Fullmetal Alchemist (2017) Movie Script

Look at this, Mom!
And mine. Cool, isn't it?
Ed and Al...
I'm so proud.
Your alchemy skills have improved!
Will Daddy be impressed?
He'll be back one day
so you can show him.
Watch out, you two!
I'm hungry.
And cold.
I want to see Mom...
The alchemy book had something
about the Homunculi.
You mean artificial humans?
I wonder if we can bring Mom back.
But it's taboo for alchemists
to create humans.
We don't need to tell anyone.
35 liters of water,
20 kilograms of carbon.
4 liters of ammonia,
1.5 kilograms of lime.
800 grams of phosphorus,
250 grams of salt.
100 grams of saltpeter,
80 grams of sulfur.
7.5 grams of fluorine, 5 grams of iron.
3 grams of silicon...
Plus 15 other chemicals.
Adult humans are made of...
readily available products.
All in line with
the Law of Equivalent Exchange...
of alchemy.
We need one more thing.
The data of a human soul.
Is this really okay?
Don't say that now!
But in the alchemy book
it says it's taboo.
Don't you want to see Mom again?
I do...
Okay then!
Ready, Al?
Something is wrong!
Ed, help!
Old man, just hand me that ring.
The Philosopher's Stone!
Give it up!
That's awesome!
The Stone does that?
It must be the real thing.
You can transmute without a circle!
You saved my ass!
You're hollow!
What are you two?
That hurts.
Get off me!
prosthetic arm...
and leg!
the Fullmetal Alchemist!
You mean you've heard of me?
Now hand it over.
The Philosopher's Stone!
How sneaky...
- His Holiness?
- His Holiness?
Don't you see?
The pastor doesn't perform miracles.
He conned everyone in town. He's a fake.
Stay away!
I'll kill her!
You third-grade alchemist!
I'll show you what separates us.
It's been a long time, Fullmetal.
The Flame Alchemist.
Arrest him!
What? Let me go!
I came to town for an inspection
when I heard a puny alchemist
was causing havoc.
Who are you calling puny?
What in the hell have you made?
Let go!
I finally found the Stone.
The Philosopher's Stone is perfect
and indestructible...
It's another fake...
Sorry, Al.
- Take him to East Area Headquarters.
- Yes, sir!
This is Reole.
I know!
You're the famous Fullmetal Alchemist!
Of course!
You became a State-certified alchemist
at 12!
Did you get that name
'cause of the armor?
It's not me that you mean.
It's my brother.
You mean, the shorty?
That's baloney!
It's true!
He can do alchemy
without a transmutation circle.
He might not be tall...
but my brother has a big heart.
Okay, you've made your point.
So, ask that shrimpy kid
to give me a shiny new marble stall.
Alchemy is not magic.
It's science. We can't do that...
Don't be stingy.
Like this!
The Law of Equivalent Exchange
applies to objects
when they're transmuted.
Conservation of mass, natural providence,
the four protyles and major elements...
To create something,
I need material of the same mass.
Water would be transmuted
into something similar.
Nothing you say makes sense,
but in short...
you can't make marble out of wood?
I'm sorry.
It's been ages.
Where's Ed?
I'll find the Stone!
Give up!
It's only a myth.
What about that stone?
It had powers.
Like I said...
it was an amplifier.
We're developing a similar stone.
it doesn't amplify much.
The power to transmute a human
would be in the tens of thousands!
the Military says there's no Stone.
They're clueless!
What's that?
A State Alchemist can't be subversive!
I need the Philosopher's Stone.
So Al can get back his body.
That's why I slave away
as a State Alchemist.
To access the secret of the Stone.
And to get your limbs back.
I'm not doing it for me!
Al's my priority.
I want to get his body back.
And for that,
you would destroy a town?
For Al's sake...
I'd do anything.
You must obey the State Military.
Find another way.
Forget about the Philosopher's Stone.
Can I come in?
Captain Hughes!
Looking good, Ed.
General Hakuro.
Here you are...
Fullmetal Alchemist.
Finally we meet!
You did some demolishing?
I heard you have a brother...
In armor.
He's fixing up the town that I wrecked.
Picking up after you!
I'd love to meet your armored brother!
And hear about your adventures.
"A State Alchemist can't be subversive!"
He acts so superior...
The Colonel gets more and more obnoxious.
Well, he did get a promotion.
I guess he has what it takes.
