"
"What's this Fugly?"
"This Fugly.."
"Enjoying with father's money."
"Urinating by the side
of the road."
"May it be about the removal of
section 377 or Jessica Lal's murder."
"The guy says ouch."
"In every office,
there's a couch."
"Scribbling I love you
on the walls of The Red Fort."
"If you write it again,
I'll punch you."
"We know about everything."
"Yet we don't understand."
"We act ignorant and ask.."
"What's this Fugly?"
"What's this Fugly?"
"What's this Fugly?"
"What's this Fugly?"
"This Fugly.."
"Smoking cigarettes
in public places."
"Cheating whenever
one gets a chance."
"The ration is getting
looted illegally.."
Bye, mom.
- Bye, my child.
"One forgets his own wife."
"The sister-in-law takes a fancy
to her brother-in-law."
"Jobless people are
showing off their false pride."
"They abuse at every turn."
"We know about everything."
"Still we don't understand."
"We act ignorant and ask.."
"What's this Fugly?"
"What's this Fugly?"
"What's this Fugly?"
"What's this Fugly?"
"This Fugly.."
"What's this Fugly?"
"What's this Fugly?"
"What's this Fugly?"
Presidential Guards
Presidential Guards
forward march!
Presidential Guards
turn right!
Presidential Guards
- Mother India!
- Mother India!
- Mother India!
Fortis Control Center!
Fortis Control Center!
This is Fortis Control Center.
Come in!
This is Kunal
from ambulance 105.
Yes. Over.
- We have a patient Dev Majumdar. He is 26
and suffering
from 3rd degree burns.
Alert medical emergency.
Over and out!
Receiving Kunal. Over and out!
Come on, hurry up. His BP?
- 175.
Why did you set yourself
ablaze? - And pulse?
141! - Come on,
move everyone.
Can you tell us how
you feel after getting burnt?
How do you feel from within?
- Move.
Should I set you on fire? Then
you'll know. Now back off.
Fix the camera.
- Clear the path.
Ma'am, please
get out of the way.
- Ma'am, please move aside.
Mr. Majumdar, why did you
try to commit suicide?
Please move out of the way.
Why did you try
to commit suicide?
It's not a suicide attempt.
It's my redemption.
My penance!
Kunal, take the patient inside.
What exactly happened to you
that you're seeking redemption?
Never in our wildest dreams
had we thought, we'd have to
use these words in our lifetime.
Life was easy.
We were four friends.
Since we were kids.
When we were school kids,
we'd tried to be like men.
And during college, we didn't want
to shave. Who shaves every day?
All of us knew
what we wanted to do.
But how..
We were still trying
to figure that out.
But one point was clear.
Life was on speed
and we loved it.
Hello there, DJ.
Play something rocking.
"It's your boy Badshah."
"Guys and girls.."
"Guys and girls.."
"In this party
full of guys and girls"
"there's a lot of thumping."
"There's a lot of thumping."
"In this party
full of guys and girls.."
"They are dancing closely"
"and hugging and kissing."
"Hugging and kissing."
"In this party
full of guys and girls.."
"The guys and girls are there
on the dance floor"
"getting naughty get along."
"Don't be selective."
"Take whatever you get."
"The guys and girls are there
on the dance floor"
"getting naughty get along."
"Don't be selective."
"Take whatever you get."
"English songs are playing."
"Some chattering
is taking place."
"Some chattering
is taking place."
"In this party
full of guys and girls.."
"A thick smoke has risen."
"A lot of smoking
is taking place."
"Some jokes
are getting cracked."
"In this party
full of guys and girls.."
"The guys and girls are there
on the dance floor"
"getting naughty get along."
"Don't be selective."
"Take whatever you get."
"The guys and girls are there
on the dance floor"
"getting naughty get along."
"Don't be selective."
"Take whatever you get."
"Mom and dad are
calling on the phone."
"Switch off the phone."
"Set it on vibration mode."
"Set it on vibration mode."
"In this party
full of guys and girls.."
"In this party
full of guys and girls"
"there's a lot of thumping."
"The matter of the heart
is coming into question"
"as there are feelings
arising in their hearts."
"May some mischief
not happen."
"The guys and girls are there
on the dance floor"
"getting naughty get along."
"Don't be selective."
"Take whatever you get."
"The guys and girls are there
on the dance floor"
"getting naughty get along."
"Don't be selective."
"Take whatever you get."
"The ones with bad intentions"
"don't speak in your
so-called English."
"Be a gentleman
and entice the girl."
"Don't keep staring at girls."
Why don't you dance on my head?
"In this party
full of guys and girls.."
"In this party
full of guys and girls"
"there's a lot of thumping."
"There's a lot of thumping."
"In this party
full of guys and girls.."
"In this party
full of guys and girls"
"there's a lot of thumping."
"There's a lot of thumping."
Sorry, ma'am. - "In this party
full of guys and girls.."
People bump into each other
in a crowd.
You scoundrel.
The party is over now.
Let's go.
Now, say something.
I'm a girl from Delhi.
I know the difference between
a bump and feeling someone up.
Got it?
Mister, are you alright?
I mean, it doesn't
hurt that bad, does it?
Tell me. Should I?
This is Cheeni. Bhura Cheeni.
The kingpin of every
in-house party in Delhi.
Our problem was
that we took him lightly.
Mr. Cheeni, run.
The cops have come.
Run. Mr. Cheeni, run.
The cops have come.
Cheeni, I'm going to beat
the heck out of you.
Let's go, let's go.
Let go of me, Dev.
- Let's go.
Come on, let's get out of here.
- Gaurav, come on, move.
Devi, are you crazy? Why did
you have to mess with Cheeni?
Koki was the best!
He asked, It doesn't
hurt that bad, does it?
Listen, guys, we all have to
leave for Leh tomorrow morning.
It's done.
Those foreigners had called.
They're coming
to inspect the camp
and if they like the camp,
then we're going to be set for life.
Man, that's awesome.
You're going to be
our very own tour guide.
Shut up, Gaurav.
Adventure camp organizer.
Shut up!
Dev, stop the car
near the sidewalk.
First give me a sip.
- No. First stop the car.
At least give me one sip.
No, stop the car!
- Okay.
Hang on. - Did the thought
of going to Leh scare you?
- I'm not a pansy!
Shut up!
Adi, listen.
- Stop bothering him.
Shut up! Hulk, why do you
keep doing this to him?
Because of his weak bladder,
he can't hold it for too long.
I'm going to go and help him out.
Hey, wait up for me.
Dev, I have a question.
- Yes?
What is the one thing that
gives us a sense of identity?
The flag! Okay?
What do you feel
when you look at the flag?
Holiday, dry day.
It's our national flag.
You're supposed to feel proud.
I feel betrayed.
Ah, got it.
Are you guys crazy?
What if the cops show up?
So what?
He says that America is the reason
behind all the problems in the world.
I'm going to bring down
America for my brother.
But for now,
you climb back up here.
Come on, hurry up.
Adi, don't go back.
- The cops are here.
What the heck are you doing?
- Quiet, everyone.
Dev, tell them to stop.
- Devi, relax.
Okay, now come here.
What the heck is going on
in the middle of the road?
Kids, what are you
doing out here at this time?
Have you got cotton buds
in your ear?
I asked what you are doing
here at this time of the night.
We were watching
the constellations.
Answer the question I'm asking.
You know, the stars.
So, you like looking
at the stars.
Why don't you do this?
Go straight, take a right.
You'll find Nehru Planetarium.
You can look at the stars
for as long as you like.
Now, get out of here.
Where did this monkey
come from?
He messed it all up.
Okay. Now,
get down from there.
If you're not coming down,
then I'm coming up.
Why are you bothering us,
innocent kids? Let us go.
Let you innocent kids go! Why?
Are you the Prime Minister
that I have to listen to you?
Are you coming down or do you
want me to come up?
Alright, I'm coming down.
I'm going to tell you who the
Prime Minister of this country is.
Bring my jacket.
So, what were you asking
about the Prime Minster?
Let's do this.
Take everyone into custody.
- Sir!
Then I'm going to tell them..
- Sir.
Quiet. What's wrong with you?
He's Mr. Ahlawat's son.
Hariram Singh Ahlawat?
