Fung wan II (Storm Warriors AKA Storm Riders 2) (2009) Movie Script

Lord Godless, the evil warlord and
Master of Godless Palace,
always coveted power and the
massive land of China.
Attempting to usurp the throne,
he sent his assistant Eunuch Cho
to the Emperor's Palace
as an undercover,
and threatened the General in
Command to assist in his plot.
Later on,
he used his special formulated poison to subdue
a large number of martial arts masters,
including martial arts legend, Nameless.
Considering the safety of Chu Chu,
Cloud also let himself fall into captivity.
On the execution ground,
Lord Godless has started to
torture his hostages...
Your Emperor has already given up
his throne to my father,
Lord Godless!
Whoever surrenders will receive
medication to restore your strength.
Get your weapons back,
and enjoy wealth with us.
Or else, you will be executed.
Nameless, give me your martial
arts bible.
Then, I will designate you
as my second-in-command.
For hundreds of years, invaders always
try to takeover China.
But our country has never
been defeated.
You want to takeover us
with your small troops.
What a crazy dream.
You go against me?
Is this the medication to
Lord Godless' poison?
What a bunch of losers.
The Return of Wind and
Cloud is worthless.
My body is invincible.
Let me break your unbeatable
legend today.
From now on I am the
Martial Arts Legend
How come your master
is so badly wounded?
Master has not fully recovered
from poison.
He was injured when
he fought Lord Godless.
My condition is really bad.
I will not recover
within a short time.
Cloud, where are you going?
I cannot bear the sacrifice
of other people.
Cloud, think twice about
revenge now.
If we are careless, the sacrifice
of our friends will be wasted.
Cloud, you and Wind both have the
potential to fight against Lord Godless.
But both of you need to improve
your power and skills.
Right now, only one person is able
to fight against Lord Godless.
He is Piggy King's elder brother
in martial arts, Lord Wicked.
Lord Wicked?
He is a strange person.
He may not be willing to help.
Enemies are coming
Let's split.
I will draw the enemies away.
Piggy King, please bring Wind and Cloud to
Sheng Si Men to ask Lord Wicked for help.
Bring Earth and Sky with you
to catch Nameless and his group.
Take out other martial arts
schools on your way.
Kill everyone who
goes against me.
Is he able to beat
Lord Godless?
He is actually a very
strange person.
I'm really not sure
if he is willing to help.
I hope he could consider the situation
of our country and make an exception.
Leng Lao, long time no see...
You just keep working.
Slow down and take a break.
Enjoy your life...
Hey, old man, I am here.
Come out and see me...
Lord Wicked,
We come on behalf of Nameless
and sincerely ask for your help
to save our country.
The invaders have invaded us and
killed our innocent people.
The situation is really critical.
I pay no attention to earthly
matters for years.
If Nameless the Legend is
involved in this matter,
Lord Godless will be
defeated eventually.
Please go.
Nameless is badly wounded
so he cannot fight back.
That's why he asked
us to come here.
If our country falls into Lord Godless'
hands, what do you think?
To show our sincerity,
We will kneel here until you
agree to save the world
and stop Lord Godless from
killing the innocents.
Hey, old man,
stop being so arrogant...
Leng Lao, come and drink with me.
The food is good.
Both of you haven't eaten
since yesterday.
Please eat something now.
I don't need to eat.
Thank you.
How about Wind?
Uncle Lord Wicked,
I am the daughter of Knife King.
I come to extend
my greetings to you.
Second Dream, why are you here?
Piggy King, our country
is in great danger.
I hope to help Wind... and Cloud.
Please ask the old man
to come out and help.
Uncle Lord Wicked,
this is Second Dream, please come out...
Oh, Uncle Lord Wicked does not
like Second Dream anymore.
Second Dream will also kneel
here and will not eat
Just like Wind, until Uncle Lord
Wicked comes out...
You finally grow up...
How is your dad?
He is fine, thank you.
Dad is longing to have
a good fight with you.
You are such
a sweet mouth.
Old man, what happened
to your hands?
I overestimated myself and
started training in the evil way.
I thought I could control the
evil spirit. But I was wrong.
I don't want to kill
innocents anymore
and therefore I broke my two arms
a few years ago...
Now I am no longer as
powerful as before.
Supreme martial arts skills cannot
be learned in a short time.
In this situation,
there is only one alternative...
What is the alternative?
We take the evil way
to increase your power...
It is very dangerous to
take the evil way.
