Furie (2019) Movie Script

Sis, please...
I will pay...
I will pay...
You owe 3 million dongs,
plus 4.5 million for interest.
Why so much...?
Come on, sis.
I will pay.
You want your money?
You want money?
Take this!
Get her. Go get her for me!
Kill her!
We all know about each other.
Why don't we make it quick?
Hurry up!
All you old bums,
don't bother showing up tomorrow.
You work like shit,
yet keep coming asking for money.
Hey, Fatty, so fat that you can't walk?
Hey. Where is the rest of it?
Bay Ro and Chin Gia haven't paid yet.
I'll go collect tomorrow.
It's the fourth time you failed
your quota.
Can you handle it? If you can't,
I'll have another take care of it.
- Ut Det. Come here.
- Yes, ma'am.
See him?
I can do it.
- Just kidding. Take a hike, cripple.
- Yes, ma'am.
That damn Bay Thot,
he really talked you up.
What did he say?
What did you do in Saigon?
Took money protection at a restaurant?
Hustled at a bar?
You came here,
you can't even get a job done
collecting a few bucks from big farmers?
Give me my pay.
I'll get the rest tomorrow.
Still asking for payment
while you work like shit.
There. It's yours.
Take it.
Be on time tomorrow. Mm.
Hurry up. What are you looking at?
Hey, you dog, what are you doing?
Sell your house and compensate me.
What are you looking at me for?
You little piece of...
- What are you buying?
- The usual, miss.
Pork, same as usual?
Mai looks so grown-up these days.
That's 30,000 dongs.
That woman is so weird.
Let her be, just the way she is.
Where did she come from anyway?
She came here alone,
raised her kid by herself.
No one knows who the dad is.
Oh, my God. She's a bitch.
A bitch can never find a husband.
Don't say that.
We're not in her shoes.
I kind of feel sorry for her.
Please, I'll pay you later.
Listen, in this market, without me,
you won't be able to earn anything.
- When will you give me money?
- I'll pay you when I have money.
I'll give you one more day.
If you can't make it, get lost.
Where do you think you're going?
Guys, search her bag. Give me your bag.
Dump everything out.
Nothing in here.
- Hit her, guys.
- Get her. Take this!
Hit her.
Beat her up.
Who do you think you are?
You bastard. You bastard child.
- Am I right, guys?
- Mai.
What are you doing, little punks?
Why don't you go home after school?
What are you doing here?
You dumb hustler.
You debt collector.
What are you gonna do to me?
You little shit.
- Are you okay, Mai?
- Yes, I am.
Can't believe these kids.
A bunch of devils.
You went to collect debt again?
Your hand is injured.
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
The rice is burnt.
Mom, the rice is burnt!
Are you okay, Mom? Be careful.
What are you doing here?
Go do your homework.
Let me take care of it.
Hurry up!
It's your favorite.
I don't think it's done.
Needs a little more cooking.
Eat it anyway.
Where'd you buy it?
What? I didn't buy it.
I cooked it.
You little show-off.
Done your homework yet?
You're taking exams this year.
Even if I haven't done my homework,
you think I can ask for your help?
Eat, Mom. I'll tell you something.
Hai Phuong!
You bitch!
Come out here!
Where are you?
Come out here! I'll break your legs!
My brother,
he just owes you some money,
and you broke his legs!
I dare you to come out here!
I'll fucking break you!
Where are you?
Come out here. Come out! Where are you?
You bitch.
Come out here!
You're hiding. Fine.
When I come back,
I'll burn your house down!
Be brave.
Even if you're scared,
you still have to be brave.
Because being scared won't help you.
It's just a feeling.
That man back there,
he's real.
So, you can't be scared, okay?
Let's go eat.
Let's eat.
Braised fish with pineapple?
Let's try some of this.
Pretty good.
I picked it up at An Binh Island.
Why were you there? You skipped class?
Mom, yesterday was Sunday.
You don't ever finish your homework,
always out playing somewhere.
You wanna end up like me?
Where'd you get money for fish?
Aunt Sau Luc gave me some.
She said you let her debt go a few times.
Her house was so worthless.
Nothing worth a damn for me to take.
Keep it if she gave it to you.
Mom, she wants me to watch her raft.
