Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (2024) Movie Script

I don't want to do it.
What is the name of the message?
The name is very good.
It is not the same as the
other one, but it is the same.
The main event is going to
be... Currency is worthless.
Cities are burning.
Cities are burning.
Coins and pandemics.
Campus traffic is hot.
We are running out of water, currency.
All you are able to do is move
to the terminal, freakout point.
Mankind has gone rogue, terrorizing itself.
Gangs are rewarding like
witnesses across the land.
You breath yourself, although it is
a place we have become half-life.
As the world falls around us,
how must we brave its cruelties?
This one is for me.
Look at that one for you.
We should go back now.
You have come too fast.
Stay very still.
Valkyrie, be invisible.
Still has a rock to leg it back.
Be invisible.
Do you want to do
this? A little pause.
A little pause...
A little pause...
I can't with you. No, they need you here.
Neiman, Chris, what will
be the question block? I don't.
Stars, be with you.
Snipers! We got Snipers!
It's time to get ready
for the first sentence.
It's time to get ready
for the first sentence.
She found us. What
are you doing? What are
you doing? What are
you doing? Give it! That's
the dead of the bike!
I thought you crippled
it. I did! Who's coming
for us? Who is that?
Is that your pa? Is that
your pa? Hey, hey, hey!
It's the girl! That's all
you want! Suddenly
you've got horse meat! It proves nothing!
But the girl, once he sees her, he's gonna
ask where she come
from. And we're gonna be
the ones that take care
of him. No-one's gonna
scum us anymore. No-one's
gonna scum us anymore.
No-one's gonna scum
us anymore! Ha, ha, ha,
ha! That piece of filth!
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
Ah I don't do this with the banjo! The banjo!
What have you got here,
Tae-chan? You're all by yourself.
I speak only to the Memphis.
Hands off! Untie it! I found it!
It's mine! Hands off!
It's strong! I don't feel the ache! It's
mine! Where did you find it? Give it back!
Where did you get it? Give it back!
Give it to me, I'll take it to you.
She's from a case of abundance!
What are you talking about?
The place of abundance!
It's gone out with them!
I speak only to the Memphis!
Where are you from?
Where did you find it? My lips!
The Memphis is here! My lips! The Memphis!
The original JRL Stryker's
Lucky 7 was powered by a single
cylinder radio aircraft engine
with a swept capacity of 2,800 cc.
A hundred and ten.
A hundred and sixty pounds.
Take her!
The Memphis! I love the ride, Tae-chan!
Give me your help here.
What's your name?
What do they call me, then?
She's from a place of abundance.
May I? A healthy,
well-nourished full life. To all of us.
Tell us where you're from, Tae-chan.
Tell your friend.
It's got everything.
How do you know that?
A rude girl he told me.
He said he saw it with his own eyes.
And where is he?
Let's hear from Tae-chan.
Bring it in.
A crisp place where you found her.
It was amazing, right?
It had everything, right?
Food, water, food, everything.
Tell me.
He's choking. I'm hanging him upside down.
Throw him back.
Throw an arrow. Throw an arrow.
Well, you're about a hard day, aren't you?
An awful day.
You must be exhausted.
There's only one thing I
need to do about his rest.
You don't have
to tell us anything.
You don't have to say a
word. I promise. Just rest.
Tomorrow, I'll take you home.
I'll follow the tracks that brought
you here and I'll take you home.
Take her. Feed her. Wash her.
Use our best drinking water.
You two, keep an eye on her, keep her
safe, and let any of these brutes near her.
Take her.
Snap up! Snap up!
Please, I'm not going to.
I'll just say nothing. Not a word.
Shut! Shut!
It's not my fault.
You're bleeding.
Do you hear that?
I can't believe it.
How are they tracking us?
Ride higher ground, fight yourself well.
I don't find you in one day. Go home.
Take your bearings
from the sun and stars.
When there is wind,
use it to cover your tracks.
Hurry, I'm done. You are not Valvarini.
You'll do as I ask.
Whatever you have
to do, whatever long it
takes, promise me
you'll find your way home.
Plant this seed. Protect the green place.
Give me this one gift. Promise.
This task will be with you.
Ride higher ground! Ride higher ground!
Find your way higher ground!
Ride higher ground!
Tell me!
Cheers, your mama.
Are you strong?
Tell me!
Tell me where you came from
and you will see something.
Who is this point?
