Fukushima 50 (2020) Movie Script

This film is based on
a true story.
Fukushima Daiichi
Nuclear Power Plant
Earthquake warning.
Prepare for tremors.
Earthquake warning.
Prepare for tremors.
Attention, Unit Four!
Earthquake! Earthquake!
Evacuate! Evacuate!
Please stay calm and leave
the building immediately!
Keep moving!
Come on!
Let's go!
Units One and Two Operations
Building 2F Control Room
- Watch out!
- Hold on to something!
Toshio Izaki, Operations
Management Shift Supervisor
- You know the drill now!
- Yes, sir!
- stay low!
- Yes, sir!
"Safety Rules:
Stop, Cool, Seal"
We're at half SCRAM!
Unit Two, half SCRAM!
- Unit One, SCRAM!
- Unit Two, SCRAM!
Control Rods, all in!
Insert the Control Rods
right now!
"Reactor Power Output"
Masao Yoshida, Fukushima Daiichi
Nuclear Power Plant Manager
Is everyone alright?
Are you hurt?
- Are you OK?
- Is everyone OK?
Can you take a roll check?
See who's gone,
- and report to me any injuries.
- Sir, yes, sir!
- I'll see you in Control.
- Yeah.
- Find out the parameters, now!
- Yes, sir!
Water level, 900!
- Pressure is at 6.6!
- Re-check!
- What?
- We've lost external power!
- Report!
- MSIV, closed!
Main steam
isolation valve, closed!
Diesel Generator [DG]
DG on!
Diesel Generator's a go.
ECCS hot!
Emergency Core Cooling System,
On it!
Help me out. Check if the
Cooling System works.
Steady, boys.
- Tell me if anything seems off.
- Yes, sir!
- Miyota, Activate Cooling System!
- OK!
Mode switch shut down!
- Cooling System, it's going, sir!
- Copy.
Subcritical, confirmed!
"Cooling System activated"
Seismic Isolation Building
Emergency Response Room
- Hey, boss.
- Do we have SCRAM?
They were all taken down.
- Units One, Two, and Three.
- Good.
- Let HQ know.
- Yeah!
Seismic's over six!
We just received
a seismic report
of upper six
in the following zones:
Nakadori in Fukushima,
Hamadori in Fukushima...
This is a unique situation
we have here,
and it requires
unique handling.
- Alright then?
- Yes, sir!
Oh, there you are.
Oh, what a big one.
- We've come to help you.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you, guys!
- Yes.
- Emergency power?
- So far so good.
Hey, Okuda,
- cut the alarm.
- Sir!
Unit One, hold please.
Toshio, sir. It's control.
- Izaki.
- Are you OK?
Anyone hurt?
We're good here, thanks.
There's a mega-tsunami warning.
Thank you, Yoshi.
He said "Yoshi".
They're the same age
as each other.
Hey, mega-tsunami warning!
We should be safe right here.
We're 30 feet
above sea level.
- Keep an eye on pumps for sea water!
- Yes, sir!
- Tsunami guides ready, OK?
- Yes, sir!
"Unit Two Reactor / Unit One Reactor"
Attention, everyone. Tsunami!
Those near the shore, evacuate.
Repeat, evacuate now!
Attention, everyone. Tsunami.
Seismic Isolation Building
Those near the shore, evacuate.
Repeat, evacuate now!
Attention, everyone. Tsunami.
Units One and Two Control Room
Those near the shore, evacuate.
Repeat, evacuate now!
- Let's hurry.
- We don't have to hurry now, do we?
What's that?
Tsunami! Run!
- Run! Run!
- Go! Go!
- Hey! What happened?
- What?
- Report!
- The generator tripped!
54 minutes after quake
- What did he say?
- The power is out!
Unit One,
Unit Two, SBO!
We just lost all power.
Say again?
You just lost all power
over there?
- Boss! Boss.
- Izaki!
- Report?
- SBO.
This is applicable
to Article 10.
Three and Four, SBO?
- What?
- What was that?
It's officially a nuclear
emergency now.
Article Ten is a must!
Station blackout, now.
SBO status.
Article Ten is confirmed.
Why did the power go out?
- Find out, now!
- Yes, sir!
Article 10
at Fukushima Daiichi!
You sure?
- What's Article 10?
- What the hell?
Are you serious
with that question?
Listen to me, now.
Fukushima has just declared
Article 10.
We're from the State
of Emergency office.
We will take over from here.
- Thank you.
- Yes, sir.
Tokyo Electric Power Co.
HQ Emergency Response Central Office
Can we get some water in here,
Is Unit One cooling system
I have no idea.
Without power,
there's no way of knowing!
It'll be a disaster
if they're not cooled.
- We're completely blind here.
- Oh, God!
- What's happening?
- Who's there?
It's bad!
We're in trouble!
A tsunami hit us.
- Bring towels, now!
- OK. Coming.
Seawater is in the building!
The generator's
Then no energy.
A tsunami hit us!
You say a Tsunami
reached the structure?
It's higher than we
With this massive loss
of energy, the meters are down!
We're gonna need energy.
- Request generator cars.
- OK!
- ...some fire trucks.
- You want what?
- What? Why?
- You idiot!
To cool the reactors!
Our pumps don't work
without power!
Water hoses will work.
- Do it, hurry.
- OK!
Call the fire department!
Men, listen up.
I know it's not safe,
but we need a reactor check.
We don't know
what's going on in there.
You know the rules.
When entering into the site,
every one of you
must be paired at all times.
That's rule number one.
If you're not back here
in an hour, we'll come for you.
Even if you can't reach it,
return before your hour's over.
Got it everyone?
Furthermore, on this board,
write when you come in
and when you go out.
- Got it?
- Yes, sir.
Careful with Unit One.
It's US made and tricky.
Sir, yes, sir.
If the power isn't restored,
the water in the reactor
will dry up and overheat.
Then it's only a matter of time
before the fuel melts.