- "Chap ba."
- What's that?
She wants me to patch her fish net.
if I have 2 million to buy fish fries,
she'll make a fish cage.
I can use her boat,
- I can make 5 million dongs per month.
- Okay, young lady.
Do me a favor and focus on studying.
Keep talking about "chap ba."
Did she cast a spell on you?
But I'm fed up with studying.
They keep hitting and cursing me.
That "You bastard!" "You debt collector!"
I've heard it enough,
and I'm getting an earache.
Mom, let's farm fish.
I don't need to go to school.
I'll help you. I don't mind hard work.
As long as you stop hustling,
stop collecting debts,
I can deal with anything.
Look at yourself.
How many days do you think you'd last?
Why do you care,
as long as I can afford your school?
I don't wanna live off of debt collecting.
Brush your teeth before bed!
you should see a doctor right away.
Or else you'll have to get an abortion.
Those dogs out there,
they're only afraid of you, Hai Phuong.
Sau Banh.
Rules are: If you're game,
then stick around.
If you can't play fair, get lost.
Remember my face, Hai Phuong!
What are you doing? Let me go.
Let me go!
Nothing to see, guys. Everything's fine.
Hey, let's start spinning.
Any sacrifice is painful.
It's what we sacrifice for that matters.
You really did some tricks to get
this pair of earrings, didn't you?
You can pawn it for 1 million dongs,
interest is 350,000 dongs.
Thank you, sir.
- I need 2 million.
- Go to Saigon, then.
How do you think you can get 2 million
for this trash?
I'm old, not stupid.
If you're so strapped for cash,
why do you wanna pawn it so bad?
It's for Mai to start a fish farm.
Let me think about it.
This stone is of the lowest quality.
The smaller ones, what can I do with them?
- Eat them with rice?
- Mom!
I caught a thief, everyone.
Hey, what are you doing?
- She's just a kid.
- She's a thief.
Here, look. Here's the proof.
You can't deny it.
Mai, where did you get the wallet?
I picked it up off the ground.
So convenient for you? It's mine.
There, see?
Lucky me, everything's still here.
You're just a kid and you steal already?
It's how your teacher taught you to act?
- See that?
- Mai, tell me? Did you steal it?
No, I didn't. I picked it up.
You have to trust me.
You have to trust me.
See, guys?
Don't ever feel sorry for these hustlers.
Here. Check her pockets,
see if there's anything else.
- Give it back to her.
- That's right.
Teach her how to behave.
Or else take her to the police.
Yeah, that's right.
- What kind of mother are you?
- If it were me, I'd call the cops.
Take her to the police.
So stubborn, she won't even admit it.
Should be ashamed of herself.
Mai, show me your pockets.
I didn't steal it.
Why don't you trust me,
you trust these strangers?
I hate you!
- Mai!
- This kid even talks back to her mom.
She's young to be so disrespectful.
See if she took anything.
You think you're so smart?
I brought that wallet and went to buy
some wine.
Didn't know I'd dropped it.
Mai picked it up for me.
Before I got a chance to say anything...
- You're drunk, go home.
- I'm not drunk.
Turns out we were wrong about that kid.
Hey, 1.5 million dongs, okay?
I'm really doing you a favor here.
Honestly, I would never give anyone else
this price.
So tough to do business in this market.
I'll write you the receipt.
Hey, kid.
- I'm not pawning it.
- What?
Maybe I should move to Saigon.
- Let me go.
- Mai.
Let's go play.
Let me go.
Let me go.
- I don't wanna go.
- Mai.
- I know your parents.
- Let me go.
- Mai.
- Let's go.
- Get them.
- Stop!
- Stop! Stop the boat!
- Kidnappers!
Hey! Thief!
Stop! Give me my child!
Give me back my kid!
- Stop!
- Mom! Get off me! Mom!
I'm sorry.
Where the hell did she come from?
Which way to the river?
That way.
Thank you.
Sorry. Sorry.
Stop! You bitch!
Where did they take my kid?
Say it!
Hello, did you see a little girl
in a green shirt with two men?
No, I didn't.
Did you see a little girl
in a green shirt with two men?
No, I didn't see them.
Mai, where are you?
Miss, did you see a little girl
in a green shirt with two men?