You might be overwhelmed
by evil power.
But this is the only way to increase your power
within a short time to combat Lord Godless.
Who would like to
give it a try?
Old man, why don't you recommend
another martial arts expert
and ask him for help...
Open your hands
and let me see...
You are too aggressive,
too extreme.
The evil spirit will only
boost your violence.
You have good control
over your power.
Even if you enter
the evil way,
You would have better chance of
returning from evil just like me.
Cloud, please be patient and
wait until I finish training.
We will then fight
Lord Godless together.
But I hope you promise
me one thing.
If I am overwhelmed
by evil power
and start to kill innocents
Please be decisive and
kill me right away.
This is for you.
Thank you for saving
my life so many times.
Okay, I won't bother you now.
Thank you.
No one, not even a genius
could learn top martial arts
skills in a few days
I understand that it takes
time and effort.
It's hard to be righteous,
but it is easy to be evil.
A thousand years of spiritual training
might still fall prey to evil.
If you want to boost
up all your power,
You must devote yourself to
the evil way. Will you regret?
I am well prepared for this.
I will not regret!
I need your blood to blend with
the water from the Evil Pool.
From outside to inside,
you have to turn into evil...
We finally meet
This letter comes from you.
I always keep it with me.
"Listen to the wind and rain.
Let go of earthly troubles."
Master asked you to meet
him at Ling Yin Temple
You are able to block my styles
and learn my styles so fast.
It proves that you are capable
of rescuing our country.
I am going to transfer
my power to you.
I am not as great as you think.
I kneeled in front of
Lord Wicked
Just because I want to fight
for myself if I turn evil.
Now I only have one tenth
of my power left.
To fight against Lord Godless,
Wind and Cloud must join hands.
I can feel that, if Wind
and Cloud join hands,
An exceptional power
will be created.
The power will grow stronger
and stronger.
When the word "evil" is filled
with water from the pool,
Your training is done.
On the map, the dragon's head
is pointing to Dragon Tomb,
the place hidden with the secret of the
royal family and is vital to the destiny of China.
It is in a cave in the back
garden of the Palace.
The Emperor is the only person
who knows the way inside
the Dragon Tomb.
If someone gets lost,
he will be trapped inside forever.
The Emperor is under our control.
As soon as we locate
the Dragon Tomb,
Our dream will come true.
China will be mine and my father's!
Remember, you can't
share the country
Master, if the Legend
Nameless is still alive
and Wind and Cloud are
still around,
I heard that they have some
special hidden power...
Nameless has underestimated
the strength of my drug.
He tried to use his special strike
before he was recovered.
For Wind and Cloud,
they are nobody.
But if they join forces...
Only the persons who could
locate the Dragon Tomb
could share this country
with me.
Understood, Dad.
Master, Nameless is hiding
at Ling Yin Temple.
Wind and Cloud are
at Sheng Si Men.
Send the carrier pigeons and bring
my message to Earth and Sky.
Ask them to get
rid of Nameless.
Besides, select a group of evil
warriors to Sheng Si Men.
Yes, Master!
I am going with you to
search for the Dragon Tomb.
Bring along the Emperor.
Yes, I understand
Lead us to the Dragon Tomb.
My father promises
endless wealth
and honor for the
Royal Family.
Wealth and honor always
belongs to me.
This land also belongs to me.
It looks like my benevolence
to you is wasted to no purpose.
Stop talking...
Stand guard here.
The rest of you, follow me...
Go. Get inside.
I am astonished that
you could realize
and create 23 completely different new
sword styles within such a short time.
Master, the new styles
that I created
are based on what
you've taught me.
May I ask you to name
these styles?
The new styles you created
are of divine superiority.
No word could name
it adequately...
Maybe... there is only one word...
Cloud, this is the name of
your new sword style.
Master, what does it mean?
I have never seen
a word like this.
This is a word
that I just created.
It's a word that partly resembles
the character "cloud"
and partly resembles a sword.
This is exactly
what it signifies.
You can pronounce it as "Ba"!
Stop please.
What are you sweeping?
I watched you for a long time.
There is nothing to
sweep at all.
You keep sweeping day
and night.
You are going to sweep
the ground open.
Every one has his
own obsession.
Can I ask you to stop
fooling around?
Wind is at his final
stage of training.
It is the critical moment and he must
not be disturbed. We cannot go inside either.
Or else, before he turns into evil,
he may turn into ghost
Cloud, when are you
coming back?
