Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa (2005) Movie Script

" Continental Calendar,
1914 Southwest Amestris"
This is the object
I was telling you about.
Using steam engines, my people
have made it their occupation
to excavate various ores,
and materials that can be used as fuels.
At length, I discovered
the ultimate element!
By breaking down its constituent atoms,
a vast amount of
destructive force is released.
I have named it " uranium."
I would very much like you to bring the
magnificent power of this uranium bomb...
...to the attention of those
at Central Command Center.
No way.
There's no need for a bomb that powerful,
and if they did have such a thing,
there are those who want
to make war who might emerge.
I have no desire to introduce
such a thing to them.
You're scared, aren't you,
State Alchemist?
You guys are treated well by the state,
and given status and authority because
of the alchemic powers that you possess!
And so, you're afraid that if
Central were to acknowledge my invention,
you alchemists would no longer
be of any use in war.
Why don't I have a look
at that body of yours?
How flimsy!
What cheaply-made armor!
Impossible... This can't be right...
It's empty? How? How did it move?
This is impossible.
This is something I don't understand...
You have made two mistakes.
W- who are you!?
Brother, you're late, you know!
He put holes in my body!
Yeah, sorry, sorry.
Who are you guys!?
Mistake number 1:
We never had any interest in
your invention in the first place.
We only came because you were
so unrelenting in your invitations.
If you value your life,
you will take me to Central!
Mistake number 2:
The State Alchemist
you were looking for...
...is me!
A mechanical body?
Automail!? I see, then you're...
...the Fullmetal Alchemist!
Damn it. You miserable alchemists!
If it weren't for you, we physicists would
have been guiding the state properly!
You mean like that?
There are hazards involved
in mining uranium.
Science that does not benefit people
is no science at all!
Move, and I'll...
...set this off!
I had no choice but to
learn some alchemy, myself.
With genius such as mine,
understanding alchemy
was a simple matter.
What are you planning to do!?
I'm going to fuse them with machinery,
and give them life once again,
in order to defeat you!
Don't do it! That's human transmutation!
People... people's bodies
and lives cannot be transmuted!
That is alchemy's greatest taboo!
Your taboos have nothing
to do with me! I am a genius!
Where is... this place?
It was just like what happened that day,
when we tried to
transmute our dead mother.
That same day, I lost my body,
and in exchange for your own arm,
Brother, you bonded
my soul to this armor.
It was all equivalent exchange.
But we are going to get
your body back, no matter what.
And your arm and leg too, Brother.
Let's go.
This castle is about to explode.
W- why!?
Because I don't like it, and I
busted some things up here and there.
Why are you always
so thoughtless like that!?
Just hush. It's already done,
so there's nothing we can do now, right?
Come on, let's go!
I can't! My bloodseal will come off!
That's how my soul
is affixed to this armor!
It's okay! We'll come up with something!
We're sinking! We're sinking!
We're sinking! We're sinking!
We're sinking! We're sinking!
We're sinking! We're sinking!
Al, let me borrow your head for a bit!
What? Brother, what are you doing!
Give that back!
You idiot! Let go! We're sinking!
--Al! Hey! Al!
--Brother! Give it back!
And so, that's how the name of
the State Alchemist of Justice
spread to every corner of the continent.
My goodness! Edward-san,
your stories are great!
You're saying I made it up?
I mean, a world where alchemy developed,
and is more useful than steam engines...
Alchemy declined and died out
with the coming of the modern age.
That's common historic knowledge.
In this world, that is...
Are you all right, Alphonse?
It's just started getting chilly.
Going to the carnival?
Hop in. These gypsies are
setting up shop at the carnival, too.
" October, 1923 Munich, Weimar Republic"
What kind of shop
are you folks setting up?
All sorts. Some singing, some theater...
What about you?
She tells fortunes. She has a
reputation for often being right.
So much so that it's eerie.
She can guess all those things
that you wouldn't want others to know.
Oh, yeah?
I'd like you to tell mine.
Cut it out. That's so unscientific.
You're the same as us...
You have no home.
I see it!
The carnival!
Do you remember,
ever since we were little,
there was that doorway we couldn't reach,
even standing on tiptoe?
We roamed around until we were spent,
forgetting about time,
and in the end, we always
ran into mazes there.
l can't stop looking for your smile
before l realize what l'm doing.
Not a single thing has changed,
and even now, l'm still running forward.
Even if we are separated by a
great distance, there is still...
a link between our hearts.
And even if some perverse fate
were to befall us,
that will not be broken.
l hope that someday, this world
reborn will reach your eyes.
" The Conqueror of Shamballa"
Oh, Noah! It has been too long!
French francs. The mark's value
is even lower than scrap paper, after all.
What about me?
You will stay here.
I see... so, I've been sold...
You can peer into another's
heart just by touching them.
Your clairvoyance is the genuine article.
There are some people who would
like to use that power of yours.
Where is Lt. Hess?
This is the girl?
Hey, you!
This is incredibly popular, huh?