Mai! Stop!
Stop the car!
Miss, they've taken my child.
Do you know where that bus is going?
I'm not sure,
but they all seem to head to Saigon.
There are others going to Saigon.
That's right. You should ask them.
- Is this bus going to Saigon?
- Nope, Ca Mau, grandma.
You wanna die? Go somewhere else to do it.
No. Are you going to Saigon?
Can I get a lift?
This is a cargo truck, not for passengers.
Go away.
No, please.
She's so stubborn.
A tough one, too.
It's okay.
Mom, let's farm fish.
I'll help you. I can take it.
I'm fed up with studying.
They only hit me and curse me.
Who do you think you are?
You bastard child! Bastard!
I'm starting to get an earache.
No, I didn't steal it. Why do you trust
these strangers? Trust me.
I don't want to live off
of debt collecting.
I hate you!
Hey, we're in Saigon.
Thank you.
Boss, Hai Phuong is here to see you.
Hai Phuong?
What hole did you crawl out from?
Mai was kidnapped.
Get Hung Lua to ask around...
He's been in jail for a while.
Drink up.
It's been a decade.
I'm not your bitch anymore.
If your kid was taken,
report it to the police.
You got straw for brains?
Did you forget all the rules?
Plus, I'm the boss now.
I gotta take care of my own people.
Help me out,
- and as soon as I know, I'll leave.
- Listen.
Nam Ro gang took over the bridge area.
Ton Dan area belongs to Thanh Soi now.
Thanh Soi?
- Who is she?
- She's only been here for six years.
Rumor says she's connected
to all the big names,
in Cambodia, China...
She shot up the ranks
the moment she got here.
She even threatened Nam Ro.
Do you know why she's called Thanh Soi?
She's both mean and smart.
Please go back to your country life.
Or I'll be dragged into your mess.
Born on November 30th, 2008,
in Chau Thanh ward, Hoa An town,
Cau Ke district, Vinh Long province.
Slow down.
Le Huynh Thi Mai.
Carry on.
- Born on November 30th, 2008, in...
- Slow down, sis.
It's dangerous if I get the details wrong,
the cops will nab the wrong person.
But every second might cost
my child's life. You know that?
You need to remain calm.
I have to be clear,
so Boss Luong can look for your kid.
Don't worry. My boss is very decorated.
You probably remember
the Saigon-Hai Phong drug case in 2009?
My boss, Luong, solved that one
on his own.
Right after graduation,
he volunteered to be an investigator.
And in only a few years,
solved several major cases.
Then he became lead detective.
Not to mention smaller cases
like murder and robbery.
He can close any case.
So, be assured we'll find Le Hyunh Thi Mai
very soon.
Do you have any painkillers?
Are you really in pain?
Let me get some for you.
Thank you.
Stay right here.
This case involves
the whole operation.
They are very intelligent and organized.
Give me more time, sir.
If we make a move on them now,
we'd only wake a sleeping dog.
I understand. But we need to put a stop
to the ring to assure people.
I'll follow this closely and will report
to you soon. Don't worry.
Hello, sir.
There was a girl kidnapped in Tra Vinh.
Her mom is in the waiting room.
The girl's age fits
the case we're working on.
The mother looks really stressed out.
Have you eaten?
I'll call GrabFood for you.
She was just right here.
Where'd she go?
Tell me everything she told you.
Yes, sir.
- Hey!
- I'm sorry.
Anyone home?
Open the door.
- Anyone home?
- Hang on.
- Who are you looking for?
- I'm looking for Nguyen Chanh Truc.
It's urgent.
He hasn't been here in a while. Go away.
Hey, what are you doing?
I told you, he doesn't live here.
Please, go somewhere else.
No, I need to talk
to him urgently. Tell him to come out.
- What are you doing?
- My daughter was kidnapped.
- I want to know where they're taking her.
- I don't know.
- Truc, come on out.
- He's not home. You should go.
- I'll call the police.
- Let me ask, then I'll leave.
I don't know. Go away.
Go upstairs, Mom. I'll handle this.
Truc, why did you come down here?
Go back upstairs. Go away.
Who are you? What do you want?
Who are they?
Where did they take my daughter?
That's none of my business.
Only you would know where she is. Tell me.
