Full Count (2019) Movie Script

MALE: Someone once told me
that the secret to happiness
is to be content no
matter your situation.
My dad didn't wanna be a farmer,
but that's what life handed him.
He worked hard.
Sometimes, that
hard work paid off.
Sometimes it didn't.
But he managed to
find happiness in it
and he always made time for me.
My dad taught me everything
he knew about farming.
He also taught me everything
he knew about baseball.
There ya go, watch
it all the way in.
MALE: The greatest
game on earth.
Give me a fastball.
MALE: He taught me
how to be a great locator
with a pitch like Greg Maddox,
and how to bring the
heat like Roger Clemons.
Some heat on it.
MALE: But too many
years of his hard work
not paying off changed him.
I've already worked
like 30 hours this week!
Nothing seemed to
make him happy.
If you don't show
up one more time
you're coming off the team!
I mean it!
What days do you
want me to go...
Every single day of your life!
MALE: And once the drought
hit, he needed me on the farm,
not on the ball field.
But I wasn't gonna set my
dreams aside like my dad had.
I wanted to play in the Majors.
Maybe even find my way into
the Hall of Fame one day.
No matter what it took,
I would fight for the
life that I wanted.
The life that I knew
would make me happy.
WOMAN: What is the
victim's condition?
MALE: The victim is
in critical condition.
Do you have a suspect?
The suspect is also
in the hospital
and also in critical condition.
Can you provide the
suspects name, age,
and what the charges are for?
Well the suspect is a juvenile
and we've yet to contact
the immediate family,
therefore we cannot release
the name at this time.
However, I can tell
you that the individual
has been charged with
DUI, resisting arrest,
reckless driving, and
aggravated assault
with a motor vehicle.
We should have
further charges filed
after a full investigation.
And when will you be releasing
more information deputy?
As I said, we have a full
investigation pending ma'am
and as we get more...
And the Occonee County
Sheriffs Department
will make no further comments
until we've completed
a full investigation.
Okay Sheriff, just
two more questions
if you don't mind holding
for just a moment.
Sheriff, just a
moment of your time!
Let's just go back to the truck.
What in the heck was
that circus out front?
I was just answering
questions for the media.
Apparently the victim's
a highly regarded
individual in this town.
City has a population
of 6,000 people
and one small local newspaper.
Look, I know you just transferred
over from Clarke County.
But this is my department.
This is my investigation.
Watkinsville is a small town.
The kind of town where
everybody knows everybody.
We don't have these types
of situations down here.
Last story involving
my department
that made the local paper,
involved a spooked pony.
It got free during
the July 4th parade.
Estimated time of the
accident was 10:15 p.m.
Why was I not notified of it?
I pretty much had
it handled all right.
I filled out the report
and I was just gonna
finish it up and
wait til the morning.
Wait til the morning.
I mean, how severe of a
situation must there be
in Clarke County before
you notify your sergeant?
With all due respect Sheriff,
we handled this
kind of situation
in Clarke County all the time.
You're to have no
further comment with anyone
outside of my department
about this investigation.
Am I clear?
I thought you were the
only one in your department.
Good morning Doc.
Sheriff, Deputy.
SHERIFF: How's Milton doing?
He's stable.
Milton had a severe head trauma.
Fractured right arm.
We are keeping him in a
medically induced coma
to control the brain swelling.
How 'bout Mrs. Davis?
She's still in surgery.
Broken bones, internal bleeding,
some spleen damage.
Gonna be a difficult
and long road
to recovery for that one.
Anybody notify
Milton's mother?
When the patient's transported
and it involves an accident,
we leave the notifications
up to your department.
I was afraid of that.
I would like a copy
of the police report
and any crime scene photos
when they're available.
Here you go.
Great, I'll make
a copy of these.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
SHERIFF: Thanks Doc.
After you.
What in the heck is this for?
He's a flight risk.
Look Sheriff, I'm just
following procedure.
The kid is in a coma.
What, you know him?
I grew up with his father.
Milton had a very, very
bright future ahead of him.
You ever wonder
why God let's bad things
happen to good people?
- Male: Strike!
Hey there he is.
You did great today man.
I'll catch you around.
You played awesome today.
Thank you.
You wanna go for pizza?
Wish I could.
But you know my
dad's waiting on me.
Come on.
I'll take ya there.
Hop in.
It's better than nothing.
You win?
Oh I'm so proud of you!
I will put it with
your collection.
Thanks mom.
Dad's been looking for you.
Told him you went to
the barn 30 minutes ago.
Thank you.
Say grace please.
Lord, bless this
food to our use
and us to Thy service,
and make us ever mindful
of the needs of others.
Give me some corn please.
Did you ask Milton
about his game?
That would be a big negative.
We won.
They move to the
championship next week.
I hope that's not
gonna get in the way
of your work around here.
I'll get everything done.
I've been picking up
your slack a lot lately.
No matter what I do,
it's never enough.
My grades are great!
I can't remember the last
time I got in trouble.
You talk about slacking,
why don't you cut me some?
Don't you dare
sit at my table and
get smart with me.
What did I tell ya?
I should've never let him play
baseball in the first place.
The kids developing an attitude.
His priorities are out of whack.
He's forgotten what his
responsibilities are
to this family and this farm.