Ever since Dr. Oberth's book came out,
there has been a big boom in space.
That's good, Heiderich!
I'm going to go take a nap
over there. My neck is sore.
You're not going to watch?
And he was the most enthusiastic
one about all this
when we met him at
Oberth-san's place, too.
Please, help me!
Are you a gypsy?
I'm being chased!
That's probably because
you stole someone's wallet!
You guys are all thieves, after all.
No matter how far I go,
I can't escape this place.
You'd best not tamper with that.
It has already been fueled up.
There she is! Over there!
Come on!
This gypsy has broken her contract.
Come on!
Cut it out! This is a carnival!
I just told you! We bought that gypsy!
Good grief. It's been a long time!
Like anything would happen.
Look out!
I decided to have a look.
I told you about him. He's the
one who said he'd be our sponsor.
It looks like you people will
be able to build what we seek.
I definitely want you working with us.
Oh, it's a pleasure.
I'm terribly sorry,
but the girl escaped.
Where's your home?
I don't have one.
" Four Seasons Hotel"
You haven't even been on
the battlefield, have you?
I have so. I crawled around in those
muddy trenches for three years.
Then how can you say that
the war was meaningless?
Wasn't it? With the signing of that
humiliating Treaty of Versailles,
all Germans are suffering in poverty,
except for the aristocrats and the Jews.
She escaped? That is a problem.
I thought that she would be able
to find the Great Serpent for us.
I'm terribly sorry.
Let's go to the villa.
We have to report this to Eckart-sama.
Yes, sir.
You're sure you're okay with having me?
There's not much else we can
do if someone is after you.
Besides, I'm kind of glad.
I mean, Edward-san,
taking interest in a girl.
I don't know if
you'd call it indifference,
but for some reason, he doesn't become
too deeply involved with others.
He's always telling stories
about some other world.
Another world?
Okay, then...
I'll be off. We've finally
gotten our own factory.
Winry... Winry, about Al...
He already left, huh?
He said " We've finally
gotten our own factory."
Can I give you a hand?
I'm used to this. It's been
two years since I got this.
You can move it that much?
Yeah, the simple stuff.
Even without my arm and leg,
the signals still go to the muscles,
so by picking out those
signals and amplifying them...
Actually, I don't really
understand it all.
My dad was the one who made it.
Where is your father?
He's gone. He just disappeared one day.
So, I ended up staying with this guy,
since we studied rocketry together before.
A suit of armor...
There was a suit of armor
walking with you.
And then there was a kind smile.
That must have been your mother.
And then, there was a village,
on a hill, in a pretty, grassy plain.
You said it was unscientific, huh?
Still, that's what I saw.
What kind of place was
this world you were in?
It was just like this one.
The names were just a little different,
and the places weren't the same,
but there are a lot of people
who have the same faces.
Why are you here?
In the other world, my brother died,
and in order to bring him back to life,
I had to come here. That was the price.
Perhaps this is the hell
that has been allotted to me.
Two years ago, I met up
with Alphonse in Romania.
If my brother- if Al had grown up,
I'm sure he would have had the same face.
So, maybe this place is all in my dreams.
Good morning, Gracia-san!
Good morning, Ed. Are you
making that face again?
Do I really remind you
that much of your mother?
Or is it a girlfriend?
N- no! Oh, thanks for Noah's clothes.
You're going out with Noah-chan?
Be careful, okay?
Did you hear? Now they're saying not
to pay our taxes in marks, but with gold!
l don't even want this cheap paper!
This isn't even enough
to buy a drink with!
--In that case, I'll take it!
--Whoa! Who said I was giving it to you?
If you don't want it, I'll take it.
Nothing doing, Hughes-san.
Yo, Ed!
Morning, Officer.
So it's true- you've started
living together with a gypsy girl?
There's a reason for it.
You know, she's just tricking both you
and Alphonse with her smooth talking.
You've got to watch out for gypsies.
Those people trick men
to steal their wallets.
They're vagabonds, after all.
I'm a vagabond, myself.
Hey, if something were to happen...
you'd be making trouble for Gracia-san!
Why don't you just confess
your love for Gracia-san already,
instead of worrying about us?
I'm sure it will work out well for you!
Mock an adult, will you!?
I don't particularly
think I've been taken in.
There are all sorts of people
who would want the power to look
into other people's hearts.
Especially in this country right now.
You believe me?
There was a suit of armor
walking with me, right?
I never even told Alphonse about that.
Did you see anything else just now?
Actually, I can see better
when people are asleep.
You can?
I can see your dreams.
The Berlin government is spineless.
They have no intention
of protecting Germany.
Germany lost the war. We can't complain
about our territory being taken from us.
We did not lose!
The Communist Party
and the Jews just gave up!
--Don't get so worked up.
--Noah, can you get my coat?
What's wrong with you!?
Don't go walking around with her!
Where's the harm!?
The gypsies are just like the Jews!
They don't have a country of their own,
so they come into Germany,
and steal our money, and our jobs,
and our country from us!
