Furious 7 (2015) Movie Script

They say if you
want to glimpse the future,
just look behind you.
I used to think
that was bollocks.
But now I realize
you can't outrun the past.
When we were kids,
you'd start fights with the
toughest bastards in the yard.
But I was the one who had
to step in and finish them.
Rest now, little brother,
while I settle
your one last score.
You take care of my brother.
Anything happens to him,
I'll come by looking for you.
Here. Hold this.
Come on, Dom. So where
are you taking me?
They say an open road
helps you think
about where you've been,
where you're going.
So you don't remember
any of this yet?
That's not fair.
You know I don't.
So what is it exactly that
you're trying to show me?
Race Wars.
We used to come here?
"Come here"?
We invented it.
Keep it under 9,000 RPMs.
Kid's gonna fry his pistons
after the first 200.
You know that's not my style.
I gotta ride or die, right'?
How about you just ride
on this one?
Are you ready?
I know you're ready!
Hey, nice job.
That's the girl
I heard so much about.
Where you been at,
ghost girl?
Ghost gm.
Letty, what the hell?
Damn, dawg! Girl's still
got that swing, homie.
You never could
take a punch.
Right, right.
Hey, man.
I'm glad you're back, man.
It's good to see you!
Good to see you, Hector.
All right.
We made it, Jack.
Yeah, we made it!
Yeah, we made it.
Now I just gotta find
that door button.
Buddy, where's the door
button at? Do you know?
Yeah, of course. I'm new to this.
Yeah, you don't seem
like the minivan type.
No, not exactly.
Hey, buddy, you gonna
give me a high five?
Wait, wait, wait!
Wait, high five!
All right. Yeah, buddy.
Appreciate it. Thank you.
Don't worry. You'll get
used to this in no time.
Yeah, that's what
I'm afraid of.
First time I saw this,
it was kind of funny.
I guess now
the joke's on me.
What are you doing?
What I should've done
a long time ago.
LETTY; Stop it!
Look at it.
It's the truth.
That's the date
that I lost my memory.
That's the date
that Letty died
and I was born.
You never died.
Do you know how hard it is
for me when you look at me
and you see me through
15 years of memories?
Every beautiful moment
we've ever had.
I see it in your eyes.
I can't give that to you.
I got nothing.
You got me.
And you've got
only a piece of me.
I have to find myself.
For me.
Goodbye, Dom.
You're disappointed,
aren't you?
What are you talking about?
The last arrest.
He was too easy.
Target didn't even run.
Ah, it's okay.
Gives me a chance
to hit the iron.
Also lets me work on
my stamping skills.
You're a terrible liar.
See you tomorrow, boss.
I'll see you then.
Don't stay too late.
I'll stay as long
as I want, woman.
I knew you would say that.
What's this?
It's the letter of
recommendation you asked for.
Just know I meant
every word in there.
Thanks, Hobbs.
Thanks for everything.
Come on, way too sentimental right now.
Get home. Good night.
Okay. Good night.
Just one sec.
You sure as hell
ain't the IT guy.
So you better start talking
before I break that finger
six different ways
and stick it right where
the sun doesn't shine.
Agent Hobbs, right?
That's right.
I'm also the last
man on Earth
whose computer you want
to be hacking into.
You just earned yourself
a dance with the devil, boy.
You're under arrest.
Like I said, I'm here for the
team that crippled my brother.
There ain't no goddamn team.
It was just one man, and he's
standing right in front of you.
The lady was right.
You are a terrible liar.
Goddamn IT guys.
On me!
All right, buddy. We gotta go.
We're gonna be late.
Come on.
Okay, what do you think?
Parking brake slide
right up to the school?
Where's Mommy?
I don't know. She's up there.
She's coming.
Here we go.
Watch your head.
Dom, you have
a package out here!
It's from Tokyo.
What? ls Han trying to convert
rne over to a turbocharger?
All right, you ready?
There we go.
JACK; Yeah! BRIAN: Hey, buddy.
Cars don't fly.
Hey, cars don't fly.
This one did, huh?
Brian in a minivan.
Things have changed.
He's struggling, Dom.
He doesn't
want me to see it,
but the white picket fence is like
an anchnr on him. I can tell.
I tried to talk to him the other night.
You know what he said?
He doesn't miss the girls,
he doesn't miss the cars.
He misses the bullets.
Let him settle in.
Give him time.
How does nine months sound?
I'm having another baby.
And you didn't tell him,
did you?
You gotta tell him.
I don't want him to be
disappointed with his life.
With me.
He will never be
disappointed with you.
You're the best thing
that's ever happened to him.
Thank you.
Dominic Toretto.
You don't know me.
You're about to.
Get down!
Shattered his collarbone,
fractured his leg
in two places.
He only regained
consciousness this morning.
The first thing he said was,
"Get me Dom."
He's in there.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
He's waiting. Let's go.
Got something for you.
Your files.
Thank you.
You risk life and limb
to save the free world
and what do they give you'?
Jell-O and a bad
'70s TV show.
You know, it's got its perks.
- Sponge baths ain't that bad.
- Dad!
I'm sorry, baby.
Honey, I want to introduce you
to somebody. He's a, uh...
He's an old friend.
Go on and say hello.
Dominic Toretto, right?
My dad said he
kicked your ass once.
Young lady,
watch your mouth.
Your dad's on
heavy pain meds.
I can understand if his
history is a little hazy.
I doubt it. All right,
honey, that's enough.
