Furious 6 (2013) Movie Script

Senor O'Conner, senor O'Conner!
It's okay, you're just in time.
You're going to be
a great father, Brian.
What makes you so sure?
Because I'll be there to
kick your ass if you ain't.
Get in there.
DOM: Brian.
Remember, the second
you go through those doors,
everything changes.
Our old life is done.
Let's go for a little ride.
Special Agent Hobbs?
Riley Hicks.
I read your file. Top
of your class at FLETC.
Cairo, Tunis.
Youngest RSO ever
in Afghanistan.
Hell, if you're half as good
as you are on paper,
we're going to
get along just fine.
A Russian military
caravan attacked,
satellite component stolen.
Cars just came out of nowhere.
Six hospitalized,
a dozen vehicles destroyed.
All that in under 90 seconds,
in and out.
This is world-class.
Job this good, there's
only one crew in the world
who could get this done.
How the hell did
that get up there?
They caught one.
I got you five minutes
with this guy.
I only need two.
I want your boss.
Where's Shaw?
I ain't telling you shit.
I was hoping you'd say that.
Is that legal?
But are you going to go
in there and tell him?
I've got rights, you asshole!
Not today.
OAKES: No, no!
Well, is he talking?
Not anymore.
That room is bugged, Hobbs.
So, any information you just beat
out of him, Interpol has now.
Great. Now they can take the morning off.
Shaw's in London.
Let's go pick him up.
Woman, you just don't pick up
Owen Shaw like he's groceries.
If you want to catch
wolves, you need wolves.
(SNIFFS) Let's go hunting.
HOBBS: This is what
100 million buys?
It wasn't that hard
to find you, Toretto.
I wasn't hiding.
How's the life of the retired
international criminal?
I like it here.
It's quiet.
Nice weather,
and no extradition.
So what are you
doing here, cop?
Last Tuesday, a team of
highly coordinated drivers
took down an entire
military convoy in Russia.
I don't do cold weather.
I know it wasn't you.
But you're going to help me
catch the team responsible.
(GUN CLICKS) And you
ain't gonna need that.
You can't touch him, Hobbs.
You've got no powers...
I'm not here to
extradite anyone.
See, he's going to
come voluntarily.
As a matter of fact,
he's going to beg me.
This was taken a week ago.
I'll see you out front.
It's Letty, isn't it?
It's impossible.
If that was my husband, if there
was a chance, no matter how small,
I would go.
I'm going to need everything,
all the info you got.
You'll get it when
the team gets it.
No team.
This is going to
have to be me alone.
It's not that simple.
The crew we're after, they hit like
thunder and disappear like smoke.
You go in alone,
you won't ever touch them.
I've been chasing this guy across
four continents and 12 countries,
and believe me, the last damn
place I want to be right now
is on your front doorstep,
selling Girl Scout cookies.
I need your help, Dom.
I need your team.
ROME: Okay, ladies,
bring it in.
Listen, I want to make a toast.
Come on.
Listen, I know a few of y'all
have already been to Macau,
but you have
never seen the town
till you've seen it
through my eyes.
We got a penthouse suite
with an ocean view that's
going to change your life.
150-foot yacht with
a helicopter pad...
Mmm-hmm. Safe to say, you're about
to have the time of your lives.
No, you are.
I'm a citizen of the world.
Ever thought about
settling down?
Starting a life together?
Aren't we doing that?
Are we?
I'll be there.
Hey, my man, I need you to
turn this plane around.
All right, listen, ladies. There's
been a little change of plans.
Something came up.
You know that casino
I was telling you all about?
I got some vouchers
to the buffet.
BRIAN: What do you
think of this?
He likes it.
All right.
Or this?
That's my boy. All right, let's
see how this thing flies.
Are you watching?
BRIAN: It's Uncle Dom.
What do you know?
Are you waving?
What up'?
Hey, Jack.
What's up, Uncle Dom?
What's up, Uncle Dom?
You excited to see him?
Are you already
pushing imports on him?
You say, "Dad's not
pushing anything."
He chose that car.
We know he's an O'Conner, but,
I brought you something, Jack.
Yeah! He's also a Toretto.
I don't know.
Luckily, he has a couple more
years to decide, right'?
I think he decided, Mia.
I think it's time for his nap.
Come on, baby. Okay.
Say bye.
BRIAN: It's weird, huh?
What's weird?
We got everything.
You know, down to the beer
and the barbeque. (CHUCKLES)
But it just...
I don't know, it just
doesn't feel like home.
Maybe it's because, uh,
you don't realize how much
you appreciate something
until somebody takes it away.
I don't know.
The place has probably
changed so much,
you wouldn't even recognize
it anymore. (CHUCKLES)
Everything's changed.
So what's up with you?
What's going on?
Taken a week ago.
BRIAN: Diplomatic
Security Service.
You know, I used to do this
shit all the time as a cop.
This is exactly what cops do.
He's messing with your head.