- Yes.
The Cabinet Minister.
- Yes.
It's his son. It's his..
- Yes.
Why didn't you tell me before?
SHO Jagmohan.
Please convey
my greetings to sir.
Sir doesn't know me by name
but he remembers my face
as I have a memorable face.
Please go.
Thank you.
Come on.
Quickly, sit in the car.
Sir, why are you
taking the American flag?
What are you
going to do with it?
Sir, I'm going to make
an underwear out of it.
An All American
Indian underwear.
Let's go before he decides
to take my measurements!
I don't understand this
stupid idea.
But who cares?
Write a report.
One American flag missing.
Here you go!
Let's go!
- What happened, son?
Long live!
- Long live!
"The nomads
are wandering around."
"They roam from lane to lane."
"Don't know which way to go"
"and what will happen next."
"The nomads
are wandering around."
"They roam from lane to lane."
"Don't know which way to go"
"and what will happen next."
"We ran away from our homes
without telling anyone."
"We are half-asleep,
"The outside world is cruel."
"Only God knows
what'll happen next."
"We ran away from our homes
without telling anyone."
"We are half-asleep,
"The outside world is cruel."
"Only God knows
what'll happen next."
"The truth is that we are
facing lots of difficulties"
"as the whole world is false,
everybody is fake."
"Don't know which way to go"
"and what will happen next."
"The nomads
are wandering around."
"They roam from lane to lane."
"Don't know which way to go"
"and what will happen next."
"All four of us are crazy
and carefree."
"We came leaving behind all
other friends and family members."
"We used to spend
extravagantly at home"
"but now,
our pockets are empty."
"All four of us are crazy
and unstressed."
"We came leaving behind all
other friends and family members."
"We used to spend
extravagantly at home"
"but now,
our pockets are empty."
"Betting made our lives
"Now, only God can save us."
"Don't know which way to go"
"and what will happen next."
"The nomads
are wandering around."
"They roam from lane to lane."
"Don't know which way to go"
"and what will happen next."
"When our pockets
started getting empty"
"we started thinking of home."
"We uncorked the bottle"
"in order to forget all
the hardships of life."
"When our pockets
started getting empty"
"we started thinking of home."
"We uncorked the bottle"
"in order to forget all
the hardships of life."
"The tears stopped flowing."
"We don't want to live
as if we are dying every day."
"Don't know which way to go"
"and what will happen next."
"The nomads
are wandering around."
"They roam from lane to lane."
"Don't know which way to go"
"and what will happen next."
"Hi, it's all about life."
"It's all about friends
and friendship."
"It's all about my friend's car."
"Hey! Friends forever"
"and ever."
Guys, they liked our camp.
Which means, we did it!
Hey, you alcoholics, do you
mind if I ask you a question?
Great, another
questionnaire to answer.
Then, answer me.
What is the one thing that you
see every day but can't break?
Gaurav's face!
That is something
you'll never be able to break.
Guys, seriously. Come on,
Gaurav, you answer.
Ask me.
- Let's play dumb charades.
I'll enact it out. You guess.
Straw? Soaking?
- Disgusting!
Who drinks from a coconut?
I was about to say it.
Adi distracted me.
Really? Then tell me.
What's written in the stars?
I have no idea.
Why don't you tell me?
It's an interesting thought.
But it's all nonsense!
Excuse me?
The stars have got nothing
to do with us.
How can they tell
you your future?
Excuse me, but there is something
called as using one's imagination.
Try to use it!
Devi, forget about him.
He's not going to understand.
Explain it to me.
He's an idiot.
Look. Look carefully.
Okay. - In these stars, you can see
your dreams come true.
See, you're going
to be the world champion.
Can you see that?
the World Boxing Champion
in the under 75 kgs category.
Gaurav Singh Ahlawat from India!
Thank you, Devi. You've made me
a world champion. - Come on.
Dev, my pal. Why don't you look up?
You just might see
your own dreams as well.
But, Gaurav..
I can't see anything
and probably never will.
That's because your dreams are not
up there but right in front of you.
Devi, what did you just say?
Because of the high altitude,
there are chances of low levels of oxygen.
Why don't you take a deep breath!
Let go of my hand.
I didn't mean, as in here.
Right here. Dev's camp.
I thought you were trying to say something
else, my dear. - My dear.
Why don't you tell us
what your dream is.
My dream is really simple
and that's to see my mother happy.
She lost a lot very early
in her life.
And I can see those dreams
coming true very soon.
Alright, moron, it's your turn.
What's your dream?
What are you looking up for?
Your dream is not up there
but floating in the sewers.
Besides going to the toilet, you
don't think about anything else.
This time, you're not
going to get away.
This is the only chance
for you to run for your life.
You're not going to
get away with this.
Oh, God! Look at these guys,
they're at it again. - Run, Adi, run.
That hurt..
Thank you.
What are you doing?
Uncle! There is a tall but
quiet girl waiting for you.
The silent kind!
And she hasn't moved
in the last two hours.
Come on..
Listen, ma'am.
I'm not really into
this traditional nonsense.
And to be honest,
I really can't be your typical
conservative hero
that you want me to be.
Thank God!
I almost died wearing this.
What a relief.
Give me that.
The thing that you are sitting on.
On your left, pal.
Get it? A cigarette.
By the way, my name is Payal.
I'm going to be a doctor.
And I'm definitely not your
typical conservative types either.
Light it.
Like you and my family.
It's quite upsetting.
This arranged marriage..
It's all a game for these old folks.
Just like match fixing but
for legitimate organized joy.
I'm telling you.
You know their mentality, right?
Oh, God! It is really disgusting.
What are you looking at?
You don't like?
Speak up.
Come closer.
Are you a virgin?
Listen. I was just kidding.
Come on, give me a high five.
Nunu, please get the stuff I asked for.
Yes! Yes! I'll order it.
- Alright.
Okay, bye.
- Bye..
Nunu, hello..
- Hello.
Your products
are of top quality.
They get sold the moment they arrive.
Nunu, help me out. I can't find
what I'm looking for. - Hold on!
I'm coming..
I'll attend to a customer
and join you soon.
Where's the drinking chocolate?
- Drinking chocolate..
It keeps shifting from one
place to another. - Here!
Is this the one?
- Yes, indeed. How much?
I'll take the money from your wife, Kiran.
- Take it now.
I said I'll take the money from her.
- Tell me.
These are 16 packets, 4000 from before,
which makes it 5000 in total.
Come on, don't worry about
the money when it comes to me.
Even though it's really cold outside
I'm feeling really hot right now. Why don't
you come in for something cold to drink?
Come home..
Even my wife is not
home right now.
So what?
I will get you something
refreshing to drink.
At the moment, just give me
the money that you owe me.
Come on, money..
The money's not going to run off.
One, two, three, four..
It fell down..
My back's paining.
Could you get that for me?
Hey, Nunu.
I'm glad that you showed up.
See, she was trying to trick me
into going inside with her
and was blackmailing me to either
pay up or she would falsely accuse me
of trying to molest her.
Ma'am, would anyone do
this to a respectful man?
It's easy to know
what her intentions are
looking at the way she's dressed.
Ma'am, I'm a family man.
Got it?
Why the heck are you
trying to ruin my reputation?
I'm a respected man in this society.
Get it?
Mr. Nunu, why are you
arguing with a woman like her?
Just take her things and throw them out.
Just get rid of her.
Come on, ma'am, leave immediately.
Go, pick it up.
Get out and tell your mother to find
another vendor. Do you get it?
This is what they learn
from the media. Extortion!
Else, one gets falsely framed.
Thank God that you all showed up.
I got saved.
Hail the Goddess.
Hail the Goddess! Please come in, sir.
Yes, ma'am!
What were you looking for?
It's easy to know what her intentions
are looking at the way she's dressed.
Mr. Nunu, why are you
arguing with a woman like her?
Why the heck are you
trying to ruin my reputation?
Get out and tell your mother
to find another vendor.
Did you get it?
I'm coming.
Hang on, I'm coming.
What happened?
Was the shop closed?
Did you get into an argument?
Every time you go somewhere,
you get into an argument.
When was the last time, you didn't
get into an argument with someone?
Devi, I'm talking to you.