I want you to go get
something to eat with Elena
while me and Toretio
have a talk. You hear me?
Come on, lady.
Let's get some cookies.
Watch that mouth.
Who did this?
You remember Owen Shaw?
The one we tore half of
London down trying to get.
Well, this is his
big bad brother.
Take a look at this.
Deckard Shaw.
British Special
Forces assassin.
The kind of unique asset
that no government would
ever admit to employing.
Black Ops boys.
They created a monster.
They felt Shaw
was a necessary evil
until eventually
they decided
he was unnecessary.
The powers that be
felt that he knew
just a little bit too much.
The asset became a liability.
So they sent in 20 elite
operatives to retire him.
And they missed.
That was six years ago,
and Shaw's been
a ghost ever since.
Until now.
HOW do I find him?
The official answer
is, you don't.
He killed Han.
Almost killed my family.
He also tried to put me
in a body bag, too.
Which is why when I get out, I'm
gonna put a hurt on him so bad
he's gonna wish his mama
had kept her legs closed.
But until then,
my official answer to you
is stand down.
Now, you know
I can't do that.
I do know you, Dom.
Which is why now I give you
the brother-to-brother answer.
You do whatever
it is you gotta do.
When you find that sumbitch,
just do me one favor.
What's that?
Don't miss.
Thank you so much
for letting us stay, Mando.
I hope it's not a problem.
Listen, Dom needed a safe
delivered to Rio in two days.
That was a problem.
Hosting his family
in the Dominican Republic,
that is vacation.
Anyone messes with you here,
they mess with
the entire country.
You'll be safe.
Yeah, yeah, they're here. I picked
them up myself at the airport.
Hold on. Your brother.
Yeah, Mia, it's me.
How's it going there?
We're at Mando's.
This place is like a fortress.
You should see Brian.
He's in full FBI mode.
He built a surveillance hub in
Mandds garage and everything.
What about you'? Did you
find out who's after us'?
Looks like the sins of London
have followed us home.
How did Buster take the news?
I can't tell him.
If he knew about the baby,
he'd stay here with us.
And with ail that's going on, youwe
gonna need him by your side.
Just watch out for
him. Keep him safe.
And come home together.
Tell Brian
I'll see him in LA in two days.
Where are you going?
I'm bringing Han home.
Authorities are still
trying to determine
the motive behind this daring
attack here at the office
of the US Diplomatic Security
Service in downtown Les Angeies
less than 36 hours ago.
Facts are still coming in;
but what is known
is the suspect entered
the building's fourth floor...
You okay?
This guy's just relentless.
That's why Dom needs you.
You two need to find this guy
and you need to stop him
before he does any more
damage to our family.
You know, I just...
I've screwed up
so many things.
I couldn't live with myself
if I screw this up, too.
You won't.
I believe in you.
I believe in us.
That's all that matters.
I love you, Brian.
I love you, baby.
Just promise me,
after this, we're done.
No more jobs, no more enemies.
Come back to us.
I won't let you down, Mia.
I know.
Hes'. yo, Sean!
Hey, check this out, man.
This dude over here
want to race the new DK.
Not tonight, Twinkie.
Said he knew Han.
Han said you was fast,
but not that damn fast.
Who said American
muscle can't drift?
Han mentioned he left his
enemies in his rearview.
He never talked
about it much.
Always playing it
close to the vest.
We found a couple
things by the crash.
Wasn't much left.
Oh, yeah.
There's one more thing.
I found this.
Must have meant
something to him.
When you find the guy
that killed Han,
what are you going to do?
Words ain't even
been invented yet.
They say to live in the hearts
of those we leave behind
is not to die.
But he put you in this grave.
So now I'll do
the same to him.
I can't do no
more funerals.
First Han.
Now Hobbs is laid up,
of all people.
We're being hunted.
You know he's out there
somewhere watching, right'?
I hope so.
Means he's close.
Just promise me, Brian,
no more funerals.
Just one more.
You never should have
messed with a man's family.
I told your brother
the same thing.
Reinforced your chassis.
Ifs like going into a ring
with weighted gloves.
Your mistake.
I'm not here to play games.
See, you and me, we're
from different worlds.
Trust me, I've seen a lot meaner
streets than the ones you're used to.
Stick around.
It's gonna get a lot meaner.
You thought this was
gonna be a street fight'?
On the ground.
Drop him
or I will drop you!
Whoa, whoa. Easy, guys.
We're on the same team here.
Mr. Toretto,
I'm here on the recommendation
of a mutual friend ofours.
Mr. Hobbs.
Who the hell are you'?
Me? I'm just a QUY-
I'm Mr. Nobody.
Ifs a big entrance
for a nobody.
And the guy that put our
mutual friend in the hospital?
You just let him get away.
I think I might havejustsaved
your ass there, Dom.
Listen, you think you could
let go of my guy there?
He's beginning to
turn a little blue.
I appreciate that.
Ah, here they come.
Listen, Dom.
There's a war going on between
shadows and ghosts like me.
You and your team unwittingly walked
into the middle of it in London,
and it appears it's
now followed you home.
It's up to you.
I'm gonna have a beer.
You're welcome to join me.
By the way, I can
get you Deckard Shaw.
Belgian ale.
0h, man, those
monks got it right.
I mean, I don't know about
the whole celibacy thing,
but when it
comes to beer...
Would you like one?
I'm more of a
Corona man myself.
Your file's not
only detailed,
it's, uh,
extremely entertaining.