Point me in the right
direction and I'll take you home.
All right. Don't look away.
You mustn't look away.
You had your chance.
Here's free man. A word burger please.
Human tears.
The secretions of the
life of my grand containing
oils, salts, proteins
and stress hormones.
The tears of joy and those of sorrow.
Of different chemical compositions.
Yes. Sorrow is more...
Now your followers must
fight over who gets to kill you.
I want to welcome to you
everyone who brought you in.
You could have been a
part of this great horde.
Now, we have a problem.
There are plenty of you.
There are only five fights.
How do we choose who's got the goods?
The bollocks, the testes
to ride with Dementus.
You're going to have
to show me who you are.
Yes, because today we dance to Darwin.
Today we do a five bike teddy.
You don't have to
watch if you don't want to.
You might want to close your eyes.
No, you can hold this if you want.
It belonged to my little ones.
Let's just keep him safe.
Mighty engines! Start your engines!
Can you ride?
I can teach you.
I'll fill up your memory.
You could become a history man.
Make yourself invaluable.
And Dementus will look after you.
A determination of
one's course by reference
to the stars and
other celestial bodies.
I'll be curious, boss!
Well, let's go and walk!
Is this a bollock? If I didn't bollhollock?
What's bollhollock?
Valhalla, the hall of the slain.
A paradise for dead heroes.
Good for you.
We're looking for a place of abundance.
What's abundance?
Abundance! Place us all this!
Having a copious quantity of something!
What's a copious
quantity? A lot of stuff.
I want a good stuff.
The Citadel!
The Citadel?
It's where I was burned!
It's got everything! A humongous
amount of fresh water and green stuff.
A amount of produce and veggies and water.
And where would one find the Citadel?
That way, maybe.
What are these? A sky plug.
I called you to me.
The light of the river!
It is here to my siege on you!
Listen carefully to his words.
All who protect and honor
this magnificent Citadel,
you have a choice. A
very attractive choice.
I want your leaders.
I want those who hold dominance over you.
Bring your leaders
and throw them down.
Throw them down and you'll
avoid more suffering and sorrow.
They exploit you. They enslave you. They
watch their feet in your sweat and blood.
And they give you nothing in return.
Listen to this truth. Big shots rule
only because you choose to follow.
The power is with you.
You are free to choose.
Come to me. Come to me
with your pain and burden.
And I will double your breath. Throw in
water for everyone as much as you like.
We will share the wealth. You will rule
with me in the spender of a nearby spender.
I pray for you sweetheart. I really pray.
Because Big Jimmy here
is going to scoop you out,
mow pens, mosh it up
and feed it back to you.
There ain't nothing compared to what
Mr Norton here is drinking to do this year.
Mr Norton really hates big shots.
Then there's Mr Hull.
Mr Davis. There is no power. A thousand
other mad bastards coming after you.
And there ain't nothing fucking to stop it.
We are more than left to request.
Among all these wires
assembled here, since when?
Why would I do that?
For this we are going to be changing
the amount of time we need to choose.
The brand of them. Any one of them.
Just one.
Well what if I choose not to choose?
Then you'll know when it's true.
My snowball choose!
No! To the right!
You are wanted!
Witness me!
Among us are my 172 dark warriors.
Any one of them, if chosen,
will have done the same.
Each will die this dark body of one's own.
That's why you fools. Your fools are here.
I am Scrotus.
I am Rectus.
We are the sons of the El Morkindo.
And now, we are going to kill you.
When things go bonkers, you have to adapt.
You, sign as me.
Are you? We're tough.
A warring, fully loaded.
It's from the city of El Morkindo.
It's from the city of El Morkindo.
The border of El Morkindo.
The Great Scavenger.
This is our destiny.
We are indeed in the land of opportunity.
Watch this.
All hail to the north!
Few for all, enough for months.
This is truly a great day.
Yeah, well, I'm about to
make it a whole lot brighter.
Hey, hey, remove your helmet jacket.
Why take all this from the octopus?
Yeah, do what he says.
Questioning my boss, aren't you?
Yeah, I know you.
Cover yourself in this.
See you in ten of you men.
The more, the better.
Mortify us.
Who wants to be a warboy?
You're the one who wants to be a warboy.
The rich young man, I
think we're on your attack.
The rich young man, I
think we're on your attack.
Do we have any kites?
Nah, the sun was off.
I've got to have the sign up!