Even when you go to collect
your father's pension, you get into
an argument with the clerk.
Even at the bank.
Your father gave his
life for the country
and you're bent on
ruining his legacy.
Turning on the tap
won't drown out my voice.
Devi, don't worry about how
this house is functioning, okay!
You think that everyone else is
evil and you're the perfect one.
She's always mad at everybody.
Nunu is a decent man.
At least, he pays us on time.
If you did get into an argument
with him, just apologize.
I'm not going to apologize.
Devi, I'm not going to listen
to anything that you've to say.
You're going to come with me
and you're going to apologize.
There is no way that I'm
going to apologize to him.
Do you have any idea how
I'm managing the household?
You're always angry with
something or the other. - Devi..
What's wrong, ma'am?
This much, this much.
This much..
I'll check it out.
You slapped him?
Did I do anything wrong
by slapping him?
Don't patronize me and stop preaching!
It's not a joke.
It's getting fugly
out there for women.
Men are just animals.
You ride a bus and they
try to misbehave with you.
Get on the metro and
they brush against you.
Is there any place that's safe?
They buy a ticket assuming that a
woman's dignity comes along with it!
Eve teasing has become
a hobby in this country.
And you're so proud of this country.
I love my country!
I hate this country.
- Let go.
My father gave his life
protecting this country from terrorists!
Politicians made big promises.
Everyone was ready to point the
finger at our neighboring country.
The news channels got what they wanted!
TRP! Headlines!
The darn media ran the story like..
Everyone benefited from my
father's death, except us.
What did we get?
A pat on the back.
Those delinquents..
Nunu, that son of a gun.
How dare he..
Forget it, pal.
Let's go and teach him a lesson.
Devi, listen.
Let's show him who his maker is.
Come on.
- Come on, let's go. Let's go..
The shutter is up,
he must be inside.
Shut up, moron.
Hail the Lord..
Did he leave?
Hail the Lord..
Shut up.
You two, stay put.
I'm definitely going to
teach this guy a lesson.
Let's go.
Mr. Nunu..
Gaurav, calm down.
Come on, get in.
Come on, get in.
What the heck are you doing here?
I want that imbecile Nunu to know
who is beating him up and why.
Now, get back in there.
Someone is coming.
Hide! - Move!
Beat the daylights out of him!
- Wanted to touch me?
You wanted to serve me something
refreshing. Here you go!
Devi, did you call
Nunu and tell him that
Dev and I were coming over
to beat the heck out of him?
Are you insane?
- Then, who the heck is this?
Dev! It's me..
What the heck are you doing here?
I told you to sit in the car, right?
What the heck are
you guys doing here?
Get out of here!
Get going!
Dev, turn off the lights.
- Okay.
Not bad, dude.
- Hey, what are you doing?
If I don't cut the tape,
how is he going to eat?
Like this!
That's a good idea.
Hey, sexy.
Have some chips.
Apologize to her and going forward,
you're going to go to her home
and collect the stuff. Come on!
Leave the girl behind.
Else, I'm gonna come to your
homes and beat the pulp out of you.
Got that?
You're a funny guy.
- Get off me!
Dev, 100 bucks say that
you can't break this guy!
Dev, let's leave.
I'm gonna break this imbecile.
Move, Gaurav.
- Careful, pal.
You will beat the pulp out of us?
- No..
No, Dev!
- Move!
Why are you putting me
in the trunk of your car?
Dev, have you lost it?
- I feel suffocated in here.
Dev, at least listen to Devi.
This is going too far.
Hulk, you are laughing!
Have you lost it?
Make him understand!
"O' uncle, let me tell you
the feeling of my heart.."
"On your silly looking face,
I want to make a bee fly."
"Don't touch me, even by mistake."
"Run someplace, save your life."
"I'll cut up your Armani suit
and make it into my underwear."
"Hit him on the behind with a stick."
"Beware of fraud."
"I'll place a rocket behind you
and then ignite it."
"Hit him on the behind with a stick,
hit him hard with a stick."
"Hit him with love."
"Hit him on the behind with a stick,
hit him hard with a stick."
"Hit him with love, it's a lot of fun."
What the..
Gaurav, be careful, he's a cop.
Check it out.
- Okay.
What is this cop going to do?
I've dealt with his kind before.
We kids made a mistake,
I apologize.
Let go.
You don't know who my father is.
Your mother came over last night.
Even she doesn't know
who your father is.
Why don't you tell me?
Move away. Don't touch him.
- Gaurav!
Stay back!
Dev, stop it, let go of him.
What are you guys doing?
Devi, get back in the car.
- Have you guys gone crazy?
Adi, get in the driver's seat.
- Dev..
How dare you, moron!
Dev, let go of me.
Let go. I'm gonna..
Come on! Come back, let's go.
Start the engine, Adi!
- Come on! - How dare he..
Make haste!
Quick, start the car.
Let's go.. Fast!
Your mother..
Get out of the car.
Get out!
Come out.
Come on, get out.
Get out.
Lie down on the ground.
On the ground.
Do it.
Come here.
On the ground.
Ma'am! Come here
and lie down on the ground.
On the ground, I said!
Is anyone there!
Please, open..
Open the trunk.
Open up.
Open up, you..
Are you going to kill me?
I made a mistake.
I won't touch her again.
I swear on Mother India,
she's like a sister to me.
Not only will I not touch her,
I won't pass by her house either.
Sir, please forgive me.
Guys, if you wanna beat me up, do so.
But I beg of you to let me go.
Dude, you won the bet.
Remember to take the 100 from me.
You really taught this guy a lesson.
Please forgive me, sir.
Please, sir.
Mr. Policeman, let us go or
you'll have to pay for this.
Let us go.
Thank you, sir!
Thank you! Thank you!
Catch it!
Go tell whoever your father is
that Chautala is the
wrong cop to mess with.
Ma'am, I asked you to make them wait outside.
Please show them out.
Wait for two minutes,
they will leave.
If the administrators find out that
they are here, I will lose my job.
Okay, I'll talk to you.
Come with me.
Ma'am, I told you that the visiting
hours are from 4 to 6 in the evening..
How about you and I meet between 4 to 6?
Do you get it?
Do me a favor. Don't allow
these reporters to come inside.
You got it, right?
Let's meet later.
I have breaking news.
Put this as headline!
A slap on the nation
and its police force.
This is Dev Mazumdar's story.
This wasn't the first time.
We'd used Gaurav's fathers' name to
get away from the cops in the past.
But, this was Chautala..
Alpha zero, zero. Do you copy?
Senior inspector has discovered new
evidence regarding the perpetrators.
The dead body will soon be sent over
to Ganga Ram hospital for the post-mortem.
There are four suspects that
we are currently in pursuit of.
Any further information will be
relayed to you immediately. Over and out.
Hey, ma'am.
You don't have a lot of time.
If he wanted to arrest us, we
would have been in jail by now.
The man is trying to break us.
We should wait for the police.
Guess what, ma'am!
He is a cop.
He just killed someone right in
front of our eyes and you think..
Darn it.
Gaurav, can't you get
your father to save us.
This is a cold blooded murder.
If my father finds out about this
he would take you to
task in such a way
that you won't be able to
recuperate for days together.
Did you forget that we were
the ones who picked up Nunu?
Yes, sir!
Quickly get rid of the evidence.
Bring that skinny one and a sack.
What are you staring at?
We don't want to disturb the
people out here relieving themselves.
We'll put him into
the sack and shoot him.
As you say, sir.
Get ready, pal, you are the
skinniest amongst the 4 of us.
I don't want to die.
Devi, save me.
Devi, I don't want to die.
Dev, save me.
I don't want to die.
Do something, pal.
All the evidence was against us
and on top of that, Chautala..
Sir, this is a really good car.
Then, keep it.
File an FIR for a car that's missing.
Shall we proceed?
A voting citizen has been murdered
which means that according to
section 302, you'll be hung till death
or receive 20 years in jail.
The bail amount is 2.5 lakh.
You'll get the money. He will
get the money, right, Gaurav?
Shut up!
Aren't you a dog on heat..
Down, boy.
There's more to add.
That shopkeeper probably
bribed cops like us
and that's the guy
who's been murdered.
Which means, it's a kick in
the teeth of our income.
