Furies (2023) Movie Script

In this world,
we all have to make a choice
between light and darkness.
But how many of us can choose wisely?
From the moment I was born,
I have been destined for darkness.
Mommy, when is dinner ready?
I'm hungry.
Mommy, when is dinner ready?
- Okay, okay. I heard you.
- Mommy?
This is fucking annoying! I'm done!
- Come on, honey.
- Fucking mood killer!
Come on! Continue!
- I'm not in the mood anymore!
- Honey!
Here's your money!
You just leave me for good?
- I'm getting it somewhere else!
- Honey!
Bi, let's eat.
I've paid the tuition for you.
When you go to school tomorrow,
be sure and make a good impression
on your teachers and classmates, okay?
I don't want to go to school.
They said I'm crazy.
You're not crazy.
Hear me out.
You are...
a very special child.
We are all born equal. What makes us
different are the choices we make.
If you study hard,
we will get out of this situation.
All right?
Lai, where are you? Tell her to come out!
It's your favorite customer!
Where's your mother? Go get her!
Tell her it's her main man!
Get off me! Get off me!
Keep screaming,
and I'll kill you and your mother!
Shut your hole!
Fuck you!
You fucking bitch!
Fuck you!
Fuck you, two bitches!
Fuck! I'll kill you!
Fuck you!
Fuck you, bitches!
You pieces of shit!
I'll kill you both!
I thought I'd reached the dream,
which is full of light.
But now everything was burnt to ashes.
Without a family
and a place to call home,
I took the last bus
leaving behind this place
and the scent of its burning grass.
Banh mi, anyone?
Here. Thanks.
- Mrs. Nam, I need another bowl over here!
- Banh mi, anyone?
Banh mi!
Bitch! Did you forget whose turf this is?
Hey! Stop! Go get her!
Fate still holds me down
and drowns me in despair.
Pull her up!
You fucking bitch!
Did you forget whose turf this is?
A piece of trash like you
is gonna end up being a whore!
Press her down! You're so fucked, bitch!
I'll be back for you!
she appeared.
The woman that had been through death.
A girl at your age
sleeping on the streets
is easy prey for those bastards.
Can I come with you?
I'll do whatever you want.
- Hey, Tam.
- Yes.
- One bowl over there.
- Okay.
Ms. Lin, hello.
- Sau.
- Lin.
- One bowl for me, please.
- Grab a seat.
Last night there was another disturbance
in downtown area.
This is the fourth one this month...
According to local residents,
at about 10:00 p.m.,
a group of young men
armed with machetes,
knives, and other weapons
were fighting from...
Your old injury acts up in this weather.
But you keep drinking...
And you never go to see a doctor.
The medicine will no longer work one day.
So, another homeless kid.
How many do you intend to collect, Lin?
I'm not any different from them, Sau.
Jeez, you're covered in blood.
What filthy hands!
What's your name?
Hey, is she mute?
Can she talk?
Hey, what do people call you?
What did your mother call you?
Okay, so your name is Bi.
Your name means "tragedy,"
that's why...
you look like a complete mess.
Get her a new name, will ya?
Something nice,
so she can get a brighter future.
Chung, gai, banh gio.
Slow night, huh? Can I get a freebie?
Fuck off!
Blown a kiss, for the endless memories
Close the door.
Who's this?
The new girl. Her name is Bi.
She will be staying with us.
Put the noodles on the table for them.
Want a drink?
Aunt Lin?
Look at her!
How can she keep up with us?
Give her a chance.
All right, let's see how long she lasts.
Hong, get her a place to sleep
and some clean clothes.
Hey. I'm Hong.
And that is Thanh.
Where'd you come from? You look like shit.
It's fun to have one more
joining the gang. Kind of cute.
But a bit stinky.
Here, have a drink.
I don't care where you came from,
but if you wanna stick around,
you have to prove yourself.
You hear me?
My God! You're too ridiculous!
She's just arrived!