Look, Shaw's power
is that he's a shadow.
He's really good at getting in and
out of places without being seen
and leaving nothing but a
body count in his wake.
I mean, he's a legitimate
English badass.
But to be honest with you,
Dom, I don't give two shits
about Deckard Shaw.
It's you I want.
Because you and I can help each
other get what we both need.
I'm listening.
Just recently a
private military company
led by a wanted terrorist
named Mose Jakande
kidnapped a hacker known
only by the name "Ramsey."
Now, Lady Liberty's
got her panties
in a bunch over this,
but rightfully so,
because this Ramsey has created
something interesting.
- Bring it up.
- Yes, sir.
Say hello
to God's Eye.
Now, this little bastard hacks into
anything that's on the digital network.
That means every cell phone,
satellite, ATM machine and computer.
If it's got
a microphone or a lens,
God's Eye can
use it to find you.
So you invited me hereto
show me a tracking device.
On steroids. Lots of them.
Let me put it
to you this way.
It took us nearly a decade
to find Osama bin Laden.
With this, we'd have located
him anywhere on the planet
in a couple of hours.
Now, that's a serious
piece of machinery
that could be catastrophic
in the wrong hands.
But for some very nauseating
political reasons,
any rescue plans involving
any US government
forces or entity
has been strictly ruled out.
And that's why I need you.
But why do I need you?
I mean,
I could go back outside,
enjoy the rest
of the Coronas,
let Shaw come to me.
You could do that. How's that
working out for you so far?
You got one friend
in the ground,
another one in the hospital.
And then, of course, there's
that little issue of the bomb
that destroyed your home.
Shaw lives in a
world that doesn't
PIQY by your rules.
Like it or not,
you live in that
world now, too.
You wanna know
how to kill a shadow?
You just shine
a little light on it.
If you get the
God's Eye for me,
I've already got
for you to use it
until you get Shaw.
You go from the hunted
to the hunter.
And there's no place on Earth
Shaw can hide from you.
More importantly,
you and your family don't
go to any more funerals.
You get Ramsey,
you get the God's Eye,
you get Shaw.
Well, that's the wind-up
and the pitch.
Now that I've given you
this incredibly sensitive
and highly
classified information,
what do you think, Toretto?
I think you already know
what I'm gonna do.
But it'll be my way.
And my crew.
I assumed you
might say that.
Which is why I've taken the
liberty of gathering your team.
This is crazy.
What the hell is
going on in here'?
Our intelligence
suggests that Ramsey
will be transported
by an armed motorcade
through the Caucasus
mountain range.
If they clear this range
and reach their destination,
Ramsey is as good as gone.
So let me
get this straight.
There's only one road
that leads in or out,
sheer drops on every side,
a motorcade from hell
protected by a small army
from one mile in
either direction?
Yeah, that's about it.
You done?
No, I'm not done.
So you all wanted me
to break into
a police station. Fine.
Then you asked me
to stop a tank.
I wasn't happy about it,
but I did it.
Then you came up with
this brilliant idea
to shoot down one of the
largest airplanes ever.
I shot that shit
out of the sky. Mmm.
It's nothing.
But this right here,
my friend,
happens to be
the stupidest idea I've
ever heard of in my life.
I forgot that you were the only
one to bring the plane down.
No, no. The only thing I've
ever seen him take down was
"No Knees" Denise.
Remember, at prom?
Really, Brian? You're
gonna do that right here?
See, y'all trying to get me off my point.
All I'm saying is, I'm tired
of everybody around me
making all the decisions.
This time, I lead.
Seriously. If I don't start
making decisions, I'm out.
All right, Roman.
What do you got?
I mean, lwasn't trying to get into the
whole leadership thing, like, now.
You know what I'm saying?
I was just, kind of, talking
about, like, at some point.
Like, you know, when we...
Whatever. I mean, I think...
Let's hit it from here.
Idonfitmnk thatthafs.n
That's my job.
It is impossible
to hit it there.
That is literally the most
secure spot on the mountain.
Why? Because you cannot
physically access it.
See, that's what
makes it so sweet.
Because it's the place that they
least expect us to hit them from.
As much as
I hate to admit it,
he's onto something there.
What do you think, Dom?
- Here?
- Yeah.
I think we got a plan.
Completely wrong thinking.
And I like ii.
You see? I'm good at this.
"Good"? Okay.
How are you planning
on getting on that road?
Well, Tej?
I think I may actually
have a plan for that.
What? I delegated.
That's what good leaders do.
You know, when I was
reading your files,
I was impressed with what you've
accomplished with your team.
But meeting them now,
I've gotta say, Dom,
you've truly got a gift.
Consider my workshop
your new playhouse.
I think you'll find our
cars extremely appealing.
And your team
is now complete.
I went to the house.
I was looking
for you everywhere.
You scared the
shit out of me.
You will never be alone.
Wherever you go...
Tell no one.
Where did you find that?
Found in Han's car.
It was left as a message.
A message I plan
on returning.
Can you ride?
Yeah, of course I can.
Han was my family, too.
We're gonna need
long-travel suspension,
limited-slip differentials
on all of them.
How you doing'?
Gom; w es'-!
lwantthe demon
love child between that
and that.
That's a lot of armor.
It's just gonna
add more weight.
Slow you down.
This time, it ain't
just about being fast.
Yeah, I'm good.
From the streets. You know
what I'm saying?
It's nothing.
Hey, Roman, you're
freaking out, ain't you?