Baseball is a hobby.
It is not a career.
He's still a kid.
Besides, he likes it.
He loves it.
And he's really good at it.
Don't steal his joy!
He has a chance for a
college education somewhere.
Well learning
the family business
is what he should be doing.
Good morning and welcome.
I'm glad that you decided
to worship with us.
Today we'll be reading
from the book of James
chapter one, verse 12.
"For such a man
has stood the test
"and will receive
the crown of life.
"That the Lord,
the righteous judge
"should get them in that day."
Hey, Milton.
Can I get a ride?
Let's go.
Man you're so blessed.
I wish I was born with
a God given talent.
It's not,
it's not all it
appears all the time.
Things are tough
at home right now.
For as long as I can remember,
I've been listening to
this inner voice calling me
to pursue baseball.
I don't know what's best for me,
I don't know what's
best for my family.
I don't,
I don't wanna cause pain to
those closest to me, you know?
I'm not gonna lie,
the selfish part of
me wants you to stay.
But if I were you
I'd get as far away
from this hick town as possible.
Even if it means we
can't hangout any more.
If I pursue baseball and fail,
yeah, I won't regret that.
But I know the one
thing I would regret,
is not trying.
That's a great
way to look at it.
But don't you forget
about our boys back home.
You always hear these
crazy stories about
celebrities and baseball players
buying their friends
houses and cars and stuff.
If I make it I'm
buying you both.
You serious?
Buy you a house and that bad
boy gonna have wheels too baby.
All right big
shot, I'll take two.
Any chance you can
skip 7th period?
Not today.
What's wrong?
Coach scheduled
an extra practice.
And that's got you irritated?
I'm not worried
about the practice.
And I gotta tell my Dad
why I'm missing work.
He's already got me
doing a million things
and I have this to worry about.
Hey Mil, you know we're
all proud of you right?
The whole town is.
You're a special kid
and God has truly
blessed you with talent.
Thank you coach.
And I tell you this because
I need you to stay focused
for just a little bit longer.
You worked really
hard up to this point.
Now let's go win our team
a state baseball
championship all right?
Yes sir.
It's open.
I'm excited about your
game tomorrow Milton.
I'm gonna do
everything in my power
to make sure that your
father is there too.
Yeah, I don't want him going
if he doesn't want to go.
It's not that
your father doesn't
wanna go to your game.
I know sometimes it must be
really hard to understand.
Your father is under a
tremendous amount of stress.
He's working twice as hard
for half the return Milton.
He's doing everything he can
to provide for us and
to keep the farm afloat.
I understand why he cares
about the farm and I get it.
I mean, he doesn't even want
me to try pursuing baseball.
Your father was forced into
farming at the age of 12.
Ted had no other opportunities.
He was never given the choice
to pursue other things.
This is all he knows Milton.
I know.
Your father loves
you very much.
Yeah, he has a funny way
of showing it sometimes.
You know, it's the same sad
story for all of my friends.
They finish school, it's
off to work in the fields.
No one dreams past high school.
No one new moves here
and no one ever leaves.
I believe God has a
bigger plan for my life.
I know He does.
That my son is the real reason
your father is so stressed.
Good night.
I love you.
Love you, too.
SHERIFF: How's it going?
Mr. Gravitt, how are you sir?
Things looking good?
Well, I guess as
good as they can me.
Listen, I know I
owe you some money
and I'm doing
everything I can do
to get it happening, you know.
Corn's pretty much
wiped out right now,
we're just doing
everything we can
to get back from this
drought you know.
Yeah I know.
It's hard on everybody.
Let's just keep
praying in service.
I'm believing in you now.
TED: Yes sir.
I appreciate it.
It's gonna work
out all right okay?
Just let me know if
you're in trouble.
I will, I will.
All right.
Thank you sir.
Check on you later.
TED: Sheriff.
MALE: Time!
MALE: Time!
Coach, don't take me out now.
How ya feeling?
Doing good.
No you're not.
Look over at that entrance gate,
I want you to see something.
You good?
Bring it home.
MALE: Strike
three, you're out!
Hey Milton!
Milton come here!
Milton, I'd like
to introduce you to
Coach Dooley from
Mountain University.
on a great season
and bringing your team to
its first state championship.
Thank you sir.
Milton, I've
been following you
and your team this season.
And I must admit, your
statistics are some of the best
ever recorded in the southeast.
Thank you very much.
It's a team sport, our
whole team was great.
I couldn't of done
it without 'em.
Mountain University recruits
at one of the highest levels
in collegiate sports.
And you're the caliber
of player we want
representing our team.
COACH: Here comes
his parents now.
Now that the season is over,
I'd love for you to
come visit our campus
and check out our program.
Yes sir.
TED: What can
I help you with?
Mr. and Mrs. Young, say
hello to Coach Dooley.
He was just commenting
what a great game
and a great season
your son played.
You got one mighty talented
ballplayer on your hands.
He got any brothers?
Mountain University
is really interested
in having your son attend
our college next fall.
I'd like to set up a meeting
and discuss the details.
Well I'm not sure
that college is
right for our family right now.
Ted, just listen.
Mountain University
offers scholarships
and grant programs
for kids like Milton.
Kids like Milton.
I'm not really sure
what that implies.