That's why no one wants
to make friends with you. Unbelievable.
Let's go and get you cleaned up.
Come here, you!
Let me trim it for you.
Try this!
Come here and take a look!
So cute!
What's wrong?
Jeez, look at you.
So cute!
It's not sexy at all!
Stand up.
There is no room for weakness here.
If you don't want men to push you around,
be stronger than them. Again!
Find your opponent's weakness
before you attack.
Everything in your hand must be a weapon.
Does it hurt?
Poor her.
I told you, she's too weak.
Hong and I are enough.
We don't need a weak one like this.
Good. Very good.
About earlier... thank you.
I have to admit, you're pretty crazy.
I don't think I've ever met
anyone so stubborn.
This is your initiation into our group.
- Aunt Lin, come eat with us, please.
- Okay.
Here. Eat up, Bi.
Everyone here has a past just like yours.
That fat bastard at the bridge
is only one of the many depraved men
out there.
So? You were raped? By how many?
Was yours as wicked as mine? Mine was...
three men at once.
As for Thanh,
she was sold into a brothel.
Probably about ten per night.
That's what men are,
they look at women as toys.
Our suffering just excites them.
We can't count on anyone to protect us.
We need to make a change!
We must make those sickos feel our pain.
Do you want to change that, Bi?
Then you have to practice.
Practice until you are strong enough
to end this injustice.
And I know just where to start...
Downtown, there's a crime ring
that sells women
to rich men as sex slaves.
We'll start there.
They are known as "The Big Four,"
terrorizing in every corner.
Their leader is Hai, known as "Mad Dog."
They control the nightlife downtown,
sell drugs,
throw these depraved raves
that last all night.
Hai's territory is vast,
but he's not without a lot of enemies.
So far, though, none of them
could get past Hai's three musketeers.
"Half-blood" Son
is Hai's most trusted bodyguard.
He's a quiet yet ruthless killing machine.
Hai saved his life once,
so he has his utmost loyalty.
If anyone lays a finger on Hai,
Son will skin them alive.
"The Dealer" Long is Hai's right-hand man.
He is calm and discreet.
A thinking man.
He is in charge of trafficking
and distributing drugs.
They smuggle large amounts of drugs
under the noses of the cops.
Thanks, Boss!
"Scarface" Teo is the leader
of their sex trafficking ring.
He manages the largest brothels
in Ma Lang, Cau Kho, and bus area.
Then there's "Mad Dog" Hai himself.
He was just a street rat, a pickpocket.
After joining Hoang Cathay's gang,
he murdered Hoang's whole family
and became the boss.
A cruel, sinister,
and cold-blooded lowlife.
For just a snort,
there's nothing you wouldn't do, right?
What Hai loves most is money.
Then, women.
He personally manages
the biggest casino in downtown area
that's open around the clock.
Those leeches
feed off our suffering like it's nothing.
They are sadistic and inhumane
and deserve to die one by one.
We have to save the women
who are suffering because of them
and make them pay.
Why are you looking for me?
They embarrassed me with "Skinhead" Lam.
Have you found out
who's behind the snakes?
Huong and her fucking goons, no doubt.
Those dirty "Portland" bastards.
Destroy those motherfuckers.
Let them know...
it's not easy picking in this city.
Hey! Did you hear anything
about some "A Thoong"?
A Thoong.
I heard he's new in Xom Cai.
Did time for smuggling and murder.
Just out of jail,
he took out "Eight-Fingered" Thanh
and claimed his territory.
Those players are leveling up...
Send him some Chivas as a welcome gift.
See if there's any business
we can do with him.
Have a word with Teo...
Tell him not to shit where he eats.
He raped one of the new girls.
We're businessmen,
not fucking animals.
So what?
He's just testing the merchandise.
After all, he's earned the right.
Thanks to him
that we're swimming in cash!
Let's say he's within his rights,
but the girl is just 16.
She's a fucking child!
Forget about children.