Jot down Rs. 1 lakh.
Rash driving, which in section
279 only amounts to Rs. 500.
Only 500!
There are 26 charges for
kidnapping a citizen, 26!
So, that comes to around
Rs. 10,000.. Write that down.
Six lakh,
ten thousand and five hundred..
Aren't you the regular shylock!
Imple! - Yes. - Didn't you get
smacked around as well?
Assaulting a police man on duty,
and the charges are only Rs. 6000.
Write it down.
Your father's gonna add the VAT..
This isn't any VAT!
This is Chautala's tax.
Multiply the amount by ten.
Now, tell me the total.
- Sir!
Is it too much?
No, sir.
Is it too much?
65 discount, okay.
Sixty one lakhs in cash,
this evening.
For your salvation.
Getting sixty one lakhs from a
minister's son wasn't really a big deal.
Once we had the money, we had to
figure out, how to deal with Chautala.
Who doesn't take a bribe these days?
And why the heck
are we into politics
if someone cannot be bought off!
You're absolutely right, dad.
- Hello, dad.
Come, my son.
My dear!
Are you returning after a workout?
- Yes.
Just give him something to eat
and keep him away from all of this.
That son of a gun!
Everything that we
have is on the line..
Brother, my friends and
I needed some money.
Forget about your friends.
What do you need the money for?
Rajbeer, call up
your uncle right away.
I'll call him.
There's nothing to worry about, right?
If the government told me that it
got the money, what's the problem..
Then they asked me to hand
in my resignation, so I did..
- Make him wait.
That scoundrel accepted
my resignation..
Call him.
Hello, uncle.
- Hello.
How are you doing?
Things are getting
way out of hand, uncle.
That Ramlal played a dirty game.
The high command has
accepted father's resignation
and now he's out of the government.
I told you not to form a
coalition with that man
but you didn't listen to me.
Bear the brunt now.
Hold on for a second!
You oaf! Leave the phone behind.
Go and take the money from your
grandmother's room and listen..
You're seeing the situation
within the household, right.
What the heck are you showing me?
I want a picture of me
holding my hands..
Now, don't get yourself into trouble.
Things are already pretty intense.
Go now.
Hail the Lord!
Open up!
Did you find yourself
a fair lass? Tell me
Stealing money, I see..
You're going to run away to get married?
Without your permission,
can I even do that, grandma?
I'm investing the money
in some business venture.
Go ahead..
You're the only educated
one in this house..
The rest just constantly bark like dogs.
Grandma, you're only one
who understands me.
Now, everything is fine.
Get some sleep.
Gaurav, where are you?
Did you get the money?
Yes, Devi, I'm leaving..
Oh my!
- We're from the Income tax department.
We've come to raid the premises,
here's the warrant.
What the heck is this?
The Income Tax Officers
have come to raid the house.
If I don't get out of here,
then we all will go to jail.
This is that moron Ramlal's doing.
I'm going to get him.
Come on, guys, quickly go inside
the house and start searching.
Look over there..
Hey, you!
Where are you from?
From Rohtak.
Then touch thy elder's feet?
You can't be from Rohtak?
- Why?
Everyone in the world knows
that there is always money kept
underneath an old woman's bed.
See for yourself.
Come on, bend down.
Bend down some more.
Some more. Come on.
What's this lying here?
Did you find anything?
I lost that slipper one year back.
You found it.
One more thing.
Last year, the rats nibbled
two sacks full of money.
In this day and age, no one keeps
their money underneath a bed.
Everyone keeps their money
locked away in a safe.
I have to check the safe.
Sir, I've found some papers. Can't
seem to understand what's on them.
I'm coming.
Just hold on for 2 minutes.
I'm coming..
They're like flies.
They're everywhere..
Oh my!
Stop! What's in the basket?
Why don't you see for yourself?
Hey, this is cow dung,
get the heck out of here!
Had your fun!
Stop him.
Stop him..
What did you find in that basket?
Sir, all I could find
was some cow dung.
Cow dung!
What is the money laced with?
Don't irritate me right now.
This is what I could manage.
How much is it?
Almost 20 lakhs..
This is my 25,000.
Here, four lakhs, count them.
Dev, you sold off the camp?
Will make more!
My two lakhs.
You oaf, where did you
get two lakhs from?
I got the money from the engagement.
- You accepted the dowry?
I didn't want it and I was
going to give it back.
Hey! Now, let's not get
all moralistic right now.
Is it my fault?
How did I know that
there was going to be a raid?
At least, I tried.
I couldn't get everything.
Look at Koki and Cheeni.
They're loaded.
There is a lot of money in
in-house parties and it's tax free.
This is the only way out from
our problems. In-house party.
Let's do it.
Let's go.
- Okay.
Sit down..
- What happened?
Sit! You're gonna organize
a farmhouse party.
You want to be like
Cheeni and Koki, is that it?
We're going to sell drugs!
If anyone from our household finds
out about this, we'll be ruined.
This is not an option, pal.
Hey, moron, if you've got a
better suggestion, then say it.
Being a party organizer
is not an option.
We've got 26 lakhs.
We'll buy some time from
Chautala for the remaining 35.
And then, he'll say, why are you
just giving me 26 lakhs..
Pay for my home loans as well.
So far, he hasn't said
anything of that sort.
We have an option. Let's use it.
Better than being a glorified dealer.
12, 13, 14
15, 16, 17..
- 18..
Imple, these are
really artistic pictures.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Anyone who sees these
will suggest that you bribed a
cop to bury this murder case.
Let's go.
Get going..
See you!
How much did you give me?
And the rest?
Where is that? You don't have it?
You want more time?
Then, it's yours.
More time calls for an interest.
45 lakhs.
Hey, you!
You have 3 days to give me my money.
Otherwise, judgment day..
Okay, Devi ma'am.
Sir, he is Alhawat's son.
He will take some action.
Understand one thing..
The Delhi government has
no jurisdiction on us.
Only the home minister has.
Besides, Ahlawat has got
his own set of problems.
If this case ever sees the light
of day, he will be ruined.
Sir, you're really a funny guy.
I'm a Jat..
Can't help. It comes naturally.
We had no choice but to go back to the
one person that we were trying to avoid.
Do you have Koki's number?
Listen, I never take a risk
when it comes to giving out loans.
And if I ever had to
give such a huge amount
I might as well stick
my head down a sewer.
Scratch my back and
I'll scratch yours. Simple!
But there is a risk in that as well.
The thing is that I have a share
in every party that Cheeni throws.
He gives me ten percent.
Ten percent!
From you, I'll take..
Twenty five percent!
In a night, you can mint
around 40 to 45 lakhs.
But.. But, strictly with me.
So, the first order of business
to throw a party is a Tilla..
I mean, a farmhouse.
You know what, guys?
We all have our responsibilities
to do something for the youth.
What do you say, girls?
This place, all of us,
are all yours, darling..
Don't be shy.
All this without any price attached.
Thank you, sweetheart.
So, tell me something.
Who amongst the three of you
is going to stay back here?
Oh! Good choice.
There are massage parlors for
the exotic items that are special!
Let's go or are you going to
keep staring at this girl..
How many times have I told
you to ask for more money?
Why do you keep agreeing to these terms?
Hey, I've been waiting for my waxing.
Hold your horses.
Just do his waxing.
Oh, God!
Even the hotel rooms are so filthy.
I can't do it in this amount.
I get it, but just go this time.
The client is filthy rich!
Fine! Call me in an hour or so.
Give me a hug at least before you go.
Bye, mom!
Do you guys have any problem?
I had kept her in
my womb for 9 months.
She's got to do what she's got to do.
Dealers operate
from the G.B Road.
We are event managers.
You know, event managers.
And the sole agency
for lads is with Chhaya.
"What's this Fugly?"
"What's this Fugly?"
"What's this Fugly?"
"This Fugly.."
- Hi.. I'm missing you a lot!
Hi, my orange bar.
My cutie pie!
Want to have some action?
Oh my goodness!
What's gotten into you?
What are you doing?
You're aggressive!
That's amazing!
Passion, baby, I love it!
Wanting you, baby.
Tell me something.
What are you wearing?
What? What are you wearing?
Shirt and pant!
Should I take them off?