Letty's dead, Dom.
I need to know for sure.
Then I'm going with you.
You said you were going to
leave this life behind.
We both said that we were
leaving the life behind.
MIA: He's right.
We're family.
If we got a problem,
we deal with it together.
And I'll feel safer knowing
you're both out there,
watching each other's backs.
You're stronger together.
You always were.
Now go get Letty.
Bring her home.
Thank God!
Finally, some equipment
I can work with.
ROME: What up, boy?
TEJ: This is way better
than that trash in Rio.
Way better.
You sure about these guys?
Has anybody heard
from Leo or Santos?
Last time anyone saw them, they were
hitting up the casinos in Monte Carlo.
I thought that was
our last job, Brian.
And who's paying for all this equipment?
The taxpayers?
So now we work for The Hulk?
That's what we're doing?
Why do I smell baby oil?
If you keep
running your piehole,
you're going to
smell an ass-kicking.
DOM: All right, Hobbs,
you got the best
crew in the world
standing right in front of you.
Give them a reason to stay.
Our target is Owen Shaw.
Former major in the S.A.S.,
Spec-ops soldier.
He ran the UK's Mobility
Division in Kabul and Basra.
Ah, damn. That Mobility
unit's the truth.
We're talking vehicular warfare.
Best in the world.
You got some chips? TEJ: Those
guys don't mess around.
For years, they've been
running jobs in Europe,
but it's their most recent jobs
that graduated them
to a whole new level.
Three targets, highly specific.
The program terminal
from an ICBM missile...
Got a little change?
TEJ: Seriously?
You're a millionaire,
and you're still
trying to ask for money?
That's how you
stay a millionaire.
So what does this all mean?
Well, our best guess is
that Shaw's crew
is building
a Nightshade device.
Which is?
A tech bomb.
Designed to block an entire
military communication grid
for 24 hours.
If you blind a soldier
for a single second
in the middle of a fight,
he dies.
If you blind
a country for 24 hours,
the loss of life
is unthinkable.
This could be worth billions
to the right buyer.
TEJ: Billions?
Why don't we just
steal that shit?
Hey, man.
Which one of these
things is a dollar?
It says something about...
It's on the house.
I want you to
help me catch Shaw.
He's only got one piece
left that he needs,
and I intend to stop him
before he gets it.
Now, I know
you guys are a family.
So I'm offering you
a chance right now
to make that
family whole again.
You want to make
this family whole again?
Get us to Letty,
we'll get you Shaw,
full pardons
all the way around.
I can't promise you that.
Yes, you can.
That's the deal.
Take it or leave it.
You get me Shaw,
and I'll get your pardons.
You heard him.
But this is different.
We're not dealing with cops,
we're not dealing
with drug dealers.
This is a whole
different level.
We're getting paid, right?
HOBBS: Interpol picked up one
of Shaw's guys in Moscow.
I went in, had a little
therapy session with him.
He gave up Shaw's hideout.
Then why aren't we
down there now?
Well, we weren't invited.
Hobbs, they're sending in
your punching bag.
He's wired. He's going to give a
positive ID on Shaw before they move in.
SHAW: So, the cops just
let you go, huh?
Don't worry,
I didn't give them shit.
Oh, I'm not worried.
Turn it over for me.
God, it's amazing.
The simplest things can
cause the biggest problems.
Good news is,
if you swap out a bad part,
everything runs
smooth as silk again.
Look, Shaw...
Wait, Shaw! Shaw!
I just got confirmation on Shaw.
They're going in.
Wait, wait, hold up...
Police scanners are saying alarms are
going off at Interpol headquarters.
BRIAN: Shit.
He brought us here so he
could take down Interpol.
This whole thing's a set-up.
Brian, take the team.
What about you?
Hobbs and I will wait for Shaw.
Shaw leads to Letty.
Come on, you son of a bitch.
What's this?
It's your share
from the last job.
SHAW: You're part
of the team, Oakes.
You do your job, you get paid.
There's a little
extra in there for you.
Consider it an advance.
For what?
The next job, of course.
Which job?
The one we're
working right now.
Han, how far
are we from Interpol?
Twelve blocks away.
You guys,
it's a ghost town over here.
Shaw must have pulled
all the cops to him.
All right, y'all, we're in
this shit, so let's go get it.
It's been fun
running with you, mate.
Stop! Drop the bag!
There he is.
On it.
Toretto, it's on you. Straight
ahead, don't lose him.
Ain't gonna happen.
Sorry about that, boys.
Interpol, straight ahead.
Let's go, guys.
We've got company.
Let's go, boys.
Get in! Let's go!
Hey! We got to move. Now!
Shaw, we have three cars tailing us.
You know what to do.
Guys, I got the Rover.
Okay, I got...
Whatever the hell
that thing is.
What is that, a hockey puck?
Oh, shit!
Approaching rendezvous point.
Dom! Tej and Roman
are out! Where you at?