He can also fuck my mother
with my blessings.
He brings in big bucks!
Stop overthinking!
Those girls you're talking about?
They're gonna be whores eventually.
I'll say...
we break them in early.
She killed herself.
Did you know that?
If the cops come knocking,
don't ask me for shit.
I start to feel you're just a little bitch
like Hoang,
hiding behind his wife's skirts all
the time and couldn't do a shit.
All right, this is my turf!
I'll handle it!
What's wrong? Can't sleep?
I couldn't sleep when I first came here
either. Every time I closed my eyes,
I saw my haunted past.
She's dreaming
of fucking Dan Truong again.
I don't dream.
I'm just haunted by...
the darkness.
People like us can never sleep well.
Try listening to this.
Might help you sleep.
You'll get used to it.
Where's my bra, Thanh?
Why don't you ask Jacqueline?
- You always ask me.
- No way. I wouldn't dare.
That's a wild daisy.
They bloom around here a lot.
They are said to be
the symbol of resilience,
surviving in the harshest conditions.
God, you scared me.
I just got back from Hoang Phap Pagoda.
And got you this charm.
It will bring you peace.
Put it on.
And you will sleep very well
and dream
about going to school, all right?
Thank you, Sau.
I'll never take it off.
You don't have to train today.
I have a mission for you.
Bi, this is your first chance
to prove yourself.
Your first target is Michael.
This guy is Hai's
new drug manufacturer and provider.
Hey! What are you doing?
Bi, you're up!
I asked you to fix Michael up
with some girls.
And now he's left town,
no longer wants to do business with us.
I've been courting his deal for a year
and you threw it all away.
- What am I going to do with you?
- Boss... please...
It's not my fault.
- Those bitches. It's theirs!
- Just a few little girls,
but you still couldn't handle it.
It really is your fault.
- Come in.
- Your medicine.
It's probably Huong's gang.
She's always been hungry for your turf.
All right.
If she's hungry,
I'll feed her.
- Congrats, boss!
- Boss, congrats on getting this turf!
Huong is out of the picture.
We have to change our plan.
And we must act now
because our cover is blown.
From now on,
it's gonna be much more dangerous.
Don't worry. We're all ready.
This is a large shipment.
We need to move fast before the pigs come.
- Are you confident?
- You don't need to worry.
If these goods
are as high-grade as you say,
it's not gonna be a problem.
My clients can pay to play.
Money... is not a big deal.
You move it fast,
we're going to make a big score!
Remember, you have to be prestigious
if you want to do business with me.
If something goes south
with this shipment,
you'll give me Nancy Market's territory!
- Sir, please buy something...
- Hello.
I'll come to talk to "Skinhead" Lam.
You can handle the ice factory.
What? How can I take care of them...
What the fuck are you afraid of those
Xom Cai goons?
It's 2,000 dong, sir.
Hai's having a deal
with the Xom Cai boss, A Thoong.
If it goes through,
it'll pave the way for them
to lay their hands on even more girls.
We have to stop them at all costs.
- Hurry up!
- Climb up!
Step up!
Tomorrow at 11:00 p.m.,
they're gonna take the girls
to Phong Van Port in Cau Kho.
They will choose and rate the girls there
and move them to the brothels.
Nguyen Thi Le Mai, 16 years old,
raped, then murdered.
The person who did this is Teo.
He's also the one in charge
of "Mad Dog" Hai's brothel business.
I know him.
- How come?
- I was sold into one of his brothels.
You have no idea
how he has harmed many girls.
It's time...
we made them pay.
Hurry up! Get in here!
Get in here!
Shut your mouths!
Let me go!
Ut! Ut!
- Help me!
- Ut!
Sir! Please, sir, spare me!
Double three!
Double four!
Sir, please! I'm begging you!
Please spare me, sir!
Thank you.
Please help my sister!
Shut up!
Fuck you.
Shut up, or I'll break your necks!
Jeez, such a terrible person!
You go to the other room.