No, it's faster, it's going faster!
They won't have any kites!
They're not firing at you!
Stay there!
Fucking real!
What are they saying?
They're going to make it real!
What are you doing?
No, no, no!
You're scum, Dementus!
Open the kites!
Get this to a molten jet!
Dementus wants to talk!
Are you sore?
Yes, let him come.
Body's hurt, no weapons.
Whatever he wants, we'll listen.
And kill him on the spot.
The red Dementus
commends you on your lifestyle.
We prefer agreeing to these...
trade negotiations.
If we don't backside by
sunset, we blow up gas down.
This is how you save gas town.
And the six-figure code exists
only in the brain of Dementus.
He wants double! Double everything!
One full tank of water
for half a tank of gasoline!
Can't do that, not possible!
And he gets a spark in the nut!
Double the mother's milk
and double the hydroponics!
Double the sparks!
Double the mac and mash and the ropes grow!
My boy's made all the
protein I can get! What is.
.. giving what he wants?!
The wasteland won't sustain it.
Run that numbers!
Please, my boy!
My brother!
I got your toy!
Got all this much longer!
Let's reach the sewer, Dad!
Oh, please, let's all get out of here!
Yeah, let's all get out of here!
Oh, you idiot!
I forgot my
numbers! I'm trying to.
I got it! I got it!
I got it! I got it! I got it!
The barns are flushed
and clean out of my head.
I never did that again, comrades
of a man with a fragile brain.
Who's that? That.
.. is my daughter.
Little Dave.
Little Dementus.
She looks nothing like you.
Yeah, Scott, she has her mother's
defections that matter my deficiencies.
Where's the mother?
A magnificent woman.
Fierce, intelligent, taken so cruelly
protecting this that her one from her orders.
She looks pale.
You look pale! She's perfect!
It's not like the genetic
concern it is you have for sons.
Well, she's pale
because I take her blood
for blood pudding that
I've prepared for you.
And who are you?
Well, I'm the organic mechanic.
All things therapeutic.
Now, make no mistake. She is a
full life, untouched by man or disease.
Would you like to stay
here in the Citadel? Thanks.
If I let you stay and you
grow to become a strong,
healthy woman, you could
become one of our wives.
No, she's my daughter.
It will be her royalty to marriage,
the bonding of dynasties.
Their whole life
I've protected her.
From the sun, the wind,
their electorous guys? No.
You'll be bonded by blood.
No, she's not for sale. She's mine.
What's the new child?
She hasn't spoken since her
mother's tragic end. Very poignant.
Is he your father?
No. He slaughtered my mother.
True, that is true. I can tell
you it made this child tough,
tough enough to survive all
sorrows that may come their way.
I did that for her.
I will increase your shipment
of water, but only by a third.
I will increase your food
by a quarter of potatoes only.
You'll get your delivery once
every ten days, but only if
my war rigs return safely
from the high grade gasoline.
And I will take this girl who is
not your daughter, and also him.
Otherwise it's war.
Are you the hive? I'll the hive.
I'll protect gas down from old treachery.
It will be as impertible as this citadel.
Stability born from the world of chaos.
You. Me. Hoi.
Henceforth I will be addressed
as the great Dementus.
Beloved ruler of Baikidum,
Lord Guardian of Gastown.
Go, go, go, go, don't let Gastown be gone.
What a day. What a day. What a day.
You. Play us.
Be delicious.
It's all right. You'll be all right.
All right.
Yeah, jump that little
beauty out into the water.
Come on, wake up. I can see a thing.
Oh, yes. You're very clever. One last shot.
One more, one more.
Very good.
Is it a boy? Is it a boy?
Oh, really? Sorry, boss.
I will give you a full life.
I know that I can.
Three strikes, you're up.
Please let me stay.
Don't fret, love.
You'll make an excellent milker.
What's this? Pritiss.
You do something? Just
look at... Just looking around.
What for? Nothing.
No, don't lie to me.
You're up or something.
What is it? Nothing.
What are you doing here?
I told myself I was running.
Running or what?
But it was just a train. An annoying train.
It's a train.
Run! Lava! Lava! Lava! Lava! Lava!
It's a train!
It's a train! You're up.
What the fuck happened?
You go down!
No, someone's small!
Come on!
No, here!
You've got a lot of ticker, boy!
You're the new dog, though.
Fine off! Fine off!
John, John, John!