My son doesn't know anything.
Go away, please.
Go away. My son is clean now.
Why don't you people trust him? Go away.
- Truc.
- Get out of my way.
Oh, my God. Truc.
Stop it! Truc.
My son.
Where's my child?
Just leave me in peace.
No, God! Truc.
Please. You're gonna kill her.
Stop, Truc.
Say it! Where's my daughter?
Truc. Just say it.
Truc, tell her. Tell her.
How can I survive
if something happens to you?
Please, son.
Please, lady.
Please, I beg you.
You only have a few hours.
There are operating rooms in the trucks.
Once they reach the train yard,
you'll never see the kid again.
In Ton Dan...
there's a 5-liter empty can
hanging in front of a shop.
I don't know which of the six trains
are leaving tonight,
but they must stop at Sng Thn at 2 a.m.
Then they move to trucks
at the Quy Nhon port.
Hey, watch where you're going.
What do you want?
- A drink.
- It's 10,000 dongs.
Seems like we only see each other
late at night.
What'd you come for?
Isn't this too much torque
for a Honda Wave?
You know your shit.
This motorbike used to be tricked out,
not so much anymore.
What about these?
Those belong to the Suzuki sport.
Where's it now?
You ever heard a story
about the tiger hunter?
There was a guy who hunted tigers
in U Minh jungle.
He told a lot of great stories.
Usually they only go after male tigers
and avoid females,
especially when they guard their cubs.
Female tigers, when their cubs are hungry,
can get very aggressive.
They don't care about anything
but hunting for food.
Sometimes, hunters track down the lair,
with all the cubs.
Hunters could easily take them all,
but they're wise enough not to do so.
Do you know why?
Never mess with a tigress guarding
her cubs.
She won't forget it for the rest
of her life.
She'll go to the end of the world...
just to kill the poor fucking bastard
that took her cubs.
A kid was abducted
in Tan Phu district.
The victim was a 5-year-old girl
playing in front of her house.
The Internet was recently stirred
by photos and video showing scenes...
I know your motorbike runs just fine.
It's better to keep it that way.
Let's go.
I don't get it.
Where are you going?
Get lost.
Hey, stop!
Where you going?
Mom. Help me!
Boss, we'll have 30 kids,
including these eight.
This shipment is huge.
But I'm afraid the cops...
Stick with the plan.
Switch the track at the right spot.
Clean this up. They pissed everywhere.
Look at that.
Where's my daughter?
Take me. Let my daughter go.
Everything stays the same.
2:00 a.m.
Train number VNR 053171.
Meet me there.
You come from a martial arts family.
You have to protect yourself.
Hey. Look at me.
Don't blink, remember? Punch hard.
Stand up!
Stand up.
No one will help you stand up in life.
Stand up.
Stand up.
I'm the spring to my mom
I'm the sunlight to my dad
I learn new things at school
How long have I been out?
Just relax. Wait till I finish
these 800 forms.
Speak only when you're asked to.
And don't die.
Please tell me, how long have I been out?
- A couple of months.
- Huh?
No, just a couple of hours.
I can't stay here.
I have to go.
Stay there, you can't go yet.
I have to go, please.
What are you doing? Hey!
You don't understand.
- I have to go now.
- Calm down!
Let me call the doctor.
Just lie right there.
Mr. Luong.
Mr. Luong.
Mr. Luong, she's awake.
So cold for a handsome guy.
So unfortunate.
Why was it so hard for me to find you?
Twice now.
Le Minh Luong.
You're the one in charge
of my daughter's abduction?
And you're the one who burned down
Ngoc Bich's club eight years ago?
Ten years ago.
I bet you weren't a cop yet.
You're wrong.
I was the one who signed your release.
What do you want now?
Why are you keeping me here?
You've messed things up enough.
Stay here.
Let the police solve this case.
Mess things up? Don't you understand?
They kidnapped my daughter.
I have to save her.
You don't have the right to hold me here.
My responsibility is to keep you
and others safe.
We suspect you're causing trouble
for the authorities.
And you have a lot of questions to answer.
Causing trouble?
Thanh Soi, Sau Theo and that whole gang
are imprisoning children,
including my daughter!
Don't you understand? Don't you see?
We're on the case.