I want to save these girls.
This is Grade-A stuff.
Why the fuck do you have to test it?
All right?
Are you trying to say
A Thoong doesn't trust our boss, Hai?
You know, here in this turf,
if Hai doesn't have the good stuff,
none of those fuckers out there does.
There's an important briefcase there.
Bring it back to me.
The place is on fire!
Let's get out of here!
Thanh, speed up!
Bi, what's wrong? Hurry up.
You look tired.
Thanh, you eventually
took revenge on them.
I'm so happy for you.
Aunt Lin, mission accomplished.
The ice factory is finished,
and Teo is dead.
- Very good.
- Excuse me, I have to go to my room.
What's wrong with her?
Is she okay?
Bi. It's me! It's me, Thanh! Bi!
Bi... calm down!
Except for Huong's gang,
who would dare to do it?
How many of them?
Tell me.
- Tell me!
- There were... three girls.
Sir, there were... three girls.
Three girls?
And somehow they broke in here,
killed Teo, and burnt my place down?
What the fuck were you guys doing?
I told you this is a big deal.
What are we gonna do?
What's wrong with you?
I was taking care of "Skinhead" Lam
yesterday, don't you remember?
Please spare us...
What kind of business are you running?
The goods didn't arrived,
and my two men vanished into thin air.
-The way you're doing business...
- A Thoong...
Let's just say I had bad luck this time.
Nancy Market is now yours.
Not that easy.
It goes without saying
Nancy Market is now mine.
But also you still have
to deliver my goods.
I'll give you three days.
I'll storm the rest of your turf.
Find those motherfuckers for me!
Cheers! Happy birthday, Hong!
This is the first time someone's
thrown a birthday party for me, Sau.
Isn't it?
Thank you, Sau.
It's spicy, don't stir it up.
- Did you make this porridge, Sau?
- Hey, cheer up, it's my birthday.
- Very delicious!
- The truth is...
I never thought there'd be so many people
celebrating my birthday.
Cheer up.
Blow out the candle and make a wish!
Happy birthday.
Say something.
Thanks to you guys,
I learned to be strong,
to protect myself
and women who are weaker than me.
I have...
found happiness when I'm with you.
I wish that...
from now on,
we will always be a family,
that we'll always love
and protect each other.
Why are you so cheesy all of a sudden?
- No, she's not.
- Sit down.
I'd wish the same.
If everyone were happy like you,
that'd be a good enough life.
- Cheers. Happy birthday!
- You are the happiest.
Aunty, thanks to Bi,
we completed the mission yesterday.
She was quick and vicious like a wolf.
I was surprised.
Well, it was because
Thanh knew how to protect her pack.
- I was just following her lead.
- Good.
You girls must stick together.
Then no one will be able to break you up.
You understand?
Hey, you two wolves, what about me?
- I'm a fierce, sexy wolf too...
- Can I have some more, please?
I was there, too.
- Here.
- Come on, you guys...
Aunt Lin and everyone
has shown me the warmth of a family.
Here's your chicken.
- Thanh, how about my birthday gift?
- Your chicken.
Hong is too clumsy, Sau.
But there is a part of me
that's not fully ready to embrace it.
It's been five years.
Time does fly.
Every time it rains, I miss Hoang.
Tomorrow is his death anniversary.
I still remember every time it rained,
he'd ask me to make him
a bowl of noodles
with a lot of pork cracklings.
He'd wolf it down
and then yelled out,
"Your noodles are the best,
your noodles are the best."
Thanks to it, I raised him and Long
until they're grown-ups.
But now,
even if I make the best noodle soup,
Hoang couldn't eat it anymore.
They got rid of Huong.
Hai is turning the town upside down,
searching for the girls.
He had to give up Nancy Market
to A Thoong to save face.
And the death of Teo,
he's furious.
I think from now on, you should
consider your next move carefully.
Or you can just drop it.
It's been such a long time.
What happened was fate.