Welcome to the House of Holy Motors!
We're gonna make us something mighty from
this burger. From all these bloody parts.
Two hefty V8 engines, a chassis
for a prime movement, 2,857
found objects, and we are
going to put this all together.
We are going to build something beautiful.
And we're doing this...
Immortan Joe, who will raise
us from the ashes of this world.
Are you ready to be Black Fox?
You! Immorta!
How about you?
Speak his name! We don't speak.
He's mute.
Where have I seen him
before? He's a dogman.
Very useful.
Oi! We've got Whackaroo!
We're going to build ourselves a wall rig.
The finest piece of grunt in the wasteland!
Bigger! Stronger! Faster!
We are going to do a contraction to defend
the rear. We will call it the Bomi Naka.
Is that the Vitorian
Jack? It is working.
He done the most runs on the Fury Road.
And brung back the booty every time.
Ooh! Bridger!
What's going on?
Why so shy? It's just piss.
They were right. Crazy brothers, she is the
mighty thing. Bigger, faster, stronger...
Here it comes.
Whoa! Road fires.
They're right with the mantis.
Not anymore. They've gone rogue.
Contact! Contact!
Get the fuck out of here!
Get out of here!
That's engine two.
All down on top, replenish!
Get the short moving clamps!
Short moves! Clamps!
It's got eyes, clamps!
Get out of here!
What's up?
Get the puppy doctor!
The puppy doctor!
What's up?
Hey, what are you doing?
What's going on?
What's up? Are you there?
Hey, guys!
What's up?
Yes, boys! Yes, boys!
We've got a bus to ride it over!
You'll be good, Jack. I've got one.
Drink, Larry! Drink this piece!
Come on!
Get out of here!
The puppy doctor! Do the puppy doctor!
Now! Now!
We're going to pull over and get out.
The only other place is Gaston.
In the hands of the mentors,
Margaret can't even keep his gang together.
And that's it.
There is nowhere else.
This is the wasteland.
Wherever you thought you
were going does not exist.
It's been a hard day.
I lost my convoy.
I lost my crew.
I'm going to have to start again.
I'm driving off thinking
I ought to start with you.
You've got good vision.
You read the play and you keep your head.
You may be raw, but you have a
bad shoe of purposeful savagery.
You give me time,
I'll teach you everything you
need to know about Broadwall.
If you survive everything
we take on together,
you'll have all the skills you need
to get wherever you want to go.
No questions asked.
Keep it.
And leave it.
The stars be with you.
You and me, little thing.
You are forever.
Everything accounted down
to the last drop of Mother's milk.
No, it's not good.
That piece of anus pus for Mentis
is running Gastown into the ground,
appointing everyone but itself.
You tell him more than charm.
We need a movie.
A war movie.
Otherwise, we're going to
get our tits caught in the ring.
Here's the broomstick you asked for.
Thunder sticks, bullets, all loaded.
For you.
For your travels,
you're done here.
You're free to go.
Food, water, wheels,
whatever you need.
I hope you put it together.
Give me a cup of that.
Where would you eat? For you.
Come on!
It is ending some Gastown!
So, my, they're fishing for the
bullets for attracting Gastown.
We have to put things right!
And today, we're going
to do something about it!
Are you in charge here?
You can speak to me.
Well, I've got a message for an old joke.
We're in a black spiral here.
We can't keep up supply.
Everyone's signed their names.
Swindle will show the change.
Everyone's signed his large fault.
We're very much fucked.
I want to make a deal with the warlords.
Me, him, the people here,
that idiot full of father,
I'm going to sit him down
three hours from now.
Alright, you better go.
We're not leaving without
our tankers full of gas.
Come on, Danny!
You gotta get out of here, son of a bitch!
Get out of here, you son of a bitch!
My name is Citadel. Three days from now.
A module.
We give him a full tank of water,
and 2,000 bits of mother's milk,
and then you return a defender!
Not a drop of gasoline!
He filters us with the filters!
Let's kill him right now!
Should have gone longer, Dan!
Should have crushed him down!
Father, give me the warring,
load it up with all of
the firepower you've got,
and I will blow him from
the face of the earth!
How do we do that before
he blows up gas power?
We'll build it again!
Then it takes generations of morons!
We will build it!
Again, your way of
thinking is how he rocks us.
He's not too scared and he's crazy!
That's what we do!