That must have been unpleasant for you.
Not really. I don't mind
being called a gypsy.
We lied when we said our ancestors
were fortune tellers in Egypt, after all.
" Bohemian," " Gitane," " Zigeuner,"
"nomad" - call us whatever you like.
So, what do you folks call yourselves?
" Roma."
It means " person."
You can get home by yourself, right?
Why? Why is there a Homunculus here?
What's this doing here?
For crying out loud,
what kind of prank is this?
King Bradley...
If you made it here,
then that means the Colonel...
The Colonel? You mean
like during the war?
You can't play dumb--
Excuse me a moment.
Have it your way.
Of course. I guess it stands to reason.
Even Homunculi have the
people they were based on.
I suppose it's no surprise that there
should be a person who looks just like him.
Mistook me for someone else?
I apologize.
I am Jewish, so you see,
I'm used to this.
There are many chauvinists who take me
to be a rich Jew, and attack me.
Anyhow, can you drive?
More or less.
Well then, could I ask
you to take his place?
Until he wakes up, at least.
Magnificent. We should be able
to take off at any time like this.
Blond hair, blue eyes- you all indeed
carry the blood of the ancient Aryans,
and are the pride of the German people.
I'm sure Chairman Eckart
will be most pleased.
We have learned the location
of the Great Serpent.
Chairman Eckart, have we learned
where the Great Serpent fled to?
There was an eyewitness.
Lt. Hess, take charge.
Yes, ma'am.
The time of our entry into
Shamballa is near, Professor.
This works out perfectly.
I was just hoping to find a
capable person such as yourself.
Is someone after your life,
or something?
Just the opposite.
I'm the one who is
after something- a dragon.
A dragon?
You may call me Mabuse.
The rumor is that someone who broke
into this abandoned castle saw it.
Saw what?
A dragon.
Nah, the story is
that it was a giant snake.
You came all this way
just to verify this rumor?
I have my reasons. I would very much
like to find a real dragon.
Are you going to make potions
out of it, or something?
It's about time I got out of here.
Edward Elric...
What's going on?
I found you!
Is that you, Envy!?
The Homunculus that my dad made...
Son of Hohenheim, I'll get you!
Envy... Why should I have to come all
the way here and still have to fight you?
Who are these guys?
Lancers, at the ready!
There are a number of
genuine Spears of Longinus
that were scattered throughout the world.
It took a lot of work to gather them all.
Hold on! Where are you taking him!?
Forget what you saw here today.
It is nothing that
ordinary people should know about.
It's you!
Have you forgotten?
I guess that's only natural.
We haven't seen each other since we met
in Japan before the war, Gen. Haushofer.
I had heard that you were
lecturing at Munich University.
Haushofer? I've heard
that name from my dad.
And you are?
Edward Elric.
My dad's name is Hohenheim.
Professor, this is a great success.
The Great Serpent is
once again in our hands!
Edward Elric...
Is something the matter?
He's Hohenheim's son.
But Hohenheim's son
was born in Shamballa.
To think that yet another person
has safely come through the doorway...
Blasses Wei und Schwarz,
Pale white and black,
zusammen mit falschem Citrin,
with false citrine,
unvollstndiges Wei und Rot,
imperfect white and red,
glnzende Pfauenfedern,
the peacock's feathers in bright colors,
der Regenbogen,
the rainbow,
der sich ber den Himmel erstreckt,
extending across the sky above,
gerfleckter Leopard, grner Lwe,
the spotted leopard, the green lion,
Krahenschnabel blau wie Blei.
the crow's bill, blue as lead.
So, we meet again.
Professor, the experiment.
But even wearing armor,
sending people through is...
To Shamballa!
" Continental Year 1917 North Amestris"
Colonel! Where are you, Colonel!?
Lt. Havoc, Lt. Breda, thank you for
taking the trouble to come all this way.
I'm glad to see you're doing well, sir.
You can drop the polite speech.
I'm an enlisted man now.
Oh, you mean it? Well then,
Corporal Mustang--
I know it's just like you
to volunteer for duty
way out here in the sticks, Colonel.
I intend to do all I can
for my country, in my own way.
I haven't used alchemy
even once since that day.
You, the Flame Alchemist?
Whenever I'm about to use it,
I see the many people who lost
their lives because of my foolishness.
With this eye.
Maybe we should have had
Lt. Hawkeye come with us, too.
She wouldn't come. I doubt she would
want to see the Colonel like that.
Besides, I get the feeling
that it isn't the Lieutenant
who the Colonel is waiting for.
Then who?
" South end of town, Dublith"
Two months ago, she got so she
finally couldn't move around anymore.
She told Al to go on, that there was
nothing more she could teach him.
Is that right?
Al hasn't given up on Ed yet?
He still believes that Ed
is alive out there somewhere.
He says he has dreams,
where he is 17, has a sickly body,
and is living together with Ed.
The two of them make machines
that go into space.
Take good care of them for me.
Just look at you!
I'll fix you up.