Your life is also not bad now.
Let's just start over.
You... keep putting yourself
back in that world...
it makes me worried.
If anything happens to you...
how am I gonna live on?
It's raining so I made some tea for you.
Is it strong?
I don't want to stay up tonight.
It's lighter than yesterday.
I want the two of us
to have a new future together.
Ever since I met you...
I've grown to despise this way of life.
Just give me some time.
After having paid off my debt
for this life,
I will give you a new life.
Have you ever wondered
if what we are doing is right or wrong?
Why do you ask?
- Since I killed Teo...
- You were scared, weren't you?
Everyone feels the same
for their first time.
I liked it.
And I was afraid of myself... liking it.
That feeling...
made me feel free,
I can drown in my own darkness.
But there's still something inside of me
screaming out...
that it's not right.
You know what?
If killing people makes the world
a better place, then I'll do it.
Is it our world that's better,
or just Aunt Lin's?
What do you mean?
What's in that briefcase you took?
See the kids down there?
That used to be my world.
It was dark and shameful.
I couldn't take it anymore,
so I risked my life to escape.
I just wanted to die back then.
Then Aunt Lin brought me here,
gave me a new life,
and taught me how to live with purpose.
It's like I was reborn, thanks to her.
So I choose to trust her.
And I believe what we're doing is right.
You know why I'm still here?
Because you make me feel like...
a family.
You remind me of my younger sister, Thao.
Where's she now?
By the way, if we're a family now,
then no matter what happens,
we'll always stay together. Promise me.
Except my mom,
there's only you with me.
What about me?
And Hong.
I thought you had forgotten me.
Give me that.
No matter what,
we'll always be sisters.
Together forever. To our new future!
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Don't look back to that sinful life
We all have our own story.
We all have our loss.
That night, we were the women of our fate,
leaning on one another
like blood sisters,
trying to forget the painful memories
and the haunting traumas.
We were like wildflowers,
trying to rise up in the dark.
So, Jacqueline is still alive?
Where is she?
- I don't know.
- Where is she?
- Where is she hiding?
- I don't know.
A rat, wise as it is,
can't resist the perfect bait.
Our final target is "Mad Dog" Hai.
Finish him,
and we'll save hundreds of girls.
Every night,
Hai ends up at the New Century Club.
It's a brothel in disguise
to pimp out the girls they kidnap.
Easy-peasy. We'll just take care of it
like we did the ice factory, right?
It's not gonna be that easy.
Hai's not afraid to show his face there,
that means the place is absolutely safe.
That's right. The club is heavily guarded.
His favorite spot is the VIP section
on the second floor.
This area is off-limits
except for his underlings and servers.
Hai has one weakness... Women.
And you three
are the perfect baits for him.
New merch?
Madame Lan brought her in.
She's the hottest at Pink Night Club.
I don't fucking care where she comes from,
but she has to be mine.
Honey, what about me?
- What the fuck?
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Apology not accepted.
Finish this.
Isn't today... Hoang's death anniversary?
Son told me that
Jacqueline is still alive.
She's back to avenge her husband's death.
Now, tell me...
why would she still be alive?
I saw her in the morgue with my own eyes.
You don't believe me now?
I never said I don't believe you.
I killed her once.
Even if she got ten more lives
I still can kill her.
What can a woman like her
do to me?
I'll go celebrate his death anniversary.
You like it rough, huh?
You want this? Huh? Like this?
Scream! Give it your best, bitch.
Fuck you!
You're so fucking dead.
Kill those two bitches!
Long, get the car!
Hey, got any money?
Lend me some, will you?
Choose a new life for yourself.
I love you.
Why are you driving like that!
Why are you driving like crazy?
Do you even have eyes?
Hello! You want some noodles?
Sir, we are open at 6:00 a.m.
Please come back later, I'm sorry.
Aunt Lin!
- Come out here, Aunt Lin!
- Bi!
Bi, calm down.
What's all this?