But there's no sign
that your daughter was kidnapped.
What do you mean?
You went to Truc's house.
You attacked him.
And then you asked for an address.
We found you
after you were nearly drowned out there.
You have to be there and see it
with your own eyes.
I saw the children and I saw Mai.
Don't you understand?
We were there...
but there was nothing in that house.
No kidnappers.
No kids.
I have to go now.
I can't stay here. I have to go.
The kids are safe.
I know you're worried...
but we're trying our best to help you.
So, you should stay here.
Until we can get more intel.
- Please, I can't stay here any longer.
- Stay right there.
Yes, sir?
Lie down. Calm down, don't go anywhere.
Lie down.
Can't you see? You've messed it all up.
Your name is Trang, right?
Did they tell you why I almost died
and had to be admitted here?
'Cause you like to go to jail.
Just now you must have overheard.
They have my child.
And will cut her up, probably...
taking her organs to sell.
I don't even know if she's still alive.
Do you have a daughter?
No, I don't. I have sons.
Your kids must be so happy...
having a mom...
who works hard,
loves them
and takes care of them.
Unlike me.
I'm such a bad mother.
I can't even protect her.
That's why she got kidnapped.
Do you watch American movies?
On the ground! Close your eyes!
- Don't be scared.
- Freeze!
Don't move, don't move.
- Freeze.
- Don't move.
Phuong, calm down, we can handle this.
What do you want?
What do you want?
- I want to rescue you.
- I don't need you.
Lie down!
Please cooperate. If I succeed,
we'll have good memories, like in movies.
- Why are there so many cops?
- Freeze!
I don't know.
- What now?
- Huh?
It's not how I imagined it. What now?
- I'm going back in.
- Stop. Freeze. Back off!
Help, help me. Don't touch me.
Help me!
Tell my sons...
I love them so much!
Let her go.
Make way!
Thank you.
Good luck.
You hang out with those punks,
come home and disrespect our family?
From now on, you are not allowed
to see them again. You hear me?
You can't tell me what to do!
I can love whoever I want.
I will take the responsibility.
How dare you talk to your father
like that?
I think
the train might have left already.
Can you call Uncle Tam for help?
He used to work for the railroad, right?
Uncle Tam? He died last year.
When our parents died, you were AWOL.
Mai is everything to me.
I have nowhere else to go.
She might be better off having run away.
She can be adopted by someone
much better than you.
Do you even know who her father is?
Your niece was kidnapped,
might be dead or being opened up,
and you're talking like that?
Your child isn't born yet.
You gotta be a good person.
Shut up! Let me tell you something.
You didn't want a good family.
You left and became a gangster.
How dare you come home and ask for help!
Mai was kidnapped because of you.
An immoral person like you
should just die.
Hell was made for people like you.
That's right.
I'm an ungrateful piece of shit.
That's right. So what?
I ran away.
I didn't listen to Mom and Dad.
I didn't have the guts to come home
when they died.
I'm a street woman, a ghetto gangster.
A piece of trash.
A bad mother.
I have no pride left,
so I've come to see you.
Someone like me should just die.
You'd love that, wouldn't you?
Yes. I was wrong.
Every night before I close my eyes,
I regret everything...
that I've done.
Even the fact that I was born.
But I need to tell you this.
Giving birth to Mai and becoming
her mother...
was the best thing I have ever done.
I will bring her back.
At any cost.
Even if I have to die for it.
I will destroy this gang.
Just watch me!
I'm sorry, Mai.
I've followed this case
for three years.
It's an international operation, trailing
from the Hai Van Pass to Ca Mau Province.
They ship cargo from Quy Nhon,
sometimes from Cam Ranh,
Da Nang, all over the place.
Then straight to Laos,
and continue to other countries.
We have agents everywhere along the way.
If you know them so well,
why haven't you caught them?
It's not that easy.
We need evidence to crack
the whole operation.
Not just a few coolers of organs
or a couple of kidnappings.
They're not connected to each other.
It's not enough.
We can't let them know we're on to them.
Why did you follow me?
Because I know that a train left Saigon
ten minutes ago.
We're in Binh Trieu.
If you take a motorbike taxi
to the next stop, it'll take 45 minutes.
They're like octopuses.