The melted fuel will break out
of the containment vessel.
Core decay.
Radiation discharges.
We'll all be exposed
and it's over.
We'll inject water, into the
reactors to prevent that.
We can use the fire-fighting
pipeline to send the water.
We have to open
these five valves.
Izaki's crew
is working on the sprinkler
system to send water.
- We're thinking the same thing.
- Uh-huh.
Without pumps,
the fire trucks can send water.
Boss! Yoshida!
Damn it. We lost two fire trucks
to the tsunami.
Is there a third?
It works,
but we got to clear the wreckage
before we can move it.
- Do it right now!
- Yes, sir!
Only one truck?
It won't be enough.
Contact HQ.
Request extra straight away.
Yes, sir!
We need to power the instruments
in the control room.
If you have a car here, go!
We can use your car batteries.
Please go with me.
Please go out the front,
or come with me now!
Hands up!
All of them?
1 hour 50 minutes after quake
They've lost all power
- and can't cool the reactors.
- How could this happen?
The tsunami.
PM's Office,
Crisis Management Center
Everything's underwater, sir.
Were they not prepared at all?
It was much bigger
than expected, sir.
What now?
The reactors will start
to overheat,
if they're not cooled down
- Yes.
- Tell me something more.
What's the Safety Agency doing?
I'm so sorry!
- What is your plan?
- Listen,
- we're working on countermeasures.
- What are they?
You tell me the details!
You're the Nuclear Safety
If anyone is going to explain,
it'll be you!
You see, I...
The details are too much,
or what?
Well, I majored in
Business Studies.
Takemaru of Tokyo Electric
is here.
Where's the President?
he is away at a retreat.
- A retreat?
- Yeah.
He's attending it
out in the West.
- He's on his way to us right now.
- And the Chairman?
Apologies. He's in China,
on business.
You're present
but they're out?
We're so sorry.
Embassy of United States
"Omori Kano"
2 hours 33 minutes after quake
Units 1 and 2 Operations Building
- Ready?
- Let's go.
1.2, huh?
Unit One Reactor Building
This way.
"Water pipe"
- Switch it to manual.
- Go.
Valve 365, opened.
Valve 365 opened, check.
Valve 25A, is open.
Valve 25A opened, done!
- We can send in water now.
- Right!
- Bring them water. Water!
- You guys OK?
Good job!
Radiation was...
1.2 mSv.
Something is wrong
in Unit One.
The reactor water level
could be low.
Inside Unit One,
1.2 millisieverts.
Could be something wrong
inside Unit One.
There's high radiation level
in Unit One.
1.2 millisieverts per hour.
Higuchi, where the hell
are those generator trucks at?
- They're coming.
- Faster!
Yes, sir!
It's called off. That's it.
4 hours 3 minutes after quake
The generator trucks
were just way too heavy.
Emergency Helicopter Pad
- So what are we gonna do now?
- I don't know.
For now, that's all.
Shut down!
No helicopters coming.
That's it! Go Back!
No helicopters coming!
4 hours 59 minutes after quake
PM's Office,
Press Conference Room
at 4:36pm,
there was an event at
the Fukushima Daiichi
Nuclear Power Plant.
It falls under
the Act on Special Measures,
concerning Nuclear Emergency
Article 15,
paragraph one, item two.
We recognize that this situation
requires an emergency response.
to stop further expansion
of nuclear hazard.
So, in accordance
with regulations,
a state of emergency
has been declared.
At the moment,
there has been no report...
Oh, Grandpa.
Let me do that.
I got it.
put broken things in here.
Izaki Residence, Tomioka Town
...no major problems
as of yet,
so please stay calm...
State of emergency, huh?
There is no need to panic.
Please move in a calm
and orderly manner.
You have no reason to worry.
He's been there for decades.
This is an evacuation order.
6 hours 4 minutes after quake
Please move in a calm
and orderly fashion.
Don't panic.
Residents within 2km
radius of the plant are to evacuate.
Do we really have to go?
What now? What now?
Please move at a calm and...
- There's an issue at the plant?
- I don't know.
Just move quickly.
The evacuation is over.
Looks like a traffic jam here.
Futaba Town Office
- Did you get through to Daiichi yet?
- Not yet, sir.
We reached Diani, sir.
Daiichi is apparently still
without have power.
- No power? What the hell?
- Boss!
The government is sending
60 buses for evacuation!
That's massively too late.
What are we going to do
about the iodine?
HQ, we need clear guidance!
As per regulation
of the Nuclear Safety Authority,
younger people should take it,
but those over 40 don't have to.
But that's just unfair
to draw that line
if they're all gonna go.
The radiation level is rising.
We can't approach it,
if it gets any higher.
Those workers are risking
their lives! Decide now!
Yoshida, listen.
Give us a sec, OK?
We're gonna ask
the Nuclear Safety Agency.
HQ can't even make that call?!
The generators are here!
We'll make it.
What do you say now?
The voltage is different.
We needed high-voltage
generators but...
they sent us low-voltage
What the hell is HQ doing?
- Hurry up, Nishikawa!
- I'm doing it!
Don't talk back.
Maybe we can connect
with the energy
from the seismic
isolation building?
That's too far away.
That kind of set-up
would take us days, huh?
- Got it. Got it.
- OK, go.
Where do I put the batteries?
Hey, gimme light!
Miyamoto, try it now!
You got it!
Here it comes.
Izaki, sir!
The pressure indicator
is functional.
What's it say?
600 kilopascals.
How much?
The pressure limit
is 427 kilopascals.
That could mean...
...it could burst at any second.
We have to vent.
Unit One containment,
pressure 600.
Unit One containment pressure,
600 kilopascals.
- 600?
- What?
We have to cut it down.
Prepare to vent.
Check with the other units.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Izaki, it's me.
Tell me now.
How long we got?
I give it to morning.
I see.
When there's too much
the vessel here
will max out explode.