Mr. Young, let's be honest.
This town is limited at best
at what it has to offer it's
students after graduation.
This is an opportunity
of a lifetime.
Yeah well, like I said,
college isn't for us right now.
Thank you.
Let's go.
Mind if I come in?
You know, since you
were a little kid
your mom and I both
knew that you were
destined for something great.
We always knew that God had
big plans for your life.
I guess
somewhere along the
way over time it just,
I guess I got resentful.
And then I got scared.
I had 18 years to prepare
for this and I blew it.
I just wanna tell
you that I'm sorry
that I haven't been
there more for you,
while you're
pursuing your dreams.
In case you didn't know it,
I am so proud of you son.
I want you to have this.
My Daddy gave it to me and
his Daddy gave it to him.
Maybe someday you'll have
someone to give it to.
You serious?
Come on, wake up!
It's Saturday, you overslept.
Market opens in 10 minutes.
Your Dad left 45 minutes ago.
Don't be late.
Then I'll have to hear
about it all week.
Milton! Milton!
Your Father's in the
field gathering peaches,
get there before him
and open the store.
Good morning.
Thought I would
get in here early
before Katherine's
pies got gone.
How ya doing today Earl?
Oh mighty fine.
Apple or peach?
I'll take a peach.
That'll be $6 please.
All right, there ya go.
I read that you signed
with Mountain University.
That's awesome.
My wife wanted me to
get your autograph
before you go famous.
It's really not
that big of a deal.
Go ahead, come on.
Appreciate it.
Hey, congrats, that's awesome.
Thank you sir.
Have a good one.
You too.
You guys ready?
How ya doing?
Two, four, six.
That'll be $3 please.
How ya doing, good.
Is that the last pie?
Let me get it.
How much are they?
Thank you.
MALE: Appreciate it.
Hey hun, how's sales been?
MILTON: Pretty good.
please have a break?
Hey handsome!
What are you doing here?
I came to kidnap you
and take you to lunch.
You are so sweet.
You know I can't
get away right now.
My dad is crazy on Saturdays.
You leave for
college in two weeks!
What is the worst your
dad can do to you?
Besides, he's gotta get used to
running the farm without you.
How 'bout you
let me take you to
dinner tonight instead?
I got you a present.
Where did you get this?
GIRLFRIEND: You like it?
I love it.
Why are you so good to me?
You didn't have to do that.
You know I can't.
I made peach cobbler.
Uh huh, uh huh.
If my dad catches
Don't you dare.
No, don't you dare!
Give me that!
You almost poked my eye out!
Tell me you're gonna miss me.
Just don't forget
about us okay?
We love you.
Let's go.
Are you Brad?
Who's asking?
Milton Young.
I think I'm your new roommate.
You must be looking
for the baseball dorms.
Wrong building.
My bad.
Hey Milton.
Come back man, that
was way too easy.
I see it's gonna be a
long rookie camp for you.
What's up man?
Chill, how are you?
All right.
What do you expect from
the hick out of Watkinsville?
Milton this is Ryan.
Ryan this is Milton.
Don't worry about him.
Come on, get your bag.
MILTON: What's his problem?
Ryan's a little
salty by nature.
To answer your question
specifically, it's you.
What'd I do?
You're a threat freshman.
I don't understand.
Look, I know you're
used to go team,
but let's face it,
the Yankees ain't drafting
a whole team, you know?
That bunk right there is yours
and the small closet
is yours as well.
Suit up, practice
is in 20 minutes.
You can walk with
me to the fields.
Are you serious?
Serious about what?
I thought practice
started tomorrow?
No, practice is today.
And listen,
so you gotta make both beds
since you're a
freshman of course.
I like my sheets
tucked in tight,
bottom loose, and my
pillow lightly fluffed.
And what's mine is mine,
and what's yours is also mine.
I got this hat right
here that you can wear
and impress Coach Dooley.
Welcome to the team.
Welcome to baseball camp.
We've got three upcoming
freshman players
I'd like to introduce.
Right fielder from Colquitt
county, welcome Scott Snyder.
Catcher from Valdosta,
welcome Jason Campbell.
And from Watkinsville, Georgia,
Class AAAAA state MVP,
welcome Milton Young!
Let's make all
these guys welcome
and part of the team.
Let's get with your coaches,
take your position on the field,
let's play some baseball!
Let's go!
Hustle up guys!
This kids good.
Best I've seen.
Yes ma, I got plenty to eat.
They got the food plan so
we're eating like every hour.
How's Dad?
Tell him I called.
Love you.
No cellphones
where you're from?
I'm talking to you farm boy.
I'm surprised you guys even
have baseball in Watkinsville.
From what I hear you
hicks play in cornfields,
is that right?
Look, we were all
heroes in high school.
Every last one of us.
You see, that doesn't
make you any different.
In fact, compared to most
of us you're just average.
So what did you think,
you were just gonna
stroll right in here
and take my starting position?
Learn your place rookie
or I'll put you there.
Look, yeah I'm just
grateful for the opportunity.
Yeah, you're just thankful
for the opportunity.
No, that's cool.
I'm not just gonna stand here
and let some hillbilly
bumpkin row in here
on a tractor thinking
he's gonna start over me.
So this pipe dream
you have of being
the big shot on campus,
I'm not gonna allow for it okay!