If one tentacle's cut off,
another one grows in its place.
Children have been taken
from their families.
This is our chance to cut off
all of their tentacles.
And only you know the train number.
What do you have to lose?
To all passengers,
the train SE5 has just arrived
at Sng Thn station.
Before leaving the train,
make sure to take all of your belongings.
The train doors will open on the left.
Please exit the station as instructed
by operators. Thank you.
Train number VNR 053171.
Hold on. Calm down.
What are you doing?
- You can't do this alone.
- My child is on there.
She's everything to me.
I live for her. I can't lose her now.
Do you understand?
I do. But it's too dangerous.
- Let me call for backup.
- Backup?
I need to get on that train.
If you wanna stop me, then shoot me now.
If not, get out of my way.
Go check it out.
You go.
Assholes. I have a good hand.
Lazy bastards.
Hai Phuong.
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
You bitch. Remember my face!
Rom, one more kilometer.
Take positions.
Yes, boss.
Are you guys there yet?
Yes, boss.
Eight hundred meters to go. Get ready.
Boss, we're at the joint. All set.
Stand by. Five hundred meters to go.
Do you hear me?
Rom. Where are you?
Go check on Rom at the hitch.
Okay, boss.
You again?
You're a stubborn shit, aren't you?
Let's see how long you can take it
this time.
the train is approaching.
We're awaiting your order.
Switch it.
Okay. Lock it.
Our client's here. Prepare the shipment.
You must embrace the pain.
Learn to stand up on your own.
Then you can fall.
It's for your daughter?
She can't use it anymore.
You've done well, getting this far.
But you've come to the wrong place.
Get up.
Good. There will always be a reward
for those who overcome their fear.
I might be in the wrong place...
but you took the wrong kid.
- Mom.
- Mai.
- Mai.
- Help me, Mom.
Are you okay?
I'm okay. I was afraid
I'd never see you again.
I thought you wouldn't make it in time.
I had to make it in time...
to tell you...
that I love you so much.
Do you know that, Mai?
Mom, I didn't steal that wallet.
Please believe me, Mom.
I believe you.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
That was all my fault.
I'm sorry, Mom.
You taught me not to be scared.
I have to try to be tough.
Fear's just a feeling.
But I was still scared.
I'm not brave, am I, Mom?
No, Mai, no.
You are very brave. You were right.
You have to be scared.
You have to feel it.
Only by overcoming your fear,
can you be brave. You know that?
And you did it.
I told Ngoc the same thing.
But she was still scared.
Maybe you should take her home.
And the other kids, too.
Everyone is scared here.
Who are you talking about?
Team One stays here on standby,
the rest follow me.
Roger that.
This is for my brave daughter.
Wait for me.
Lower your guns.
Clear the area.
Check all the vehicles.
Mom, what's wrong with you?
Wake up, Mom.
Don't leave me.
Wake up, Mom!
Please, wake up, Mom. Don't die.
Don't leave me.
Please, Mom, wake up. Mom.
Mom. Wake up, Mom.
I promise... I promise that I'll be brave.
Stay with me, Mom.
After years of investigation,
the largest-ever child trafficking ring
has just been busted.
More than 20 children were rescued,
and 12 suspects were seized
during the raid
of a trafficking ring
that sells internal organs.
This was
an extremely difficult case.
The criminals were highly organized
and very intelligent.
They had a global reach.
After years of hard work,
we finally cracked the case
and reunited the kidnapped children
with their families.
In this success, we can't
forget one hero: Le Huynh Ngoc Phuong.
With her child kidnapped,
she was brave enough to track down
the kidnappers and cooperate with police,
- That's my mom.
- to help them catch the criminals.
Hey, I have this for you.
- Thank you.
- Son, let's go.
Yes, Mom! Bye.
Thank you, doctor.
Mai, slow down.
"I, Dinh Bao, wanna give you this.
May you recover soon.
May you and Mai always be happy."
Isn't this great, Mom?
Are you feeling okay now?
Mom, can you teach me your moves?
I wanna be a hero like you.
I'll fight all the bad guys
so they quit kidnapping people.
Is that okay, Mom?
You can learn martial arts.
But you must be able to take the pain.
And never give up.
Subtitle translation by Vu Thi Phuong