To prevent that,
10 hours 6 minutes after quake
it's necessary
to release some pressure.
through this pipeline here, sir.
That's called venting.
So say we do as you say,
we will toxify
the entire surrounding area.
If it explodes, even more
radiation will contaminate
the entire Eastern seaboard
of Japan.
Of course we'll make sure
residents are evacuated
before venting.
So, again, the air will go
to this suppression chamber
with water,
and make its way on up.
So the amount of radiation
should be reduced,
to about 0.1%
It should?
Well, sir. Venting has never
been performed anywhere before.
- First time ever?
- That's right.
The issue is
they have no power out there.
It has to be done by hand.
Someone must go inside the
contaminated reactor building.
to initiate venting.
You can't just say that!
You know the risks of venting
during a full-on station-wide
blackout now!
I know.
But we've no choice.
We already told the PM.
Of course,
we'll handle the venting
You know we're on it.
It's just,
don't say things without
consulting first with us!
Our timing matters the most.
Compose yourself!
God dammit!
Yeah, Izaki.
do it.
We gotta go.
Choose who it'll be.
You choose them.
We're venting Unit One.
This'll mean...
...releasing radiation.
We'll choose who will go.
You already know
the building is dark,
and we don't know
what's there.
The radiation is high.
So I...
...won't send in the young.
If you're willing to volunteer,
you should raise your hand.
join if you'd like to.
You can count me in.
Izaki, you can't leave.
He's right.
You gotta stay here to lead.
I'll go.
I'll go, too!
Me too, sir.
- Count me in.
- I'll go!
- I'll go!
- Me too, sir!
Thank you.
thank you all.
The young will stay here.
Please let me have
three pairs,
of our oldest.
At Fukushima Daiichi,
the pressure inside
the containment vessel
is rising very quickly,
so they're going
to begin venting
in order to release
some pressure.
Now, we'll open up
the floor for your questions.
12 hours 20 minutes after quake
When should this begin?
So, we've told the site
to aim for 3am to carry it out.
It's already 3:12.
I mean,
they're ready at three.
I've been told
they've started the process,
so I'll go back,
and check on their progress.
I'm Hashiguchi
from Fukushima Minyu.
Have you informed the local
residents about it yet?
We're working on it.
I'll get back
and check on that.
We'll follow the National
Regulation Authority's
directions, and...
we'll let you all know.
Thank you very much.
Yo, over here!
The valve on the second floor
of Unit One
is the MO valve.
On top of the suppression
chamber is the AO.
Igawa and I will go.
The MO is tough.
We'll get the AO open, sir.
Hirayama and Matsuda,
you'll wait here.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
"1. Omori, Igawa, 2. Kudo, Yano
3. Hirayama, Matsuda"
I repeat,
14 hours 58 minutes after quake
Residents within a 10km radius
of the plant must evacuate.
Don't panic.
Tomioka Town Office
Please get on
the designated bus.
Residents within a 10km radius
of the plant are ordered to evacuate.
Please don't push.
Tell me what's going on?
Where are we going this time?
Nobody has actually
told us yet.
Please sir, just go.
What about radiation?
What's with the plant, huh?
Just tell us!
I don't know!
Just get on the bus.
Now, OK?
This is an emergency
announcement from Tomioka Town.
The Fukushima Daiichi
Nuclear Power Plant
has experienced an issue.
What are you doing,
We have to hurry.
Come on.
big trouble over at Daiichi,
Soon, we will be
able to return to our homes.
Toshio will handle it.
He ought to! Let's go.
All in?
Haruka, let's go.
That's everything
we could find there.
Thank you.
Thank you, that's good.
Put them over there.
Ready when you are.
Oh, shit.
We're ready now.
Please wait a little.
We still don't know
if the residents are evacuated.
You must keep waiting.
15 hours 4 minutes after quake
may I have please a word?
Yoshida speaking.
Can we vent yet?
Prime Minister Kan
is on his way there.
You sure?
To the station?
Please handle it well.
Good God.
Give us a break here.
We're stretched thin even now.
The decision has been made,
so please handle it well.
Alright, sir.
It's just...
masks need to be provided
by his own entourage.
you'll give him
some of your own.
Giving those won't leave
enough for everyone.
The workers
are already sharing.
There just aren't enough left.
We're dealing with
the same issue.
You handle it.
You go to hell!
Are you trying to kill us?
Figure something out
if you don't have any!
Will you let us do our job?!
your orders are clear.
So you think...
...venting should wait
until the PM makes his exit?
Why didn't you stop him?
- I tried. No use.
- It's no joke
if he receives exposure.
15 hours 14 minutes after quake
We'll make sure he doesn't.
Alright, but who knows
what'll happen...
Sir! Grant me authority
during your absence.
Radioactive decay
will cause high heat.
- High knee?
- High heat!
If we don't cool it
with water soon,
the fuel deliquesces.
A China syndrome might happen.
And if the fuel melts down,
then what?
Heated metal and water react.
- Hydrogen is then formed.
- Has the process begun?
Well, likely it's already
started inside the vessel.
That hydrogen would
obliterate the entire area!
Exactly, making all
the venting important.
In order to release
that pressure.
Whoa! Over here.
Front Gate, Fukushima Daiichi
Nuclear Power Plant
"Japan Ground Self-Defense Force"
Thank you for coming.
Hello, sir.
I'm Sergeant Major Henmi,
Camp Koriyama,
the Sixth Artillery Regiment.
We're here
with the requested fire team.
Please wait right here.
But they're at
the front gate now!
Well, why not?
Oh, I see.
I'm very sorry,
we have to ask you to wait.
The Prime Minister is here.
He's here?
16 hours 25 minutes after quake
Good morning, sir.
Why haven't you vented?
Venting out.
Why hasn't it started?
- Well, that's...
- Start it right now!
The air dose rate
is very high.
Keep monitoring the rise.
Decontaminate your gear.