Look, I don't know
what your deal is,
whatever juice you're on
has gone to your head bud.
You think I'm using steroids,
is that what you're saying?
MILTON: Something's up.
You have no idea what you're
getting yourself into buddy!
You're a joke.
RYAN: I'm a joke?
Get off me!
Farm boy I will end you.
Believe that.
BRAD: Come on man.
You haven't been
able to make the
minimum payment on your
current outstanding loans.
TED: Yeah, I understand.
Why would the
state take the risk
of extending additional credit
to a client who currently can't
make the minimum payment?
Well without that
additional credit
how are we supposed to
keep the farm going?
Without fertilizer and seed
we're gonna have to
close down in six months.
Well this has
been a particularly
hard two years on our state.
Our community in particular
has been hit very hard.
Many families we have
helped for generations
are being denied
and turned away.
Don't they care
how hard we've worked
and the role we've
played in the community?
Unfortunately Mrs. Young,
the states been
forced to make cuts
across the board
for many programs.
A drought is considered
an act of God.
It's outside of human control.
It's nothing personal.
Hey Ryan.
What's up coach?
We're starting
Milton tomorrow.
No, you're making a mistake.
We're starting
Milton tomorrow.
You're done.
MALE: Whoa man!
MALE: Coach, he's all right!
Ryan that's enough!
I lost the starting
job to that kid.
I did everything I could okay.
How come everything
I've ever done
is not enough for you Dad?
I just wanna be appreciated Dad!
Guys, Ryan had a
lot of anger issues,
long before Milton arrived.
But what we need to do right now
is just have a
moment of silence.
Take our hats off.
Let's get back to practice.
Milton, I need to
see you a minute.
Coach, I hope you know
it's not what I wanted.
No, no, no, no son.
It's your Father.
Amazing grace
How sweet
The sound
That saved
A wretch
Like me
I once was lost
But now
I'm found
Was blind
Called home to
bury his father.
Didn't have a chance to
say a proper goodbye.
That's what I mean
by terrible things
happening to good people.
Well, with all
due respect Sheriff,
this boy committed
a heinous crime
and I think you
need to save your
kind words and your prayers
for the victim and her family.
DOCTOR: Am I interrupting?
SHERIFF: Don't think so.
Sheriff, I wanna
show you something.
At first, correct
me if I'm wrong.
The preliminary accident
investigation shows
that the truck entered
the ravine head on.
Therefore the damage on impact
was absorbed at the
front, straight on.
Paramedics stated that Milton
had to be cut from seatbelt.
Which means he was
wearing his seatbelt
at the time of the accident.
Now here, due to the
improvements in seatbelt safety,
thank goodness.
We rarely see these
types of injuries
when the victim's
wearing seatbelt.
Especially when
wearing them properly.
What are you saying?
It is almost impossible
for Milton to sustain
this type of blunt
force trauma to the head
and arm in this accident.
Milton did not sustain these
injuries from the car accident.
It is very likely
these injuries were
sustained outside the vehicle
prior to the truck
entering the ravine.
Well I'll be.
Thank you doctor.
Of course.
Nurse! Nurse!
He's awake!
He's awake!
Need a hand?
Things been
overheating all week.
Here we go.
Looks like a loose
radiator hose there.
Let's see if she'll turn over.
I appreciate it.
You need a ride?
I'm good, thanks.
Have a blessed day.
So due to the
injuries sustained,
Milton has radial nerve palsy.
Or wrist drop.
Now radial nerve palsy is
a neurological condition
that causes curved
or bent fingers.
Curved wrist.
Sometimes, in certain cases,
it can be corrected
with surgery.
Often, it is permanent.
Now I just want you guys
prepared for everything.
Milton has one of the more
severe cases that I've seen.
Now it's just my opinion,
it's likely Milton will have
limited function
of his right hand
for the rest of his life.
That's Milton's pitching arm.
For God sakes, we just
buried his father.
I'm so sorry.
Well Milton is
aware that he has a
severe arm injury
that will require
extensive rehab
and most likely surgery.
If you need anything,
don't hesitate.
I'll see you guys in a bit.
MILTON: Coming
out of the coma,
I knew nothing would
ever be the same.
My Dad was gone.
But it wasn't just his
memory that lingered.
His burdens did too.
And I felt their weight
pressing down on me.
I figured we
could use the help.
MILTON: I could
never take back
what happened to Mrs. Davis.
And it looked like I would
never play ball again.
I felt broken and worthless.
I had to find a way to
keep moving forward.
Any luck?
I think we're gonna
need a new alternator.
I don't know.
I need to work on
it a little more.
You've been playing
around with it
for a couple days now.
Milton, you can't take on
all the burdens of the farm.
You have enough legal
trouble of your own.
Take this.
What's this?
That's everything
we have left.
I think we owe it to Mr. Gravitt
to make good on our debt.
How much money is this?
It's my secret stash.
I kept it hidden
from your Father.
What were you saving it for?
When you were
about two years old,
your Father took me downtown
and we were window shopping.
It was our anniversary
and he was feeling guilty
because he couldn't
buy me a nice present.
Funny how life gets in the way.
Your father must
have come close to
saving the needed $285
about 10 times over
but something more
urgent always came up.
Can I help you?