I'm right behind you!
Stay on track. I'm
taking the contingency.
Boys, I got eyes on Shaw.
He just made a left.
I got right. HOBBS:
Toretto, make that left!
Take the wheel.
ROME: This is crazy.
We are not in Brazil.
So, now we got cars
flying in the air?
On some 007-type shit?
This is not what we do!
Man, you really got
to check that emotion.
Your voice just went from
Shaggy to Scooby-Doo.
"This is not what we..."
See, man, when a woman
starts shooting at you,
that's a clear sign
to back the fuck off!
We need to get
the hell out of Dodge!
That could have been
my forehead, man.
That's not as big
as your forehead.
Uh, It's definitely Letty.
But it's, uh..
It's complicated.
Letty's alive.
That's all that matters.
We have her back, Brian.
Well, do me a favor and give
Jack a kiss goodnight for me.
Be safe.
I love you, Mia.
She definitely saw it was you'?
She looked dead at me, Brian.
Maybe the Letty we once
knew is gone, Dom.
Even though she's alive,
maybe she's gone.
You don't turn
your back on family.
Even when they do.
It's going to
need some repairs.
No problem, treacle.
Are you good?
Okay, listen up.
That was a very different breed
from Hobbs' usual
wannabe warriors.
We need to learn who these people
are, what they're made of.
O'Conner, Parker,
Pearce, Toretto
and the rest of the team.
These guys are
common criminals.
Tonight these common
criminals were seconds away
from taking us down.
Show them the respect they
deserve, or it weakens us.
You might want to see this.
Ring any bells?
LETTY: Yeah.
That's the guy I shot.
SHAW: You look happy.
I don't remember him.
KLAUS: That's bullshit.
We got a problem, guys.
We got a picture of her with the
guy who almost took you out.
Klaus, aren't you team muscle?
Don't make me go over there
and make you team pussy.
SHAW: She doesn't
remember him.
Names and records
aren't enough.
I want personal information. Get
into their lives, into their minds.
Find their weaknesses,
and we will exploit them.
ROME: Mmm-hmm. Yeah, right.
This is crazy, man.
What are you talking about now?
I'm sitting here
looking at these images...
It's like we're hunting
our evil twins.
Look at this black dude
right here, he's handsome.
Clearly, that's me.
We got a white Hobbs.
This is Han.
Tej, it's an African
in a beanie.
That's like
your Mini-Me, man.
And Brian!
When did you do
this photo shoot?
I'm just playing, man.
You know you're the prettiest
blonde around here.
All right, lock it up.
We got two things.
First off, this is the worst damn
city in the world to commit a crime.
They got cameras on
every street corner.
I got video footage
from CCTV of the raid.
Let's track that,
see where it leads us.
And secondly,
we just got confirmation
on what Shaw's crew
grabbed from Interpol.
They ripped off the database
of every location that houses the
final component that they need.
So where are they at?
There are over two dozen
of them around Europe.
But the list is
only good for 96 hours.
Which means, wherever Shaw's
crew is going to hit next,
it's going to happen
within the next four days.
They got a window,
and so do we.
We gotta move.
DOM: Hobbs is right.
So let's break this down.
You met them.
What do we know?
We know they have to be
running custom engines.
You heard that flip car
going through those gears.
Sequential transmission.
That didn't sound
like a normal engine.
That was a turbo diesel.
It sounded like something
you hear at Le Mans.
TEJ: Did you see it
take all those hits
and still stay flat
in the corners?
Yeah, hydraulics.
Or magnetic suspension.
HAN: Who not only has
access to the components,
but can fabricate
something like that?
Maybe a handful
of shops in London.
Regular tuner shops aren't
going to cut it on this one.
We're going to have to
dig deeper than that.
Han, Gisele, Roman, you're up.
We find the guy
who made that car,
we find Shaw.
(GUN CLICKS) Let's go.
I'll help.
Roger that.
Tej, we're gonna need cars without
computer chips that can be overridden.
Make sure they're fast.
I got this.
I'm already on it, Dom.
I've contacted R&D at DSS.
I said I got this.
This should be interesting.
TEJ: Man, you really
got to loosen up.
You can't just throw a bunch of factory-line
Beemers at people and expect...
Hey. That car is
a hell of a car.
You're talking about
twin-turbo V8,
spitting out 560 ponies, son.
He reads the brochure.
I'm proud.
But with cars,
you have to customize.
It's all between you
and the car you build.
It's a bond, it's a commitment.
It sounds like a marriage.
Yeah, but with cars,
when you trade up,
they don't take half your shit.
HOBBS: Jesus.
With price tags like this, these
cars better be made out of gold.
You ain't thinking about stealing
these cars, are you, Parker?
Kitchen help entrance
is towards the back.
Come again?
I don't mean any offense,
but you couldn't possibly afford
the cars in this auction.
Substantial lack of gaudy
jewelry, no entourage, no honeys.
Clearly you're
not a "baller."