8 packs, 6 above and 2 below the belt..
I'm not like that!
I'm not!
Oh, I got carried away.
Stop giving excuses
about the phone, darling.
Have the guts to say it.
Come on, say it
that you want a man.
Come on, tell me.
Say it that you want a man..
I don't want to do anything..
Just give me my phone back!
Hello? Who's behind you?
Give me my phone. - If you don't want to
do anything, then did you
come here to start
your own business? -What?
- You're going to be cheaper than me..
Come on..
What are you doing?
What the heck is going on?
Leave that dimwit!
- Help! - Dimwit!
Who are you?
- Aditya!
Koki's baby?
How many boys do you want?
Boys? Give my phone back..
- Tell me.
Tell me how many boys do you want?
- Give me my phone!
Give his phone back.
- Disgusting!
Yuck! Dimwit!
Because of your 8 pack trash,
I've lost all my packs!
What is all of this!
Leave it! Why does Koki
send such kind of people?
All I wanted was to love him.
Ms. Chaaya!
I was coming to meet you.
In order to invite people to
the party, you can send an email!
Face book!
Cell phones!
And last but not the least, the
one and only, your friend, Koki.
You're cordially invited for the Tanu
weds Manu wedding, please come in.
Couldn't grow a moustache and you think you
can get into this party! Get of here!
Man, what's up with this,
where's Koki, man? Who's calling me?
Yes, I'm here, coming!
What's the problem, pal?
Well, didn't you know that
school kids are not allowed in here?
Hey, I'm not in school.
Oh yeah, relax! I'm here.
Alright, it's JAT time. Come on.
Come on, get out of here.
- JAT.. Which means?
Just Anderstand Time!
Understand doesn't start
with an A but with a U.
Just Anderstand Time U!
Come on, man!
Hey, Shabbir!
- Yes?
Where's the cash?
Alright, pour the original drinks
and then after a while,
start diluting them.
"It is as bad as it gets.
This ain't a movie."
"You're about to get
a reality check." - Devi!
"If you think you are gonna make it,
you've been smoking crack."
"Understand what I am saying
before you pack your bags."
"Come walk beside me and save
your whole beer. So.. FU.. GLY."
"And the only thing that matters
to the kids over here.."
"Drugs, girls and liquor..
You think this is sick."
"Well, it's about to get sicker."
26, 27, 28 lakhs!
Just another hour or so
and we go scot-free.
Here comes your JAT!
Hey, everyone is stressed out
and you're dressed up like a fairy?
Buddy, this is an in-house party
and not some birthday party.
Everyone is getting to fulfill
their fantasies in this party.
I want to do the same thing.
And there's an audience just for me.
You won't listen.
So, do whatever you want to do.
Say it with a smile.
Come on, Adi, let's rock this joint!
"He's a local guy with exquisite skill."
"He makes girls go crazy
without any extra efforts."
"Everyone wants to know how he does it.
They ask him about his secret."
"This is what he has to say."
"O' baby, I don't have any money."
"Baby, I don't have a house of my own."
"Baby, I don't have a big car."
"O' baby, I don't have a pillow."
"Baby, I don't have a cot."
"Baby, this is the only
mattress that I have.."
"I'm good in bed, baby.
Baby, I'm the Hall of Fame."
"I'm good in bed, baby. Baby,
I'm the King of the Game."
"I'm good in bed, baby.
Will whisk the nights away."
"I'm good in bed, baby.
Baby, I'm the Iron Man."
"I'm good in bed, baby.."
"How cruel this beloved is.."
"But he gives fantastic amount of joy."
"I've never seen such a
great player of the night."
"I'm good in bed, baby.
Baby, I'm the Hall of Fame."
"I'm good in bed, baby. Baby,
I'm the King of the Game."
"I'm good in bed, baby.
I'll whisk your nights away."
"I'm good in bed, baby.
Baby, I'm the Iron Man."
"I'm good in bed, baby.."
"He's my lover, I'm his lover."
"To tell you the truth,
he is very skillful."
"He is long lasting and quick."
"I'm good in bed, baby.
Baby, I'm the Hall of Fame."
"I'm good in bed, baby. Baby,
I'm the King of the Game."
"I'm good in bed, baby.
I'll whisk your nights away."
"I'm good in bed, baby.
Baby, I'm the Iron Man."
"I'm good in bed, baby.."
The guy is good in bed, come on,
take out your drums and play!
"I'm good in bed.."
"I'm good in bed.."
"I'm good in bed.."
"I'm good in bed.."
"He's good in bed.."
"He's good in bed.."
"He's good in bed.."
"He's good in bed.."
"He's good in bed.."
"Run for your lives,
the cops have arrived."
"Run for your lives,
the cops have arrived."
"He's good in bed.."
"He's good in bed.."
"I'm good in bed.."
"My lover has arrived home, oh my dear!"
I'm not an idiot.
You know Koki, he's mine.
- I love you, sir.
He doesn't do anything
without my permission.
Devi baby, now you know the difference
between a bump and feeling someone up.
Hey, you..
- Hey!
- Stay back!
Mr. Shakti Singh!
Try and control that boxer.
Hasta la vista babies..
Next time, think twice before
organizing a party without me!
Koki, let's roll.
- Coming, sir.
Sir, there is a lot of money
here at this party.
This means, we are
going to earn a lot tonight.
He is the minister's son, sir.
Come, let's go.
We were bearing the repercussions
while Chautala was basking in fortunes.
Just this much, sir?
These kids belong to me..
They're stupid but mine.
The next time, there will be a gift
that will be sent to you in advance.
Now make a move.
Okay, goodbye. - Goodbye, sir.
With what you guys have been able to do
the narcotic department would
have made your lives miserable.
It's good that you called me on time.
You guys got lucky.
Come, Koki, let's go.
Coming, pal.
Come fast!
How much is the total charity
that has been collected?
Around 30 lakhs..
What does around mean?
What if I told you that
you'll be behind bars
for around 10 years,
will you understand that?
30 lakhs.
Out of the 30 lakhs, that scoundrel
Shakti Singh has taken 5 lakhs.
Which makes it 25..
- Chautala, keep all of it.
You'll receive the remainder
of the amount later.
Then, let's organize
these parties together.
We'll be partners in this enterprise.
I can't do it!
This is not an option!
Oh, Mr. Bachchan.
We're not playing Who Wants
to Be a Millionaire here
that you are asking for options.
Phone a friend or a public opinion.
You have only one option
here and that's joint share.
This is the new CWBM.
Chautala will be a millionaire!
Forget about everything.
The Aggarwal case, everything.
You'll do well.
You'll do great! Now leave.
Come on, leave!
Chautala with you, for you, always..
I'm stressed out.
That moron Shakti Singh
siphoned off 5 lakhs.
Chautala has turned us into a dealer!
A registered dealer..
What are you worried about, big man?
Your father and brother
will get you out of this mess.
The rest of us are
going to get ruined.
Then, who the heck asked you to come?
- What are you doing?
Let go!
- Adi!
We can't fight amongst ourselves?
- Stop it, pal!
Didn't you want to teach him a lesson?
Now you want to flee at
the sight of trouble. - Guys, stop it!
You got us all in trouble.
- Have you all lost your minds?
Have you all lost your minds?
We're friends and
you're hitting each other!
Great miss motivational
speaker is at it again.
This is all your fault.
Shut up!
- Get out of the way, Dev!
How many times did I tell you
not to pick a fight with Cheeni?
Did you listen to me?
Nunu had just touched you.
He didn't rape you!!
Hit me!
Hit me again!
- Dev!
Hit me again! - Adi!
- Listen.. - To heck with it..
Go and hit him again.
Happy now?
Devi! Devi!
Doctor, Dev is having a cardiac arrest.
Everybody out..
Doctor, call for crash cart.
Please, call for crash cart.
Vaccine to me administered.
2 milligrams.
Please move out.
Please move out.
- Check oxygen level.
Nurse, check the body parameters.
Check for code blue.
Nurse, give me a syringe.
Vaccine administered.
One, two, three..
Connect the syringe to take blood.
Check the syringe for blood.
- One, two, three..
Will Delhi witness a change?
Ankita Jain signing off from Fortis
hospital with cameraman Gaurav, Delhi.