We conserve every drop of gasoline,
turn off all vehicles, all generators,
turn off every water pump,
including the big four aquafire siphons.
Again, at first light,
we football farm with your tankers empty,
then return with every
munition you can load.
I want every bullet and firer,
every caliber and size,
your entire infantry ready to pick up.
Time to the watchtower.
We'll signal him there.
Hell and hallelujah!
We're gonna take your sound!
Get him!
Get him out of this expensive panel!
Will you stop him while we're
out of gas power? This place.
at the end of your map of secrets.
Where is it?
My mother and father...
were soldiers.
Even as the world fell,
they yearned to be
warriors for a virtuous cause.
But they would never have.
I want to help you find this place.
Wherever it may be.
Come with me.
I want your bikes.
Light them on the back of the vehicle.
Shoot and tie them down.
As soon as that's done,
light up my food, fuel and
water as much as it can carry.
Like this.
Get out of the way.
What a matter.
You're both gonna ride on the tanker.
Where are they?
You're promoted. You're in the fence.
I'm worried.
Of course.
What are you doing?
Is there a problem?
You drive the V8.
I drive the warmink.
Not today. The day you drive the suit.
You're with me.
Up front.
Up front.
As soon as we light up
the way, we can get issues.
You can drive the ring back.
All the way home.
Just sit a little.
Wanna see what this can do?
Hit the second engine.
Create walls.
Let's keep that back up.
That's fine.
What do I do?
This is the first sentence.
Where are they? Can you see them?
I'm on the way to the left of the gate!
Where are they?
I'm on the way to the right
of the gate! We're good.
We'll head east for 3 days. Once
we clear the escarpment and the
green salt plates, we'll take the
bikes over the dunes on the way.
All the way.
The digger!
Let's use the digger for our time!
I'm on the way to the right of the gate!
Let's go! Let's go!
Grab me!
Did you see that?
See how they fought for each
other, this little army of two!
Where were they going?
So full of hope!
There is no hope!
Not for them, not for you,
and certainly not for me!
The day I acquire bullets
behind these two, destroy it!
When I had gas channel
and I had bullets on it,
without it, I could have
crippled the citadel!
The rule, the wasteland,
the wasteland would
have been a far better
place for all of us!
Did you?
Did you break my heart?
That's not fair!
You make me a documenter, sir.
The documenters cannot afford to be soft!
The price I pay to be your leader!
The price we all pay to
survive in the wasteland!
We cannot be soft!
There must be retribution!
Justice and retribution!
I want them to watch you a while!
String her up!
I want them to watch you a while!
I fight all around!
You lost your time!
Good job!
Let's end it, kids! You got harm?
You lost your time!
Go back to sleep.
I'll make it nice for you.
You'll find peace here!
It's more serious.
I'm a historian's curious self!
What happened to you?
Maybe it's one of them.
But there's something going on, I guess so.
I think he's blowing up gas town rubbish.
Take a look.
He filed for dead enough to unmute him.
But now this...
It's fake. There's no possible advantage.
We should not wait here.
Why are we waiting now?
Let's go to guest town now!
He's not at gas town.
Where's Pretoria and Jack?
Where's our warden?
He's taking the bullet farm.
Your why?
He's taking the bullet farm
and he's coming here next.
How do you know that?
They're coming with grappling hooks
and ladders. He wants to take the synodal.
Then we go to the bullet farm.
Feed him head off right now.
He's a gas town this building.
He's a guest town.
He wants to draw you to guest town.
He wants you to leave the synodal exposed.
Suddenly stay here. We have three choices.
The coward's choice. Stay here and
let the men just mess with our minds.
The fool's choice.
Go out and meet the
invisible enemy on the
road to the bullet farm.
Call the warrior's choice.
Throw the guest town and crush him.
That's my choice. We make him
think we're going to guest town.
If you find him, he's mine.
We're going to gas town.
Big gas town down for sure.
So, Gallimald,
I hold them for family and content.
Do it! It's time! Time to
make a rule! Time to time
back what's right, play out!
Turn your signal! My copy!
There always was, is, and will be war.
The Sumerian fought the Amalite,
the Saxon fought the Viking.
And so the histories
grew. There were the Wars
of the Roses, the
Oranges, the Opium Wars,
the One Day, Six Day, Thousand Day Wars.
North against South, East against West.
The First, Second, Third, Countless
Wars of Religion and Righteous Spirit.