And you.
Hmm. Shoes, shirt, trousers.
And your posture,
too rigid, no swagger.
My guess is military.
Take home of 50,000 a year.
That's U.S.
Which is not enough
to be playing here.
So, if you're not kitchen help,
then you must be
in the wrong place.
But please,
do finish your champagne.
Oh, he needs to be
taught a lesson.
Like I said,
you ain't stealing these cars.
I got this.
All right, this is
number five on our list.
ROME: Holy shit.
What's the dude plan on hunting?
Moby Dick?
HAN: That must be our guy.
So, how do you all
want to play this?
Han and I got this.
We go in tight, you let
me do all the talking,
and you all have my back on it.
He's a man.
Let's go.
"He's a man"?
You know, she always says that.
What you're looking at is a
5.45 by 18 FMJ spitzer bullet.
It's specific to
one handgun, the PSM.
Given that handguns are illegal
in the United Kingdom,
there's very few people that
have access to that firearm.
So if somebody wanted to, say,
track down where it came from,
it wouldn't be too hard.
I was a cop for a lot of years.
Some habits die hard.
A pawn shop. (CHUCKLES)
Who sent you?
Come on, ladies!
Two hot girls like you don't
wander into this neighborhood
unless I've called
the escort service.
And I haven't, yet, today.
I don't know, man.
That was disrespectful.
And I don't like
the way she said it,
like, "He's a man."
(NORMAL VOICE) "He's a man"?
So, what are we?
Come on, she's just
doing her job.
ROME: "Doing her job."
I see what's going on.
See what?
You got the little
stardust in your eyes, eh?
Little birds floating
around a little bit.
Uh, you don't want to lease this model.
You want to buy.
Can you please stop talking?
No, no, you're in love!
Look at you! (LAUGHS)
Just stop.
You got special plans?
Big day?
You're going to
invite us all out?
Better make sure you
get her a big rock, man,
'cause she doesn't look like
she'll be that easily impressed.
And if it's not a big rock,
you better be big
somewhere else.
You know what
I'm talking about. (LAUGHS)
That's why all your girlfriends
wear so much bling, huh?
We're looking for information.
You're looking for information?
About what?
Information about cars.
In particular,
two you designed recently.
Ramp cars.
Low slung, skeletal frames.
We'd be very interested to
find the man who bought those.
Why should I help you?
Because we're
asking you nicely.
Because you're
asking me nicely?
What can you offer that I can't
get from a thousand other girls?
Stop! Stop!
You look like a man
who likes it rough.
My friend here can
give you heights of pain
you've never
experienced before.
Do we have a deal?
Deal! Deal! Deal!
ROME: I take it back.
Me likey.
Stop, stop, stop.
So this is how you "got this"?
By buying all of his cars?
What good is having millions
of dollars in the bank
if you don't spend any of it?
But don't worry about that.
Watch this.
Mr. Parker, again, can I
just express our gratitude
and say how much
we appreciate your business.
If there's ever anything else
you need, you just have to ask.
Now that you mention it,
my swagger-less friend here,
he really likes
that shirt you have on.
Uh, this shirt?
That shirt.
I'm not entirely sure that this shirt
would fit your friend. (CHUCKLES)
It will fit.
He needs a shirt
that's a little less...
That's it, functional.
I'll hold that.
Thank you.
Come on, man, time is money.
Yes, doing my best.
Damn, you need some hedge
clippers for that shit.
Well, if that will be all...
And the pants, too.
TEJ: While you're at it,
let me get that watch.
I like that watch.
This is for you.
And this is for you.
Thank you.
Good day, gentlemen.
Thank you.
I got the information in here.
May I ask why
you're looking for Shaw?
He took something of ours.
We'd like to talk
to him about it.
FIRUZ: Let's see
what we've got.
All right.
What do you want?
They say if someone's
looking for a Russian gun,
you're the man to see.
Oh, they do, do they?
What do you want, mate?
That might be a bad idea.
I'm looking for the owner of this.
I don't know.
Take a closer look.
About a week ago,
a girl came in,
bought guns, ammo,
everything I had.
A girl?
What did she look like?
Tough chick, dark hair.
Mean streak.
Word is she's a street racer.
Where can we find her?
How do I know?
Do I look like a racer?
No. You don't.
Take care, guys.
Oh, shit.
Sorry, girls.
Let's go!
Hold on.
Stay with me. Stay with me.
Tell me where to find Shaw,
and I'll make him pay for this.
Stop right there!
You go!
No, you go!
No one needs to
know about this.
No one.
We lost Ivory.
He's gone.
That's it?
If ivory's dead,
he made a mistake.
If you make a mistake,
you pay the price.
That's a great eulogy, Shaw.
Are you going to
give the same speech
for the rest of us
when we go out?
You're the last one I'd have
pegged to be sentimental.
I like you, Letty.
I dare say I even feel a
certain warmth towards you.