Just looking.
This ain't the kind of place
where you pop in just looking.
Is Mr. Gravitt in?
He is extremely busy.
What'd you need to see him for?
What'd you need son?
You Ted's boy?
What kind of business you
need to see Mr. Gravitt's for?
I know he's busy, just,
can you please tell him I
need five minutes of his time?
Sure son.
He's back in the warehouse,
you go on back and see him.
Thank you.
Mr. Gravitt.
Milton Young.
Ted's son.
Yes I, I know.
I'm really sorry to
hear about your Father.
What brings you here?
The last few years been
really difficult on my family.
Last couple of
years been extremely
tough for the entire
community and our nation.
Nobody expected the recession
or the drought to
last this long.
I understand my family
owes you a lot of money.
I wanna make another
run on the spring crop
season on the farm.
I got a plan.
I just want you to
at least hear me out.
Spring seeds should have
been sewn two weeks ago.
You've practically
missed the window.
You're a little late son.
Because of our crop rotation
and limited planting last Fall,
our soil hasn't been
this fertile in years.
It's late,
but it's not too late.
I commend you on
having the courage
to come down here and see me
and wanting to fight
for your families farm.
Your father would be proud.
I need seed and fertilizer.
You want to buy
seed and fertilizer?
This is everything
we have left.
How much is this?
Almost 200.
Son, your family owes
me thousands of dollars.
This is short.
I mean given our
current situation
we can't repay the debt.
I can sit back and do nothing
the bank will eventually
take over the farm
and you'll never get repaid.
I want a chance
to repay the debt.
Give me a chance!
I'm not a bank.
I am not in the business
of lending money.
The economy has taken a toll
on our business as well.
We too are suffering
We're in the middle
of one of the worst
droughts on the record.
I'm not in a position to
take that additional risk.
It's nothing personal.
But that would be foolish
and a financially reckless
business decision on my part.
I'm asking you to trust me.
Have faith in Pastures
of Rose Creek Farm.
What about your
legal troubles?
And what about your arm?
Are you able to do any
real physical labor?
I'm fully prepared to face
the consequences of my actions.
I know what I gotta do.
As far as my arm,
the doctor said that
I'm perfectly fine
to work in the fields.
Look, I know you're going
through a tough time right now.
And again, I say I'm
sorry about your Dad.
Ted was a good man.
Thank you for coming
down and make a partial
payment on your family's
outstanding debt.
We're just not in the position
to extend additional
credit or resources.
Thank you.
For hearing me out.
Good luck Milton.
I tried to delay
as long as possible.
There were no other options.
I'm really sorry.
Hey, how've you been?
I've been trying to call.
Did Katherine give you
any of my messages?
Why are you...
Danielle, what do
you want from me?
I haven't heard
from you in a while,
I just wanted to check in on you
and make sure you were okay.
Look, I heard that
you were meeting
your attorney tomorrow
and I just wanted
to know if there was anything
that I could do for you?
Who told you that?
Why are you so upset?
Did you also hear the
accident was my fault?
You know, everything's
my fault, I'm a monster?
Wait, Milton talk to me.
I just can't figure it out.
Things aren't going
real well on the farm.
Things aren't going real
well in my personal life.
Things aren't going
real well anywhere.
There's nothing here
for you Danielle.
WOMAN: Can I help you?
I'm here to see Mrs. Davis.
She's in room 330.
End of the hall on your right.
How are you Mrs. Davis?
It's Milton.
Milton Young.
I wanted to tell
you how sorry I am.
I wish I could
remember what happened.
I wish I could go
back and fix it.
I wanna make sure you know
that I'm sorry.
Due to your financial hardship
the state has agreed
to allow me to
represent you as the
court appointed attorney.
Now the state of
Georgia has charged you
with aggravated
vehicular assault, DUI,
and resisting arrest.
Because you were 18 at time
the charges were filed.
The state considers
you an adult.
These offenses carry a
combined 10 years in prison.
It doesn't help your
case you severely injured
a very well respected
member of our community.
It feels like
I'm already guilty?
Well, it's my job is
to put together a defense
and fight the
charges against you.
Now, the first thing we do
is we always try to
get the charges dropped
if we can find a
loophole or technicality.
If we can't do that I
would then recommend
negotiating with
the state solicitor
to plea down the charges
to lesser offenses.
Our last option, and the
one we want to avoid,
is going to trial, fighting
the charges in a courtroom
in front of a jury.
I didn't commit
any of these crimes.
Well, why don't you
give me your version
of the events that
transpired on May 6th.
That was the day of
my Father's funeral.
I am so sorry for your loss.
If there's anything
we can do for you,
please let call us.
KATHERINE: Thank you.
Take care.
Thank you for coming.
When are you going
back to college?
I can't go back.
Not now, there's
so much to do here.
Milton, your
future is at school
pursuing your dreams.
Can we talk about this later?
We have a few guests
coming back to the house.
I just want to be alone.
I'll take a ride
if you don't mind.
You sure you're okay?
I need to clear my head.
Hanging in there?
I'm really sorry about your Dad.
I finally got out of town
and everything was starting
to fall into place.
For once, things
were going my way.
The way I've always dreamed.
Now everything is so messed
up I can't think straight.
Brought you something.
MILTON: What's this?