The Oil Wars, Water Wars, the Tri-Nation
Nuclear War, the Battle of the Broom Towns.
And now, 90th, the 40 Day Wasteland War.
Eyes for eyes, teeth for teeth.
Rage fueled by grief.
Only a vehicle.
There's nothing here, not even a bike.
It winched me down.
We're gonna do it.
I've got a vehicle.
Can't wait for you to see it.
Isn't she wonderful?
Hey, look at this.
I think this one fucked this.
Cut it off, cut it off.
Every moment, why should that rungle
get smaller and farther away? Coming out.
I don't want to see you two.
I don't want all of those people.
I don't want you in our weather.
A fool could run. Can you tell him why?
He's got a dick.
Spread it. Spread it.
He makes you stronger down there.
And on the back.
We'll take you with us.
We need us.
I'm coming with you.
Now we'll relax you slightly down.
I'm not sure the death of it is dead.
No, you're not. We've taken it to die.
What was that?
That is the darkest of angels.
The fifth rider of the apocalypse.
Something covered it
and exceptionally resentful.
What do you suppose I want?
Me without my crew.
But what if I push
him? Let go back.
Ah, we have to split up. Here,
no time for long goodbyes.
We don't have any
things together. Goodbye.
We have to split up.
You found me.
You are a freak.
You could have next me
in the night, but you didn't.
You must be that other thing.
Are you that thing?
I have nothing.
I am nothing.
I'm yours.
Remember me?
You have a happiness.
You crawled out a pitless
grave deeper than hell.
Only one thing's going to do that for you.
No help.
No shame in hate.
It's one of the great forces of nature.
That wasn't help, that was instinct.
So, this is the day on the dock.
Fifteen years ago there was a woman.
So, there's more to this.
Do you remember her?
Do I have a clue? Redhead.
Was she your mother?
Sister? Did she beg? Did she scream?
The ones on the other list.
Despite everything you did
to her, she was magnificent.
You were there.
My childhood and my mother.
I want them back.
That's exactly how I felt.
My own family, my own magnificent beauties.
Taken so unjustly and mutably.
I'm right there.
I'm right there with you.
I too cried nothing but revenge.
A big belly full of revenge.
If I may.
If the shooter goes
around the back, the shooty
won't know the precise
moment of the execution.
My own torture, but everything a bit
counts. By the way, that rat shot will
turn my brain into a pink mist so fast I
won't even hear the sound that I've done.
I'll hear it. I'll hear it
for the rest of my days.
Of course you will. I'll be
able to kick back in my hands.
I'll remember your face
as the slug warms its way
into the soft matter of your brain
taking with it what you call your reason.
And your memory.
Which my mother will fortunately be absent.
Brilliant. I'll be dead and
you'll still be sorrowing your
lovey-dovey and your mummy magnificent.
You idiot.
You can never balance
the scales of their suffering.
I can't! For what you want dear, for my
cries of anguish, anguish without end.
And if I could give you that, I would.
But I don't fear the loss of bliss
in Heaven, for extra peace in Hell.
And I've got to finish
the high-time threshold.
Again! You're an-
If you can't do me quick,
you have to do me slob.
Yes, you are never going to get
anything close to what you want.
Over there.
Little teeth.
I've been waiting for you.
I've been waiting for someone
like you, someone worthy of me.
The Lord has sought things out. Just
two evil bastards out here at the waist.
You do this, you do this
right, they've become me.
I am nothing like you.
You are me, already dead.
To feel alive we seek sensation, any sensation
and wash away the cranky black sorrow.
It leaves us for a moment, but then it
comes back. We have to do it all again.
And we need more. Each time we need
more, until too much is never enough.
We are the already dead, little d.
You and me.
The question is,
do you have an Indian who might get epic?
She took away his voice and they
spent the rest of the day in silence.
There are those who prefer
that she did more than shoot him.
They claim that she ended him
in ways more fitting.
They tell of righteous
perversities and witting mutilations.
But this is the truth
whispered to me by Furiosa herself.
Deep in the citadel,
high up in the hydroponic
gardens, there is a
tree unlike any other.
Its soil is human.
Its nutrients human.
Maggots, deriding his necrotic flesh.
It was an echo, growing
out of a living being.
This is our first fruit, but
it's not for you and me.
Each of us, in our own way,
will vanish from this earth.
And then, perhaps, some
uncorrupted life will rise to adorn it.
music music music