And you don't, Captain?
Watch it.
Why are you at East Area HQ?
Not for a demotion!
I came for an inspection.
I'm beat! I just came from Central City.
Whoa, whoa...
What did you do to it?
You know what I put into this
first-rate automail arm?
What did you do to it?
Let's see, I fought stone beasts...
It's beyond repair.
I'll have to make it from scratch!
Captain Hughes came from Central
on short notice.
For an inspection?
At this time?
That's right.
Could he have a hidden agenda?
Do you know something?
No, sir.
The Fhrer works in mysterious ways.
You're a brilliant officer.
Don't let people
walk all over you.
You know Shou Tucker?
The State Alchemist
who transmutes chimeras.
Can you introduce the brothers to Tucker?
Ed and Al, sir?
I want to do something for those boys.
Yes, sir.
Don't be hasty! Please!
I have influence in town.
I messed up because
your Philosopher's Stone
was a fake!
A fake?
Do you think there's a real one?
If not, there can't be a fake one.
Right, Envy?
Oh, no.
The real one's gone.
Then I can't be accused
of being a fake either.
Please, Lust...
Can I eat this?
No, Gluttony.
If you eat him...
you'll get an upset tummy.
Can we really stay here tonight, Gracia?
Sure. The more the merrier.
This huge house is ours for a month.
The State Military sure spoils captains!
Oh, God...
Is it hard being his mechanic, Winry?
It's terrible!
Only Ed breaks my automails.
Not on purpose...
Don't break it again.
It makes my work look shoddy.
Stop complaining, will you?
Don't talk back!
She's worried about you.
She knew from the damaged arm
that you were in danger.
No! I don't worry about him...
You three grew up together?
We were born in Resenbool.
We grew up together like siblings.
By the way, how did you two meet?
- You wanna know?
- Yes!
Great! Where do I begin?
Once he starts, he won't stop.
I'll get seconds.
Don't get up. I'll do it.
What was I doing?
Who are you?
I am what you call the world.
The universe.
and all.
I am also...
Here's what you wanted.
The truth.
My head hurts.
Don't destroy me.
Please don't!
I understand now.
The truth.
I knew my theory was right.
I was so close to the truth
of Human Transmutation!
Please let me see it once more.
Sorry, you can't.
You only have enough toll...
to see that much.
That's right.
Equivalent exchange.
Damn it, he took my leg!
Somebody help me...
This isn't what I wanted.
It's my fault.
Give back...
my brother.
Take my legs, arms, or heart!
But give him back...
He's the only family I have!
You're foolish...
to return.
Not again...
The same nightmare?
It's always a reenactment...
of that day.
The Sewing-Life Alchemist?
That's right.
His name is Shou Tucker.
A pioneer in biological alchemy.
He's researching how
to transmute speaking chimeras.
Speaking chimeras!
I want to see!
He transmuted one two years ago.
It spoke three words.
"Let me die."
Who thinks we should meet him?
General Hakuro.
He thinks it might help you
with your quest.
What a huge house!
You okay?
We have a lot of visitors, Dad!
Alexander, no!
Sorry about the mess.
It's been pretty much like this
since my wife left.
Is this a bad time?
Not at all.
It's a privilege to meet the famous
Fullmetal Alchemist.
General Hakuro sent you here
so you're my priority.
Thank you.
Al, this way!
- Here.
- Where?
- He's coming!
- Wait!
Nina is happy to have someone
to play with.
I have no time for her these days.
Is your evaluation soon?
Yes. The annual review...
Proving my worth to HQ...
causes me stress.
I'm no genius like you.
This time...
I might lose my job.
I can't let that happen.
You want to know why I'm here?
To be honest, yes.
The Ishvalan Civil War...
left things in disarray.
All the riots and upheaval...
The East Area is no exception.
Am I under suspicion?
I don't doubt you.
But as for the top brass...
They aren't so sure.
So, they sent a friend to watch me?
You want to make it to the top?
Watch your back.
The Military has its detractors.
Should I watch you?
My work with chimeras
is seen as pioneering,
but really...
most of them are imperfect.
But you did create a chimera that speaks.
Yes, just once, two years ago.
So, you actually did it.
That's impressive!
it only spoke three words and died.
But that's how I qualified
as a State Alchemist.
So, your mom's not around...
Yep, but it's okay.
I have Dad and Alexander.
Dad spends all his time in the lab lately.