Yeah, you are.
I said no.
Listen, man, it takes a grown
man to embrace his feelings.
If you need to cry,
just go ahead and cry.
As your friend, you know I'm
concerned about your well-being,
which is why I took
the precaution
of putting some adult diapers
in your glove compartment.
Yo, can you just
chill out, man?
I have seen
some crazy shit, Dom,
but this really
could make some waves.
So Iefsjust try to keep it
as low-key as possible, huh?
Don't I always?
H! tell you what, you knock it
down a couple of notches this fime
and I'll swap out my Belgian
for a keg of Corona.
You'd be doing
yourself a favor, there.
Can somebody just walk me through
what we're supposed to be doing?
Come on, Rom, this is your plan.
You gotta embrace it.
No, this was not my plan.
0h, yeah, here we go.
Game time.
you need some fresh air'?
Because you're about to
get a whole lot of it.
Okay, here we go!
Just when you didn't think
it could get any better, huh?
Oh, shit!
Now we're moving.
Everybody good?
Everybody make it out'?
You just didn't tell them
that this is not for you!
This is not your mission!
Hey, Rom? Hey, what's up, man?
Talk to me, come on!
- I can't do it.
- The hell you can't!
Come on, man!
You throw that thing
in reverse and get
your ass out here now!
Look, I can't do it, okay?
Listen to what I'm saying.
Now isn't the time!
Fma stay up here
with the pilot.
We gonna circle
around and make sure
we holding it down
from up here!
You're running
out of time!
The chute is guided by GPS!
You don't have
to do anything!
I'm already on it.
Hey, man, listen.
I'm sorry to
let y'all down, okay'?
L'ma go ahead
and stay up here.
TEA; No, brother.
I'm sorry to let you down. What?
What do you mean you're...
Tej! What are you doing?
Oh, shit!
Tej !
I hate you, Tej!
Get ready!
Ground's coming fast!
Come on, baby. Come on.
9 , year.!
Touchdown, baby!
Car check. Call it in.
I'm good. Let's do this.
Hello? Please, man.
Get me out of here, somebody!
No! The trees!
Oh, shit.
Sit tight, Roman.
We'll come back for you.
This is not the plan!
All right, you got one chance
to hit them here, Dom.
You miss, they'll make
it to their black site
and they'll squeeze whatever
information they need out of Ramsey.
The device and your chance of ever
getting Shaw will be gone for good.
That ain't gonna happen.
I'll see you at the pickup.
Ramsey will be in the bus.
Then let's do this.
Captain, we have company.
Four cars, inbound.
Oh, shit!
Tej, shield!
I'm on the way.
All right, formation.
Bulletproof, baby.
Can't touch this
Punch it!
Strike! Ha-ha!
Guns free.
Get out of the way!
Those aren't guns,
those are goddamn cannons!
Armor-piercing rounds!
Hook them up.
Brian, Tej, blow it!
Lock it up.
Brian, you're up.
Little closer, Tej!
Stay away from me! Stay back!
Don't you touch me!
My name's Brian. I'm gonna
get you out of here
but I'm gonna need you
to settle down, all right'?
I'm gonna out those
things off of you.
SHEPPARD; Sir, we have an
unidentified vehicle approaching.
Come on! Closer!
- You're gonna have to jump.
- No! No! NO!
We don't have time!
Come on!
We gotta get out of here.
Come on.
Look at me! Look at me!
I'm notjumping!
You don't jump,
we're gonna die. Okay?
You'rejumping. Come on!
Well, well, well.
Take my hand!
Welcome to the
party, Mr. Shaw.
Letty, stay with Brian.
Oh, shit!
What are you doing?
This is crazy!
Keeping you alive.
There's a cliff. Cliff!
Cliff! There's a cliff!
Too slow.
I'm back, bitches!
You good?
Thank you.
Roman, get back to the others.
What about you?
Don't worry about me.
I have to say,
I am impressed.
I would very much like to
know the name of the man
who is causing me
so much trouble.
There's no way out of there.
What is he doing?
He's frozen like a damn
deer in headlights.
Toretto ain't no deer.
Come on, Dominic.
Give us the girl,
and I'll let you live.
What are you going to do?
You might wanna put on
your helmet for this one.
Target the driver.
Damn it!
What is he thinking'?
You're insane!
You're pointing
the wrong way.
Am I now?
Fire on my mark.
Hold on.
Looks like our
demon love child worked.
That's one way
down a mountain.
Where's Ramsey?
Hello Kitty is awake.
She don't look like
a hacker to me.
0h, yeah? And what do
hackers look like?
They don't supposed
to look like that.
I'm just saying, like,
you know how they
normally wear them little,
weird glasses
that's all crooked,
and pimples all over their
face from drinking soda?
I mean, trust me,
with a body like that,
you ain't gonna park it
behind a computer.
How are you feeling?
Did you hit your head'?
Feeling nauseous?
Ears ringing? No'?
Where's my shoe?
Oh' it flew off
when you crashed.
If you start experiencing any of
those things, let me know, okay?
I don't know whether to
thank you for rescuing me
or kick your ass forthrowing
me off a cliff.
Thank us or kick
our ass, huh?
How about you tell us
where that device is?
I mailed it to a friend.
In Abu Dhabi.
That was pretty easy.
That other team would have
tortured you for that information.
I didn't trust them.
I trust you.
Now, why would you trust us?
You barely know us.
I know enough.
Ex-cop. Military,
something like that.