When I found you
in the hospital,
and you couldn't
remember anything,
I said to myself,
"This girl has a gift.
"She's a blank page."
And that made me feel somewhat
protective toward you.
If something happened
to you, for instance,
I think I might find that
slightly harder to bear.
What I'm saying is,
I would hate to see you
make a mistake.
I'm going to get some air.
What the hell happened?
We met Dom's girlfriend.
She's lovely.
Are you all right?
Tej, what have you got?
Footage, CCTV? Talk to me.
TEJ: I just went
through all of it.
Believe it or not, everywhere Shaw's
team is, the cameras are down.
That's a hell of a coincidence.
All right, we're going to pay
CCTV a little visit. Let's roll.
What is that?
That is a new toy for you.
So, what happened?
Shaw's goons showed up and
started shooting up the place.
But we got something big.
DOM: What?
He's working with Shaw.
What are you talking about?
HAN: It's true. That phone's filled
with coded payment transactions
that lead straight
to Braga's cartel.
Who the hell is Braga?
He ran one of the biggest
cartels in Mexico.
And my old boss.
We used codes just like that
to move money
out of the country.
BRIAN: It all makes sense.
Braga was running Letty,
now he's working with Shaw.
It would explain how
the two of them met.
TEJ: Okay, so you all know
all this information
about him,
where do we find him?
He's sitting in
a prison in Los Angeles.
How do you know that?
Brian put him there.
BRIAN: All right, so this is
the break we were looking for.
If the two of them
were working together,
Braga will know
what Shaw's up to.
I'm going to pay him a visit.
Are you serious right now?
Think about what you're saying.
You're wanted, Brian.
The moment you step foot off
that plane, it's a wrap.
You're not coming back.
"Coming back"? How are you
going to get in the country?
Let me worry about that.
This is on me.
I'm the one that
served her up to Braga.
I'm the one that
gets to make it right.
Let me make it right.
Be careful.
WOMAN: He's ready to see you now.
Right this way.
Thank you for seeing us. I won't
take up much of your time.
My men were
attacked earlier today.
I'm going to need
to see all cameras
in and around Waterloo station.
Will somebody
tell Captain America here
that requires clearance?
Bring up cameras 58
through 62, earlier today.
They've been down for
maintenance all morning.
Okay. Well, we appreciate
your help. Thank you.
You know what I find
very interesting
is Interpol was attacked
recently as well.
Those cameras were down, too.
Didn't catch a thing.
Now, that means
either one of two things.
Either means that your
maintenance schedule here
aligns perfectly
with their escape route
or it means that someone
here is working with them.
(CHUCKLES) And that's
just ridiculous.
Because there ain't
no way in hell
anybody here would be
working for them.
Particularly you,
ain't that right?
No, no, that's ridiculous.
That is ridiculous.
I'm going to need direct
access to your live feed
And I also strongly suggest
that you put a hold on any more
Yeah, of course.
We appreciate your help.
Thank you so much.
STASIAK: Well, well, well.
The orange in that
really makes your eyes pop.
Thanks, fellas.
Tell me something, O'Conner,
how is it you keep
running around the world,
breaking every law
known to man,
and yet here I am, putting
my job on the line for you?
You'll feel a lot better once you get
the credit for taking down Shaw.
Oh, I'm tempted
to settle for you.
Well, you know what
they say, Stasiak,
if you want the
career-changing big fish,
you got to be willing
to put on the big boy panties
and sail out to the deep water.
You're an asshole,
you know that'?
I missed you, too, man.
I really missed you.
STASIAK: I got you admitted into
Victorville to do whatever you got to do.
It's a 24-hour hold.
You need to be out
of there by 9:00 a.m.
That's when Forensics will run your
fingerprints through the national database.
That program will match you
and when they find out
who you really are,
I won't be able to
get you back out.
We're talking life in prison.
Cute kid.
So, I found out Braga's being
held in cell block D3.
That's solitary.
I only had enough juice
to get you in Gen Pop.
So you're going to have to do
something to get his attention.
Sorry about this, man.
Sorry about what?
Big Brother's about to go live.
Damn, you can't flick a booger in
London without somebody noticing.
Hey! Don't touch that. That's
nothing to play with, man.
ROME: What's the problem?
That's high-tensile
titanium cable.
What does that mean?
That's what they use to anchor
buildings and hold up bridges,
stuff you know nothing about!
See, now, their version,
it works cool,
but mine, masterpiece.
See, I reversed the gears,
torqued the motor
and added this tank
to the back.
That makes it even sweeter.
It does.
It's not dummy-proof.
Man, I've been known
to handle big guns. Relax.
TEJ: You've been known to
handle that big-ass head.
Dom, I did some checking,
asked around,
got the location of
a street race tonight.
Four speed Camaro SS big block.
You like it?
Nice color.
BRAGA: Brian O'Conner.
That was quite an entrance.
You put a lot of
these men in here.
What? You didn't think
one would recognize you?