What's the story between you and Hai?
- Where is Hong? Why it's just you two?
- This assassination...
wasn't to fight for any bullshit justice.
It was to take revenge for you, wasn't it?
Aunt Lin,
what is Bi talking about?
Where is Hong? Huh? Answer me!
She's dead. She died for the false ideals
that you brainwashed us with!
Say something!
Why did she die?
I've been planning this for a year.
Every detail.
What went wrong?
- Why don't you answer me?
- What did you say?
You want us to kill Hai to avenge
your husband, am I right?
Shut up!
You know nothing
about my husband, all right?
You didn't see my husband...
dying there with his eyes open,
my son thrashing in a pool of his blood.
And me...
living a life worse than death.
I've lost everything.
Do you have any idea? Huh?
Calm down, Bi.
And you, you and your family,
why didn't you tell us in the first place?
For that, I was wrong
for not having told you.
But Hai is a bastard.
If we don't kill him, thousands of girls...
Stop treating us like children!
- Bi!
- Thanh!
Bi is thoughtless,
it's all right if she doesn't trust me.
But you have been with me all these years.
- You have to trust me.
- Enough.
I have heard these words too many times.
Hong is dead.
She is dead.
What more do you want from us?
Flowers can't live without sunlight,
just like humans can't live without love.
Only love can keep your hope alive.
Bi! I'll be the light of your life,
and you'll bloom. Okay?
My life is dark enough as it is,
so I want to add as much color as I can.
Bi! Quick, I got her!
I said no!
Please, just a thin line!
Let me do it! Hold still!
I've never...
I've never been fooled
by just two girls like that!
Who are they?
They are Jacqueline's
and the ones that killed Teo.
I have found their hideout.
Waiting for your orders.
Came into my house and fooled me, huh?
The location of the center of the storm
is above the western coast of
Vietnam and Philippines.
The strongest wind
in the area near the center,
is as strong as level 5 and 6,
with gusts of level 7.
Are you taking off?
There is nowhere for us.
This is our home.
Home? You still think of this as home?
I know you're angry at Aunt Lin,
and blame yourself for Hong's death.
But her death is not your fault
nor Aunt Lin's,
It's the fault of those bastards.
Think of it.
If it weren't for their cruelty,
Lin wouldn't need to take revenge,
you and I wouldn't be here,
and Hong wouldn't have died.
Hong was just the first.
You and me are next.
You still choose to trust her?
My sister, Thao, she was very sick.
I voluntarily sold myself into the brothel
to pay for her treatment.
But she died eventually.
My fate was pretty much sealed,
until Aunt Lin saved me.
You see...
Life doesn't give you a choice.
Fate chooses you.
Don't leave!
I've lost Hong.
I don't want to lose you as well.
Then you have to choose.
or Lin.
Oh my God, that poor woman.
Who killed her?
Did she get a stroke or something?
That's Sau?
God, what's gonna happen to Tam?
- What are you doing?
- Where do you think you're going?
- Back to living under the bridge...
- Shut up!
You know what?
I used to be like you.
I had dreams,
then everything was taken away from me,
pushing me down to the bottom.
You think I still trust you? Still fall
for the false ideals you made up
for a rogue like you to hide behind?
You don't have to trust me...
But think about it.
They got to Sau.
When do you think they will get to Thanh?
You have to choose.
Either you come with me and finish this,
or live your whole life hiding.
When the path ahead is a dead end,
darkness becomes the safest place.
The only way for me now...
is to face the darkness.
Are you sure about this?
After this, there's no going back.
No matter what you do, Hoang
and your son won't come back to life.
You can forgive,
but I can't.
He has to pay for what he did
to my family.
They move at 12:00 a.m. tonight.
Be careful.
Give this suitcase to A Thoong.
Tell him to honor our deal.
Give me his strongest men.
Hey, Minh. Where's Lin?
Jacqueline, that bitch!
Wanna fuck with me?
Let's see who's gonna get fucked now.
