Funan (2018) Movie Script

(heavy breathing)
(footsteps scuffing)
- [Man] Hey, keep it moving!
Come on!
Let's go, pick up the pace!
Move it!
You, there!
Move it!
Leave it, we won't need it!
- Sovanh!
(upbeat music)
(motor revving)
(singing in foreign language)
(water sloshing)
(motor buzzing)
(city traffic commotion)
(water splashing)
(child giggling)
(children chattering)
(motors buzzing)
(upbeat music)
- [Meng] Good, I'm starving.
- [Chou] Sovanh, can
you turn the radio off?
- [Grandmother] Off you go.
- [Chou] Okay,
breakfast is served.
Everyone dig in.
(radio tuning)
- [Khuon] Sovanh, come and eat.
- [Radio Announcer]
And in South-East Asia,
the Khmer Rouge have taken
over the city of Phnom Penh.
All foreign citizens
are instructed to go
to their respective embassies
as soon as possible.
The local government
is reporting a state
of disorder and chaos.
(ominous music)
APRIL 17TH 1975,
(birds chirping)
(people chattering)
- [Lily] Stop it, Hout!
Don't be a pig.
- [Hout] Come on,
give me a little more.
- Take a look at Lily.
She'd chew his food for him
if he let her.
Oh, Chou.
Enjoy it while you can,
they grow up fast.
(Lily giggling)
- [Lily] Cut it out.
- Oil, rice and two waters.
- That won't even
last us a week.
- We just have to ration it more
and pray that
we can go home soon.
- [Grandmother] Where
did I put them?
- I don't know, Mom.
Meng, don't, that's a bad idea!
- Pardon me, comrades.
My family and I are exhausted.
You said it'd be three days...
But we've been
walking for a week.
When can we go back
to Phnom Penh?
We also have a
very young child with us.
We're almost out of
food and water as well.
Are you sure there
will be bombings?
Where are you taking us?
- Silence!
(ominous music)
Angkar knows what's
best for you!
Got it?!
- Comrade!
Please, my brother
is very sorry.
- Angkar does not tolerate
anti-revolutionary thoughts!
- I beg your forgiveness.
He didn't mean any harm.
Have mercy on him, please.
(ominous music)
A gift for you.
(lighter clicking)
(crickets chirping)
(people murmuring)
- You should eat,Tuch.
- What is going to happen to us?
Where will we go?
Phnom Penh is sealed off
and there are all these horror
stories about the communists.
- They took a bunch of
men yesterday and
they still haven't returned.
- They're trying to
manipulate us.
What they said about
the bombings is a lie.
They don't have any intention
of letting any of us go back.
We must fight!
- And how, exactly?
With all the patrols, it will
be impossible to make a move.
- So what then?
Wait till it gets worse?
They're psychopaths,
all of them!
- That's enough, Meng!
Listen to your brother!
Koh Thom isn't far.
We could go to
your cousin, Sok's.
We'd then have food and
a roof over our heads.
(somber music)
(crickets chirping)
- What is cousin Sok like?
- He's a farmer, so he's strong.
That's not what I meant, Mom.
You know, we hardly know him.
We've only met a few times
but I think he'll help us.
Khuon says he's generous.
Mom, where are you?
(crickets chirping)
What're you staring at?
Mom, no!
What're you doing?
Stop that!
This belongs to someone.
You can't just do that.
(leaves rustling)
- It's my treat.
(birds chirping)
- [Man] All right, everyone up!
The Revolution is underway!
Head to the villages!
Angkar will take care of you!
- [Young Man] Where are we going?
- Hurry up!
You must join the Revolution!
It is the people who
will bring about change!
Now step forward!
(somber music)
- [Chou] Come on, Sovanh,
time to go.
(somber music)
- You there!
Foreign imperialism
is anti-revolution!
The car must be destroyed!
Your minds must be
cleansed of the poison
of foreign influence!
(ominous music)
- Comrade,
we have quite a bit of luggage,
so we need our car to--
- Nothing is yours,
it's the people's!