I'm by myself a lot.
Well, then...
let's spend the day playing together!
- Really?
- Yes!
Isn't that great, Alexander?
Good boy!
I went back...
to the Gate of Truth...
but all I could get back was Al's soul.
So, you transmuted Al's soul...
and embedded it in steel armor...
My right arm was taken for Al's soul.
I would've...
given my life...
to get Al's body back.
How devastating...
Mr. Tucker.
How can I get Al's body back?
It's not within my power.
Right. I thought so.
I want to try something.
Hey, Ed!
- Phew!
- Sorry we left in a hurry.
It's okay. I was held up with paperwork.
This is from my wife.
Oh, thank you!
Hey, where is Al?
Al will stay at Tucker's house...
and be examined.
Did Tucker have information for you?
Yes, about a Stone researcher
named Doctor Marcoh.
He's been missing for a year,
but he was seen in Barns.
I hope you find the Philosopher's Stone.
My research was second-rate last year.
If I fail this year...
I might lose my job.
You'll be okay, Dad.
Because you always study so hard.
I love you, Dad.
will pull it off.
Are you worried?
Don't worry. Al's not a kid anymore.
I'm not worried.
I just...
miss him.
Yeah, you're always together.
But he has Tucker, Nina, and Alexander.
Yeah, don't worry.
By the way,
I noticed you were Nina's favorite.
Ed, catch!
Ed, come and play with me!
Yeah, little kids like me.
'Cause you're tiny.
Hey, it's an apple pie!
- You're eating it now?
- Why not?
Gracia baked it for us to eat!
Have a bite.
He can't eat pies...
He can't sleep.
He's numb to pain...
But remember what Tucker said.
He'll hypnotize Al
so he can learn more about him.
Al might be dreaming now.
You're right.
And eating a huge apple pie
in his dream!
He's big, so it would have to be large.
That's weird. It would be wide!
You think so?
More? Have a tiny slice.
I feel hot all over...
Maybe your soul is rejoining your body...
Or maybe...
you're losing your false memories.
False memories?
Not your soul.
Many alchemists successfully
implanted false memories.
You mean, my memories are made up?
It's a natural assumption...
but you might be an exception.
I feel dizzy...
False memories...
Get up!
Your bag!
But we're not in Barns yet...
- Show me!
- What?
The photo Tucker gave you!
It's him.
Doctor Marcoh!
Wait up, Winry.
Hi, excuse me!
Did you see this man just now?
Just a minute.
Can I see that again?
It's Dr. Mauro from the hospital
over there.
He looks older than this.
Is Dr. Marcoh here?
What do you want?
Why do you know that name?
Calm down, Dr. Marcoh.
I'm never going back.
Sorry about that.
I thought they'd come to take me back.
You helped the Military
research the Stone...
Is that somehow related?
Never mind the Military's schemes.
But please.
Tell me this.
Does the Philosopher's Stone exist?
You should go.
You transmuted before, without a circle.
Did you transmute a human?
And open the Gate of Truth...
That's why I'm looking for the Stone.
Listen to me.
Stay away from the Stone for your sake.
I need it even if it costs my life!
Play with the devil
and you'll end up in hell.
I've already been to hell!
How cruel...
I lost a life.
What is she?
It's been a long time, Marcoh.
So, you've been hiding here.
I won't go back.
You won't have to.
You're no longer needed.
Too slow.
Stop squeaking...
Fullmetal boy.
Be quiet...
and I'll let you live.
You'll make a fine sacrifice.
But you're worthless.
I'm okay.
Dr. Marcoh!
Keep this.
The Philosopher's Stone...
To transmute...
the Stone.
Did you transmute the Stone?
Number 5.
Lab Number 5...
Dr. Marcoh?
It's okay.
I'll deal with the mess.
I'll ask the Military Police for help.
Hurry. You finally have a crucial clue.
Go and make sure Al is okay.
The Philosopher's Stone...
It exists!
Mr. Tucker!
Mr. Tucker?
Hey, you're back.
I just got back now.
I want to consult you about something...
Where's Al?
I think he'll wake up soon.
Look at this.
I succeeded!
A chimera that communicates.
That boy is...
Very good.
Incredible! It really speaks.
Just in time for the evaluation.
the Military will recognize my talent.
Ed, come and play with me!
Mr. Tucker.
When did your chimera research...
first qualify you as a State Alchemist?
Let's see...