" Younger brother, age 13"
" East end of town, Liore"
" East end of town, Liore"
The Armstrong Foundation...
" East end of town, Liore"
...will work with you in all aspects of
the reconstruction of the city of Liore,
...will work with you in all aspects of
the reconstruction of the city of Liore,
and build a metropolis here
to exceed even Central!
We will press forward with
all of you to create a city
that will exemplify
the East in this new era!
I give this shop to you.
T- that's really something...
Is that... a transmutation circle?
Everyone, this way!
--Big Sister Rose!
--I'm scared!
Who would dare do such a thing in a city
that was all but destroyed by alchemy?
Where on earth are they coming from?
He transmuted a tornado?
" The capital, Central"
Please come in, Liore! Liore!
There was an earthquake in Liore, too?
At the same time as the one in Central?
What's more, they said a large number
of enemy soldiers appeared.
It's still unconfirmed, though.
There is a tight
surveillance network in the East.
How could an enemy have
suddenly crossed the border?
Oh, no!
Alphonse Elric!
It's Maj. Armstrong.
You've met, remember?
You helped us out
during our journey, right?
Your memory hasn't returned, then?
What was that?
I'm controlling those suits of armor.
I transferred a portion
of my soul into them.
A portion of your soul!?
For some reason, it seems to
be easy for my spirit to leave me.
It still hasn't come back to him, huh?
Those four years he
spent traveling with Ed?
Still, the way he is now- it's almost
like Edward is leading Alphonse.
The men inside are all dead. They were
probably dead right from the start.
From the start?
It looks like they passed through
some kind of incredible pressure.
Al, are you still looking for Ed?
But Ed is...
Al, you'll disappear, too!
I'm telling you, it's the only way to
make the Inspector General in Bavaria
take this seriously.
Gracia, is that gypsy still at your...
My, my...
War? Is there going to be another war?
There are some people who
are talking about that nonsense.
But if that happens,
you people could be in danger.
There is a lot of dangerous talk about
creating a country for just the Germans,
and kicking out the Jews.
What were you talking about?
Nothing much. What's the matter?
You look so serious.
You never know what these gypsies
might be scheming, after all.
The same goes for you guys.
You're scheming about something
every day at that beer hall.
Please, the girl is weak.
Watch over her.
In this last war, Germany
still had the ability to fight.
And yet, the government surrendered,
and accepted that humiliating
Treaty of Versailles.
There are a lot of people who say we
should overthrow the current government,
and take back Germany's pride.
Alphonse, by any chance, are you
working for those kinds of people?
I just want to build rockets.
Where's Edward-san? He said something
about going to Munich University, right?
Yes. He was looking for someone.
Professor Haushofer's lectures have
been cancelled for quite some time now.
Something about him being busy
with the Thule Society.
Lately, he's been at his villa.
You don't know about it?
Thule is a mystical island in the North
that is spoken of in ancient mythology.
The Thule Society seeks to obtain the
power of the gods that dwell on the island.
It's a sacred power
that will save Germany.
Gods, devils, the occult--
how are they going to save
their country with those things?
Damn. For a college professor's villa,
it's pretty well guarded.
Don't tell me Alphonse
and the others' sponsors are...
A magic circle, is it?
Used in sacrificing virgins
to call forth the devil, I'll bet.
You've got to be kidding me.
No, this is...
a transmutation circle!
They're not supposed to be
able to use alchemy over here.
This transmutation circle is incomplete.
What am I doing?
Even if I do draw this, I still won't
be able to use alchemy in this world.
As foolish as ever,
aren't you, pipsqueak?
--What's going on!?
--What was that sound!?
--I didn't...
--I don't know!
It came from the Serpent Room!
Who are you!?
Why did the doorway open!?
Up to now, we have never been able
to reopen it, no matter what we tried!
They've come back to us?
From Shamballa?
Come back?
What did you do!?
Talk, boy!
Check them out!
See if they're all okay!
He's been crushed!
The crew is dead. Survivors?
Did you do this!?
There is a vast underground kingdom
down there, greater than any above ground.
Mountains of deep snow protect it.
A utopia, without war, or illness,
or suffering, or hate.
The wisdom of whose inhabitants
promises perfect peace,
and the mystical power
of its armed forces...
...promises victory in the final war.
The road to Shamballa is not an easy one.
It appears that your hypothesis
was correct, Professor.
Chairman Eckart, this is Edward Elric.
Your father was once interested
in the Thule Society.
I don't know what he
might have told you, but...
My name is Dietlinde Eckart.
Thule, or Shamballa,
or whatever it is,
you sure seem to be interested
in looking for legendary countries.
The same is true with you, isn't it?
Wait, Hess!
His plans are at hand!
If word of this gets to Berlin...
Wait! Hold on!
Brother! Brother! Brother!
Ow... ow!
But Brother, were you this tall?
Who are you expecting to
still be a runt when he's 18!?
There's no one inside.
What is this?
I don't know.
It could be alchemy.
It's a devil... It's possessed
by a devil! Fire! Fire!