It's Angkar's!
Owning property is capitalistic.
It corrupts the people
and the Revolution!
(glass shattering)
(sinister music)
(dramatic music)
- Try to keep up, Sovanh, okay?
Are you all right?
- Yeah.
Don't worry.
(explosion booming)
- [Woman] What's going on?
What was that?
(water flowing)
- Keep it moving!
This way!
(water sloshing)
- There's no way I'm crossing.
It's just too dangerous.
- [Hout] There are mines,
they can't force us.
- They can and they will.
They have guns,
or did you forget?
- [Khuon]They won't let us
turn back.
We have to cross.
- [Girl] Daddy, I'm scared.
- The river is deadly, Khuon.
We can't--
- [Khuon] We don't
have a choice.
We'll let other people go first.
- Sovanh!
(suspenseful music)
- Sovanh?
- There's no turning back!
Now do as you're told.
- Comrade, please, it's our son.
He's lost.
Let us look for him, please.
- [Soldier] Get back in line!
Angkar will provide for him.
- [Khuon] He's only three, comrade.
I promise I'll come back.
- Hey, get back here!
(Chou whimpering)
(gun clicking)
I said, keep it moving.
- Yes, comrade, right away.
- No.
We can't.
(water bubbling)
- Don't worry,Tuch,
Mom will be fine.
You know how she is.
And I'm sure she'll find Sovanh.
- I don't know.
An old woman and a toddler?
How can they
survive this madness?
(water sloshing)
(water splashing)
- Chou!
Chou, are you okay?
- How could I be, huh?
We abandoned Sovanh!
Why did you let it happen?!
Why didn't you try harder?!
Why didn't you?!
(explosion rumbling)
- We have to keep on going.
Chou, we have to go!
We won't make it otherwise.
(melancholy flute music)
I'm sure she's found him.
She's a stubborn woman.
She'll protect him.
They'll be waiting for us in Koh Thom.
At Sok's.
Safe and sound.
(insects buzzing)
(people chattering)
(liquid trickling)
- [Soldier] Next!
Come on!
Wait your turn!
- [Soldier]This will do.
(ominous music)
- Hide our things, hurry.
- [Lily] Hide it in here, Hout.
- [Solider] Next in line.
- [Sok] Hey!
(Sok chuckling)
You're joining
the Revolution too?
- Sok?
- We need good men to
bring about change.
You won't regret it.
I was one of the first to join.
Things are bound to change soon.
Angkar will purify our land.
Revolution will bring
justice and equality.
It will rid of us of
these traitors
that are ruining out nation.
Foreign imperialism has
infected us for far too long.
Let us return
to the better times
when we were pure and
untainted by invaders.
The Khmers will arise once more
and regain their former glory,
and all will be majestic again.
You will see.
- Have you seen my son?
And also our grandmother.
We were separated and they
won't let us look for them.
- Almost everyone else
has been sent south.
They need workers down there.
A lot.
He will serve the Revolution.
Just like you.
(thunder rumbling)
You are going to be
in my cooperative.
How lucky is that?
(dramatic music)
Your boy can't be too far away.
You'll probably see him
in a month or two.
People move around.
(thunder rumbling)
He'll become a
good little revolutionary.
(Sok laughing)
(rain trickling)
(dramatic piano music)
(lizard croaking)
(engine rumbling)
(dramatic piano music)
(crickets chirping)
We're a bit cramped.
You're lucky to get
an empty hut.
We are building more,
but for now,
you're just going to have to
be okay with getting cozy.
You need to get rid of
your old clothes.
They're imperialist.
We're all the same now.
We all serve Angkar!
The soldiers will
be here tomorrow
to explain how things work.
There are rules to working
in the cooperative.
It's best to be on time.
Self-critique is vital
before there can be change.
You'll see the benefits of
the Revolution soon enough.
(crickets chirping)
(somber music)
(bird hooting)
(water sloshing)
- [Khuon] I'll bring him back,
I promise.
(ominous music)
(trees rustling)
(water sloshing)
- [Soldier] Alert!
