Funeral, The (1996) Movie Script

Ray, at thirteen a Jewish boy
becomes a man.
They have a celebration they call
Bar Mitzvah; it means "Son of the law."
But this doesn't mean he's prepared
to confront the world as a man...
In fact, he's still a baby.
He still carries fears in his heart
The faster he conquers these fears,
the faster he becomes a man;
the more prepared he is
to live in this world.
This man has betrayed you.
He has robbed the property
of you and your brothers.
He has to die because life doesn't allow
enemies to live side by side forever.
If he leaves here alive,
he will eventually return to kill,
because he'll be driven by the fear
that one day we'll change our minds.
There's one shell in the chamber.
Kill him.
I'm not doing it;
either you do it or we set him free
and you can wait for him to return.
Carry this with you.
Nothing will cost you more.
I heard the shot.
I went into the garage
and he was in the back,
in the car,
with the shotgun across his chest.
They wouldn't let his wife see him;
they can't even bury him in a
Catholic cemetery.
A woman and three boys...
Is this how you take care of your family?
Now what are these poor people
supposed to do?
What a sin.