Two years ago.
When did your wife leave?
Two years ago.
I have another question.
Nina and Alexander...
Where are they?
I hate insightful brats like you.
Two years ago it was your wife.
Now you used your daughter and dog
for your chimera!
I see! It's harder with animals.
So, you ended up using humans!
Why are you upset?
Human experiments gave us progress.
You won't get away with this!
How dare you toy with human lives?
Human lives...
Like your limbs and Al's body.
You gave them up
when you toyed with human life.
We're the same.
You and I.
Nothing separates us, Fullmetal Alchemist!
You're wrong!
- No!
- Ed!
You'll kill him if you keep that up...
Sometimes you get your hands dirty.
Mr. Tucker.
Shut up
or I'll be the one to lose control.
I'm sorry.
We're not capable
of turning you back yet...
don't know who to trust.
I'm sorry.
with me.
Play with me.
Your credentials are revoked...
and you'll be court-martialed.
Take him away.
Will they be okay?
We're close to the truth!
See you again!
How long are you going to be miserable?
Leave me alone.
You chose to be a State Alchemist,
a devil...
to find a way to get back your limbs
and Al's body.
Don't be put off.
It's a small thing.
Small thing...
You're right.
Let them call me a devil.
Al and I...
We'll get our bodies back.
the thing is we're not devils,
let alone gods.
We're humans...
who can't even save a girl!
We're powerless...
You'll get a cold.
Go and rest.
For three days Ed's locked himself
in the library.
He's hardly eaten.
He won't let me help him.
He says that it's dangerous.
What did you two find out?
You're all locked up in this dungeon...
So, did you find it?
Don't do it alone.
Aren't we friends?
Aren't we?
Sure we are.
Friends help each other.
May I present...
Lieutenant Ross and sandwiches!
Eat or you'll collapse.
No offence...
but she works for the Colonel.
She's an elite officer and my good friend.
My friend is your friend.
- A friend's friend...
- Enough!
Eat up...
so we can talk about Lab Number 5
and the Stone.
I told Winry to keep it quiet!
Don't blame her. I'm very persuasive.
I'm closing in on a military secret.
Marcoh was assassinated.
It's very risky...
Like I said...
You and I...
are friends.
Ed's right.
No record of the Stone's
transmutation circle.
And Marcoh's documents aren't here either.
Someone took them. But why?
It must be an inside job.
It's got to be.
The Military, the Stone...
And the tattooed woman.
She's not a human.
I don't think she can be.
How about Lab Number 5?
Marcoh worked in Lab Number 3.
There were only four labs.
There's no record of Lab Number 5.
But Marcoh said Lab Number 5!
- A meeting?
- General!
With Captain Hughes?
I... well...
I know.
It was dubbed that by some people.
I'm talking about Lab Number 5.
Where is it?
I wasn't here when it existed but...
This one, I guess.
It's a cannery.
Why did they call it Lab Number 5?
The cannery is no longer in operation.
Thank you, General!
Riots are underway in Reole.
Reole? Where the fake pastor was.
There are casualties.
I'm on my way.
- Back to your station.
- Yes, sir.
- You're our guest.
- But...
I'll go.
Colonel Mustang will be in charge.
Stay and help him.
There's been too much bloodshed
in this country.
It's Reole this time.
This is the last room...
There's no sign of a laboratory.
Damn it!
Damn it!
We were so close to the Stone's secret!
Cheer up, Al.
We'll get there.
- We'll get your body...
- What did Marcoh tell you?
Why won't you tell me?
We don't know if my body
actually exists.
How can you be sure
that we'll get it back?
You say you transmuted my soul.
Perhaps you just gave me a false memory.
What's wrong?
Embedding a transmuted soul
can't be done, according to Tucker.
He said you were too young to pull it off.
Tucker, that creep...
Whatever Tucker told you isn't true, okay?
Trust me.
Trust you?
How can I trust anything? I'm hollow!
Maybe I never existed.
Maybe everything is made up!
I know you're all deceiving me.
You're a liar!
I bet...
you're not even my brother!
What are you doing?
Stop it, you two!
Use your right hand.
You'll injure your left hand.
You hopeless idiot!
You have no idea
how much Ed cares about you!
Ed is...
He's always thinking about you.
When he's with me...
all he does is talk about you.
He thinks...
it's his fault that you lost your body.
He blames himself.
He wants to get your body back...
as soon as possible.