The way you took out
them guys shows training.
Tech guy, offended by the
hacker remark, naturally.
Mrs. Alpha.
Double alpha.
Man candy. You know
what I'm saying?
Man, sit your
candy ass down.
The disrespect is
real around here.
Life is binary.
Zeroes and ones.
Only two things keep a
group like this together.
Fear or loyalty.
And I don't see a drop
of fear among you guys.
Very impressive.
Just one thing.
They're not married.
She's so off, it's crazy.
You just gonna roll with it?
You're telling me there can't
be a double alpha in one group?
You work for US government'?
We got similar interests.
Tej, call it in.
We're going
to the Middle East!
Hey, Dom. It was pretty
wild on that mountain, huh?
No, it was too close.
But we got the job done.
You know what
the crazy thing is, is...
You miss the bullets.
Yeah, that's messed up, huh?
Brian, I've seen you jump
from trains, dive from planes.
Hell, I saw your courage
the day I met you.
Wantto know the bravest
thing I ever saw you do?
Be a good man to Mia.
Being a great father
to my nephew, Jack.
Everyone's looking
for the thrill,
but what's real is family.
Your family.
Hold on to that, Brian.
It's hotter than I
thought it would be.
Yeah, well, we are in the
desert, so it would be hot.
0h, no, lain't talking
about the weather.
My, my, my.
Now, that is a woman
that's worth falling
out a plane for.
Get out of there, man,
I got dibs on that.
You've seen me
looking at that.
Did you just say "dibs"?
What are you, in
the fourth grade?
Man, can you
just get out of there?
I mean,
it's a free market.
What are you talking about?
Get out of there.
Rock, paper,
scissors for her.
Are you guys for
real right now'?
Look at you.
You both look
whupped already.
You got stalker eyes.
I tried to call dibs
on Ramsey two years ago.
Her knee, my balls.
Trust me,
you don't wanna do that.
Hey! Ramsey!
Hello, Safar.
I see you make
some new friends.
Yeah, some short-tempered
new friends.
I need the speed drive
I sentyou. Where is it'?
0h, good. You will be
pleased to know I sold it.
You sold it?
You hear that?
I asked you to
take care of it.
Why on earth
would you sell it'?
We're gonna need it back.
Safar, I stashed something inside it.
It's important.
Okay, okay.
Uh, good news. It is safe.
And the bad news?
It is very safe.
I sold it to a Jordanian
prince living up there.
Trust fund billionaire.
Said he wanted to use
it for his supercar.
Now, see, this?
This' I like.
Billionaire, supercar...
What makes it so super?
242 miles per hour,
top speed.
And it's bulletproof.
Am I the only one
aroused right now?
It's, like, you know
what I'm saying?
Where does he keep it?
In his penthouse.
Tower number one.
Now, why in the hell would he
keep his car in his penthouse?
He's a billionaire,
my friend.
He can do whatever he wants.
Now, tomorrow happens to be
the longest day of the year.
The prince wants
to celebrate it
and host a party
tomorrow afternoon.
So you can get us
up there, right'?
But, uh,
not dressed like that.
Is something wrong?
There's a billion
things wrong.
But not in this moment.
You look handsome.
I feel awkward.
You and me both.
Just seeing you
dressed like this
just reminds me
of something.
Of what?
Old times.
YOU Okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
No, no, no. Listen, man.
They're telling me they
party like this every day.
On this level,
they party every day.
This is crazy. I might
have to move out here.
I think I'm gonna start a new culture.
It's called Blarab.
You know,
like "black Arab."
How are we looking, Tej?
We're almost in position.
Okay, so this is
how it works.
We got to move in sync
if we're gonna pull this off.
So let's go over
it to make sure
everyone clearly
understands their roles.
Roman, that means you.
You know what, you're being real
unprofessional right now, Tej.
The God's Eye chip
is hidden in a speed drive
installed in
the prince's car,
which he keeps in
a safe room vault.
I make 8 to 10
plainclothes security.
Not to mention the prince
and his personal bodyguards.
Security cameras are clustered by the
north wall. That's where the vault is.
We got to get in that vault, we got
to tap into the security system,
which can be accessed
in the prince's bedroom.
All right, guys,
I'm going in.
Excuse me.
Oh, I was just
looking for the...
The party is that way.
This room is off-limits.
TEA; Now,
once weWe tapped in,
Ramsey and 1 can hack into
the network and pop the door
so you can get in
and get that shit.
Wait, wait, wait.
You missed a step.
What about my steps? What
am I supposed to be doing?
No, we didn't miss anything.
You're special teams.
So when we need you,
do what you do best.
And that is?
Shine brightly like only
Roman Pearce can do.
See? Now we talking.
All right, Tej, I'm in.
All right,
find the phonejack.
The tap always
runs behind that.
It's gonna be a
350-megahertz CAT5e cable.
They probably got
a couple dozen back there,
but this will be the bonded
pair with the plenum coat.
English, Tej.
It'll be the orange wire.
All right,
ladies and gentlemen,
we are in the pilot seat.
All right, Roman.
Do whatever it is you do.
It's your birthday, right?
Are you Jasmine?
- Oh, God, no. Not the birthday routine.
- Take my hand.
Happy birthday to you.
This way, this way.
Excuse me, so sorry.
I'm coming through, sorry.
Right this way. Listen,
excuse me one second.
My brother, my brother.
Man, you ain't supposed to...
Sir, thank you so much.
