Fuoco! (1968) Movie Script

"Tordo 3" calling
"Tordo I" and "Tordo 2".
Attention! Move towards
the arch of the clock tower
and to the church.
Stop the traffic. Over.
"Tordo I", order received
and carried out. Over.
Andreoli, give yourself up!
Ome out with your hands up!
Can you hear me?
Listen to me, Mario!
Come out. Think of your little girl!
Listen, Mario. Come on.
It's Damiani, the lance-corporal.
Mario, we known nothing's happened.
Come on, come down.
Come on Mario...
Come on, come down.
A few shots don't scare anyone.
How's your wife? Your aunt?
How's your mother-in-law?
Come on, come down.
Then you can tell me
where you got all that stuff.
Stop acting crazy, come on.
Have you gone mad?
Think of your family, Mario.
Think of your little girl.
Can you hear me?
It's Damiani. Can you hear me?
Will you show me them?
Will you come to the door?
Where's your wife?
Let us see your mother-in-law, Mario!
Listen, Mario.
Come on, stop acting cray.
You don't frighten anyone, Mario!
We all know you're a good guy.
Come down, come on.
Mario! Mario, are you listening?
It's Damiani.
Now you're a bit calmer,
will you tell me something?
Why did you shoot at the Madonna?
Are you crazy?
Why today? You've ruined
those poor people's feast.
They were having fun. The feast,
the procession and everything.
Who is it, Lidia?
We were worried.
Thank God. Are you ok?
Are you all okay?
How's your mother?
Are you all OK in there?
Anyway, it's all over now,
isn't it? Are you okay Lidia?
Ls your mother all right?
What about your mother?
Are you all OK?
It's all finished now, isn't it?
All of you...
It's the press! Can you hear me?
I'm up here, on the roof,
I'm talking to you through the chimney.
Andreoli, can you hear me?
I'm speaking through the chimney!
There's a whole village
living here with you.
We heard the shots in the house.
Nothing happened, did it?
How's your mother-in-law?
Is she hurt?
Andreoli, can you do an interview
with me?
If I ask the carabinieri,
will you let the photographer in?
I can't hear you,
but I'm sure you can hear me.
Andreoli? Come on, answer me.
Do you want to say something?
Andreoli, I'll write you
a nice article in the paper.
You have to let the photographer in,
Come on.
It's not vey comfortable up here.
Will you answer me?
I'll send you photographer, ok?
He's only going to take your photo!
And then we'll talk from here. I'll
write you a great article in the paper.
I only need five minutes
for an interview.
Andreoli, come on, answer me.
It's not vey comfortable up here.
Shall I send the photographer?
I'll only take your photograph!
Then we can talk from here. I'll do
a nice article about you in the paper.
It's not much fun up here.
Why don't you answer?
Shall I send the photographer?
It's only a photo, dear God!
We can talk from here and then
I'll do a nice article on you.
There's a crowd of people down here
waiting for you to speak.
Oh, you see?
That's it. I can hear you knocking.
Why don't you speak instead
of knocking? Andreoli, say something.
What are you doing up here?
- You can't stay up here.
- Please, go away.
Come down. Who let you up here?
- I'm talking to him, for God's sake!
- Come down or I'll have you arrested!
The problem is we don't know
who's inside.
There should be his wife,
his child and the mother-in-law.
But there might also be a relative
who went to visit.
Then there's the problem of the
weapons. How did he get so many?
Perhaps he's got dynamite, too.
If it's as his wife says,
he'll blow up the whole village.
He's been in there for hours.
I don't understand how he managed
to get so many weapons!
He's always been a good kid. Then
all of a sudden, look what he does!
It's not that he's...
It's Damiani, do you recognise me?
How many people are in there with you?
Lidia? Cinzia? Who else?
Do you remember when you asked me
to call the hospital?
When your kid was being born?
I shouldn't have let you phone.
But I made an exception for you.
When the nun told me
it was a little girl.
Cinzia. Uh, do you remember?
You were so happy.
Come down, come on.
We're not going to shoot you.
We can't shoot you.
You haven't done anything.
Come on, for a few shots? You've
got it off your chest now, right?
Why don't you come down?
Come on, Mario.
Listen to me. We're friends,
aren't we?
Mario, are you listening?
At least come out.
Mario, will you let us see you?
Then you can tell us
where you got all that stuff from.
All those weapons...
Mario, don't go.
What's happened?
I'm sending you a basket.
There's some milk and a lemonade.
There are some cigarettes for you.
You don't think we've drugged them,
do you?
I'll smoke one. Look.
Look, Mario. Do you see?
Do you see? Do you want one?
Go on! Take one!
Look. Listen to me.
The lemonade is for you.
It's all we could find.
You don't think
we want to put you to sleep?
Come down into the street now.
I want to talk to you better.
See what we've got for you?
Bottles! Show us you're good.
Show us what a good shot you are.
Why don't you show us?
Shooting at walls is easy.
But shooting bottles...
Come on, shoot, hit them.
Do it, if you can,
show us how good you are.
I can give you a ladder.
Just the last bit, then you're OK.
Come on, come down,
or we'll come up.
Mario? What are you doing,
are you coming?
Mario, what are you doing?
Why are you shooting again?
- Your dad and your brother are here.
- Mario, stop it!
But are you serious?
You're a murderer!
You're a murderer!
Did something happen?
Who shouted?
Come on, come out!
Mario... What? I didn't hear you!
What have you done, Mario?
Who shouted?
Are you all OK in there?
Mario, have you gone crazy?
Come on, come out of there.
Mario, come on, come down.
How are they? Are they all okay?
Say something!
Be a good kid. Come down.
Nothing's going to happen.
Come down.
Mario, listen. We'll find you a job.
Everything will be like before.
Think of the little girl.
Think of Lidia.
There's no one here now.
They've all gone away.
It's just me and you. That's it.
Now we've given you the ladder,
what are you waiting for?
First you come down,
and then the women.
Listen to me.
Eveyone knows you're a good kid.
Nothing will happen to you.
It's just me waiting for you.
Come on, you know me.
We've known each other for years.
You can trust me. Don't you trust me?
Are you cray? Come on...
We've waited, it doesn't matter.
A couple of shots don't scare anyone.
Nothing's happened.
We'll forget everything. Understand?
We're agreed, no?
I'm alone. Don't you trust me?
I give you my word.
There's no one else.
We'll bring the ladder down from
the roof. We'll put it on the balcony.
Will you give us the little girl?
Pass her to us.
We'll send you the ladder.
You don't have to take the poles out.
Yes, you can leave the door closed.
Don't take the pole out,
you don't need to.
Don't you trust me?
Think of your daughter!
And of Lidia, poor kid,
aren't you thinking of her?
There's a good lad.
I'll give you some cord, OK?
The revolver and the rifle.
Have you tied it?
Nothing will happen if you come down.
We won't shoot.
We can't shoot you, you know?
If you haven't shot anyone...
...then come down.
We'll wait for you here.
Mario, nothing's happened, has it?