Brother, you've done
something again, huh?
You haven't changed.
You still like to cause trouble.
All right, you!
Let's just get out of here!
Which way?
Which way!?
Never mind, just run!
This way!?
I'm terribly sorry.
However, we know where he lives.
He has connections to Alphonse.
His knowledge is invaluable. But I doubt
he will willingly cooperate with us.
He's just like his father.
We will use the gypsy.
The girl?
As it happens, the girl is together
with Edward Elric and Alphonse Heiderich.
We've received this information
from a party member.
It seems...
...that God is blessing us.
Do you plan to open
the doorway yet again?
I highly doubt that that is Shamballa
over there. They are all dead!
There are only ten days left
before November 8th.
The Fuhrer plans to begin things
without the support of the Thule Society.
At this rate, we will lose our standing!
There is no need to worry.
The doorway will be opened on that day.
" Things came about because
of the Thule Society."
That's what future
generations will say about us.
What's with you?
" Resembool, Rockbell Residence"
" Resembool, Rockbell Residence"
You've finally come back,
and now all you do is sleep?
You've finally come back,
and now all you do is sleep?
This sure is a pretty town.
Are we really inside the gate?
This is the other side of the gate.
Never mind that,
it's really you, right Al?
But why are you just a spirit
inside a suit of armor again?
Again? What do you mean, again?
Oh, right...
Thanks to you, Brother, I took on
the form of a suit of armor, didn't I?
Sorry, Brother, but I don't
remember any of that.
You don't remember?
Not since the day
when we transmuted Mom.
When I came to, I had been taken by this
woman named Rose, and we were in Central.
I believed that you were
alive somewhere, Brother,
and that I was sure to get you back.
I wonder how those
people opened the gate.
Brother, the technique that transfers
my soul doesn't last for long.
Looks like my time is up.
Al! Al, are you going away!?
But I know how to send
you back home, Brother.
I'm going to open the gate
from the other side.
You're awfully late.
Something good happen to you?
Funny you should ask.
You might not believe this,
but I met Al. My brother Al.
There's a chance that
I might be able to go home.
Oh, it's you, Mabuse.
I understand you've been
sniffing around Gen. Haushofer.
Are you one of them, too?
There's something I'd like
to talk to you about.
Can you come to Ufa, in Berlin?
What the?
Alphonse, do you know what Ufa is?
You'll excuse me for
not keeping in touch.
I'm sorry, I know I'm in
no position to be calling you...
Not at all. But Al isn't here.
He's not there?
He's disappeared. Both Al and Wrath.
I see.
They probably went to Central.
Liore and Central,
the two cities where the same
phenomenon occurred simultaneously...
They have one thing in common...
He probably came to
the same conclusion that I did.
By any chance, does it have
something to do with Ed?
I can't say anything right now.
You can't just wait here for him?
I simply have to go.
I don't want Al to have
to look for Ed alone.
I get it.
With something rigged up like this,
I see why you'd want to film
using a real dragon.
Even so, thanks to having seen that thing,
this one is quite a bit better.
I see that " Dr. Mabuse"
was a movie that you made.
I was just having a little fun with you.
Fritz Lang. Nice to meet you.
" Berlin UFA Film Studios"
" Berlin UFA Film Studios"
I've been thinking
about going to America.
I've been thinking
about going to America.
I've been reading novels
from there to study English.
They're cheap dime novels,
but they are interesting.
There is a lot of
science reading material,
called " scientific romance."
Recently, there was something
fascinating in one of them.
It says that there is another world,
side-by-side with the one we live in,
just like our own, but with
little things that are different.
You could call it a " parallel world."
In this parallel world, dragons and
magic just might actually exist.
Or, perhaps,
it's a world where alchemy
developed in place of science,
and the Fritz Lang there
is not a movie director,
but maybe some criminal
with the same face as mine.
Or, for that matter, maybe a woman.
It's fun to imagine, isn't it?
Such a place is
nothing more than a dream.
A dream, huh? But which one is
the dream, and which one is reality?
You'll never know
what it's like for people
who live their whole lives in a dream.
So, what did you want to talk about?
Maj. Gen. Karl Haushofer's book.
I met him in the island nation
of the Empire of Japan.
The funny thing about that country is,
they are a single race,
dominating the whole land.
However, the German people do not
live only here in Germany.
They are scattered among Poland,
Austria, and lots of other countries.
Those countries should be unified,
creating a state for
just the German people.
That's what is written in the book.
I'm not interested.
There's one other thing- Shamballa.
It's a legendary utopia in the Orient.
It's said that those who rule it,
can rule the world.
They believe that.
What do you think?
Do you know what this is?
Is that...
The Thule Society helped to found
the National Socialist Workers Party,
a political party
commonly known as the Nazis,
and still have a strong
influence within the party.
The Nazis are supposedly going to start
a large-scale battle some day in November.
Of course, it's said that even
if they mount an uprising
with such a small number of men,
they'll just be put down
by Berlin's forces.