All right, listen, people. Please,
everybody, gather around.
Understand something,
right now.
Listen to what
I'm telling y'all.
We are here to celebrate
Jasmines 18th birthday.
HaPP? birthday', my dear.
Happy birthday to you
To you
To you
0h, I wish I didn't see that.
open it up for us.
Copy that. You're in.
Do you realize
what this is?
LYKHH HyperSport.
$3.4 million.
Zero-to-SO in less
than three seconds.
There's seven of these
things in the world,
and this guy keeps it
locked up in a vault.
Nnthing's sadder than
locking a beast in a cage.
And nowl really want
to punch him in the face.
Let's get to work.
You got this, right?
Would you believe I knocked
him out with my charm?
You ain't
thatcharming, bitch.
No, no, m.!
Tej, your magic trick is failing.
We're losing systems.
I know.
I see ii.
Tej, talk to me.
I'm trying, but their security
system is locking us out.
All right, listen,
ladies and gentlemen...
Oh, there he is.
These are your dancers?
This is a party, baby!
Some of y'all probably
went to the bathroom
and noticed that all
the hairspray was missing.
Yep. She did it.
Thank you.
And we're so happy
for you to be here.
You look like you got some missiles
underneath that dress. No?
He did not just...
Did you just say that?
0h, shit! Not the gate!
Not the gate!
Brian, faster!
We're playing all
the defense we can up here
but we're gonna lose.
You gotta hurry up.
Thank God you showed up.
These parties
bore me to death.
Guys, get out of
there right now.
You've got an army
heading your way.
Brian, get out! Forget it!
Tej, we're taking the car.
This is what I do. You know what
I'm saying'? As far as I'm...
My man, what's...
ROMAN'. Lem'?
Letty, talk to me.
Are you okay?
TEA". Guys, I cam hold it.
I'm losing the final gate.
You gotta get out of there.
Tear out the dash! Go through it.
Wait, wait, wait. Now,
just hold on, man.
Time to unleash the beast.
Let's go!
Stay with me,
I got you.
Let's get the hell
out of here.
Dom, cars don't fly!
Cars don't fly!
Holy shit!
No brakes!
No brakes!
No, no, m.!
Got it!
Get out!
Still miss
the bullets, Brian?
- Ah! There they are. Disaster.
- I'm sorry.
I get you an invite to the most
exclusive party in Abu Dhabi.
No, no, no.
You steal the host's car, and you
jump it between two buildings.
Actually, it was three buildings.
Two, insult. Three, honor.
My bad.
Well, well, well.
I have to say,
you've got an interesting interpretation
there of "low-key," Mr. Toretto.
You know, Dom, I thought
we had an understanding.
Sometimes you have to play
the hand you're dealt.
That's why I prefer
to be the dealer.
Good night.
I'm being kicked out of my own garage.
This is great.
Uh, may I'?
give it to him.
All that trouble
for this little
With all due respect, Dom,
you really did
great work back there.
All of you.
All of my men
are now standing by
and are fully
at your disposal.
Your call.
Fire it up and
find me Shaw.
Oh, damn, this is crazy.
Thank you.
All right,
give me a second.
What is it doing now?
It's hunting.
Hacking into the security
cameras at Etihad Towers.
That's the last place you saw Shaw,
so that's where we'll start.
That's him, right there.
Wait, wait. What are these
numbers right here for?
It's bio-mapping Shaw's face.
It'll run it
against every camera.
Every audio device
in this hemisphere.
Bingo. Looks like
he's holed up here.
That's perfect.
Automated factory, no people,
lots of places to hide.
You just changed the face
of manhunts forever.
Hey, can I check
my email real quick'?
Dawn's up in two hours.
We're gonna go
take down Shaw then.
Go get changed.
We should go now.
Just you, your team, and me.
I thought you said at dawn.
My guys are racers,
the best drivers
in the world.
But they ain't killers.
Told you
he'd say that.
I know you too well, Dom,
and I'm going with you.
Well, looks like we got
a nice little hunting party.
Let's go bag a shadow.
Ten klicks out, boys.
Get ready to rock and roll.
Here we go. Weapons hot.
You ready for this?
I hope you're enjoying
your last meal.
This is it?
This is all I warrant?
A dozen men?
I think you'll find
it's more than enough.
I'm ready
to meet my maker.
Are you'?
What were you expecting, Torettc?
To catch me off guard?
Me standing here,
waving a white flag'?
You ever heard the saying,
"The enemy of my enemy
"is my friend"?
I don't have friends.
I got family.
Well, I got a lot of friends.
Two-two formation!
Sheppard, peel one!
Roger that.
Brian, leave it!
Get down!
I 901 you.
JAKANDE; God's Eye.
You didn't really think I was gonna
walk in there naked, did you?
You got hit bad.
Look, Toretto.
I know you won't listen to me.
You're not gonna want to
hear what I have to say.
But the truth is,
you really ought to
try that Belgian ale, man.
It's something special.
Belgian ale, huh?
Hey, we gotta
get you to a hospital.
No, you're not.
I carry my own
health insurance.
SOCM medics on standby.
They're already inbound.
Pull over, kid.
you gotta protect Ramsey.
As long as she's alive,
she can lock them out of God's
Eye, and they know that.
That means they're not gonna stop
coming until they've got her.
And this time,
when they come
they're gonna come
with everything they've got.
I'm not leaving you.
You're not.
I'm leaving you.
Go now, Dom.