So, he does crazy things.
Tell me.
What idiot would risk his life...
to create a fake brother?
You're brothers.
You only have each other!
I'm not done!
It hurts.
You don't feel pain!
I do.
It does hurt.
I promise.
I'll get your body back.
Trust me.
The Ishvalan Civil War.
Riots in Reole...
Upheaval in the north and south...
Oh, my God, who is behind it?
Wait a minute...
Just as I thought.
The position of the four labs
is significant.
Lab Number 5 must be located...
Now you know too much.
The Ouroboros tattoo!
It's you.
You assassinated Marcoh.
Nice to meet you.
Or is "Goodbye" more appropriate?
I thought he was just a pen-pusher.
But he can fight.
Internal calls could be bugged!
Security code, please.
Oh, come on!
Uncle, Sugar, Oliver, Eight, Zero, Zero.
You're clear.
I'll put you through to the Colonel.
Damn it, Roy, pick up!
The Military is in trouble.
What do you want?
We're to escort you
to East Area Headquarters.
Is this an emergency?
What's happening?
I'll let you know when I figure it out.
Hey, stop pushing me!
Stand by until otherwise instructed, sir.
It's like I'm a criminal...
I won't use alchemy in here!
They got you, too.
What's this about?
Captain Hughes...
was murdered.
This is part of the Military's dragnet.
Who killed him?
Colonel Mustang.
There were witnesses.
The Colonel's comrades
are being watched or detained.
And also...
Tucker is free.
We're close to the truth!
See you again!
Mustang let Tucker out?
Where is he?
Don't do it!
I got it.
So, Mustang said,
"Laboratory Number 5"?
Yes. He hung up on Hughes
and ran to the prisoner-of-war camp.
But isn't Lab Number 5
at the old cannery?
No, the Colonel said...
that the researchers called the POW camp
"Lab Number 5."
Fall in!
Secure the area!
I knew it...
Will you accompany me, Colonel?
It's you, Lieutenant Ross...
I'm taking you in
for Captain Hughes' murder.
That's a lot of security
for a disused camp...
You knew I'd come here.
Don't move.
My order is to shoot to kill
if you resist.
Colonel, don't!
Don't do it!
Don't panic!
This is damn hot.
How did you know?
Ross' mole is on her other cheek.
Careless of me.
I've been exposed, Lust.
You have.
Hey, I know you!
Thank you for remembering me...
Fullmetal boy.
The Ouroboros tattoo...
They're not humans.
They're Homunculi...
The artificial humans.
You did your homework.
Do you know Maes Hughes?
I know him very well.
He was handsome and very smart.
It's a shame...
I didn't get to finish him off.
Hughes? What's wrong?
are you?
Nice touch, huh?
Hughes, what's going on?
I'll be right there.
Go to Lab Number 5...
It's the old prisoner-of-war camp...
Okay... Hughes!
Hang on! Hughes!
I planned to frame you as a conspirator...
and finish you off...
like Captain Hughes.
On your knees!
I'll never kneel before you.
You're merciless.
A true Ishvalan Civil War hero!
You helped Tucker escape!
What's your agenda?
Who let out the professor?
Maybe it was that tricky bastard...
Eat them up...
except Fullmetal boy.
She said I could eat you all up.
Open fire!
Even the Flame Colonel has a soft spot.
Stop them.
I'll be okay.
Go after them!
- Al!
- Don't come!
Stop there!
Come any closer...
and I'll put a hole in her forehead.
Sorry, Ed. I couldn't protect her.
I'll rip you apart for hurting them!
I know you would.
First, remove your right arm.
Your alchemy is too dangerous to ignore.
Right now!
I have to thank you.
You taught me the secret
of embedding a soul in an object.
Actually, I guess it's your brother
I should thank.
I asked him to take a peek inside...
the Gate of Truth.
So, you know the secret...
Free them then.
You know what this is?
The Philosopher's Stone!
That's right.
This is it...
The Philosopher's Stone you dreamed about.
Have a look...
At the floor.
This is to transmute the Stone...
It's impossible!
You really are a genius!
You know what this circle means.
- They didn't...
- They did!
They had the resources they needed.
Because this was a prisoner-of-war camp.
That's right.
The Stone's transmuted...
with living humans!
Marcoh and his team transmuted
all these Stones!
That's horrible...
You accused me of toying with lives.
Compared to this, I'm just tinkering!