Put it in a bag
and hold on to it.
Good morning, sir.
Careful, take off your shoes.
Then you can test
for contamination.
Our staff will take care
of your testing, sir.
What the hell do you think
I'm doing here?!
I don't have time
for this shit!
Yes but it's for the...
...just take off your shoes,
Wear these.
Hey, what's it at?
0.3 mSv.
The level is rising.
- So, we'll go.
- Yes, sir!
Let's go.
What are you doing now?
We're working on
the difficult issue
of venting without
electricity on site.
It's giving us
some difficulties.
What kind of difficulties?
Allow me.
I'll show you.
Please see here.
The tsunami submerged this
entire area of our power plant.
Water came into the building
which shut the power down, sir.
The system cooling the core
is malfunctioning.
Venting will fix it?
Venting will help.
They're telling me those valves
are without power.
So, we'll have to try
and manually get them open.
- Get it over with already.
- Absolutely.
Our suicide squad is ready.
Prime Minister Kan
still here?
Yoshida is meeting with him.
Lift it up higher!
"Disaster Relief"
The water tank's beside
this building.
- Power outlet's over there.
- Got it.
Connect the trucks
and start pumping.
- Get to it!
- Yes, sir!
Go! Go!
Watch your step!
Evacuation complete, sir.
18 hours 18 minutes after quake
All residents in the area
are comfirmed to be evacuated
It's me.
- Initiate venting.
- Understood.
We have the order.
Commence venting.
Aye, sir.
The meter maxes out
at 1000.
If it does,
you return right away
to this post.
No questions.
- We know that.
- I've set the dosimeters to ring.
80 millisieverts is the limit.
Never seen that.
Serious stuff.
Your oxygen lasts 20 minutes.
We'll return before that.
Don't go too far, Omori.
I know.
"Omori, Igawa: 9:11 am"
- We're off.
- Take care.
Radiation level?
So far so good.
Cables connected
to the power panel.
If the pump works,
we can inject water.
- Switching on the breaker.
- Yes, sir.
Three, two, one, go!
It's connected!
It's connected!
- Connecting!
- Go!
"Water Outlet"
- Done!
- Right.
It's in there.
- OK here!
- Check!
- Ready?
- Ready!
Commence injection!
It's here.
Let's go.
There it is.
This is it.
Valve number MO 210.
AC PCV Venting Valve
MO Valve Unit 1
This is the one.
Let's do it.
Are they OK?
We're at 11 minutes.
Open it to 25 percent.
That's five percent!
Ten percent!
15 minutes!
"Keizo Izaki 12/21/1927,
Tomoko Izaki 4/23/1960,"
Haruka Izaki 1/14/1987
25 percent.
It's open.
It's open!
Look, look!
It's open at 25 percent!
It's open.
We did it!
Water's flowing!
Water's flowing!
It'll cool down!
Water's flowing!
Water's flowing.
19 minutes.
The O2 is only for twenty.
Mr. Izaki, sir!
- Sir! Sir! No!
- Get off me!
Hey, Izaki!
- Get away from me!
- I'm gonna get them out.
- Stop! No!
- It's open!
It's open!
The valve is open!
We did it!
Bring water! Hurry!
Get him out!
Thank you.
It was so hot.
The MO valve is open!
You can send in
the second unit straight away.
Toss everything in the bags.
Honda, here.
Omori, 25 millisieverts.
Igawa, 20 millisieverts.
That much exposure
in only 20 minutes?
"Kudo, Yano: 9:38 a.m."
Team two heading out.
Thank you.
Hey, Kudo.
It's at the
suppression chamber.
Radiation's high.
- Take care.
- Yes, sir!
Let's do this.
Let's go.
Reactor Building:
Basement Level 1 - Torus Room
It's hot.
It's 500!
We press on.
It's 900!
We keep going...
...until it tops out.
Hang in there.
We're close.
1000 mSv.
We can't go any further!
Just 30 more yards.
- We're almost there!
- We can't do it.
Come on!
Yano, we're heading back.
We can make it.
They'll be alright.
Thanks, Omori.
- Kudo!
- Yano!
- Are you alright?
- Quick!
We failed!
The radiation was too high!
And we were so close!
The meter maxed out.
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
This way!
Bring water!
Excuse me, sir.
No, no, no!
Radiation level...
That's nearly the
emergency limit of 100!
Thank you.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry!
Mr. Izaki.
- Let me go again.
- No, Yano!
You were both highly exposed.
If you stayed any longer,
you would have died.
Take them
to the seismic
isolation building now.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
I'm sorry we failed.
Let me go in!
It's all right.
I'm sorry we failed!
It's OK.
They didn't make it.
The radiation level
is too high to go in.
What if we try
opening the valve with pressure
by sending air in remotely?
Will that work?
We'll do all we can.
Right. Sorry.
Izaki, sir.
You came back.
Our units are OK,
so we're here.
- You too?
- Yeah.
We heard you're giving it
another try?
Suicide squad?
The level is high here,
so how about a detour?
That's good.
It'll take longer.
It should work if we hurry.
can you find the valve
in there?
It won't be hard.
Wait one second.
Why don't I go?
- What?
- I worked at Unit One for a while.
I know just about everything
there is to know
about the AO valve.
I understand Unit One's
quirks the best.
Not a chance.
Do you get how deadly
it is in there?
Nobody younger than me
should go in.
I feel as though
I was sort of trained
by that Unit.
It created the plant engineer
- you now see here.
- Stop it now!
These reactors
aren't just machines.
Like children, some misbehave
and some are obedient.
The most difficult one here
is Unit One, yeah?
I want...
...to save it myself.
Please let me go!
Sir, get the gear.
They're from our high school.
They can do it.
- Tomoko.
- Are you OK?
Oh, water for you.
That's very sweet.
Here you go.
Takumi sent you any update?
Not yet.
I can't get him
on the phone now.
Izaki said something?