A war is coming to us,
whether we like it or not.
If a war is coming,
we're gonna face them on
the streets we know best.
I'm all for winging it,
but this is crazy, man.
We got mercenaries with
some real heat on us.
I mean, I ain't scared
or nothing, but...
Man, I don't
even have a gun!
We got a whole city.
And we may have more than that.
If they use God's Eye,
it'll tap the cameras around
town to find our location.
Which means we could
plant a virus.
And then break in
when they access it.
So you're talking about
hacking my hacking device.
It's brilliant.
Yeah, but there's
one problem.
The signal strength.
We can't start a hack on them until
they're within a two-mile range.
- That's really close.
- Close?
These guys are military.
If they're within two miles
of us, we're already dead.
I don't know about y'all, but I
didn't really plan on dying today.
Only one way
to stay alive.
We play keep-away with Ramsey.
They can't hit
us if we keep moving.
DOM; And I'll take Shaw.
So, basically,
we're just gearing up
for a big game of
hot potato, huh?
Which car
is the potato?
you're the potato.
Why does it feel like
I'm not gonna see you again?
I'll come back for that.
- Brian, are you okay?
- Mia, listen to me.
Somethings about to go down.
And if you don't hear
from me in 24 hows,
I need you to take
Jack and move on.
You understand?
You understand
what I'm saying'?
No, I can't do that, Brian.
No, I can't.
We're gonna have
another baby.
It's a little girl.
And she's going to
need her father.
So you have to finish
what you're doing
and you have to
come home to her.
You have to
come home to us.
Fm sorry 1 didn't
tell you before.
I was scared you'd be
disappointed with domestic life.
You know, the best decision I ever
made was stepping into the store
and buying that
first sandwich.
Itwas such a bad sandwich.
I know, right?
But I ate a lot of them.
I love you, Mia.
Don't do that.
The way you said it.
It's like goodbye.
Say something else.
Okay. Kiss Jack for me.
I will.
I love you, Brian.
I love you, Mia.
One last ride.
Boot up God's Eye.
Find them.
I'm getting something.
I got a positive ID.
It's Toretto.
God's Eye is placing him
at Hill and Seventh.
Should we follow him'?
No. Let Shaw
take care of him.
Find Ramsey.
Yes, sir.
I don't know why we gotta
keep driving around like this.
Why can't we just
pull over somewhere,
park, gather our thoughts in,
like, a bunker somewhere?
Because it does not
work like that.
We gotta stick close
enough to the bad guys
in orderto get in range
for Ramsey to hack them.
But we gotta be mobile enough not
to get shot like fish in a barrel.
So, do me a favor,
focus on the mission
and keep us from
getting killed.
Got her. Target acquired.
She's riding shotgun
in a blue GT-R.
Guys, they're here.
How many cars'?
Uh, none.
And that's kind
of the problem.
Okay, let's give
them the tour.
Break on my mark.
Three, two, one.
Splitting up won't work.
Can't hide from God's Eye.
They're in range.
Ramsey, start the hack.
Sir, I think someone's
trying to hack the system.
It's Ramsey.
Send in the Predator!
Take her out!
Releasing Predator.
I think we lost the chopper.
I think we got
bigger problems than that!
Oh, my God.
What are you doing?
We're going old school!
Watch out!
It's coming
back around!
Predatofls back on him.
- Ready missiles!
- Roger that.
Oh, shit!
Football's hot!
I need to lateral!
Rom, where are you?
Running back charging in!
Meet me on Third and Spring.
You got it!
I'm halfway there.
Grab your computer!
Get in the window!
Do m Now!
You gotta go! Right now!
Come on!
He made it!
I can't believe
we pulled that off.
Wait, wait, wait. We're
still being hacked. What?
God's Eye is
still tracking Ramsey.
Keep the drone
in pursuit of her.
The signal has to be
coming from somewhere.
Back to throw. Here
comes the blitz. Number 94 sacks him!
Breaking news
out of Los Angeles tonight.
In what can only be described
as vehicular warfare,
police are engaged in
a high-speed pursuit...
I got it. They're
piggybacking the hack
off that satellite
tower right there.
Take it out!
Wait. What happened?
We were almost there.
They've cut the signal!
I can't finish the hack!
What do you mean?
Brian, they took out
the tower!
what's going on?
Daddy's gotta go to work.
All right, baby girl.
Elena's gonna be here
in a little bit.
You know our drill.
Give me three for the road.
You thought this was
gonna be a street fight'?
You're goddamn right it is.
There has to be another way.
Wait. I'm seeing
half a dozen
cell towers between
Sixth and State.
Brian, if you can
get to the top
of any one of those
buildings around there,
we can reroute the signal
manually and finish the job.
I'm on it.
Sir, did you hear that?
O'Conner is on foot,
heading for a repeater.
He's going to try to
reinitiate the hack.
Keep the drone on the girl.
O'Conner's on foot somewhere
between Sixth and State.
Don't let him make it there.
Them boys is on us!
Man, them boys
ain't ready for this!
First the tank,
then the plane.
Now we got a spaceship?
That's not a spaceship, that's a drone!
Oh, it's a drone?
Now, you gonna break it down
and be articulate
like you already know
what the hell is going on'?
Shut your ass up
and drive the car!
Letty, the football's
on fire!
We need help!
Hang on! I'm coming!
Ramsey, get ready
to go again!
Drone has missile lock.
Target destroyed.
Let's see n' we
have a connection. If! can getback in...