However, the Thule Society has
promised victory to their leader,
who they call the Fuhrer.
As proof, that is what
they showed to him.
They say it's a powerful bomb.
It's also supposed to be of a kind that
no one in this world has ever thought of.
Haushofer and the others say that
if they are given enough funds and power,
they will be able to bring
this sort of magnificent power,
one after another,
from beyond the doorway.
They're going to use the other world
for their armed uprising!?
What are you going to do?
I can't allow them to
open the gate anymore!
Let them be.
I just called you here because
I wanted to tell you that.
If they want to make war, let them.
Come work with me, instead.
Why were you looking into the Nazis?
My wife is a fanatical believer in
the Nazis' leader, Hitler, you see.
Through her, the Nazis have asked me
to work with them many times.
However, I'm one of the Jews
that they're trying to drive out.
I'd just be used, and then cast aside.
I have no interest in
that worthless reality.
You're pretending
to live inside a dream,
but really, you're scared, aren't you?
That reality might
encroach upon that dream?
Where are you taking me?
It won't be that bad for you.
Hear what I have to say.
Fuhrer! Fuhrer! Fuhrer!
The Fuhrer is planning to use the
stormtroopers for the uprising on the 8th.
Goering and those guys?
You're saying we won't be
participating in the uprising?
On the day of the uprising,
we will open the way to Shamballa.
That will be great! We have the girl
in hand. I will hasten our preparations.
Our launch date will be November 8th.
At any rate, we're on notice to be ready
by then. Hey, let's show the world...
...that Germany is not beaten.
You're sure about that?
If the gate opens,
you'll be able to go home, right?
Those idiots that would drag my world
into their war would follow me.
I know that Al is alive
on the other side.
I've always been worried about that.
I wondered if maybe I'd failed. So...
...it's all right.
Alphonse, we need to talk.
It's about your sponsor.
Stop building rockets for him.
Our work is in the final stage.
Starting today, I'm going
to stay over at the factory.
Those guys are plotting to go to war.
One with the world that I came from.
Those rockets must have
something to do with it.
I don't have much time left.
This is my world. I want to leave
some proof behind that I lived here!
You have no right to say anything!
The gate probably won't
be opened anyhow, right?
So, you're not sure if Al
is in Central or not?
No. That's why I'm worried.
Wrath is together with him.
With Izumi-san passing away,
it's like a heavy weight that had
been holding Al down has been lifted.
All right. Once we're
done visiting the cemetery,
I'll show you where
that underground city is.
I wonder if Elicia-chan and her mom came.
Why have you brought me here?
Never mind.
It's just like Liore.
I'm so hungry.
Any white sausages left?
Huh? That's unusual.
You're not drinking beer.
You'd better stay home tonight.
Tonight, this country
is going to be reborn.
That's what we're celebrating.
That's the guy from the Thule Society...
Hey, Noah...
Noah, where are you going?
What are you guys doing? You might
not know it, but those guys are...
There is a war starting.
That spineless revolutionary
regime will be overthrown,
and our Fuhrer will lead this country.
Noah is helping us work toward that.
Didn't I mention?
All of the men here
belong to the same party.
The National Socialist Workers Party.
Let me go!
Get in!
We're going to Haushofer's villa,
are we not?
Why are you helping me?
Who knows?
Maybe I just want to protect my dream.
You can begin your tests
at any time. However...
Didn't I tell you? We won't be needing
to carry the rocket out of here.
You mean you're going to launch
from inside this building?
Yeah. She's the gypsy girl we have
been looking for all this time.
We're lucky you kept her
in Munich for us.
Why is she here?
She is the key to opening the doorway.
The one to Shamballa!
Is that thing... really...
You must have already seen it, right?
Inside Edward Elric's head?
You were able to view all
of Edward's knowledge, right?
Y- yes.
The magic circle...
No, they call it a
transmutation circle, huh?
What about the incantation?
There were no
incantations in his memory.
One needs to circulate their power
between themselves
and the transmutation circle...
It's as though there were someone
knocking on the other side of the doorway.
It's been a long time since we snuck
our way into someplace like this, huh?
Up ahead is the former Fuhrer's office?
What's missing?
Back then...
...I saw the gate.
If it's the same gate...
then, in order to get there...
...I myself have to...
He's like me...
...a monster!
On November 8th,
very soon now, here, in the beer hall
where the able men of Bavaria gather,
the leader of the National Socialist
German Workers Party,
the Fuhrer, Adolph Hitler,
will stand before you.
He will urge the
state militia to rise up,
and from there,
we will march on Berlin.
We will seize the
state's power in one stroke!
Let's make haste.
Hurry and open the path to Shamballa,
and bring Shamballa's forces
and weapons over to our side.
But we still haven't
done enough fine-tuning.
Are you still saying that?
You cannot open the doorway with
just the knowledge you took from him?
What's that?
Know how to fly?
More or less.
We didn't even have to go pick him up.
You've come, have you?
Sure enough, it looks like the
doorway won't open without you.