I've kept tabs
on you, you know.
You've been having
a lot of fun out there.
Good cop gone bad,
Rio de Janeiro.
It's exciting when you
go criminal, isn't it?
Too bad you didn't do it earlier,
you could have worked for me.
Like Letty Ortiz?
So tell me something,
because I buried her.
Yeah? You did?
You buried something, I couldn't
tell you who or what it was.
I know she's
running with Owen Shaw.
Still playing cop, huh?
Trust me, this is way
above your pay grade.
Humor me, please.
Well, you're a dead man
walking, what does it matter'?
I ran everything for Shaw.
Drugs, guns, money, women.
He taught me to think global
when I was just local.
He made me a wealthy man.
And this guy didn't just have
the cartels working for him.
He had the CIA, DEA,
everyone in his pocket.
He knew what was going to
happen before they did.
In fact, he even knew when some
wet-behind-the-ears FBI agent
decided to put some
informant in my cartel.
The minute you put Letty
undercover, she was dead, bro.
But she survived.
That girl is one tough bitch.
Shaw found her
in a hospital two days later.
He went to finish the job.
And he didn't
kill her. Why?
She had no memory.
Perfect girl, huh?
You're lucky this
door's between us.
What happened to Letty
is on your head.
Look at me! Look at me.
You won't do it.
What is Shaw up to?
How do you think he knows your
next move before you make it?
He's got eyes on you.
Think about it.
The only way you
get close to Shaw
is if he wants you there.
You've got some
serious balls, man.
I've been told.
You know, you're lucky
I missed my shot.
I think you hit your mark.
What is it with you?
Do you got
a death wish or something?
If that's what it takes.
I just want to race.
You might lose your car.
Let's do it.
Your funeral.
Ride or die, remember?
Listen up!
Out here, we're used
to getting what we want.
This is London, baby.
But remember,
don't bite the bait.
Are you ready'?
Just like old times.
This guy is crazy.
You got to be kidding me.
You're still upshifting early.
I do that so you brake.
You lose traction
and the back end kicks out.
I noticed.
Look, just because you know how I
ride, doesn't mean you know me.
You know what they say
where we're from?
Show me how you drive,
I'll show you who you are.
You never could resist
American muscle.
Nice scar.
You never could keep yourself
out of trouble, either.
What else do you know about me?
About you?
Like this scar.
You got that the first night we met.
You were 15.
First street race.
Some kid trying to show off
lost control of his car,
wiped out right next to you.
You're lucky
you didn't lose your arm.
And let me guess,
you saved me.
I was the kid showing off.
And here...
Boyle Heights.
You were fleeing with my little sister
Mia and got trapped in a corner.
And you thought
it was a good idea
to ride your Torino Cobra
through a retaining wall.
All right, how about this one?
That's the last time
we were together.
In the DR.
You wanted to go
for a night swim.
You cut yourself on the reef.
I followed you.
I even got this scar to match.
Look, I don't know
why you're here,
but I really think
you're over your head.
I'm here for you.
That girl you remember,
it's not me.
Not from what I just saw.
Like it or not,
you're still the same girl.
I saw it out there.
I see it right now.
I got to go.
It belongs to you.
There she goes,
leaving you again.
Bloody fickle, that one.
You want bloody'?
We could do bloody.
A street kid,
starts out stealing
DVD players in East L.A.,
ends up heisting
$100 million in Rio.
Not bad, huh?
It's a good story, isn't it?
Almost inspiring.
See, what I couldn't fathom is
why he's not relaxing
on a beach somewhere
with that cute little
Brazilian number.
Instead, he's working with a two-bit
government hack like Hobbs.
And then I realized,
he has a weak spot.
We all got a weak spot.
You know,
when I was young, my brother
always used to say,
"Every man has
to have a code."
A team is nothing but pieces you
switch out until you get the job done.
It's efficient.
It works.
But you?
You're loyal to a fault.
Your code is about family.
And that's great in the holidays,
but it makes you predictable.
And in our line of work,
predictable means vulnerable.
And that means I can reach out
and break you whenever I want.
At least when I go,
I'll know what it's for.
at least you have a code.
Most men don't.
I'm going to give you a chance.
Take your crew and walk away.
That's the only way you're going
to keep your family safe.
Your brother never told you never
to threaten a man's family?
It's a pretty stupid
thing to do.
But I'll make it
simple for you.
I walk away
when she walks away.
Well, then,
it appears this inspiring
tale has come to an end.
If that's the way it has to go.
Let me guess...
Come on, you son of a bitch.
The "two-bit
government hack."
See you around, Toretto.
You can bet on it.
Riley, Shaw's leaving
Battersea, heading southeast.
Have Tej track him
on his live feed. Go.
You know what
would have happened
if I didn't put that
tracker in your car?
This one?
You know, this just got me
one step closer to Shaw.
For what it's worth, Toretto,
I hope it gets you closer
to what you want, too.
This better have been worth it.