Doctors have been fighting against
all odds to revive Dev Majumdar.
Who will win this fight?
Will the truth prevail?
There many questions
being asked?
Does a man have to pay such a heavy price
in order to save a woman's self-esteem?
Are commissions appointed just
to cover the evidence of a crime?
Give me a towel. - How dense is this
mesh of ministers and police department?
Is this case backed by
Minister Rajbeer Singh Alhawat?
This is Sakshi Singh signing off
with cameraman Montu, City News.
Hariram, you've chosen the
appropriate party symbol.
A drum that beats from both the sides.
Grandma, you've been smoking
that hookah for far too long.
Everyone has lost it.
Hello, Minister, I mean
Chief Minister.. How are you?
What are you talking about?
That kid has put up a stop sign
before I can become the Chief Minister!
Which kid..
What stop sign..
Stop being a douchebag!
Switch on the TV and watch the news!
Imple, turn on the TV.
- Yes, sir. Okay.
Imple, make a drink for me.
If he completes his story, our story
will come to an end. Do you get that?
This kid can't do anything.
The commission report
has already been submitted.
It's just a matter of two days
when you will be the new Chief Minister
and your dear Chautala
will be the Commissioner.
Don't be so over confident.
It takes just 3 seconds to stop the oath
ceremony and getting kicked in the face.
You oaf, better stop him
before everyone starts protesting
at Jantar Mantar park wearing caps
that says I am Dev..
You got that?
Please don't drink today.
- There is a function going on today.
Is there a circus going on here?
Stop all this nonsense!!
Get out, everyone.. Out!
Sir, let me handle this.
- Listen.. - Handle it..
What are you all doing! Get out!
I said, out everyone! Turn off the television.
- Listen..
Get going.. Come on!
Fast! Everyone out!
Payal, I don't think all
this should be happening.
Dev's gone through a major trauma.
If something happens to him,
then it will be a big disaster.
Sir, are you listening
to what he is saying?
If he doesn't complete his story
today, it will be a bigger disaster.
I will take the chance, sir.
Then it will be on your head, ma'am.
You please continue..
So, was this the reason
of your redemption?
After Nunu's death
Devi asked us to wait for the cops.
I wish we had listened to her.
Chautala was getting restless.
The pressure was mounting on us.
But we didn't want to
enter into this world of filth.
Chautala saw us as
a no limit credit card.
A machine to mint money!
And the four of us
decided that enough is enough
and we're going to
stand up against him.
Buy cameras, good cameras, top
cameras. Buy two, get one free..
Unbeatable cameras!
Start the action with just a click.
Even James Cameron
bought a camera from me.
Superb camera, each camera
is amazingly unique..
Button camera, pen camera, cell camera,
you want to buy camera? What say?
We need something which
can be mounted on the walls
and the quality of the sound is good.
That's it!
My idea plus your money and the sound..
It's just like surround sound..
You can listen to it yourself and
let others enjoy as well..
Especially for adult content!
This is the best camera!
The girls start looking
like supermodels.
It'll be difficult for the ones who
are watching to control themselves.
Is she is the heroine?
- Hey!
I was just kidding.
Sorry, ma'am..
I will show you guys a demo.
Do watch..
Oh, my god! What a beautiful woman.
Hey, mister! Step aside.
Exactly! Ask him to step aside!
Wherever Chautala stands in this room
everything will be recorded clearly.
Hey, you oaf!
Don't make any stupid moves.
And you! You also don't
provoke him unnecessarily.
Who knows he might pull out his gun.
After that the headlines
will read.. No guns
no guts, only stupid Jats.
Pal, I'm unable to reach Devi.
Everyone should be here
when Chautala arrives.
The man has a wicked mind.
You don't have to worry about Devi.
She is smart.
She will get here on her own.
I'm just worried about this hulk,
you never know what he..
Hail the Lord..
Come on, let's go.
These guys are here.
Everyone seems relaxed.
Chautala, we're not going
to organize anymore parties.
Do whatever it is that you want to!
Hi, my sugar cane.
I'll call you back.
Liar, you always say that you will!
But you never call back..
- I'll call you back.
What will you do? Tell me first!
Will you be my Superman?
Tell me!
What the..
Hello, say I love you..
I said, I'll call you back.
So, you won't organize anymore parties?
Chautala, we're not dealers!
When we've said we're not going to do
the party then we're not going to do it.
Listen up, you minister's son!
Take it easy!
This is a murder case.
If the case reopens, your
father's seat will go for sure..
Eyes to the ground!
I said, to the ground!
Say I love you!
Say it.
I love you! I love you! I love you!
One more time?
- Keep saying that.
Ma'am there is a very important
class going on right now.
Call back after some time, okay?
- Who is this?
Switch it off, I said, off!
But we didn't kill Nunu..
When did I say that you killed him?
I killed Nunu.
I, Rajvinder Singh Chautala!
I killed him.
Do whatever you feel like!
All the evidence is against you.
Right, Imple?
- Yes, sir.
Whose fingerprints are on the jack?
The minister's son, sir.
And you remember the bribe
Devi ma'am was offering us.
The photograph of that?
It has the four of them, sir.
Time is running out.
Get to work.
Let's go, Imple!
Yes, sir.
There they go..
- Let's roll..
I killed Nunu.
- He said it!
I, Rajvinder Singh Chautala!
I killed him. - Yes!
Do whatever you feel like!
- He's in a fix now.
All the evidence is against you.
- Yes!
Look at these scoundrels!
Right, Imple?
- Yes, sir!
This is the monitor room.
The minister's son, sir..
And you remember the bribe
Devi madam was offering us.
The photograph of that?
It has the four of them, sir..
Time is running out.
Get to work.
Let's go, Imple!
- Revolutionaries!
What did you guys think?
That Chautala is a fool?
I had Imple to keep an eye on you.
Round the clock, non-stop!
Hey, mister! Step aside.
So, you guys won't
organize parties anymore.
Then don't do it!
- Yes, sir?
For what kind of a job
are they made for.
They're made for something big, sir.
You must have heard about MLA Ramlal!
He is planning an event
at Chandni Chowk.
Shower him with love
and then after that, send him
straight to the Almighty. R.I.P!
We won't do it.
Do whatever you want!
We won't kill anyone.
We'd rather go to jail.
Where is Devi ma'am?
Will you guys leave your
so called sister and leave?
The subscriber must be not reachable?
Now listen to me very carefully.
Devi will remain in my custody.
And if I find out that
my invitation to the Ramlal's
death ceremony has been cancelled!
Then remember, no matter how much
traffic is there in human trafficking
it just takes two hours
for a girl to disappear.
You'll get a gun at Kinara Bazaar.
Let's go, Imple!
Sir, you used the minister's son
to solve the minister's problem.
Imple, if the son is getting a
chance to help his dad out..
Then what's the problem.
You are right, sir.
This is God's grace
that he has given Chautala an opportunity
to be the next police commissioner.
God is great!
God is great!
Give it!
Sir, the flies are here,
the nectar is yet to arrive.
You moron!
Stop being such a Sherlock
and keep an eye on them.
Otherwise, I'll gouge out your
eyes and shove it up your rear.
Shove it up where?
Up my rear!
Hang up now.
In your country,
man do first or woman..
I don't know.
Then lie down.
Lie flat..
This Ramlal is a fool!
My father lost his seat
because of him.
I just hope your father is not
responsible for his assassination.
Control your emotions.
My dad is a politician. Killing is
not his business. - Stop it, you two!
He has a gun in his hand.
What are you doing?
Shut up!
Pal, are you really
going to shoot this guy?
No buddy!
We came here to have some free snacks.
Then will give you an enema with
this gun and after that, we go home.
I'll accept the enema
but we can't shoot anyone.
We are not murderers.
Do you have a better
option other than this?
No, then shut up.
Let's find Chautala.
Wherever he is, Devi will be there.
Get out of here. It doesn't really
matter to you what happens to Devi.
Just get out here! Go!
You oaf! What are you doing?
The police is all around.
And what kind of a friend are you?
I just saved his life.
That's the kind of friend I am!
Tomorrow, when we'll get caught
for murder, he'll be saved
because he wasn't with us.
He'll get married and
at least, won't die a virgin.