You mean you were trying
to use Noah in my place?
Stop this.
Your world is on the other side, right?
It's not Shamballa. I guarantee you that.
I wanted to see it!
No, I wanted to go there!
After all, that's where it is, right?
My own land, where no one will
betray me, or be afraid of me?
You want your own land?
But I thought your people were
proud of continually traveling,
without belonging to any country.
I want... to dream...
What lies ahead...
...is no dream.
Transmute us... When you do,
the gate will open... to receive us...
I get it. A Homunculus acted as
a catalyst on the other side, too.
Those who have come from within
the gate become catalysts for it.
That's... the reason why I came...
You're trying to offer yourself again
as the price to save your brother...
I don't want to see that happen...
ever again...
You don't mean...
I want to go home...
to where my Mama is...
You'll hit him!
What is this!? What is going on!?
This was the most effective
way to keep the dragon quiet.
Luckily for us, the man
does not die so easily.
Yo... you finally came, huh?
For the love of...
What are you doing there!?
Oh, I wanted to try making a
passageway to the other side,
using the magic and science
of this side somehow...
Haushofer made me a proposal...
I'm coming to help you now.
This is what I wanted.
I am a sinner. I failed to bring
the son I lost back to life,
turned him into this monster,
and then abandoned him.
And yet, I took over the lives of many
other people in order to go on living.
Why!? Why would you
help these people out!?
In order for me to go home?
I'm going to offer my life as the price,
and transmute Envy into a gate.
I don't need you to do that!
Give Al...
...my regards.
Prepare the rocket.
We're going through the doorway!
You're a lucky one, Edward-san.
You will be able to go home.
Now, in all the chaos while Eckart
is getting ready to board the rocket.
Hess, inform the Fuhrer of our situation.
Tell Professor Haushofer
to stabilize the doorway.
Please stop. It turns out that
I don't believe that is Shamballa.
Edward is right.
I know that.
Looks like she missed you
and hit your artificial arm.
" At a speed of over 11 kilos per second,
this rocket will punch through whatever
phenomena occurs within the doorway,
and get us to the other side."
That was Haushofer-san's idea.
This one-seater should
also put out enough speed.
Hold on! I never said I was
going to the other side.
I want you to go.
Alphonse, am I in the way?
We don't just exist in the
middle of one of your dreams.
Even as my life is coming to an end,
I'm still me. I will definitely be here.
Don't forget me.
Alphonse! Alphonse!
What's that!?
Take me with you, Ed!
Take me with you!
What is that?
What is this?
This power...
My magic has become reality!
What is this place?
I don't know, but we're still alive.
You like those sorts of things,
don't you?
It doesn't have any aesthetic appeal.
What is that thing?
All I did was open the gate.
The gate?
Where have you been?
Welcome home.
Welcome home, Brother.
What is that?
A weapon, from the other world.
They came to attack this world.
They want to use the power
of this world over there.
What have I...
Are you the one who made that gate?
For crying out loud...
No sooner are you home
than you're busy again.
Were you planning to go into
battle with that arm and leg?
Were you carrying these that whole time?
Winry... But I've grown some.
Who do you take me for?
Who are these guys?
You bastards!
Behold my artistic alchemy!
Armstrong-dono, who are they?
They look like the ones
who appeared in Liore.
Falman! Fuery! Behind you!
Colonel Mustang!
Warrant Officer Falman, take a
squad and guard the Assembly Hall!
Yes, sir!
Sgt. Fuery, deliver these orders
to the mechanized division:
Dispatch a tank unit into the city at once,
and put a stop to the enemy's advance.
--Yes, sir!
--Hey, the Corporal is giving orders.
Lieutenants Havoc and Breda...
--Yes, sir!
--Yes, sir!
The Command Center here
is our last stronghold.
Drag the generals out of there
and have them contact all posts,
to have their soldiers sent back here.
--Yes, sir!
--Yes, sir!
...dono, if we're going to bring
that airborne target down...
Mm-hmm, we'll need a balloon, right?
Very well!
We've been waiting for you.
All right, try standing up.
Easy for you to say.
This hurts, you know.
It's perfect!
I knew about how much you would grow.
There are more of them coming.
Stay back!
It would appear that this is
the capital city of this world.
Away with you!
So, they're here.
Edward Elric!
Al... I'm surprised
you made it out of there.
Wrath... showed me a way out.
That's right. I transmuted
that gate using Wrath.
You can't bring a
dead person back to life.
Brother, is this my fault?
Why... is all this happening?
I was just...
You were just trying
to bring me back, right?
I'm sure that Wrath just wanted
to help you do that, too.
The Al in the other world
also just wanted to send me back.
Noah just wanted a land of her own.
Nobody wanted a war like this.
We didn't... nobody wanted this...
But still, this war is our fault.
Do you understand?
That's why we are going
to defend this world.
Forever more, as long as we're alive,
we can't live as though we have
nothing to do with this world.
How's it coming?
This is the best we
could make in a pinch.