Comrades, we have a breach!
(sinister music)
- Angkar is happy
to welcome you.
Cooperatives like this one
are spread out
over the entire country.
Angkar, the Communist Party,
has united the Khmer people.
It will treat you
new people well!
It will free you from
the imperialist yoke
that has enslaved you.
When the energies of
the people unite
it will lead us to
independence and victory!
New people, those that have
been made dirty by capitalism,
you have all been perverted
by our American enemy!
But Angkar is good
and Angkar forgives.
It will purify you.
Let your older comrades
here guide you.
Follow their example.
We have a lot to rebuild
and we must work together
if we are to regain
our past glory.
Long live Angkar!
- [People] Long live Angkar!
- But know this, new people,
there are traitors among you.
We shall destroy them!
Angkar sees all!
(Khuon grunting)
Angkar hears all!
Long live Angkar!
- [People] Long live Angkar!
- Please find him, Sok.
He wasn't trying to escape.
He just went to find Sovanh.
- I told you two to wait.
I'll see what I can do.
You should get back
to work and obey.
That's what Khoun
should've done.
(dramatic flute music)
(metal clattering)
(water sloshing)
(girl whimpering)
(metal clanking)
MAY 1975
(water sloshing)
- What is this?!
- The leeches won't be able
to drink all your blood
so just focus on your work.
(bucket thudding)
Stop dawdling and
just do your job.
Place it and push.
Place it and push.
There isn't any need to stop.
Push harder.
Use your thumbs.
- [Woman] Chan,
forget those newcomers!
- Yeah, we're thirsty over here!
They don't deserve to drink.
They hardly work.
All they do is eat.
Eat our food and complain.
(melancholy music)
(frogs croaking)
- Chou, wait!
(dramatic music)
(water trickling)
- Did you see him?
- [Khuon] No.
I couldn't even cross the river.
(upbeat music)
- Tuch, are you okay?
- It's nothing.
(hammer thumping)
(wood creaking)
- Stop being lazy!
You've been napping
for three whole days!
(thunder rumbling)
(somber music)
Half the rations for half a man.
(thunder rumbling)
- Do you all remember Dara?
That traitor who was devoured
by his own greed and ambition?
He was the old governor.
Well, he confessed
and was sentenced.
You see?
The Party is
eradicating corruption.
Self-reflection and critique.
I know, it was hard for me too.
But be strong.
Accept punishment
when it's given.
The pain will cleanse you of
the imperialism devouring us.
And soon, a new society
will be born.
Egalitarian and fair.
- Egalitarian?
There is nothing fair
about this place.
I've seen how well
your comrades eat.
- Many of those very soldiers,
have been working
these lands for years.
They deserve that food
because they've earned it.
But the harvests will increase
and Angkar rewards hard work.
So keep working and you
can then eat well too.
- [Chou] And Sovanh?
When will I get to see him?
- He's a day's walk away.
There's a chance
you will be able
to get permission to visit him.
But that will depend on you.
Like I said, Angkar rewards
those who work hard.
(birds chirping)
- Take a look at Chan.
Could she be any more obvious?
(women grunting)
(wind howling)
- It's not enough
just to work fast.
You must do it right.
Those rows need to be deeper.
Start again.
(dramatic music)
(water sloshing)
- [Meng]This is all
I could find.
- You did great.
What can we expect, with
those constant patrols?
- We can't go on
like this, Khuon.
I could raid the reserves.
Sometimes between patrols--
- No way, you can't, Meng.
It's too dangerous.
Doing that would be putting
our entire family at risk.
- We're already at risk.
We're starving.
Look at Tuch.
- [Khuon] I know that.
- So let's do something.
Their rice rations
won't keep us alive.
- That's enough!
You'll put everyone in danger.
- [Hout] Everything hurts.
- [Lily] Is that better?
- [Hout] Uh-Hu.
- You're better off saving
your strength, Hout.
Doesn't matter
how hard you work.
They won't care
whether or not you die.
(wind howling)
(water sloshing)
- 15 workers?