Cloud, your new style
is still immature
and its power is not
fully released.
You'll be even more powerful
in the future.
Now, go to Sheng Si Men and
see what's going on.
Which path leads to
the Dragon Tomb?
China is mine...
Lord Wicked
What happened?
Where is Wind?
Wind didn't complete
his training and
came out earlier to save
Second Dream
I am very puzzled as well.
Theoretically, if the word is not fully
filled with water from the pool,
the trainee will not leave
his training and come out.
If he is being disturbed at the
final stage of his training,
he could seriously get hurt and
become totally disabled.
Even worse, he could
die right away...
Wind is a very special person.
It is possible that
if someone or something could wake him up
before he turns completely into evil,
he could be saved and
return to normal.
That means Wind still
has the chance?
Where is he now?
Cloud, what did you do
with Nameless?
He is my teacher now.
He transferred all his power to me,
and led me to create
a new sword style.
The Emperor is captured
by Lord Godless.
They are seeking the Royal Secret at the
Cave in the Palace's back garden...
The Royal Secret is hidden
within Heaven Cave
and it is related to the
destiny of China.
It must not fall into the hands
of Lord Godless.
Cloud, you must stop him.
Lord Godless has a special skill
that makes him invincible.
But I believe he has
a weak point
which is hiding behind
his strongest point.
I'll remember your words.
I'll return as soon as possible.
I think I know
where Wind is
This is so graceful!
Where is the Dragon Tomb?
Is this the Dragon Tomb?
What a cool and daring man.
I heard that it is very important
for Chinese people to leave progeny.
If you don't talk,
I'll start to kill your sons.
Stop that
Your Majesty, l...
Protect His Majesty...
Your Majesty,
please forgive us.
We are forced to surrender.
We are very sorry...
I understand.
Protect His Majesty... stand back
Bring him with us
Bring them with us
Cloud, you made a great
improvement over these days.
I might have underestimated
you, I am so...
This will be the
tomb of Cloud
Lord Godless has special skills
that make him invincible.
But I believe he has
a weak point
which is hiding behind
his strongest point.
Now Wind has taken
the Dragon Bone.
Take him back.
This is my order.
Yes, Your Majesty...
I understand that the two of
you have saved our country.
But you need to know,
the Dragon Bone is the
root of our nation.
If it is lost,
our country will fall.
Finally I got you.
Wind, do you remember that
I mentioned in my letter,
this is the place where we can hide
away from this earthly world.
Wind, Wind
I still don't understand why Wind
appeared in the Dragon Tomb.
It is your chi that brings
Wind to the Dragon Tomb.
You both are from
the same root.
Wind moves clouds.
Cloud changes and
wind appears.
Is he already overwhelmed
by evil spirit?
I hope that we
could find Wind
before he turns into evil,
and before the
Emperor gets him.
Hey... Ghost Tiger told us that
Wind is at Nie Village.
The Emperor has sent
his men to kill him.
Wind, surrender now
and give back
the Dragon Bone.
Or else, don't regret.
General, please give me
more time.
I will convince Wind to return
the Dragon Bone.
Actually, Wind does not show
any evil sign over these days.
If you say he is good
all these days,
he has already recovered.
Then he should give back
the Dragon Bone right away.
Wind is gone
To throw the evil out,
We need to get rid
of the evil eye first.
Besides, if you have the chance,
try to bring Wind into your mental state.
To throw the evil out,
we need to get rid
of the evil eye first.
Try to bring Wind into
the mental state
and tame his evil heart.
Wind, please stop!
Go away
Wind, he is completely
out of control.
Wind, it's me,
Second Dream...
Do you remember me?
Please stop!
Cloud, how are you?
Cloud, why do you
look like this?
Second Dream,
has Wind turned evil?
How can you hurt Cloud
and Second Dream?
Are you out of control?
Wind, Lord Wicked
said that
as long as you don't turn
completely into evil,
you could be saved
and return to normal.
Wind, can you hear me?
Cloud, he...
Chu Chu
This is for you.
Thank you for saving
my life so many times.
if I am overwhelmed by evil
power and start to kill innocents
please kill me right away.
Second Dream...
I said before, if I turn into evil,
ask Cloud to kill me
But why... why?
Cloud, why?
I am sorry.
I am sorry.
Let me go!
Why didn't you kill me?
Why didn't you kill me
in the first place?
Why didn't you kill me
in the first place?