Fullmetal Alchemist!
Why did they do this?
I know.
So many of them! For what?
You see...
I have no interest in these pebbles.
It's just...
I have a personal desire.
I'd like you to fail
to fulfill your brilliant promise.
Such a pleasure
could only be savored
by a superior man.
I'll make sure...
your miserable quest ends right here.
I hate mouthy guys.
This is not what I ordered you to do!
How long are you going to stare at me?
It's unsophisticated.
General Hakuro...
I showed you how to make
Philosopher's Stones...
but I won't show you how to use them.
Show me?
There's no need.
The brilliant Mr. Tucker
solved the mystery.
Oh, really...
The State deemed him worthless...
but I was smart enough to know his value.
General, what's going on?
Do you know why the Military
prohibited Human Transmutation?
Because it's unethical.
That's the official reason.
The real reason...
was to prevent
the transmutation of soldiers.
If it was allowed,
an individual could form a powerful army.
Let me show you
what the Military feared the most.
I doubt you can handle those babies.
I witnessed it all.
Mr. Tucker did a wonderful job.
What about you?
Did you plan to rule humans with them?
Would you disobey your superiors?
I don't care which Military officials
you control.
No one gives me orders.
I'll drop each Stone in a tank...
and inject a soul in each dummy.
They feel no fear and no pain.
They'll become a powerful army
of invincible soldiers.
You selfish fool!
You sacrificed all those human lives
for your army!
I won't let you!
With them I'll be King of the world!
I'm your daddy.
What are we going to do
with these dummies?
He ruined our plan!
There's no end to humans' stupidity.
Can I eat them?
Leave no leftovers.
Stop them!
Inform the soldiers outside.
Do not let them escape.
Or the public will be at risk!
Their heads...
Get their heads.
can't move my body.
Out of my way!
- Leave my brother alone!
- Ed!
Sorry, Ed. I messed up...
You didn't!
They took me hostage. So, Al had to...
Tell me later.
I'll go get the Homunculi.
Keep the dummies inside.
I'll try.
Put this on, just temporarily.
Damn you!
I'm angry now.
You won't get away with that!
You seared your wound to stop the blood.
How resourceful.
I almost fainted a few times doing it...
but I can't die until I get you all.
How many times do I have to stab you...
before you shut up and die?
She said no leftovers!
Shoot them in the head to kill them!
None of them leave!
Yes, ma'am!
Open fire!
This time I'll punch you with holes.
You'll have to sear everywhere.
Well done, Fullmetal boy.
As a reward, I'll reveal a secret.
We're man-made.
Our hearts are Philosopher's Stones.
You can kill us,
but the Stone's power brings us back.
You're immortal...
Don't be rude.
We look like you
and we have senses and feelings.
We have affection for our maker.
We're humans.
Damn it...
You burned me to death over and over.
But that's not enough to kill me.
You'd make an excellent sacrifice...
but, unfortunately...
you have to die now.
You noticed it, too?
The skinny one
is taking longer to recover.
The woman seems to be stalling for time.
"Not enough to kill you"?
Sounds like you have
a limited number of lives.
Your slow recovery...
implies that you're near your limit.
Am I right?
I guess this is it.
Your last life.
I won't go easy on you now.
I'll take the boy with me.
So, you have a soft spot, too.
Eat this!
Now you're on your knees, Homunculus.
How many times do I have to burn you
before you shut up and die?
I'll kill you until you're dead for good!
This one's for Hughes!
I can...
Just like...
a human.
Lust is dead...
That's a...
The Philosopher's Stone.
We looked so hard for it.
The Stone.
It's ours now.
The damned thing...
I can't believe it!
No, don't.
It's a human soul!
It's been a long time, Alchemist.
You came back with the proper toll.
Here you are...
You got so skinny.
Let's trade.
I'll come for you.
I promise.
I'm sorry.
I really am.
It's for the best.
If it's at the price of a life...
I'd rather stay like this.
But, Al...
Your body was there.
It's really there.
I saw it.
It's there...
It really exists.
Did I look good?
Your body has grown!
Am I taller than you?
You're taller than me.
I am...
Aren't I great?
Make sure you rise to the top!
Get promoted and expose the truth
behind the mystery.
For Hughes' sake.
That was my intention.
Eeny, meeny, miny...
Got you!
Oh, no!
I'll get your body back...
I'll find another way...
to get your body back, Al!