Where's Lin?
Stick to the plan.
You see...
Every time Jacqueline
crawls out of her grave,
I'll put her down again.
Boss, what about them?
What are you waiting for? All of you.
- Kill them!
- Let's go.
You! Get Son back here!
Yes, boss.
Piece of cake.
Boss, can I get a hit?
Be right back.
Long, that son of a bitch!
are you okay?
We have to finish this.
For Hong.
Boss, Son will be here soon.
Can't fucking get anything done!
- Fuck! Always got everything fucked up!
- Brother, please, give me some.
You wanna get jacked up?
See those two?
Fucking go down there
and kill those damn girls for me.
I'll have you high for life!
Kill those two for me!
Where's Hai? Where are they?
You're late, Son.
He's got to pay for what he did.
So do you.
I get it now.
You sent me on a fool's errand to Lin's.
Motherfucking snitch!
Fuck you!
Looking for Son?
Why are you doing this? Huh?
It was me.
Fate's on your side, huh!
You should have died yesterday.
You know what?
I've been waiting this day for five years...
to spill your blood on my husband's grave.
I have been watching your every move.
Your men are mine.
Do you know to get here...
how much I had to sacrifice?
If he didn't betray me,
you would never have been able
to touch one hair on my head!
And here I thought...
we're blood brothers!
You haven't the slightest idea
what that word means.
I'm not betraying you.
I just want you to feel what Hoang felt.
Back then, you once said that to Hoang.
Then you went on
and murdered him brutally.
You don't fucking have brothers.
All that matters to you is money.
Don't you know what money is?
Money is power.
If you don't have money,
how can you keep your turf?
If you don't have money,
who the fuck is gonna listen to you?
Good speech, Hai.
Go on then.
Do you know why he's dead?
He's dead because that day he didn't
stop you from killing my husband.
You killed my husband for money,
for this territory,
that, I understand.
But what about my child?
He's just a kid.
What did he ever do to you
that you have to kill him?
Lin, please, Lin...
I didn't kill Hoang. I didn't kill him.
It was Nam's idea.
And your son was...
an accident.
An accident?
Now that you're here,
I'll give you back this turf.
- Shh...
- You...
You talk too much.
You scared now?
Rest assured.
This territory is now mine.
And I'll always mark your words.
If you wanna be boss,
you gotta have the balls.
Can't be a pussy.
And have no mercy!
It's over.
From now on, Thanh and me owe you nothing!
Let's go.
I'm not done yet.
This territory is now mine.
Where do you think...
you can go?
Kill her.
You said you completely trust in me.
You said I was your family.
Then kill her.
Kill her and go home with me.
You were the one who saved my life.
I never forget that.
All these years,
I've done everything you told me to.
No question asked.
Hong died,
I still followed you.
Turns out all you've ever wanted
is hatred and murder.
You have never considered me your family.
This is the last time
I'll ever listen to you.
I'm sorry.
I have to make a choice now.
It's okay.
You'll be fine.
It's okay.
I'll take you home.
I'll take you home.
See, my fate is sealed.
We can change our fate.
You will always be my sister.
Thanh! Thanh!
A fitting end for those who chose wrong.
I thought you were strong enough
to play at my level.
Turns out you aren't quite there yet.
You're in this mud too deep,
you'll never get out.
If I'm deep in this mud...
I'll never let you escape it.
Well played.
Law of the jungle, right?
Survival of the fittest.
At this point...
there's no turning back for you.
Choices are never easy.
We often think we've made the right one.
Turns out,
we made the wrong choices all along.
Make an evidence log of this crime scene.
Yes, sir.
What's important is that
we're ready to pay the price.
Hey, miss? Miss?
Sir, this woman is still alive!
Please send a medic!
Wild daisy is a resilient flower
that lives in the dark.
Even when it withers in the storm,
a small ray of light...
can bring it back to life in a new form.
Pham Thi Chau Thanh,
it's time for your release.