I can't spare that many.
Ask at the brickworks.
- Sorry, I beg your pardon.
My son's in a nearby camp.
It's been months now.
Could I please go visit him?
It's only a day--
- You should focus on your work.
The plot isn't even done yet.
- But it's never finished.
I'm working hard,
please, comrade.
I've already volunteered
for nights
and I can work more
shifts to help you.
- Don't be so selfish, comrade!
Angkar is looking
after your son.
You should be more grateful.
Tomorrow, we'll be clearing
the lands to the north.
So I suggest you stop whining.
- But my son is only...
(crickets chirping)
- Hey there, Lim.
Being good?
(somber music)
(frog croaking)
(bell ringing)
(frogs croaking)
(rain splattering)
- [Chou] Do you think
he's alright?
- I'm sure he's fine.
They tend to treat
the children better.
- He has no one
to call "mom" or "dad."
We must get him back.
- [Khuon] I think about it
every day
but we can't ask them
and you know what
happens if we disobey.
- [Chou] What if we asked Sok?
- No, I don't trust him.
He's been brainwashed by them.
- So what do
we do then, nothing?
Like we've been doing?
(somber flute music)
- Go.
- [Meng]Tuch!
(dramatic music)
- You know, he won't make it
if he doesn't get medicine.
They'll send him
to the infirmary.
That's where they send
people to die.
There are no doctors there.
No medicine.
- So how can we help him?
- There are options if
you have some money.
Do you have any valuables left?
(birds chirping)
Don't tell anyone.
I'm taking a huge
personal risk to help you.
I should be back in a few days.
Just watch over
my son for me, okay?
(dramatic music)
(water sloshing)
(shovel thudding)
(crickets chirping)
(men groaning)
- [Sok] How is he?
- Bad.
And he's getting weaker.
- I'll see about getting
you more food rations.
- And what about Sovanh?
Is there any way you can help?
- We're making good headway.
Do not screw it up.
I'll get you leave soon.
(dramatic music)
- [Guard] Come on,
keep it moving!
Hurry up, pick up the pace!
Move it!
Hurry! Hurry!
Stop being so lazy!
(man coughing)
- Stop loitering around,
Sabotaging the Revolution?!
(kick thudding)
Shame on you!
(Khuon grunting)
Oh great,
your leg's injured too.
Now you're just going
to slow the others down.
You're useless.
Go to the infirmary!
Sovanh's camp is south of here.
(suspenseful music)
- A little boy, three years old.
About this tall, named Sovanh.
He was with
his grandmother, Nay.
(somber music)
He's been sent across
the country to the north.
(Chou crying)
(dramatic music)
(crickets chirping)
- Huh?
- How long can this
go on, Khuon?
It's been a week since she left
and it's too late anyway.
- I gave my word, Meng.
What would you have me do?
Let him die of hunger?
- I bet she won't keep her word.
Maybe she never
planned on returning.
Just look whose bed she warms.
- That's enough.
We don't even know
if that's true.
- What if she's right?
What if Chan doesn't return
and we end up with her kid?
What then?
Is he supposed to
replace Sovanh.
(baby giggling)
He is not our responsibility.
We can barely feed ourselves.
If you hadn't given
her our valuables,
we might have used
it to save Tuch.
(crickets chirping)
(bird hooting)
This life is hell.
It breaks us all.
They dragged us all the way
out here, Khuon, for nothing.
We have to get out of Cambodia.
- Impossible, Meng.
How do we escape?
They're everywhere.
They keep us in the
dark, no communications.
Who knows what's
going on out there?
- So what, we just stay here
until another one of us dies?
We have to do something.
- And do you think they'll
let us leave Cambodia?
To go where?
Do you have a map
to get you there?
Or maybe you have enough
money to pay a smuggler.
- No, but if we--
- What if we run into patrols?
Know what they
do with fugitives?
And Sovanh?
Think of him?
So what then?
Abandon him?
We don't have a choice, Meng.
To survive, we must stay.
(melancholy music)
(women grunting)
- Look, that slut
actually came back.