Well, he should be OK.
They're professional.
"Massive Earthquake
in East Japan"
"Worst in History"
"Tomioka Town Evacuation Center"
You gotta quit smoking.
- Just one.
- ...And move in an organized manor.
...There are enough supplies
for everyone.
The desk for missing persons
and safety confirmation
is inside.
23 hours 44 minutes after quake
Yeah, Izaki.
White vapor is coming out
of the stack.
It's wrong!
Stop them!
I said go!
- Go, go, go, go!
- Get your mask!
Hey, stop!
Hey, stop!
Why are you stopping us?
We need to open the valve!
Hey, come back!
- Just let me go, damn it!
- It's an order.
- Abort the mission!
- Abort?
- Come back, please!
- Come back.
Smoke is coming out?
We used the compressor
to open the valve remotely.
You see?
Venting worked.
We didn't even know.
You wanna kill us?
We're risking death.
You think I don't know?!
We're doing everything we can!
- What was that?
- Venting accomplished.
They forced the vent with air.
So, then it worked.
I don't feel much
like celebrating,
when we've sent that
radiation outside.
I hope my mom
got out of there.
I guess it's better
than that vessel blowing up.
- Huh?
- Yeah.
Let's look at
what's good here.
You're right.
In Unit One,
the radiation is higher now.
Entering is impossible.
I wonder what's happened...
...inside there?
A meltdown has begun.
If that vessel cracks,
it's over.
What's the point
in us staying here?
What did you say?
Come on.
There's nothing
we can do for now.
- So why bother staying?
- Nishikawa!
And you call yourself
a plant engineer?
the radiation level is getting
higher and we're in danger!
If we run away,
who will protect this reactor?
We're not doing that at all.
What about we stop wasting time
and go to the seismic
isolation building?
At least there, we can figure
out something to do.
There's gotta be a better way!
No way in hell we can leave.
Anything can happen here.
But then we're gonna die
for no reason...
You coward!
How dare you!
Hey, calm down!
- Let go!
- Knock it off, boys. Enough!
If we would retreat,
we'd be abandoning
the entire area of the plant!
...having trouble with...
...those people,
that abandoned their houses,
because they believed
in something,
that will
control this situation.
Now, I wanna confirm that,
because I wanna go home, too.
We all do!
We really don't know
what will happen.
So, you're really
asking now why?
Cause I'm willing to die.
It's up to us
to save our hometown.
So I cannot leave.
Maybe all we're useful for
is checking the meters,
but we cannot give up
on controlling the reactor!
No matter what Yoshida says,
you'll evacuate before I do.
Please understand me.
24 hours 50 minutes after quake
Get your masks on!
Put on your masks!
- Masks on!
- Masks. Quick!
- Get it on!
- Check the parameters!
What happened?
Check that line!
It exploded!
It blew!
Unit One, it blew!
Fall back!
Are you OK?
I'll give you a hand.
Can you stand?
No, not in there.
Fall back!
No, get out of there!
Come on, go!
- Go, go!
- Check the power line.
The power cable was damaged!
We finally had decent
electricity but now,
we gotta start again.
Breaking news.
There has been an explosion
at Fukushima Daiichi
power station.
The footage is from today...
- What's that?
- Did it explode?
What happened, huh?
I'll find out.
...but we are looking into it
and will keep you updated
as this story develops.
You can see smoke
bellowing from the station.
Oh my God.
Hey, listen up.
There's been an explosion!
It's over.
Nobody could've survived that.
They're all dead.
Why in the hell
did they build a plant there?
- What's gonna happen?
- We can't go home ever again!
Not a rat's chance.
Take those down.
Who's here to celebrate?
Party curtains.
Excuse us.
Kana, your jacket.
You're so kind.
We're... we're running out
of fresh water.
Then we use the sea.
"Soma Odaka Shrine
Prayer for Protection"
My God, Haruka?
It's good to hear you.
You alright?
I'm doing good.
How are things in Aizu?
We're all good here.
But how about your father?
Of course he's good.
You know?
I know.
Daddy? Daddy?
Be careful. Slow down.
Haruka, calm down!
I am calm.
You're the one being emotional.
- It just won't work out.
- How would you know?
I just know.
He's 16 years older,
divorced with a kid.
- It just won't work.
- You're mistaken.
I'm OK with it,
so it's gonna be good.
Well, I'm not!
Well, OK!
I raised you 24 years.
What for?
Dad, gimme.
Gave you everything.
Sending you to university.
Tomoko, why did we
have to work so hard?
To give my daughter
to some 40 year old guy?
I can't allow
the young to stay any longer.
You are dismissed.
Don't you worry,
we're tough as nails.
We've survived half a century,
after all.
Let's go.
If this is the end,
let's take some pictures!
Don't talk like that, Maeda.
So, first Kano.
Big smile. Cheese!
Hey, Omori.
You're up next.
They'll use this
at my funeral.
Make me look good.
A funeral portrait
in full mask gear, huh?
Perfect for a plants operator.
If we die,
it'll be considered
"in the line of duty."
In the line of duty?
Sounds cool,
like an action film.
Don't be ridiculous.
Do you get what it means to die
from radiation exposure?
Have you forgotten the
Tokaimura nuclear accident?
"Accident at Nuclear Facility"
2 workers dead.
The cells all over
your body die.
"310,000 Residents
Must Stay Indoors"
Dreadful doesn't even
begin to describe it.
Sorry. OK.
Group photo, OK?
- Alright everybody in.
- Let's take one together.
Come on in.
Hey, Matsumodo,
you gained a bit of weight!
The electricity here
goes to Tokyo.
Cool, huh?
So Dad,
you won't have to work
away from home anymore, right?
Yeah. I'll work at a partner
company of the plant.
So then,
we're here all year together!
Come on.
Let's go see the Shrine.
This here is a nuclear
containment unit.
- Isn't it big?
- Wow.