Now don't look at me like that.
People might get the wrong idea.
Devi will be at the same
place where Chautala is.
I tried so many times to
explain this simple fact
but they just didn't listen to me.
I'm going to first find Chautala,
then I'm going to save Devi.
I'm going to prove that..
Stay put, I'll be back.
Hail the Lord!
If I don't come back in 5 minutes,
please leave, okay?
- Hail the Lord!
If no one tells you
where Chautala is, then?
I will find out! I'll ask them.
Hail the Lord!
Now what?
What if Chautala is there inside?
Move aside.
Tell me something.
Have you come to
support me or psych me out?
Support.. Of course!
Then why are you scaring me?
Okay, sorry..
Could you do me a favor?
Come along with me.
Please come, please..
Tell me something.
Are you nervous?
Not at all.
Do I look nervous?
How should our leader be?
- Just like Ramlal!
How should our leader be?
- Just like Ramlal!
How should our leader be?
- Just like Ramlal!
How should our leader be?
- Just like Ramlal!
How should our leader be?
- Just like Ramlal!
How should our leader be?
- Just like Ramlal!
How should our leader be?
- Just like Ramlal!
How should our leader be?
- Just like Ramlal!
How should our leader be?
- Just like Ramlal!
How should our leader be?
- Just like Ramlal!
How should our leader be?
- Just like Ramlal!
Long live Mr. Ramlal!
Long live Mr. Ramlal!
Long live Mr. Ramlal!
Long live Mr. Ramlal!
Long live Mr. Ramlal!
How dare you hit your wife..
What do you think of yourself?
I'm going to teach you a lesson now.
Please forgive me..
If you want to touch, touch properly, man!
Let me make a call.
I'm really close to Chautala.
- Hey! - What the..
Listen to me, man!
If I don't reach Chautala on time,
you're going to lose your job!
Wait a second!
My dimwit!
At that time when I gave
you an offer, you refused
but now who's this one
you're hitting on?
Hey! What do you mean by that?
- Hey!
Wait a minute!
Lies! All Lies!
What did you say?
That you are close to Chautala sir?
- Yes.
You also turned out to be a dealer!
Come with me.
I am not a dealer!
I have a family business! A
business of sanitary since 1925!
Tell him..
- Yeah.. It's our wedding!
It's my wedding! We came to
give Chautala our wedding card..
An invitation.
It's your wedding?
- Yes.
Move aside! Sit there!
Why are you hugging him, sir?
Come with me, I will give
you Mr. Chautala's address.
He won't be there!
He would probably be
at Solan farm right now.
What do you mean?
I was on my way there
until this pigeon got in way!
Solan farm!
Thank you, pal.
Adi! Let's go.
I was just saying thank you..
- Let's go! - Thank you!
Please don't go.
My countrymen, I promise you
that there will be a cut in
the toll tax as soon as possible
which will bring a relief to the
citizens while driving on the roads.
You all will get employed.
You haven't taken a shot, have you?
- Not yet.
Well don't..
I found out where Chautala is!
And wherever he is,
Devi is going to be there.
Now, call me a oaf.
You oaf,
you've totally proved me wrong.
We know where Devi is.
Let's go.
- I will request the government
to make way for paved roads.
No one shall remain unemployed.
It's my promise to you.
How dare you..
- Get inside!
All hail!
First time with a westerner..
Complimentary, sir.
Did you have fun?
Keep your compliments to yourself.
There are 40 MLAs coming over and
they'll be staying till the elections.
If there's even one complaint..
Your wish is my command, sir.
I'm going to shove those compliments
straight up your rear. Get it?
Now get out of here!
You're a funny guy, Mr. Chautala.
Cheeni likes you.
In fact, Cheeni loves you, Mr. Chautala.
Next time, 3 is the number..
- That mother..
Three westerners only for you,
Mr. Chautala. Complimentary!
Is someone there? Open the door!
Come on!
What are you looking at?
What are you looking at?
What are you doing, mister?
Thief! Thief! Thief!
Thief! He took my phone..
I'm a cop..
Darn it!
Due to popular demand, for
the very first time, friends..
Presenting to you, the extremely
entertaining, Lovely from Jind..
"O' Lovely! O' my sweetheart.."
"Come outside."
"Everyone chant.. Lovely, Lovely."
"Don't look at me with
your eyes wide open."
"Shake your body a little."
"You'll remember this
baby from Jind for life."
"Lovely, Lovely, Lovely, Lovely.."
"Lovely, Lovely, Lovely, Lovely."
"At night, I will steal your
heart and play with it like a ball."
"I'll cause a huge wound on
your heart and steal all the votes."
"I'll move my veil a little to
make the government fall."
"Lovely is like a sharp dagger."
"Lovely, Lovely.."
"Lovely is like a sharp dagger,
I'm Lovely from Jind."
"Lovely is like a sharp dagger,
I'm Lovely from Jind."
"Lovely, Lovely, Lovely, Lovely.."
"In every nook and corner, the
talks about my waist are popular."
"From Jind to Delhi,
my flyers are printed."
"One, two, three, four, I want
to love these many times.. - Four!"
"In every nook and corner, the
talks about my waist are popular."
"From Jind to Delhi,
my flyers are printed."
"Lovely is like a sharp dagger."
"Lovely is like a sharp dagger,
I'm Lovely from Jind."
"Lovely is like a sharp dagger,
I'm Lovely from Jind."
"Lovely is like a sharp dagger,
I'm Lovely from Jind."
"Lovely is like a sharp dagger,
I'm Lovely from Jind."
"Lovely, Lovely, Lovely, Lovely.."
"Miss Lovely, you are very hot."
"You cause a huge wound on my heart."
"O' Lovely, I'll die for you."
- Hello, hello..
Looks like your brother and father
have involved you into the business.
That's good news!!
We need young blood in the party!
Young blood!
But, uncle, you're here in such a party?
Such a party?
Your uncle only comes to
these kinds of parties..
Devi.. Devi!
You know this girl?
That's good!
It will remain within the family.
Now leave..
What are you doing, uncle?
What will you have, my baby?
- Leave her.
Don't touch her, uncle!
Uncle, I'll shoot!
Get up! I said, get up!
Doing the job of a dealer and
you're pointing a gun at me?
This is the kind of party your
brother and father organized for me?
- Will you shoot your uncle?
- Shoot me! Shoot!
Dev! Get Devi out of here..
Don't touch the girl! She is mine!
Bring the girl back!!
No.. The gun will fire!
- Don't touch her.
Don't make me do a sin.
- Leave her here.
She is like my sister, uncle!
- Get her back here. - No!
Where were you?
Do you have any idea
what was about to happen..
In that room..
- Devi!
I am sorry!
If something had happened to you..
Then I would have never forgiven you!
Let's go..
I am fine! Just run.
We're not murderers.
But tell me something, Chautala,
for a second you got scared, right?
Goodbye. Don't shoot me on my back.
Why is this firing happening?
I think we've won the elections.
So, let's fire at the opposition.
So what are we waiting for? Let's fire!
Where did you get shot?
Bullet passed touching my rear.
Easy, I'm not dying..
But tell me something.. How
did you get shot in the rear?
What are you laughing at, man!
- Are you alright?
Let's go.
Where are you headed?
It is great, Chautala!
This party of yours!
Everything is pointing towards you.
And now, your lifeline is in our hands.
I'll tell you something.
For a second, I did get scared.
The tables have turned again.
One of Delhi's bravest
police officer SHO Chautala
put his life on the line
to expose the in-house party.
Sir, What will you like to say?
I've been involved in this
case for a long time now.
There was Aggarwal's murder case,
then drugs, alcohol, prostitution.
No matter what happens,
I promise that
I would remove the filth
that is within our society.
Chautala with you
for you, always!
Hail India!
There they are..
Montu, follow them with the camera.
Sir! They've been arrested,
we're bringing them in.
Montu! Point the camera at them..
Make haste! Fast! Take this shot..
Bring the cloth! Come forward!
Come here!
Sir, one minute..
- Speak up
Sir, I didn't get that shot of you
putting the cloth over his face.
Can you please do it again?
Have you come to my wedding?
It will look good on TV!
You'll be a star as well, sir..
Get the camera ready then!
Come here!