More than you'll ever know.
SHAW: Pretty.
May I?
I'm going to ask you
a question, Letty,
and I want you to think very
hard before you answer.
When I give you the order
to take Toretto out,
what will your
first thought be?
Why don't you
look me in the eye
and you tell me what you see.
Keep it.
Tej, talk to me,
what have we got?
We were able to track Shaw
after he left you and Dom,
but this guy's smart, so we
could only track him so far.
He seems to know all
the city's blind spots.
See, we lost him
somewhere in here,
which means
he could be anywhere
within that
half-a-mile radius.
Maybe if we cross-reference
phone records, leases...
No, this has got Shaw's
name written all over it.
We've got vantage points,
multiple exits,
subways, highways
and storm drains.
Bad-ass and brains.
Woman, you keep that up,
I'm going to be out of a job.
All right, let's go
nail that son of a bitch.
They're long gone.
There's nothing here.
There's never nothing.
There's always something.
Let's go, guys.
Shaw, everyone is in place. All
things moving according to plan.
Good. Send him in.
Yo, it's Hobbs.
What have you got, Parker?
Give me something good.
Yeah, that paint you got from
Shaw's place is highly specialized.
low-IR coating.
We got a list of bases around
Europe that use this paint type
and those specific colors.
All right,
let's cross-reference that
with all of Shaw's
military targets.
I guaran-damn-tee you
one of them is gonna match.
It's a NATO base in Spain.
That puts Shaw
in a different country.
That means he's got
an eight-hour lead on us.
HOBBS: We gotta move now.
Tej, give me that info.
Riley and I will go ahead and we're
going to lock down the base.
We're going to protect
that component personally.
Toretto, I'll arrange transportation
for you and your cars.
You brush up on your Spanish, boys.
I'll see you en Espana.
You son of a bitch!
You made it! (LAUGHS)
What up, man?
Good to see you.
Good to see you.
So, what's going on here?
Figured out they're hitting
an army base in Spain.
Border patrol lD'ed Shaw's men
crossing through last night.
HAN: Hobbs and Riley went
to lock down the base.
They're going to meet us there.
BRIAN: Where's Dom?
He wasn't going without you.
I found out
what happened to Letty.
It's all my fault.
whatever you found out,
that's for you.
What we're about to do now
is for her.
four teams on overwatch,
sniper-spotters in roosts
north and south of the target.
Just keep all your men
out of sight.
When they drive
that truck in here,
I want to come crashing down on
them like the walls of Jericho.
Hobbs, I just caught this one disabling
the perimeter security system.
Your house is compromised.
What are you suggesting?
I ain't suggesting.
We follow protocol,
we move the component out.
Shaw thinks it's here. We're going to
get it out of here before he arrives.
Stealth and speed are going
to be our two best friends.
We're going to protect our little
egg, move it out of the henhouse,
then we're going to wait for
that goddamn fox to arrive.
I just got word they caught one
of Shaw's men at the base.
It's time.
Something is not right.
He wanted us to find that guy.
Think about it. At Interpol, you
were face-to-face with him.
DOM: Brian,
so what are you saying?
Braga said the only way you get
near Shaw is if he wants you to.
Tej, where's that component?
They're moving it
to a secure location.
Shaw ain't hitting that base.
He's hitting the convoy.
Let's go!
We've got a report,
the convoy's under attack.
Get a chopper, now!
Fellas, you better hurry up.
They just took the convoy.
And Dom,
Letty's with them.
We stick to the plan.
All right, you heard the man.
Let's play this fast and clean.
That thing's heading your way.
All systems go.
Everything looks stable.
Uh, guys, we gotta
come up with another plan.
They got a tank.
I'm sorry, did somebody
just say "a tank"?
We got company, guys.
Toretto is coming right at you.
Okay. Get the weapons hot.
Give me satellite imaging.
Straight ahead of us.
There you are.
ROME: Who's got a plan B?
Plan B?
We need a plan C, D, E.
We need more alphabets!
Hey, we do what we do best.
We improvise, all right?
Okay, Jah.
Take it to the other side.
Let's have some fun.
What the hell is wrong with you?
This isn't part of the plan.
Take their attention
away from the people!
Shaw, you don't
have to do this.
We got one right
in front of us.
Oh, shit!
You lucky bastard.
Roman, you hang in there.
Hang in there, man!
Somebody better do something!
I got a tank on my ass!
There's gotta be
a break up ahead.
Oh, look,
a bridge.
Screw it.
We're dragging a car behind us.
Brian, that Mustang
would make a nice anchor.
Yeah, I'm on it.
Shaw, we've got to
get rid of that car.
Letty, go take care
of the cable.
What's she doing?
Okay, Toretto.
Here's your girl...
And your happy ending.
Jesus Christ.
I can't believe they
stole a 70-ton tank
for a three-ounce
computer chip.
That 3-ounce computer chip is more
deadly than 1,000 of those tanks.