It's a water reactor.
The very high heat
from fission reactions
boils water so hot
to produce steam,
and that steam
in turn produces electricity.
Nuclear power produces
massive energy at low cost,
and it's clean energy,
that doesn't emit
carbon dioxide.
It's the energy of the future.
Wait, wait. Hold.
27 hours 39 minutes after quake
Residents within a 20km
radius of the plant ordered to evacuate
Close your window, please.
- Wow!
- So cool!
It's coming! It's coming!
28 hours 39 minutes after quake
Yes, Yoshida.
Takemaru here.
Where are we with
the seawater process?
It's underway.
What? Quit now!
What the hell for?
...you can't pump seawater in.
What's this about?
Front of Unit Three Building
This is bad.
What in Gods name are you
talking about?
Just stop injecting!
You're trying to say
not to cool the reactor?
Calm down!
- Concerns are being raised.
- Concerns?
Now, you listen.
If we don't do
what we're doing, it's over!
They're saying impurities
in the water
may cause permanent damage
to the reactor.
I've never heard
of this before!
I said just don't.
The priority is cooling,
however we're able to do it.
Why don't you
explain that to them!
Obey me now.
We're doing it.
They really want us
to stop the water?
The government is butting in.
Why is HQ letting them?
Why now?
Sons of bitches!
- Sasaki.
- Yeah?
will send an order
to stop the seawater.
Got that?
Count on me, sir.
Good thing we had seawater
in the pit.
How much is left?
No idea.
Hopefully, it's enough.
We'll figure something out
if we have to.
Water is flowing in Unit One.
Oh, thank God!
That's a relief.
Thank you.
Report any problems with water
pressure or levels.
Yes, sir!
Yoshida, sir!
They say it's too soon
to inject all that seawater,
so you all need
to stop it right now!
The water must stop.
- Full stop.
- Consider it done, sir.
I'm gonna take a leak!
- OK.
- OK.
Commencing injection!
- Mochizuki, sir,
- Yeah.
it'll take at least five hours
for the power to recover, sir.
The injection is stable now,
so we'll come help.
- Thank you.
- Thank you very much, sir.
- Oh my God, the smell!
- Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!
I'm so sorry
for making you help,
cleaning the mens room.
It's OK.
After all,
somebody's gotta do it!
But oh God, it stinks!
No running water.
49 hours 16 minutes after quake
- Yeah?
- Is Unit Two's RCIC operational?
Plus 3,750.
The cooling system's working.
Unit Three's radiation
is rising fast.
It might explode any minute.
Abort all outside missions.
Everyone except those
collecting data,
come right away to us here.
We'll take turns,
in the control room.
you come back too,
and report to me.
You know I can't leave.
You can explain this better
than anyone else.
It's an order.
Return now.
We'll stay right here, sir.
Please go back,
Izaki, sir.
Yoshida said
we should rotate.
Five men at a time.
- Dear God.
- It's like we got bombed.
Radiation levels are rising!
Stop your work and evacuate
to the seismic isolation
building! Now!
The radiation is rising!
Evacuate immediately!
Quickly! Go!
The radiation levels are rising!
Decontaminate over there.
Wash off.
Radiation scan over here!
Good work, everyone.
- It must've been especially hard for you.
- Asano.
Thank you.
Omori, Hirayami!
Neither of you have slept yet,
- We're alright.
- Look at us.
- Izaki, sir. Good work, sir!
- Good work!
- How'd it go?
- Well done!
Yoshi. Five men stayed,
twelve are here.
Omori, sir. Thank you.
Well done, Hirayami, sir.
And you.
Great job guys.
Take a good rest, yeah?
64 hours 14 minutes after quake
Yoshida, sir.
We have to get ready
to vent Unit Two,
and have to pump water
with the fire trucks
and work on restoring power.
You need to send
some workers outside.
Those units could explode
at any second.
The pressure level
in the containment vessel
is stabilizing.
Continue working straight away.
What if we can't vent
and the vessel explodes?
It's all over.
So look at the data
we're sending!
The radiation levels
are too damn high.
You enjoy the safety
of bureaucracy.
You shut up and do it!
We'll answer for it
all from here.
This is my fucking call!
My call!
- Higuchi.
- Yeah?
I'm sorry.
Would you go again?
- Yes, sir.
- OK!
- Set them up.
- Let's get set up over here.
- Oh my God!
- Oh my God!
Go! Go!
68 hours 15 minutes after quake
Call the control room
and check!
- Anyone injured?
- Check the parameters!
Explosion here!
Unit Three!
Unit Three just exploded.
- We'll know very soon!
- Yoshida!
Yoshida! 40 men!
We're missing 40 workers!
Get a stretcher!
- Are you OK?
- We've got one injured here!
Bring a stretcher!
- Are you OK?
- Hurry!
We're here to help!
Let's get a move on!
Make way! Make way!
Make way!
- You said it was OK!
- You promised us it was stable!
- We could have all died!
- I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
It's just...
...too dangerous out there.
You OK?
If anyone dies,
I'll kill myself.
Don't talk like that.
Get a grip!
- I'm going back to the control unit.
- No way.
The radiation level
is too high out there.
Wait a bit. Please.
Unit Three exploded
and radiation levels are higher.
Wait a while, will you?
Don't bother
sending anyone over.
Takumi, it's just for now.
It's really OK.
It's OK.
Takumi, I'm coming soon!
I'm in charge over there!
Izaki, sir!
- Not now, wait!
- I can't!
Grab your masks!
Let's go!
You all stay here.
- It's our turn!
- Are you OK?
We're here now!
It's our shift now!
Izaki, sir.
You thought I'd abandon you?
- Igawa, we're here.
- Omori!
- Kano, sir.
- Sorry to worry you.
Izaki, sir.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Yoshida! They're saying
everyone is alive and well!
Many were injured
but now they're stable.
Zero deaths.
Thank God.