Wait, wait, wait!
God's Eye still has her.
How can that be?
Get up. Come on!
Let's go! Let's go!
They switched her under the bridge.
Gotta get out of here. It's on
your trail and it's coming fast.
Got it.
So, if this car goes down,
who's coming to save us?
Save us, honey?
We're it.
Where are they now?
Six blocks east,
hauling ass.
Where are we
headed, Tej?
TEA". Theres a service eievator
past the maintenance sector.
It'll take you
directly up to the repeater.
Brian, you gotta hurry!
Too slow!
It's coming back!
We'll lose them
in thetunnel.
Got it.
I can't shake this thing!
Predator has missile lock.
Take it out!
No way.
Wait! What happened?
Sir, someone just
double-tapped our drone.
Hey, did you bring
the cavalry?
Woman, I am the cavalry.
Of course you are.
Who is that?
That's Hobbs.
I'm at the repeater.
The access cable's
in the base.
Just mug it into your phone and
Ramsey wili be back oniine.
Ramsey, go!
Brian did it. We're back in!
We've got God's Eye back.
We lost the God's Eye!
What? Shit!
Military's inbound.
Three minutes and closing.
We need to get
the hell out of here.
Tej, Roman, I'm on my way!
All right, homie,
I'll see you there.
I have eyes on Toretto.
Shaw is in the way.
Then it seems our
friendship is at an end.
Do it!
Thing about street fights,
the street always wins.
Goodbye, Toretto.
Take him out!
Take down the bastard!
This son of a...
I need some help over here!
We're getting nailed!
I need some backup!
No! No! Son of a bitch!
He's getting away!
No! Stop him!
Don't miss.
Come on, buddy.
Is he breathing?
I want you to keep his head
tilted up, all right?
Keep it back like this.
Pinch his nose, keep his head tilted.
Breathe into him, now. Go.
Good. Come on, Dom.
Come on, Dom. Come on!
God damn it!
You come on! You breathe!
Go, go! Breathe.
Come on. Damn it. Let's go.
Come on, Dom, I need you to breathe.
Come on! Come on, Dom!
Come back! Come on, buddy.
Stop it.
Dom, come on! Come on!
Back off!
Will you stop?
Breathe into him.
Get off of him!
You breathe into him!
Back off!
You breathe into him!
Back off!
Dom, baby. I know
you're hurting right now.
But I want you to listen.
Stay awake
and focus on me.
I remember everything.
It came to me like a flood.
I remember mat night
in the Dominican Republic.
The night we got married.
on, my...
DOM; Will this do?
We have eternity
in this moment.
You will never be alone again.
I vow whereveryou go, I go.
You ride, I ride.
You fight, I fight.
And if you ever die on me,
Dominic Toretto,
I'm gonna die with you.
I/ove you, Letty.
I will always love you.
If you die, I die.
And I'm not ready to
leave this place yet.
This moment is still ours.
I remember everything.
I remember it all.
It's about time.
Why didn't you tell me
we were married?
Because you can't tell
someone they love you.
Holy shit.
You sure you brought enough
backup with you, Hobbs?
Oh, they ain't mine.
They're here to protect you
from me killing your ass.
You do know none of this
will keep me, right?
Well, once you dig through
38 feet of concrete and steel,
my fist and a body bag will be
waiting for you on the other side.
So I suggest you
get to digging, boy.
MUN. Whoa-hum!
Daddy! Come play.
Look at him. Look at him.
Yeah, buddy.
- Duty calls.
- It does.
Hey, babe, come on.
Let's get Mama. Yeah!
Here we go.
Because the sun is out,
I'm kind of medium rare,
but I can get, like, well done.
Like, really dark.
What you nudging me for?
Close your mouth
for two seconds.
Just open your eyes, man.
That's where he belongs.
Where he's always belonged.
Things are gonna
be different now.
One more time.
You aren't going
to say goodbye'?
It's never goodbye.
It's been along day
Without you, my friend
And H! tell you a1! about
it when 1 see you again
We've come a long way
From where we began
Oh, H! tell you ail about
it when I see you again
When 1 see you again
First you both go out your way
And the vibe is feeling strong
And what's small
turn to a friendship
A friendship tum into a bond
And that bond
will never be broken
The love will
never get lost
And the love
will never get lost
And when brotherhood
come first
Then the line
will never be crossed
Established it on our own
When that line had to be drawn
And that line is what we mach
So remember me when Fm gone
It's been along day
Without you, my friend
And H! ref! you ab' about
it when I see you again
When 1 see you again
Hey. You thought you could
leave without saying goodbye?
DOM". 1 used to say I iive my
life a quarter-mile at a time.
And 1 think that's
why we were brothers.
Because you did, too.
This is your car.
My car?
It's official.
You're all free.
Home sweet home.
What's happening, dude?
Thanks for the invite.
Wanna go for a drive?
No matter where you are,
whether it's
a quarter-mite away
or halfway across the world,
the most important
thing in life
will always be the
people in this room.
Right here, right now.
Salud mi famiiia.
DOM. You?! always be with me.
And you'll always
be my brother.
How couid we not talk about family
when famihfs all that we got?
Everything 1 went through you
were standing there by my side
And now you gonna be
there for the last ride
How couid we not talk about family
when famihfs all that we got?
Everything 1 went through you
were standing there by my side
And now you gonna be
with me for the last ride
And now you gonna be
there for the last ride
I'll tell you
Yeah, we came a long way
I'll see you again