A little something to
keep your mind off things.
You know I'm not
much of a drinker bro.
Keep it for later then.
Trust me, you'll need it.
Catch you around.
You told me you
weren't drinking.
Mom, I was telling...
Mrs. Young, I'd like
to ask you to refrain
from interrupting
while I'm trying
to get your sons
version of the events.
Milton, please continue.
That's the last
thing I remember.
The last thing you
remember is downing liquor.
I wasn't downing liquor,
I didn't even swallow.
What's the next thing
that you remember?
Waking up in a
hospital a week later.
Let me just make sure
I've got this right.
You took a sip of liquor
and then woke up a week
later in the hospital?
That's a large gap.
Resisting arrest.
You're right handed?
Yes ma'am.
Patient suffers from
Anterograde amnesia
due to blunt force
trauma to head and neck.
You really don't remember
anything else from that night?
I mean every now and
then I'll have a dream.
You know, it's never
enough to piece together.
I know for certain I did
not run over Mrs. Davis.
You have to understand,
that it's very hard
to defend a client
when they can't
provide any details
of the events the
night in question.
Isn't that your job?
This has to be very
upsetting Mrs. Young.
I know this is
scary for a mother.
Knowing her son is facing
these kinds of charges.
I have a police report to review
and I have some witnesses
I need to talk to.
I've still got a
lot of research.
And I want to assure you
that I will do
everything in my power
to represent your son
according to Georgia law.
And it's also my
job to give advice.
And my initial thoughts,
this is gonna be an extremely
difficult case to defend.
Now I'm encouraged
by Milton's record.
It's clean, no priors.
And I expect our
best option would be
to negotiate to lesser charges
to minimize his jail time.
You said to
always put my trust
and faith in our
Heavenly Father.
He'd lead me in the
right direction.
I'm so sorry Milton.
I finally got out of the
town I'd worked hard to escape.
Pursuing something that I
thought I was called to do.
We lost Dad.
We're about to lose the farm.
I've got legal troubles
from an accident I
don't even remember,
and I'll never play baseball
I can't imagine how you feel.
things have a strange way
of working themselves out.
It's not fair.
What are you doing?
But not my will
but yours be done.
Can I help you?
Saw the sign.
Y'all looking for
help around the farm.
I don't mean you no harm ma'am.
I don't recognize
you from town.
I'm not from around here.
Just passing through.
Help is no longer needed.
Can I help you?
I'm David.
I spoke with your mother about
helping out around the farm.
She didn't mention that to me.
Good news.
It turns out it wasn't
the alternator after all.
Appears to have
been a loose cable.
How did you know I thought
it was a bad alternator?
you the position
is no longer needed.
Get off our property mister.
Should we see if she starts?
Listen, I appreciate
you coming out here,
fixing our tractor, but,
my mom's right we don't
need nobody right now.
Last frost was
a few weeks back.
Corn and melon seeds
should of been sown by now.
We really need to get work.
Look, I don't
know who you talk to
or what you heard around town,
we're in no financial position
to be hiring day labor.
Run up to the house and
grab this man a few dollars
and pay him for his time.
Mighty kind of you ma'am,
but I'm not here for your money.
I know your husband
passed recently.
Milton, I know you lost complete
use of your right hand
and facing some
serious legal issues.
I know y'all are in debt
and the banks fixing to
foreclose on your farm
in a few months.
Unfortunately, y'all
are out of options.
You need me.
Who sent you?
I'll take 15% override
on Summers final harvest.
I only need one good meal a day.
I reckon that barn over
yonder will do for sleeping.
We're in the middle of
the worst drought on record.
I mean, I just listed all
these problems we're facing,
why sneak out here and fix
some random persons tractor?
You just said it yourself,
what good is a running tractor
when we ain't got no money?
No seed,
fertilizer, you know, nothing.
Do not worry about tomorrow,
tomorrow will
worry about itself.
Each new day has got
enough trouble of its own.
Why would anyone
risk something like
that with such little reward?
You don't even know us.
I've got something you don't.
What would that be?
We got a deal?
Got a deal.
Thank you for believing in me.
I won't let you down.
You two are making progress.
Well the soil was
in great condition.
And we've been fortunate too.
The equipment's holding up.
God is good.
Yes He is.
All the time.
Kinda hard to
believe that sometimes.
Well, I know what
it is to be in need.
And I know what it
is to have plenty.
I've learned the
secret to happiness
is to be content
in every and any situation.
It's getting late.
I'm gonna turn in for the night.
Thank you for the
meal, it was wonderful.
We have a big day tomorrow.
You were awesome.
I'm doing my best.
Yeah, you're the one
who's really helping.
Now what?
Our work is done for now.
Now we wait
patiently and listen.
Wait for what?
You have not been ignored
or forgotten.
You didn't choose Him,
He chose you.
Good evening sir.
What ya doing here?
I haven't slept since you
left the store a few weeks ago.
Mr. Gravitt.
My wife and I have been
thinking about what you said.
We've been doing
business with your family
for over 50 years.
Your father was always
a man of his word.
We thought about what
you said and we prayed.
We wanna help.
You gotta be kidding me.
We believe in you.
And Pastures of Rose Creek Farm.
Oh yeah, yeah.