81 hours after quake
The pressure level
in Unit Two is rising!
Water level?
Below top of active fuel.
Probably none left.
It's not cooling!
It's well over the limit.
The pressure inside
the containment vessel
is 730 kilopascals.
730 kilopascals?
That's two times the limit.
Maybe it's a mistake.
No, we'll try rewiring
and opening the SR valve.
Do whatever you can
to keep it contained.
- Please!
- 730?
But what if Unit Two explodes?
Nobody will be able
to reach us out here.
And we'll lose control
of the reactors.
With it other stations.
They'll all start breaking down
one after another.
Ten reactor explosions combined
means Chernobyl times ten.
April 26, 1986: Chernobyl
Nuclear Power Plant Disaster
4,000 dead, 116,000 residents
within 30km radius forced to relocate
All of Eastern Japan,
including Tokyo
will be destroyed.
81 hours 25 minutes after quake
Yoshida, sir.
Just call out
the Unit Two pressure
and water level from now.
Drywall, 740.
So, it will explode for sure.
Yoshida, try the SR!
Drywall venting
will help right away.
We're trying!
leave us alone now.
Yoshida, just get on with it!
I want to talk to you all.
Anyone who's not currently
working on a project,
should leave this station.
No need to stay longer.
Thank you all for your support.
You mean this place
is in danger?
Anything could happen
at any time.
You all should go.
We'll stay and fight until
the very end of this thing.
Men of the JSDF,
thank you all for your service.
there's no way we will evacuate,
when private citizens
are still fighting.
Our job is here,
protecting this country.
Then you'll stay?
Drywall, 745.
Reactor water level, downscale.
They're going...
...to suffer.
Shouldn't we get them
out of there?
please just hurry up
and vent the drywall!
Fukuhara, you got a minute?
Hey boss, doing OK?
Yoshida, sir?
Were you gonna call
your husband?
Tell me.
Well, I don't really have to.
Why not?
I've just always felt
we're connected,
even if we're apart.
Are you showing off?
We demand an answer
from your office!
Tokyo Electric Power Co.
- Tell us!
- Tell us what's going on!
- Takemaru!
- What's the situation now?
What was that explosion?
Where's the CEO?
We'll do our best
to handle it.
Please, sir,
give us an answer.
I'm from Fukushima.
Tell us what's happening?
- There are over 100,000 evacuees...
- Don't go away!
Will you take responsibility?
Give us something.
Is there any hope left for us?
Sir, you have to answer
the questions. Tell us.
Is there hope...
for us?
You're pulling out
of Fukushima?
- At a time like this?
- Pulling out?
You want to now?
85 hours 17 minutes after quake
- No!
- Speak up!
No, we're not considering it.
If they leave the station,
we will lose control.
Fukushima Daini
will also breakdown.
All the reactors will collapse.
We're finished!
Check this map.
"Fukushima Daiichi Plant,
250km radius"
Around 50 million residents
within a 155 mile radius
will be displaced.
"Underground Entrance"
They're here.
Tokyo Electric Power Co.
Main Office
- Thank you for coming, sir.
- Where?
This way.
Hey, listen up.
87 hours 25 minutes after quake
Prime Minister Kan will join us
in a video conference soon.
Why are there so many here?
There's no press here, right?
You all know what's happening
at the plant
and what it means
for this great country of ours.
The damage will be catastrophic.
This could be the end
of Japan as we know it.
You can't evacuate.
You can't run away.
If you leave now,
your company will just go under.
You can't plan
your escape right now.
What the hell is he saying?
Nobody's running away.
What a dick!
Executives over 60
can go there to die.
I'll go, too.
Chairman and President,
get your shit together!
You can't evacuate!
What the...
Which one was that?
Are you OK?
Check the parameters!
We're on it!
Batteries connected.
Suppression chamber pressure,
Suppression chamber
pressure, zero!
Unit Two suppression chamber,
Unit Two suppression chamber
is at zero!
- Zero?
- Verify!
- Was that at Unit Two?
- How's the containment vessel?
Could it be breach
in the chamber?
An terrible amount
of radiation will leak out.
Unit 2 Containment Vessel
Suppression Chamber
My God.
If the suppression
chamber goes,
there's no way left
to cool the reactor.
It's all over.
Mr. Izaki.
Listen up.
...who is not here
as essential personnel, leave!
Crew leaders,
choose who will stay.
thank you.
We have protective clothing
and masks downstairs.
Please make sure
you put them on.
You heard.
Leave now.
We're staying.
We're all staying.
What will you do,
Izaki, sir?
Of course, stay.
Then so will we.
- We'll see this through...
- Don't be ridiculous!
You're all still young.
- Go.
- I won't!
This is an order!
Get out!
- Honda...
- We're gonna need you.
Think about it,
for the future.
Toshio Izaki,
thank you!
You taught me so much.
Thank you.
Izaki, sir,
I'm sorry I can't help.
Forgive me!
- Forgive me.
- Forgive me.
Not so fast.
If I'm gonna die,
Honda, replace me.
If you die,
then Miyamoto.
- Got it?
- Yes, sir.
You good?
Izaki, sir,
- I...
- I know.
Now you go.
Excuse me, sir.
Allow me to go, too.
"Magnitude 9.0
East Japan Earthquake"
"Planned outage until April"
"390,000 evacuees in 7 prefectures"
"Distribution of stable iodine tablets"
"Hydrogen explosion"
"Save water"
I'm starving.
We got any food?
That sounds nice.
OK. Tell the guys
in the control room.
- Look at that.
- Canned food!
This'll do.
The best by date is...
Worried about your health,
You're right.
Anyone want rice crackers?
Here, have some sea biscuits.
Your favorite wheat snacks.
Three portions please.
- Thank you.
- Keep in line. Keep in line.
Only one order per person.
Thank you.
Sorry, excuse me.
I just got a text from Dad.
Haruka, I apologize.
It's your life.
Live the way you want.