What about her?
Not her.
She was working with Shaw.
but she's always
been one of us.
Let's give them a minute.
Let's go process
Shaw and his crew.
I've never looked more forward to
filling out paperwork in my life.
Look, I don't even know
how to say this to you,
but everything that's happened
here is because of me.
I'm the one that
put you undercover...
I may not remember anything,
but I know one thing
about myself.
Nobody makes me do
anything I don't want to.
So, what's our next
adventure after this?
How about we stay in one place?
Where are you thinking?
We always talk about Tokyo.
Tokyo it is.
Can I ask you something?
How did you know that there would
be a car there to break our fall?
I didn't.
Some things you just
have to take on faith.
Hey, Toretto!
You guys really
think you've won.
This code you live by,
it's the very reason why you
weren't even in the game.
I told you exactly what I was gonna
do if you didn't walk away, Toretto.
But you didn't listen.
I told you I can reach out and
break you whenever I want.
And I have.
Come on.
Maybe you should call Mia.
Let me go!
So, this is how
it's gonna go down.
You're gonna cut me
loose from these cuffs,
you're gonna hand me the chip,
I'm gonna walk out of here
and you're not gonna follow.
You must be joking.
Look at his face.
Ask him if I'm joking.
One hostage does not outweigh
the threat to millions.
I'm sorry,
but this changes nothing.
It changes everything.
You tell your men
to stand down.
Stand down.
HOBBS: Toretto,
I need you to know,
the moment we let him walk out
that door with that chip,
words like
"amnesty" and "pardon"
walk outwith him.
Those words went out
the day we were born.
Coming, babe?
Of course.
I wouldn't miss it
for the world.
SHAW: Like I said,
you were never in the game.
If I see you on the horizon, I'll
make the call and the girl's dead.
So, what about
Toretto's sister?
There's no need
for her anymore.
I just jammed every signal
up and down the spectrum.
Let's move.
I'm coming with you.
Where the hell does this dude
think he's going?
We're on an army base,
he's trapped.
Wow, you just had
to open your mouth.
Now we got a big-ass
plane to deal with.
That ain't a plane.
That's a planet.
She's as good as dead if Shaw
gets away on that plane.
Then we don't let him get away.
Let's end this thing.
Ride or die.
Ride or die.
Tell them to take off!
Babe, get me under the wing.
If I can hit that flap, we
can keep it from taking off.
You be careful.
This is who we are.
Grab the wheel!
Come on. Let's go.
Get in the car.
What happened?
Did you hit the flap?
You should buckle up right now.
Wrong team, bitch.
BRIAN: Shit.
I got you.
Keep her steady!
We gotta move, it's going down!
Go, now!
Come on,
let's move, move, move!
Come on!
Where's Gisele?
Where's Gisele?
So this is worth billions, huh?
Yes, it is.
Name your price, Dom.
Don't burn it this time.
I never go and burn it, man.
Good food.
The air quality here is
lousy, the traffic is bad,
but I think you'll
learn to like this place.
Yeah, and here you've
got your own garage
so you can build
a car with Daddy.
We'll be building a car?
First car better
be a Charger, Jack.
You mean Skyline.
Like I said, he's a Toretto.
You're confusing the kid.
Mia, you're gonna let him
get away with this?
You're really going to do it?
Yeah, it's just
something I gotta do.
You know we got your back,
whenever you need us.
Hey, Mia, you better
hide your baby oil.
I'm just playing.
You better hide that big-ass forehead.
I was just joking,
but whatever.
Definitely not that funny.
It's official.
You're all free.
It wasn't half bad,
having you work for me.
We all know you were
working for me, Hobbs.
Agree to disagree.
Thank you.
Good luck.
This is gonna be awkward.
But sexy as hell.
Sexy as hell.
I wanted to thank you for
everything you've done for him.
For us.
It takes an amazing woman.
He's an amazing guy.
Yeah, he is.
Try to keep him
out of trouble, huh?
Now, you know
that's not gonna happen.
I know.
Not bad for a cop.
I never thought
I'd trust a criminal.
Until next time.
Until next time.
You know you don't have to go.
All this...
This is your family.
It's who you are.
This is my family.
This is who I am.
TEJ: All right,
everybody, let's eat.
Want some help with that?
It's all here, it's done.
Come on, man,
let's get with it.
First bite, he's got grace.
House rules, man.
House rules.
Any of this feel
familiar to you?
But it feels like home.
That's good enough for me.
ROME: All right, y'all.
Come on, let's do this.
Okay, Roman, (SIGHS)
bless our table.
Father, thank you for
the gathering of friends.
Father, we give thanks for
all the choices we've made,
because that's what
makes us who we are.
Let us forever cherish the loved
ones we've lost along the way.
Thank you for the little angel,
the newest addition
to our family.
Thank you for
bringing Letty home.
And most of all,
thank you for fast cars.
Dominic Toretto.
You don't know me,
but you're about to.