MILTON: With David's
help, I began to believe
we would find our way through.
Maybe I'd never be happy here,
but we could survive.
And I could be
grateful for that.
Maybe being grateful
would be enough.
I couldn't help
but think of my Dad
and wonder why that hadn't
been enough for him.
But my Dad's burdens
would have to wait.
I had my own.
Afternoon Milton.
We're here about Mrs. Davis.
Is Mrs. Davis okay?
Mrs. Davis passed
on this morning.
I thought she
was doing better.
Overnight she took
a turn for the worse.
The DA's upgrading the
charges pending against you
to vehicular manslaughter.
You're under arrest Milton.
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say
can and will be used
against you in the court of law.
You have the right
to an attorney,
if you can't afford one,
one will be provided
for you at no cost.
You understand these rights
as I've explained 'em to you?
Yes sir.
All right, let's go bro.
Come on.
We're right here.
Turn around.
Watch your head.
Place your left hand on the
monitor, fingers together.
Hold it.
DAVID: It's okay Jackie,
Rachel will be fine.
Visiting an inmate?
Yes sir.
Do you have an appointment?
No sir.
Who are you here to see?
Milton Young.
We really recommend making
appointments in advance.
My apologies.
First time visitor.
You have any weapons
or sharp objects on you?
No sir.
Relationship to the inmate?
Yeah, I need you to fill out
this visitor information on top
and I need a form of
government issued ID.
How ya holding up?
Hanging in there.
How's Mom doing?
She's doing all right.
They say anything
about your court date?
My attorney said
she needs more time.
Heard the news this morning.
Rainfall's up eight
inches for the year.
Some saying possible
bumper crops though.
At least that's good.
Off to a good start.
Excuse me.
I brought you something.
Driver, place your
hands outside the vehicle.
Let me see your license son.
You stay right here.
Milton Young.
Milton Young.
Come on, get out of the truck.
Put your hands on the vehicle.
Was I doing
something wrong sir?
We're gonna find out.
What's this about?
I'm gonna place
you in handcuffs son.
For your safety and for mine
when I inspect
your vehicle, okay.
Oh, oh, oh, look at
what we got here.
Mm, mm, mm.
Pretty young to be
drinking ain't you son?
Looks like I'm gonna have to add
driving under the
influence on alcohol huh?
I didn't drink it!
Don't you resist!
Hey, you play fall ball, hm?
Yes sir.
Coach Dooley?
Yes sir.
Come for my Dad's funeral.
I'm sorry to hear that.
So you're the hot shot huh?
I'm not sure what you mean.
Oh no?
You killed my son.
I didn't kill anybody.
You killed my son!
Come on, get up.
I ain't through with you yet.
Come on, get up.
We gonna take a
little joyride boy.
One more, one more time!
Come on boy!
Here we go!
What have you done?
It's your fault!
You made me do this!
You made me do it!
Come on, we gotta
get this door open!
Let's go!
Door open now!
We have a visitor
unaccounted for.
Where'd he go?
The guy sitting right here,
where did he go?
I gotta see Sheriff Darden.
Where is he?
Where is the other guy!
Get Sheriff, I
know what happened
the night of the accident.
Okay, I don't have
time for this game.
Let's go!
MILTON: I didn't
kill Mrs. Davis.
MALE: Relax!
What in the heck is going on?
I'm not sure Sheriff.
What do you mean "not sure."
All the inmates
are accounted for.
Who ordered the lockdown?
We lost power
in the main jail,
the backup generators failed.
What was the cause?
Appears to have started
in the visitor area.
Was anybody in
there at the time?
Milton and a visitor.
Several lights exploded
and there was a
small electrical fire
that broke out as well.
Get the surveillance video.
I'm trying to get
that up now sir.
Where did your little friend
magically disappear to?
Sheriff I know what happened
the night of the accident.
I was not driving the truck
when Mrs. Davis got ran over.
Are you feeling okay?
I wasn't drinking
alcohol either.
I was set up.
Who set you up?
Deputy Jones
killed Mrs. Davis.
Deputy Jones set you up?
He stopped me in the park
the day of my Fathers funeral.
He told me I killed
his son Ryan.
Deputy Jones
driving your truck.
Well after he
ran over Mrs. Davis
he knocked me unconscious.
Look, Milton I know it's been
a little exciting around here,
but I wanna get you
checked out by medical.
I'm not just making stuff
up trying to get out of here.
This is the truth.
You gotta believe me.
I believe you.
You might wanna
take a look at this.
What you got?
We lost all video
on every backup.
Something caused a
massive electrical surge.
What about the
front entrance camera?
Wait a minute.
Rewind, rewind camera two.
I think we've been
having some problems
with that one lately.
What about the front
front outside camera?
Any footage of the
visitor leaving?
Let's take a look.
Camera's working fine.
No footage of the
visitor exiting.
Morning Sheriff.
Good morning.
Had a little incident down
at the jail the other day.
Is Milton okay?
Yeah, Milton's
fine, he's fine.
What can you tell me
about this drifter
named David?
We hired him to do some
day labor around the farm.
Haven't seen him
in a couple days.
He just kinda does
his own thing.
Now where does he stay?
He stays over
there in the barn.
Did David do something wrong?
No, no I just need
to speak with him.
Okay if I take a look around?