She'd sell her own kid for rice.
She makes me puke.
(Chan whimpering)
(Chan yelling)
You reap what you sow.
(water trickling)
(ducklings chirping)
(duck quacking)
(shovel clanking)
(duck quacking)
(engine rumbling)
(dramatic music)
- I couldn't get anything.
My contact was arrested.
I got your jewels back.
I just kept my share.
I know what you think of me.
What all you women think.
But I regret nothing.
- You left him here
for a whole week.
Anything could've happened.
Like when you sleep
with the soldiers.
- [Chan] We do what
we can to survive.
- If it were my son, I would--
- You would do what you had to.
He's a good boy.
Take care of him for me.
Show him love and
guidance in this hell.
- You can do that.
You'll get better, Chan.
I won't abandon him.
I promise.
(dirt rustling)
(somber piano music)
Khuon, wake up.
- Huh?
(eerie music)
- Huh?
(foreboding music)
(insects buzzing)
- Meng, are you going?
(somber music)
Good luck, my brother.
(ominous music)
- Hey!
What're you doing down there?
Trying to flee?
(Chou whimpering)
(electrical fizzling)
(suspenseful music)
- Sok!
(gun clattering)
You okay?
(ominous music)
- We can't stay here.
Let's go.
- [Soldier] Hey, Sok,
we're here to relieve you.
- I'll handle this.
You go back.
You still have a son to find.
- Bora!
Wake up!
Wake up, brother!
- Sok, what happened?
You okay?
Did somebody attack you guys?
- Did you see which way
they went, huh?!
- No.
It was an accident.
I thought he was a thief.
This wasn't his post.
He was supposed to be
guarding the reserves.
- It was an accident?!
You killed him!
- What the?!
- You killed my brother!
Take that!
- Enough,Vichea!
Let him go!
We'll question him
back at the camp.
(sinister music)
- No, he killed Bora!
No, let go of me!
(knife clinking)
- [Sok] No!
(ominous music)
(hogs squealing)
(hog snorting)
(pig squealing)
(somber piano music)
(metal creaking)
(metal creaking)
(steam hissing)
- [Soldier] Hurry up!
Climb on board!
Squeeze in!
You're all heading north!
- Please don't take my son.
He follows orders and works.
He's a good revolutionary.
- Consider him lucky he gets
to join his Angkar siblings.
Then he'll truly
embody the party.
- Comrade, no, please!
He's all I have left.
Can't you take the younger ones?
They don't even work!
Like that boy over there!
- He's not in your group.
- [Chou] Please don't,
he needs me!
(dramatic music)
(train rumbling)
(train rails clanking)
- Hold on, Peuv, I'll get help.
Help, comrades!
Wait, I need your help!
It's my daughter!
She's fallen down the well.
She can't swim.
She'll drown in there.
- We need a rope.
Does anyone have one?
- [Soldier] And who's
going to go down there?
You can't see the bottom.
- Hello?
Can you hear me?
There's no reply.
- [Father] Are you sure?
Peuv, can you hear me?
She must have fainted.
Peuv, hang in there!
Someone please do something.
- Don't you dare.
- [Khuon] I'm helping.
She's just a kid.
- So?
It's their turn
to lose a child now.
- [Father]That's my daughter!
She's stuck down there.
(ominous music)
(pleasant chiming music)
(woman coughing)
- [Father]Thank goodness.
- [Khuon] Wait!
- Don't touch me!
That's the little bitch
who took Lim!
How could you go out of
your way to help them?
You did nothing for
Sovanh, nothing for Lim!
All you brought me
was a scrap of cloth!
But what I want is my son.
Do you hear me?
My son!
(dramatic music)
(crowd commotion)
- You, you, you.
And you.
You'll be working further north.
Go wait by the trucks.
- Stop worrying, Lily.
It'll just be a few days.
- Hey, let's go!
You're going to make us late.
(truck engines rumbling)
(Lily crying)
- Hout.
(dramatic music)
(truck engines rumbling)
(ominous music)
(man groaning)
(women grunting)
- Mom?