It's good enough.
Please wait!
With my power,
I can only take a crew of one!
You liar!
Winry-san, over there!
It's been so long, and yet
you're still so good at it.
Give me a little credit.
Now! Extend it, Fullmetal!
Looks like you brought
this trouble back with you.
Sarcastic remarks already? You know,
that eye patch doesn't suit you!
Go, Fullmetal.
That's the reason why I came.
Yeah, that I will!
Oh, Brother!
I knew you were alive.
Why!? Why is my magic being obstructed!?
This place is a new world,
completely different from our world.
It's not at all different.
People live, weep, laugh, and die.
There's one thing I'd like to ask you.
Why did you suddenly attack?
Weren't you going to use this world's
know-how for your war over there?
I am going to destroy this world!
For what reason!?
Because it is terrifying!
Once I learned that a doorway
could be opened with the power...
...of the Great Serpent,
and that there was another world...
...when I learned that it had
power that exceeded our own...
I became frightened- so frightened
that I could not stand it.
I knew that I had to destroy it!
The people here would never
start a war with you!
How can you know that!?
We are humans, like you!
No you aren't!
You may take the same form,
but you are monsters from another world!
So that's what your true intentions are!
This is where it ends.
...cannot accept that
which is unlike themselves.
They reject it, and fear it.
That is the beginning of war.
To me, you look like a monster.
That is why I can kill you!
Kill him!
I have transferred a portion of my soul
into all of these suits of armor.
Stay back...
Stay back! Stop! Stop! Stop!
Is it over?
You should be able to manage
something with that much material.
Where are you going?
I'm going to take all of these
guys back through the gate.
Brother, you don't have to go with them!
I have to destroy the gate.
Al, you destroy the gate too, so that
the passageway will never open again.
What about Winry!?
Tell her thanks for this.
Brother! Brother! Brother!
That has to be Ed.
He's not going to let me
wait any longer, huh?
The uprising has failed!
Munich Command realized
what we were doing,
and together with the police,
they blocked our march.
The demonstrators were
beaten back along the way.
What happened to the Fuhrer?
I guess we weren't in time.
W- what is that monster!?
Oh, God!
Open... the doorway...
...once again...
...and send me back...
...to Shamballa...
That's right... I came back...
Why did you come back, Ed?
Why indeed?
To destroy the gate, Brother.
You transferred your spirit again, huh?
I won't be able to hear you much longer.
Al! Why are you...
I hopped aboard your plane
at the last second, Brother.
Then I hid inside this thing,
so you wouldn't find me.
The Colonel should be destroying
the gate on the other side by now.
We're going to destroy the
gate on this side, too, right?
You won't be able to go home.
I wanted to be together
with you, Brother.
I want to see the
same things that you see,
and grow the same way that you do.
As long as the two of us are together,
then no matter where we are,
we can still go on journeying together.
Al... is your memory...
Mm-hmm. Looks like it's back.
Equivalent Exchange, huh?
It will take some effort
to do this without alchemy.
Between the two of us,
we'll manage something.
Films and weapons--
they are both the result
of scientific technique.
Then l will continue to make films.
Dazzling daydreams of
another world that cannot be.
Brother, how far are we going?
First, we have to look
for the uranium bomb
that was brought over to this side.
Such a thing is
unnecessary in either world.
Another great war is sure to start.
That could be something
that's unavoidable, huh?
I wonder if it's something we
should be getting involved with.
We can no longer go on thinking that this
world has nothing to do with ourselves.
This is our world.
There's no difference.
This is where we live.
Whoa, holding onto
our overlapping dreams,
we move toward a paradise without end.
No longer able even to
find something to lose,
we have run down this long road,
without ever doubting a single thing.
We'll say goodbye, lost Heaven.
How we longed for Heaven.
We're letting go of
something we never had.
Time goes so fast, Heaven is lost.
The dream we took hold of
when we stretched out our hands
was a sand castle, quietly crumbling.
l'm here standing motionless
at a fork in the road,
after you left your smile behind,
and disappeared toward
that paradise you described.
We'll say goodbye, lost Heaven.
How we longed for Heaven.
We're letting go of
something we never had.
Time goes so fast, Heaven is lost.
All those tiny stars
won't come together as one,
and the bouquet of red flowers
comes at the end of the show.
And even if what l saw ahead of me
as l started running...
...is a mirage
We'll say goodbye, lost Heaven.
We'll say goodbye, lost Heaven.
We'll say goodbye, lost Heaven.
We'll say goodbye, lost Heaven.
We'll say goodbye, lost Heaven.
How we longed for Heaven.
We're letting go
of something we never had.
Time goes so fast, Heaven!
We'll say goodbye, lost Heaven. (Yeah!)
How we longed for Heaven. (Yeah!)
We're letting go
of something we never had.
Time goes so fast, Heaven is lost.
Time goes so fast, Heaven is lost.
Time goes so fast, Heaven is lost.
l wish you good luck.
l still remember every day.
l wish you good luck.
l still remember every day.