Stand still and let them shoot!
- Hey you!
You didn't feel horrible
before turning into a dealer?
Answer me, you scoundrel!
Take your best shot!
Every one of you! - Hurry up!
And if possible, try to print
the reality! Not the breaking news!
Otherwise, there will be no
difference between you and them.
Push him inside.
Come here!
Everyone see her face!
Carefully see her face!
Get the cloth!
Move the van fast!
Media, back off now.
A super cop or something..
How dare you arrest my son?
Just calm down!
I am not going to spare you!
- Sir.. - Calm down!
Take a deep breath.
What do you mean?
- Have a seat! Sit here!
Excuse me?
- Are you possessed or something?
Are you forgetting,
he's arrested your brother!
I said, stay calm! Stay calm!
Drink some water..
Drink some water.
I don't want it!
Hariram sir!
This party was organized by you.
You sent all those ministers there.
And who ruined it?
One's son!
Three ministers have been
shot including Chautala.
Anyway, whatever happened has happened.
Now with a single blow, we
will also get out rid of uncle.
Keep Gaurav away from us.
Chautala is making sense.
If this case builds up
we will never be able
to come back to power!
Since the beginning,
you've been telling me
that politics is a business,
now let me handle the business.
Take him inside. I will let you know.
Chautala! Come on!
Come on! Let's go!
Whoever is guilty will be
punished by the court of law!
Even if that person who
is behind this is my son!
We should be proud of brave soldier
like Chautala who is serving our country.
Hail India..
We received bail, but everyone had
already accepted that we were criminals
and we had decided to prove them wrong.
"My life is like smoke now."
"My dreams have faded."
"Who knows where my
happiness has gotten lost."
"I can't see the light anymore."
"How wonderful those
days and nights were.."
"When I used to talk with my dreams."
"That laughter is lost.."
The government has set up a
commission to seek the truth.
Have faith in the government.
We waited for five years,
thinking that justice will prevail.
"There's no shore, there's no support."
"I don't know where I am headed."
"While walking on the road,
I don't know why.."
This drum will keep
on beating for truth!
This is very good news that
we are forming the government.
But unless the commission
gives me a clean chit
I am not going to take the oath!
Because this drum is a symbol of truth!
"My dreams have faded.."
"Who knows where my
happiness has gotten lost."
"I can't see the light anywhere."
Have some tea!
Aditya! Gaurav! Stop..
Please, stop!
"Due to the strong friendship.."
"There was no worry and no fear.."
- Do you want to end up like your father?
"Now time is upset with me.."
"There's no reason to live.." - Why
can't you leave your work in office?
"What sort of a storm
has come into my life?"
"I secretly shed tears now."
Guys, this is tomorrow's headlines..
Rajbeer and Chautala are the system!
They know how to mould
the rules in their favor.
"Who knows where my
happiness has gotten lost.."
I, Dev Majumdar
In my complete senses
am filing this declaration against
Minister Rajbeer and DCP Chautala.
Why are you putting your life in danger?
Let's shoot that imbecile!
If shooting was the solution,
we could've shot him five years back.
Then Chautala would have become a martyr
and we would have been
labeled as criminals.
We need to make everyone understand
that this country doesn't
belong to the politicians
but it is ours!
People won't understand!
Didn't you hear Sakshi?
People need proof, which we don't have!
No one trusts the words of a living man!
But a dying man's voice
is heard by everyone.
Then tell me one thing! Why you?
Why not me, him or her?
You will go!
- Yes I will!
You will go.
If I fail, then you will go!
If you fail, he will go!
And if he fails, then she will!
And we will keep doing this
until the likes of Chautala and Rajbeer
are not punished for their crimes!
Come on, guys.
Let's not stop living our dreams.
Come on, man, let's stop being stupid!
Don't do it, Dev..
There is nothing in
this country for which
you've to put your life in danger!
Don't do this.
Who is putting one's life in danger?
There are a lot of things in this
country which are worth dying for!
Hey, oaf!
Give me a hug, at least!
Come on!
Take care of him..
We have grown up together.
You better win that world title!
Just nail it!
I bet you 100 bucks
that I'm going to bring Chautala down!
Now, don't you dare say anything stupid.
There is still nothing special about you
that I should've feelings for you.
Don't do it, Dev, please.
Group hug is the need
of the hour.
Are you ready?
Talk to Sakshi!
And bringing Rajbeer
is your responsibility.
An Enquiry commission
investigates for years
but why is it that any politician
is never brought to justice?
Millions of rupees are
wasted on commissions.
If the report of an enquiry
commission is not satisfactory
another commission is appointed.
Why is the enquiry not made public?
Why can't we get to know
the answers that the leaders
present for the questions that we ask?
After all, isn't this our money?
Do you think that all this will change
anything? Will you get justice?
What is this drama that is
going on here? Everyone out! Out!
Chautala is here,
where is Rajbeer?
The government is not being dissolved
and no counting is going down either!
Don't you understand?
Now, keep the phone down!
To heck with them!
You say something else but
you do something else entirely.
What does that mean?
In the hunger for power, you've
forgotten the first rule of politics.
This country worships the martyrs.
Chautala will go to jail
and that is a fact.
You should save yourself.
Didn't you always say
that politics is a business?
Now save yourself!
He is right!
Do as he says.
Make your government and take him along.
Time is of the essence.
The little one created this situation!
Come on!
Come on, go out!
- Silence! - Leave!
You have to answer to the accusations
made by Dev Majumdaar.
We will answer to the government itself.
Please leave..
- Turn the camera off. - Listen..
Please leave..
- Move! Step back!
Shut up!
- Move out..
Take this discussion outside..
Let the government..
Get out of here, please.
Shut down your darn camera.
Imple, show them out.
Get out..
Nice trick!
Didn't I say that
Chautala with you, for you, always.
How dare you come back inside?
Sir, you killed him?
Dev Majumdar has been murdered.
So that he can't give
his statement in the court.
Get away from me!
Dev Majumdar has been murdered.
They killed Dev Majumdar!
He's been murdered.
Gaurav, wait! Gaurav!
Easy boy! Hold yourself!
No one will take any action.
Stay calm, please stay calm.
The justice shall prevail!
I won't let Dev Majumdar's
sacrifice go in vain!
Whoever is behind his murder,
I am not going to spare him!
This is my promise to you.
Whoever he may be..
Even if he is a police officer..
Who was that?
Who the heck hit me!
- I did it!
I've already buried one of them!
I'm going to do the same thing with you!
He killed Dev Majumdar!
Don't spare him!
Who hit me.. Come on..
- I did it!
I won't spare you!
I won't..
Let's go, sir!
Come on, take out the car!
Dev was right.
There is something in this country
that is worth sacrificing for.
Victory of Dev Majumdar and the truth!
According to the latest news,
DCP Chautala has been arrested
and the oath taking ceremony of
Minister Rajbeer Singh Ahlawat
has been cancelled indefinitely.
For the first time
in sixty five years, our country
is going to witness an open enquiry.
This enquiry will be telecasted
live on the national television.
I am Sakshi Singh, signing off
with cameraman Montu, for City News.
How are you doing, Thapa?
It's good that you pulled me out Mr. CM!
Otherwise, if I had to bear the
pain in my rear one more time
you would have to share
the same pain with me.
Darn you!
Trust me, it was nothing personal.
Imple Singh, with you, for you, always.
Goodbye, sir!
Hi, guys..
- Hi!
Devi! See, I won!
Now I am a world champion!
Yeah. I read about it.
I also won. See.
- There are two. - Twins.
Oh, my god!
Congratulations, guys!
God bless you!
- Hello, ma'am!
Abbas, please check the
rappelling equipment. - Yes, ma'am.
The Japanese team is coming and
if possible please smile a bit more.
- Morning!
Devi, come back please.
Don't you feel alone there without us?
Are you kidding me?
You oaf, at the height of 18,000 feet,
I'm on top of the world.
I have my memories with me.
At night, I have my stars
to give me company.
Devi, Dev always used to
say that how can the stars
which can fall anytime,
tell our future?
Dev was wrong.
In these stars, I can still
see my dreams coming true.
Idiot! There is still something
known as imagination!
Come on, let's go.
Hey! What happened to you?
You okay?