You okay?
Let me see.
- I hurt...
I'm tired, I'm starving.
When will all of this end?
I can't go on!
(footsteps crunching)
(wood crunching)
- His name's Sovanh.
He'd be five now.
Does that ring a bell?
He was with
his grandmother, Nay.
And they would have arrived
here a few months ago.
- [Woman] Look, ma'am, we're
all searching for someone.
And we've all met a son
or brother called Sovanh.
- [Soldier] Come, hurry up!
(melancholy music)
(mother groaning)
(suspenseful music)
(sinister music)
- [Chou] I'm saving
this for Lily.
- Bet I know who left it.
Seen how he looks at her?
- [Chou] No.
- He's sweet on her.
She needs to be nice to him.
He's respected and he has
access to the reserves.
(motor rumbling)
(pickaxes clanking)
- It's been three months now.
Did they really take
them for another job?
- [Woman Worker] Please stop!
I don't wanna think about it.
They'll be back soon.
They have to be.
(pickaxes clanking)
(crickets chirping)
(somber music)
(frogs croaking)
(metal clanking)
(eerie music)
(floor creaking)
(Lily yelping)
- Don't eat it, Mom.
It's from the girl
who took Lim and Khuon.
- [Mother] So?
- I can't go on with
them and without Sovanh.
Don't eat their tainted food!
- We're starving,
we cannot afford to--
- I hope she chokes on her
food and get suffocated by it!
- We need food to survive,
don't you see that?
Give it to me!
The men aren't coming back!
We have to fend for
ourselves and we need to eat!
You're crazy,
you can't see that.
- You've lost it.
You would sell your
daughter for some scraps.
(dramatic music)
(somber music)
- It sounds terrible but the
truth is he can get us food.
He could help us.
We can survive thanks to him.
We're too weak to stand.
And yet they work us day
and night without food.
If you refuse him, we'll die.
(wood creaking)
- You've taken everything.
Our lives, our families.
Even our dignity.
You decide where we go,
whether we live or die.
You can destroy us one by one.
But there's one thing
you can't decide,
the one thing that we have
control over is how we die...
without your pity.
(dramatic string music)
(insects buzzing)
(people whispering)
- Lily.
(mother crying)
(people screaming and crying)
(bird squawking)
(mother wheezing)
(dramatic music)
(fires crackling)
(body plopping)
- [Chou] Hout?
(women chuckling)
(crickets chirping)
- [Hout] I don't know
where he is.
They split us up weeks ago.
He was harvesting palm sugar.
I've had no news since then.
(Hout crying)
No, Lily.
(ominous music)
- Still thinking
about that girl?
Here, this stuff will
help you forget.
(foreboding music)
- Huh?
Hey, stop!
What're you doing?
You can't do this!
- [Guard] Open the door,
let us out!
Let us out!
(ominous music)
(fire whooshing)
(wind howling)
(wood crumbling)
- Don't give up, okay?
You'll find them.
- Shut up!
Who are you talking to?
Your accomplice?!
You disgust me!
(Hout whimpering)
Be one or a thousand,
Angkar will root out all traitors
and eliminate all of you.
You hear?!
- You know this dog?!
You also work for
the CIA or the KGB?!
- No, comrade,
I swear it's not me.
- You're the accomplice, huh?
Take a good look.
Do you know him?
- Uh-uh.
- [Guard] You lie.
You're a liar!
- No, he's a stranger!
- [Guard]Traitor!
Are you hiding behind your age?!
- I've done nothing, I swear.
You have to believe me, comrade.
- [Guard] I don't have
to anything!
- [Woman] No, please,
have mercy.
I'm innocent!
(woman groaning)
- Witness how Angkar treats
enemies of the Revolution!
- [Woman] No, it wasn't me.
(gun cranking)
I didn't do anything!
(rapid gunfire)
(fire crackling)
(dramatic music)
(bird hooting)
(somber music)
(flies buzzing)
(flies buzzing)
- Chou.
I've returned.