You have my support.
He never uses emojis.
Oh, Father.
That moron.
Yeah. Don't worry,
don't worry.
Yes, I'm eating.
Yeah, we have food.
Nojiri, sir, the data.
"Study hard,"
and grow in patience
and kindness.
Thanks, man.
Take care of the kids.
You made me happy.
I'm forever grateful.
"Dad, apologize to my face!"
"Come to my wedding
or I won't forgive you! Haruka"
"At Cape Shioya"
Sorry to force so much on you.
What a fucking mess.
Welcome to the club.
Why did all these
things happen?
Or did we...
...make some kind of mistake?
Why do these taste so good?
Ota! Hey!
- Mochizuki, sir!
- Yeah?
Please send over more hoses
to Unit Two, quickly.
- Yes, sir.
- Let's go!
The pressure in Unit Two
is still high.
We have to be ready
for anything.
Yes, sir.
Unit Two, connected!
Drywall, 764.
Water, downscale.
Dumping water
from a helicopter?
How can that work?
If fuel rods are exposed,
wouldn't the water
cause a steam explosion?
There is that risk,
and I don't know
if it'll be effective.
But, it will show the world
Japan's will.
We have to try everything!
The JSDF has now begun
dropping water from helicopters.
At 9am this morning,
water was released...
I appreciate the gesture,
but it won't matter.
...Two helicopters
are currently on-site,
and making passes with water.
The air drops
are expected to continue.
Again, you can see these images
coming in now...
Takumi, it's connected.
I'll check.
- Izaki, sir!
- Yeah?
It's gone down!
Pressure in the Unit Two
vessel is down!
- Well, what's that?
- 350 kilopascals.
It's 350.
It's gone down.
The containment vessel
won't break now.
Thank God.
the drywall pressure
in Unit Two is down.
You sure?
Thank God.
Unit Two,
the drywall pressure,
it's going down.
The drywall pressure in Two
is going down!
That's great!
The containment vessel pressure
in Unit Two is down!
Unit Two is stable!
I saw a blowout panel has fallen
and smoke is coming out!
So that's why
it didn't explode.
But now,
we've scattered radiation
That explosion
was Unit Four.
I thought Unit Four
was shut down!
So, maybe Unit Three
affected it.
Unit Four's drywall
is intact.
It's OK.
But no!
Stay alert.
Hang on until
the relief arrives.
Yes, sir!
Good, stay right there.
Right there.
It's beautiful.
Sweet serendipity.
I can see my wife now.
We can all go home alive,
Izaki, sir.
Let's go home alive.
Japanese fire
and rescue teams
were among first responders
Yokota Air Base 374th
Airlift Wing
after 9/11.
They came to the aid
of the US in our time of need.
As true friends always do.
The time has come
for us to return that favor.
Let's get up to Tohoku,
and help those people.
This relief mission
will be called
"Operation Tomodachi".
- God speed!
- Yes, sir!
Let's ask there.
I'm Takumi Maeda
of Tomioka Town.
Mr. Maeda of Tomioka Town.
Let me check.
Tomioka too. Izaki, sir.
You were worried.
I'm sorry.
Family alright?
Father's here.
Thank goodness.
That emoji scared us.
It's OK now.
Toshio's back now!
Matsunaga, sir.
Toshio has returned to us!
Welcome back.
It's great.
We've made Tomioka Town
I beg your forgiveness.
What are you saying?
- You did your best.
- Yeah.
- That's right.
- Protected our Tomioka until the end.
Well, yeah.
No need to apologize to us.
Toshio, sir, thank you.
- for your hard work.
- Thank you!
Grandpa, father's back.
You're alive.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
"Friends, friends."
Spring 2014
O Danny Boy
The pipes, the pipes are calling
From glen to glen
And down the mountain side
The summer's gone
And all the roses falling
Tis you, tis you must go
And I must bide
But come ye back
When summer's in the meadow
- Permit, please.
- Good morning.
Thank you, sir.
"Road Restriction,
No Thoroughfare"
"Atomic Energy
Energy for a Bright Future"
"To Mr. Toshio Izaki"
I'm the new Plant Manager
of Daiichi from today.
June 2010
I'm Yoshida.
The market will become open
from now on.
Let's work hard,
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Welcome back!
We've been waiting.
Nice working with you again.
I hope so.
I may not be able
to see you again,
so I decided to write you this.
It's been two years
since that terrible accident.
We both had quite
a rough experience.
"From Masao Yoshida"
I thought Japan was through.
That the rest was up to fate,
or Buddha.
I accepted my fate,
that I was going to die there.
If an accident happens,
the people at the plant
are the first to die.
But if we do die,
the accident will spin
out of control.
If we can't save the workers,
there's no way we could save
the local residents.
Remember when you asked me
if we made some kind
of a mistake?
I think the answer
to that question is
finally within reach.
We disregarded the power
of nature.
We believed that
no tsunami over 30 feet
would strike the plant.
Without solid evidence.
for over 40 years
since Daiichi was built.
We believed
we controlled nature.
It was our own hubris.
I'm so glad you were
right there with me then.
On 7-9-2013 Masao Yoshida
passed from esophageal cancer
Had things gotten any worse,
I would have evacuated everyone,
and stayed
until the end with you.
I imagined...
...you'd be willing
to die with me.
Of course I wouldn't
have left you alone.
I would have stayed
until the end.
You know,
nobody knows why the containment
vessel didn't explode,
even to this day.
Something that terrible
should never happen again.
I promise you, Yoshi.
We'll keep telling
what happened
to future generations.
It's the...
...duty of those who were there.
The Cherry Blossoms are here.
International media named those people
who fought to control the reactors
the "Fukushima 50."
The theme of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics
and Paralympics is "Reconstruction."
The torch relay starts from Fukushima.
We offer our sincerest prayers
for the people
who lost their lives in this disaster,
and extend our deepest sympathy
to all those affected.