Make yourself at home.
All right.
What can I do for ya?
I must've gone through
this report 100 times.
For the life of me
I can't put my hands
on the toxicology results.
I know we put 'em in here.
This is strange.
I agree.
Very strange.
It's a simple fix.
I'll call down and
get another copy.
Want me to call you
with the results first?
Would you do that for me?
Thanks Doc.
You got it.
Have a good day
Sheriff, be safe.
Sheriff Darden, Dr.
Adams on the phone.
Yeah, Darden here.
Just wanted to let you know
I got those results back.
Toxicology came back clean.
No signs of alcohol or any
other controlled substances.
Is that right?
You sure about that?
Yeah, you'll have a copy of
the full report by tomorrow.
Any other questions,
don't hesitate to call.
Thank you.
Yeah, take care Doc, bye.
WOMAN: Is everything
okay Sheriff?
Mm hm.
JONES: You wanted to meet?
Have a seat.
Preparation for Milton's trial,
we need to review
this police report
on Milton's accident.
Making sure we're ready.
I need our report
to be air tight.
Well, everything you
need is right there.
I've double and
triple checked it.
That's my concern.
I've noticed some
In fact, it appears sloppy.
Well, likely just
a simple oversight.
Clear up real quick.
Let me see it.
Did I forget to fill that in?
There's no mention
of a sobriety test?
Innocent little mistake huh?
You saw the liquor
bottle in the photos
and he smelled like a brewery.
I'm gonna ask
you one more time.
Did you administer a
breathalyzer at the
time you detained Milton?
Well Milton was belligerent.
He was combative and
then he resisted arrest.
And then he fled the scene so
I was unable to administer...
Milton fled?
Yes, he fled the
scene in his truck
and then he hit Mrs. Davis
and then eventually wrecked.
All the crime scene corroborates
that this is exactly
what happened
so let me just fill
out the report Sheriff
and we'll move on okay?
If you were unable to
administer the proper
test in the field,
why didn't you ask for blood
tests once at the hospital?
You know what Sheriff,
I don't know what
you're driving at,
but I got 17 years
exemplary service
and I'm not about to have some
hillbilly country bumpkin
question my report
and my investigation.
How do you expect the
prosecution to convict Milton
if you cannot prove
beyond a reasonable doubt
that he was intoxicated?
We had samples
tested in the lab.
Milton's blood alcohol
level was 0.00.
Milton fled the
scene all right.
And he killed someone.
That's what this
is really about.
You sure that's
how it happened?
Milton killed
an innocent woman!
Is this your son?
Milton's responsible
for my sons death.
Deputy Jones,
you're under arrest.
Milton's gotta pay for
what he did to my son!
SHERIFF: Leave your
weapon on my desk.
You can't do this!
Place your weapon on the desk!
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say
can and will be used
against you in a court of law.
You have the right to attorney,
if you cannot afford one,
one will be appointed to you.
Lab results came back.
You're being released.
All charges dropped.
Thank the Lord.
I still wanna
talk to your friend.
About the little incident
here at the jail house.
Yes sir.
You know the way.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Oh well you look good.
Let's get you out of here.
So Sheriff Darden
stopped by a couple times
looking for David,
said there was a
disturbance at the jail?
Yeah, it was
like a power surge
or something like that.
There was a storm.
That's strange.
I know.
David just left,
didn't say goodbye?
Didn't leave a note?
All right, let's
get you out of here.
I've got something to show you!
David had tried to show me
that the seeds of hope
are far more fertile
than the seeds of doubt.
And staring out at our
once barren fields,
I had never been more
sure that was true.
I only wish I had the chance
to thank him for all he'd done.
And to say goodbye.
How ya doing?
I'm doing just
fine, thank you.
You know, I've been coming
here since I was a kid.
Don't think I've ever
seen it this abundant.
Yes ma'am.
I mean we truly
have been blessed.
That'll be $24 please.
45, 46,
48, 49.
This is amazing.
52, 53,
It's there.
It's all there.
Are you serious?
Enough to cover the tax bill.
The seed, the fertilizer.
The mortgage?
DANIELLE: Katherine!
Oh my God!
Is everything okay?
It's Milton!
Is Milton hurt!
Come on!
Leave it, we gotta go!
Come on!
Come on, let's go!
My Dad never got to ride
in that hot air balloon
when he was alive,
but up there, a thousand
feet in the air,
my Mom and I, we
felt his presence.
Together, we
released his burdens.
Every one of them.
And we never felt so free.
God, you scared me?
Where have you been?
Is everything okay?
We've been worried.
I'm fine.
Just have to tend to
a few other things.
You didn't say goodbye.
Looks like your
prayers are answered.
Yes they have.
I mean, I've never seen
anything like this before.
I never got to thank you.
This was not possible
without your help.
You're welcome.
I was wondering if you ever
come back for your money.
Keep it, it's your money.
No, we had an agreement.
I was never here
for the money.
Why'd you come back?
Unfinished business.
MILTON: David once
told me that the secret
to happiness is to be content,
no matter your situation.
I don't know if I'll end up
working on the farm
like my dad did,
or playing in the Majors
and finding my way
into the Hall of Fame.
What I do know, is that my life
isn't going to make me happy.
My happiness is going
to make my life.