Don't leave me.
I think I finally found Sovanh.
(pleasant music)
There's a children's
camp just north of here.
I worked with a boy
who came from there.
Even though he
didn't know Sovanh,
he said many children
are sent there.
You can't give up, Chou.
Not now.
(dramatic violin music)
(crickets chirping)
(water trickling)
(explosions rumbling)
- [Soldier] The Viets
have us surrounded!
Gather the workers!
We must evacuate!
(explosions rumbling)
Let's go!
Get on the truck.
(distant gunfire)
- We have to go.
This may be our only
chance to find Sovanh.
(distant gunfire popping)
(soldiers yelling
in foreign language)
(airplanes whooshing)
(distant explosions rumbling)
- [Solider] Over there!
That truck!
Check for stowaways!
(distant gunfire popping)
(ominous music)
- This one's all clear.
There's no on here.
Check on the others!
(jets zooming)
(explosions rumbling)
(birds chirping)
(pleasant piano music)
(water sloshing)
(dramatic violin music)
(ominous tempo music)
(somber flute music)
(birds chirping)
- If we keep up a good pace,
we'll be out of
the country in a few days.
Just over that hill is Thailand.
It's dangerous but
it's our best shot.
- Will it be too much for him?
- It'll be fine
because we're together.
(birds chirping)
(somber flute music)
- Want me to carry that?
(dramatic music)
(rain splattering)
(jungle commotion)
(water trickling)
- [Man]There he is!
Don't let him get away!
- [Older Man] Yeah,
he's one of them!
My brother's missing
because of him!
- Going somewhere?
Where's your precious
Angkar now?!
No on will save you!
- [Woman] Not so
smug anymore, huh?
- [Man] Barbarian scum!
(ominous music)
- You!
Why are you crying?
You know this dog?
You do, don't you?
Because you're one of them?
- [Woman] Yeah, that's right.
She's one too.
You can tell by those evil eyes.
Make her pay!
- You belong with
the other scum!
You disgust me!
Judgment time!
Prepare to die, you--
- No!
She's not one of them.
I know her.
She was part of my sister's
group, so she's innocent.
- Liar!
- Don't listen to her!
- You're one of them too!
You're a traitor!
- No, I'm just like you.
I've lost everything,
my family, my husband,
my three year old son.
- [Woman] She's trying
to trick us!
- It's not true.
We suffered through
everything you did.
We were abused,
terrorized and starved.
We were forced to do hard labor.
- [Man] Just kill them!
- Look at me!
We are the same with
the exact same scars
from living in the
exact same hell.
Part of me died each time
they took someone from me.
(dramatic music)
This is where we
go our separate ways.
It's safer if you
don't come with us.
You understand.
Thailand is just over that hill.
- [Peuv] I know
but I'm not going.
My sister's in the south.
I just hope I'll
be as lucky as you.
(somber piano music)
(ominous music)
- Momma!
- Give me your hand.
You're okay.
(gentle piano music)
(birds hooting)
- [Soldier] Search that area!
(ominous music)
- We just have to
make it over that hill.
Then we'll be safe.
I'll go first, you wait here.
(ominous music)
(birds chirping)
- Hey!
You there!
(foreboding music)
Come back here!
(leaves rustling)
(Khuon huffing)
(dramatic music)
(gun cranking)
(somber flute music)
(gunshot echoing)
(wind howling)
(birds chirping)
(wind whooshing)
(dramatic piano music)
(dramatic violin music)
Sound of nature
I wonder if empty shells can remember
I might have lost my mind
Where there is laughter
Enough tears to fill a whole river
I must've lost my mind
Wondering what to do
When it's all over
Where to look when eyes won't open
(dramatic beat music)
Red flag, no hesitation
Left out as prize decoration
And all that remains
Here's the ghost of a nation
A ghost of a nation
And you'll remember their names
And you'll remember their names
What to do when it's all over
And where to look when eyes won't open
(dramatic beat music)
You'll remember their names
You'll remember their names
Can you remember their names
Still crying out
(dramatic beat music)